PC Today, PC Tomorrow, PC Forever

Joseph Kay, American Renaissance, November 15, 2012

With a reply by Jared Taylor.

A paradox informs today’s race relations. On the one hand we have an African-American President and nearly all of the historical civil rights agenda is now law. In countless ways, life for African Americans has never been better. On the other hand, race-related Political Correctness (PC) grows harsher by the day. Yes, talking about race is still permissible but you better watch out. Even acknowledging the rise in black-on-white violent crime can be risky. The Bell Curve sold over 400,000 copies after it was published in 1994; today it might not even see the light of day.

Why? After all, the election of Obama was supposed to bring a post-racial society. Of course, it has not. Blacks still lag behind whites on nearly everything that counts, and all the traditional, “respectable” explanations for this gap grow increasingly less plausible. And, as “respectable” explanations fail, the one cause that dare not speak its name (and least in polite society)—intractable biological differences—slowly moves to the forefront. Repressive PC is thus a preemptive measure to choke public discussion of what is unthinkable and unspeakable: that racial differences in crime, child rearing, welfare dependency, educational attainment and all the rest are substantially rooted in genes.

Conventional explanations for why blacks lag behind whites number into the dozens and in their day, each sounded convincing, at least for a few years. During the 1950s one regularly heard about the legacy of slavery, inadequate school funding and poorly trained teachers, urban over-crowding (and white slum lords), white supremacist organizations like the KKK, discrimination in employment, white prejudice, lack of political access (especially in the South due to the poll tax and literacy tests), lead-paint poisoning, the absence of black heroes in school textbooks and movies, all-white TV shows, and all this topped off with apartheid-like Jim Crow. Then there were movie portrayals of blacks as childlike incompetents, e.g., Stepin Fetchit and Mantan Moreland. Further add the white plot to put liquor stores in the ghetto and, if that fails, claim that the CIA imports drugs. There was also the argument that the English language hindered blacks because of negative associations with the color black, as in “black magic,” “black mood,” “black eye,” and “black sheep.”

Many Southern states collected poll taxes for federal elections until the ratification of the 24th Amendment in 1964.

As each of these explanations waned (for example, school spending was equalized, the 1965 Voting Rights Act brought equal ballot access, lead paint disappeared, ghettos became less dense as millions of blacks moved to the suburbs), new explanations took their place: exposure to carbon dioxide from auto exhausts lowered black intelligence, welfare incentives destroyed black family cohesion, black infants did not get enough verbal stimulation, blacks students couldn’t learn because they were hungry, blacks received inferior medical care, written exams (including IQ tests) were culturally biased, banks refused to lend money to blacks, standard English was “foreign” to blacks and was to be replaced with Ebonics, whites unconsciously debilitated blacks with stereotypes and low expectations while blacks themselves internalized negative self-images. Another popular explanation was unhealthy diets, especially for expecting mothers.

More modern explanations of black failure tend toward multiple racisms invisible to whites but catastrophic for blacks (so-called “dog whistle racism”). Among these subtle racisms are implicit racism, environmental racism, aversion racism, subliminal racism, and unconscious racism. And don’t forget  institutional racism. The venerable term “colorblind” is now allegedly a code word for racism. The seemingly neutral political concept of federalism—favored by conservatives—has become the reincarnation of the 1950s era States Rights which, as “everybody knows,” actually means the Confederacy, that is to say, slavery.  The Stanford social psychologist Claude Steele has made a lucrative career of explaining that “stereotype threat” causes low black academic achievement.

Blaming whitey is a thriving industry with regular product launches. During the 1980s the field of Critical Race Studies rose to prominence in many law schools with its argument that white racism was part of our national DNA and was incurable. The judicial philosophy of strict constructionism is now being interpreted as a ruse to deprive blacks of civil rights. Michelle Alexander’s recent The New Jim Crow “shows” that the only thing that has changed for blacks is that white-dominated society now better disguises its racial repression: only outward appearances differ. The science-minded have used fMRI imaging to study the brain for unspoken racism and, sure enough, have found it. If all else fails, it is poverty or “the culture”—certainly not their race—that holds blacks down.

