The Phony Amnesty Debate

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 19, 2013

What really matters?

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Luca

    America, thanks to Liberal social engineering, will soon look like a cross between Brazil and South Africa.

    Liberals want the country flooded with third-world, low IQ peasants, who are so much easier to manipulate than the native born White population.

    Do as Jared said and contact your representatives today.




    • Erasmus

      Speaking of Brazil, they’ve got the 7th highest murder rate in the world. Over 1,000,000 Brazilians have been murdered in the last 30 years.

      Guess among which racial segment in Brazil the murder rate is the highest? The time will soon come when those in the US who aren’t race-realists will be recognized for the fools they are.

      • kjh64

        I was once talking to a man from Brazil. He told me that he liked the efficiency of public services in the US. He said if you have to call the cops, they arrive very quickly. He said in Brazil, the cops don’t even come unless it’s something very serious like a murder and then it takes them
        like 2 or more hours. This will be the USA in mid-century if things continue.

    • Roger Rykart

      It has only managed to stay a float because of the magic printing presses. Once the animals hear about them and have numbers they will be storming the press doors, right into complete chaos.

  • Spartacus

    Looking at that picture up there… God these things are ugly.

    • Erasmus

      It’s hard for me to respect people whose ancestors used the wheel only to decorate their temples dedicated to human sacrifice.

      • kjh64

        Oh, but the people in the picture above are
        going to assimilate quickly and become the rocket scientists of tomorrow and find a cure for cancer. (sarcasm off)

        • So CAL Snowman

          No I think the future head of the Mayo Clinic in the above picture was claiming she will find two cures for cancer.

          • Erasmus

            Afterward they all went home and discussed the effects of Kant and Heidegger on Mexican philosophy.

    • Manaphy

      “God these things are ugly”


      Well, What else can be said about a parasite?

    • JohnEngelman

      I think the woman giving the camera the finger looks pretty, but it is an ugly gesture.

    • KenelmDigby

      They are pretty much indistinguishable from Indians or Pakistanis.
      I’ve heard more than a few dumb idiots say they resemble Italians. Perhaps a few Sicilians have brunet skin, but Italians, if they are dark, have olive skin, which is the darkest shade of ‘white’ skin, but never actual brown skin.

  • Gray Liddell

    On September 28, 1996 U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson said, on the floor of the U.S.
    Senate, “Illegal aliens will no longer be eligible for reduced in-state
    college tuition. It is in there.” On that day, the Senate had just passed
    an immigration reform law that contained a provision that would become part of

    the United States Code,Title 8, section 1623, saying in part, “an alien
    who is not lawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible on the
    basis of residence within a State (or a political subdivision) for any
    postsecondary education benefit unless a citizen or national of the United
    States is eligible for such a benefit…”

    So with all that in mind I do not understand how 12 state
    governments have ignored the spirit of this law and voted to ignore the
    enacted law of the United States Federal government? If this sort of state
    level action is acceptable, could southern state legislatures overturn the
    Civil Rights Laws using such procedures? Perhaps a macho state legislature,
    like Alaska, could legislatively take the vote back from women?

    We have ignored the intent of the United States Congress in Public Law 104-208,
    8 USC1623.

    Am I missing something here? Is the legislative intent of our Federal
    government a joke, to be ignored at will by state legislators who use clever
    phrasing and slippery proxies

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Anarcho-tyranny. The government gets to pick and choose which laws it enforces while preventing the citizenry from protecting itself after the government fails its job.

    • eavesmac

      Yes, states’ rights trump the federal govt., and counties sheriffs’ trump the states. Thats the way of true liberty.

  • Erasmus

    The NEVER mention Simpson-Mazzoli. That’s how phony this debate is.
    EVERYONE who’s studied it knows what a disaster amnesty is. Those who support in spite of what they already know either hate the United States or are being intellectually dishonest.

  • kjh64

    Mr. Taylor states that there are 11 million. However,the real number of illegals is more like 40 million. The 11 million number has been touted since the mid-70’s.

    • Sick of it

      If amnesty passed, the chain migration would completely destroy America due to the massive amount of illegals we have living here.

      • Erasmus

        That IS the idea.

        I had once thought the architects of amnesty were just naïve. Now I am not so sure.

  • Talltrees

    Why aren’t Whites out in the streets screaming about this? Banging on the doors of their legislators? Shouting from the rooftops, “I can’t take it anymore.”

    We’ve heard many reasons why Whites are in hiding. I’m not sure I believe any of them. Something is wrong. Very wrong. Jobs? No courageous single White people willing to lose their jobs to save our race? None willing to go to jail for a few days like Tommy Robinson? He’s married with kids. No retirees willing to take the brunt?

    Think of the lives your children and grandchildren will have living in a country ruled by Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. Do you have any concern for them?

    Where are you wealthy White people? I know you are out there. What about you White lawyers? Do something for the White race, your own kind. Donate to form a White civil rights organization or are all of you cowards, too?

    • Sick of it

      Quite a few have been calling and writing letters. Not so much on protesting.

      • Talltrees

        How do you know that?

        • Sick of it

          We do around here. Not sure about your part of the country, but here people make their voices heard.

      • YourMOMA

        Small groups of blacks are protesting in Washington – they’re against amnesty for the illegals. Mexicans actually show up to work and do what they suppose to unlike black teens that always bitch and complain about everything. They want to do the least amount of work and get paid like a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Some illegals are actually in this country for a paycheck to feed their families.

