Phil Rushton Has Died

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, October 4, 2012

A great scientist leaves us far too soon.

Before I ever met John Philippe Rushton I saw him on the Geraldo Rivera television program. It was in 1989, shortly after his ground-breaking work on race differences first began to get international attention. One of the guests was that weasel Barry Mehler of Ferris State University, who has tried to make a career of denouncing scientists if he doesn’t like their research.

Prof. Mehler could hardly control himself. “I am trained in unmasking academic racism,” he shouted, “and you are a racist!” Phil smiled and replied quietly, “I am an academic.”

Another guest was a black man named Charles King, whose understanding of science was even spottier than Prof. Mehler’s. “Are you saying I am your inferior?” he thundered. “No,” replied Phil, “I am saying we are different.” The program was a tour de force of reasonable explanations and unflappable manners on the one hand, and fulmination on the other.

I met Phil not long after that impressive performance, and through many years of friendship until his death two days ago, the qualities I saw on that program always impressed me. Phil had an intense desire to know the truth, to understand our species in all its complexity. He was also polite to a fault, even in the face of the vilest provocation. But it is as a man of science that he will be remembered—a great thinker in the distinguished lineage of Francis Galton, Charles Spearman, and Arthur Jensen. In a sane world, Canada would recognize him as the national treasure he was.

John Philippe Rushton was born in 1943 in Bournemouth, England, and received a Ph.D. in 1973 from the London School of Economics for work in the development of altruism in children. In 1974 he emigrated to Canada, and in 1977 he took a post at the University of Western Ontario, where he became a full professor in 1985.

Phil’s first important scientific contributions grew out of his studies of altruism in children. During a sabbatical year he spent in Berkeley, California, in 1981, he could not help noticing that in a multi-racial society, people care most about their own group. Hispanics supported recognition of Spanish as an official language, Jews were interested in what was happening in Israel, and blacks associated with and supported each other. This led Phil to develop Genetic Similarity Theory, according to which people are most altruistic towards those to whom they are biologically close, and less altruistic and even hostile to those who are biologically distant. He studied how people sense genetic similarity, and the consequences this has for society.

During this period he began to investigate race differences—in particular race differences in intelligence and brain size—but broadened his research to include all physiological and behavioral race differences. This led to his ground-breaking application of r-K theory to human races—and, of course, to his demonization.

Phil’s crucial insight was to realize that different races show consistent patterns that reflect different reproductive strategies. At one extreme are East Asians, who are the most intelligent, have the largest brains, show the most sexual restraint, develop most slowly, live the longest, and are most law-abiding. This is consistent with having few children but taking very good care of them. At the other extreme are black Africans, whose behavior is consistent with less investment in larger numbers of children. On virtually every scale of r-K behavior (that is, on a scale of high-investment versus low-investment child-rearing), whites fall somewhere between Asians and blacks. Phil meticulously documented and argued this theory in his brilliant 1995 book, Race, Evolution, and Behavior.

Phil had been publishing his ideas well before this, however, and in 1989, the Toronto Star started a campaign to have him fired from his job at the University of Western Ontario. The paper accused him of “racism,” and noted that “there are well established procedures for the dismissal of tenured staff.” The rest of the media joined in a chorus howling for Phil’s scalp. In February that year, Premier David Peterson of Ontario telephoned the president of the University of Western Ontario demanding that Phil be fired.

Thugs disrupted Phil’s classes, and shouted abuse at him whenever he walked by. Once he found “Racists pig live here” [sic] scrawled on the door of his office. In March 1989, the Attorney General of Ontario began a police investigation to see whether Phil had broken laws banning the promotion of “hatred against any identifiable group.” A finding of guilt could have meant up to two years in prison, but eight months later, the Attorney General announced that Phil’s theories were “loony but not criminal.”

The University of Western Ontario could find no legal way to fire Phil, so it barred him from the classroom and ordered him to record lectures on video tape for students to watch in private. Phil managed to persuade a faculty grievance committee that this was absurd. When he resumed classroom teaching—amid much media whooping and student protest—thugs repeatedly disrupted his courses and even assaulted him. Through it all, Phil never lost his temper, never threw a punch—and, most importantly, never backed down. Over the years, his enemies gradually retreated to a baffled state of relative silence, while Phil continued to publish top-flight research on race differences.

As Phil moved into forbidden territory, his funding disappeared, and he asked the Pioneer Fund for help. Harry Weyher, who had been running the fund since 1958, gave Phil the support that made his best work possible. After a close and fruitful association with the fund, it was natural that Phil himself should become president of the fund on Weyher’s death in 2002. For 10 years, Phil continued Pioneer’s quiet but invaluable grants in support of race-related research.

Phil also had a close association with American Renaissance. He spoke at no fewer than six AR conferences, and was invariably the main attraction. The first time he spoke, in 1996, a fascinated audience kept him on his feet for more than an hour past the scheduled end of his talk. Phil answered question after question with his trademark combination of patience, erudition, and charm. Afterwards, he told me his legs were aching, but that it was a pleasure to speak to such a well-informed group.

Phil had agreed to speak at the conference we held in February this year, but he withdrew, saying he feared his health would not allow him to travel. I knew he had been in and out of the hospital with Addison’s disease, which attacks the immune system, but I hardly expected him to leave us so soon. Phil always had ideas for research; I grieve to think he will never be able to do that work.

Whatever Phil’s enemies may say of him—and we know exactly what they will say—those of us who had the great privilege of his friendship know that he was first and always a seeker of the truth. It was the quality of the data he cared about, not whether they fit his or anyone else’s theories.

And, of course, it was precisely because he pursued the truth that he was hated. Those who have never been slandered in the press, never been denounced by “scholars,” never assaulted by “anti-racists,” or never shunned by colleagues do not know the courage it takes to endure it year after year. Phil Rushton steered a straight course through the hurricane, and he did it with unparalleled dignity. He was as principled as a man as he was brilliant as a scientist, and our world is greatly diminished without him.

J. Philippe Rushton, 1943 – 2012

Below is the classic 1989 debate between Phil Rushton and Canadian zoologist David Suzuki on race and genetics.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • I should sometimes put a cork in it.  I just talked about the r-K life history spectrum and race a few days ago here.  

  • A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.

  • Jesus-Christ that debate in Ontario was painful to watch…

    It was however perfectly emblematic of Rushton’s human qualities and of some his opponents’ absolut ebad faith and utter lack of intellectual rigor.

    Great piece.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    This is terrible news.  We have lost one of the giants for our cause.  My condolences to his family.  Thank you Jared Taylor for the fitting tribute, and don’t forget that you are also a national treasure.

  • Athling

    I didn’t know Dr. Rushton but I knew of him. His honesty, candor, and scientific work will certainly be missed. Unfortunately, in the current socio-political climate any scientist seeking and exposing truths about racial differences can expect the same treatment Dr. Rushton received. Treatment based on emotion and political correctness rather than scientific inquiry.

    I must say that after watching the video, Dr. Suzuki tends to confirm my belief that Orientals are in fact not more intelligent than whites. They score higher on IQ tests.

    Any scientific tool we use, IQ tests among them, must confirm what we actually see in the natural world. The validity of the tool or test is in how accurately it can do this.

    Dr. Suzuki was unable to scientifically refute the findings of Dr. Rushton and instead presented an emotional argument against his work. Both Suzuki and members of the audience claimed Rushton’s work on the low IQ for blacks was invalid because it did not take into account the effect that racism has on blacks and so on.

    Again, this is where our direct observations, what we actually see in the natural world, comes into play. We cannot argue with facts. We can argue about how things came to be as they are but we cannot argue about whether an observable thing exists. It either does or doesn’t.

    Is racism to blame for low black intelligence? If so then explain why it is that in all-black countries with no outside interference from whites blacks are among the most primitive on the planet. It isn’t just blacks in the U.S. or Canada but blacks anywhere they are found on the planet have low intelligence as measured in their lack of ability to manipulate their environments and form advanced societies. Racism is not a cause of this.

    Are Orientals really more intelligent than whites by these standards? They score higher on IQ tests but where do we see their actual application of higher intelligence in the history of the real world. How do they compare with the undisputed creative genius that whites have displayed?

    Unfortunately, this was left out of the debate. I would like to have heard Suzuki’s explanation for these things. He may have been able to form an argument as to why these things came to be but not that they actually exist. Our eyes don’t lie. We can believe them.

    In any event, Dr. Rushton will be missed. He was an important voice in our cause.

    • NorthernWind

      Reality does bear out a higher average IQ for East Asians though. Suzuki is a massive liberal and above all a single individual so he is not a good representation for all East Asians.

      • WardKendall

        Many followers and members of American Renaissance consider:

        1 – Jews to be white
        2- And since Ashkenazi Jews outscore all other races/ethnicities on IQ, including East Asians
        3 – That fact would therefore make whites the most intelligent race, as a result 

        *however, I do not know if Rushton considered Jews to be white

        • Detroit_WASP

          Careful, the Jew haters will be on you like pitt-bull on a pork chop.

        • JohnEngelman

          The Ashkenazim are a sub race of the white race, and the most superior racial group in the world. Although they tend to outscore and out perform East Asians, most white Gentiles do not. 

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Actually, Scotsmen and Welshmen are considered the most superior according to those in the know.

            I’ll admit that Jews have done well for themselves, but one of the reasons, I suspect, is what you suggested a historical anomaly, which is the distribution of the Jewish population, resulting in the exchange and aggregation of knowledge, and thereby a well-informed and educated Jewish population.

            But don’t forget that quite a lot of Jewish knowledge was acquired from the host cultures with whom they lived.