Racism: they’ve found it.

This menu of excuses has a desperate quality about it and cannot survive cursory inspection. “Invisible racism” evokes the days when physicists relied on ether to explain the transmission of light—and even if whites were racist, nobody has yet demonstrated how unexpressed, unconscious beliefs debilitate blacks.

Meanwhile, black youngsters from well-off families living in affluent suburbs lag behind their white classmates and their test scores resemble those of poor inner-city blacks. Obesity has replaced hunger, but black youngsters still fall behind. As for the “poverty does it” explanation, it is far more plausible that poverty is a function of intelligence rather than the other way around, and how do you explain the total failure of hugely expensive anti-poverty programs?

Head Start and similar early interventions have failed, though the government hates to admit it. Culture-free IQ tests show the same results as traditional “biased” tests. Endless affirmative action programs have not closed income gaps, though preference-heavy government jobs have helped. In some ways, the civil rights revolution never happened—millions of whites (even liberals) still flee blacks and avoid venturing into black neighborhoods despite powerful social pressures to the contrary.

Most embarrassing, the scientific basis of racial differences in intelligence grows in strength, though those who follow the mainstream mass media would never know it. But even if these scientific confirmations never existed or were successfully repressed, the case for at least some genetic component to racial differences in accomplishment is increasingly plausible. As Yogi Berra said, you can see a lot by looking around, and evidence is everywhere.

How can one account for the chaos and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (including nations from which slaves were never taken) in spite of decades of independence and hundreds of billions in foreign assistance? Why do economies in Africa collapse when whites leave? What’s wrong with Haiti despite years of massive government and private assistance?

The evidence on the home front is even more compelling. Racial preferences have opened the eyes of millions of whites by bringing them into contact with incompetent, affirmative-action blacks. Why is it that when blacks come to dominate a school, standards decline and crime rises? What do Detroit, Newark, East St. Louis, Gary Indiana, Camden, Birmingham, and several other troubled, nearly bankrupt crime-ridden cities have in common? Can anyone name a city, even a neighborhood that improved when large numbers of blacks moved in and whites left?

Finally, recent waves of immigration show that upward mobility for the desperately poor is still possible even when new arrivals are “people of color.” Why do Vietnamese refugees who are uprooted from their families, speak little English, and live in squalid housing nevertheless excel in school? Similar successes can be found among the Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and Filipinos.

This is not to say that a genetic explanation is becoming widespread. Biological explanations are probably more common than, say, 20 years ago, but probably fewer than a quarter of all whites state them openly (and among the liberal elite, this figure is probably less than 5 percent). Still, the mounting weakness of non-genetic explanations permits The Great Taboo to gain traction, and it takes ever more heavy-handed PC to keep it down.

The weakening of today’s “respectable” explanations does not, however, mean the eventual triumph of race realism. It is just the opposite: The dishonest orthodoxy will only be pushed harder and will doubtless hang around, if not dominate for decades. One can still meet ostensibly smart people who (at least outwardly) insist that black academic shortcomings result from unequal educational funding, too-white textbooks, the lack of black role model teachers, and all the rest, though each of these explanations is demonstrably false.

Be prepared for even more hate crime hoaxes while the definition of “hate” continues to expand (John Derbyshire calls this “hate creep”). Meanwhile, academics are already inventing next year’s lies, each one more bizarre than the last (a Princeton professor of sociology recently suggested in The New York Times that young blacks are disadvantaged by irregular sleep patterns). Defenders of racial orthodoxy also easily hide behind propositions that are unfalsifiable, such as, “it’s the culture,” or “solutions require more time.”

The key to understanding this tenacity is that blatant falsehoods rest on economic self-interest and nobody makes a living from contrary arguments. For millions of blacks (and many whites, too) environmental determinism is the ticket to a government-facilitated good life. At the very core of affirmative action is the assumption that black deficiencies are reversible if blacks get a temporary leg up. Imagine trying to justify affirmative action if racial differences were scientifically certified as genetically hard-wired, and this were publicly accepted?