        • Talltrees

          Regardless of what Mexicans do, we don’t want a U.S. of Mexico. We have people who are looking for jobs that foreigners are taking. There is no excuse for allowing this to occur.

          I see your point; however, no U.S. of Mexico, Africa, Middle East/Asia, South & Central America, or Islands.

        • Greg Thomas

          I don’t care why they are here. They are illegal invaders and need to be deported. Let them “feed their families” in mexico.

          • YourMOMA

            The problem with illegals is that they’re already here. If ICE can deport them back to Mexico they should and also deport blacks back to West Africa. I dealt with both groups and blacks will forever hate white skin color even if the federal government gives them reparations. Blacks don’t have the desire to achieve the American dream and raise healthy families in this land. Every white man and woman in America are here because their ancestors wanted a better life and they worked hard for it.

          • Greg Thomas

            I am unaware of any law that would allow for the deportation of blacks who are American citizens. That does not hold true for illegal invading mexicans, who managed to slither across our border undetected. Let them attain that “better life” in mexico. Laws matter.

    • kjh64

      “Think of the lives your children and grandchildren will have living in a country ruled by Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. Do you have any concern for them?”

      The thing is, no American Whites want to live permanently and have citizenship in a Brown, Black or Muslim country, none, zero, zip. Sure you have American expats that live abroad in non-White countries or retirees that live in Mexico etc. However, these people usually live sheltered lives there and can return to the US to live They would never want to be solely citizens of those county and live like the locals permanently. Yet, they expect their children and grandchildren to. That is selfish.

      • Talltrees

        You are right. Few fail to look at the situation logically and rationally. Emotional thinking must be placed in the back seat. You might have caused her to look at it more closely.

    • kjh64

      “Think of the lives your children and grandchildren will have living in a country ruled by Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. Do you have any concern for them?”

      I was talking once, a while back, before this amnesty bill, to a grandmother on the internet who was oh-so-sympathetic to the illegals and I was just a mean old racist. These immigrants just want a better life, just like our ancestors she stated. I stated the facts, that if this continues, we will become Mexico with some Africa, India and Pakistan etc. thrown in. I asked will that give your grandchildren a “better life”, what about them? Do you care more about strangers who already have countries they messed up and want to come here to use you and will put their own first or do you care more about YOUR grandchildren? Is is fair to YOUR grandchildren to leave them a 3rd world country, one YOU wouldn’t want to live in? Wouldn’t that be selfish?
      She never answered. I really think a lot of White people do NOT think about this, they just feel all good inside about what wonderful , tolerant people they are for wanting to help out the poor-little-Brown people. They are actually selfish.

    • guest

      Even before reading your post, I was thinking earlier today, I have never felt so much like joining a street rally. (And I’m in my 50’s.) Actually, there are two different issues about which I am sufficiently incensed to riot: 1. this proposed amnesty. 2. all the race mongering about the Zimmerman case. I am so fed up with all the nonsense, lies, and double standards.
      Will we never organize and fight back?

      • Talltrees

        I’d personally push a 90 year old concerned White granny in a wheelchair if we could organize a march.

        We desperately need some kind of organization that could set this up for us, not only in Washington, but cities throughout the country.

    • saxonsun

      Well, why not you?!

      • Talltrees

        Spend a great deal of time on this. Locally, in my community. With my legislators. Responding to Anti-White comments throughout the country. Supporting pro-White and associated groups.

        I think the best thing to do is merging well-known websites to become activists. AmRem, The Occidental Observer, TPC, and others. They have important contacts, influence and fairly well-known.
        The newly formed merged organization could set up rallies, marches, find legal representation, etc. The followers and potential donors are there. Why recreate the wheel? Too many others started groups and aren’t doing well.
        They already have their Board of Directors, with the likes of Pat Buchanon, Jared Tailor, Kevin MacDonald, James Edwards, and others supporting our cause. Think of what they could accomplish if all these bright minds got together and devised a strategy for us.

  • Hal K

    I agreed with everything until he said that this was the most important vote our representatives would ever cast. There is something wrong with this statement, since amnesty bills will keep coming back repeatedly. It is like bailing out a boat and saying “that bucketful is the most important bucketful you will ever pour.” There is something more fundamentally wrong with our culture, society, and government. Blocking this amnesty won’t save us, and enactment of the amnesty won’t destroy us any more surely than we were already going to be destroyed. All the same, I agree that this bill has to be opposed.

    • Greg Thomas

      Exactly Hal. The fact this bill continues to come up every year is indicative of a much greater problem. The amnesty bill is merely the symptom. We are being destroyed from

      • BonusGift

        Be careful someone might mention the tribe that cannot be mentioned and their tireless support for Christian European genocide.

  • MerlinV

    Very informative video. Hopefully, this amnesty surge bill can be stopped in the House of Reps. It would buy us more time.

  • Funruffian

    I’ll be a minority here by 2042 at the rate things are going. Sometimes I already feel like a minority living in California. If I refuse to cough up tax money to support illegals will I go to jail for tax evasion?

    • IstvanIN

      Yes you will. Serfs are never treated very well especially the defiant ones. Now get back to work.