          • Net_Drifter

            The best thing that ever happened to the Japanese was gunboat trade diplomacy and then a shellacking in WW2. They would barely be emerging from a feudal-Shogun existence into early industrialization if not for the West. Just or not they had to be forced into modernization.  So did the Chinese in a different way.

          • JohnEngelman

            In their book, “The 10,000 Year Explosion,” professors Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending dedicate an entire chapter to Jewish superiority entitled, “Medieval Evolution, How the Ashkenazi Jews Got Their Smarts.”
            They argue that from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the eighteenth century Enlightenment European Jews were restricted to a few fields that required superior intelligence. Jews who could not learn the necessary skills either left the faith, or did not have children. 

        • Gary Jenkins
        • Ward, I disagree. Richard Lynn PhD said that whites have an average I.Q. of 100 and Jews have an average of 110, which is higher than the Asian average of 103.5. However, the total Jewish diaspora is very small compared to the total global population of non-Jewish Whites, which means that the average Jewish I.Q. of 110 wouldn’t have much input in terms of increasing the average-white I.Q. of 100.
          Unless, you can demonstrate that the “total Jewish diaspora average” + “total white global average” > than 103.5 then it would be unfair to comment either way, as to which race is more intelligent; plus the fact, not all European populations have an average IQ of 100, and there are some countries where the European IQ is slightly less than 100 — R. Lynn has tried to explain that this could be caused by ethnic sub-divisions amongst the total white population in Europe.
          Consequently, it’s doubtful at this stage as to whether indeed whites are the most intelligent race, or vice versa, as in the case of asians. Hence, it wouldn’t be fair to jump to conclusions, unless we have more evidence than we do at the moment.

      • Athling


        IQ tests measure various cognitive reasoning abilities. They typically measure both verbal and non-verbal reasoning, the ability to discern patterns in a sequence of images or numbers, spatial abilities, the ability to store, process, and retrieve information, and short term memory.

        IQ tests do not measure motivation, creativity, innovation, musical and artistic abilities, conceptual thinking — the ability to analyze underlying potential problems and their solutions under varying conditions, self control, emotional stability, acquired wisdom, working well with others, the ability to take the initiative…. I could on here for some time but most importantly IQ tests by themselves do not explain the super achievement in technology invention, music and art, legal and political systems, etc etc produced by the white race. Xhau Zhu Ching did not discover the new world or put a man on the moon.

        Something is missing in IQ tests as predictors of performance. I can say that confidently because they do not accurately reflect what we see in the natural world in terms of applied intelligence.

        By the way, I was being facetious about Suzuki.

        • NorthernWind

           We’re not in disagreement.

          I was merely trying to say that population IQ is important for individual success and civilization success even though it doesn’t explain everything.

      • JohnEngelman

        Suzuki is not typical of East Asians.  With no reason to feel collectively guilty about the poverty of third world peoples most East Asian scientists are more willing to inquire into the biological reasons for that poverty. 


        • anonymous_amren

           But in a sense, his mindlessly going along with the status quo, rather than risking independent thought, is typical of East Asians.

          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            That’s assuming Suzui’s opposition to Rushton is “mindless.” I’m not so sure.   Like many non-whites who act in their ethnic interests, Suzuki may believe his ethnic interests are best served by American’s/Westerners’ ignorance of racial differences. 

    • razorrare

      Excellent response…

      Is racism to blame for low black intelligence?…For arguments sake let us say that it is…this would then add more validation that the races are as a group genetically different for no one has ever claimed from the right or left that racism is to blame for low White or Asian intelligence,not even that of Mestizo’s…if one merely looks at inter-racial crime stats it is obvious that blacks harbor more racist thoughts as a racial group than any other racial group towards Whites.Racism towards Whites is institutionalized in higher learning and in governmental policies (AA) that discriminate against Whites…If racism causes lower intelligence, than Whites would be at the very bottom in intelligence…

      Dr.Rushton was a very courageous and honorable man…looking forward to meeting him in the better place.

  • anonymous_amren

    I often used to confuse Rushton with Jared Taylor, since Jared shares most of those virtues that he praises Rushton for.

    But the clarity, relevance, and insight of Rushton’s science research was wonderful. He should have been awarded a Nobel Prize.

    • JohnEngelman

      James Watson won the Nobel Prize for his work on DNA. He still suffered the persecution of politically correct thought control when he made statements about racial differences which were consistent with his research. 

      • 5n4k33y3s

        Nobody is going to win a  Nobel prize for being the bearer of such unwelcome news as telling people: Hey, you’re stupid and it’s because your ancestors were also stupid. In fact, your whole race is stupid. The idea really cracks me up.

        Anyway… RIP, Phil Rushton, “politically incorrect” academic. He really riled ’em up. That’s what they get for being thin-skinned.

  • anonymous_amren

    Let me put it this way… black people are strong optimists, Japanese people are strong pessimists, white people are in the middle (as Rushton liked to observe). And there’s a pattern to their life expectancies.

    • I reject the nomnsense that whites are soemhow “in between” the other races. We are just differenr races!!

      • anonymous_amren

         White people have many unique traits that aren’t in between (white skin for example). But Rushton noticed there is one factor, that has lots of other effects, in which NE Asians, white people, and black people fall on a line. And that is the r/K selection idea. NE Asians have the least kids, and spend more time and effort looking after them. Black people have the most. And white people are between in that regard. And that shaped many other aspects of the evolutions of the different races.

  • NorthernWind

    RIP Rushton. Your work and integrity is greatly appreciated and you will not be forgotten!

  • What I saw was evidence cooly presented, countered by a political ranting wrapped in ad hominem attacks and emotional appeal to baser instincts.
    The question period was for the better part spouting anger at the speaker.
    In my mind, Suzuki should be fired and Mr Rushton confirmed in his post for life. But then he is dead.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Wow, I am really shocked and saddened to hear this news. Dr. Rushton seemed so vigorous and in such good health. We’ve lost another great one.

  • RationalBeing

    I am saddened by the loss of Professor Rushton.  The man may be gone, but it hardly needs to be said that his works live on.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Suzuki is a pseudo-scientist environmentalist loon who essentially wants to shut down all the industries in Canada, (the oilsands development, mining, logging) and turn this country into a massive park; a playground for rich foreign tourists, while the Canadian worker wanders the streets jobless, hungry, and homeless.  At his ‘speech’ (rant) at my local science fair he didn’t talk about science at all.  Instead he vociferously harangued the ‘evil’ Conservative party for having the audacity to stand up for Canadian industry with their opposition to the Kyoto protocol and his carbon tax schemes.  When he was asked about overpopulation and its potential threat to the environment, he said that there’s nothing to be concerned about, and people were just being bigoted since its mainly non-white countries that are having population growth.  In a sane society Philippe Rushton would not be treated like a pariah, and Suzuki would not be given this undeserved celebrity status.  Rest in peace Philippe Rushton, and thank you for your devotion to the truth.

    • puffdaddy

      It’s interesting that he is not concerned about over population because most environmentalists are bonkers about over population.

      • JohnEngelman

        Unfortunately many of them make excuses for high black birth rates. 

  • “There are three classes of people: Those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

  • What I DON”T like about the speech above is Rushton’s assertion that perhaps as much as 50% of the difference between us and the black is environmental,including biased tests!! Hasnt the whole idea of the “biased test” been put to sleeep?? Absolute horsehockey.

  • B

    John Philippe Rushton was a great scientist who endured a lot of unnecessary strife for the sake of science and knowledge. We all owe him a lot for the work he has done.

    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre
    minds. Albert Einstein

  • The concluding remarks by Rushton at the end of his speech(31:50)seem a bit cowardly,as if he is trying to softsoap the ideas. Its difficult to generalize to an individual from his group average?  Oh yeah? Has he had much experience with blacks??? (When he refers to “pale-skinned populations” somebody giggles. I wonder why? )

    • JohnEngelman

      I have had enough experience with blacks to know that many are decent, and some are intelligent. 

  • Laager

    Athling’s post:”Our eyes don’t lie. We can believe them.”
    clearly summarises the reality of the world we live in which Dr Suzuki can’t or will not see.

    What struck me about the debate and the audience was what was considered “black”.
    Blacks in North America are clearly very different to blacks in Africa.
    The benefits North American blacks have derived from being nurtured in that society are enormous. They should be very grateful that their ancestors were transported to the continent and that they have the advantage of living there. Yet despite this we still see them play the victimisation game and pull out the race card. 

    The closest I saw to a black African was the questioner who bewailed the question he had to field from his son. The answer will come when this young man has to make his way in the world once his education is complete. The same questioner banged on about the impact of living and being raised in a ghetto – as if it was the white man’s fault. The fact is because you are poor does not mean that you have to stay there and perpetuate the same decadent lifestyle. The slums of Mumbai in India have people living in equal circumstances yet a documentary we saw on UK TV showed that most young people there have aspirations to be a lawyer, or equal, rather than becoming a gang banger or drug dealer.  

    Dr Rushton’s response  to what is a racist was outstanding.
    When pushed liberals cannot provide a clear answer to what a racist is and now resort to “white supremacist”. Eventually they will cotton on to what a race realist is.

    Sadly Dr Suzuki had nothing meaningful to say. Undoubtedly an articulate and gifted orator his only scientific defence was quoting the work of some old research which the non-confrontational academic fraternity conveniently hides behind.

    By contrast Dr Rushton lead from the front with his own findings and invited anyone to refute his work by undertaking counterpoint studies. I wonder if anyone in the audience, especially Dr Suzuki, will take up the challenge. 