What, then, might the future hold in the face of unrelenting, burgeoning racial PC?  My own view is a Darwinian one: With a sufficient number of clever people, societies incrementally adapt to tribulations, though the changes may be imperceptible and little is said (adaptation may be easier if nothing is said). In fact, this slow and quiet disengagement from the egalitarian fantasy is already happening.

Consider, for example, the absolute public silence about reinvigorating dying cities or African-American neighborhoods. These Third-World conditions are now just part of the landscape. This is a far cry from the 1960s, when urban renewal, model cities, scattered site housing, the Job Corps, Upward Bound, Project Uplift, church-based social services programs, and similar high-profile measures targeted urban blacks. The once commonplace call to attack black poverty and all the rest by focusing on “root causes” has quietly slipped into oblivion. Nor is there much talk of spending millions to combat soaring AIDS rates among blacks.

Perhaps the last major push to fix a race-related problem was George Bush’s No Child Left Behind effort to reduce racial differences in academic achievement. That failed program is now almost universally denounced as wasteful, and there seems to be no enthusiasm for its replacement, President Obama’s Race to the Top. When was the last time you heard “schools, not prisons”? Note that neither presidential candidate said much about the “crisis” of black illegitimacy.

It is, for example, hardly an accident that many new automobile factories are located in the South, safely away from high concentrations of African Americans. Many firms now put their back offices in places like South Dakota, while others leave the country altogether or automate. I’ve noticed that telephone-based customer service has improved as companies discover places where you can hire polite, helpful employees who speak clear, unaccented English. I always ask where the customer service person is located and recent responses include Ireland, Fort Worth, and Orlando. Record-breaking unemployment among young blacks, especially in urban areas, testifies to this adaptation.

One could also argue that the influx of Hispanic workers represents an adjustment to the problem of dealing with blacks in the workplace. Hispanics are preferred, given their superior work habits, better attitudes, and reluctance to file lawsuits at the slightest hint of discrimination. Much the same holds for the growing number of Caribbean blacks who have replaced native-born blacks as medical workers and domestic servants.

Adaptation is most visible at a personal level. John Derbyshire may have been terminated at National Review for being “offensive,” but millions of Americans—many unconsciously—still follow his advice on race relations: Avoid blacks, even if this means not helping blacks in trouble. Many bars and restaurants promote racial segregation by seemingly innocuous choices in background music, décor, pricing, menu selection, and overall ambience.

Needless to say, solutions by quiet subterfuge will depress race realists, and the blatant lying and hypocrisy can be unbearable. Realists long for open acknowledgement that massive government efforts to impose equality are an expensive failure. And make no mistake, race realists are a persecuted minority and this persecution will grow as their arguments become indisputable. Still, there is much to be said for hypocrisy to sustain civil society. Honesty may be the best policy—except when it comes to race.


Reply to Mr. Kay

By Jared Taylor

In his usual brilliant way, Dr. Kay has described the endless excuses liberals make for the failures of blacks. Liberals seem to have a genuine libido for the implausible when it comes to concocting and swallowing new ways to blame whites for the natural state of blacks.

But Dr. Kay is wrong about two things and perhaps a third. First, whites do not close their eyes to the facts of biology out of economic self-interest. Second, hypocrisy about race is not the best policy. Third, racial preferences might very well survive in a world that accepted genetic explanations for race differences.

To start with the third, Dr. Kay argues that racial preferences are based on the assumption that blacks are just as smart and hard-working as whites, and need only a temporary leg up to put them on track for the corner office. He writes that if it were widely understood that the races have different average levels of ability, preferences would disappear.

I’m not so sure. When it comes to race, liberal whites are certifiably insane. It is entirely possible that the victory of the Jensen-Rushton position would only harden their support for race preferences. After all, if blacks really don’t have the same abilities as whites, how else are they to get their share of the swag? If they are one standard deviation on the low side of the IQ bell curve, then just give them an official, across-the-board boost of one standard deviation on every job test.

Racial bell curves from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth.