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    Time. Something is important about the dates in which we become unable to throw back this wretched fate. They are pushing this because they want to bring left on the time chart the point where whites become a repressible minority. There is a reason for this. Our government is manned by fools but not commanded by them. Whatever the agenda is, it’s on a schedule which is desperately short of time.
    Myself, the reality is so clear: We cannot win what we will not provide an obvious alternative to. That means tech as robotics to replace wage slavery. That means a socio economic system which doesn’t depend on rabid consumerism to stave off crushing debt. That means genetics to functionally accelerate OUR intelligence, empathy and ability, ahead of all others.
    And it specifically means: A Homeland Of Our Own.
    In this, as well spoke as Mr. Taylor is, he missed two key points:
    1. Every Country Is Racist.
    Mexicans (and every other nation which sends us their poor, diseased, stupid and criminal masses) have no problems maintaining their own national ethnic identity by exclusively withholding the right to colonize, the right to have a say in politics and indeed the right to _live_ if your views are not popular. No white could go to Mexico and do what these folk are doing here, demanding equality for Anglos. They would be jailed for public demonstration and shipped back as fast as FedEx could wrap the chilled box.
    2. Fertility Rates Will Skyrocket.
    After 1986, the ‘newly minted Americans’ surged from a base TFR of 2.8 to a sudden 4.4. That’s nearly FIVE KIDS per mother’s lifetime. They are now back at about 3.1. In Mexico, women have an average of only 2.4 kids. We are making a tremendous mistake if we use rational numbers about the fertility of Hispanics in the wake of a ‘victory condition’ amnesty. Because those numbers not what will happen. What will happen is something which makes our own Baby Boom look like a blip on the demography chart and these numbers _will be_ reflected in the jobs as social privilege issues, 17-23 years from the date that Amnesty passes, reflective of the four times as many Hispanics growing up to a world where they expect good paying jobs to be theirs, twice as often (at least) as Whites do. We are literally “Age 35, we could finally afford 1 kid, isn’t it wonderful?” engaged in a competitive breeding game which is set to kick us out of our own -culture- of excellence. Because that culture and the jobs it entails to support it will not be needed in a Third World Hole.
    Speed. Speed is of the essence for whatever reason, our Dear Leaders MUST have a non-white majority on the road to whatever horror house OWG is being set up. Because we won’t go there of our own accord. Which should tell you something about how bad it is going to be.
    If Mr. Taylor was intellectually honest with himself, upon reflectance, I think he would see this. I think he would realize that the battle for this Country is _lost_. And the best thing he can do is begin a battle for this NATION* instead.
    We live in a condition of evacuation similar to what the Germans faced when the The Horde poured through Eastern Europe. And as we must have a place of our own in a world where there are no more empty spaces, so we must come to A Gathering as Convocation of Our People by which we can separate, secede, fight and _survive_. For our right to live as a genetically distinct group.
    Everyone will call us racists. And we will say yes, just like you. And we will point to every other country on this earth which is a homeland, exclusively, to -their- nations. Including Mexico and South Africa.
    And everyone will call us traitors and we will say yes, just like the FSU Republics were traitors when they abandoned the forced yoke of their Communist Masters. Just like the Serbs, Croats, Albanians and Kosovans were traitors when the remnants of Tito’s FRY dissolved because there was no unwanted external threat forcing them together. Just like the Arabs who groaned under Strongmen put in place by The West, staged domino revolutions and so were ‘traitors’ to a desire for freedom from the tyranny not of their own making.
    We will give their own propaganda spew back at them.
    And as we are scorned, we will turn inwards and begin to rebuild. And it will be in the speed of our progress and the depth of our dedication to each other that we are measured. Because our genes will show through when we work for ourselves.
    We MUST do this. Because our Government no longer represents our bests interests. If indeed, it ever has.
    *Nation from Latin ‘Nascere’, to be born. We carry the seeds of our greatness within us. Wherever we land, we can become what we are born to be. Casting those genes within the wealth of our own, they become ever richer. Flung to the winds of multicultural cross breeding, they will become tainted and worthless, swallowed by the mass numbers of intellectually wilted, undisciplined and wild Other Populations.

    • kjh64

      “If Mr. Taylor was intellectually honest with himself, upon reflectance, I think he would see this. I think he would realize that the battle for this Country is _lost_.”

      You could be right but you could be wrong too. A lot can happen in the future that can dramatically change things.

      • Lop_Eared_Galoot

        Looking towards a future which will never happen is the same as looking towards a past that will never happen again.
        These people don’t have a complicated plan. They simply need to squat, occupy and breed. At some point we will be so fragmented and diffuse that there will be no separation possible.
        We have plans. But plans need time. And time is something that stretches forward from the moment you decide that you are through hoping for ‘a future that changes the need for action today’.
        The future is a made fate. it will look like what you engineer it to be.

    • Gunrunner1

      I think you are right. The FUSA and Whites inside it have not the will to drive out tens of millions of illegals, let alone deport the foreign militia like MS-13, La Raza and other “gangs” and Narco-syndicate hirelings. A hundred people could be considered a “gang”. 10,000 are considered an Army. Why are the 500,000 (and more) “gang members” considered anything but an invading force?

      Given this lack of will for widescale bloodletting and the inevitable resistance of the Left, the best answer would be to fight for a White homeland. It will take blood and pain, but reduces the solution to a reasonable, strategic goal. Raise the Tricolor!

      Ex Gladio Libertas!

      • Lop_Eared_Galoot

        Oh, I know it will be violent.

