East Detroit Teachers “Depressed and Angry,” Union Boss Says

Mitch Hotts, Macomb Daily, November 25, 2012

On the surface, officials at East Detroit Public Schools say their marketing efforts to bring in new students – and associated revenue – has been a success, with about 180 new pupils enrolling this fall.

But the district’s teachers and unions say the influx has resulted in overcrowded classrooms and some students with disruptive behavioral issues that are leaving educators “depressed and angry,” according to a union document obtained by The Macomb Daily.

In an Oct. 31 memo to the district’s 250 teachers and 450 paraprofessionals, Lincoln Stock, president of East Detroit Federation of Teachers Local 698, acknowledged the difficulties teachers are facing with larger class sizes and students unaccustomed to structure and discipline.

“The net result of these facts is that we feel depressed and angry,” Stocks wrote in the memo. “There doesn’t seem to be anyone looking out for us and we feel isolated and vulnerable. This vulnerability involves physical security as well as financial and professional stability.”


In a controversial move, the East Detroit Board of Education last year voted to open the district’s boundaries to neighboring counties including Wayne, Oakland, and St. Clair, under the Schools of Choice program.

The move was one-half of the thrust of a plan aimed at decreasing a $7.8 million budget deficit. {snip}


In his message to union members, Stocks said East Detroit has become home to academically-challenged students who also present disciplinary problems during classroom presentations. Historically, East Detroit has had “very high educational standards” that some of the newer students have trouble grasping, he said.

“Certainly we have brilliant students in pockets across the district, but the general trend has been that we are servicing more struggling kids. Behavior goes hand in hand with many of these struggles,” he wrote.

Stocks told teachers in the letter that he has been seeking advice from other districts, including Detroit and other inner-ring communities, on how teachers are making the transition from suburban to urban education. He noted some districts have “simply thrown in the towel and surrendered their schools to the kids, failing the children and themselves.”

School officials say the students posing the most problems are not those coming from Wayne County, but in many cases are new residents in the Eastpointe community. {snip}



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  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Teaching sucks if you are faced with students (of any age) who do not care, and/or are unwilling to learn what you have to teach them.

    It’s only rewarding with students who at least try. Even if they struggle, at least they try.

    Unbfortunately, too many kids – and adults – nowadays don’t even care about trying.

    And by “East Detroit”, do they mean Eastpointe? That used to be known as East Detroit until they changed their name to disassociate themselves with Detroit proper. The last paragraph would seem to indicate such. East Detroit/Eastpointe was a white enclave, the last I remember. I guess it’s changed in the past couple of decades.

    • pcmustgo

      Funny, my white teachers growing up (and I almost only had them) seemed to love the poor, dumb, “special ed” white kids in my all white schools…. many of the teachers themselves , were working class white/not too bright types, you know the kind of simple whites who go into education these days (I’m talking about in general, teaching now tends to attract sort of the lowest level of college grad). They seemed to really have hearts for these kids, almost prefer them.

      • StillModerated

        You can always spot the Ed. Major in the class when the professor goes into an interesting anecdotal example, she will be the student who asks, “will this be on the test?”

    • Vinnie

      You are correct. The East Detroit schools serve Eastpointe. And it the city has not been a white enclave for years. Blacks account for approximately 30% of the population now.

  • Rational Being

    Suburban areas where white students can still achieve to their respective potential may be increasingly subject to such attempts at “integration” with inner city children. Let’s call this what it is: A deprivation of the rights of those students who can perform up to higher standards. Their intellectual abilities and even physical security are threatened by intruders from faraway communities with which they have nothing in common.

  • Flytrap

    Seeing stories like this makes my heart flutter!! Ahh, the joys of diversity. Eventually, someone inside the system is going to break ranks and speak the truth because there won’t be anything for them to lose. The question is when.

    • No …. They won’t.

      • ed91

        they already have, many times. It is suppressed and hush-hushed quickly.

        everyone knows the truth…….. many won’t admit it

        • Thanks for the hope.

        • This is precisely why a disproportionately large number of public school teachers send their kids to private school.

          • ed91

            and politicians

          • jay11

            I am one of them!