There is a precedent for this. In the 1980s, the Employment Service of the Department of Labor “race normed” the results of a then-popular job aptitude test called the General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB). It did this by first ranking everyone only against people of the same race, and then adjusting final scores to put everyone on the same bell curve. In other words, if a black’s raw score put him at the 60th percentile for blacks, his adjusted score put him at the 60th percentile for all test takers. This meant that a raw score of 300 became an adjusted score of 79 for a black, 62 for a Hispanic, and 38 for “others,” meaning whites and Asians. The Employment Service didn’t tell anyone it was cooking the scores, and when the facts came out, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1991 that banned the practice.

However, if an employer wants to hire by quota—and that is what he must do or fight off the sharks at the Department of Justice—race norming is the best way to do it. If you hire the black or Hispanic with the highest score at least you know you got the best black or Hispanic.

To repeat: Whites are just crazy enough to go along with a system like this. They pay for dialysis for illegal immigrants. They let Haitians and Muslims into the country. They say “diversity is our greatest strength.” Republicans think they can “reach out” to Hispanics. So, judging on present form, they are perfectly capable of carrying on with the quota game, even after some future World Genome Project finds that the alleles for intelligence are not spread evenly around the world.

But let us assume Dr. Kay is right, and that if the scientific facts came out, the preferences merry-go-round would stop. There would be a perfect racial split on the impact this would have on economic interests. Blacks, who would fall off the gravy train, would want to keep the truth bottled up. But not whites. The only whites who make money out of “affirmative action” are the ones who perform it for a living. Those jobs are the first to go to “diverse” applicants, so Chief Diversity Officers and their staff are not usually opera-goers.

It is true that university administrators work every dodge to get non-whites on campus, and that dozens of major US corporations—including Xerox, Intel, Dow Chemical, GE—just petitioned the Supreme Court to keep racial preferences legal. But it is not because of economic interests.

For universities, preferences are a dead loss. Underqualified non-whites need special tutoring but drop out anyway. They demand student unions, group housing, and worthless courses in which they can study themselves. They bawl about “racism,” and march around campus at the slightest whiff of it. Some of them gin up fake “hate” to blame on whites. They are a tremendous bother, and if the cost of having them on campus were ever calculated it would come to a shocking figure.

Underperforming minorities are a burden to employers, too. They consume salaries, benefits, and office space, but do not pull their own weight. Why do schools and businesses continue to burden themselves with deadwood?

It’s hard to fathom the minds of the insane, but at least a few college administrators probably think blacks and Hispanics are oppressed, and that preferences are the only way to raise them to their true potential. How they can continue to believe this year after year, as affirmative-action recruits drop out or get stuck at the bottom of the class, is a miracle of faith that would test a saint.

It is more likely that the people who run colleges are inoculating themselves against charges of “racism.” That is Shelby Steel’s theory. Whites know that if there aren’t enough blacks and browns on campus it will look bad. It doesn’t matter if dragging them onto campuses where they can’t make the grade hurts them; whites can bask in the glow of moral superiority.

But what’s in it for businesses? Why did Intel and GE petition the Supreme Court to uphold race preferences? Their amicus brief claimed that having the right racial mix is “critical to . . . business success” but, of course, no study has ever shown that. In fact, all a multi-culti workforce does is create tension.

The reason big companies like preferences is that they are insurance against being sued by the Department of Justice. The only way to get a suit-proof workforce is through heavy racial preferences, and with Eric Holder sharpening his knives for a second term, that is a greater danger than ever. If the Supreme Court bans preferences, and the number of non-white employees falls, DOJ could swoop in with an expensive lawsuit that could lead to crushing fines.

Therefore, race preferences are in the economic self interest of an employer only in the negative sense that they keep the feds out of his hair. The preference hires themselves are a net loss.

But let us turn to Dr. Kay’s least convincing argument: that hypocrisy on the subject of race differences is what keeps the peace, and that the best we can hope for is to avoid the most awful consequences of egalitarianism by moving businesses to white counties and playing classical music in restaurants.

It is a huge mistake to build a society on any kind of lie. Mistaken assumptions lead to wrong policies, and wrong policies lead to everything from minor mishaps to catastrophe. The assumption that people of all races are exactly and precisely equal in every important respect—let us call it “the delusion”—is very dangerous. This entire website is devoted to the awful consequences of the delusion, but let us list just a few.

