Muslim Immigration and the West

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, October 10, 2014

It’s time to stop the madness.

This past Saturday, authorities arrested Mohammed Hamzah Khan at O’Hare International Airport, where he intended to board a plane to Turkey and then join the Islamic State [ISIS]. Federal agents discovered pro-ISIS documents at Mr. Khan’s home, including a drawing of an ISIS fighter that said, “Come to Jihad.”

In August, 33-year-old Minnesota rapper Douglas McAuthur McCain became the first US citizen to die fighting for ISIS. Defense Secretary Charles Hagel says there are a dozen or so other Americans fighting for ISIS, and 100 US citizens with the jihadists in Iraq and Syria.

Douglas McAuthur

Douglas McAuthur McCain

McCain was a black American who converted to Islam, but he was an exception. “American” jihadists are almost always Muslim immigrants or the children of Muslim immigrants. McCain himself was caught up in fanaticism that foreigners have brought to our shores. Islamic violence and a whole host of host of other problems stemming from Muslim immigration were entirely avoidable. Indeed, the disadvantages of Muslim immigration are so great and the advantages so few that Western countries are justified in asking why they should permit any Muslim immigration at all.

Moderate Muslims

Whenever fanatical, violent Muslims are in the news, liberals and even some conservatives point out that there are many moderate, assimilated Muslims. This does not change the fact there are many Muslims who would like to kill their non-Muslim neighbors.

In 2013, the Pew Research Center held face-to-face interviews with 9,000 Muslims in 11 countries in the Middle East and South Asia. A median 16 percent of those interviewed said suicide bombings or other violence against civilians are “sometimes” or “often” justified “to defend Islam from its enemies.” In Egypt, for example, 25 percent said suicide bombings and similar attacks in defense of Islam are at least sometimes justified. From 2010 to 2013, more than 38,000 Egyptians immigrated to the United States.

This chart shows the Pew data as well as the number of immigrants from each of the countries living in the United States, and shows how much their numbers have changed from 2010 to 2013.


Pew also asked Muslims what they thought of al Qaeda. A median of 13 percent had at least somewhat favorable views of the terrorist organization. This chart shows the results.


Many Muslim immigrants and their descendents living in the United States are probably unwilling to admit to a pollster that they have extreme views, but some are openly fanatic. In 2011, a Pew survey found that 1 percent of Muslims in America think suicide bombings and other violence against civilians is “often” justified, 7 percent say it is “sometimes” justified, and 5 percent say it is justified, but only “rarely.” Five percent of US Muslims also view al Qaeda at least somewhat favorably. In addition, 6 percent say there is a great deal of support for extremism among Muslims in America and 15 percent say there is a fair amount of support.

To put this in perspective, the low estimate of the US Muslim population is 2.75 million. That means there are over 350,000 Muslims in America who think blowing up civilians to defend Islam is acceptable in some cases, and that there are more than 137,000 with a favorable view of the organization responsible for the September 11 attacks.

And it takes far fewer than that to take the kind of action that is increasingly common throughout Western countries. Last month, the BBC reported that police conducted pre-dawn raids in Sydney, Australia, arresting 15 Muslims who were plotting to behead random Australians in the name of ISIS. The reporter said the plot “will shock many people here, including the vast majority of this country’s long-established moderate Muslim community.” The community was upset alright, but by the raids: Two hundred Muslims held a protest that night against what they called police brutality.

Liberals typically excuse bad behavior by blaming it on poverty and a lack of education. A recent survey of British Muslims, however, found that “people in education and high earners were more likely to support radical acts.” Also, Muslims who were born in Britain were more likely to sympathize with terrorist acts than Muslims who had immigrated.

Aqsa Mahmood, born in Scotland, is a good example. She is the 20-year-old daughter of a Pakistani immigrant and successful businessman, and was educated at the Craigholme School, Glasgow’s top private academy. One school friend describes her as a “usual, typical girl” who was “really confident” and could “talk to anyone she wanted.” Last November, Miss Mahmood dropped out of university and disappeared to join ISIS. In between tweets about her new life as a mother, she encourages her Twitter followers to “Follow the examples of your brothers from Woolwich, Texas and Boston,” referring to the murder of Lee Rigby, the Fort Hood shooting, and the Boston Marathon bombing. “If you cannot make it to the battlefield, then bring the battlefield to yourself,” she says.

Importing danger

Of course, it is Westerners who have brought the battlefield to ourselves. If there were no Muslims in our midst, ISIS would not threaten us. Instead, we have admitted into our countries the very people our rulers claim to be combating abroad. The Muslims who do integrate are a cover for those who want to harm us.

The European Union’s Anti-Terrorism Chief Gilles de Kerchove estimates that 3,000 Muslims from Europe have gone to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS. In Britain alone, the figure is at least 400. The British daily The Independent reports that 60 women from Britain have traveled to Syria and joined an all-female police unit called al-Khansaa, which enforces a strict form of sharia law on civilian women. The International Center for the Study of Radicalization says “The British women are some of the most zealous in imposing the ISIS laws in the region.” They are also reportedly running ISIS brothels where non-Muslim women from the Yazidi tribe in Iraq are forced into sex slavery.

Jihadist exports from the West can hurt us only if they come back. Even President Obama realizes that they can get combat training in Iraq and Syria, “then they come back, they have European passports, they don’t need a visa to get into the United States.” In August, Scotland Yard chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said about 250 fighters had already returned from Iraq and Syria, and that close to 200 had settled in London. That same month, Britain raised its terror threat to “severe,” meaning a terrorist attack is “highly likely.”

Several countries have passed laws to revoke the citizenship or invalidate the passports of suspected terrorists. This year Britain approved legislation expanding the government’s power to revoke citizenship even if it results in statelessness. Since 2006, Britain has stripped 42 suspected terrorists of citizenship, with a record of 20 just last year. Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands are also considering denaturalizing citizens who fight for groups such as ISIS. The Canadian government has begun suspending the passports of Muslims who have either already gone, or intend to go fight in Iraq and Syria. The government said 30 Canadians are active in Syria, and 130 are fighting elsewhere, but would not say how many passports had been revoked.

Last month, Senator Ted Cruz introduced legislation that would make joining ISIS “an affirmative renunciation of American citizenship.” The legislation was blocked by Democrats who were worried about “constitutional implications.” FBI Director James Comey says that for now, US citizens fighting for ISIS are “entitled to come back,” but that authorities “will track them very carefully.”

The threat posed by ISIS is only the most recent example of violence and potential violence by Muslim immigrants. Here is a list of 60 jihadist plots that have been foiled in the United States since the September 11 attacks. This April, for example, Moroccan national El Mehdi Semlali Fahti was arrested in Connecticut for plotting to fly bombs attached to radio-controlled airplanes into a school and a federal building. Mr. Fahti was in the country illegally after overstaying his visa for seven years and lying to an immigration judge while seeking political asylum. The most famous recent plot that succeeded was, of course, by the two Chechen immigrants who killed three Americans and injured an estimated 264 at the Boston Marathon using pressure-cooker bombs.

