Jared Taylor at Towson University: The Case for White Identity

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, October 5, 2012

The full, uncut footage of the Towson University event.

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Henry Wolff
Henry Wolff is the assistant editor of American Renaissance.
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  • Thanks for this. I’m a bit disappointed by the crowd however.

    • Diamond_Lil

      What did you expect?  Ask any white teacher in an urban school.

      • jedsrael

        The Horrors of Your Future Are Found in Today’s Predictable Headlines:

        Historic Ruling Gives Kenyans Right to Sue British for Colonial Torture


        • anonymous_amren

          Now when do the British (and more importantly, the Americans) get the right to sue Kenya for the torture committed by their colonisers in Britain right now?

          • Beatifully/gracefully said. 

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          We are in the Twilight Zone now. Everything is spinning out of control. None of this will last, none of it can last. “Unsustainable” is the word for the 21st century. Immigration, entitlements, student loans, only 50% paying taxes, 16 trillion in debt, absurd ruling by leftist judges, etc. They can give the Kenyans 50 bazillion dollars, it’s all just fiat toilet paper. 

          Nothing surprises me and I take nothing seriously anymore. This society is doomed, I care only about surviving its demise and rebuilding afterwards.

    • I think many are hearing viewpoints they don’t get from their teachers and they are trying to process them. 
      If they agree with Jared or not, what they hear cannot be unheard.

      • ed91

         in some cases, maybe many,

        what they hear cannot be processed or understood or listened to.

      • Sound can be violent. 

      • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

        Very well put!

  • Richard Spencer

    Eric Holder said that America was a “nation of cowards” for not wanting to talk about racial issues.   ALL of us know who is afraid to discuss the issues, we all know WHY they are afraid to discuss the issues & demand censorship

    One by one, Jared Taylor dissected all their petty anti-white arguments.  Epic Fail after Epic Fail.

    • Blacks don’t want a dialog on race. They just want white people to admit they’re racists.

      • Richard Spencer

        Blacks will partake in a dialogue on race,  as long as it is mutually agreed that white children have to be singled out and punished for historical atrocities

    • jedsrael

      Rev. CWNY preaches:

      And so did Christ love us. He was and is the inspiration for all true heroism. He faced scorn and derision for His loved ones and He continues to love them in spite of doom. A passion united to His passion cannot be defeated. But such a passion cannot be feigned. It must come from a heart that truly loves. That is what separates the modern European from the antique European. The antique European was a man who loved much. He didn’t love an abstract, generic people of an indeterminate race. He loved his own people. And he didn’t love an abstract God — he loved the Man of Sorrows. The Scriptures speak of a God whose love passeth all understanding. The modern theologians disagree. They worship a God of limited powers with a limited capacity for love. He bids us, according to the liberals, save our small quota of love for strangers outside our own race. To them all our love is due. Why? Because, we are told, “They alone are natural, they alone are holy: in the name of the abstracted intellect, the sacred negro, and the ghostly looking man in the white lab coat, amen.” The bargain which the liberals offer the white man is this: “If you renounce your race and your God, we will permit you to live a kind of gypsy existence on the fringes of Liberaldom. But you must renounce your race and your faith.”


      • 1911ThePunisher45

        I pray to Odin and Thor for the strength to crush mine enemies.

        Saksen, smeed de stammen samen
        Verbind de broeders met hun bloed
        Op hen is nu de eed gezworen
        Van broederschap en heldenmoed
        Omringd door vuur en een regen van pijlen
        Verblind door de haat die in ons brandt
        Saksenzonen geven hun leven en sterven voor het Saksenland

        Wij heffen de hoorn en zullen drinken
        Op hen die vielen in ‘t vijandsland
        Van heinde en ver zijn wij gekomen
        En keren nu terug naar het Saksenland

        De speer bepaald het doel der doden
        Aanvang van het bruut geweld
        Het Saksisch volk zal zegevieren
        Het Godenoordeel is geveld
        De plek waar eens den oorlog voerde
        Ligt nu angstaanjagend stil
        Op het veld waar helden vielen
        Voltrokken wij de Godenwil

        In wouden en weiden
        In al hun pracht
        De zonen strijden
        Een land dat wacht
        Door Goden gegeven

        Geef ons moed
        Door vijand omgeven
        Voor u ons bloed

        Ik keerde terug van menig veldslag
        Het schild nog altijd in de hand
        Het zwaard is in de strijd gebroken
        Broeders vielen door vijands hand
        Warm verwelkomd door de vrouwen
        Schoonheid streelt de ogen weer
        Het Saksisch volk zal eeuwig heugen
        Zij die vielen voor hun heer

        In het land der Saksen, zie ik mijn broeders
        In het land der Saksen, daar ligt mijn hart
        In het land der Saksen, liggen mijn wortels
        In het land der saksen, daar ligt ooit mijn graf

      • Fancy words with no substance.  Anti-Racism is a codeword for Anti-White.  You push White Genocide

  • As always, an excellent speech with many strong talking point.

    Many in the audience clearly came with pre-formed ‘gotch’ questions and tailored (pun may or may not have been intentional)  their queries to the speech.

    There were a few tough questions and Mr. Taylor answered each effectively. It would be worthwhile to study each question and develop counter arguments for future lectures. 

    Most of those asking questions were blacks. They were also angry, hostile, and confrontational. Few seemed to be interested in hearing an answer to their question. It’s as I always say, blacks don’t want a dialog on race. Blacks simply want whites to admit they’re racists and intent on oppressing blacks.

    Great job. Keep up the great work.

    ps: During the Q and A, the din was almost unbearable. More evidence that few of these students were listening.

    • Indeed Mr. Taylor was excellent! He’d developed what I consider to be an unassailable argument in the first few minutes simply by listing the number of unions devoted to other ethnic groups and nationalities and juxtaposing that with the very real grievances whites currently face, as well as the fact that we’re effectively being forbidden from forming one ourselves. Thus he’d exposed the university’s hypocrisy and prejudice in opposing the formation of a White Student Union and therefore the need for its creation.

      I can only assume Towson University’s not renowned for its academic excellence, or perhaps it’s simply that those benefitting from affirmative action were overrepresented in the audience. I genuinely do not mean to be disrespectful, but those aren’t the sort of American undergraduates who attended my university, though it didn’t have an affirmative action programme!

      I laughed out loud when that black student thought Mr. Taylor had praised the murderous Hispanic gang he’d cited in a bid to demonstrate the ill effects of racial diversity! “You said they were a big gang!” Unbelievable.

      With respect to their repeated reference to ‘supremacy’, I’m not sure whether their obtuseness was deliberate or not. The bewildered look on the face of the gentlemen asked to provide an example from Mr. Taylor’s speech of supremacy was a picture. But still they kept referring to him as a ‘supremacist’, possibly because they couldn’t think of another term to use.

      Again and again he defeated their arguments, though it was clear they weren’t really listening. In fact that became clear from the constant murmur in the room during his talk.

      The whooping and cheering when one of them made some derogatory comment, reminiscent of a Jerry Springer show, and the fact that one lady even stated that should the White Students’ Union materialise it would be destroyed, just left me with the impression that these people don’t belong in university.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Superb presentation by Jared Taylor.  Good, skillful hosting by a black administrator and a reasonably civil mixed audience (probably because of that administrator).

    Much of the LONG Q & A session (one hour) was predictable and tedious, with perhaps 80 percent of questions from black members of the audience. The impact on the of mostly silent white students is hard to gauge, but the fact that the event took place without serious interruption is something of a miracle.

    Commendations to event organizer Matt Heimbach.  His idea to start a white students union just may get off the ground.

  • nathan wartooth

    Wonderful presentation as always. 

    It was disturbing to hear some of the black students get very happy about the world becoming majority black or majority “brown” as one student put it. 

    They somehow think that if the world has their race as the majority, it will be just a peaceful utopia because those evil white people are gone. 

    What they don’t understand is that we already have majority black cities in US, Canada and Europe. Those people speaking might not know what they are like but a majority of people on this site know. They are violent, poor and in shambles. I shudder to think what a majority black world would look like. 

    It would probably look a lot like Africa. I doubt any of these people speaking would want to live there yet they can’t wait until the world looks just like Africa. 

    Oh and that one girl who kept asking why Mr. Taylor picked Nigeria, I think she was hinting at that is sounded like a certain racial slur. 

    • Exactly. They believe once the white man is gone, they will be free to shine and surpass the achievements of the white man whose racism prevents them from building a black-brown paradise on earth.

      They’re incapable of looking at Haiti or Liberia and seeing majority black rule. 

      • ed91

         In a way you’re correct but I just don’t believe they can look that far ahead.

        Or if they can/could it must some foggy cave-dream with crayon colored dreams of something that might’ve been important if they could have remembered it 10 minutes later.

  • Danimalius

    Outstanding presentation, Mr. Taylor, and it was nice to see supporters there as well. I hope the kids who shouted at the end get punished for their childishness.

  • Is this a turning point or a last gasp? I wonder. I hope it’s the former.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Typical, negroe’s at the head of the line bitching and whining. These retards actually expect Whites to justify their existence to them.

    • GB101

      The organizer, the man holding the mike, answered that question effectively.  He enumerated a few things his group will address but made it clear that he does not have to justify his reasons to others.

  • The Left loves diversity but they don’t like diversity of thought.

    • That is NOT true—MOST libs live in non-diverse areas. Look at Hollywood & the likes of Chris Matthews.

      Matthews recently quipped that he lived in ‘diverse’ Washington, DC, when he actually lives in the suburbs—97% White.

      However, you are correct, libs opposition of the diversity of thought diverts the attention from the fact they don’t live in diverse areas.

      • charliegirl

        its easy to have grand opinions when you have never walked the walk. much easier to talk the talk. theres NO way to explain to a liberal what it is to live in a black or hispanic area. & to deal especially w/hispanics & third world people. never works. theres one out of 100 who may be decent. liberals are blowing air.

  • Mr. Taylor gave an excellent speech that was very straight to the point and very articulate.  Hats off to Mr. Taylor having the patients to listen and decipher the incoherent questions of the sophomoric A.A. student population.

    One could tell that A.A. students saw this presentation as an opportunity to project their hatred of the white man in a public forum.  They already had their minds made up before they even entered that building.

     Wow, they lack any civil decency, clarity of thought, and they have been brainwashed thinking that everything the white man has done is evil.  It must be in their psyche to be victims and not have their own determination.

    I thought it was funny that one A.A. student said every white organization has ended up committing violent atrocities.  Unlike any black gatherings.

    Well done Mr. Taylor and Mr. Heimbach.

  • Biff_Maliboo

     Her hand was ready to activate the OBAMA PHONE! and report directly to B.O. if she got the response she was not-so-cleverly fishing for.