Every time blacks and Hispanics fail in any way, the delusion requires that we blame whites. This has grim consequences. First, the assumption that whites are guilty puts them at a psychological disadvantage that makes them unable to defend their legitimate interests. Second, it means society pours tremendous resources into the futile task of “narrowing the gaps” and trying to get blacks and Hispanics to behave like whites. Since whites are assumed to have caused the “gaps,” it is right that they finance these futile efforts. This drains individual whites who must pay for absurd programs, and who are elbowed aside to make room for their alleged victims.

The logic of the delusion requires that these misguided policies and wealth transfers grind on until the gaps are gone—that is, until pigs have wings. There will be no way to call an official halt to the folly—and no way to stop the perpetual punishment of whites—until we puncture the delusion.

Another dangerous consequence of the delusion is that it is part of the current buncombe about race being an illusion. Races are not only equal, we are told, they are equivalent and interchangeable. That means Europe can fill up with Moroccans, and the United States can fill up with Mexicans and nothing will change. This is absurd, of course, but it is meant to soften whites up for dispossession. Why should we worry about losing our countries? We are being replaced by ourselves!

Of course, Dr. Kay knows all this; I am not saying anything he doesn’t know. Our only difference—to the extent there really is a difference—is that I believe we should never give the hypocrites a moment’s peace. Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to race.

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Joseph Kay
Joseph Kay is a retired academic who suffers from compulsive truth-telling disorder.
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  • JohnEngelman

    The Bell Curve sold over 400,000 copies after it was published in 1994; today it might not even see the light of day.

    – Joseph Kay, American Renaissance, November 15, 2012

    Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010,” has been well received by book reviewers. There has been little if any of the hysteria that greeted “The Bell Curve.” Charles Murray continues to have articles published in publications like Commentary, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

    • nathan wartooth

      Then it doesn’t mention the differences in the IQ of the various races. That’s the only part of The Bell Curve that people got angry about basically.

      • JohnEngelman

        The idea that the way one is born is more important than the way one behaves is offensive to the Horatio Alger myth. Americans want to believe that hard work will make them rich before they die. They do not want to be told that what really matters is picking a winning number at conception in the Grand IQ Sweepstakes.

    • curri

      Murray stated that he purposely wrote a book about whites only to avoid “confusion” and “misunderstandings.”

      • Ulick

        That is correct. I heard an interview with Murray where he specifically said he wanted to get out the important message of America’s decline by focusing exclusively on white Americans’ decline so as to avoid the controversy of The Bell Curve.

        • JohnEngelman

          The message I get from Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010,” is that our economy has little use for people with double digit IQs, and that when they realize it they often descend to dysfunctional behavior.

          • David Ashton

            So what are we going to do about the “revolt of the [unemployable] masses”?

          • JohnEngelman

            Before finding a solution we should recognize that the problem exists. The problem will not go away by ignoring it. J. Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen, and Charles Murray are several of the small number of people who have the courage to explain what the problem is.

          • David Ashton

            How do you persuade the “powers that be” to recognize and act?
            What about the Marxists moving from “gender” and “race” to the “class” section of their revolutionary trinity by enlisting unemployed blacks and whites in violent mass protest and street crime sprees against those “richer” than themselves?

          • JohnEngelman

            As a political movement Marxism hardly exists anymore. Stop worrying about it. At the same time recognize that Karl Marx, like many political thinkers, had valid insights. Any political thinker should be read for insight, rather than doctrine.

            I am unaware of violent protests on the left. I am in favor of a return to the more progressive tax rates and stronger labor unions that existed in the United States during the 1950s.

          • David Ashton

            These violent protests are already spreading across Europe as unemployment rises. The AFL-CIO maintained a good anti-Soviet posture during the cold war, but there is a risk of a more radical leftism in the formation of class-war unionism. Not a “worry” just a sensible precaution against possibilities. “Progressive taxation” was a doctrine (not just an insight) of Old Whiskers in his Manifesto.

          • JohnEngelman

            Karl Marx had a number of good ideas.