        Which is why I hope and plan for a condition whereby ‘Soldiers will know Soldiers’ and as the days of our once great Republic grow shorter, the word will get out as to where there are communities of reasonable safety so that Service Members who choose to, can quietly begin to slip away into parts of the landscape where we can reach them in such numbers that there will be a cadre force of both officers and enlisted to train up real militias on a six week wonder basis.

        The key to differentiating these patriots from government moles and provocateurs being whether they bring families with them.

        My hope is for something like the reverse of ‘Elysium’ in which certain elements in our government, realizing the horror they have unleashed as OWG begins to shape up, will begin a backpedal that provides just enough inertia or even shifted forces as covert aid to allow the common white some breathing room and maybe some heavy gear to create a sanctuary environment which we can less layer up behind than use as the core of mobile forces to sweep out from the center of our lands to keep the cretins out of the settled regions.

        Operational depth as maneuver space is about catching them beyond the gates, not the front door.

        In this, it’s equally a certainty that we cannot stand against a heavy maneuver force with their own logistics trains in a patchwork civilian condition, a day’s worth of combat across 60 miles of farmland would mean the ruination of a year’s worth of crops and the likely deliberate and irreplaceable destruction of civilian farm machinery.

        This is one of the few reasons why I am caught between assumptions that we either go now and preempt the disaster while there is a sane world which will listen to a List Of Grievances as a New Declaration Of Independence.

        Or wait until the last moment. With communities ready but nobody stood up and the systems untested while we still have access to ‘tech support’ to fix flaws in the system (and you know there will be, shortages and equipment commonalities galore if nothing else).

        I particularly don’t like the idea of leaving professional classes who can build and repair people and machines as -systems- of organization, in major urban centers where they are unreachably isolated amongst the hordes. As much as we need to value every man as the everyman, we need to find a real set of allies in the upper middle classes because there will be no going back to find lawyers, doctors, engineers and crop experts once this starts.

        I see MS13 et al as regional salesmen and distributors for the same reason I view the open border as a gateway tariff point in the 40 billion dollar a year drug business: crime doesn’t pay because the Government has everyone on a commission system as fixed price incentive contract.

        Putting on a good show of WOD effort while gradually legalizing weed is only the beginning of a serious expansion effort to ruin us as a people by growing this crap on an ever wider scale INSIDE our country, _knowing_ what the heightened TCH does to low impulse control user behaviors coming off a high (yes, there is a rage element to marijuana use people) even as the cannibanoids destroy the histones which hold the DNA strands together, eventually effecting the genomes in not just the user but all their kids.

        If I had my way, we would be investing megabucks into counter agents that made addicts sick as dogs for using and we would swing every dealer from the nearest tree. And here too, I know I am moving against the general belief system that so called soft drugs don’t do ‘that much’ harm. Which is why I will not cry when a majority of particularly urban liberal whites get left behind with their drugged up OP friends. Kept high as kites as a vain reach for docility.

        That said, I have a feeling that getting away from OPs will give us some safety because whites are sensitive to rejection by other whites when alls we have is ourselves and most whites I know, don’t want anything to do with this vile crap. I say this, even knowing that meth use especially is at critical levels among rural whites. My answer is again: no customer access = no drug problem, behind our own borders.

        The key issue in all this is going to be how much access to the kinds of foreign credit necessary to fight another civil war any residual Centrist government maintains. If they can’t buy oil or bullets and we have conditions where Guard and Reserve forces are set within certain states to provide ‘ordinary and extaordinary’ maneuver capabilities against active forces sent to quell insurrectionists, _WE_ can be the ones exploiting short lines of resupply to create surfaces and gaps as the method by which you fix and deflect an enemy while counter wheel enveloping any tail.

        In this, we might have a chance because we would be fighting threats whose vulnerabilities our own people would know well and, perhaps, our enemy would not expect several ex-States worth of armored forces to maneuver in tandem against them.

        On the other hand, if the government doesn’t have this capability and particularly if they run into ‘problems’ exploiting the strategic petroleum reserves, we may well find ourselves constantly harried by threats which are little more than Ford driving Fedayin. Which is exactly what the Mexican DTOs in particular are good at.

        The problem then becomes patrol of long borders with diminished fuel capacities of our own, much of which would have to be horded to maintain some kind of agro capability.

        You can put six batteries into series and run a golf cart type vehicle with enough torque to plow foot deep snow for about five hours or pull a wagon with 2-3 bales of hay on it across a good sized farm for as much as a day and a half, so provided we can stand up microgrids, it’s not like there aren’t renewable alternatives but the threat force will have the ability to raid fuel and replenish gas powered vehicle losses from among their own which means you have to fight IC with IC to keep them cutoff from yours.

        That kind of endless patrolling gets to be real expensive, both in wear and tear and direct operational costs.

        Yet it is a common tactic among weaker nationalist forces to use ‘hired hands’ as bandits and pillagers to disrupt orderly functioning in isolated areas, just to create panic, and since you know where they are going to come home to, it then becomes a matter of running them down where they live which can and does create cross-border ‘hot pursuit’ conditions that in turn justify Externals by the NatFor to suppress and secure their own borders.

        If they can force a fight on us, any residual Centrist Government can make it look like we started a larger fight.

        South Africa, Israel, even Kansas and Missouri ‘in the last war’ are all examples of how this degenerates as raiders become indistinguishable in their tactics until the (Armored) Cavalry rides in to settle things.