  • Barrack Osama

    Excellent speech, but the busdriver comment seemed to be a huge distraction. Learn from it and remove such wording from later speeches, in my opinion

  • Biff_Maliboo

    The “amen” from the peanut gallery @ 32:50 is particularly revolting.

  • nathan wartooth

    Oh my apologies. I thought that Europe had one or two cities that were majority black. 

    I am quite aware of the Muslim problem in Europe and I hope that your leaders come to their senses before it is too late. 

  • 5n4k33y3s

    The biggest disruption so far (at around 24 minutes) was that guy going up to the podium to tell everyone else not to disrupt the Jared Taylor’s speech. Is Towsen University a college or a high school?

    (I’m so glad I didn’t go to college. What an indignity for the modern white male student to pay tuition and then to be treated with condescension and discrimination by the protected classes.)

    • GB101

      ???  Wasn’t this official preventing people from disrupting the meeting?  Didn’t he help keep order so Mr. Taylor could answer questions and be heard?

  • It is clear that we now have about 4 generations of college students who have been educated/indoctrinated with socialist-Marxist ideology.

    Those at the lower end of the gene pool seem to absorb this Bovine Scat propaganda at a much higher rate. Yet another reason not to allow low IQ rejects and hyper-liberal professors into academia.

  • Defiant White

    I had the wrong idea about this speech.  I envisioned a room full of 200 young, confused whites who knew something was deeply wrong with America, but didn’t know what.  I envisioned Taylor enlightening them, giving them inspiration and helping forge a strong group among white brothers and sisters at Towson U.

    Instead, it looked like the room was packed with well-fed negroes who were only there to jeer, challenge, confront and annoy.  The speech was same-old stuff and it fell on deaf ears. 
    It was a circus and  it plays right into the hands of the anti-whites. Everyone who asked Taylor a question will now be a celebrity and a hero to all progressives.

    We are long past the need to justify ourselves to the non-whites.  I don’t think Taylor should have spoken to that mob.  He should have met quietly with the whites who want to start a group, given them advice and inspiration and maybe talked to a small select group of whites in someone’s home or backyard. 

    The important thing is to get this group running so it can represent whites at Towson and serve as an inspiration to other whites.  White racial politicos can always show up at the group’s first anniversary to make a speech.

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      It’s completely inappropriate for pro-whites to EVER answer questions from anti-whites!

      WE have the moral high ground, and WE  ask  the questions, ALWAYS!

      “Why are you anti-white?”  “Is it just a coincidence that all the policies you support lead to a future with no white children, anti-white?” “Why do you support the genocide of white people?” “Anti-white, would you support flooding all African countries with millions of non-Africans, and forcing Africans to assimilate with the non-Africans to be blended out of existence, and then scream the R-word at any African who objected to that genocide?”

      That’s the only way a pro-white should EVER talk to anti-whites!

      • Harumphty_Dumpty

        I address anti-whites as, “Anti-white,…”  only online when the exchange becomes heated.

      • anonymous_amren

        I used to be an anti-white, now I’m a pro-white. I got my answers from Google Scholar and reading on the internet rather than asking questions, but I don’t think we should just refuse to answer questions from anti-whites. Anti-whites WILL change, I guarantee it. In the past, even the most liberal lefty radicals were race realists, so there’s no reason why liberals can’t be race realists again in the future.

    • Detroit_WASP

       “The speech was same-old stuff and it fell on deaf ears.”

      You couldn’t be more wrong.  I promise you they have never heard a white man speak publically like that before in their lives, which explains why they reacted they way they did. 

      When they hear that whites want to organize a “white group” is scares the hell out of them.


  • newscomments70

    I believe Paris and London have white minorities now.

    • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

      That’s hearbreaking.  I saw London 36 years ago, when it was still white and beautiful.  Wouldn’t want to go back today.

      Guess I’ll never see Paris now…..

  • newscomments70

    The more intelligent blacks there are child-like, at the level of 7 or 8 years old, approximately. They make a statement, hoot and holler, hurl insults, then  walk off before you can offer rebuttal. The less intelligent ones are like toddlers who take temper tantrums…incoherently jumping up and down and screaming. You cannot reason with these people. They do not have adult minds. I over-simplify when I compare blacks to children. Most children who disagree with you will not rape and kill you as well. 

    • ed91

       many many whites do not realize how blacks and mexicans hate them.

      I just saw the old black with the long hair ——–  what a total ass…….
      the black people at that talk by Mr. Taylor were very rude and ignorant to the point where I don’t believe conversation is possible.

  • newscomments70

    After hearing these blacks talk, I don’t have any interest in a white student union. That seems like a very weak response to an extermely dangerous, violent, racist threat. We need to voraciously fight for our survival and take our countries back.

    • anonymous_amren

      I wish you luck in forming a voraciously fighting white group that can take your country back, but it’s very difficult to form such a group right now. This is a useful step, and I’d join a group like this if I could.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Jared, you should have taken the white liberals in the audience on a field trip to Detroit and left them in one of the worst areas in the city (6 Mile and Gratiot).

    The ones that aren’t killed will be instant supporters of AmRen.  

  • jedsrael

    Dear Jared Taylor,

    Please track the mainstreaming of hate speech against White privilege.  Those who are behind the trend are successfully equating black problems with White privilege, and the consequence will be that when Whites are the minority, they will be hated as the cause of all troubles, and violence agaisnt them will be justified, encouraged, and unpunished. Whites are making themselves defenseless by allowing the hate label of White privilege to go unanswered.

    “White privilege” is a codeword of legitimizing violence.  You should take that an run with it- make yourself as famous for warning Whites about the dangers of being smeared with “White privilege” as Potok is for warning MSM about the lates hate crime against blessed Diversity.

    In the name of Jed,


    Ford Hall Forum Presents “Black Economy, White Privilege”


    The Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University presents author Maggie Anderson and Sociologist Thomas Shapiro, with Candelaria Silva, discussing “Black Economy, White Privilege” from 6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 4, at the Modern Theatre, 525 Washington St., Boston.

    Black businesses lag behind businesses of all other racial groups in every measure of success. Is it necessary – or even possible – for the black community to sustain its own economy?

    Drawing on economic research, social history, surveys, interviews, and their own personal experiences, these authors will analyze how racial inequality is transmitted across generations and pinpoint why the black economy continues to suffer.

    Translation: BLACKS WILL ALWAY SUFFER BECAUSE WHITES ARE WHITE! Get Whitey! But get his daughter first!

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Oh man, the black (“redneck” equivalent) with the dreadlocks was such a pig. 

    • newscomments70

      He refused to face any factual rebutall, he just swaggered away while everyone hooted and hollered. It was almost sad how childish and ignorant the crowd was.

      • 5n4k33y3s

        They just don’t get it. They rely almost entirely on cultivating the “white guilt” mentality. All that overt hostility works against them.

        For decades now, the black racist agitator’s modus operandi has been this: “I’ll just make a big stink and everything will work out favorably for me.”

        Oh hey, look. A sane African American student at 52 minutes in. He just made all the angry black students appear really racist by contrast, just by being objective and rational.

        • Net_Drifter

          “They just don’t get it. They rely almost entirely on cultivating the “white guilt” mentality. All that overt hostility works against them.”
          What they really believe is that ALL white people are terrified of them and that if they act aggressive enough every single one of us will back down. The  times when that doesn’t work for them they don’t know what to do but get louder and more disruptive, because that’s usually all they have. 

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Yeah, the most racially aggrieved ones ought to prepare themselves for disappointment. In general, whites owe them nothing. My goal is to convince every last white person that this is the truth.

          • ed91

             Good luck with the white girls.

  • Laura White

    I am watching the whole video here, especially the Q&A period of the vid, which is extremely revealing : 

    The hyperventilating, prognathic, child-like hive mind negro hyenas who assault Mister Taylor with loaded questions and then don’t bother listening to his answer put their patently low IQs – their fundamental “otherness” – on display for all too see. 

    They are not really listening to what Mr. Taylor is saying, rather, they are repeating – in utter confidence by the way – the post WW2 anti-white mantra. Or, as it has been said on Paul Auster’s cousin’s site, a version of this formula : 

    “Toxic Self-Esteem equals Massive Incompetence times Conscienceless Eqotism, squared.”
    It is fascinating to watch the blacks in this vid basically validate race realism without really understanding the half of it all. 

    It’s Dunning Kruger 101, I tell you, with a dash of NWO Talmud-Vision utopian influence thrown in. These Towson U. hive-mind negro hyenas have been coddled their whole life by a system whose dynamics they are not biologically suited to understand, into believing that (A) They are victims (B) Whitey be bad. 

    You know, I also watched the 1989 Rushton (RIP) vs David Suzuki debate that Amren linked to; the same exact things apply: dumb people asking smart people stupid questions, with the dumb people too stupid to even realize they are on a lower plain in the natural hierarchy of things. Classic Dunning Kruger. Sad and revealing to see. 

    I am working on a theory that equates such situations to a Venn Diagram model: IOW, you have all been in a situation where two people, for example, are totally out of touch on a common issue, but only because person B does not have the wherewithal to fully grasp the situation being discussed by person A. Person B is adamant in his rage, totally ignorant to the fact that he doesn’t have half the story. (More on this later). 

    This and the Rushton – Suzuki video (especially, in both cases, the Q&A parts) are highly evocative and relatable to a Venn-Diagram-style model of the Dunning Kruger syndrome. 

    I need to expand on this theory, which I feel strongly about, because I see variants of Dunning Kruger every day. And when applied to a race realism dynamic – as in the case of these two vids – the concept can be extremely revealing indeed. 

    Please chime in if you have any thoughts. 


    – Arturo 

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      “I am working on a theory that equates such situations to a Venn Diagram model…Please chime in if you have any thoughts.”

      We are so fortunate to live in a time when something as interesting as white genocide is happening, which is so provocative of deep reflection and the construction of beautiful theoretical models.

  • There is virtue in putting your best face to the world while it puts its worst face toward us.

    • jedsrael

      Well, at least this bad news (unsurprising, expected) from Alabama will be tempered by our relief that Lyrnyrd Skynyrd won’t be flying the Rebel flag anymore when they sing Sweet Home:


      Black gangbangers slaughter entire white family in Alabama

      • ed91

         the days of little, white, gay, girly boys is ending.  

        the orcs are here and they’re pissed and girly boys are on the menu.

      • ed91

         that about sums it up.
        we have a meeting where we’re shouted down.

        blacks slaughter a whole family.

        Did the deaths of Channon and Christian wake enough up to realize our meekness will not inherit the country?

  • 5n4k33y3s

    That audience is so noisy and infantile. It’s not like a university is supposed to be. It’s not like a high school is supposed to be. It’s like a frigging pre-school. I’m really glad I didn’t go to college with all that diversity.