            .”Universal and free education of the people.”

            Was one of them.

            “Complete separation of Church and State. The clergy of every denomination shall be paid only by the voluntary contributions of their congregations.”

            Was a second.

            “The introduction of steeply graduated taxes.”

            Was a third.


          • David Ashton

            Anyone can cherry pick from Marx, Nietzsche, Reagan or Bob Hope. What do you think of Marx on Jews and Money?
            Marx thought Christianity represented the spiritual force of capitalist repression just as the state machinery represented its physical force. This is why religious beliefs and ethics have been targeted by those “imaginary unicorns”, the post-Stalin Cultural Marxists.

            Marx also declared that the Communists could attain their ends by the “forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions” (churches eventually included). Your old CPUSA pals would have found the practical details in William Z. Foster’s “Toward Soviet America” and Moissaye J. Olgin’s “Why Communism?”

          • fabius

            Marx never singled out Christianity as the worst of the religions. Like most other anti-capitalists of his time, he sought to taint capitalism by associating it with Jews, since Jews were regarded with hostility and suspicion (rhetorically rational, but an irony since Marx was himself ethnically Jewish). His essay “On the Jewish Question” is a famous piece of anti-Semitism (for some reactions, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Jewish_Question#Interpretations ).

          • David Ashton

            Just wondered what Mr E. thought of Marx’s “insight” on this.
            I found the books by Julius Carlebach, Nathaniel Weyl, Robert Wistrich and Jerry Muller informative backgrounders.

          • JohnEngelman

            Karl Marx had a number of good ideas.

            “Universal and free education of the people.”

            Was one of them.

            “Complete separation of Church and State. The clergy of every denomination shall be paid only by the voluntary contributions of their congregations.”

            Was a second.

            “The introduction of steeply graduated taxes.”

            Was a third.


  • JohnEngelman

    This menu of excuses has a desperate quality about it and cannot survive cursory inspection.

    – Joseph Kay, American Renaissance, November 15, 2012

    That is because few people really believe it anymore.

    During the 1980s I remember an American visitor to the Soviet Union reported, “No one believes any more. It is as though the Bible Belt has become indifferent to Christianity.”

    We know what happened to the Soviet Union.

    The political constraints of political correctness will fall as well. Facts that are obvious to anyone who looks cannot be indefinitely denied.

    • nathan wartooth

      Political correctness could go on forever easily.

      Name one person who is mainstream who talks about differences in IQ. As much as I would love Jared to be mainstream he isn’t. People like Ann Coulter dance around it because they know if they ever mention IQ differences they would be banned from all talk shows. Except to be invited on to be yelled at and ridiculed.

      • Critic_of_Leviathan

        Not true.

        Ann Coulter discusses the Herrnstein and Murray study in her book Godless, chapter 7, which is actually how I first learned about it. Ann’s mention of the unspeakable is one of the things that led me to race realism.

      • pcmustgo

        Yeah, but there are more non-mainstream media outlets, FOX, Beck, etc, popping up now than ever. The Right is growing…. Yeah, I know they don’t talk IQ, but they talk other black taboos- crime , etc

    • David Ashton

      The Soviet Union didn’t just collapse, though. It needed a bit of a push, e.g. from the US team that went over to help Yeltsin.

    • David Ashton

      Unless the sheer weight of numbers and the instruments of oppression combine to delay the “inevitable”. Are people of low IQ worried about the decline of IQ?

      • JohnEngelman

        I doubt most of them give it, or anything else much thought.

        • David Ashton

          Exactly but they know how to “have sex” (without protection)

  • JohnEngelman

    Meanwhile, black youngsters from well-off families living in affluent suburbs lag behind their white classmates and their test scores resemble those of poor inner-city blacks.

    – Joseph Kay, American Renaissance, November 15, 2012

    IQ Scores of Blacks and Whites Regress toward the Averages of Their Race. Parents pass on only some exceptional genes to offspring so parents with very high IQs tend to have more average children. Black and White children with parents of IQ 115 move to different averages–Blacks toward 85 and Whites to 100.