    We should be grateful that Philip Rushton was prepared to devote his life to reveal this information to us.  

    • What is the moral superiority of wishing to become a lawyer than a drug ring leader?  Both professions go hand in hand, both professions involve the same kind of talent at shameless manipulation, both professions impoverish cities and countries in the same way.  The reason the Indian slum dogs want to become lawyers rather dealers is that in India as in many other eastern countries such as Japan resorting to a lawyer in considered utmost dishonour, whereas being member of a mafia is more akin to be a knight in the prevalent caste system.  

  • Detroit_WASP

    I believe there is an inovation gene that whites have.  Most Asians do not have the inovative view that whites do.

  • Jupiter7

    Phillip Rushton is 100 percent irrelevant to the fundamental issue facing millions of Native Born White Americans which is race replacement at the hands of very hosile  post-1965 nonwhites. Anyone one who makes the race-replacement issue pivot on the IQ test score issue is clueless.

    If you are  serious about halting and reversing race-replacement than you would do well not to sidetrack a “debate”-in quotes  because we oppose our race-replacement…and that’s all there is to it-issue-about race-replacement with a debate about IQ test scores.

    And since the race-replacement issue does not pivot on the outcome of a debate on IQ test score science, there is no point discussing it or building a monument to Rushton and his peculiar and strange interests.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       This is a logical position.  But don’t you find Rushton’s theory about altruism being a natural inner-group biological trait helpful?

      • JohnEngelman

        Professor Rushton’s theory about altruism explains the traditional unpopularity of socialism in the United States. The United States has always had a more heterogeneous population than European countries. Those in the majority ethnicity were first English, then from the British Isles, then north western Europe, now European. The class of employers was always the same. Employees are more likely to identify with employers of their ethnicity than co workers of different ethnicites.  This is particularly true now that co workers are often of other races. 

    • If and when we do win in the long run, we’ll win based on the Jupiter strategy rather than the Rushton strategy.  But the reason I don’t knock his life’s work and research is because he’s an academic — Research and theory is what academics do.

      • We’ll win based on a combination of Truth when Truth is held in high regard, and muscle and gall when Truth is no longer respected. Life is a compromise.

    • JohnEngelman

      Superior races are not replaced by inferior races. 
      Professor J. Philippe Rushton’s writings explain why Orientals are so prominent in America’s best universities and corporations. They earn their achievements through good genes and morally responsible behavior. 

      • It’s just that our universities have been stolen from us, whatever the IQ differences are.

        • JohnEngelman

          Competition is what America is all about. It is not stealing when superior people win legally. 

          • anonymous_amren

             You’re wrong. Americans are what America is all about. Like all countries, it is based on an ethnicity, not a political value.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Declaration of Independence and the Fourteenth Amendment disagree with you. America is based on legal immigration and citizenship. 

          • Denver Goddess

            Orientals were not allowed citizenship here until the mid 20th century. And with good reason – our citizenship laws previous were geared toward preservation and propagation of our race, not importing your pet copy and paste Oriental worker bees.

      • anonymous_amren

        In Australian universities they just bribe the universities with lots of high course fees to pass them regardless of merit. I’m not denying the higher inteligence of NE Asians, but there is some corruption in the system that international students are making use of, including the Chinese.

      • No, sometimes superior races are swamped by inferior races due to a combination of factors, like suicidal ideology becoming prevalent among superior races & therefore weakening it internally, or sheer numbers of invading inferiors.

        • JohnEngelman

          When has that happened historically? 

          • The Fall of Rome, or earlier, Roman conquest of the Greeks.

          • JohnEngelman

            The fall of Rome is often attributed to whatever the attributor does not like. In his The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon blamed Christianity. 
            The average IQ in Italy is 102, so it does not seem that Italy was swamped by “inferior races.”
            A thousand years after the fall of the Western Roman Empire there was still enough IQ power in Italy to sustain the Italian Renaissance. 

          • JohnEngelman
            I can’t believe what I’m reading.
            A thousand years after the fall of the Western Roman Empire there was
            still enough IQ power in Italy to sustain the Italian Renaissance

            You’re totally clueless about history. Any discussion with you that goes beyond IQ, Rushton’s research & similar stuff is just meaningless.

          • Denver Goddess

            I think it’s obvious — Engleman is one of these white clowns that married a gook female and has turned into a Sinophile.

      • Denver Goddess

        Because they copy us, that’s why.

  • Anything I might say has already been said. Rest in peace.

  • NorthernWind

     Yes, I commented about this yesterday on some other article.

    Another point would pertain to personality. Whites and East Asians have different “personality distributions”. This almost certainly contributes to achievement differences. Unfortunately very little research has been done on this topic. It’s as taboo as race IQ differences I suppose.

    I’m of the opinion that Whites are more likely to engage in novel projects. This has both advantages (finding the New World, landing on the moon, theoretical physics, etc), and disadvantages (willing to attempt multiculturalism, racial egalitarianism, radical feminism, etc).

    •  Quite a clever statement! We should give it more thought. Maybe it is a key idea that researchers should look at.
      “I’m of the opinion that Whites are more likely to engage in novel
      projects. This has both advantages (finding the New World, landing on
      the moon, theoretical physics, etc), and disadvantages (willing to
      attempt multiculturalism, racial egalitarianism, radical feminism, etc).”

  • zWsA

    JP Rushton will never be replaced, but his ideas will live on. Sincere scientists like Rushton are not afraid of conducting research in forbidden areas of science. They are the scientists that challenge popular ignorance and advance our species.

  • Fabius

    “Those who have never been slandered in the press, never been denounced
    by “scholars,” never assaulted by “anti-racists,” or never shunned by
    colleagues do not know the courage it takes to endure it year after
    year. ”

    No academic wants to go through this. Only a few bite the bullet. They are the heros. Another person who has bit the bullet is Jared Taylor. I would hope that he be considered as the next director of the Pioneer Fund.

  • JohnEngelman

    The white advance over the Orientals is the result of a few historical anomalies that are coming to an end. 

    • IstvanIN

       And we should welcome being ruled and eventually subsumed by them…bla bla bla.   Why are you even here?

      • JohnEngelman

        There is not a truth existing which I would fear or would wish unknown to the whole world. 
        – Thomas Jefferson 

      • JohnEngelman

        I enjoy investigating different points of view, and expressing my own. I have enjoyed political arguments ever since I was a child. 
        In this thread I have expressed my general agreement with Professor Rushton and Jared Taylor. However, I have more of an appreciation of Orientals than Jared Taylor seems to. 
        I like intelligence and intelligent people. I like the idea of a society where intelligent people from all nations and of all racial groups have the opportunities to achieve their potential. 
        There is nothing in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution that says that Orientals do not belong here. I am pleased that most Americans agree with me that they do belong here.  

        • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

          “There is nothing in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution that says that Orientals do not belong here.”

          “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and OUR POSTERITY, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”  (Preamble, United States Constitution)

          • JohnEngelman

            Where all of your ancestors in the United States when that was written? If all of them were not, by your reasoning, you do not belong here. 

          • Denver Goddess

            John, my ancestors were all free white persons, how about yours?

          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            Engelman: “Where all of your ancestors in the United States when that was written?”

            Irrelevant.  What the Founders meant by “posterity” in the preamble to the Constitution, which was ratified in 1788, is indicated by the  first citizenship law, passed in 1790. It specified that only “free white persons” could be naturalized.

            Two hundred years later, their intent is irrelevant to adherents of a  “living constitution,” the ideology which has allowed the Left to radically transform America by judicial decree.

          • Denver Goddess

            Also consider the first law of citizenship — free white people. We shouldn’t have to explain this. George Washington did not eat at City Wok.

        • Denver Goddess

          Sounds like you want a multiracial society, John. Why would you want that? Orientals were not allowed to have US citizenship until mid-20th century. I think that speaks for itself. They were never intended to be here.

    • 5n4k33y3s

      Yeah right. One could just as easily say the same about Orientals, that a few anomalies accounted for their early success, but eventually they were outperformed by white society.

      One could say the same about the successes of Jews, attributing Jewish achievements to a few historical anomalies. It’s entertaining to speculate, but pointless to act as if you have exclusive knowledge, confirming such a complex, unprovable hypothesis.

      • JohnEngelman

        What is proven is that Orientals and Ashkenazi Jews have higher average IQs than white Gentiles, and that they tend to perform better in the classroom and on the job.

        • anonymous_amren

          We shouldn’t use the word “Gentiles”. It’s a racial slur. And even though we are legitimately inferior on average, we’re not inferior for the religious reasons that the word “Gentiles” connotes.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Don’t try to take away a word if you’re not offering a replacement for that word.

          • And, as a Priest, I consider the Jews to be the True Gentiles, does the Bible consider them to be such, post AD 70… or have you not read St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians, or Matthew 27:25? Obviously not. White Christendom, otoh, is considered the “Israel of God” [Gal. 6:16]

        • 5n4k33y3s

          This is the unprovable hypothesis: “The white advance over the Orientals is the result of a few historical anomalies that are coming to an end.”

          Secondly, Ashkenazi Jews are a select group among Jews, and you’re comparing them to the mean for all gentile whites.

          I could take a select group of gentiles who would score higher on the IQ test than the mean score among all Jews.

          The fact is, literacy and education do have an effect on IQ. Access to knowledge makes a difference, and the cumulative effect of a lot of knowledge can enhance cognition.

          I believe it has been established beyond doubt that the hybrid of the Scotsman and the Welshman is the superior man. (Not coincidentally, this happens to be my own ancestry, as much as I know of it.)