    • Jeff

      It’s already happened. Several states have finally established lower standards for blacks. The Chicago teachers union went on strike not over money, but in protest against evaluations based on student performance. These two facts are both major admissions that the achievement gap is forever.

  • jay11

    Don’t you love the coded term “struggling”?
    As a person who has taught ‘struggling’ students before, I can tell you that they feel no sweat about it and are certainly not being made to struggle in any way.
    They laugh, giggle, throw things, yell, get into fights, come and go as they please, get free ‘brefass’ and lunch and get a place to hang out – and no matter what they do, short of killing someone, they can never be thrown out up until 21 years of age!
    For such a ‘struggling’ student who comes from an ‘unstructured’ (chaotic) cultural background, a nice suburban school is paradise for mayhem, dating fun and debauchery!

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      I guess they fail to see the difference between “struggling” and “uncaring”. Someone who struggles cares, but is having problems dealing with the subject matter, no matter how much he cares about learning. That can be overcome with appropriate teaching methods. All you need to do there is associate examples with what the student can associate with.

      Uncaring cannot be overcome even with the most martyristic teacher.

      • Robert Binion

        Testosterone supersedes utopian fancy.

      • MerlinV

        Teaching methods however heroic usually dont get very far when dealing with an IQ of 85.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Hah. I can have more success with a cat who wants to learn than with a human who doesn’t, at least as far as learning civilized behaviour goes.

          So a black kid with a 85 IQ who doesn’t care pales in respect to an IQ 30 or so cat who wishes to please.

          At least she doesn’t piss and crap in corners of stairwells, like I’ve seen some humans do.

          • Plus, your cat will take care of her own kittens and doesn’t expect the other cats in the neighborhood to pick up the tab for their upkeep.

    • Yorkshireman.

      “…academically-challenged students…” three long words simply to say ‘black’.
      In school until age 21? Most White 21 year old students are at university studying something useful such as Engineering. From reports I have read, by age 22, most black males are dead, in prison or dealing drugs. Apartheid is the obvious answer.

  • mobilebay

    I’m so glad I taught in the days before “diversity.” I grew up in schools that required discipline to learn, then taught in the same enviornment. I cannot fathom what it would be like in a public classroom today. I’m sorry for the students who want to learn and are lost in the shuffle.

    • D. H. Andrews

      A few years back, on the night shift I saw part of a video of an “urban” classroom. It was unrehearsed and unedited, apparently. What I saw was appalling. The class was near 100% Black and completely out of control. Shouting and cursing, throwing things, insults hurled at the White teacher etc.; the list is endless. I just happened to catch a view of it and get back to work. As someone who grew up in the sixties before full-time integration with Blacks had begun in earnest, that brief video left an indellable impression on me to this day…and the video I viewed was no longer than 3 minutes. I can just imagine having to put up with this sort of behavior daily for YEARS by White teachers.

      Many Whites(including one I graduated with) went into teaching – not to make real money as anyone familiar with teacher’s salaries knows well – but to altruistically sacrifice their life and sanity in an attempt to improve those poe lil’ burr headed Black chillin’.

      Just after graduation from high school, and as I was becoming more racially aware – even growing up relatively isolated from Blacks – I got into a highly spirited discussion/debate about Blacks and their plight with a died-in-the-wool liberal girl who had entered the teaching profession and specifically requested that after graduatiion from college, she be sent to the Blackest school in Lake Charles, LA. Keep in mind, we were both from backgrounds of small town LA without any real exposure to Blacks, except what we had been fed by the liberal media(yep, they were like that 40 yrs. ago). Sure enough, after graduation from college, her request was honored and she was sent to one of the worst schools in Lake Charles. She didn’t make it a year at the school. Even with her bleeding heart, the strain and chaos just took its toll on her sanity and chased her away. She had to learn the hard way.

      I have similar stories from White liberals who naively think they can save the Black race by sacrificing themselves and end up throwing in the towel and thankful they COULD leave with their life.

      • ncpride

        I recently reconnected with an old friend from long ago that has a daughter who is finishing up college that wants to teach. Her daughter wants to serve ‘underprivileged’ kids thinking she can make a difference. My oh my, what a rude awakening that poor girl is in for. According to the mother, the daughter speaks fluent Spanish, so we know which ‘poor minorities’ she will focus on. What a waste…

  • We are helpless to an adversary we dare not offend, let alone name.