Sometimes Muslims express their hatred differently. In Rotherham, England, Pakistani rape gangs “groomed” at least 1,400 young white girls from 1997 to 2013, according to a government report released this August. The author called the 1,400 figure a “conservative estimate,” and said authorities could have stopped the problem sooner, but they were afraid of being called “racist.” She noted that two reports on similar behavior released years earlier had been “effectively repressed.” More than a dozen similar gangs have been convicted of operating elsewhere in Britain.

Muslim rape gangs are also active in Australia. The most notorious was a group of 14 Lebanese convicted in 2002 of raping white girls as young as 14 in Sydney. These crimes are invariably committed against girls from the host population, not fellow Muslims, and the Sidney attacks were widely described as hate crimes.


Liberals say Muslim immigrants enrich us with their culture, but can even the most committed multiculturalists give us a single example of enrichment? It is debatable whether many Americans have gained any wholesome cultural experiences from our three million Muslims. However, nearly every American has lost civil liberties, been a victim of mass surveillance, and undergone cumbersome airport screening as a result of the Muslims among us.

There are other costs. School districts wrestle with the question of whether to serve pork in school lunches or celebrate Muslim holidays. Universities face demands to set aside women-only swimming-pool hours so that Muslims can escape the gaze of men. Activist Muslim groups try to shut down lectures by speakers critical of Islam.

And how many people chose not to run in the Boston Marathon this year? How many decided to drive after Iraq’s prime minister warned last month of an ISIS plot to attack subways in the United States and France? Even today, how many worry whenever they board an airplane?

Liberals should have their own reasons for not wanting Muslims in the West: Muslims are some of the strongest opponents of feminism and homosexual rights. Indeed, it was on these grounds–and not for racial or ethnic reasons–that the Dutchman Pim Fortuyn became his country’s most effective opponent of Muslim immigration.

Islam has caused tremendous destruction. Yet it gives believers a sense of commitment that has no parallel in the West. Viewed objectively–and setting aside, if that is possible, the immense suffering it has caused–Muslim dedication is a refreshing contrast to the aimlessness of so many Americans and Europeans.

But Islam has no place in the West. Unless our civilizations stay out of each others’ way, there will be perpetual conflict. Separation is the best solution–both for Westerners of all political persuasions, and for Muslims.

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Henry Wolff
Henry Wolff is the assistant editor of American Renaissance.
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  • AmericanCitizen

    Well written. We do not need more Muslims here, and it’s clear they do not intend to assimilate and become Americans. They are the vanguard of an invasion, the point men of demographic change, and we’re dumb enough to encourage it.

    • benvad

      We do not need ANY muslims here.

      • Pathfinder75 (formerly Shadow)

        We need more Muslims here about as much as we need another hole in the butt.

      • RexRazor

        Amen. Amen. Amen.

      • ThomasER916

        We don’t need the Culture of Critique either.

        • PaleoFuturist

          People are fixated on the symptoms of the problem, but not the root of the problem. Whites who cower away from “racism” have no idea what they are up against.

          • ThomasER916

            Those Whites that cower away from “racism” are cowering away from survival, freedom and prosperity.

    • 4321realist

      “….it’s clear they do not intend to assimilate and become Americans. ”

      Right on. They’re more apt to convert silly Americans…..certainly blacks… their religion than any of them would assimilate into this culture.

      But blacks will never assimilate either. And, if you think about it, who wants them to?

      The entire country is a mess, because diversity has weakened the country horribly.

      • AmericanCitizen

        Diversity is killing America and will give rise to the one-party state when the (D) party simply has too many voting leeches to be beat in fair elections. In world history, there is no example of a one-party ruling state that became anything other than tyrannical. That’s where we’re headed, and the police are armed like soldiers for a reason.

        • Casper Flannigan

          Islam appeals because it is confident and assertive. Particularly among the youth. Men are manly, women are wives and mothers. Such clear roles and expectations helped forge western civilization. We are lost. The mushy squishy multicultural cult is toxic and has sickened us as a whole. We need a cure. Any ideas? We are so lost.

          • AmericanCitizen

            Civil War 2.0 the sequel, opening sometime 2015-2017 depending on Ebola, the Ferguson Grand Jury on Officer Wilson, and when a chimpout in a city turns into a police free-fire zone.

          • Casper Flannigan

            That, I admit, is what it would take. Our nation had a good run. Almost 240 years is nothing to sneeze at. Yet our republic contracted a terminal illness with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and subsequent ‘foreign entanglements.’ Took a painful century to get to this wretched point. It’s time to shuffle the deck, and have a great reset.

            Wonder whats next?

          • ThomasER916

            Our nation isn’t an “nation.” It’s a country. That’s the problem. That’s the problem with every White country is they’re not nations.

          • Avi Marranazo

            They’re NO LONGER nations. This has been the objective of a certain fifth column for at least 100 years.

          • 1stworlder

            Islam offers rape and enslavement of non muslims as its reward.

          • Anna Tree

            We should write “The Book of the Whites” for a start. Summarizing our history, reminding what made us great and what should be done to keep us great… and white. And why.

            Actually I am an atheist but not an anti-religion one and I have been thinking about this for a while and I do think maybe we don’t have the choice and our best bet is to make up a white religion.

            Religious ideologies have control the masses for the longest times… other ideologies, although more modern in thinking didn’t do that yet, true maybe those were incorrect/were not matching truly humans, specifically whites. Although of course, I would prefer it not to be religious, to be vague enough to make atheists like me endorse it and still to please religious people.

            If people can write a book without using the letter e, I think it is possible to write a book without the words god or evolution lol or at least to acknowledge that some see god when others see probability, chaos, physics or evolution. To find a compromise. Similarly allow men to be men but ease the concerns of women and so on about other fractions to avoid any shism.

            Not a history and not a holy book about a “Creator”, not a anthropology, not a atheist book or not a Norse or Christian book etc, but all of these in one and more. Like a guide, an anthology, with scientific facts, great men/”prophets”, parables and laws/morals for us whites. As if to be able to help white survivors to rebuild a better white society if all knowledge/if this world as we know it is destroyed. To explain them the world, as if to answer existentialist and moral questions etc.

            I think that this is the reason thousands years ago, that people invented the stories and myths around the camp-fire, that eventually made up the world religions. They were explaining their worlds to the kids and themselves with the knowledge they have at that time.

            Maybe it is time for a new book, but specifically for the whites…

            Indeed like you say, islam has its appeal for some, during our era of depravity and laxism, when Christianity has no leader who strengthen it but on the contrary are weakening all the messages that people need to hear nowadays. Same in the political and philosophical realms. No clear way, no Jean d’Arc nor Brave Heart, no order.
            So indeed, we should come up with a “cure”, the timing is ripe.