          As for my own IQ, on the occasion I first tested it, my score was 150, which isn’t terrible but I can probably improve on that with study.

        • Denver Goddess

          And thus you indirectly admit that they don’t innovate like we do. They do well for the very most part learning what we teach them.

    • Net_Drifter

      I feel so much respect and admiration for Jared Taylor and this website at times.  I even feel a sense of gratitude that he exists and is willing to do what he does and is usually able to get our, whites, vital point across well. At least there is somebody who commands respect.

      But, then you go on these tangents about your obsession, not only a  healthy respect for Orientals, but obsession.  Then it makes me wonder why you’re allowed to do this to the extent you do.

      Even here, because of you, whites are not given their full due. By ‘their’ I mean the ancestors of white people who were so obviously able to make giant leaps ahead of Orientals due only to their own genius and, better yet, imagination, something that is often overlooked. White have a great capacity to imagine; far better one that any race/culture of Orientals ever could.  You are so hung up on IQ that you forget everything else. 

      There is also such a thing as a racial ‘soul’, for lack of a better word,  in whites that also makes us who we are.  This goes beyond science and the cold facts you gloat over; because obviously Orientals can’t share in a connection that whites have deep in their psyches when acknowledged and embraced. 

      You’re single-minded and sometimes more fanatical than any Nazi could be when the issue is Orientals. You must have led a lonely outcast life because of your strangeness until these awe-inspiring magical people came along to save you. There is clearly something in your background that causes you to feel this way. But couldn’t you express it elsewhere?

      • JohnEngelman

        In several articles written for American Renaissance Mary Morrison has complained about the frustrations of being a public school teacher who has to teach blacks and Hispanics. Public school teachers who teach Oriental children do not complain. 
        Go to any elite university or leading corporation in the United States. You’ll see how superior Orientals are. 
        My admiration for Orientals, like my somewhat negative attitudes about blacks, is based on personal experience. Both are substantiated by the work of Professor J. Philippe Rushton.  

        • JohnE – While I would most happily be an ESL teaching in South Korea, and consider my time there to be safe, productive, and a nice diversion towards ‘multicultural understanding,  that doesn’t mean I want to have them for my neighbors, or my daughter-in-law, or buying up all the real estate along with other Asians in Californication!

  • JohnEngelman

    Professor J. Philippe Rushton’s cause was the truth. His enemies were those who obstruct the truth. 

  • JohnEngelman

    That a man of Professor J. Philippe Rushton’s prominence was so persecuted for telling the truth about racial differences has had a chilling effect on intellectual freedom. A high school teacher who assigned his students to read “RACE, EVOLUTION,  AND BEHAVIOR” would almost certainly be fired.
    On racial matters many liberals reveal the most shameful hypocrisy  They claim to value free expression, but they do everything they can to suppress the study of genetic differences between individuals, nations, and races. They claim to value school integration, but refuse to send their children to predominantly black public schools. 

  • Mr.
    Taylor- Thank you for that insightful tribute to a true scientist. I was
    constantly seeing in my mind’s eye the sham trial of Galileo Galilei  by the Pope’s minions, while
    reading this tribute. Then, as now, the reigning obscurantism of the
    anti-scientific fundamentalists will not allow Truth to shine through. Whites
    have long borne the brunt of our own self-negating altruism, and we have
    forgotten that Truth is (in the final analysis) its own defense. I can honestly say now, that the
    question “…posed by Charles King, [whose
    understanding of science was even spottier than Prof. Mehler’s,] “Are you
    saying I am your inferior?” has been answered in the affirmative- for all

  • JohnEngelman

    If Professor J. Philippe Rushton had lived and taught before the Second World War his findings would not have been controversial. He would have received the recognition he deserved. 
    Nazi racial theories and the fact that American blacks did their part during World War II made intellectuals in the West less willing to acknowledge inconvenient truths about the significance of genes in influencing differences between individuals, nations, and races.  
    Most liberals have probably not heard of “An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy,” by  by Swedish Nobel-laureate economist Gunnar Myrdal. 
    Nevertheless, the arguments in this book have permeated liberal and even moderate thinking by intellectual osmosis. Gunnar Myrdal argued that racial discrimination was responsible for higher rates of black crime and illegitimacy, and lower average intelligence. He also argued that as racial discrimination came to an end blacks would behave and perform as well as whites. 
    When the book was first published in 1944 that was a plausible argument. Nearly two generations after the civil rights legislation was passed in the United States it is less plausible. Unfortunately, as evidence for this argument has declined, sanctions against questioning it have become more severe. 

    • Denver Goddess

      No but it can be suppressed for hundreds of years or longer.

      • JohnEngelman

        I doubt it. As the memory of World War II fades, scientific evidence in favor of the importance of genes and racial differences increases.

  • Did he have a protégé? Is there someone to carry on his work?

    • JohnEngelman

      His work will be carried on by scientists who draw logical conclusions from the human genome project, and the persistence of racial differences in crime, intelligence, and sexual responsibility. 
      As the scientific evidence accumulates in favor of what Professor Rushton argued, the constraints of political correctness will crumble and fall. 

  • Rest in peace Prof. Rushton. You will be missed.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    It includes the less intelligent Sephardim, I believe.

    • Sephardim were the most creative Jews during greater part of the Diaspora history (Maimonides, Abarbanel, Spinoza, Ben Gibriol, Juda Halevy,..). 

      So much for Ashkenazi “superiority”.

      • JohnEngelman

        Sephardic Jews developed in Spain when Spain was ruled by Arab Muslims. Ashkenazi Jews developed in Christian Europe.

        Sephardic Jews experienced less persecution under Muslims. Because they faced less persecution it was possible for extremely talented Sephardic Jews to distinguish themselves.

        Ironically, because Ashkenazi Jews faced greater persecution they faced greater selective pressure for superior intelligence. They were forbidden to enter many trades and to own land. They had to survive as merchants, money lenders, and by their wits.

        Since persecution declined after the French Revolution it has been Ashkenazi Jews who have distinguished themselves intellectually.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Well then, Bardon, I got nothing.

    • This site is too much “IQ oriented”. A mature person knows that IQ is important, but in combination with will, intuition, imagination, personal courage, health, motivation, work capacity etc.

      Frequently cited examples are one of the greatest mathematicians in history, Henri Poincare, who was below 100 in Binet’s tests. Richard Feynman, one of 15-say- 20th C greatest physicists, had IQ 125- above the average, but nothing spectacular.
      Contemporary eminent mathematician Terence Tao is adamant that IQ is of no big importance re math creativity:

      And “country IQ” is highly problematic: take a dwarf & a giant and you’ll get an average height person.

    • Yea, it goes to show IQ can jump or go down relatively rapidly by gene-culture co-evolution IMO.

  • AmRem

    JP Ruston is the reason I became a race-realist in the first place. He is my favorite scientist. 

  • 5n4k33y3s

    I know this is an unwelcome idea, but I think IQ is more subject to fluctuation than people imagine.

    I suspect the practical work of maintaining a nation is reducing the average IQ due to the demand for Israeli Jews to do more unskilled labor for themselves, rather than relying on others.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    What jumped out at me for it’s narrowness of thinking from Suzuki was where he proposes that there are two possible explanations for low IQ among blacks: 1) genetic inheritance 2) racism (of whites)

    What about the fact that they were savages living in mud huts when Europeans first encountered them? As if white racism is to blame for a stone age culture not being transformed in a few generations? It’s dualistic thinking, something David Suzuki would probably denounce himself, if it were pointed out to him.

    With this kind of dualistic, “black and white” assumptions, blacks are given the suggestion that they are either genetically inferior, or that their academic shortcomings are due to white racism.

    Gee, thanks Professor Suzuki. That was about the most divisive way you could have framed it, inevitably leading to blacks railing against white racism as the only alternative to acknowledging genetic inferiority.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Suzuki came off as very belligerent, brow-beating Phil Rushton. It was more of a kangaroo court trial than an intellectual debate.

    • Denver Goddess

      If it’s all you’ve got, brow beat.

  • My only objection to Mr. Rushton’s work is presentation & tabulation of his findings. IQ and other characteristics are OK, but he didn’t include other biological & psychological variables.

    So, anyone reading his work remains with perhaps unconscious impression: Asians- the best, Whites- good, Blacks- backward. We all- at least those rational enough among us- that Whites are the best, as history has shown & contemporary civilization testifies day by day.

    That said, RIP Philippe Rushton. Thank you for your honesty, courage, resilience, intelligence & dignity.  

    • JohnEngelman

      With their higher average IQs, and lower rates of crime and illegitimacy it should be clear to any rational person that Orientals are best. 

      • Higher average IQ & lower rates of crime are not the whole life. Try
        eating rats, killing your babies with needles, learning how to smile
        for Olympics, lagging in sciences and arts in past 500 years & not
        creating any truly novel scientific or artistic paradigm in past 100
        yrs. No Asian Heisenberg, Pauling, Feynman, Watson, Dirac, Denis
        Ritchie, Picasso, Proust or Stravinsky.