    One black student was objective and fair at minute 52. The rest were all painfully backwards and wrong. That one fair-minded black student has a bright future ahead of him. The rest of them are neurotic, paranoid, racist, and they’re going nowhere fast.

    • ed91

       each black speaker thought it was all about him/her. 
       Ideas be damned.

      The speakers were accumulating cred for the party later when they would choom it up and repeat their own personal excerpt from what they could remember, while doing  the horse laugh.   However, at least 3 are usually telling their story (at the party) at the same time so it’s a bit difficult to follow.

      • Of course.  Black thinks everything a white person says is about him.  That’s because black is basically an overgrown adolescent in an adult’s body, who thinks that the world revolves around him and everyone in the world is acutely concerned with him and only him.  We could be talking about stained glass in churches in Lithuania, and black would somehow figure that we’re talking about him and his coracials.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    The guy in the grey shirt with the stripe was a belligerent imbecile. The fat woman in the yellow shirt was loud and stupid.

    • ed91

       yes, the anger of most of the blacks………… since they have little contact with whites while growing up, and in today’s world, any contact with whites would be benign, so where’s the anger from?
      1) black community that the child grows up in..
      2) total frustration with not being able to grasp the reason whites create and know so much that they themselves can only observe and wonder at.
      3) obsessing on who and how and why these white people are…..
      and how in the heck did these white people manage to steal those huge skyscrapers.

    • They are like Obama–when challenged with facts (remember the recent debate); they get angry, defiant and obnoxious.

      It’s not often that a White will confront minorities with the TRUTH–pisses them off.

    • Carney3

      Not just angrily stupid, but sinister.  “Destroyed” indeed.  Same kind of happy mammy clapping along at a Mugabe rally.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    That fat sow in yellow… Ugh!

  • ed91

    Good Lord!  
    some serious ignorant blacks……… with one or two exceptions……….

    I see little hope…………   but then history is pretty chaotic so maybe it’s just another day at playground.

  • jedsrael

    When White Humanity is down to its last territory, and squeezed into it by the force of Diversity Horror, do you think all Whites will universally name the problem for what it is, or do you think there will be a few do gooders who still revere the sacred mission of blacks to hold Whites accountable for Jim Crow?

    We suspect there won’t be any of those kind of Whites inside, because long before the situation materially devolves to this point,  they would have all been thrown over the barricades to feel the love of their Diversity Pets.

    All Whites Will One Day Be Race Realists.

    • ed91

       I suspect the do-gooders will have been devoured long before then.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      This is the first thing you’ve said, that I don’t consider snide, or cowardly.

      • jedsrael

        I must have had a momentary lapse, or maybe my disqus was hacked.

  • Net_Drifter

    Asking permission and then encountering all this flak and inane nonsense from deliberately hysterical people is …the point of asking permission.  

    The university president also made herself look like a pandering opportunist without an ounce of integrity.

  • ed91

    I sat through the whole thing and listened. 

    It would be interesting to hear Mr. Taylor’s speak of how he felt the meeting went.
    Perhaps he is in that circumstance enough that it bothers him little but I would feel
    uncomfortable to be in a meeting like that with the ignorant racism I witnessed by the black and brown people there.

  • Athling

    Well done Jared. You are a man of admirable courage and resolve to put up with a crowd like that. Aside from the two white gentlemen asking the kinds of questions one would expect at a White Student Union, the rest were all black. The constant noise and disruptions were also made by blacks. Judging by their questions and statements it seems clear that they are living in a perpetual state of victimhood constantly conjuring up slavery and white oppressors. Of course we know that it is beneficial for them to do so. In their minds whites will forever owe them preferential treatment. Whites must be compelled to put the interests of every race above their own. Actually worse, whites must not even think of themselves as a race at all. We are here to serve others not ourselves and so on.

  • GB101

    I am surprised that the meeting was as civil as it was.  The college administrator did a good job in setting out the rules and enforcing them.  

    Most of the questioners showed ignorance and immaturity, but their behavior was generally decent.  

  • Detroit_WASP

    Maybe she be from Nigeria and felt insulted?

    Because Nigeria rhymes with bigger?

    I would have personally used Niger as my example country.   A far better country.

    • jedsrael

      Over the next few years, thc consequences of America’s New Diversity Majority will begin to take form and expression in the minds of most White Americans, and without prompting-  they’ll just get it one day, the sense of it will overwhelm them in an instant, and they will never be the same, they’ll be like us, bless their little hearts:


      October 06, 2012

      Whites are far more capable, but what good will it do if nonwhites are the majority?

      A reader, after viewing Romney’s debate with Obama, and Jared Tayor’s interaction with a largely black and hostile student audience at Towson University, has a minor epiphany: Serious, accomplished white men such as Romney (a mainstream Republican or conservative) and Taylor (a traditionalist or race-conscious conservative) are on a far higher plane of intellect and reasoning than blacks and can easily best them in debate. But “the difference between a traditional conservative and a mainstream conservative is that the traditionalist realizes that being serious and accomplished won’t matter if America continues to change into a nonwhite country.”

      Posted by Lawrence Auster at 07:25 PM

  • GB101

    To form the organization at the school and to use the school facilities the group needs the school’s sanction.  If the school turns the group down it will be an interesting situation to say the least.  Mr. Taylor listed numerous analogous organizations.  Wouldn’t you like the hear the school officials explain to a judge why it supports an organizations of blacks, Saudis, women, gays, etc. but not whites?

  • Bantu Education

    Amazing how the black “students” all pushed themselves to the front of the line as if there was “free stuff” being handed out.   And at least 2 came back for “seconds”.   Judging from their physical appearance, their lack of decorum, the crass stupidity of their “questions”, and all the other negative vibes they gave out, not one of them would qualify for advanced education were it not for racial quotas – thus confirming one of the key points JD made in his speech.   What a shocking waste of public money.    

    • jedsrael

      Jared Taylor said:

      “When you ask Whites to celebrate Diversity, you are asking them to celebrate their dwindling numbers and their declining influence.”

      Whites KNOW that when they celebrate Diversity, they are committing a hate crime against their own White privilege. 

      From you typical college Atheist to your fervent evangelical Christian with a “passion for mission, outreach, and service,”  Whites are in universal agreement that their racism is the greatest scourge on Earth and the poison of history.  By celebrating their dwindling numbers and declining influence, they are fighting against their own racism. They will be redeemed from the past by atoning in the present through their ongoing and increasing sufferings under the Diversity Curse.

      What we think would be bad for them, they actually feel is good for them (in the abstract, of course).

      Why should we complain about how the White race has decided to kill itself? Was Nietzsche really expecting too prevent Fair Housing, Brown v. Board, and Civil Rights when he pointed out that the inversion of morality makes men sick and diseased?

       We must admit that is war is far more lost that we are saying.  The collapse of Whiteness will happen with  suddenness and totality, quite soon…

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Survival is the mother of all instincts. Most conservative White people are aware “something” is up, even if they can’t put their finger on it. Guns and the survivalist industry are booming. They sell ammo and even guns that are marketed for killing “zombies.” A lot of White people are getting ready for the “Zombie Apocalypse,” unaware that it’s actually “The Day the EBT Cards Stop Working.”

  • Drake Shelton

    At the 42:00 mark here we ago again with the lie that we from the Virginia colony brought the Africans over here to America. That is a lie. We tried everything we could to stop the slave trade. Moreover, Virginia had no ships involved in any foreign trade: http://eternalpropositions.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/did-the-white-people-of-this-original-colony-of-virginia-kidnap-africans-to-make-them-their-slaves-a-helpful-reminder-from-the-history-of-virginia-in-the-hopes-of-avoiding-a-coming-race-war/

    • Carney3

      Anti Catholic crackpottery. 

  • jedsrael

    Have you ever been in an establishment where there were by far mostly Whites, and then the blacks start coming in, most Whites leave, and then you are the last one there? 

    You can feel the air change.  It becomes fetid, disgusting, and menacing. 
    Blacks perspire and exhale voodoo hate.  Chemically, their extrusions are different from ours.  You can really feel it.  Diversity is a toxic biohazard.

    You should read what abolitionist Benjamin Wade said about all the Diversity in Washington D.C.  He said he could taste the “N…” in his food.  Most good abolitionists hated the N.

  • Ulick

    Many of the conclusions that the black students drew from Mr. Taylor’s speech were mind-numbingly illogical, and either based on nothing that Jared said or the exact opposite of what Jared said.  It just goes to show that most black people have their mind made up that white people are evi,l and no amount of logic or reason while ever change that.

    It’s also amazing how angry and overtly confrontational black people get when posing a question in rebuttal to a logical argument on race.  Even the delusional whites who were against Jared didn’t act in an angry, threatening manner during what’s supposed to be an exchange of ideas.  In another setting, without a police presence, many of the blacks asking questions would have skipped even pretending to exchange ideas and instead just straight attacked Jared for speaking in favor of white rights.

    • libertarian1234

      “It just goes to show that most black people have their mind made up that white people are evi,l and no amount of logic or reason while ever change that.”

      Personally,  I think their moronic questions reveal they don’t really have the ability to reason and logic in coherent terms.

      They have no business taking up space in an institution of higher learning.  More likely than not they exist there because they’re being graded on an AA basis.

      As one professor put it, “We’re required to pass X number of black students, and if we don’t we’re called forth to answer for it by the administration.”

  • Germanacus

    This bit about Amerindians owning North America needs to be addressed. Who says they owned it? Did a central planning committee assign all nations to specific groups of people sometime in the past or were nations claimed by conquest by all people including Amerindians?

    • MerlinV

      Good point. We should not be caught off guard by that meme in any debate. That and White Imperialism. White behavior in history however harsh it may seem to us today wouldn’t even compare with black African savagery including cannibalism.

    • anonymous_amren

      Cold ruthless endorsement of theft and genocide of land will not work on Liberals, and will alienate them (it might work on conservatives and black people though). Using that kind of argument is a huge mistake. We need to come up with good answers to this point.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Outstanding job by Mr. Taylor.  Notwithstanding the bad manners. I did notice how scared the blacks are.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Wow, what a truly beautiful speech, with a construction and expression that were exquisite! Jared Taylor has probably the best expository talent in the white movement.

    If only at the end of that half hour, Jared had said, “And now I’ll use the next half hour to tell you how all of what you’ve just heard furthers the anti-whites’ world-wide program of white genocide.” 

  • Sheila Dinehart

    I wonder how many *White Student Unions* actually exist at public and private colleges in America?

    •  My guess would be that there are practically none with any type of organizational structure. You would probably know about them from the SPLC or any other group or organization that likes to try and stigmatize proud White people.

