Republicans Face Unexpected Challenges in Coastal South Amid Shrinking White Vote

Douglas Blackmon, Washington Post, November 24, 2012

Late on election night, a small melee erupted at the University of Mississippi here when a group of white students frustrated by the reelection of President Obama marched outside and began shouting racial slurs at African American students. Several hundred people gathered to watch as two white students were arrested.


Yet even as that incident evoked ugly memories of an earlier era, Election Day in the South told a newer and more surprising story: The nation’s first black president finished more strongly in the region than any other Democratic nominee in three decades, underscoring a fresh challenge for Republicans who rely on Southern whites as their base of national support.

Obama won Virginia and Florida and narrowly missed victory in North Carolina. But he also polled as well in Georgia as any Democrat since Jimmy Carter, grabbed 44 percent of the vote in deep-red South Carolina and just under that in Mississippi — despite doing no substantive campaigning in any of those states.


The results show a region cleaving apart along new electoral fault lines. In the region’s center, clustered along the Mississippi River — where Bill Clinton polled most strongly — the GOP remains largely unchallenged and the voting divide between blacks and whites is deepening. Nearly nine of 10 of white voters in Mississippi, for instance, went for Republican nominee Mitt Romney this year, according to exit polls. About 96 percent of black voters in the state supported Obama.

The pattern is markedly different in the five states that hug the Atlantic coast from Virginia to Florida, which together hold 82 of the South’s 160 electoral votes. A combination of a growing black population, urban expansion, oceanfront development and in-migration from other regions has opened up increasing opportunities for Democrats in those states.

“Georgia is an achievable target for Democrats in 2016,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, a frequent Obama surrogate during the campaign. {snip}


In every Southern state except Louisiana, the population of African Americans grew substantially faster than that of whites over the past decade. The growth is fueled by black retirees from the north and rising numbers of young, well-educated blacks in prosperous cities such as Atlanta, Norfolk, Charlotte and Charleston, S.C.

The influx also includes fast-growing, but smaller, Hispanic populations and an infusion of less-conservative outsiders attracted to popular coastal areas. Together, the shifts are making the electoral landscape from Virginia and the Carolinas look increasingly like the swing state of Florida.


The proportion of white voters in the South is also shrinking. Southern whites voted overwhelmingly for Romney, but in six Southern states, far fewer of them appear to have gone to the polls on Nov. 6 than the number who voted for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in 2008.

In Florida, the share of votes cast by whites this year fell to 66 percent, down from 73 percent in 2000. In Georgia, the number of white voters declined while African American registration increased nearly 6 percent and Hispanic voters grew by 36 percent.

“Republicans can focus all they want on Hispanics,” said John Anzalone, a Montgomery, Ala., pollster who helped analyze swing states for the Obama campaign. “But they also have a problem with whites, in this election cycle, just showing up.”

Many Republican leaders in the South say the lower turnout by whites in some areas simply reflected lower enthusiasm for Romney as a candidate, and doesn’t signal a longer term decline in GOP strength.


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  • Flytrap

    Just a thought, maybe we need to start a pr campaign to guilt trip Northern whites into vacationing in blacker areas of the South. With the right message, it may be possible to get a few to enjoy the fruits of diversity and enrich themselves culturally. I am personally doing my best to show the leftists here in Boston they are hypocrites for not living what they vote for.

    • JohnEngelman

      I resent being called a racist by liberals who do not know what they are talking about.

      In order to learn what most blacks really are like it is usually necessary to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the clear majority.

      When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

      • Liberalsuck

        Don’t even bother wasting time arguing with a liberal. Not worth your time! These people are too stupid or manipulating to educate. A liberal can’t help being delusional, anti-white and manipulating anymore than a snake can help being a snake.

  • IstvanIN

    Although my vote in NJ doesn’t count (we are below 50% in terms of real white people) I didn’t vote Romney, I voted against Obama, which is significantly different. The Republicans simply do not give us a reason to vote. I did, but I know other whites who did not. They stand for nothing and offer no solutions to our problems. At least the Demoncrats give away goodies and bad mouth whites.

  • Bernie

    Hopefully this means that buffoons such as Lindsay Graham and Rick Perry will lose in the next election.