        And I’m not talking
        Plato, Homer, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Newton, Darwin, Euler, Gauss,
        Bach, Beethoven, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Pasteur, …

        Just enjoy company of “model minority” (your life), but you’re simply
        blind & deluded as much as liberals with Blacks & Mestizos

        • JohnEngelman

          The moderator should have removed that photograph.
          Your low opinion of Chinese philosophy indicates that you have not read any.
          In his Analects Confucius emphasizes social harmony, while recognizing intrinsic human inequality. I find that preferable to the American right, which emphasizes individualism and competition, and the Western left, which asserts an intrinsic human equality that obviously does not exist.
          Confucius was a moral and political philosopher who also discussed theology. He held that one should worship the gods in the traditional manner as though they exist, but that one should not spend a lot of time thinking about who and what they are. 
          He believed that traditional religious practices exert a tranquil effect on society, but that religious dogmatism is divisive, and can lead to violence. When we consider the history of religion in the West it is easy to agree.
          In the “Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu” recommended adaptability, and the acceptance of what cannot be changed. He argued that one should recognize opportunities,  but one should not exhaust oneself fruitlessly in pointless endeavors.     
          The philosophy is Confucius is the philosophy of the moral leader. The philosophy of Lao Tzu is the philosophy of those who learn that hard work alone is often not enough.  

          • First, we cannot remove photos or YT videos from posts without removing the whole post.  Second, while it’s brutal and stomach turning, it’s nothing an adult with a three-digit IQ can’t handle.

          • You’re deluded. I’ve read all of Confucius, Lao Zi, Chuang Zi, Mencius, Mohists, Chu Hsi & I’m using I Ching for 20 yrs.
            What you fail to understand is that Confucian teaching never supplanted Chinese folk religion & customs, so his humanism did not prevent his compatriots to behave in such a way that 20th century Chinese writer, Lu Xun, remarked in a state of depression: “What to do, Chinese are cannibals.”

            So, you haven’t answered:

            1. if IQ is such a big deal, why is the West so evidently the best ? Why no Chinese Gauss, Maxwell, Lavoisier, Galileo or Tolstoy ?

            2. why even now, 2012, the Western science & culture is 90+% of global high culture, science and technology ?

            So, I think this exchange is, as far as I’m concerned, over. I wish you well with your Asian friends, i.e. I hope they won’t express their affection toward you by making you an item on- menu in Chinese restaurant.

          • JohnEngelman

            I have already answered your questions on several occasions. I will do so again. Western dominance of science and literature  is an historical anomaly that is coming to an end. 
            When I maintain that Orientals have higher average IQs, lower rates of crime, and that they tend to be more sexually responsible than whites I am agreeing with the man this thread is dedicated to.
            Your slander that the Chinese are cannibals is unworthy of  this website. 

          • Denver Goddess

            I don’t know about Chinese cannibalism but they certainly do in fact like to eat eggs that were hard boiled in the urine of virgin schoolboys. This is found by an easy Google search.

            The results speak for itself; they come to us for better living – we don’t go to them. We don’t go to them for technology or innovation or government or economics. A few points on a piece of paper clearly means little.

            And there is also a study by a US university researcher that states funding into researching Oriental STD rates in the US is lacking, and thus the data is flawed. His own study showed oriental females have a markedly higher rate of STDs of American white women, so you’re wrong yet again. Indeed, the Orient is probably the world’s favorite source of prostitutes.


          • Denver Goddess

            @Bardon – Frankly, Mr Engelman, God forbid, may be one of these white geek types that had difficulty in white social circles. Such people tend to favor easier, less intimidating Oriental females. There is nothing behind his fetishism that is remotely called for; the technology and learning are coming from our direction and going to their. Engleman is a borderline self-loather witht he way he minimizes and even puts down his own race.

          • JohnEngelman

            You have never answered, because you cannot. Europeans were vastly superior to the Chinese in the Greco-Roman period – do I have to enumerate all the achievements Chinese cannot come close to ? Am I guilty that only Confucius & a few others can qualify as philosophers, while Greek philosophy is one of the rare summits of human spirit. And the same with arts, sciences & everything.

            Three or four inventions (powder, printing press, paper money,..) don’t mean much. Even during the lowest ebb in the Middle Ages, Europeans had built cathedrals and founded universities- both surpassing Chinese creative power. And from 1500s on I won’t even comment.

            So, this “anomaly” has, in past 2700 years, lasted ca. 2300 years. Really- an “anomaly”.

            Bon appetit:

      • Uist

        Then why the heck are they dependant on emmigrating en masse to White countries?  Why the dependancy on Western business investment to fuel their countries “growth”?  Why the dependancy on attending Western educational institutions for their “knowledge”?

        • Denver Goddess

          Uist – Because they’re missing something, clearly.

      • Denver Goddess

        @Engelman – Then why is the technology flow going West to East and not vice versa? There is little innovation among Orientals; indeed, even 99% of their women have the same hair style.

        And it’s only certain Orientals at that, the southern ones have markedly lower IQs.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    To your point, Southern Man, about the repressive character of Western universities, consider the concluding remarks of Zoologist David Suzuki in his 1989 “debate” with Rushton, featured in the video above:
    First Suzuki appeals to the authority of geneticists (43m, 40s):

    “After [Arthur] Jensen published his work in 1969 The Genetics Society of America, the leading Genetics organization in the world, overwhelmingly approved a GSA statement that such work as Jensen’s cannot prove a genetic basis for IQ difference in races. World class population geneticists, two of the leading population geneticists in the world, Luca Cavalli-Sforza of Standford and Sir Walter Bodmer of Oxford and Richard Lewontin of Harvard have written books on this subject!

    “In October 1970 of Scientific American, Bodmer and Cavalli-Sforza published the definitive popular work entitled Intelligence and Race in direct response to Jensen’s work. Their opening sentence is, ‘To what extent might behavioral differences between social classes and between races be genetically determined?’ 11 pages later . . .   they conclude, ‘The question of a possible genetic basis for the Race/IQ difference will be almost impossible to answer satisfactorily before the environmental differences between U.S. Blacks and Whites have been substantially reduced. There is no good case for encouraging the support of studies of this kind on either theoretical or practical grounds.'”

    Then Suzuki gets to his real objective (47m), driving Rushton into poverty by getting him fired: “His [Rushton’s] claims must be denounced, his methodology discredited, his grant revoked, and his position terminated at this university [University of Western Ontario].”

    COMMENT: The academic priesthood is fiercely protective of the religion of diversity. They brook no opposition. That’s why Taylor’s appearance at Towson University is a remarkable advance for the cause of truth.

  • While I agree with some of what you say, don’t you think it a little inappropriate, at least in the context of this thread, to put this much effort in attacking a White man? The man died. While he was alive, he was slandered and attacked for going against PC views about race. If a non-White would have said the same things as Mr. Rushton, that non-White would not have been attacked in the same manner. Essentially, Mr. Rushton was attacked just as much for his Whiteness as he was for his views and research.

    Doesn’t that deserve at least a small reprieve from detailing his perceived shortcomings?

    • JohnEngelman

      What shortcomings? The only area where I disagree with Professor Rushton are on areas not germane to the central thrust of his argument.
      J. Philippe Rushton attributes the superior average intelligence of whites and Orientals to evolving in a colder climate. For several hundred thousand years Neanderthals lived in that climate. They were quite a bit less intelligent than the Cro Magnons who displaced them.
      In “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” professors Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending of the University of Utah present what I consider to the the more plausible argument that whites and Orientals owe our higher average IQ scores to several thousand years of civilization, and several more thousand years of agriculture.
      The Bantu, from whom American Negroes are descended, only began to adopt agriculture about three and a half thousand years ago. Large numbers of them only began to live in cities during the last century. 
      Agriculture and urban living exert different population pressures than a paleolithic existence. They select more for intelligence, and less for physical aggressiveness.

  • JohnEngelman

    Throughout the debate Professor J. Philippe Rushton behaved like a gentleman and a scholar. He remained calm and civil in the face of intolerable provocations. Professor David Suzuki behaved like an academic thug. He did not even bother to wear a suit for what should have been a dignified discussion of an important issue that does have legitimate policy implications.
    It would be interesting to see how both academics would have behaved if the same debate was held before an audience where the clear majority was predisposed to agree with Professor Rushton: perhaps an audience where quite a few people have been the victims of black violent criminals, like I have been. 

    • Tom in Miami

      Professor Suzuki didn’t even try to refute Professor Rushton’s argument.  I expected more from him.  By refusing to rebut Professor Rushton on scientific grounds he tacitly admitted that his opponent was correct and fell back on the same type of argument used against Galileo, i.e. that truth, at least in this area of inquiry, should not be pursued.

      • Denver Goddess

        If he could refute it, he would have. Have you ever seen a peer-reviewed (hell, even one that ISN’T) racial IQ test that had equal results? Me either.

  • JohnEngelman

    For those of you who are new to AR:John Engeleman is a troll who has for fetish Asians. We have demolished him many times over in debate on AR. We just don’t pay attention to this nowhere man anymore…we have more important things to attend to.      
    – Jupiter7       
    When have I ever been “demolished…many times over in debate on AR,” using facts and logical reasoning? I agree with the great and courageous man this thread is dedicated to. You think that what he had to say during his career was irrelevant. 
    Not only that, but you have disproved your own assertion that you do not pay attention to me by doing precisely that with a gratuitous flame attack. 
    If you want something important to do, refute my arguments rationally, and not with ad hominem attacks, like those directed against J. Philippe Rushton during his debate with David Suzuki. 

    • Denver Goddess

      Fetish for Asians? Does his real name sound something like Derbyshire?

  • JohnEngelman
  • Tom in Miami

    It’s a good thing that heretics are no longer (literally) burned at the stake or Professor Rushton would have seen and felt the flames long ago.  He deserves enormous respect for the work he did and the risks (to his career, family, and life) he took for the truth.  RIP

  • Mods ?

    • Indeed.  We’ll be watching the latest Jupiter-Engelman love fest to make sure it doesn’t get out of line.

  • JohnEngelman

    I suspect that some of his colleagues told Professor Rushton in private, “I agree with you, but I can’t say that in public.” 