        Which again throws me back towards: “Let’s _do this_ while we can still attract the right kind of people.” Because I know a fraction of what is necessary to sustain armored forces that move at ton:miles per day. And we so badly need organizers to put into effect agreements as contracts that explicitly state the nature of threats we will help each other face and the kinds of stockpiling each partner will undertake to support those efforts.

        And we can’t do that once we cross the Rubicon to become a Race Based State. No one will talk to us. We will be as lepers, outcast and unclean.

        Given this, I don’t expect anyone to come running to our cause if we are embattled and demonized and so I still say we are better off implementing a Final Flight effort -beforehand-. Because that will give us the expertise and maybe some of the equipment as universities, labs and factories we need to include in our sphere of influence.

        And it will also mean that everyone will be on our side of the river when we declare and burn our bridges so nobody will have sudden shakes about going back.

        Ex Gladius Equitas as Justice From The Sword may well have to be dealt before Freedom can be spoken of. For justice is always the struggle and freedom is always the promise of a better day, after.

        But it is the mind that plans and the will which acts which is the real weapon. And we need thinkers and doers on our side.

  • ViktorNN

    Another great video, Mr. Taylor. Thank you for making them.

    Not much to add except that the situation is extremely grim and disheartening. All around me I am surrounded by whites who applaud their coming minority status for themselves and their children. It’s inexplicable.

    White politically correct liberalism is like some strange suicide cult.

    Every move they make – from the destruction of the traditional family to importing millions of non-whites – seems calculated to hasten their own marginalization, if not complete disappearance. Why?

    • Gunrunner1

      In the end, I care not why the collaborator opens the gates of the city to the Army laying siege outside, only that my children are dying on the blades of the Enemy.

  • watling

    Perhaps on the bright side: as currently majority white nations deteriorate under the weight of third world immigration won’t such nations become less desirable to the immigrants?

    For example, Mexicans come go to the USA to escape Mexico. If the USA starts to resemble Mexico then might they not wonder what the attraction is?

    Looking at Detroit, how attractive is it now for blacks given that it has been chronically mismanaged by blacks and is now bankrupt? That fate befalls anywhere run by blacks.

    • kjh64

      “Perhaps on the bright side: as currently majority white nations deteriorate under the weight of third world immigration won’t such nations become less desirable to the immigrants?”

      Yes. What a lot of Mexicans and others are too dim to realize is that if they get their wish, and Whites dwindle to minority status, the better life that they came for, will dwindle and disappear along with the Whites. If minorities were smart, they wouldn’t want to become anywhere close to the majority. They don’t realize that when the parasites outweighs the host, the host dies.

  • biscuits&gravy

    Lock and load for 2060.

    • Bossman

      According to the futurists, by 2060, the good times will have returned to the USA. There will be lots of jobs and lots of young people.

      • dmxinc

        And you believe it. Very foolish.

      • Nathanwartooth

        The futurists are not race realists and so their premises are wrong so their conclusions are wrong.

        By 2060, non race realists will be blaming America turning into a 3rd world hellhole on everything but race. But the realists will know that it was the browning of America that did it.

      • Greg Thomas

        Lots of young people. Right, like that chica giving us the finger above. That’s your idea of “good times” no doubt.

      • ThomasER916

        Just like Detroit?

  • biscuits&gravy

    Whites can’t stop this from happening, because whites lack the moral fortitude they once had to revolt. So now whites just stand around and wring their hands. Nothing is worth bloodshed anymore.

  • Bossman

    A surprisingly shallow, contradictory and simplistic analysis of the migration problem from Mr. Jared Taylor. Mexico is a friendly trading partner of the USA linked by free trade agreements such as NAFTA. They cannot be shut out from the USA. He also seem to think that an illegal immigrant is a kind of creature that remains frozen in time and cannot improve his situation or that of his offspring. The same kinds of things were said of other immigrant groups of the past.

    • YourMOMA

      Really? There are third generation Mexicans in this country that choose to be MEXICANS first and American second. Unlike the Irish and Italians immigrants, Mexicans will forever be Mexicans and not Americans. These people enjoy the freedoms granted by the Constitution of this land and yet they proudly call themselves Mexicans.

      I know plenty of Mexicans in California and Texas that work for the government and they never shun their love for Mexico. Whether it comes in supporting Mexico in sporting events or putting Mexican flag as their profile picture on Facebook. They will always maintain their Mexicanism regardless of how many generations of offsprings are born in the United States.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Yeah, those things were said about White Europeans. Some of the stereotypes were correct, like the Irish being bad drunks.

      But with their 100 IQ average, all of those groups found their way in America.

      Mexicans are different. With their 90 IQ average they can’t compete in America. They will always commit more crime and make less money.

      Also the first generation that comes here from Mexico if often harder working and more productive than the third generation! They are literally going backwards from the way common logic would dictate. It’s really stunning.

      If you want a preview of America in 30 years, go to Brazil, Mexico or South Africa. I would make sure your trip is short and be careful while you are there.

    • WR_the_realist

      Black people have been here for a dozen generations. They remain separate and distinct, with the one standard deviation in IQ persisting decade after decade. Assimilation has worked for European immigrants and to some extent, East Asian immigrants, when their numbers were small. It hasn’t worked for other people.

      • Bossman

        The USA has done a far better job of assimilating all kinds of diverse peoples than any other country. Blacks have always wanted to be assimilated into the general culture but all kinds of laws were passed to prevent them from doing so.

