Posted on February 26, 2021

A Letter to CPAC Attendees

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, February 26, 2021

(Credit Image: © Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire)

It’s been many years since I’ve been in “the conservative movement,” a movement I think is a dead end. This isn’t an accusation of moral failure; just a reasoned disagreement. I know you are good people. If anything, you are too kind, sacrificing for a system that I don’t think deserves your hard work.

Few could imagine the changes that have taken place in this country over the last decade, even the last year, and I write to younger activists with great hope because I think these changes are opening you to a different appeal.

I want to convince young conservatives that many people fear and scorn you — it may not be going too far to say that they hate you — because you are white. I want to convince you that whites — like people of all races — have legitimate group interests. I want you to consider a different movement, a movement we call white advocacy.

Alt Right Posters

Let me begin by telling you what Democrats think about you. A recent poll from Echelon Insights reports on the policy priorities of Republicans and Democrats. The top five issues for Republican voters are, in order: illegal immigration, lack of support for the police, high taxes, liberal bias in mainstream media, and economic damage from COVID-19. Republicans want our country to be sovereign, prosperous, truthful, and orderly.

The Democrat top concerns, in order, are: the spread of COVID-19 infections, Donald Trump supporters, white nationalism, systemic racism, and economic damage from COVID-19. Leaving aside COVID-19, Democrats think the biggest problem is you. Donald Trump supporters – about half the country – are a bigger threat than “white nationalism.” Even after years of hysteria about “white nationalism,” Democrats evidently think Trump supporters are an even worse threat.

What “white nationalism” means to Democrats isn’t clear. It’s like “fascist,” or “racist.” If “white nationalism” means wanting an independent white nation, that’s not a mass movement — yet. But a man who explicitly called for a black nation, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, was deputy chair of the Democrat Party.

In the face of this double standard, we should roll our eyes when we are called white nationalists. For many years, reporters have said former president Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and America itself are plagued by white nationalism. I’m a white nationalist, but by these standards, who isn’t?

There’s much more at stake than media bias. The FBI is posting pictures of people it claims were “involved in the violence at the U.S. Capitol,” including a young girl. Journalists repeatedly refer to “The deadly Capitol attack,” but from what we know, everyone who died on January 6 was a Trump supporter, including Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed white woman shot in the neck.

For the first time, we may face real tyranny. Just a few days ago, two Democrat representatives sent letters to communications companies and asked them to justify carrying Newsmax, One America Network (OANN) and Fox News. They claimed that:

Misinformation on TV has led to our current polluted information environment that radicalizes individuals to commit seditious acts and reject public health best practices, among other issues in our public discourse.

It is dangerous when a political faction claims the right to determine what “misinformation” is. A state that pressures businesses to silence media outlets cannot claim to be a liberal democracy.

The Democrat House of Representatives recently held hearings on “The Rise of Domestic Terrorism” that focused on the supposed threat from the far-right. Representatives mostly ignored the testimony of Andy Ngo, a brave journalist who has exposed antifa violence. The Democrats seem to be using the Capitol riot as a Reichstag Fire that will allow them to crack down on civil liberties.

Code Pink at the Homeland Security Hearing On Anti-Semitic Domestic Terrorism

January 15, 2020: CodePink activists holding up protest signs at a hearing of the Homeland Security Committee Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism on the Rise in Anti-Semitic Domestic Terrorism. (Credit Image: © Michael Brochstein/ZUMA Wire)

The United States military is conducting an ideological purge of “extremists” within the ranks. The United States Navy recommends sailors read Ibram X. Kendi’s How To Be An Anti-Racist. The Constitution sailors swear to uphold is not required reading. Why should it be? It’s not just Confederates who have been felled: Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, and even Abraham Lincoln are victims of cancel culture. Brainwashing in Critical Race Theory is back for government employees. What every prior generation would consider American identity is being dismantled.

Democrats think Trump voters are a threat to the country. They use words such as “seditionists” and “traitors.” Traitors to what? Even during a pandemic, President Biden is welcoming more illegal immigrants and causing a crisis at the border. To me, that seems more like treason than protesting an election.

However, it’s not just bad policy we need to worry about, but government-sponsored oppression. The presumptive attorney general, Merrick Garland, endorsed Kamala Harris’s theory of “racial equity.” This means Americans will not be treated equally. Instead, the goal is equal results for different racial groups. Under the legal doctrine of “disparate impact,” any racial gap in performance or achievement is assumed to be the result of racism (even unintentional) until proven otherwise. Since racial gaps will persist, government can intervene in almost every aspect of our lives. Everything is a potential federal case. Racial equity is a recipe for unlimited government power.

The person who will lead the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and look into these issues is Kristen Clarke. She has written that blacks have “greater mental, physical, and spiritual abilities than whites.” Mr. Garland defended her.

The “private” sector is arguably worse than the government. We live under an economic system not much different than China’s “Social Credit System,” though ours is enforced by corporations, not government. Our system may be more repressive than China’s, because there are no clear rules. If you say the wrong thing, know the wrong people, or simply are in the wrong place, powerful media and tech companies can make you unemployable. You may be denied basic financial services, like having a bank account. Can we still say America is free?