      Very true.

      It is not the Africans who are the ones. We all agree they are, as a group, too lazy and stupid to be doing all this.

      There is a hidden hand somewhere controlling this mass illegal immigration (non-White) into ALL White nations.

      Now, who would this benefit?

      • ed91

        the rich elite?

        the eventual goal being cheap, dumb labor?

        • And dumb voters to keep them in power with ever increasing promises of more Gibsmedat.

      • David

        Who could it be? The Lutheran church, bringing hordes of Somalis to Minnesota? The Swedish government, doing the same to Sweden?

        Look, the Jews have done a lot of harm but liberal multiculturalism isn’t confined to Jews. It’s a disease that is impacting areas like Minnesota and Scandinavia which have effectively zero Jewish influence on them. Explain to me what the Jews have to do with mass third world immigration to Scandinavia, or with the fact that Archbishop of York (probably next head of the Church of England) today is a Ugandan.

        I’m Jewish by the way and as frightened and angry as all of you are about the situation. I’ll be happy to see every cultural Marxist liberal multiculti deported to North Korea as any of you will be, regardless of whether they are Lutheran, Jewish, atheist, or anything else.

        • AngryWhiteMan

          If you don’t mind me asking, what was your intellectual journey which led you to be such an unorthodox Jew?

  • Children shouldn’t have to be taught past the 8th grade and it shouldn’t be mandatory to put your child in public school, or any school for that matter. In my own case. I wasn’t a problem for anyone, but I was done with school at 8th grade or so. Beyond that is just stupid for many people.

    • pcmustgo

      VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS, VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS, VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS….. poor black and white children (the ones who don’t do best at academics, I mean only the ones who are not academically inclined, not everyone who’s poor) need vocational skills and asap…. 8th grade, off to vocational school.

      • pcmustgo

        Mandatory. They take a test, they don’t pass, MANDATORY VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS. This is the way Europe does it.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          I think vocartional schools are misunderstood, and undervalued. At least plumbing jobs can’t be outsourced.

          I can relate the unfoirtante fate of a BLACK teacher who sent down two BLACK and one white kid “down” to “dummy school:”. That teacher died in a horrible manner for his CORRECT judgement.

          Ah, if only I did what I once intended, and joined the military in order for them to GIVE ME training in electroinics. damn you, family, for putting cap in my head. Classical animation? Dead – taken over by the computer animation we so looked down on in 1988.;

          • MerlinV

            Plumbing jobs cant be outsourced? Emilo Quan Pedro Venucha, plumber, $7.50/hr. No need to.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Mass immigtation/illegal immigration is a separate but related problem that, yes, does drive down wages, and isn’t really good for anything else.

          • MikeofAges

            Not to mention monopolized by the union and in other ways. Not to mention, although a business cannot legally discriminate, a customer can. And they will based who they are willing to trust inside their home or place of business. Plumbing, literally? Not a very promising idea. If you focused efforts on skills needed by industrial companies, you might do a little better. But “a little better is still the operative concept. Remember — numerical skills, algebra, trigonometry, computers and numerical control. Plumbing is nothing but an old saw, a cliche, a buzz word.

      • I agree with the idea of “Voctional Schools,” but for the most part, blacks aren’t cut out for the trades either. They’re not up to the society they find themselves in. Anything they’re part of they’ll destroy just by their presence.

        • WHITE DAWN

          History shows that Africans make good farm equipment.

          • MikeofAges

            Black have done best working for institutional employers. That means large companies, the government, literal institutions like schools and hospitals, anything likely to be there a long time and able to provide security and certainty. Hell, a lot of people need and do best with that. But blacks in the largest numbers seem least able to function outside of that context. Maybe historical experience has something to do with it. But don’t overwork that idea. People are what they are.


    White people are too nice.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    It sounds like they opened the floodgates with the expectation of a bailout. Instead, the sewers were diverted into this area.