  • jay11

    This is why I pay no mind to the people (whites -all of them) who murmur about secession. Any state south of the Mason-Dixon line would be untenable as an independent sanctuary for whites given the fact that blacks and latinos are becoming the majority.
    Have you noticed in the last ten years places like Idaho, South Dakota, Iowa and other places that might as well have been non-existent to the rest of the country are now being mentioned in lists of highest wuality of life, best cites, etc? Because they still are white majority and are therefore still nice places to live.
    In the ‘white’ press and world you never hear about going to Miami, Detroit, Chicago or other once thriving cities anymore. Miami in particular just seems to have fallen down a black hole now that it’s majority black and latino. The white traveling class doesn’t even think about it anymore! 20 years ago when it was still majority white it was still a viable vacation spot. The places where white people can go and feel safe and feel like it is still America dwindle every year.

    • john

      You’re absolutely right, Jay. Of course, as soon as a few core White leftists migrate to those places, the first thoughts they have would be, “Wow! It is so nice here, but it’s tragic and racist that Blacks and Browns are under-represented here! Plus, it’s not fair that we have all of this niceness here, while those poor Blacks and Browns have it so bad elsewhere in the world. Let’s work to rectify these problems by diversifying!”

      That’s precisely what will happen, Jay, as the cycle repeats all over. We’re not only in a struggle with Blacks and Browns, but also with millions of self-loathing Whites!

      The only viable solution is to repeal all race-based laws and allow citizens to completely adhere to the First Amendment’s freedom of association tenets as the Constitution prescribes. That would allow us to form Whites-only communities. The sooner, the better.

    • ye ol’ swapyankee

      Good point’s. .

      Too many blacks and Latinos in the south which makes succession unlikely. And unlike in the north, they aren’t primarily relegated to just urban areas.

      And lots of whites down there don’t exactly mind living around and interacting with blacks either. That’s something that’s always irked me on a personal level. It’s almost a conundrum given the south’s rocky past with slavery and Jim Crow.

      Certain whites up north might often preach inclusion but it often stops there. Most desire minimal contact with blacks especially, which is why it’s quite common suburbs are 95- plus percent white accompanied by strict zoning laws to help keep it that way. White’s up this way prefer blacks to remain in the abstract. The key difference comes down to purposeful demographic separation.

      And you right about places like Miami and even Miami Beach where my grandmother lived in the 1970’s. It’s once made for a great “family” destination, but not so much any longer as you lamented. Then there’s black run and destroyed Detroit, the two peas in a pod cites of NYC and Chicago which are crime ridden, run down, anti-gun and a legacy of corruption second to none.

      • Liberalsuck

        What will happen in the South is that blacks and Hispanics will fight with each other more and more for power. Blacks are mad that they aren’t the preferred minority anymore. Hispanics have no tolerance for black behavior and wont tolerate it. The whites better congregate in certain areas and be willing to fight hard in the future. Maybe a second run of the Anointed One will wake up more whites.

      • And lots of whites down there don’t exactly mind living around and interacting with blacks either.

        But instead of Dick and Jane bringing Shakwana and DuWayne up, Shakwana and DuWayne bring Dick and Jane down. Acting ****** isn’t just a meaningless term.

        • Dr. X

          Indeed. We have achieved racial equality in this country not by bringing blacks up to the level of whites, but rather, by lowering whites to the level of blacks.

          • It’s basic thermodynamics: Breaking down is always much easier than building up.

          • JohnEngelman

            …who went lower still.

  • john

    The Republican Party has spent many decades killing the support of its core voters, while simultaneously failing to attract non-White votes. The results are now obvious.

    President Lincoln failed us when he did not fully complete The Liberia Project that he started.

    President Eisenhower failed us when he did not fully complete Operation Wetback that he started.
    President Reagan failed us with his broad amnesty.
    President GHW Bush failed us with NAFTA.
    President GW Bush failed us with his pro-illegal policies and support of amnesty.

    Failed presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney failed us with their pro-illegal policies and support of amnesty.
    Countless Republicans in Congress have failed us with their votes for anti-White, pro-Black, pro-Brown legislation for decades.
    SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts failed us with support for Obamacare.
    Many New England Republicans, such as Bloomberg, Christie, and Brown may as well be Democrats.
    We’re on our own, my friends. The Republican Party does not stand for us. It stands more and more with the despicable Democrats and other leftists with each passing day. Clearly, we need a pro-White party to counter the Republicans and Democrats.