            Maybe one day, maybe during an Amren conference, some interested Amreners could get together and do a brainstorming session and start to write that book…

          • Mike Lane

            To be honest with you, isn’t that Mormonism? Mormonism is practically the only Christian denomination untainted by cultural Marxism. The vast majority of Mormons are white, conservative, and stick to their own. They value the family, marry young, and have many kids. It’s also unique in that it’s one of the few religious denominations completely invented and developed and centered in America. As a Catholic American sickened by the compromising leftism of our current Pope, I’ll tell you now Mormons, despite some of their bizarre teachings, have more respect from me than most of the Catholics I know.

          • Except the Mormons are actually now really big into the racial variety of cultural Marxism. They love Polynesian and Hispanic immigration, and they’re way overcompensating for “guilt” for having prohibited blacks from being Mormons until as late as 1978.

          • Sarita La Cubanita

            In Islam, the males are ignoramuses who think with their gonads, are threatened by women, by children, by everything, and dwell in the fantasy world of their “religious” book. The females and children live lives which are hell. But those are the “clear” roles you like best, eh?

        • ThomasER916

          Who cares about “America”? Not me. I only care about Whites. If “America” dies but Whites are reborn I’ll cheer. If “America” lives and Whites die then none of this crap matters. My people are more important than principles or paper.

          • Mike Lane

            “Who cares about America?” I do. Let me tell you why. This current institution we call America is nothing but a rotting corpse consisting of a bunch of atomized materialistic wanderers. America, as it was once known, was a society of free white men committed to the ideals of liberty and man’s ability to improve himself. It was a place where the European ideals of fatalism and tyranny could be tossed aside. America is you and me. That’s why I give a damn.

          • mobilebay

            Well said, Mike. America was just as you stated and if the American spirit will emerge once more, we’ll return this land to the glory it once possessed. We must elect someone to run this country who cares more for his/her own citizens than catering to the third world which seeks to being us to its level.

        • 1stworlder

          die verse city

    • Periapsis

      We do not need any Muslims here, alive. And no, it’s not white Americans who are behind this. It’s the Tribe who’s behind this. They did this before in Europe, that was one reason of many why Jews were slaughtered along with the Muslims during the Crusades.

    • ViktorNN

      We don’t need any Muslims here even if they were willing to assimilate and become “Americans.”

      America should be a white European nation the way it has been throughout its history – somewhere around 85% to 95% white. “American” should equal white, that it, it should be based on a racial identity, not a cultural identity.

      The vast majority of Muslims are non-white, thus we don’t need any Muslims coming to this country at all – assimilable or not.

    • JackKrak

      That’s something that even well-intentioned, middle-of-the-road, naive white soccer mom types will never understand. The human trash washing up on our shores is not looking to become “American’, whatever that means now, they just want a first world income with access to first world amenities. That’s it. Their national and ethnic loyalty is already imprinted on them as it is on all of us. They are, for example, going to remain dim-witted Mexicans but dim-witted Mexicans with a $40,000 pickup truck and a big screen tv.

    • 1stworlder

      Yet our taxes pay for them to be brought in as “refugees” see Refugee Resettlement Watch.

    • They are welfare colonists. The first wave of the Global Jihad.

  • There are no “radical” Muslims. There are only Muslims who take the Koran literally.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Have you ever seen this? Undercover Mosque, from Dispatches, a British news show.

      I don’t trust any of them.

      • PaleoFuturist

        Muslims are enemies of the West by definition. I never trusted a single one of them, not even the ones I work with. I have to say, glad I found this site because I have been looking for a place like this for some time. I will invite my best friends to post here as well, because I think they will be delighted to know of a rational forum where they can speak their minds.

        • dmxinc


  • anony

    Western culture is created by Whites. It is created by Whites and for Whites, and for no other. No “other” will, or can, appreciate it.

    We can create all the “enrichment” we need or want by ourselves.

    • Sick of it

      Thus the other has been trying to destroy our cultures from within for centuries. Primarily the so-called culture of critique.

      • anony

        Yes, and I think they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

        Those of us who are aware of what is happening have a responsibility to our posterity, and to our ancestors, to keep Western culture alive.

        I’ve read all of MacDonald’s books pertaining to this subject.

  • Dwight

    Very simply, they do not belong among us. Islam was created by nomadic Bedouins in the Saudi Arabian desert where and by whom their “prophet” was raised. It should not be surprising then that Arabs and others from the Middle East would be attracted to this primitive religion. It suits them well. It is a deeply ingrained part of their culture, not ours. In the end, we will always arrive at the same truth: All people belong with their own kind and in their own nations. The notion that multiracial societies are something to be desired is built on a foundation of ignorance and lies.

    • 4321realist

      “The notion that multiracial societies are something to be desired is built on a foundation of ignorance and lies.”

      Yes, as well as mentally sick and emotionally ill people who live in a world of make-believe that is in complete opposition to human nature.

    • Periapsis

      The end result of multi-racial fake nations will always be genocide.

  • JohnEngelman

    Where are the moderate Muslims who are speaking out and demonstrating against Islamic extremism? They would be killed if they did that in Muslim countries. They have the freedom to do that in the United States. Where are they?

    • benvad

      They really don’t exist if you want the truth. Muslims are required to lie in order to protect their self interests.

      • Guest

        So is the Culture of Critique, but we can’t talk about them either.

      • 1stworlder

        Taqiyya and kitman.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Maybe ‘moderate’ is a polite word for apathetic. Maybe this is generalizable. Dunno.

      • Nancy

        No, you’re correct…my brother was in a relationship with a lovely Iranian woman for nearly 10 years, and her family were cultural Muslims. Basically, they celebrated Ramadan, spoke Farsi, and that was it. They were WAY more interested in making money as fine jewelers than observing anything but the most general, widely-recognized Muslim holidays. Never went to mosque, nothing. Sort of like “cultural Christians” who go to church twice a year and never read the Bible.

        If asked about their feelings on terrorism, they’d basically shrug. However, they absolutely DETESTED “Black Muslims”. They thought the two words should never go together, and that Black Islam bore little resemblance to mainstream Islam. I thought it was interesting to listen to an Iranian family’s opinion on the Negroes “stealing” their religion.

        Every race and creed on Earth seem to hate Negroes.

        • pcmustgo

          Really? I knew an Egyptian Muslima as a teen who was fascinated by Black Americans converting to Islam. She didn’t cover her head, but went to the mosque many times per week and said those who don’t believe will burn in the “great fire”. That was when she was 18, so who knows what she thinks now.

    • Tarczan

      They are the ones who haven’t read the koran.

      • JohnEngelman

        Surah IV: 104 Relent not in pursuit of the enemy. If ye are suffering, lo! they suffer even as ye suffer and ye hope from Allah that for which they cannot hope. Allah is ever Knower, Wise.

        Surah IX: 5 Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.

        Surah XVII:58 There is not a township but we shall destroy it ere the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with dire punishment. That is set forth in the book of our decree.

        Surah XXI:6 Not a township believed of those which We destroyed.

        Surah XXI:15 And their crying ceased not till We made them as reaped corn, extinct.

        • silviosilver

          Now do the Talmud.

