Posted on October 2, 2020

Ibram X. Kendi: The Latest Black Messiah

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, October 2, 2020

He wants a lot more than “reparations.”

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Ibram X. Kendi is the latest black prophet who will lead us to racial redemption. His books have been at the top of every best-seller list and he is in constant demand for profiles, interviews, and speeches. He’s a fellow at Harvard, winner of the National Book Award, and a Guggenheim Fellow. In 2020, he was one of Times Magazine’s 100 most influential people, as Al Sharpton was kind enough to explain. He has really cashed in on the insatiable demand of white people to be told they are racist. His ultimate goal is — and I’m not exaggerating — to set up a dictatorship of people like him to control every aspect of the country and redistribute every dime until there is complete racial equality.

He was born in New York City with the name of Ibram Rogers to parents who were a tax accountant and a business analyst. In 2013, when he was 31 years old, he gave himself new middle and last names, and is now Ibram Xolani Kendi.

He started off very down on white people. When he moved to Manassas, Virginia at age 15, he says he stayed up all night, worried that the Ku Klux Klan would arrive any minute. This was in 1997, and Manassas is about 30 miles from Washington. When he was in college, Mr. Kendi thought white people were so awful and weird that they might actually be extraterrestrials and were using AIDS to kill off black people.

Mr. Kendi has calmed down a bit since then, and has gone on to great heights. The New York Times calls his book How to be an Antiracistthe most courageous book to date on the problem of race in the Western mind.” The main idea is that every action, policy, thought, and person in America is either racist or anti-racist, and it’s easy to tell them apart. If anything contributes to equal racial outcomes, it’s anti-racist. Everything else — even if you think it has nothing to do with race — is racist. So here’s what whites have to do: [[ 40:03 — 40:27 “When allies, white allies . . . if you’re racist.” ]] You’re either a demon or an angel. If you just want to go about your business, you’re a racist.

And here is what the Times thinks is courageous: We should stop fighting discrimination and instead fight inequality, and we have to discriminate to get equality. As Mr. Kendi explains, “racial discrimination is not inherently racist.” In fact, it’s necessary to get equal results. Here is the most obvious form of necessary racial discrimination: [[ 3:26 – 3:49 “Can you give an . . . reparations.” ]]

Another courageous argument in the book is this: “To be antiracist is to think nothing is behaviorally wrong or right—inferior or superior—with any of the racial groups.”

This means nothing black people do is a problem. Murder, mayhem, illegitimacy — not a problem. As Mr. Kendi explains: [[ “Young people like me . . . thought something was wrong with black people.” 2:51 – 3:06 ]] Every bit of it is our fault. Blacks are marionettes in the hands of whites and have no control over what they do. If you think blacks are responsible for anything, you’re a racist. And, so, in 1897 when WEB DuBois condemned what he called “immorality, crime, and laziness among the Negroes,” Mr. Kendi says Du Bois was being a racist. And do you realize there is no black/white student “achievement gap”? It’s true that blacks drop out of school and score badly on tests, but those measures were cooked up to degrade and exclude black students.

For all the terrible things white people are doing to black people, Mr. Kendi is awfully vague about how we are supposed to set things right. An interviewer asked him what we should do, and first, all he said was vote for antiracist candidates. The interviewer then said surely, white people can do more, and this was Mr. Kendi’s complete reply: [[11:19 – 12:17. “each and every . . . focused”]] The right ideas will protect you from all those folks who say black people are animals. And how’s this for circular mush? [[ 34:31 -34:45 “Like how do you define racism . . . racist ideas.” ]] Are you surprised to learn that in high school, his GPA was below 3.0 and that his SAT scores were just over 1,000?

So the book’s title shouldn’t be How to be Antiracist, because it doesn’t tell you how. The title should be You Are Racist. In any case, government will solve the problem, and Mr. Kendi thinks a couple of constitutional amendment will do the trick. First, we should put it right there in the Constitution that all racial groups are exactly, precisely equal, so any differences in achievement are because of racism. How do you fix that? With a new and permanent federal Department of Anti-Racism that would have the power to look at every single federal, state, and local law or regulation and throw out everything that leads to racial inequality. It would be made up of unelected experts formally trained in racism — by Mr. Kendi? You could not vote them out of office, nor could the president fire them. They would be dictators, controlling every detail of your life.

And if Mr. Kendi gets his way, we will all be a lot poorer because he believes that “Capitalism is essentially racist,” and “racism is essentially capitalist.” His Department of Anti-Racism would destroy free enterprise while it is eliminating inequality. In the meantime, the arch-capitalist and therefore arch-racist CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, just gave him $10 million, no strings attached, to spend at his Center for Antiracist Research. It’s research findings will be, in Mr. Kendi’s words, “narrated to the world through journalism and through art.”

There is a lot that I don’t understand about Mr. Kendi. I can’t find any ideas in his book about Asians. How are we going to end the income, test-score, incarceration, and life-expectancy gaps between whites and Asians? Does Mr. Kendi even care? Will the Department of Anti-Racism make blacks as rich as whites or do they have to be as rich as Asians? Should we expect racial equality in professional basketball? And will rich blacks get handouts, too?

Mr. Kendi himself is doing very well. Along with royalty income, he gets fat fees. The school system in Fairfax County, Virginia paid him $20,000 this summer for a single hour on Zoom. $20,000 without even leaving his house. I don’t think Mr. Kendi has yet gotten one of those MacArthur Foundation Genius awards, but anyone who can get white people to pay him $20,000 an hour to tell them how awful they are is a genius.

In the meantime, Mr. Kendi is building on his triumphs with Antiracist Baby, which became an instant bestseller. According to the publisher, it “empowers parents and children to uproot racism in our society and in ourselves.” And it does it in just 32, easy-to-read pages. Again, this man is a genius.

I think one of the keys to Mr. Kendi’s success is his friendly, low-key manner. He’s not threatening like the black panthers. He doesn’t shout “God damn America” the way Barack Obama’s preacher Jeremiah Wright did. He has such a cuddly little beard. He makes white people feel good about feeling bad about being white.

And he’s logical. The only way to get anything even approaching economic equality between blacks and whites would be with an anti-racist dictatorship that ruthlessly and constantly took from whites and gave to blacks. It would be a new form of slavery. And there still wouldn’t be equality even after you ruined the economy. This is the maniacal stuff you get when people deliberately close their eyes to the stark facts about racial differences.

White people of the world: Wake up. You have nothing to lose but your chains.