  • What the hell is wrong with these idiots in the audience going on about “this country belongs to Native Americans”.  Since when?  They’re confused about what they’re talking about. The Thirteen Colonies & United States were created by White people for White people. Native Americans did not create the United States! What planet are these people living on? But then they have the audacity to accuse Jared Taylor of being ignorant of history!

    Someone please tell me how Native Americans contributed to the founding of the United States other than getting out of the way!

    • MerlinV

      I’ve heard heard blacks bring this up several times now as they did with Mr. Taylor. The claim is that Whites are “illegal immigrants” and that they “stole” Indian land, drove the Indians off their land, and that Whites are simply invaders etc..

      The way of the world thousands or even hundreds of years ago would be considered fairly savage by today’s standards. All people, including Indians and black Africans, gained territory through warfare or otherwise driving alien groups out of a territory. It was the way of the world. Whites and Indians fought wars just as Indians vs Indians and blacks vs blacks did over territory. The Whites won. That’s it.

    • Those are some of the favorite talking points of La Raza and other open borders “activists.”It also happens to be the diatribe spewed by liberal educators charged with shaping young minds.

      The minds they are shaping just so happen to belong to low IQ’ed blacks and
      hispanics. They in turn become militant and defiant against Whites because they
      are lead to believe they are victims of a White majority suppressing defenseless

      Progressives know what
      they are doing, turning blacks and hispanics against Whites at every chance

  • “The United States was founded on diversity”



    The original United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. 103) provided the first rules to be followed by the United States in the granting of national citizenship.
    This law limited naturalization to immigrants who were “free white
    persons” of “good moral character”. It thus left out American Indians, indentured servants, slaves, free blacks, and later Asians.

    • ed91

       womens suffrage happened several years after the 1913 fed money grab if my history is correct……..  those two events resulted from 30-40 years of a changing American population mindset. 
      I’ve not studied or read or heard enough of what happened in those years (1875-1910) to know what transpired then in terms public opinion and mindset.

      Once our women became close to equal, the spiral downward seemed to have accelerated.  WWII with so many women working while the men were off dying seems to be an important period in ushering in the fem movement 30 yrs later. 

    • Drake Shelton

      Yes really. That is why my white racial brethren need to forsake the French Revolution and come back to the Magisterial Protestant Reformation. We did not believe in Freedom of Religion we believed and still do in Establishment.  At the very least the door was left wide open for that to happen. The Dictates of Conscience: The Debate Over Religious Liberty In Revolutionary Virginia, Deborah O’Malley says in footnote 143 on page 26,
       “Does this mean that Jefferson would allow any religion in civil society, even ones which have principles contrary to American principles?  In his Autobiography, he discusses why he disagreed with the proposed amendment to the Bill which said that it should read “Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion” rather than just “the holy author of our religion.” He says that this  amendment was rejected by a great majority, proving that “they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mahometan, the Hindoo, and Infidel of every denomination”
      (Autobiography, 1821, in The  Founders’ Constitution, Volume Five: Amendments 1-XII, Philip B. Kurkland and Ralph Lerner, eds., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987, 85).”

  • “You’ve oppressed people since the Dawn of Time”

    . . . Oh my God. I’m sure there must be one or two intelligent Liberals, but you never see them. White people haven’t oppressed anyone any more than any other race.

    Us whites should start bitching and moaning about the Barbary Slave Trade, when North African  slave-raiders kidnapped white people and made them sex-slaves and galley-slaves.

    All these people asking these questions are in some weird fantasy land where logical fallacies are invisible.

    • MerlinV

      Here is the key imho about historic White oppression, Imperialism, etc, that is always brought up by non-Whites:

      However bad White behavior throughout history seems to us today, non-White behavior was horrific by a magnitude over White behavior. We’re talking extreme barbarity here that makes White behavior seem tame in comparison.

      One only need consult history to bear this out. Maybe this history should have been loosed on the black crowd at Towson.

    • Make NO mistake, many blacks BELIEVE your very existence as a White oppresses them; they will NEVER believe differently because it’s too profitable for them.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    Jared’s speech was superb within the limitations of topic he set for it, and superb is reliably expected of any speech by Jared Taylor.

    But after the speech, what is served by Mr. Taylor stepping into the dock like a common criminal and allowing himself to be cross-examined by every anti-white who wants to play prosecuting attorney?

    WE have the moral high ground! WE ask the questions!

    WE put the ANTI-WHITES in the dock! Mr. Taylor is the prosecuting attorney and will ask the questions! 

    “Why do you support social policy that will result in a future with no white children?” “Oh, you think whites have had too much power and now they ‘have to pay the price’…so you admit you ARE anti-white?” “Do you support flooding Asian countries with millions of non-Asians and forcing Asians to assimilate with the non-Asians to be blended out of existence? No? So you only support WHITE genocide?” (I’m badly out of practice, and other bugsers could do this part better).

    Mr. Taylor, here’s a practical way to throw your own net of pro-white terminology over the anti-whites, instead of having to just fight under the weight of their anti-white terminology (In the 10 minutes of the Q&A I watched, I ached every time you helped the anti-whites hammer in their own terms, “supremacism,” “oppression,” “dominance,” which of course are understood as all being preceded by the word “white”)

    Next time you speak anywhere, please make the deal that when an audience member has finished asking you his questions (and let him ask you several, so you can in turn ask HIM several questions that build on each other! Anti-whites exist to be “destroyed” for the benefit of reachable onlookers!!), then you ask him YOUR questions. Whole new ball game!!

    The tools have been developed to turn this game around! Everyone please loosen up and get out of the box!

  • Whites have made advanced technologies so easy to use anyone can. The problem is maintaining the system. Because these systems have been made so userfriendly, blacks don’t understand how complex they are to maintain. 

  • Germanacus

    What the black inquisitors meant was multiracial diversity. This country was founded by and for white people. There were no plans for including blacks, Asians, Mexicans, and other nonwhites to partake in the governance of this country. There is nothing in the writings of the Founding Fathers about creating a nation founded on racial diversity. They would roll in their graves to see what we have today.

    • Germanacus

      True. Also, blacks were thought intellectually incapable of governing themselves let alone White people. Judging by Detroit that still seems to be the case.

    • ed91

       Hell must be full of white politicians from the last 150 years.

      • Drake Shelton

        Politicians either Roman Catholic or Crypto Catholic, thus Crowley, Romanism a Menace to the Nation. 

    • Drake Shelton


      I have watched every single Jared Taylor dialogue or debate
      on the internet and he is always very careful to include the religious element
      in diversity. He has done it on multiple occasions when people respond that
      white countries have had conflicts in the past. He is careful to respond that
      religious, linguistic, and national differences were at play there.


      “There were no plans for including blacks,
      Asians, Mexicans, and other nonwhites to partake in the governance of this
      country. There is nothing in the writings of the Founding Fathers about
      creating a nation founded on racial diversity.”


      >>>I strongly
      disagree. At the very least the door was left wide open for that to happen. The Dictates of Conscience: The Debate Over Religious Liberty In
      Revolutionary Virginia, Deborah O’Malley says in footnote 143 on
      page 26,


      “Does this mean that Jefferson
      would allow any religion in civil society, even ones which have principles
      contrary to American principles?  In his Autobiography,
      he discusses why he disagreed with the proposed amendment to the Bill which said
      that it should read “Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion” rather than
      just “the holy author of our religion.” 
      He says that this  amendment was
      rejected by a great majority, proving that “they meant to comprehend, within the
      mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the
      Mahometan, the Hindoo, and Infidel of every denomination”

      (Autobiography, 1821, in The 
      Founders’ Constitution, Volume Five: Amendments 1-XII, Philip B.
      Kurkland and Ralph Lerner, eds., Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987,





      I hate racial and religious diversity. I want to live with
      people of my own race and religion which is exactly the OPPOSITE agenda of that
      wicked Illuminist Thomas Jefferson who successfully opened the door for the
      land of my ancestors, the colony of Virginia and my current state of Kentucky (a
      previous commonwealth of Virginia), to be raped by foreigners with the foreign
      gods and most especially by that most diabolical of all institutions: THE ROMAN
      CATHOLIC CHURCH. I want to live with white Protestants and that is exactly what
      Jefferson has denied me.


      Jefferson knew Adam Weishaupt (Jesuit trained himself) and
      defended him in his letter to Madison
      1800. He also defended the Jesuits here in America after their suppression. 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Jared scored a clear and important victory with his speech:  He allowed blacks and other anti-Whites to expose themselves as the brainwashed, utterly stupid, mindless drones that they are.  They’ve been fed steady diet of dumbed down anti-White history via the media and schools for years, taught to repeat and regurgitate marxist sayings such as “Whites stole the land from Native Americans,”  and “Whites enslaved blacks” or “America was built on the backs of blacks.”

    Since blacks lack the ability to reason, they don’t have a clue that Whites are the best friend they’ve have ever had.  They’re taught to respond to anything a White says with either accusations of racism or physical violence.

    Blacks are nothing more than slogan-spouting, useful idiots and running dogs, used by their overlords as a battering ram against the White population.  What blacks don’t understand is that when we’re a powerless minority,  they will be the first to go — in the planned NWO, there will no place for violent, welfare-dependent blacks whining about “Civil Rights,” “Reparations for Slavery” and how the “White Man Done Me Wrong.”

    WE Whites are the real target of a lefty, hostile elite cabal who desire nothing less than our complete race replacement and world wide eradication.  Any White who doesn’t see or understand this has his head in the sand.

    We Whites are the only ones with enough IQ points to understand what this powerful,  hostile elite is doing to us and that WE WILL try to stop them when enough Whites wake up — the reason the government, media and academia will NOT allow Whites to form advocacy groups to promote and defend ourselves from our own race-replacement and genocide and keep the anti-White narrative going in the media and schools.

    Power comes from organized numbers, not just from the barrel of a gun. 

    Would that more Whites “got” this.


    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      “Jared scored a clear and important victory with his speech:  He allowed blacks and other anti-Whites to expose themselves as the brainwashed, utterly stupid, mindless drones that they are.”

      Finally I agree, since I assume that part of your point is that that exposure will cause cognitive dissonance in some whites in the audience who had assumed that we are the “brainwashed, utterly stupid, mindless drones”!

      The extracts below from some posts on another white site, where posters generally feel that Jared doesn’t go far enough, have made me finally appreciate the value of Jared’s approach, though I still believe the approach I outlined in my last post is needed much more. 

      I begin with an extract from my own post on the other site!

      “…that same astonishment that pro-whites were not ‘uninformed, ignorant, and irrational’ began my own journey from racial lib to pro-white.”

      “it was hearing Jared Taylor being interviewed on a Cincinnati radio station in the 1980s and then seeing him later on TV facing a hostile, all Black crowd on the (thankfully) now defunct ‘Queen Latifah Show’ that started me on the path to becoming a White Nationalist.