        • Nancy

          What’s interesting is that the Koran isn’t written chronologically: these verses are arranged longest to shortest (or vice versa, I can’t recall). So it’s difficult for even students of Islam to discern how Mohammed changed his opinion of “Allah” as he became older and more extreme.

          That’s how CAIR and other anti-American Islamic organizations continue to deceive the average American: they whip out the more moderate verses any chance they get (like the one about tolerating Jews and Christians, which the Koran called “People of the Book”). They know the average western person has no idea that the principle of understanding “Allah’s” decree on any subject (since “he” constantly contradicted himself) was to take the most recent verse as “the Final Word”.

          Earlier in Mohammed’s career, he was feeling somewhat generous toward converts, telling his followers that if they don’t want to convert to Islam, just leave them be. As he got older and more violent, however, he told his followers to behead the infidels if they wouldn’t convert. So the later command essentially replaces the earlier one. CAIR knows most people are unaware of this little loophole, and take advantage of only advertising Mohammed’s “gentle, moderate” verses from when he was young. All Muslims know full well that those early, moderate Koran “commandments” had been declared null and void centuries ago.

          • JohnEngelman

            When Mohammed was beginning his career he saw the need to compromise. As he became more powerful he did not have to compromise any more.

  • B.A_2014

    They don’t exists. The smart Muslims aren’t giving the game away. Imagine they actually said what they believed. The ears of many westerners would perk up immediately.

    • Ron Cheaters

      Moderate muslims are vaiting for some victory for them to come out of the woodwork, to shed their “western opression”

  • Teresa Nichols

    Yes, they should be “entitled to come back”, only so they can receive a bullet through the back of the head for treason.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    “This year Britain approved legislation expanding the government’s power to revoke citizenship even if it results in statelessness. Since 2006, Britain has stripped 42 suspected terrorists of citizenship, with a record of 20 just last year. Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands are also considering denaturalizing citizens who fight for groups such as ISIS. The Canadian government has begun suspending the passports of Muslims who have either already gone, or intend to go fight in Iraq and Syria.”

    It’s so weird that European countries (and Canada) are ahead of us on this. America is usually considered to be much more conservative than them, but we’re the ones inviting ISIS fighters with U.S. citizenship to return to the country.

    Well, I’m happy for Britain, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada anyway! It’s nice to see some white nations taking rational measures against Muslim terrorists.

  • Garrett Brown

    There is no such thing as a radical or moderate Muslim, there are only Muslims. The “peaceful” Muslims aren’t following their religious doctrine close enough, therefor they are not true Muslims.

  • Chris R

    I’ll say it here and I’ve said it elsewhere. Islam is incompatible with Western civilization. Their values are antithetical to ours. They do not belong here. Islam and the West are at war, they always have been whether the Western elite want to admit it or not. There are actually some lefties devoid of the cognitive dissonance of multiculturalism who have realized that Muslims go against their values and don’t want them here either.

    • silviosilver

      That’s great, but the problem with focusing on Islam is that it’s very easy to agree that Islam is problematic. Critiques then become stuck at the cultural level and never shift to race. People get such a thrill at being able to lash out at the leftist scum who imposed this lunacy without the challenge of being denounced as “racists” that they never move on from there. But racial difference is as important as cultural difference. Let the mainstream right focus on culture. The case for race should be built on race, not on culture.

      • anony

        Given that culture grows out of race, I find it difficult to separate the two.

        It’s easy, in many cases, to segue from culture to race in a conversation. I’ve had many instances where, in conversation, I’ve linked race to culture, and the response has been, “I’ve never thought about it in those terms”. Probably another convert to our cause.

        • silviosilver

          In private conversations, for sure, it’s very useful. The thing is that public commentary tends to get stuck on culture and never advances to race.

          Also, race is of value on its own, apart from culture. I don’t need to frown on others cultures or experience any deep-seated cultural clash to prefer my own race and to defend it against threats to its vital interests. Cultural critics never make that point – most are probably even unaware of it.

  • Nevsky

    At this point I don’t even know where to find any more hope for our salvation. We all know too well its not about Muslims or blacks, its about our virus-like mentality.

    Why is it always a white person to denounce racism? Why is it always a white person to start bashing his own culture, people and legacy first? Why is it always a white person to side with a non-white even when the latter is wrong?

    • adplatt126

      For exactly the reason this gentleman stated. Religion, culture, values, morals should own society. Society should not own religion, culture, values and morals. We are under a totalitarian regime that has convinced our people they are evil and should eliminate themselves. It’s sheer madness.

      • Sick of it

        Our people embraced evil and that led to the current situation. If we had refused to compromise in the slightest, nothing could have made America into what it has become.

      • Nevsky

        Oh trust me, I know firsthand how deep the Liberal values are entrenched in a white man’s mind. I deliberately brought up topics of third world immigration, thought control, affirmative action, anti-white propaganda and such with many people.

        Overwhelming majority are either afraid to talk about it or roboticly parrot all the Liberal drivel , some got angry to learn that I don’t share their values, a small minority agreed with me.

    • silviosilver

      Nevsky, accept in your heart that salvation will not come in your lifetime and make your plans accordingly.

      • Nevsky

        You might speak the bitter truth, but I have at least another 55 years to go. I want to hope that the change in our minds will come within my lifetime.

  • Brutus

    I always take exception to statements like “there are a dozen or so other Americans fighting for ISIS.” There are no Americans fighting for ISIS, for the simple reason that, no matter what his passport says, someone fighting for ISIS is, sort of by definition, not an American. I am very dubious as to whether it is even possible for someone to say the shahada and continue to be an American.

  • Pathfinder75 (formerly Shadow)

    “we have admitted into our countries the very people our rulers claim to be combating abroad.”

    ‘Invade the World,Invite the World’ in action.

  • LHathaway

    We need Muslim immigration to the West. White women keep marrying them. Despite all the championing of feminism, and respect shown for women (it almost seems a contest), by nearly everyone, and despite all the hand wringing over domestic violence, women will not marry a man who is smaller and weaker than herself. Even the aura of violence attracts women. Political correctness is likely a form of violence, somehow. It’s wielded, normally, as a weapon. Is there anyone who does not bow down to it?

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      There are women who enjoy steering the rage of angry men.

      • LHathaway

        Was it Langston Hughes who claimed all black’s oppression drew it’s legitimacy from white violence? I suspect at it’s heart, political correctness, the modern age, call it what you will, owes it’s success to violence. Keep in mind, it would often be white men who would be expected to be the gatekeepers in protecting women and people of color. People aren’t taking principled positions; they’re afraid to hold any others. Now it is mostly words and some guy on social media being punished serving a message to everyone else, or even someone ‘taking a stand’ on the message boards on social media. It’s mostly words but I suspect at it’s heart they intend it to be a real fear. Now it is mostly words, I just wonder if political correctness is just a small foretaste of what is to come.

  • KenelmDigby

    Henry Wolff is absolutely right of course.