  • JohnEngelman

    Professor Rushton is irrelevant to your cause, not Jared Taylor’s. Otherwise this thread would not be here. 

  • JohnEngelman

    SHENZHEN, CHINA — Last year, Zhao Bowen was part of a team that cracked the genetic code of the cucumber. These days, he’s probing the genetic basis for human IQ. 

    Zhao is 17.

    Centuries after it led the world in technological prowess — think gunpowder, irrigation and the printed word — China has barged back into the ranks of the great powers in science… 

    In 2007, Chinese geneticists discovered vast differences in the genetic makeup of Africans, Asians and Caucasians… 

    Now a full-time employee while continuing his studies, Zhao is turning his attention to a topic Western researchers have shied away from because of ethical worries: Zhao plans to study the genes of 1,000 of his best-performing classmates at a top high school in Beijing and compare them, he said, “with 1,000 normal kids.”

    • Net_Drifter

      You have dragged this one example out numerous times. Are there so few others in the modern day?

      • JohnEngelman

        BBC     28 March 2011
        China is on course to overtake the US in scientific output possibly as soon as 2013 – far earlier than expected.That is the conclusion of a major new study by the Royal Society, the UK’s national science academy.

        The country that invented the compass, gunpowder, paper and printing is set for a globally important comeback…

        The study, Knowledge, Networks and Nations, charts the challenge to the traditional dominance of the United States, Europe and Japan…

        Along with the growth of the Chinese economy, this is yet another indicator of China’s extraordinarily rapid rise as a global force.

      • JohnEngelman

        One out of five people in the world is a citizen of the People’s Republic of China. With a much lower per capita gross domestic product (GDP) than the United States mainland China has a slightly higher average IQ: 100 to our 98. 
        With higher per percaptia GDP’s than the mainland and Chinese populations Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore have average IQs of 107, 104, and 103 respectively. 
        “On average, Orientals are slower to mature, less fertile, and less sexually active, have larger brains and higher IQ scores.”
        – Professor J. Philippe Rushton
        IQ is influenced by standard of living, but it is primarily determined by genes. As the standard of living and education in China improves, the average IQ will rise. 
        With so many talented people I expect China to dominate the world indefinitely into the future. Chinese immigrants and their  descendants in other countries will become even more prominent than they already are. 
        The future of the United States is in doubt. This country may divide into two or more countries. It will be like the fall of the Soviet Union, only violent. 
        If you have children, try to get them to learn Mandarin.

        • Net_Drifter

          Tiresome agents provocateur.  

  • JohnEngelman

    After becoming independent of the Mongolians in the late fourteenth century the Chinese indulged in their version of American exceptionalism. They decided that they were the Middle Kingdom surrounded by lesser peoples from whom they needed to learn nothing.
    While this was happening, the Renaissance was beginning in Europe. 

  •  Again, while I agree with some of what you say, I just don’t see detailing the perceived “losing strategy” as being an honorable route to take at this point in time. Any White man or woman who puts their professional life on the line for the sake of speaking the truth about race deserves at least a little respect.

    • MerlinV

      Obviously not from Jupiter. Pretty rude fellow in my opinion to break up the thread here in memorial to Rushton.

    • MerlinV

      One of the key arguments in favor of mass immigration and that race replacement doesn’t matter is because people are really the same so what difference does it make?

      Prof. Rushton showed that people are not the same. And that does matter. Prof. Rushton was and is relevant. Very relevant.

  • Germanacus

    Where are you coming up with immigration and race replacement on this thread? There were two issues here:
    1. Reverence for Prof. Rushton which you haven’t shown.
    2. The debate shown between Rushton and Suzuki which was about race differences including IQ.

    That is what was being discussed here. Get it?

    • MerlinV

      Yes of course, forget about Rushton. Lets not get “side tracked” from race replacement. Maybe the only topic here should be about race replacement. Maybe Mr. Taylor should not have went to Towson since the topic was “side tracked” from race replacement?

  • JohnEngelman

    This would have been my question:
    Professor Suzuki, you are certainly aware of the book “An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy,” by Gunnar Myrdal. For the benefit of others in this audience this was published in 1944. Gunnar Mrydal was a  Swedish Nobel-laureate in economics.
    This book argued that black social pathology and inferior black intellectual performance were caused by racial discrimination, but when this discrimination ended blacks would begin to perform and behave as well as whites. 
    In the United States racial discrimination was outlawed during the 1960s. In Canada it never existed to any considerable degree. Nevertheless, in the United States and Canada blacks continue to have crime rates many times the rate of whites, and there persists a significant race gap in intellectual performance. 
    Why is this, and how long will it continue? If you say that most whites are still racists, I would like to ask: why is that? Why is it that regardless of what most whites say in public, most of us behave as though we think most blacks are dangerous and inferior? 

    • Denver Goddess

      I would submit that this economist may have been a Marxist.

  • JohnEngelman

    I believe that every country in the world should welcome the immigration of Orientals and whites of European descent. Among whites of European descent I include the Ashkenazim. 
    I also believe that the United States, British Commonwealth countries, Europe, and Oriental countries should not welcome third world immigrants. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Assertions like that should be documented. 

    • razorrare

      Thanks for the link…the two comments in reply to the article were excellent…

      Tim Murray December 18, 2008 at 3:33 amIn a just world this would win the award for the top prize in investigative journalism. Simply brilliant. Suzuki is not only a liar, a coward and a hypocrite, but a thoroughly corrupt one at that. I now feel that the scathing things that I have written about him were, in retrospect, far too temperate. And I am much less charitable to those in our own ranks who are charitable toward him. This is Canada’s David Gelbaum scandal, only much worse, because neither Gelbaum nor Carl Pope were America’s premiere environmental icon.
      The most frustrating thing about these unknown facts is that even if we could broadcast them, true believers in the Suzuki cult would continue their worship just as the followers of Jimmy Swaggart still follow him. We need the help of James Randi to bring this fraud down. Even with this, celebrities who read this will still offer their support to a fellow member of the Old Boys Club, the CBC Pantheon of Anointed Ones. Remember, we are dealing with an environmental movement that doesn’t see any connection between population growth and environmental ruin, and a PC mindset that thinks that immigration is sacrosanct and necessary. So what’s the problem with our hero accepting bribes to keep quiet about something that he thinks (not us) damages the environment?
      What must come out of this is a public demand to know who makes contributions to environmental NGOs and how much they contribute. The public have a right to follow the money trail, for money talks and draws different conclusions than what the rhetoric of politicians and environmental leaders would lead us to believe. If the public had learned through research, as I did, that Barrack Obama received $389 million in campaign donations from Wall Street corporations, one third more than McCain, and the majority of donations from the defense industry, the election may have taken a different turn. Corporations don’t give money without expecting something in return. The Royal Bank of Canada collects money for Nature Conservancy of Canada for a reason. To provide a Green cover for its mission of financially lubricating the conversion of farmland and marshes to subdivisions and buying the silence of a prominent conservation group while doing so. Now Brishen Hoff has explained why David Suzuki will not say publicly what he has been saying privately and discreetly—that immigration is bad for Canada’s environment. The Royal Bank needs foreign home buyers by the millions like corporate Canada needs more consumers and cheap labourers both blue collar and white. The money they throw at the Suzuki Foundation is a bonanza to him but a pittance to them. A bargain for the hundreds of millions in profits that await them.Reply
      Robert Bériault May 13, 2009 at 6:55 pmYou don’t want to be an environmentalist because you would have to:1) ignore the fact that the main cause of industrial, agricultural and pollution growth and depletion of natural resources is population growth2) promote the belief that ineffectual actions like screwing in compact fluorescent bulbs will save the world

  • Do I have to repost the same boring stuff again & again ?

    So, what is to be done ? In my humble opinion:

    * “hard” sciences have not offered yet a plausible explanation of racial differences which could be- at least tenuously – interpreted as causes of cultural and other traits and disparities. Maybe it’s impossible, I don’t know. Maybe it can be done, but if yes, then in the future.

    * if so, we can only rely on old approaches of combined history, geography, religion, historical demographics, economy,… And this approach says: West begins in the Greek miracle. Not in static Egypt, nor in later, rather slow witted but efficient Rome. And what we have with old Greeks (aside from bisexuality) ?

    1. the idea of man as a rational individual, frequently at war with gods
    2. very developed abstract language which is still the source of neologisms in sciences (and sometimes arts)
    3. democracy and other forms, but always questioning the forms of government
    4. naval orientation, which helped foster expansion & questioning of dogmas
    5. not very reverent approach to the tradition
    6. population which is, although significant, not very big in numbers

    In China, we have:

    1. a civilization which is by its very nature
    land-oriented (although, of course, not land-locked)

    2. conservative approach inherited from the Bronze Age, a refined
    “enlightened despotism”
    3. general conservatism & unwillingness to search for “the new”
    4. orientation towards practical, pragmatic and disregard for the abstract, which is seen in the structure of Chinese language (see Nakamura: Ways of Thinking of Eastern Peoples)
    5. too big population- China has always been ca. 15-25% of humankind

    In sum, if we are talking about not just practical inventions, but instead of complete civilizational orientation which could create a modern world, Chinese were lacking in:

    * abstraction

    * orientation towards the future

    * expansive disposition that comes from too many factors

    • I’ve read the entire Confucian corpus & Confucius is one of my cultural heroes. One of the few strong influences on my world-view. 

      That said:

      * Confucius was clear about his mission. ” I do not invent, but transmit.” (quot from memory). Confucianism, both idealistic & naturalistic, somehow, due to this prevalence of conservatism, remained the strongest factor in molding China’s
      tradition of self-sufficiency & ultimately stagnation. They
      lacked DYNAMISM.