      Well spoken Whites with the tenacity and courage to address hostile crowds have an invaluable effect on astute White people who empathize with them and as a result come to agree with and respect them.”

      “For me it was watching a CNN program of a speech Jared gave at Harvard eleven years ago on racial intelligence differences. I knew about this from reading an article by Jensen years before and from having read “The Bell Curve,” but listening to this impressive, erudite, thoroughly rational White man say these things out loud — supporting the White race out loud — to a mixed racial group had a lasting impact on me.
      [This commenter then started posting at Amren, and one thing led to another]
      “His politeness prompts fence sitting Whites to become passionate. Don’t you know, that people, even liberals are seething as they watch this. They can’t help but for their brain to scream, ‘HE SAID QUESTION, NOT A SPEECH AND IT’S AN INCOHERANT SPEECH AT THAT!!!”

      Believe me, that video enrages and puts people on the road to recovery!”

      (In response to another poster who had wanted more from Jared):

      “Yeah, you would have loved tomorrow’s headline to have read ”Racist, White Supremacist, screams intimidating KKK rants at poor, innocent, curious, minority students who simply were concerned of the consequences of a militant White supremacist student union.”’

  • American_Wasp

    The Q&A session needs to be made into it’s own video.

  • James Flower

    I wish Mr Taylor would come to Europe (if he is actually allowed) and come do things like this, his cause is even more relevant in Europe than America.

    Indigenous Europeans being wiped out of their homelands and not a word is being said against it, to do so is ‘racist’.

    Sadly, most Europeans seem to be more brainwashed than white Americans.

  • Hirene

    True, but what happens when the COURTS become anti-white,  like in South Africa.

    • Peter K.

      How can you be sure that hasn’t already happened?

  • Jared Taylor is your typical uptight crybaby white boy, needs to get himself some black booty to so he can get over the imaginary issue of “race”

    • Ulick

      If race is an imaginary issue then why did you call Taylor a white boy?  Way to contradict yourself in thirty words or less, genius.

    • newscomments70

      If he cheats on his wife like you suggest, and swaggers around with “black booty”, those angry black males would beat him to a pulp…like that white liberal college boy in Georgia who dated an attractive African woman. Some black males saw him a stealin’ one of their women and beat him until near death. So much for your suggestion.

    • ed91

       Not sure what your post is getting at. 
      Is someone supposed to get angry and confront you?

      booty?   is that the goal in your world?  Are you some type of pirate?
      or did your mom simply leave the basement unlocked again?

  • ed91

     They thought Mr. Taylor would come out and look and talk like some mythical kukluxklan grand fleagle or something similar.

    And it might have been for extra credit from some african knowlege class and they could just go sit and cut up and get some extra gibme points.

  • ed91

    I would have been more inclined to simply flee.

    But I can see how Mr. Taylor gains so much ground by having this on video for all to see. 
    I like to think I have a lot of self discipline but I have to admire Mr. T for being in a different league altogether.

  • ed91

     They had the standard replies and packaged slogans. 

    Of course that couldn’t fit to what the speaker had talked about so they floundered around in their known prejudices and ignorance.   Similar to 4th graders talking about the multiplication tables in a Graduate level calculus course.

  • robinbishop34

    The video is very telling. Just the fact that a man speaking on behalf of people with the same genuine and legal interests as anyone else is subject to interrogation and baseless accusations of hatred almost makes Taylor’s speech unnecessary. The circumstances surrounding the event and the questions asked of Taylor make most his points for him.

    For the benefit of a wider audience however, I wished he would of slapped down the standard, boilerplate slavery and Native American soundbites that you knew were coming. The ‘Roots’ slavery narrative needs to be turned on it’s head and stuffed back into the faces of all the dumb people who up until now have been able to use this Hollywood contrived reality as a ‘debate winning’ silver bullet on any issue concerning collective white interests.

    Bardon Kaldian had a post a few days ago regarding these issues that could of shut down all of the idiots asking questions –but more importantly been quite informative to people watching the video who merely take the lie of ‘unique white evil’ they have been steeped in since birth for granted.

  • Barrack Osama

    This was a hugely important event, because any white person attending now knows that there is an alternative to the madness: accepting race realism. For the rest of their lives, whenever they hear about disproportionate crime statistics, whenever their rights are trampled for the third world Other, they will know that it doesn’t have to be that way, even if they don’t admit it to anyone out loud. And deep down,  most of them want to be part of a great big WSU. They want to pursue their own aspirations, they want what their parents worked hard to give them, and they want to be free from the responsibility of having to solve everyone else’s problems.

  • ed91

     Atlantically, it seems irrelevant.

  • Drake Shelton

    At the 1 hour mark we have the typical demonization of the whites
    saying that we have oppressed everyone since the dawn of mankind. Of
    course she has probably heard or read nothing  of the fact that
    Mohammedans have been kidnapping Africans and making slaves of them
    since at the earliest, the time of Mohammed himself and even after the
    slave trade was abolished in the white countries, the  Mohammedans
    continued to kidnap and trade prolifically under Mohammed Ali. [The
    History of Slavery and the Slave Trade, Ancient and Modern Chapter 8,
    By William O. Blake]

  • Stan_Mute

    To a room full of angry blacks, Mr Taylor says, “The whole idea that race is an optical illusion is so wrong and so stupid that only very intelligent people could possibly persuade themselves that it’s true. You very seldom hear black people saying race is a myth.”

    Not a single one even understood the insult.

    Mr Taylor is now my hero.

  • You know, I think most white supremacists are black.  They’re annoyed when we organize, because they interpret it as gloating. 

    I’d bet a white student union that admitted black students too would be just fine with the non-whites.  This is just another instance of blacks insisting they be included in everything whites do.  Incidentally, while I absolutely could not bear to watch the entire Q&A portion (a little black resentment goes a long way, thank you very much), in the few minutes I did watch, I didn’t see any non-white group but blacks asking questions.

    • ed91

       In many areas of human endeavor, white supremacy is obvious.   But these children think of WS as something different than being at the top of achievement. 

      They think of supremacy as something like mike vick and dogs.  Vick was supreme over the dogs and manipulated them sometimes to their deaths.

      Supremacy in understanding math and economics or how to design, organize and operate a laboratory is a different thing.  
      It’s difficult to carry on a conversation if one party is obstinate and ignorant.

      Almost all of the whites I know, just want the blacks to do fine or whatever, over there, away from us.

       Their insecurities that manifest in chest thumping, loud behavior etc get old very fast.   And the violence, whether from celebration or frustration needs to be discussed openly without any media filters or smoke and mirrors or outright lying.

  • “The case for White identity” sounds like a call for acceptance of White genocide.

    you force upon a declining white race (whites are not having enough babies to
    replace themselves), massive numbers of non-whites, to share the same
    homeland/living space, the end result is the elimination of the declining white
    race. Its inevitable.


    White race is declining while non-white races are rising. The causes could be
    explored. Instead we merely have approval and justifying of this White

    could ask how can we reverse this trend so Whites can continue to occupy
    traditional  White homelands and not be
    replaced by non-whites couldn’t we?

    is it not part of social discourse?


    When we have: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians,
    White Countries for Everybody, what do we have overtime?  No White people.

    • SarahConnor

      I think Jared answered that very well if you watched the video–easy, stop immigration period!

    • JustaWhiteMom

      Actually, the case for white identity is an integral component of white resistence to genocide.  We normally say that white genocide has two parts, immigration and forced integration.  Jared Taylor actually addressed both of these in his speech.  But there is nother hidden component to white genocide, and that is denial and demonization of white identity.  With a strong identity, whites will have more babies and fewer mixed marriages.

  • Bobby

    It may be a cliche, but Mr. Taylor was delightful in how he stayed, cool, calm and collected, throughout the speech.

  • Bantu Education

    Exactly, which explains why the Philippe Rushtons and the Jared Taylors are never given MSM exposure.   Whites must be kept in the dark and fed the utterly mindless and suicidal drivel that “DIEversity is our greatest strength”.

    • jedsrael

      I just listened to his entire prepared remarks, and was about to celebrate our “landmark advancement,” but then I saw that Esquire chose a non white Diversity as the sexiest woman alive.

      Sexy means sex means making babies, so now Whites are supposed to think that Diversity is more attractive than Whiteness for motherhood of your baby.I’ll go back to my dystopian depression, because for every step we make foward, we fall backward into a dark chasm…


      Mila Kunis named Esquire’s sexiest woman alive

      • TeutonicKnight67

         FYI – Mila Kunis is white of Russian extraction. Exotic looking, yes but definitely white.

        • From Ukraine, no less.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        She is a daughter of Abraham. I had to look it up, phenotypically, she’s White. Better than a Bantu or an Aztec.

  • newscomments70

    We are rapidly becoming a minority in our own countries, but we can easily turn that around. If it goes one way, the reverse can happen just as easily. We simply need spread awareness, and make our enemies lives as miserable as possible. (I advocate extreme political pressure, I do not advocate violence or hurting innocents.)

    • ed91

       I don’t think it will be easy.  I wish it was.

      no violence or hurting innocents?  will you defend yourself if need be? 

      do you believe any innocents have been hurt in the black explosion since obama was elected?
      do you believe blacks have done violence on a large scale?

      • Guest

        “no violence or hurting innocents?  will you defend yourself if need be? ”
        I believe in defending oneself with stealth. I also strongly believe in the death penalty. (I would be censored if I expounded on that. I have much more to say about that.)  Yes, violence is inevitable because we are already being attacked. There already is increasing violence, as you mentioned. What I mean is that I don’t believe in Timothy McVeigh, Anders Brevik type stunts that hurt innocent people. That is morally wrong and does absolutely nothing to help us. 

        • ed91

          I’m with you

  • Compared to what happened at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I’m sure this was a walk in the park.


  • jedsrael

    Mr. Taylor, “Diversity is our greatest strength” is True, because it’s their greatest weapon against White privilege.  

    You should have pointed that out and delved into the definition of “strength”.  (Same for “fairness,” i.e., “fair” means less White, means hurting White opportunity is “fair”.)

    A less White America is a stronger America for non Whites.  You awareness of the terms needs to catch up with their intention of the terms.

    • I just had
      an epiphany Jed!  You’re right! When they
      spout such non-sense that diversity is our “greatest strength,” they are not talking
      about making our country stronger. Anyone can figure out that diversity does
      not make a country stronger.  


      How can
      any country be “stronger” with a fractured sense of identity and confused sense
      of being brought about by diversity? They cannot!  