    Just stop a few moments and think this one out. Prior to 1945, there were, at first approximation, zero Muslims present on the soil of either the USA or the UK to quote but two examples. It is reasonable to say, that at that time very few Americans or Britons had but the vaguest understanding of Islam or Muslims, and by and large didn’t think too much about it and cared even less about it. For example, at that time there was but one mosque existing in England, in Woking, Surrey, which was built in Victorian for political reasons.
    And no reasonable person can say that either the USA or the UK are ‘better’ more accomplished, more orderly, more peaceful, more cohesive, more inventive or more industrious nations in 2014 than they were in 1945. In fact by all measures society is far far worse.
    A very reasonable suggesting, that I profoundly agree with is that according to the old Islamic demarcation, the world should be divided up into a Muslim zone – ‘the house of peace’ and a non Muslim zone – ‘the house of war’. The west must come to an arrangement with the Muslim world to impose this demarcation and impose it absolutely. This means that the west must make a binding agreement NEVER to interfere again in the affairs of Muslim nations, and all kaffirs must remove themselves from Muslim lands. In return the west must force ALL Muslims living on kaffir soil to go back home to the ‘house of peace’. The price of this settlement will be that a mutually agreed non-aggression pact will exist between kaffirland and muslimland.
    It’s a very very sensible, good and reasonable suggestion. So of course the White western political class will reject it out of hand.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    I have the following to say about this subject :

    1) Non-White people should not be allowed to immigrate into White countries regardless whether they integrate or assimilate well or not. They are a threat to our identity, that should be reason enough to refuse them.

    2) Muslims do not fit into any non-Muslim society ( Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, whatever). It is simply in the DNA of their relgion to spread its faith and impose its sharia by force. Therefore there is no “moderate” Islam. Muslim fanatics have not “hijacked” Islam, they are its consistent practitioners.

    3) Having said this, many Muslim “terrorist attacks” are false flag operations, done to justify attacks on Muslim countries for the benefit of American imperialism and Israel’s security.

    4) The destruction of Iraq alone has caused far more suffering to Muslims than all crimes committed by Muslims in all Western countries combined.

    5) It is therefore hypocritical to complain about Muslim crimes, while condoning attacks on Muslim countries. Fanatical or not, Muslims are also human beings and their human rights should also be respected and that means no more attacks on their countries and henceforth no more “false flags” blamed on them. Morality cuts both ways.

    • jayvbellis

      You say Muslims are only mean, violent and rape young English girls because “we” did something bad to Muslims in some of “their” countries.

      Psss off you pathetic coward!

      Nasty Muslims are doing the same horrible crimes, rapes in PC Lib Nordic countries like Sweden. Sweden never attacked Iraq, always takes the Palestinian side.

      Please go offer yourself as a Western human sacrifice victim to ISIS in Iraq or in Bradford England to atone for your/our sins against the Muslims.

      You disgust me.

  • …”Islam has caused tremendous destruction. Yet it gives believers a sense
    of commitment that has no parallel in the West. Viewed objectively–and
    setting aside, if that is possible, the immense suffering it has
    caused–Muslim dedication is a refreshing contrast to the aimlessness of
    so many Americans and Europeans”…..

    Although the whole article is a good one, the last paragraph or two particularly chimed with me. I know what it is like to live in town (and in a region) that is highly infiltrated with Muslims, and the author is correct to make this observation.

    Whether they are delusional, fanatical, every-day folks, educated, uneducated, there is a great sense in these kinds of areas that they have an organisational advantage as a ‘minority’ grouplet – with a common set of aims, even if different sects do not always agree.

    They strategically expand into areas. They strategically set up their stall to build for the future.

    They have franchises and Islamic commitment to donate a part of their business turnover to the mosque, who may then go on to buy land or old buildings to turn into a Muslim school. When they plan for new mosques, they are often thinking 15, 20, 30 years down the line in terms of ultimate capacity.

    It feels like they have a vision and an ambition (through their devotion to Islamic structures) for the future….. whereas all the whites in this town, including myself to some degree, seem to feel like there is no future and the general public and institutions are NOT setting out a future for whites. There is no goal, no ambitions, no visions.

    In fact, in general terms, everything the wider public and institutions do is “for everybody”……whilst what the Muslims do is largely “for themselves”.

    Clearly this is a disastrous way of being, particularly when demographics softly nudge what was once “everybody’s” into being, in effect, “theirs”.

    Take for example some of the “super-schools” they built in my area. They pulled down three perfectly good high-schools because they were too segregated and wanted to move to create a “catchment area” that would mix up the schools.

    Millions of pounds were spent on this project, with PFI schemes that I think we are all still paying for and will be paying for for the next 30 years or more.

    The aim was to get a 50/50 Mix of Asians(Pakistanis) and Whites…….yet about a decade down the line from when they were built, some of them are already 75% or more Pakistani Muslim again. This is simple demographic mathematics. Pretty soon, they will have “inherited” a fancy new school for themselves that the whites have largely paid for.

    I can only tell you that when one sector of society is working towards a plan and expanding, whilst the other just plods along individually, flapping in the wind and has no plan, it is NOT all that hard to work out which will come out on top.

    • jayvbellis

      Depressingly true.

      Whites in such areas can consider becoming Janissaries – elite White Muslim warriors with their own organizations at the top of the Muslim food chain.

      Join Islam and target the worst sexual degenerate cultural Marxists.

      Maybe publish “who rules the media from a distinctly Islamic view”

      Whatever you do, please give up the lie that Muslim immigrants will assimilate to Western liberalism, libertarianism etc.

      I have to say again, England’s brutal transformation from a green and pleasant English land in the late 1940s to the Pakistani raping hell that it is now – this is bad Karma for England’s crimes in World War II.

      • saxonsun

        England has no crimes–Germany does, Herr Hitler.

    • silviosilver

      And to top it off, contempt is whites’ reward. (Then again, can you blame anyone for being contemptuous of a people as relentlessly self-abnegating as whites have become?)

    • mikekingjr

      You do not sound like much of an activist. No offense intended but I have lost a lot of respect for Great Britain since you have allowed yourselves to be overrun by vermin and ineffectually whine about it. Grow a pair collectively.

    • To Mike, whose comment has been recently removed, perhaps you’re right. Maybe I ought to change my moniker as part of the wider shame that has befallen Britain.

      took it up when I was quite active in the British National Party about a
      decade ago, where I would be helping table top stalls, leafleting,
      attending meetings and demonstrations, supporting local hustings
      candidates, making videos, trying to win over support and stake our case
      in the comment sections of newspapers, blogs, forums. You should
      know what has happened here since then.

      I was once fairly active, but now not so much. You see, there is no point in “growing a pair”
      when you are largely on your own with a completely broken and
      ineffectual British Nationalist movement that doesn’t seem to know it’s
      arse from its elbow.

      This especially so in a wider nation that doesn’t seem to give
      much of a damn and, in the case of England, is already minority white in three to four major cities already and many smaller towns are reaching 20%, 30% of ‘enrichment’.

      I personally have not “allowed” us to be overrun,
      for the seeds of that already happened before I was even born – never
      mind came of age enough to realise what was going on and what it meant.

      yes, the wider British people have indeed “drifted” to this point. This
      is through cowardice, ignorance, selfishness, being brainwashed, being
      lied to, and having their own sense of identity smashed up.