    • Dr. X

      Yes. The Republicans are not the cure; they are part fo the problem. The Republican Party today is no different than the Democrats of 40 years ago, while the Democratic Party has become a European-style Social Democratic Party. What is needed is an American Nationalist Party that stands for the maintenance of traditional American culture. Both parties used to do this. Today each party is trying to win elections by giving away the American birthright and the legacy of white Europeans — who founded this country and made it prosper — to Third Worlders unable to create such prosperity on their own. If you like Zimbabwe and South Africa, you’ll LOVE America circa 2075.

    • fakeemail

      “Our sovereignty, to pro-amnesty Republicans, is something to be bartered
      away in the hope that one day Hispanics will vote for Republicans.”

    • MerlinV

      Thread winner. Standing ovation.

      • JohnEngelman

        Thank you. I submitted it.

      • SLCain

        The guy you just gave a “standing ovation” to voted for Obama.

        • JohnEngelman


    • JohnEngelman

      I would like a party that does not support the plutocracy, and that does not require whites to make sacrifices for non whites like affirmative action.

    • If Bush the lesser had built the border fence, the GOP would be solidly in power for the next 30 years. But, he didn’t and has helped insure that the US will be Brasil-Norte. The worst president of the last 75 years, bar none.

    • White_Prime77

      Don’t forget Newt Gingrich with his ‘Contract with America’.

      Would it have really been that hard to add abolishing Affirmative Action????

  • You may not want to do it, but it is now best to vote for the democratic candidate who is running against the moderate republican who is trying to attract more minority votes, yet not even mentioning the white vote.
    You have to shake the “at least he isn’t as bad as the democratic candidate” mentality.

    • Liberalsuck

      How about not vote for either of those parties and vote for a third party instead? What have you got to lose really?

  • potato78

    Latinos and blacks are increased everywhere.

  • Rob

    It is quite clear that Whites WILL NOT be able to vote their way out of this genocide. Legal immigration is the dagger to the heart of America as it was and was intended to be. The Immigration

    and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965 was the victory in an eighty-five year struggle to engineer the end of the White race in America. This was not by chance, it was by design. Obama may get another Supreme Court appointment, if not him then the NEXT Democrat president. That will mean the end of the First amendment and the end of the Second Amendment. On the night he won the election he called the UN to re-start the UN Arms Treaty negotiations which had been DOA in July.

    The idea of secession has been bandied about on race realist and libertarian forums and blogs. I think it would be prudent for the government to not oppose it. However they will. So you then have this choice: DIE or FIGHT.

    • Liberalsuck

      What are white people going to do if secession is not allowed by the government? Are they willing to fight for their freedoms and their future the way whites did in the past? Would you ask a bully nicely to leave you alone? Whites who think they can just peacefully ‘secede’ are very delusional. Why do you think the same government who is taking more and more of your freedoms would just freely let you walk away? You are a source of money and power for them. No empire throughout history ever gives those up without bloodshed.

      • Tucker

        I am. And, besides – even if the parasite controlled enemy government does wind up exterminating the White race, that will spell their doom in the end – because parasites need a host to suck nourishment from, or else they die, too.

        By the way, today I did something interesting. I brought up the subject of secession with two people who I am 100 percent certain were Obama voters. One was a jewish lady and the other was a black woman who was a cashier at store that sells adult beverages. I wanted to see what their reactions would be – so, I mentioned that the raw, vitriolic hatred that the left spews like rancid smelling sewage at the right clearly shows that these people hate and despise conservative Americans with a level of hatred that appears to be almost on the verge of being murderous. Clearly, I said, there are deep, intractable and irreconcilable differences between the left and the right – and those divisions are increasing with each passing week. So, I suggested – perhaps the best thing to do is to break this nation up and let the leftists separate themselves from the conservatives that they hate so much, and let the conservatives separate themselves from the leftists who they despise with equal passion. I point out to both of these Obama voters that this would eliminate the possibility of either the left or the right being able to put their boot on the back of the necks of each other – and this would help us avoid another Civil War and lots of dead people on both sides.