      * abstraction is the keystone of philosophy and science. Greeks had it & they questioned everything- nature of gods, human psychology, politics, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics,
      ..they invented sciences, mathematical proof (no other civilization knew about mathematical proof), they mathematized cosmos (Pythagoras), integral calculus (Archimedes),..

      Without abstract thought we wouldn’t have magisterial
      works of Euclid, Ptolemy, Plato, Aristotle, … We wouldn’t have
      world-views we can find in ancient Greece:

      * proto-fascism
      * democracy
      * communism
      * feminism
      * materialism
      * skepticism
      * idea of  the “Renaissance man”- this is Plato refurbished* physical education
      * universe as the intelligible & comprehensive whole
      * atheism
      * panentheism
      * evolution
      * mathematical mysticism
      * idea of cosmopolitanism
      * idea of abolition of slavery
      * idea of the free individual

      Chinese simply did not possess cultural atmosphere
      of expansion, restlessness etc. Greeks- ancient- were heroic &
      frequently tragic and passionate people. It isn’t for nothing that
      Chinese keyword is “harmony” (with Dao, nature etc.).
      Western  way is that of conflict with nature, God or gods.
      Western way (or “Dao”) is struggle.

      In short- there was no Chinese Prometheus. And this-as a metaphor- has had deep historical consequences.

      • Try this for a perhaps “out in left field” observation.

        All modern politics are nothing more than a continuation of the debate between teacher Plato and student Aristotle.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Very good Bardon! I would like to add one additional subject in which Whites excel over Asians. It may sound a little odd, but I have studied biblical theology (Christian) for the past 30 years. However, in my years of study, there have been no Asians who have played a major role in developing systematic theology, Christian ethics or exegesis. And this is not because Christianity has failed to influence Asian countries (e.g., Korea, China), but because for whatever reason Asians do not excel in this area of disciplined thought. It has been European Whites, mainly from England, Scotland, America, Holland and Germany who have intellectually dominated in this field of study.

        Christianity, especially of the Protestant-Evangelical stripe, has caught on quite well in both China and Korea. But no Asian theologian has produced anything even close to the depth and thoughtful content of such White Christian theologians as B.B. Warfield, Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Hodge, John Gill, Herman Ridderbos and many others.

        Whether one is an atheist or agrees with Christianity or not, the point is that Whites intellectually dominate in the area of biblical theology. And Asians who might have contributed anything, have done so only on the coat-tails of Whites.

        • Theology is something typically European. Just- why stop at Protestantism ? Great Christian theologians were Cyprian, Origen, Maximus Confessor, St. Augustine, Gregory of Nyssa, Simon the Theologian, Duns Scotus, St. Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, …

          In short, Chinese have commentators on their sacred texts, but their approach is logically underdeveloped- maybe this has something to do with the very nature of the Chinese language.

          And- I doubt the Chinese pay much attention to differences among Christian denominations. For instance, I saw a Chinese movie about some Chinese girl – Pentecostal, I think, or Baptist- and final conversion of her future husband. All was wrapped in Catholic iconography (paintings of Titian and Gruenewald) & music (Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis).

          So, I guess for them all Christian denominations are more or less the same.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        A most insightful — and persuasive — post, Mr. Kaldian.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, I did only appeal to Protestant (primarily Reformed) theologians in my post, but I did not mean by that to exclude others such as you had mentioned – especially Thomas Aquinas and Augustine (I had already listed Luther and Calvin). 

        No, theology is not something typically European. Both Jewish and Christian theology have emerged from a semitic context (being that the OT and NT was written by Jews, except Luke). The ancient Rabbis wrote extensively on theological matters as well did the early Christians some of whom you had mentioned. The Jews and later Christians had always tried to understand nature of God and man in light of their scriptures – and this was not merely a European phenomenon  

        While it’s true that White Eurpoean Christians (namely, the Protestant Reformers) did much to shape the doctrinal beliefs and thinking of future generations of believers, this was not theirs alone. In my opinion, however, they excelled at it.    

        Having spent some time with both racial groups, I think the Chinese and Koreans do pay attention to their denominational differences. They don’t seem to bicker as much over them as we do, but they are aware of their doctrinal distinctives. However, that was not my point. The point was that, historically (at least within the past 100 years), Asians have contributed very little (if any at all) to Christian theology or Christian philosophy that’s anywhere even near the level that Whites have to this same field of study.  

  • Bantu Education

    I believe Chris Brand was hounded out of his university professorial position for stating the truth about race.   

  • davejon

    Suzuki lost the argument immediately he opened his mouth with ad hominem attacks on Phil. I see the dumbest questions at the end of the programme came from a couple of blacks, the smartest from the Oriental girl and the daft old white bloke was “the exception that proves the rule”. QED

  • botti

    You can access most of his papers on his site.

  • Gary Jenkins

    Jews are not White.

    Japanese may look like Chinese to many, but try telling a Japanese he is Chinese.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    I met Dr. Rushton in the hallway of a hotel at a 2009 conference in Baltimore, “Preserving Western Civilization.” I had already seen, via DVD (available from , earlier appearances by Dr. Rushton at American Renaissance Conferences and had read the 2nd abridged edition of Race, Evolution and Behavior.

    I am in agreement with an earlier commenter: “JP Ruston is the reason I became a race-realist in the first place.”

    So I was already a great admirer.

    We chatted briefly.  He happened to mention Richard Lynn, who was still quite productive, though 80 at the time.  Rushton looked healthy.  What could he have accomplished had we had him for another decade?

  • GrahamChapmanArmy

     Guess he did not have the kind of good genes that enable you to live a long life.  Genetically unsound and inferior methinks.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Some speculation on the motives underlying Suzuki’s effort to suppress and discredit Rushton and his findings.

    Context: In a response to a question from the audience about what policies he would recommend as a consequence of his research, Rushton earlier had said that he did not make policy recommendations.  Here are his exact words.

    RUSHTON (1h, 20m) : …I have no policy recommendations to make.  I do believe that there are all kinds of political, philosophical, and ethical and economic and educational implications of accepting the view that there is an enormous amount of genetical and biological diversity, far more genetic and biological diversity in the human population that we’ve ever considered before . . . And that does and will probably have policy implications. The second postulate is that some of that variance is more successful at getting itself replicated than other parts of the variance.  That’s evolution . . . When you look at humans, you’ve just got to come to terms with this view, that there’s enormous biological diversity.

    [Some twenty minutes later, Suzuki responded.]

    DAVID SUZUKI (1h, 43m): …Having gone through the exercise [debate], I feel a great deal of pain as an academic myself because to think that in 1989 an academic can claim that he’s just searching for truth and that the responsibility for what is done with that truth is society’s — I mean we’ve heard this for a long time.  And since physicists saw the result of theoretical physics and nuclear bombs, since we’ve seen chemical and biological warfare, scientists have realized — many of them — you simply can’t act as if you’re deal with research in a vacuum . . . The implications are enormous.  And the idea that I’m just searching for truth and what you do with that in a society in which racism is rampant . . . to suggest that it’s my right as an academic to simply give you that truth is something we ought to think about and I think every academic here, I challenge you.  You see the pain coming out in these questions [several from outraged blacks].  These are not trivial conclusions he’s [Rushton’s] coming to . . . They impinge on people’s lives, and they affect them and their children.  And I call on academics to stand up [Most of the audience of 2000 or so stand and cheer].

    COMMENT: My interpretation of Suzuki’s behavior is that scientific truth is not  at issue for him.  What IS at issue is knowledge of racial differences, which he considers of explosive potential.  Prevent the explosion.  Suppress the research.

    There is no denying resurrecting and buttressing scientifically what was once common knowledge about the races in the white western world has revolutionary potential.  The multi-cultural paradigm now forced on whites collapses. 

    The sanctified victimhood of third world peoples — many of whom are hostile to European-descended majority populations in western countries — is imperiled.   That’s probably the ultimate reason for Suzuki’s for frantic posturing throughout this “debate.”

  • batlanta

    All these debates and analyses about IQ or any other racial differences are only pointless diversions. It is an indisputable fact that the white race exists and it is an equally indisputable fact that it is the most accomplished race of people in the history of the world. Those who belong to it should work for its preservation and advancement. What more needs to be said?

    • Denver Goddess

      No more, sir. You hit it on the nail. We have as much a right AND DUTY to continue our own unique race and culture as anyone else does.

  • Tom Paine

    Further to the suppressed letters written in 1990 in defnese of Rushton’s academic
    freedom (and inextricably, thereby, as a refutation of any slander that Rushton’s work was “racism masquerading as science” ), among the nearly four dozen contributors
    was Edward O. Wilson of Harvard.   The concluding paragraph of his single page “letter” reads:

    “I have heard approximately the same favorable opinion about Rushton’s work expressed in conversation by most of the biologists familiar with his work, even when they deplore the publicity created by the work.  You may wonder why almost none have pubished their opinions  The answer is fear of being called racist, which is virtually a death sentence in American academia if taken seriously.  I admit that I myself have tended to avoid the subject of Rushton’s work, out of fear.  But there comesa point when one must speak up…”

    Other defenders, surmounting fear to support freedom, were James Flynn, Richard
    Herrnstein,  James Q. Wilson,  Barry Gross….

    Mr Taylor has some time ago exposed how perverse some wikipedia entries could be.
    The suggestion that only a handful of like-mined “cultists” defended Rushton is
    obscenely alien to the facts of the mater. 

  • Tom P.