      I cannot
      argue that the British should have ‘respect’ – for I cannot ‘respect’
      what has led to this position either.

      Given the state things are
      in, I would really like to know what will be “effectual” and thoroughly
      feasible to turn this state of affairs around. If you knew (or know)
      what the attitude and atmosphere is like in Britain, I don’t think you’d
      be so quick to say that all is required is to “grow a pair”. Then
      what? The answer has seemed to allude many nations in Europe, for we
      are not alone in this predicament.

      You’re right to be critical
      and condemning – but if you are American, I don’t see much success in
      keeping America white either, and nor do I see that many Americans
      “growing a pair” collectively to rise up and do something about
      it…….and that is even when you have the right to bear arms and
      overthrow your government for going against the interests of America.

      Tough talk is easy. Securing lasting results in a nation that has lost the will to live, well that is another matter.

      • ViktorNN

        Your countrymen owe you a debt for your gratitude for your activism. The way forward you’re looking for is the same way forward many of us are looking for all over the world.

      • jayvbellis

        You’re in the EU, u can move anywhere in the EU. Consider some Brit expat community in Portugal. The local Whites will prefer you to Muslim Moors.

  • 4321realist

    The article is right on. We need to rid ourselves of the Muslims, because of the immense amount of trouble and turmoil they cause us, and because they represent a national security issue.

    However, as bad as they are they’re no worse than blacks. The crime and violence from blacks, the constant black on white mob attacks, the thousands of black on white murders, assaults and rapes, and the dumbing down of our schools, because they can’t learn, and the myriad of other problems they cause with their constant complaining about one thing after another, because they can’t really achieve anything on their own and want to blame their failures on something or someone other than them selves, all constitute an ongoing tumultuous upheaval in our society.

    Multiculturalism has been a disaster for this country. It has weakened us horribly, especially from Muslims and blacks, and now the growing inundation of illegal aliens pouring into the country unchecked.

    There has been no outside enemy that has posed a greater threat to this country than diversity. None.

    Unfortunately, it’s now impossible to get rid of any of them even if they’re here illegally.

    We’re in the last days of the Roman Empire. There’s no way to stop it. This country will not continue on as a sovereign entity in its present form. It’s too late.

    • mikekingjr

      Well said, but I beg to differ in part. We White Men can take this country back. Will not be pretty, will be bloody, but can be accomplished. Please do not give up.

    • ThomasER916

      There is a way to stop it. Learn from the past but take it a step further, and start with the Culture of Critique.

  • adplatt126

    The gentleman was remarkably, indeed impressively articulate.

    • thomasdosborneii

      Completely! It was so surprising to hear that.

      • adplatt126

        It’s not that surprising. There have always been intelligent Arabs, Berbers, Middle Easterners and Muslims generally (from Central Asia and the Persian region in particular. Avicenna for example.). They’re not blacks, who scarcely have an intellect amongst them. The problem is they are in the extreme minority in the Islamic community.

        • Nancy

          That’s why every Arab Muslim I ever met cannot STAND “Black Muslims”.
          They feel the Black Muslims are little more than stupid criminals trying to elbow in on their religion.

          Just another example of how sub-Saharan Blacks are met with contempt by the rest of the world.

  • MBlanc46

    There are perhaps some Middle Easterners, who, after long contact with the West, have internalized our values. They’re best to stay in the Middle East to influence their countrymen. The rest of the Middle Easterners, the North Africans, and the South and Central Asians are a threat to our civilization and should never be allowed to immigrate.

  • Marie

    “Ofcourse, it is Westerners who have brought the battle to themselves.” Which “Westerners” would that be? The ones that are part Middle Eastern themselves. Also, remember the litmus test for Liberals; If it’s anti-White it must be right. Anti-Whiteness trumps all including feminism and homosexual rights.

  • mikekingjr

    Random beheadings? Remind anyone here of drive by shootings or knockout tactics? Not to be too graphic, but would like to force each islamofascist to sit on a broomstick until it emerged from their nose. They would perhaps still be awake to ponder what happened.

  • mikekingjr

    Execute them all immediately.

  • Michael North

    Most Muslims are “cultural” Muslims, with as little grasp of the essential teachings of their religion as the mass of Irish or Italians have of Catholicism. It is part of their identity. But the price that any Muslim has to pay for breaking ranks is far higher.

  • UncleSham

    The days in which Western people could claim superiority are over. We are the ones being conquered. We are the ones with dwindling populations who lack the will to continue. Our ancestors may have been able to righteously claim superiority, but not us. We do not deserve what we have inherited unless we prove that we can maintain it.

  • jayvbellis

    Looks like we have another Rachel Corrie here.

    Here’s hoping some Israeli Jewish guy driving a bull dozerdoes on to you what was done to her.

  • jayvbellis

    Raping, throat cutting, Boston Marathon bombing Muslim immigrants, illegals are the perfect propaganda enemy. We would have to be fools not to make them the enemy…

    There are lots of fools in our “movement”

  • Rhialto

    I agree with the article as far as the evil of Muslim immigration, but the FedGov’s immigration policy is horrible in many other aspects, as well. What I found disturbing is that the Fed police could arrest an American citizen who had not committed any crime except exercise his his rights of freedom of communication and association.

    Sure MCain is a thug, and White men are better off if he is incarcerated. But consider the precedents that are being set for arresting people because of their opinions, and the Liberals are skilled at establishing precedents. Today the Feds arrest Islamic militants traveling to the Mideast; tomorrow it could be non-Liberal White men with Politically incorrect material stored on their computers.

  • wattyler23

    I suggest you all put this into your search bar [Salil Sawarim 4] and watch this very informative video. There will be those amongst you who have no stomach for the truth [Libtards] or gore, others take a good look as your future is there if you do not act now.

  • jayvbellis

    Franklin, it’s perfectly OK to oppose USA, Neo Conservative foreign wars in predominately “Muslim” countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan all those “Stan” countries. Most intelligent White race realists in the. United States like Pat Buchanan strongly opposed these Neo Conservative USA wars in Iraq, going back to 1991.

    I personally took out full page advertisements in the Nashville Tennessean and Chatanooga Times opposing the first Bush Sr. War against secular Iraq, I quoted George Washington and Charles Lindbergh arguing that the. United States should pursue a neutral pro American foreign policy, as well as a pro American immigration policy.

    Pro White, race realists here and most everywhere do not support endless USA wars in the Middle East.

    Understand we get called “RACIST” , NAZIs for being peace activists in the ME, same as we get called RACIST, NAZIs for publicly opposing mass 3rd World Muslim immigration in to the USA, the West.

    That’s just life and there is nothing fair about this.