      What they
      are talking about when they utter this non-sense is their crusade against White
      Americans. Diversity united against the White man in large numbers! Diversity
      is our “greatest strength” propaganda is only being practiced in western White countries.
       This is a Marxist concept, meant to
      weaken White nations through forced diversity. It causes the exact opposite of
      any grandeurs of “strength.”


      I do not
      think we can even begin to understand how wicked those who are pushing this ideology
      truly are.

      • jedsrael


        Diversity is their greatest strength against us, our Whiteness, our White privilege, and White daughters, and our White destiny.

        DIVERSITY IS OUR GREATEST WEAKNESS, and our worst risk…

  • ed91

     they’d quickly get a tax supported bucket of tickets.

  • jedsrael

    We can’t blame the Black Man for acting like the Boss Man, because he is, and this is BRA, because “this ain’t America no mo”.

  • ed91

     I remember long ago in the military there were blacks that thought whites sat around working out signals and catch phrases and strategy.  

    That is something I have never witnessed and I thought it sounded preposterous.    But many of the blacks were convinced that we had secret meetings and worked all that out.

    Back then we never had an outside thought about blacks.  They were struggling to function and compete.   We would help or not as they wished.  Either we were condescending or ignoring them.  Lose-lose either way.

  • jedsrael

    Then let’s construct our society on it, like the good old days before the Dutch contaminated us with voodoo from Africa.

  • jedsrael

    Is that the only time they become absurdly irrational?

    Or maybe they undertand survival and advancement rationality better than we do, so we mislabel them as irrational.  Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s it.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I totally agree.  Being from Detroit I saw a beautiful city destroyed by blacks.  Same in Gary IN, Flint MI, East St. Louis. 

    These cities  are the future of America.

  • Paddy Corcoran

     Very sad I missed this.  The crowd, as was stated, was comprised of the usual undesirable ilk.  I was surprised to see that the antifa losers waited until the very end to rear their ugly heads; they usually go for it before it begins.  I was not, however surprised by the lack of interest the blacks with chips on their shoulders had in hearing a response to their mindless questions. 

  • Jared was great here.  Did he mention that anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White?

  • SarahConnor

    Thank you, thank you Jared Taylor and the other brave people that are willing to stand up for our White identity!

  • xthred

    JT is the man.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    (I sent this to Jared, but I originally wrote is as a meditation exercise for all whites)


    Dear Mr. Taylor,

    Please picture in your mind your country, or your city, or your neighborhood, or whatever area is dear to you, and  then picture in your mind floods of brown folk pouring across the borders into that area you’re picturing.

    Then please also picture in your mind the increasing number of mixed couples you see daily in that area that have brown children, and picture that every single year from now on you will notice more and more of those mixed couples and more of their brown children. 

    Please picture the schoolyards you’ve seen in your area that have a remarkably larger number of brown children than the adult population in your area has brown adults.

    Picture those schoolyards becoming even more numerously filled with brown children as time moves on, and the flood of brown families that’s being permitted and encouraged to cross over the borders into your area never ceasing, and the number of mixed families with brown children you see growing each year to a larger number.

    See that brownness growing until there is no more whiteness.

    And then please ask yourself if at Towson University you spoke about what was most important, the relentless flooding of our countries with non-whites and the relentless forced integration of ourselves with those non-whites so as to assimilate us and blend us out of existence.

    If this genocide that is being carried out against whites is permitted to succeed, all the other concerns that you spoke of will be moot.

    I’ve thought all day and tried to understand, but I do NOT understand why you never once used the word “genocide” to describe what is being done to whites.

    And I do not understand how you were able to describe with such wonderful articulateness for an hour and a half  the many injuries that are being done to whites, and never once even use the term to describe those injuries that is our best soldier on the ground today, “anti-white.”

    I’m honestly flummoxed by both of these things.


    (name withheld except on copy sent personally to Mr. Taylor via Amren)

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      Since it’s not evident in the letter above (I originally wrote it as a meditation for readers and posters here and not for Jared, and thus its tone), I want to repeat what’s obvious in a couple of my comments already: I have a large respect for Jared Taylor, and I think that his speech was marvelous within the limits he placed on it, and I think that his speech was a very positive event that should move us forward!

      But I also insist on my right to be greedy, since we don’t have forever to stop what’s being done to us.

      • ed91

         you presented it very clearly.

        how do we fight against our own women?

        how do we fight against 30% of our own men?

        How do we fight with our children after the schools have molded them?

        How do we fight against the black/brown hordes that we have allowed to have a say in our country and they purposefully seek to destroy it?

        Hopefully more whites are aware than I see or hear about.
        But I’m not seeing or hearing it.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          Simple, turn off the brainwashing machine. 

          The student loan bubble will destroy Marxist higher education. The MSM is dying, journalism is one of the fastest shrinking industries. The coalition of anti-Whites is highly unstable (muslims, blacks, lations, gays, etc.). Even if they did manage to defeat Whitey, the very next day they’d be killing each other. The only thing the left has now is control over our tax money.

          When they run out of money, the bread and circus ends. This won’t be the first time Western Civilization pulls itself out of Dark Ages.

  • The young people in France have declared war upon the hippies in charge: 


    • s shadow

      It is the job of the young to reassess and rebel when necessary.  Very refreshing video.

  • SarahConnor

    I second everything you said!

  • SarahConnor

    True. They could barely understand what it even meant to ask a simple question let alone listen to an answer and try to understand it.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Mr. Taylor did a great job in answering the students questions as well as trying to get them to think through their faulty assumptions on a host of issues. It must have been quite painful for him to have listened to the Black students preface each of their questions with a diatribe against what Whites have allegedly done to them!  Many of them had difficulty forming a coherent sentence that could be readily understood. The ironic thing in all of this is that these were the bright, intelligent Blacks and not the ones most Whites encounter on the streets. And if these were the smarter ones, one can only imagine how dull-minded the majority of Blacks are who never set foot in an institution of higher learning! 

    I was not surprised though at how so many in the audience, particularly the Black students, kept talking and carrying on during his speech and Q&A period. It reminded me of what I experienced many years ago when my wife and I attended a parental foster program in Los Angeles with mostly Blacks in the audience. It was very difficult to hear the speaker because so many of them were talking during the entire presentation. Blacks seem to have a difficult time at public events listening intently, maintaining their composure and affording others respect and courtesy by not talking. They are accustomed to making scenes, being loud and offensive and more or less “show-boating” for all to see.  

    • SarahConnor

      HaHa didn’t even think of this that you mentioned! ” The ironic thing in all of this is that these were the bright, intelligent Blacks and not the ones most Whites encounter on the streets.” SCARY!

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Exactly right.  You’ve perfectly described what a classroom full of blacks looks like.

      Now imagine trying to teach school in such an environment — and being told it is your fault when blacks fail the state tests.


    • The ironic thing in all of this is that these were the bright, intelligent Blacks and not the ones most Whites encounter on the streets. And if these were the smarter ones, one can only imagine how dull-minded the majority of Blacks are who never set foot in an institution of higher learning! 

      Napoleon once said that he feared three newspapers before 100,000 bayonets.

      I fear one mulatto NAACP lawyer before ten spaghetti-headed ghetto gangsters.  The latter can hurt or kill my body, the former can hurt or kill my society.

  • SarahConnor
  • NorthernWind

     How many of the White students there would have spoken up in Jared’s and the WSU’s defense when they were surrounded by Blacks who were obviously hostile?

    Just two years ago, when I already was in agreement with Mr. Taylor, I wouldn’t have said anything! It takes courage and conviction to publicly defend a “controversial” positions when in the presence of hostiles.

  • s shadow

    Excellent job by Mr Taylor as expected. 
    It is a shame that White students have to be supplicants to have their own group, when any other group would have that right without question.  Hat in hand in a nation that used to be ours.  Outrageous!!  It was interesting to note that almost no white students asked any questions.  Upon reflection it is easy to see why.  Any question not intrinsically critical of Taylor wold be looked upon as sympathetic to his cause.  These white students are intimidated by the black’s feral nature.  They would expect at least cat calls on campus, if not a beating or two.  The one white guy who said anything pro white was a large fellow who felt he could handle trouble.  Hopefully a gang won’t be waiting.      The stealthy Cultural Marxists have engineered this with the fervor of vengeful fanatics who literally live on hatred.  There needs to be more on this site and others, on repealing the 65 Immigration Act.  That, more than anything else is spelling our doom, and must be repealed. 

  • Blacks can’t build any city or civilization comparable to the ones whites build. They need us to maintain civilization for them. If we leave, civilization ends. Welfare and government housing are two glaring examples of their inability to provide for themselves.

    Most blacks aren’t smart enough to understand the idea of ‘killing the goose that layed the golden egg’.

    Most blacks would kill and eat the goose in a heartbeat and laugh, smile, and rub their temporarily filled belly.

    I watched a BBC news report that followed a group of blacks in Zimbabwe raid a white farm and drive off the owners. Then they burned down the farm.

    They had a working, productive farm in their illegal possession and they destroyed it on purpose because that’s what blacks do.  

  • ed91

     many liberal whites like to believe they have ‘evolved’ past race and are soooo enlightened that they can slowly bring their black brothers and sisters into the fold.

    any result that is different from what they expect is simply the ‘rednecks’ and the ‘rabble’ slowing down the inevitable.

    So they end up ruining the city, the country, the world but it doesn’t matter as even if they were wrong, they were right.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Dearest Mr. Taylor,

    Our enemies have now admitted that they know that open borders equals genocide.  I see no reason for you to be shy about saying so.  Some Antifas were photgraphed in Munich carrying sings saying:

    We Love Genocide
    For something better than the nation!
    No love for Germany. No nation no border.

  • anonymous_amren

     Excellent. I’m always frustrated when people don’t understand that distinction.

  • ed91

     blacks can’t contain many (maybe all) of their emotions.

    So in a public gathering like that, they can get overly excited and like white chicks, just talk and carry on, trying to catch up with their friends they have not seen for an hour or so.

    and, anything verbal, proves they are still alive at that moment, and engaged somewhat in the group’s foolishness.

  • Glad & disappointed. Glad 80%, disappointed 20%.
    20%- scarcity of White students’ attendance.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      They sold out of seats rather quickly, and I have a suspicion “diversity” was purposely given precedent in attendance. 

      • Well, we’ll see what will transpire with these WSUs. 

  • Blacks do not want dialogue; they want to be perpetual victims of “White racism.”
    Look at how far they have come under the auspices of being a “victim”
    of the White man. Everything they enjoy has come to fruition as a consequence
    of being a “victim.” Affirmative action, set asides, government jobs, academic
    admittances, etc, gov reparations (black “farmers”), etc. All possible because
    of contrived racism at the hands of White America. Who in their right White
    mind believes blacks are going to abandon such a lucrative swindle.