    • laughnow

      You are wrong. They CAN and SHOULD be frozen out. Had the US taken the $ spent in Iraq/Afghan on the Mexican border, we could have had border that would have rivaled East Germany. Just because Mexico is a trading partner doesnt mean then can dump their unwanted citizens in the US without consequence. These mexicans are ILLEGAL. What you are saying is that its ok to break the laws.

      • Bossman

        Mr. Taylor seem to have less of a problem with their illegality and more of a problem with the fact that they are low IQ and brown. My own feelings is that there will always be a strong Hispanic presence in the USA with or without massive walls. A person’s immigration status can be changed by the stroke of a pen so that is not the defining issue in this debate.

        • Epiminondas

          We don’t want them here, Bossman. That’s all there is to it. We don’t care for your arguments one way or the other. We are the majority and we don’t want them. Cross us and take the consequences.

          • ms_anthro

            It’s like listening to a leech try to explain to the host animal why it should embrace being infested with parasites.

    • Gunrunner1

      Those agreements can be rescinded, as they are only paper. Companies that hire illegals can have crushing fines levied against them. As to repelling other “immigrant groups” please see Charles Martel. All of Europe expelled the Muslim hordes after the “battle of Tours in 732AD” (which gave us the Croissant!). A people can seize their Country back and Law and Liberalism is not set in stone.

      • Romulus

        He is one of my all time favorites. It may come to pass, that whites will not recognize what has happened to them until we become a small minority. The single most important thing we can do BEFORE that happens is to keep number 2 of the bill of rights. To understand why it is so important, one must take an overview of all the lefts major social policies and SCOTUS/ lower court decisions. It is so easy to see where all of this is headed. Yet, as gunrunner1 has stated, becoming the victim class does tend to galvanize resolve. HOWEVER!!!!, you can’t fight back Without the right tools for the job.

    • IstvanIN

      Two nations can trade goods without one nation invading the other.

  • “Their children have accepted stolen property” Brilliant.

  • Tlatoani

    Browns had great civilizations long before whites came to America for colonization or for conquer. The pilgrims from the Mayflower settled north of the continent and established a country apart of the English crown, based on liberties and freedom, no immigration can supress that accomplisment, because it’s written in the constitution; south of the continent established the spanish crown, with no pilgrims, in a reign of destruction and plunder, crossbreeding and decimating prehispanic culture with disease and greed, so the Spanish immigration in low north, central and south America destroyed the prehispanic way of life, mainly because it wasn’t based in modern democratic institutions as we know them now. The brown people you see entering USA represent no dominating cultures and are just part of the rage that was brought by modern civilization that by no means could seize american way of life, and its a small fraction of the entire hispanic and latin america that would not be willing to go to the USA, only to be treated like dogs by white supremasists. I really belive your country is in no peril and could only benefit with hard working low pay hands if you only give them a small part of the cake in terms of health, education, social security in return for tax income. Your white identity can be preserved not breeding brown people, so that’s no immigration issue. Thanks for your attention to a mexican citizen.

    • Terra Magnum Imperium

      You can’t have your cake and eat it too…

      • Tlatoani

        Try building higher walls. That way you can protect yourself from envy and fear.

        • ms_anthro

          Try fixing your own countries first instead of invading ours. If you’re so hardworking and honest then this shouldn’t be a problem right? We owe you absolutely nothing, and nothing is the best you will get. Your best option is to leave now while it’s still a voluntary choice.

          • Tlatoani

            I guess the lady didn’t read my post, I’m a mexican citizen, I’m not in the US and don’t go even for tourism, you can not run me out of my country and I’m begging you nothing, I just belive you could make a better living for yourself If your government allowed social programs for that kind of people. I dont support illegal immigration.

          • Greg Thomas

            What are you talking about? Our government bends over backwards in the way of “social programs” for your illegal invading bretheren. Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t your country offer social programs for the bottom of the barrel types that make their way illegally into our country?
            America is mexico’s welfare system!

          • Tlatoani

            That’s irrational.

          • NM156

            That’s the truth. If you need US govt. data, feel free to ask for it right here. However, be prepared to spend time poring over voluminous information on benefits for both legal and illegal immigrants.

          • Greg Thomas

            “That’s irrational.” LOL…in other words, I’m right.

        • ThomasER916

          Envy? Envy of WHAT? Envy of a stupid, fat, short, toothless race of brown rats?

    • WR_the_realist

      Mexico is the only country on earth that makes territorial claims against the United States. It teaches its citizens that large parts of the United States properly belongs to them. Our willingness to let 30% of the Mexican population live in this country is suicidal. Under democracy whoever breeds fastest ultimately controls the government. And Mexicans are real good at breeding fast. They are now a plurality in California and will soon be a majority. So that part of the country is already lost.

      If Mexicans are treated like dogs by us “white supremacists”, yet they still want to come here by the millions, then I can only imagine how much worse Mexicans are treated by their own citizens in their own country. And if their culture isn’t dominating, then why are more and more radio stations here in the Spanish language? Why do you have to be able to speak Spanish to get a government job in more and more parts of the U.S.?

      Mexicans are willing to work hard. I grant you that. That’s why our corporate masters like to hire them, and fire Americans, and drive wages down. As for the health care, education, and retirement, that is paid for by the tax payer, who is usually white. We have privatized profits and socialized costs, and both evil parties in the United States favor this system.