    Also, please understand that third world Arabs, Paki, “Stan” Muslims are the way they are, the way they have always been. When Whites show weakness, tolerance, bend over backwards to take the non White, Arab/Black Muslim side, the Muslims see this as weakness, decadence same as they see White Western tolerance for feminism, open homosexual extremism. When Arab, Black, Paki Muslims see Western Whites acting weak and decadent they attack, resort to 8th century barbarism,

    • jayvbellis

      When the representatives of the last White Greek Orthodox emperor of Constantinople presented a message if peace, tolerance and respect to the Turk Muslim sultan, the Muslims cut off the messenger’s head and proceeded to lay siege, sack, mass race, enslave Constantinople – the center of White civilization for 1,000 years.

      The moral of my story is. Never, ever show weakness and try to take the Muslim side in conflict with Whites. Never do this .

      • ThomasER916

        Never show any pity, remorse, or apologies to non-Whites, Muslims, or Jews. They’re not us. They’re the enemy now and forever. That’s the moral.

        This comment will most likely be deleted by the Mods for the same reason Kevin MacDonald was chased out of Amren.

  • GeorgeRA

    Radical Muslims want to rape you, murder you and decapitate you. Moderate Muslims want radical Muslims to rape you, murder you, and decapitate you.


      In just two brief sentences, you sir have delivered a dead on point summary. Of the two public faces of which the world wide Cancer known as Islam, chooses to show to the rest of us. And for that, you my friend have just earned yourself an up vote from LIBERTYSINCURSION. < Don't spend it all in one place now, ya hear? ) < Why did I just say that? I don't know, it's just something my Grandfather used to say when he would give me a few bucks for candy and what not. )

  • 1stworlder

    youtube deleted it already

    • italian guy

      Some anti-white that lurks here must have repeatedly flagged the video.

      • Anonymous

        Can this man please be invited to the next AmRen conference?

  • Carney3

    Not just separation, but defunding. The most important Muslim strategic weapon, by far, is the fact that well over 90% of automobiles are unable to run on any fuel not derived from oil. Over 78% of the world’s commercially recoverable oil reserves lie within OPEC nations, with nearly all of the cheapest to extract, easiest to refine, most-wanted stuff; light sweet crude in the Mideast specifically. Meanwhile we have less than 2% of the world’s oil reserves, COUNTING Arctic and offshore. Getting higher mileage is useless and “Drill Baby Drill” is a feel good fairy tale because they can cut production to match any increase in US production or fall in US demand to keep the price propped up, and the rest of us funding jihad propaganda, terror groups, and WMD and ballistic missile programs. The only way out of the oil trap is to break free from oil.

    Use ethanol, bio-diesel, electricity, or compressed natural gas to move your vehicle, NOT gasoline or diesel. If your car can’t use any of them, get one that can. Check OnlyDriveGreen dot com and check the “Find Your Car” dropmenus on the left. No you DON’T have to get a dinky slow flimsy little car. There are fast, big, robust, powerful vehicles from big brand manufacturers out there. And do NOT choose “Hybrid” or “High MPG” – that keeps you locked in to oil fuel – and remember, they can just spike up the price to make sure you keep paying just as much each month and each year despite needing less fuel to go the same distance.

    Most homeowners have an electric outlet in their garage to charge up an electric vehicle, or a plug-in hybrid. And there are over 2,300 filling stations that have a pump selling E85 ethanol (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline). Oil is jihad juice. Everything else is domestic.

    See “Pump: The Movie” to learn more.

  • KenelmDigby

    I know you’re pretty sceptical about UKIP, but IMHO, the whole UKIP phenomenon, and the way that UKIP is terrorising the entire British political class, seems to indicate that something bid has occurred in the minds of British people and in British politics.
    I’ve got a feeling that British politics will never be the same again . My notion is that a nationalist presence in Westminster and in UK politics is here for good.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the old legacy parties becomes permanently replaced and eclipsed by UKIP.

    • I suppose I have come to the conclusion that politics is over. UKIP is a phenomena, and given what else is on offer, I will no doubt be voting for them myself…..but can it / will it steer the British people to the required conclusions? I do doubt it.

      So in combination of ‘real world on the ground’ shifting of ownership of this country, combined with a bit of a wing and a prayer to softly push the ever elderly white electorate back to some milder form of nationalism….. I cannot really be all that optimistic about it.

      The recent statements by the newly elected MP for UKIP, the murmours of more Conservatives jumping the sinking Tory Ship, the meetings with Rupert Murdoch…..I am cynical that the establishment elements will just leak into UKIP and carry on business as usual.

      In fact, Douglas Carswell may well be part of a neutralisation team that, as toby young of the telegraph stated, would “drag UKIP into the 21st century”……

      They are upsetting the applecart though, and if it breaks the back of the stale old two party regime then that may be a start, even if it is not enough to finish.

      • KenelmDigby

        Well put it this way, compared to the state of British politics only 5 years ago, we are in an infinitely better place. At least we have now got an explicitly anti immigration party as a serious political challenger, something I always thought would have been impossible under the British political system.
        To be honest, anti immigrationism is UKIP’s USP. Without that policy they would be nothing, so I strongly doubt that they will drop it anytime soon.

  • Mack0

    I’ve found the sympathy for Islam by some within the white nationalist movement to be extremely disturbing. Islam would rampage through Europe destroying ever bit of European identity, history and culture without a single moment of hesitation. Islam is no more a friend of European man than a rabies ridden dog. It is impossible to contain that kind of dysfunctional foaming at the mouth insanity.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s play a game of Spot the Muslim:

      • Thorsted

        go to hell with your photos.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s play a game of Spot the Muslim:

      • Thorsted

        If he is a muslim and to tolerante him implies a colonization of Europe of Europe by muslims -he is finish. He is not a European but a muslim looking like a European. To tolerate him -is to die as a european.

      • ThomasER916

        This is why the Inquisition is fully justified.

  • Anonymous

    Serious question here. What do we do about the 150+ million White Muslims, including 50 million indigenous European Muslims?

    • Thorsted

      There is not such thing -and you know it!

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget the 16-21 million White Muslims in European Russia. You are right, Northern Europe never had significant Muslim populations until after 1950. Still, the question stands: What do we (White Nationalists) do about White Muslims? Either I need an eye exam or the two women above would pass as White Europeans in a crowded square in Budapest. You tell me.

        • Thorsted

          Lets see if Russia consider them “europeans” -I don´t. There are no white european muslims. 75% of the French consider muslims incompatible with France and so do the Germans. If you are white and a muslim -you are not a part of western civilization -period.

          • Guest

            Really? Let’s see if you can tell the difference!

            If you saw the two individuals below walk into a restaurant in Vienna, what would you most likely think (intuitively)?

            1. That looks like a nice White couple
            2. That looks like a disgusting Muslim couple
            3. I can’t tell if that couple is Muslim, but I don’t care. They’re White and ALL White people are welcome in a White nation.
            4. I can’t tell if that couple Muslim. Until I can confirm their religion, they are not welcome. White nations are for White Christians.

            Please select 1,2,3, or 4 and justify your answer as articulately as possible.

            Finally, I’d like you to guess the nationality of these two individuals.