    “He noted some districts have “simply thrown in the towel and surrendered their schools to the kids, failing the children and themselves.” – What else can you do if you cannot impose marine Corps style discipline on a bunch of kids with 85 IQ’s and no impulse control. Too bad we no longer have Pullman Porter jobs for the undertow.

    • IstvanIN

      I think they have devolved below even a porters job.

    • MikeofAges

      Just so you know, Pullman porter was not a job for idiots. Really, it was an elite job for a for a working man. Many white men would have done if only they could have gotten the job, which they couldn’t because job discrimination was legal back then. Being a sleeping car porter required adherence to schedule, strict maintenance of a persona, some degree of skill and knowledge, and a lot sophistication and discretion in dealing with people. Those $20 and $100 tips were well earned. If the job was not a “black” job, I think it would have fallen to the Irish.

      • The Irish are better than your kind,idiot.

        • MikeofAges

          You not only don’t know what you’re talking. You don’t know what I’m talking about either. Liberals like to yap about how Pullman porter was a demeaning job to which blacks were consigned because it was demeaning and poorly paid. Not at all true. Pullman porter was a very well paying job. It was a black job because George Pullman made the decision to hire blacks as porters. The Pullman Corp. owned the cars and leased them to the railroads. The porters were Pullman employees.

          Many would have done the job if they could have gotten it. I think if blacks had not been hired as porters, the job would ended up all Irish. But that is just speculation.

          Interesting how a decision made by one person could go so far in framing our social perceptions even today.

  • jack ryan

    The trends now are for the urban Black poor to be pushed out to inner ring, formerly White working class suburbs and the inner city reclaimed by White liberals, White gays, White artists, empy nesters. In this respect, US cities will more closely resemble French cities, with the historic, central cities being White, prosperous, an outer suburbs are Arab Muslim, Black slums.
    Though places like Chicago are intimidating, there are solid academic options for bright White students, the public school system wants bright White students, Asian students.
    All is not lost. Don’t give in to gloom and doom or try to live in the past, bring back the past.

    • MikeofAges

      Maybe. But you are talking about literally a 300 year arc. The South Side of Chicago is a good case study. In the 1950s, the University of Chicago made the decision to stay on the South Side rather than move, depending on who you listen to, either to “the suburbs”, or was it Arizona. Going on 60 years later, the glacial pace of change only now is “saving” the South Side of Chicago. In another 50 years, you might be able to ride a bicycle from downtown Chicago to Mr. Obama’s neighborhood. You can’t do it now, not if you’re OTB.

  • Rational Being

    There are the occasional innocent black children who, with their round faces and pleading eyes, soften the hearts of most whites and introduce the all-consuming desire to treat them as just another person, completely equal to whites.

    But make no mistake: Any such child is still an African and subject to his or her own internal drives. If he or she is the rare exception who may be civilized among whites and some Asians, then treat that child accordingly. But never forget that the masses of blacks, eventually, will be different from whites, and will resent any attempt to shape them into civilized people.

    As time goes on, the liberal lie that all races are the same will be shown for what it is. America will put behind it the false hope that all races are as good as the white race.

    Cream will rise to the top. The pathetic and the leaden of intellect and spirit shall fall of their own accord. We need only persist in understanding that our fate is our own, and consign theirs to their natural end. To do anything else is to waste our energy, and our spirit.

    • IstvanIN

      There are… black children who, with their… pleading eyes, soften the hearts… whites and introduce the…desire to treat them as just another person, completely equal to whites.
      We need to get over falling for the poor lil black chillin routine, they are not puppies who will be forever grateful we saved them from the needle. They are viscous aliens who do not belong among us.

      • Flossie

        Yech — nothing worse than a viscous alien.

    • Johnny Ace

      Yes, cream rises to the top, so too does scum

    • jay11

      Lately I’ve noticed a LOT of pictures of American blacks designed to elicit sympathy for the ‘poor little things.’ The other day there was an ad in a teacher magazine showing a black woman and her three children. She was poor, unwed, uneducated and needed a publicly subsidized housing unit but for some reason the red tape was holding her up. (Go figure).
      The appeal was to support some local initiative that would streamline the process of getting public housing for her and others like her. The looney thing was that her pose and the look on her face was indistinguishable from a similar type of picture from Haiti or the Congo. I’ve seen a lot of other appeals and pictures like this too.
      The NYT runs a weekly column focusing on one poor person or another and how you can help them. The people are always black and sometimes latino, always living in squalor-like conditions, always unwed and always with a bunch of kids. It is a fact now that stone age people are now coming to dominate our landscape, and we feed’em so they can multiply and overwhelm us.
      End all welfare!