      • Tlatoani

        You must be mistaken, México has no territorial claims against USA, history classes are just that, a sad part of our history due to interests involved in local parties: Texas and the other borderline states belong to the US Federation and theres no legal action concerning. Another mistake: 30% of mexican population would be about 40 million people, and you dont have even 12 million illegal aliens, not even counting mexican people alone. If you say California is lost where is the tax money from legal residents and citizens going?

        I can only talk about mexicans being mexican also, but you have people from Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela and other hispanic american countries that are not mexican, but I’m sure that everyone goes to US despite the bad treatment because of unemployment in their home towns and countries, not because thier fellow citizens treat them wrong; in fact, look at cuban, puertorican and, in certain time, nicaraguans that reached the status of refugees in your country, and weren’t stigmatized with illegality, they grow as better citizens and less criminals. So your migration policy (that I know its none of my business) may be working against yourself.

        And you give me reason at pointing these people are breeding faster than expected; that wouldn’t happen if they had access to sexual education and contraceptive drugs, medical aid, etc.

        As for cultural dominance, language is just a small part, in most jobs in México, its necesary to understand English, thats because were neighbors. Look at the girl in the foto, I think you call her gesture the Britney signal, she maybe hasn’t learn english yet but she sure knows how to make herself understood; of course its not that pleasant seen on a brown girl. Another part of your culture spreading around the world is capitalism and market economy wich I belive has left much more poor people in the hole world and little number of very rich people.

        The majority of people in México had not the least interest in migrating to USA or any other country, we have jobs, housing plans, retirement, medical aid and insurance, but we are concerned about 12 million people being deported back to their homes, or their parents home, were we have no job for them, and we wonder, what took you so long? This has been going on for many decades. Who got the benefit? Social problems need social aproach, I dont see México giving political asylum to your CIA agent runaway like Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua, I dont see México stopping drug related crime fight even though it has cost thousands of human lifes, there are even comercial treatments as somebody said up there. Thats called partership and it is important in international relations.

        People in México are trying to vote out of Federal government the political group that benefits industrial interest and provokes unfair treatment and migration, but your government does not seem to want an Hugo Chavez just across the border, so things will be continuing the way they are.

        • kjh64

          “but I’m sure that everyone goes to US despite the bad treatment because of unemployment in their home towns and countries, not because thier fellow citizens treat them wrong”

          Latin Americans in the USA illegally are treated much better than White Americans in Latin America illegally are or would be. We do not owe any Latin American country or any non-American nation anything. Our nation, its’ money, jobs etc. belong to OUR own people, same for any nation. Anyways, the USA has a very high unemployment rate right now to and we are going broke and are in massive debt.

        • WR_the_realist

          I don’t care about which sort of vermin you Mexicans elect to run your government. I am much more concerned about the vermin in our government. Why doesn’t our government deport the illegal immigrants? Because there are two lobbies that have a lock on our government — the cheap labor lobby and the diversity lobby. The Republicans listen to the cheap labor lobby and the Democrats listen to the diversity lobby. They both spit on working and middle class Americans.

          Mexico built a big fence to keep illegal immigrant Guatemalans from coming into Mexico. Then the Mexican government says that for us to enforce our immigration law is a violation of human rights

          So Mexico isn’t offering asylum to Snowden? That just shows that it’s another government in the pocket of the American military hegemonists, a group of war mongers I despise. Snowden just wants Americans to know the truth. No wonder our government hates him.

          Mexicans breed fast because they want the babies. No one is stopping them from buying contraceptives. Condoms and birth control pills are not some big secret we’re withholding from the brown people.

          • Tlatoani

            I’m glad to read we coincide in despise to war mongers, mainly US military hegemonists. Mexican government is infiltered by crime organizations that extort central and south american travelers, no fence needed. As for breed rates among brown people, condoms are more expensive than mc donald sandwiches, no familiar planification is posible.

          • WR_the_realist

            Condoms are still much cheaper than children.

        • Greg Thomas

          We have 10 million illegal invading mestizos in California alone. What the hell do you know!

          • Tlatoani

            Don’t joke.

          • Greg Thomas

            I wish I were joking!

          • joesolargenius

            I agree with you on that point, there has to be at least thirty million hispanic illegal aliens and many millions of more from all over the World

      • joesolargenius

        I have been out of work for over one year and just got hired to work part time at Auto Zone only because I spoke Spanish. I only get ten hours a week and was told before being hired that the new computer system would never allow me to be scheduled for more than twenty five hours a week because of Obama Care. This means I will never make more than 1300 hours times my hourly pay per year , example being $9.00 X 1300 = $11,700.00 annually. Now this is the maximum annual salary I can expect unless I get promoted to management which will be difficult as I am a 60 yr old White Male !

        • Tlatoani

          Sorry to read that, hope it gets better.

    • kjh64

      “Browns had great civilizations long before whites came to America for colonization or for conquer”

      I have news for you, people all over the globe, of every race, since the beginning of time invaded and conquered others. Browns did it to other Browns, Whites didn’t do anything any other peoples didn’t do. Anyways, much of the USA at the time was an empty wilderness not owned or occupied by anyone.

      “The brown people you see entering USA represent no dominating cultures and are just part of the rage that was brought by modern civilization that by no means could seize american way of life,”

      No, Brown people weren’t brought here by “modern civilization” but by the fact that they messed up their own countries and American leaders have allowed them to come here Brown people need to create success in their own country and demand their leaders make it happen. Mexico is doing better.