    I note the current wikipedia entry for Professor Rushton.  An emphasis is given to how “isolated”
    his work is and it appears to be beyond the pale.    This amounts to a distortion worthy of a Ministry of
    Truth. The list of distinguished scholars writing in 1990  in support of Rushton’s academic freedom ( and implicitly thereby rejecting any notion of his work being “racism masquerading as science”)
    includes nearly four dozen persons.  Among them are these names  ( few of whom have had
    any involvement with the Pioneer Fund ).   :
    ProfessorJames R. Rlynn (yes, of “The Flynn Effect”  )
    Professor Richard J. Herrnstein
    Professor E. O. Wilson
    Professor James Q. Wilson
    Professor Barry Gross
    Professor Daniel G. Freedman
    Professor Hiram P. Caton

    Here  where I live in the American Heartland, I always consider the boys at the gun shows good on instinct but a little imprecise intellectually.  However, at the moment I saw the wikipedia entry, I ceased to think it hyperbole to refer to  the “USSA”. 

  • Uist

     Shocked to hear that Mr. Rushton has passed so suddenly and so young.

    May we all learn something from his character and how he conducted himself.

  • Another thing is the ‘racist’ Coon has been validated on certain points, not least that Europeoids have neanderthaloid admixture – refuting the simplistic Out of Africa model which appealed to believers in ‘one human race’, the only race it’s ok to believe in…

  • And Peter Frost presented friendly criticism too.

  • Well he has a point, HBD is interesting but you won’t convert the leftist pseudo-intellectuals by quoting Rushton, they’re a lost cause.

  • WhitesWillWinParty

    I like your comments, so far, but:

    “no possible future benefit to the people who financed the project.”

    Who financed the “diversity” lie and forced it upon us? Jews. (However, one may argue that jews didn’t actually “finance” it because they used our money, the money they steal from us by their ownership of our money-creation and banking systems.)

    My name is James T. Laffrey. Real name. No cowering.

    • Michele

      James said, “Who financed the “diversity” lie and forced it upon us? Jews. ” I think we need to differentiate between all Jews and Rothchild Zionists. It is the Rothchild Zionists who control media, banking, military, social agenda, politics, and so on. They are the “Illuminati” bent on dumbing down and decreasing world population (much easier to control the few and stupid). However, not all Rothchild Zionists are Jews, and not all Jews are Rothchild Zionists. David Icke has probably done more research than any individual– he connects the dots from history to current.

  • Jared Taylor said that: “Thugs disrupted Phil’s classes, and SHOUTED ABUSE AT HIM whenever he walked by. Once he found “Racists pig live here” [sic] scrawled on the door of his office… ..When he resumed classroom teaching—amid much media whooping and student protest—thugs repeatedly disrupted his courses and EVEN ASSAULTED HIM. Through it all, Phil never lost his temper, never threw a punch—and, most importantly, never backed down.”

    Why would anybody object to Phil’s research on racial differences in IQ, unless they are specifically targeted as being a low-IQ group by Rushton?

    As far as I’m aware, Phil has never said or done anything to disparage Whites and Orientals at the University of Western Ontario; and thereby, it’s difficult to see why they would ever object to what he’s said.

    • Denver Goddess

      Because his research – among others – showed that reality isn’t coated in equals signs, and in this day and age, that’s being a heretic and the punishment is to be burned at the stake.

  • Pierre Leroux

    He was a new Darwin. In theory and in courage!

  • Pierre Leroux

    He was a new Darwin. In theory and in courage!

    His book is as important as “the origin of species”

  • Pierre Leroux

    A critic to Cavalli-Sforza done by Richard Lynn is that Cavalli-Sforza in his work was able to find genetic clusters in human populations which fit in anthropological race classification and according to Lynn “cluster” is a euphemism to race.

  • J. Philip Gray

    I wrote my M.A. thesis “The Race Science of J Philippe Rushton: Professors, Protesters and the Press” 1991 and spoke with him on a number of occasions. He was indeed polite and generous. RIP.

  • THANK GOD, one less crazy in this world of morons. What is the difference between phil rushton and adolf hitler. No difference.

    India from south east asia already surpassed the economy of Japan, korea and all the other so called North east asian countries to become the third largest economy of the world. It is only a question of time before it reaches the top of the chart.

    I am sure mr rushton is not even close to brilliant scientists like albert einstein who once said that we have to be thankful to India who taught us how to count. Sure,, so called Arabic numerals originated from India but the name arabic was given by Britishers who failed to identify its true origin,

    sure the IQ of china town cooks is more than silicon valley software developers who are mostly Indians. lol nice try

    • Denver Goddess

      So because you dislike his conclusions, the scientific accuracy of decades of research is damned? No, sir, YOU are the Hitler here.

  • Dr.Geoff Neumaier

    Hello.Can anyone direct me to any work on native americans,northern or southern hemisphere and the apparent,or rather,obvious,findings of Dr.J.P.Rushton? I am in Ecuador, and curious.

    • Denver Goddess

      Mestizo/Latino data is probably your best bet.

  • Denver Goddess

    I’d like to see one valid study that shows racial IQs are equal. It seems all the equality crowd can do is attack people like Rushton, but they can’t produce any original research of their own to correct his supposed flaws. RIP.

  • Denver Goddess

    I’ve never seen an estimate of Oriental IQs that high above whites. And yes, they’re basically good copy and pasters of what whites innovate.

  • Denver Goddess

    Western-educated, 33. That’s part of our point. England? They come to us for knowledge, and you just verified that.

  • JohnEngelman

    China has been running the world’s largest and most successful eugenics program for more than thirty years, driving China’s ever-faster rise as the global superpower…

    For a thousand years, China has been ruled by a cognitive meritocracy selected through the highly competitive imperial exams. The brightest young men became the scholar-officials who ruled the masses, amassed wealth, attracted multiple wives, and had more children. The current “gaokao” exams for university admission, taken by more than 10 million young Chinese per year, are just the updated version of these imperial exams—the route to educational, occupation, financial, and marital success. With the relaxation of the one-child policy, wealthier couples can now pay a “social fostering fee” (shehui fuyangfei) to have an extra child, restoring China’s traditional link between intelligence, education, wealth, and reproductive success.

  • Kaz

    SOMETIMES you save a lot of effort by just following the motivation of the individual:

    1) Rushton was a key member of Sailer’s Human Biodiversity group (founded by renowned racist pseudo-scientist Steve Sailer).

    2) Rushton has spoken here, American Renaissance conferences (since 1996 and contributed to the publication. A known racist organization.

    3) He took and accepted funding from the Pioneer Fund. The Pioneer Fund was established in 1937 by the American white supremacist multimillionaire Wickliffe Draper and others who were supportive of Nazi race policies in Germany.

    SO HOW IS IT a surprise that he fudged his data, that he left out groups that contradict his data, as David Suzuki said, with that kind of selectivity, I can proof anything!

    Most people who tend to believe this don’t care whether it is proven to be wrong or right, and many more do not even have the scientific literacy nor the time to do some basic digging and see his work is simply racism dressed as legitimate science.

    Racism is a a form of mental disorder/disease and there are sufficient misinformation there to maintain such a disease in someone who has been inflicted. I am African who immigrated to North America, I begun learning English at age 15, and working part time to pay for my rent and food. Yes, racist attitudes here and there has tripped me couple of times; like the white male TA who constantly gave me a bad look when chatting with a pretty white girl in the classroom, and who also could not mysteriously find my course assignment (worth 15%) in his locker, where it was instructed, and everyone else dropped theirs.

    Despite the occasional racial slurs and objects thrown my way in mostly small white town, I successfully graduated, got my license in Engineering and have been working in my field for 8 years. If you want to feel superior than others, or you are eager to believe that you are superior, then show by your actions, but not by shooting people in the leg and claiming to be faster than them.

  • Kaz

    SOMETIMES you save a lot of effort by just following the motivation of the individual:

    1) Rushton was a key member of Sailer’s Human Biodiversity group (founded by renowned racist pseudo-scientist Steve Sailer).

    2) Rushton has spoken at American Renaissance conferences (since 1996 and contributed to the publication. A known racist movement as per SPLA.

    3) He took and accepted funding from the Pioneer Fund. The Pioneer Fund was established in 1937 by the American white supremacist multimillionaire Wickliffe Draper and others who were supportive of Nazi race policies in Germany.

    SO HOW IS IT a surprise that he fudged his data; that he left out groups that will contradict his findings, as David Suzuki said, with that kind of selectivity, I can proof anything!

    Most people who tend to believe such materials don’t care whether it is proven to be wrong or right, their emotion into the subject overwhelms and surpasses their reasoning capacity, and many more do not even have the scientific literacy nor the time to do some basic digging, and see that his work is simply racism dressed as legitimate science.

    Racism is just an outward display of centuries known phenomenon of xenophobia! I am an African who immigrated to North America, I begun learning English at the age 15, in addition working part time after school. Yes, racist attitudes here and there has tripped me couple of times; like the white male TA who constantly gave me a bad look when chatting with a pretty white girl in the classroom, and who could also not mysteriously find my course assignment (worth 15%), where everyone else dropped theirs as per his instructions.

    Despite the occasional racial slurs and objects thrown my way in mostly small white town, I successfully graduated, got my license in Engineering and have been working in my field for 8 years. If you want to feel superior than others, or you are eager to believe that you are superior, then show by your actions and integrity, but not by shooting people in the leg and claiming to be faster than them.

  • Garrett Brown

    Just read his book again for the third time. Great man, left us way too soon. Did a fantastic job of continuing Jenson’s work.