  • JackKrak

    Wait, did I understand that correctly?
    School choice is ok and desirable when it throws Detroit schools a financial lifeline but it’s still evil and awful when it lets white kids go to school down the street instead of across town to a “vibrant” neighborhood?
    Oh, ok.

  • Ulick

    I once stated on a meesage board that America’s public school system isn’t failing. Instead, certain schools, and a growing number at that, are failing because they have a disproportionate number of failing students who are predominantly minorities. I noted that predominantly white public schools do just fine. The hysteria and attacks that speaking the truth sparked were comical to me.
    Here’s the thing — that’s not going to change. Even if more-and-more whites abandon political correctness and start accepting the truth, minorities will never accept the truth about themselves. As whites decline and minorities grow in number, the greater the hysteria about speking the truth will become. The truth will never be accepted by the vast majority.

  • In an Oct. 31 memo to the district’s 250 teachers and 450 paraprofessionals, ……..

    What are paraprofessionals? And why are so many needed?

    • Amy

      It’s a mistake. There are 45. They work with special education students.

    • IstvanIN

      Teachers aids. Every urban classroom has at least one these days. When I was in school there were 35 kids and one teacher. When my daughter was in school there were 25 kids and one teacher. But white kids are better behaved.

  • StillModerated

    I think it was Malcolm Muggeridge who said when 100% of the budget is spent on education we’ll all be stupid.

    But I’m perplexed by “East Detroit,” do they mean Windsor Ontario?

  • Chris

    “academically-challenged students”
    That’s code for low IQ blacks.

  • that school system will be destroyed, pretty much is already.

  • john

    The crux of the article may as well read, “Teachers have struggled for years to train the apes at the zoo to brush their teeth, zip up their trousers, and tie their own shoes each morning, all to no avail. They are now frustrated and angry than their efforts have met with no success.”

    My Heavens! What happened to civilization?

  • Abodouba

    Hey why can’t we just wake up and realize that you can’t fix stupid. Blacks are stupid. It’s not an opinion, it’s just a fact. If they can’t pass the basic text, hand them a bag and send them out to the cotton field where they belong.

    Blacks in this country should be kneeling down and kissing the feet of every white person they say to thank them for importing them into this country.


      I have been saying that my entire life.

      The best thing that ever happened to every African in America today was Slavery.

      It brought them here and it got their ancestors out of a barbaric part of the world. The Africans who weren’t lucky enough to get on the Slave Ships ended up being eaten or enslaved by brutal African Tribal Leader.

      Here in the US the vast majority of Africans were treated well since they had such high value as farm equipment. You don’t mistreat you tractor or milking cows.

  • Shawana

    Google Marty Nemko and ‘What it’s like to teach black students’ for a first hand account of the true nature of the inferior black ‘student’.

  • Annis

    There is a lot of attention given to the role that blacks play in making it obvious that diversity doesn’t work and that all races are not equal. But if you think about it, we should be giving more attention to the races that have brains and can do us the greatest harm.

    Asians are becoming the races that are taking over America and they have brains. Without the cultural engineers blacks can’t plan or organize to hurt us and they are a problem that could be dealt with, but Asians on the other hand…


      That is why the people BEHIND the Blacks and funding them and controlling them are the real enemy.

    • MikeofAges

      John Engleman who posts here (and elsewhere) constantly makes the point that whites, Asians and Hispanics are alike enough that they can get along harmoniously. A tendentiously multi-racial society is not exactly the goal of most of the people who participate in this forum, but the point remains valid as long as the people involved are relatively assimilated and settled. The problem with the constant preoccupation with and reliance on Asian achievement is that it can lead to the abandonment of any effort to focus on the development of potential scientific, technical and engineering talent in the white population. Or the black and Hispanic populations for that matter however much less prevalent that talent may be in either case. Of course, this is the game the American hereditary elite has always played with the people who actually live here — promoting someone other than the American mainstream into sciences. Just that I keep on reminding people of the old saying: “He who tries to ride the tiger will end up in the tiger’s belly”.