Many governments, including ours, have said that China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority is genocide. The Uighurs are stripped of traditional religious beliefs, put under extreme surveillance, must watch as the government pulls down their monuments, and are being physically replaced by migrants. Is what “our” government does to us very different? Why are Republican officials more eager to defend the interests of Muslims in China than those of their own constituents?

The worst part of all of is that there is systemic racism in this country – against whites and Asians. If American institutions were created to benefit whites, that plan failed. Asians have higher median incomes than whites.

The government discriminates against whites in jobs and education. Many whites — including the infamous Rachel Dolezalpretend to be black or Hispanic. Has there ever been a time in history when members of a supposedly “privileged” group denied their identity because it brought them benefits? We’ve been so traumatized by media incitement against us that such broken people may really believe it is a curse to be white. Fake hate crimes are common because it pays to be a non-white victim.

For all the rhetoric about whites committing hate crimes, the truth is that we are the ones who suffer the most from interracial crime. Even if whites aren’t involved at all, we get the blame. There has been a score of attacks by blacks on older Asians in the San Francisco Bay area. One victim died. Hundreds protested in San Francisco and New York — against “white nationalism” and “white supremacy”!

Worst of all is the psychological war against you. Your forefathers were evil. You are privileged, even though the law discriminates against you. You are racist no matter what you do, but you must strive to be “anti-racist” anyway. You are therefore sick and ordered to heal yourself, but yours is a disease for which there is no cure. Academics, celebrities, and politicians preach these messages.

Nothing we do will ever be enough. I remember talking to a friend in the conservative movement when Barack Obama was elected. He said that at least with a black president, we wouldn’t have to talk about race all the time. Now Mr. Obama, who once appealed to national unity, says you should pay reparations to blacks.

We are a stateless people because America no longer belongs to us. Unlike non-whites, we can’t go “home.” Our ancestral lands have the same problems ours does. For many other groups, America is just a place to make money. For us, it’s the only place we have.

We-Founded-This-Nation Poster

However, “America” is not the same thing as the federal government. How can we live under a political system for which we are the problem? Should we be loyal to a country that discriminates against us but insists we are “privileged?” Finally, CPAC attendees, should we work for a political movement eager to fight for everyone except its own core supporters?

I attended CPAC for many years. The program rarely changes. What will CPAC offer this year? There are panels about the evils of China, socialism, and the enemies of Israel. However, it’s not the Communist Chinese, campus Bolsheviks, or Iranian ayatollahs who are silencing you. It’s Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple — the very corporations you defend from socialism. When you preach about the glories of capitalism and work with Turning Point USA, Jack Dorsey at Twitter and Jeff Bezos at Amazon don’t reward you. They censor and deplatform you.

Why should Americans worry about China or Iran? Why must brave men and women, who fight for a country that doesn’t deserve them, continue to die in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria? Our problems are at home: They are our fellow citizens.

Those who oppose you have media power. That’s why a record spike in the homicide rate gets far less attention than a mob protest in the Capitol. That’s why racial double standards persist. That’s why there are probably reporters lurking among you right now getting material for hit pieces.

There’s no easy way out. As a white person, I learned after years of experience that there is nothing you can do that will satisfy leftist activists other than betraying friends and debasing yourself. I don’t want to live among such people. I don’t think a country where half the people view the other half as a “problem” can or should endure.

A La Verga Con Trump

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What can we do? That’s a hard question, but I can tell you where to start. Start where you are right now. The conservative movement must defend its base. Whites who suffer discrimination and scorn from “their” government are the ones who keep America going. This doesn’t mean conservatives should exclude or ignore other races. However, if CPAC, Turning Point USA, or others can appeal to minority groups and promote their interests, the majority should have a say, too. We have a moral right and a duty to defend our own interests. Our interests are America’s interests. Without a white majority, America is just a geographic expression.

We must push the conservative movement in our direction and leave if it doesn’t move. The people are with us. Another poll shows a majority of Republicans feel their race/ethnicity is at least somewhat important to them. Almost 60 percent strongly agree that discrimination will increase against whites and almost 30 percent on top of that “somewhat” agree. Just 5 percent “agree strongly” that whites have an advantage in modern America, with a just 15 percent saying they “somewhat” agree. That is a base to work from.

Even so, we face media pressure, state repression, crazy and hateful leftists, and the painful trials of a life of political struggle. But I believe a life lived for your people’s benefit is humanity’s highest aspiration.

Please think about what you can contribute. Our cause must succeed before our country can once again ascend rather than continue to decline. Be proud of who you are — but respect the identities of all others. Accept the challenge of history by taking your own side. We must become perhaps the greatest generation our race has ever produced. If we don’t, we may be the last.

It will be hard, but also glorious. To quote a song that is emerging as a kind of anthem for our cause: “On the other side of misery, there’s a world we long to see. The strife we share will take us there to relief and sovereignty.”

If we work together, will get there. Enjoy the conference.