        I kept my eyes firmly focused on the facial expressions of both of these liberal women – and it was very clear that neither one of them liked the ideas that they were hearing out of my mouth. The black female cashier’s expression was noticeably strained and if blacks are able to lose color the way whites are, I’d say her face looked like it was a little paler than usual. She muttered out a question ‘Well, who’s going to be moved where and who’ll be doing the moving?’ I calmly told her that it would be the people themselves who’d be moving – and they’d be moving to whichever area of the country that their brand of politics had control over. She didn’t know what to say about that answer, and I concluded my business and left the store.

        As I drove home, I thought about those two encounters and about the facial expressions I saw as reactions to my suggestion about breaking this nation apart – and it occurred to me that these leftists, at least those at the grass roots levels, are very anxious about the idea of losing their ability to torment and rape and plunder the White conservative demographic group.

        They need us, but we do not need them. And, these leeches know it.

  • tickyul

    Yep, once Texas and 1-2 more states flip blue………well, welcome to Pol Pot America.

  • MikeofAges

    There’s that old saying. “He who tries to ride the tiger will end up in the tiger’s belly.” The white liberals and white leftists are riding the tiger of the minority vote. So far, it has worked for them. They collect the minority vote, which is at odds with them because it is at once both too socially conservative and too dangerously radical to be compatible with their pacifistic, metrosexual ambience, and stay in power. But for how long? There has to be a day of reckoning somewhere down the road. There always is.

  • thoth-ibis

    I watched the Ole Miss election day “riot” video clip and all I could discern was “Hotty Toddy ” . the leftist media hates Mississippi and will run with a half truth simply to embarrass a red state.

  • yonkers

    How do you keep them out of the south? They claim that is where the originated when in fact they all came in at Rhode Island slave ports not the south. The mistake of African slaves continues to be exposed and the shortsightedness of whites in buying into this myth that was the worst form of economics ever and bankrupted over half of plantations and spurned Marxism.

    Hard to believe Jefferson and his founders in all his so called wisdom would fail to end the unneeded practice of slavery that also killed the white job market when in fact slaves cost many times more than they were ever worth but it in those days it was a status symbol for than a wealth maker. Slaves were the worst form of economics ever and to even entertain the thoughts of bringing in millions and denying the threats of slave uprisings showed incredible ignorance and stupidity on the elite whites in those days although it wasnt a slave uprising but a Marxist uprising that completely wiped out the south at the bloody hands of the Lincoln commie and his liberal minions who stil write books and make fiction movies on his supposed greatness.

    Did whites not see what happened to the French in Santa Domingo aka Haiti with the slave revolt in 1800? Did they not understand the murders of 60k French men women and children by the voodoo juju African slaves who undoubtedly cannibalized them or were these elite whites just whistling past the graveyard?

    It is almost unimaginable how the whites in power did not understand the coming tragedy of the Marxist War in 1861 after the Lincoln abolitionist Marxist was selected in 1860 and the massive destruction and death to follow by liberals whites of course although as we know this was only the beginning and the past 150 years since of khazar world domination has seen what appears to easily be the eradication of the blessed chosen white man religion Shem white race at the hands of the other 2 inferior Japheth and Ham races and the 4th mixed with their messiah in the WH race who have combined forces in the end after half of the caucasoid race has been wiped out.

    The end will be brutal and bloody for the white race as it approaches in very methodical pc satellite media mind wash. Clearly white females are being used for miscegenation and them murdered off as this a trend with the offspring half breed who are only labeled as black are spared.

    Its looking very bad for the white race thanks to the white liberal scum from hell minions enablers.

  • Annis

    I collected signatures to get Merln Miller on the ballot in my state and a lot of White Southerners told me they wouldn’t vote for Obama but they wouldn’t vote for a Mormon either – surprising – but I think that reveals the power and influence of the media that harped on Romney’s Mormon religion.

    Perhaps those who control the media realized they could create a situation that would keep Whites away from the polls – in addition to having us outnumbered by illegals. The reality is of course that we are given no choice in elections – the rational thing is to stay away from the polls so that elections are not any form of consent to what is being done to us. Don’t give them credibility.

    I wish some web site would start doing mock trials of people like Harry Reid, charge them with treason and let it play out. Show that what is being done by elites is nothing short of treason.

    The video currently on the Occidental Observer website shows that the French are marching and objecting to what French leaders are doing to them. The British National Party, BNP, on youtube is a wonderful thing to follow, because the same things are happening in Great Britain and all of Europe that is happening in America. I enjoy following those in other Western nations, who are fighting back as we are attempting to do. I really like the BNP.