          • Thorsted

            Since you ask. They are likely to be be Bosnian muslims -do I tolerante them. That depends- if Intolerante them it would mean endless muslim immigration -then I don´t. If they say;” I am a european Muslim and I would not destroy Europe with immigration of arab muslims- give me a gun to defend europe” i would conder them europeans.

          • Anonymous

            Not a bad guess. Although their precise ethnic heritage is racially trivial, they happen to be Turkish in this case. And your standard for deciding whether or not they are European is perfectly reasonable.

            By that same standard, however, there are millions of Leftists, Moderates, and even so-called “Conservatives” in Europe who would not qualify as European as they see nothing wrong in opening their borders to anyone and everyone who can survive the journey.

          • Anonymous

            Really? Let’s see if you can tell the difference!

            If you saw the two individuals below walk into a restaurant in Vienna, what would you most likely think (intuitively)?

            1. That looks like a nice White couple

            2. That looks like a disgusting Muslim couple

            3. I can’t tell if that couple is Muslim, but I don’t care. They’re White and ALL White people are welcome in a White nation.

            4. I can’t tell if that couple is Muslim. Until I can confirm their religion, they are not welcome. White nations are for White Christians.

            Please select 1,2,3, or 4 and justify your answer as articulately as possible.

            Finally, I’d like you to guess the nationality of these two individuals.

          • Thorsted

            Are you a muslim that like to benefit from a civilization that don´t relate to you since you are so obsessed by being white and muslim. I have a cousins who is white and married to a Pakistani. Even her father and bother don´t consider her “family” anymore -muslim and european is a contradiction in terms. If you are europeans and muslim -you are nothing -you can´t be both.Europeans deicide who is european and they have decided. To say i am a muslim european is like to say i am a bother of jesus -it is a dilution.

          • Anonymous

            I’m speaking as a proud Norwegian American who has met Bosnians, Albanians, and Turks and, frankly, I consider them White.

            I’m raising a serious issue here. If we’re going to have White nations, we need to develop rational, objective criteria for what constitutes a White person. Otherwise, we’re just building Medieval theocracies that have no racial legitimacy.

          • Thorsted

            All those you are mentioning are not Europeans – form a european point of view. You can not decide to be beautiful unless people around say you are beautiful. The same with ethnicity- you are european if europeans consider you to be european -there it nothing more to say. A muslim is a european if european say they are -but they don´t.

          • Anonymous

            I’d like to see the statistics. In any case, the relevance of religion is still an unresolved issue in the WN community. You still haven’t commented on the hypothetical scenario I set up where a White couple walks into a restaurant in Vienna. How do you react? I’m really eager to know. And please don’t tell me they aren’t White.

          • Thorsted

            You are a muslim troll- have some self respect and live this continent.

          • Anonymous

            A relative of my ancestors, Leif Erikson, discovered the continent I call home 500 years before Christopher Columbus. You are Danish, right? We are essentially distant cousins. We may disagree on certain things (I’m sure we agree on much more), but it’s important that we don’t split our White family over outmoded fault lines like religion. I have never cared what people believe. Any decent White person of good character who wants to be part of my extended White family is welcome, no questions asked.

          • Thorsted

            You simply don´t get it. That humans relate, feel familiarity and recitrocivity toward others who are like themselves. We will see who this experiment will end

          • Anonymous

            I completely agree. That is one of the best arguments for race-based states.

            Let me share a personal story. I actually had a European American friend (Anglo Saxon ancestry), let’s call him Michael, who was raised in a conservative Protestant family but later converted to Islam as an adult. Michael didn’t change in the slightest. I mean, yes, he would sometimes pause whatever he’s doing to go wash his face and pray to his God. But his character, interests, and love for his family and community did not change at all. Did I find it strange that he converted to Islam? Of course!

            But he continued to be good friend and it quickly became clear to be me that what people believe about hypothetical sky Gods does not affect their personality. Religion is not in our DNA; it doesn’t change our biological programming. I’ve known many Mormons who I consider very upright people who still believe in marriage and family and they have many White children. Mormons are unwittingly helping to keep the White race growing here in the US.

            Religion, no matter how bizarre or untrue (have you read the Book of Mormon?) can do a lot of good (not just harm), by giving people some basic cultural guidance, group cohesion, and meaning that I feel is lacking in our postmodern, secular, individualistic Western societies. This is my (limited) perception.

          • Anonymous

            By that standard, Jesus Christ would be unwelcome in Europe. How ironic.

          • Thorsted

            Build you own country and leave us alone. We don´t need you Jesus. If Jesus was a loving idiot I don´t blame the romans for killing him.

          • Thorsted

            Have some self-respect and go home to africa or middle-east.

    • Can one be Jewish and white? Christian and white? We need to recognize the distinction between “white” and “European identity.” Even then, we may be forced to recognized the possibility of a distinct European Muslim identity, small in number as they may be.

    • OS-Q

      Send them to White Muslim countries

  • Thorsted

    I live in Denmark and we have around 270000 muslims out of a population of 5000000
    I think all muslims should be repatriated and here is why
    1) accouring to Norwegian figures a lives a deficit 1.1 mio dollar in a life time
    2) In the UK 50% of male and 75% are on benefits. The figure is the same in the rest of Europe
    3) muslims crime rates are up 300-500% higher than the normal population -in diffrent types of crimes
    4) They are extremely highly supremacist and etnocentristic. Jews in Denmark and the rest of Europe fells their hate and many wants to migrate to Israel but also other minorities like homosexuals, Christians of decent in middeleast and other minorities.
    5) A disrespct of any officials from the state or people in uniform; police, bus drives,teachers
    are regularly challenge by provocation. Soldiers in Denmark and the rest of Europe can not wear uniforms outside -without risk of attack.
    6) 9/11 and 7/7 in London and Madrid was carried out by muslims migrants in the West- a the whole war on terror is a by product of muslims in the west -the deluded liberals to bring democracy to a tribal culture with Islam will not cure them but make it worse
    There is nothing the muslims have given the west that is positive -only problem. If you tolerate them more will come – there is everything to win by showing total intolerance toward them

  • rightrightright

    A Police report on Moslem rape gangs in Britain reveals that the number of raped and pimped young girls (aged on average 11-15) is estimated to be in the tens of thousands. The BBC has an online article to this effect. Given that the Police and the BBC habitually play down the imported horrors of Islam, which are legion, one can assume that about 100,000 of our children have been violated by these doctrinally savage imports.

  • dd121

    Every place they gain in numbers they want to impose Sharia Law. There is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim”.

  • ThomasER916

    Bill Maher and Sam Harris belong to the Culture of Critique. This is why they’re speaking out. It justifies more money for their State.

  • Annabelle Pettyjohn

    Back in the 70’s before PC, I knew a Muslim doctor who was married to my friend. I was invited to the Mosque, parties where my friend and I were the only whites present. The Muslims spoke very frankly to our faces of their disdain for whites and their disgust of blacks. I came to realize that Muslims hate Americans but love our beautiful country, the opportunity it provides and the infrastructure. Again, we have our liberal immigration policies because of our Jewish brothers and sisters.