      “and its a small fraction of the entire hispanic and latin america that would not be willing to go to the USA, only to be treated like dogs by white supremasists”

      Oh, spare me the “white supremacists” nonsense. Mexican and Latin Americans are “brown supremacists” who do not allow Whites in large numbers to live in their countries and would treat us like dogs if we did come illegally. Anyways, if Whites treat Browns so bad, then you should stay home, right” Stay away from us evil Whites, LOL.

      I really belive your country is in no peril and could only benefit with hard working low pay hands if you only give them a small part of the cake in terms of health, education, social security in return for tax income.

      I believe our country is in big peril. Mexicans and others take jobs from Americans, cost us more than they pay in taxes and are balkanizing our culture and language. Of course American leaders and their big business allies are partly to blame for this. Mexico would never allow Whites en masse to do this in their country, no non-White country would and I wouldn’t blame them. Mexico is doing much better now and the USA is not. It’s not our job to give foreigners a better life or provide for them, it’s our job to do what is best for our people, same for any country and mass immigration is bad for any country.

  • Black Plague

    That girl in the picture is so damn hot. Sorry, I have to be honest lol
    Blacks are the only enemy for me. Always have been, always will be.

    • IstvanIN

      Middle-finger Indio? Hot? How much have you had to drink? I hear Lorena Bobbit is available.

    • Fredrik_H

      Blacks are just a side-show. They cause a ruckus, their crime rate is through the roof but they are mostly a nuiscance.

      The latinos, on the other hand, will cause an inreparable rift in the USA. And there’s more than 600 million of them on your border.

      • NM156

        That’s generally true because of generations of white flight from Blacks to the suburban and exurban corn-field hinterlands, but those suburbs and exurbs, in addition to remnants of big cities still inhabited by white Americans, are now affected by mass Third World immigration. These immigrants don’t have the deep dysfunction that Blacks have, but if Blacks are cancer, Third World immigrants are long-term, chronic illness.

  • MikeofAges

    I would be okay living in some of predominantly Hispanic towns or neighborhoods, if not for likelihood of become a crime victim, at least a residential burglary. A car break in is yet more likely. Them again, I grew up around non-Whites on the South Side of Chicago. Also, I am under six feet tall and have a darker complexion and s would suffer less visceral hostility therefore. But the crime thing is too much of a deterrent if nothing else is. Seriously..

  • Tlatoani

    Thats why polititians finnally turn to have a look at them. Both sides of the border.

  • Alex Dihes

    Jared, I’m a US citizen originally from USSR. Do not let me, however I will put my words in your mouth. I know that you know the follows that but doesn’t dare to say. And don’t let me to say that.

    I state that majority of whites in the country are animals, not humans. Animals not to humiliate them but to indicate they – like any other creature – have only and only biological functions and they’re the only goal of their life span.
    A creature (looking like human):
    1- breathes
    2- drinks
    3- eats
    4- urinates
    5- defecates
    6- copulates
    7- dies without a trace.

    The Human:
    1- breathes
    2- drinks
    3- eats
    4- urinates
    5- defecates
    6- copulates
    7- brings up another Human
    8- creates
    9- dies, living life better than it was endowed to him.

    The basis of democracy is the opinion (don’t confuse with judgement) of the average citizen. The opinion of the average creature is a product of the stomach not the brain.

    That means that you appeal to the average creature to call to the average creature chosen by the average creature into the office.

    Do you really expect from the creatures a human being’s deed?!

    I must stop. So you wouldn’t throw in the garbage the comment. Do I know what to do? You bet!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No one of the “brave” white sites dare let me say that.

  • Alex Dihes

    So, my big, my brave fighter, you deleted my comment. Rare – if never – your supporters: coward whites miss to mention “Jared said”. You and your whining cohort is going to drown in soft and carefully chosen words.

    – What are you doing here, Paul Revere?
    – I watch where Latinos and African Americans are coming from.
    – Why do you want to know?
    – In order to advise my people which way to flee.
    – What is the difference between defenders of white power before and after the civil
    – Before that required courage, and after – cowardice.
    – How can you distinguish caution from cowardice?
    – Very simply, if we are afraid, it is carefulness and if the others – cowardice.

  • China_Rising

    Ugh, please read up on regression to the mean.

    The mean Indian IQ will continue to fall until it reaches parity with that of Indians in India. In two generations, “Indian Americans” and other South Asians may very well be at the Hispanic level of intellectual capacity. (The mean IQ in India is 82 by the way.)

  • Mark Hillyard

    The comment re: sending your children to a minority dominated school…My wife grew up in Oakland, CA and had to attend Oakland Technical High School for the entire 4 years. She was a minority white girl and the stories she tells are pretty frightening. During time 1964-1968 she had to endure the degrading comments of those people who were always after her for white girl sex. She declined. During the Black Panther’s movement which originated in Oakland she had to endure being held hostage in the school auditorium when they came into the place with shot guns and other weapons. She told me the school administers did nothing and the police did nothing.
    Her parents were dumb to her complaints, all she could do was stay in safe areas of the campus and leave as soon as possible.
    Mary’s son sold his home there and moved to a whiter neighborhood before he’d even consider having a baby.
    Most of my large family is liberal and dumber than a box of rocks. It’s something to do with the proximity of San Francisco I guess. My conservative brothers moved to the country like myself years ago. It’s a strange thing to visit those people in their PC environment, so I don’t do it except to visit my grandson.