    Being a “victim” has been very rewarding for blacks, so much so, that militant illegal invading
    hispanics are trying to get in on the action. They have witnessed how successful
    blacks have been at exploiting victimhood to the extent they now want a piece
    of the action.

    • MerlinV

      I believe you’re onto something. Even the Muslim crowd is latching onto the lucrative “I’m an oppressed minority victim” meme.

  • Yes…the courage displayed by Jared is truly inspiring. I am not sure I could have done it, even though the facts are clearly on our side. We already know blacks and hispanics
    are not going to be receptive of the message no matter how compelling or
    persuasive the argument is. Blacks and hispancs are taught
    to see the world with their best racial interests at heart. Facts do not
    matter, only the color of skin and raza. Anything contrary to that line of thought will be rejected.  As such, I expect blacks and hispanics to reject the message with open hostility.

    What is truly discouraging is so many of our fellow Whites dismissing what Jared has to say. At one point in the video, I witnessed a White woman clapping with gaiety at a juvenile comment some black made.   That is the most daunting aspect we face.   

    As for Jared’s speech,every black that stood in line to face Jared thought they were going to wow the crowd with some profound nugget of wisdom; sending Jared scampering for cover
    beneath his “white sheet.” The look of rejection and frustration on many of
    their faces, as they turned and headed back to their seats after being whitewashed
    was priceless.

    Even dense blacks are smart enough to know when they have been defeated.

  • Ironically, in the future, the Chinese and Indians will NOT embrace or support ‘affirmative action’ or guilt—only those who bring excellence to the table will be supported…

    The non-White world’s guilt crap won’t cut it then…..

    • ed91

       which is why I would like to hear more news about the Chinese and Indians in Africa………  Is anyone up on where that kind of news would be online?

  • tombarnes

    Wow, great talk. Mr. Taylor is a brave man.
    Randall Kennedy, Law Prof at Harvard said in a 1997 Atlantic Monthly article


    A second reason I resist arguments in favor of asymmetrical standards of
    judgment has to do with my sense of the requirements of reciprocity. I find it
    difficult to accept that it is wrong for whites to mobilize themselves on a
    racial basis solely for purposes of white advancement but morally permissible
    for blacks to mobilize themselves on a racial basis solely for purposes of
    black advancement.

    I think Mr. Taylor is saying the same thing Prof. Kennedy said in 1997

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      I think Mr. Taylor is saying the same thing Prof. Kennedy said in 1997

      In 1997! 

      That was…let’s see… fifteen years ago that Prof. Kennedy said the same thing that Jared Taylor needs to still say today, and which is greeted today with about the same level of acceptance as it received when Prof. Kennedy said it fifteen years ago!

      How many more fifteen-year periods of such progress can pass before all of our formerly white countries have become overwhelmingly brown countries and we are fighting futilely for our survival as a tiny hated minority that is blamed for every past, present, and future evil in the world?

      We’re fighting for our survival right now, but too many of us seem strangely reluctant to come out and say so and to adopt new tactics that can win!

      Tactics that put us on the OFFENSE instead of keeping us eternally on the DEFENSE!

      • 5n4k33y3s

        Many of us are deep in denial. In fact, some will lash out at any expression of white identity solidarity, and they won’t have any reaction at all to overtly stated black racial animosity.

        And so it is with men and Feminism. And if one were to draw a Venn diagram of Feminism and anti-white racism, they would see that Feminism and anti-white ideology are almost completely overlapping.

        The awakening is taking place among whites mostly, but people of other races are also realizing that anti-white ideology is wrong. The awakening is taking place among men, mostly, but some women are also realizing anti-male ideology is wrong.

        But among white men, the awakening is happening more rapidly and thoroughly than among either whites in general, or men in general. The rejection of Feminism and the awakening of white men from our slumber go hand in hand.

        • ed91


          like I repeat endlessly, our women have sold us out.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            That is why a man should prefer to marry a virgin girl rather than a fornicating woman.

  • newscomments70

    The BNP supporters are equivalent to mainstream patriots of the WWII era. In this day and age, such patriotistm and Christian values are met with hatred by the progressive mainstream. Why are white Britons voraciously fighting for their own genocide? How could the Stockholm syndrome dominate this small country’s society? Why are middle class white states such as New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine voting for Obama? Why do more than half of the whites in the Western world hate themselves?

    I am a person of average intelligence. My guess would be that Henry Kissinger has a higher IQ than I. I recall the US based protests of South Africa in the early eighties. We were constantly being bombarded with messages, “Down with apartheid, boycott South Africa.”. Even as a 12 year old, I refused to sell out to that bandwagon. I believed that without white rule, South Africa would turn into a hell hole. I remember seeing the ridiculous white liberal college kids protesting. At that time, my father brought me to a university on a business trip, Cornell to be exact. The students had severly damaged the grounds of Cornell by building “love bunkers”. I saw some of them smoking drugs and chanting slogans as we entered one of the buildings. I thought to myself, “how smug and arrogant of these people. They are cheering the destruction of South Africa while they do drugs, destroy school property, and waste their parents’ money. They should be in class or studying. They have no respect. ” A relatively average 12 year old boy had more common sense than Henry Kissenger. My childhood prediction was obviously proved correct. How could this be? How could and average child have more forsight than a high IQ adult?

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Common sense, no. Kissinger is pure evil.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    In his speeches, would it be so hard for Jared to say at some point,

    “Now all these injuries to whites that I’m recounting for you are important, but their main importance is that they facilitate the world-wide program of genocide that’s being carried out against whites by anti-whites.

    EVERY white country and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites, and whites are forced by law to integrate with the non-whites so as to ‘assimilate,’ i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

    Flooding and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done to Tibetans in Tibet, and it’s genocide when it’s done to whites in every white country.

    The people carrying out this program of genocide say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white!

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!”

    • MerlinV

      Oh, but its all about love and diversity don’t you know. Isn’t love a wonderful thing?

      • MerlinV

        The tee-shirt reads “Kill Whitey”, btw.

        • 1911ThePunisher45

          He’s going to need alot of ordnance.

      • Net_Drifter

        He should have that T-shirt taken off him.

  • The spoils of White “racism” are available to all those who can claim victim to it. Isn’t that what it all boils down to?

  • Germanacus

    Yes, and the only way to preserve said republic for the people for which it was intended is through geographic border control. A nation that loses its borders is no longer a nation.

  • Flyover099

    Wonderful speech by Mr. Taylor. What I find shocking is the degree hostile racial groups went to prevent Taylor’s attendance. I hope they learn from his presentation so we can all move forward into the future as Americans. Isn’t that what is supposed to happen? At least this is what I’ve been taught/told.

  • Jared Taylor is a well spoken Bad ass.  He crushes opposition to white pride gracefully with his Pinkey out.  Great/Noble man.  Anti-Racism is a codeword for Anti-White

  • L’Afrique aux Africains, l’Asie aux Asiatiques, les pays blancs pour tout le monde. Viva Le Penn.  Anti-Racism is a codeword for Anti-White

  • Jared Taylor is a Great/Brave man.  Wotan mit uns

  • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

    It’ll be like the book ‘Atlas Shrugged’.  John Galt will shrug, the idiot black vampires will drown, cuz who they’ve been feeding off of will be gone! 

  • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

    But we still have to worry about the muslims moving in everywhere- they’re 10 times more dangerous and dedicated than blacks!

  • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

    Read articles on the “black undertow”.  Jesse Jackson has said ‘wherever white people go, we will follow’.  Meaning, blacks will go live with whites, and have white taxes pay for black welfare.

  • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

    I’m going to go back to Youtube, and unflag ’em….

  • disqus_4Jy24XjH8I

    We are going to have to organize someday……

  • Captain Amurrika

    What a waste of time.  Just like talking to a wall. Or like talking to a bunch of 3 year olds. Altho, white 3 year olds most likely have better manners and self control. They obviously could not even comprehend what he was saying. The questions from the “students” were your typical  “Dis be rayciss” and  “He be a white supriminiss”.  They proved the point of how horrible affirmative blacktion really is. They could barely keep quiet, and most of the time they didn’t.  Even when the magical negro told them to be quiet.  “Days gonna have they say with dis white supriminiss”.   How can you possibly have a dialogue with these primitive screwheads?

  • Sheila Dinehart

    My question below was truly sincere…no one knows? Have any idea? A guess? Henry? JT?

  • Athling

    The difficulties we are experiencing here in the U.S. are certainly not unique. Virtually every Western nation is undergoing their own versions of white population replacement.

    A group of young French nationalists known as Generation Identitaire have recorded a video message expressing the growing discontent of Third World colonization of France. The video and english transcript can be viewed at Gates of Vienna

    This is an encouraging development. It reveals a white awakening is gaining traction.

    If we expect to retain our homelands then a nationalist spirit among our young people must necessarily arise. This type of nationalism is common throughout the world in all nations except the West. This must change. Awareness is the first step toward action.

    Caucasians are a unique people. Our kindness and tolerance of alien peoples has been pushed to the limit far exceeding anything found in nonwhite nations. This must change.

    Like any other nation on earth we have a natural right and duty to preserve our homelands for our own people. Our political leaders and the alien peoples among us must become sensitive to this issue. The worn out charges of “racism” and the false assertions of strength in “diversity” must be seen for the illusions they are.

    I thank Jared and others for leading the way in this important endeavor.

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      “Like any other nation on earth we have a natural right and duty to preserve our homelands for our own people.”

      Denying us our homelands is critical to genociding us.

      African homelands in Africa are not being force-flooded with non-Africans, and Africans force-integrated with those non-Africans to blend Africans out of existence. 

      Asian homelands in Asia are not being force-flooded with non-Asians,  and Asians force-integrated with those non-Asians to blend Asians out of existence.But ALL white homelands are being force-flooded with non-whites, and whites are force-integrated with those non-whites to blend us out of existence!Once this genocide of whites is completed, the races used to blend whites out of existence in white homelands WILL STILL BE PRESERVED IN THEIR OWN HOMELANDS in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere!!
      In other words, the “world-wide” intermarriage that anti-whites claim to support to end race problems is a LIE, SINCE IN REALITY THEY SUPPORT INTERMARRIAGE IN WHITE COUNTRIES ONLY!!

      THE ENTIRE PC CONCOCTION OF THE ANTI-WHITES (“diversity is strength,” “all races are the same,” blah blah blah) IS A CONCOCTION BREWED UP FOR WHITES ONLY! 
      No other races on this earth have been targeted to believe ANY of this bs, and they do NOT believe it!All over this world, “anti-racism” is a LIE! Those who claim to be “anti-racist” are only ANTI-WHITE!Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!!

      • Athling

        Yes, I know you are up on these things. Amren gets alot of new visitors so I try to consider that in my posts. I hope everyone will check out that video at Gates of Vienna especially any new folks here.

