Mayor Villaraigosa Wants City ID Card for Immigrants

Catherine Saillant, Los Angeles Times, October 13, 2012

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is pushing a plan to create an official city photo identification card that could double as a prepaid ATM card and help immigrants get access to banking services.

The initiative could reduce crime because fewer people would have to carry cash, but critics say it’s another ill-advised City Hall effort to accommodate illegal immigrants.

The idea for the city ID card originated in his office, the mayor said, as part of previous efforts to help immigrants open bank accounts so they wouldn’t become targets of crime.


A handful of cities, including San Francisco and Oakland, issue identification cards to anyone who can prove residency, regardless of immigration status. Villaraigosa said it’s time that Los Angeles—home to an estimated 4.3 million immigrants—joined them.


“It is clearly an accommodation,” said Ira Mehlman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group critical of illegal immigration. “Los Angeles is making it easier for people who have violated federal immigration laws to live in the city.”

Earlier this month, L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck announced that hundreds of undocumented immigrants arrested by his officers each year in low-level crimes would no longer be turned over to federal authorities for deportation. And in February, LAPD officers were given new guidelines allowing greater discretion when deciding whether to impound cars of unlicensed drivers, including illegal immigrants.


A City Council committee will discuss the ID card proposal on Tuesday.

Card applicants would have to meet “strict” criteria, the mayor’s office said. The card, which officials say would look like a student ID, would include a photo, street address, date of birth, hair and eye color, height and weight. Law enforcement agencies could choose whether to recognize the card, and it would not substitute for a driver’s license, the mayor’s office said. The card would not be accepted as identification required for air travel.


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  • Puggg

    Who even needs and ID card to begin with?  After all, we’re told that they’re so hard to get that we can’t require people to present one to vote.

  • mobilebay

    The Mayor won’t be happy until all of Mexico is here followed by everyone else from south of the border. They’re HIS people and he’ll be happy to hand out taxpayer money to them. California has left the Union.

  • JackKrak

    One step closer to getting their Democratic voter registration.

    •  That’s all it is.  Just flood the city with people who will only vote the way they are told.  Any day now I swear LA is going to rise up and become the world renowned city it was in the 50’s.

  • WAIT just a minute here!  According to Washington D.C. and liberals everywhere, the need for a photo I.D. is racist.  

  • Villareconquista is simply carrying forth his La Raza dreams of turning California into mexico.When will this traitor be stopped.

    • Tom in MI

      Villaraigosa is not a traitor–he’s a patriotic Mexican.  It’s the politicians like Gov. Brown who are the traitors.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Villar said in an interview to Mexico City’s El Universal:

      Mexico will play an important role in shaping my policies.


       It’s not enough to elect Latino leadership. If they’re supporting legislation that denies drivers licenses to the undocumented they don’t belong in office.

      He also congratulated the former president of Mexico, Zedillo, for helping block the implementation of Prop 187 which passed overwhelmingly and would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving  health care,education and welfare benefits.

      He’s a Mexican national driving Los Angeles straight into the ground — by 2014, 1/3 of the city’s budget will be beholden to pensions.  But by then, Villar will have been termed out.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Photo ID cards??? That’s RACIST!!

    Villar, an ex-gang banging thug and borderline illiterate is doing this so illegals can get every government handout they’re “entitled” to, and also to vote.  The LA Times has always been Villar’s greatest cheerleader, but very soon he’ll be out of a job.

    LA’s finest chronicler writes:

    This is a guy who very likely can barely read. This clown was admitted into UCLA with terrible test scores and sub-par grades because of Affirmative Action and behind the scenes political maneuvering – the people running the show were grooming him from day one. After the local news is done showing him at one of his ten photo-ops of the day, they usually run video of Villaraigosa at some fund raising gala yukking it up with all the usual suspects, the people who not-so-secretly hate the rest of us Whites and want the US to collapse into a smoldering heap..

    I don’t believe the 4.3 number of illegal aliens in Los Angeles, it’s at least twice that.


    • Bobby

      Unfortunately Bon is correct about Mayor Villaraigosa and his background of being an illiterate gang banger and late sixties trouble maker at UCLA, a school he wasn’t even qualified to attend. It’s not nice to say this kind of stuff about someone, but in his case, he isn’t a nice guy. He was groomed by the corrupt politicans, of Los Angeles many white, many Mexican, and all either ethnic supremacists, leftists or both. He was put in various government positions, until it was finally decided to run him for Mayor of Los Angeles, once the demographic of that city became practically 80 percent illegal aliens from Mexico,etc. So the upshot of this stuff now, is that he is the Mayor of a U.S., a large one, who represents illegal foreign nationals interests, ONLY.  Citizens are not represented by him at all. They do pay the taxes to run bankrupt Los Angeles, and the endless bottomless type hole , departments of that city, …..water, schools, courts, etc.etc.

  • This is going to cut into the booming cottage industryof false ID’s that goes on openly in the MacArthur Park Area. White kids go there to get false ID’s too but they have to bring an interpreter with them. That area of town looks like El Salvador or Tijuana.