      The Democrats, the Republicans and the white elite all are riding the tiger of racial politics, each in their own way. All will end up in the Tiger’s belly one day.

  • libertarian1234

    “But the district’s teachers and unions say the influx has resulted in overcrowded classrooms and some students with disruptive behavioral issues that are leaving educators “depressed and angry,” according to a union document obtained by The Macomb Daily.”

    And to make matters worse, the community organizer signed an executive order mandating that blacks could not be disciplined more than other groups per their proportion of the population, as part of his bogus claims of disparate impact, which, in reality, means blacks are out-of-control and they can’t learn so he’s going to improve the drop out and disciplinary figures by lying and encouraging educators do so as well…….once again.

    And the bottom line?

    Blacks still won’t be able to learn and they’ll cram the prisons from top to bottom even more so than they do now.

    And, it will be the criminal impact on whitey and a shift of his money to black miscreants that will be the result of all these deceitful manipulations.

    • “disruptive behavioral issues” ? They need to learn standard English prose. Just say: “disruptive behavior.”

      • WHITE DAWN

        They are trying to stress the “issues”. Not the behavior. Behavior sounds too much like the person is responsible. “Issues” makes it an academic problem, not a person problem.

  • “The net result of these facts is that we feel depressed and angry,” [Lincoln] Stocks wrote in the memo. “There doesn’t seem to be anyone looking out for us and we feel isolated and vulnerable. This vulnerability involves physical security as well as financial and professional stability.”

    This was written by the head of the local teachers’ union? Good heaven. No wonder Shekwana and DuWayne can’t read.

  • anarchyst

    The East Detroit school district resides within the boundaries of the city of Eastpointe. The city of Eastpointe changed its name from East Detroit because of the negative connotation that the name “Detroit” has with most law-abiding people. The result was a large increase in property values along with Eastpointe’s name change. The East Detroit school district chose not to effect a name-change . . . and remains East Detroit school district.
    Unfortunately, it all came to an end with the school district’s “schools of choice” program.
    A once-thriving small city, the infestation of feral blacks into a once-winning school system is now a problem .. . the Eastpointe police department is still providing a valiant effort to preserve “law and order” by going after those (blacks) that are causing problems. Of course, lawsuits by “aggrieved “YUTE’S parents is still a problem . . .
    Of course, most people will refuse to see that it is the dysfunctional black culture that is the problem and attempts to blame it on “overcrowding”–such hogwash . . . It is time to tell it for what it is . . . destruction of an orderly society by black dysfunction . . .

  • brew730

    Had to laugh reading this. Same article could have been written 40 years ago with the title “Suburbs Frustrated with Forced Busing-Diverse Student Base Causes Challenges for Schools”.

    Oh my how the chickens have come home to roost!


    Is this “Schools of Choice program” some kind of hair brained GOP free market scheme?

    • I wish it was, because if it was just a free market scheme, it means we wouldn’t have to be paying for it.

      But we are paying for it, and you can bet on that.

  • Hirene

    Yet, put a black teacher in a white school and those students better respect him/her or they get suspended.

  • done

    Cry me a river East Detroit.This school doesn’t want to help my son.We’ve been at this district for 13 years,pay our taxes and the principle told us that “out of district kids” are their 1st priority.They didn’t want to change my son’s class that’s he is struggling in.He losing credits and they don’t care.Out of district kids come first.Well I think it’s time my kids will leave this district to go to another school.Bravo East Detroit for chasing all the good kids away.You only have yourselves to blame.

  • bobbyalpy

    I went to Catholic school in New York State.If you were failing in any class or couldn’t maintain the standard demanded by the Christian Brothers or The Board of Regents you were simply expelled,no matter how rich your parents were.The classroom is for those dedicated to learning and they had things like B.O.C.E.S. for the ignorant children,so that they might not interfere in the education of their betters.