  • Thora, it’s good to see someone other than myself refer to so-called Indians, as aborigines. Yje only true Indians are those whose ancestral origins come from India, naturally. 

  • This was one of the best speeches I have listened to. Well worth the time.

  • Great post caretaker. It is discouraging to realize blacks care more about preventing
    a White student union that Whites care about establishing one. Ironically, the
    days of “black clapping” will end once there are no more Whites to blame for
    black failure.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    One of you in a message to me opined that Jared was wise to not say that whites were suffering “genocide,” since most people think that genocide has to involve actual killing (it doesn’t), and so applying the term to whites would seem bizarre to most people.

    I wish I could remember how the bizarre word “racist” (racial feelings are a learned pathology rather than an innate human trait that evolved to protect the survival of human groups?) sounded to me when I first heard it. Remembering myself as a teenager in the 1950s, I think the word would have struck me then as an extravagant concoction.

    But just as with “racist,” once the term “white genocide” has been heard several thousand times by every white in the country, not only will it not seem bizarre, it will seem self-evident!

    Some of us post heavily in the mainstream and hammer and hammer the term “anti-white” so it will chase the term “racist” out of white minds and will occupy those minds in its stead! We hammer the terms “white genocide” and “anti-white” so that those terms will become a reflexive part of white thinking and will do the same work for us that the R-word and its extended family have done for anti-whites!

    I want so much to see Mr. Taylor and others of our leaders begin to incorporate this mode of attack into their speeches and writings.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      White genocide was declared openly decades ago…the targeting of whites for petty crimes and slaughter is at its historical peek…

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Gosh…I can see that you kept your white-foreskin privilege in this address.  Remember back when you were covered by c-spam…late 1990’s as I recall…what you say is rational which is why you must be kept marginalized. I have always thought you were recklessly brave in a number of ways.  My style is more the knife in the dark approach…

  • Sue

    Wish when the female black was calling Mr. Taylor a white supremacist, he then asked her if it would be okay to call her a black supremacist. I realize we’re delicately walking on eggs lest our message doesn’t come through but why should one side have all the firepower? The forever question is, “why oh why does your opinion count and not mine?”

  • Net_Drifter

    I know they aren’t on the continent, but Canada seems hopeless too. Britain and Canada=Ike and Mike.

  • Net_Drifter

    Kissin’ cousins to Anglo-Saxons anyway.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    I think Mr. Taylor did a great job, but he missed one MAJOR point he could have made. The irony is that this entire lecture created a LOT of tension in the room between whites and blacks. This is EXACTLY what Mr. Taylor argued! The blacks proved him right! Having a lecture in a room with whites and blacks caused conflict, not celebration! Another thing he didn’t really capitalize on was the flat out “threat” from that black girl at the end to “shut the union down” or something along those lines. I would have said “This woman is a perfect example of racism against whites these days…she has just threatened the group”. Imagine a black student union meeting and a white guy getting up saying, “I will NOT let you do this…I will shut you down”? He would be crucified. 

    Also note how rude and disrespectful the blacks were throughout. It made it painstaking to listen to. If you listen close you can hear black students making fun of Mr. Taylor’s voice. Nothing is a bigger joke to blacks than an education from Yale right?! Who wants to sound educated? Psh…lame! All in all, I thank the black students for proving Mr. Taylor right in that diversity only causes conflict and tension. Shame on the white students for not having the pride or conviction to go up there and tell the blacks they were being hypocrites (other than that 1 guy). Amazing how almost every black person in the Q&A ASSUMED that any gathering of whites is racist. Wow. That really speaks volumes about the status of whites in our own country. How dare they demand to know what they will speak about. The black student union does not have to tell anyone what they talk about. 

    Mr. Taylor, PLEASE keep fighting the good fight…we need more race realists out there to say what many of us can’t without losing jobs, friends, security, etc. When you present facts and they are rejected as “disgusting”, you know our country is in a political correctness overflow. 

  • Jamesup

         I believe the best reason for having a white union is that people of the same race in general are more at ease and experience greater well being when close assosiations are with persons of their own race.  This fact is apparent by the fact that 90% of marriages are between persons of the same race.  Also in personal social gatherings there is almost always a strong predominance of one race.   Blacks mostly have best friends among blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, Jews, etc. relate the same.  Races tend to prefer their own race, and consequently will have reasons for that condition which may be discussed in a white oriented group, just as other races will have reasons for preferences for their own race.  Persons should be permitted to discuss these reasons with no offense to other races.  
          I am 79 years old and was a high school and college youth during the 1950’s.  At that time the United Sates was racially and religiously 90 % white Christian.  Other ethnic groups were welcomed because they provided an opportunity for persons belonging to the 90 % racial, religious group to benefit from dissimilar cultures and religions.  The 10 % group understood that they participated constructively in the majority group, but were not ones that would form the majority culture, which was solidly established.  This type of diversity is the one that I find beneficial.  However, now there is present a large percent of various races and ethnicities that are contesting with each other for dominance.  This type of diversity is destructive and in time will lead to a severely damaged if not destroyed civilization. 
         The Frankfurt school was a group of scholars that moved from the U.S.S.R. in the 1920’s to Frankfurt, Germany.  The group then moved to the U.S.A. when Hitler became powerful.  The reason they moved from the U.S.S.R. was because they did not believe communism included the correct cultural perspective.  The culture they had in mind was what is present in the USA today,  which is exagerrated feminism, sexual license, homosexuality, globalism, pronounced diverse racial presence and intermingling, multiculturalism, etc.  Some persons prefer these conditions and some don’t.  Such subjects can be discussed in a white union, when such discussion tends to be disallowed in a “diverse” group of persons.  It is interesting that the majority of members of the original Frankfurt School were Jewish persons.  Jewish persons today in particular along with many non Jewish persons have strong preference for the conditions described above.  Consequently, a person with a traditional 1950’s perspective may not have a favorable preference for Jewish people not simply because they are Jewish, but because of the social and political opinions that they hold.
         I believe that a person is entitled to have respectful social and political preferences.  However, in present times that circumstance is often not allowed without being a recipient of pronounced ill will and discriminating action.   James 

  • Jared Taylor defends a false ideal. I must tell everyone here. I want this whole Anglo Saxon domination to die myself and I identify as an Italian/greek American who was raised Catholic.  I guess these arrogant assholes just think we should set aside what we really are and assimilate to their ideals.. When I was in HS I woke up to the reality that I was not like the WASP structure there when I couldn’t fit in.  I just said hey, these people can go F themselves. I am saying the same thing here too.  If this is what many of you want to preserve, good luck but I am thankful its dying.. black/white racism aside, the discrimination Jared Taylors people have done against the Irish and Italians was a sin in itself. I don’t want to be part of a “white” whole any longer so excuse me.. I want to be a bit more Euro centric than that.

    • Funruffian

      I can totally relate with what you are saying, Giovanni. There seems to be this pretentious heir in some WASPS in regards to people of Southern European descent. I remember in HS there were a couple of Anglo families that we were friends with. Everything was fine and we got along great, but occasionally they would make some dirisive comments about Italians. Not too offensive, but enough to question the friendship. I think Italians have been grossly stereotyped in the media and in movies as these mafioso, jerky brutes driving in IROC Z-28’s with gold chain necklaces. That is total BS. I grew up in Southern California and we were nothing like that and didn’t resemble any of those silly charactersitics Hollyweird gives us. My father was a respected surgeon for 31 years and we always conducted ourselves with class and dignity. In fact many Whites revered and adored my parents. Mafia movies are a Hollywood driven character device that perpetuates false stereotypes on a group of people they are jealous of. Those people can kiss my a**. Italians have much to be proud of dating back to Rome, Michelangelo, Galileo, Fibonacci, Da Vinci and a plethora of other gifted scientists, artists, musicians, inventors, etc. We have the most popular food in the entire Western world. We make the coolest sports cars, cool clothes, etc.
      Going back, the Romans may have borrowed a couple of architectural ideas from the Greeks, but they expanded those designs and improved them. Aside form those couple designs, Romans originated many designs, inventions and tools that proved useful for centuries. We have alot to be proud of.

    • Funruffian

      As a 4th generation Italian American I can say that if we were ever descriminated against, and I doubt it, we always pressed on with dignity, strength and hard work. Italians garner much admiration throughout the world. Giovanni, let me tell you that I doubt Jared taylor is trying to alienate Italians and Greeks. He would be a fool to do such a reckless endeavor knowing that Italians have some of the most brilliant minds and contributions to offer the world and the White race. Italy ranks highest in European IQ along with Germny and Poland. But unlike the Blacks and Chicanos, we never rioted, raped in endemic proportions, burglarized or robbed people, spreaded AIDS, killed or committed random acts of violence like the Blacks. We never accepted Welfare programs and are very reluctant to accept Foreign Aid in times of crisis. Italy doesn’t want handouts and would be ashamed to do so. We are human and have always played by the rules of Natural law. And don’t give me this mafioso BS. The mafia doesn’t exist and much of that fallacy was fabricated and distorted by Hollweird libtards who wanted to ridicule Italians. But what i find so ironic is that programs like the Sopranos were so popular that these hateful stereotypes that were showcased somehow added to this ‘Italian appeal’.
      Italy is also the only country in Southern Europe that is vigilantly resisting African immigration. They don’t want to relinquish their property and heritage to a bunch of sub-human Turd world freaks. They aren’t stupid and self-abnegating like the Swedish or Dutch. Italians have too much confidence and self-worth to fall victim to some parasitic invasion.
      If Italians were not accepted or liked in some form, they never cried and screamed descrimination for attention like the whiny blithering Blacks. Italians could care less what others think of them, because they know that many are envious and wish to be like us.

  • Also I forgot to add.. I name the Jew. Jared Taylor defends Jews and lets them into his organization and he doesn’t name them.. I name the Jew and the WASP and the Uncle Tom Negro. Whoever is responsible.

  • Carney3

    He went so far as to say WASPs, when any Maryland schoolboy, and all Catholic schoolboys, used to know that the Carroll family were Catholics.

    Still, close enough.  WASPs -were- the backbone and indispensable moving force behind everything worthwhile in the Founding Era.

  • Scott

    This video is very telling. It shows what is being taught in our school systems threw out the state of Maryland and the country. One of the girls seemed happy that white people are the minority in the world and that we are on a destructive path with birthrates and abortion. In my opinion these people are biting the hand that has fed them for over 200 years. They have been given Freedom at the cost of many white lives and lively hood (i do not agree with slavery) they have been given every possible social program as to bring up their community. All that we get for this investment in blood resources and treasure is a group of people who do not like us and is actively hoping for the down fall of the civilization which they benefit from the most.

  • Ed

    The questions are embarrassing.