    • David Ashton

      This contributes towards a new case against miscegenation, which you think is now universally inevitable. It is acknowledged even in the most important modern book in favor of black-white crossing, Kenneth Dyer’s “Biology of Racial Integration”.

      • JohnEngelman

        I first learned that Oriental girls existed by seeing them on television when I was six or seven. I was probably watching a documentary about elementary schools in Japan or Taiwan. I remembered thinking, “With white girls some are pretty, and some are not. With Oriental girls all are pretty.”

        Black women are less likely to attract me than Oriental women. Nevertheless, I think the First Lady is a fox.

        • Gracchus123

           “Nevertheless, I think the First Lady is a fox.”
          There ain’t no accountin’ for taste!!!

        • David Ashton

          Your individual tastes are not of particular interest to everyone else. Not all Oriental girls are pretty in my opinion; some of those our older men order as imported brides/domestics on the internet are very ugly indeed. As for “the First Lady” she looks like an African copy of an ageing Jane Fonda.
          Give me Naomi Watts or Taylor Swift any day (no chance now, sad I know).

          • JohnEngelman

            Miscegenation began with the age of discovery. It has been accelerating ever since. The most enthusiastic practitioners have been rich white men who had economic power over black women, like Strom Thurmond.

          • David Ashton

            Opinions have changed on the existence of race and of race differences over the years (e.g. your Russell quote). The same could happen with miscegenation on any appreciable scale. Scientific and medical data develop, and fashions can change. “Cultural Racism”…!
            Incidentally, the first time I noticed the English beauty of Naomi Watts was when I saw her in the TV movie “Hunt for the Unicorn Killer” about the student Holly Maddux, who was murdered in real life by a lionized loony lefty called Einhorn from Vietnam protest days. One of your “imaginary unicorns” in more than one sense, and a film quite refreshingly unusual in its political incorrectness.

  • JohnEngelman

    As for the “poverty does it” explanation, it is far more plausible that poverty is a function of intelligence rather than the other way around, and how do you explain the total failure of hugely expensive anti-poverty programs?

    – Joseph Key, American Renaissance, November 15, 2012

    Or the success of impoverished Oriental and Jewish immigrants?

    • David Ashton

      Group/family co-operation has helped. Clannish as well as clever.

  • JohnEngelman

    It is entirely possible that the victory of the Jensen-Rushton position would only harden their support for race preferences. After all, if blacks really don’t have the same abilities as whites, how else are they to get their share of the swag? If they are one standard deviation on the low side of the IQ bell curve, then just give them an official, across-the-board boost of one standard deviation on every job test.

    – Jared Taylor

    A better way would be to return to the New Deal practice of artificially raising incomes for low IQ but conscientious employees by raising the minimum wage, and strengthening labor unions.

    In addition, what Mitt Romney disdains as “free stuff” can be distributed to those who play the game by the rules, even when they are unable to win the prizes.

    • Gracchus123

      “free stuff” is not free, and thank you very much, I am not amenable to transferring any of my “wealth” to “those who play the game by the rules” simply because they behave in a civilized manner. Those who don’t “play by the rules” get “three hots and a cot”, and no more.

      This idea that “everyone gets a trophy” is so Marxist. Equal outcomes can only happen when the heavy hand of big government decrees it. It’s called tyranny.

      Nn thanks.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am not advocating equal outcomes, only less unequal outcomes. Most Americans benefited from the facts that during the 1950s the top tax rate never got below 91 percent, and one third of the work force belonged to labor unions.

  • JohnEngelman

    The reason big companies like preferences is that they are insurance against being sued by the Department of Justice.

    – Jared Taylor

    Also, a heterogeneous work force is more difficult to organize into labor unions.

    • nathan wartooth

      While heterogeneous societies have their problems, I don’t think forming labor unions is one of them. When the Chicago teachers were on strike it was very heterogeneous.

      • JohnEngelman

        That is an exception to the rule. The fact that the American working class has never developed a socialist consciousness has often been attributed to the United States as a multi racial, multi ethnic country.

        • Gracchus123

          Can you site any literature to support the assertion that ” The fact that the American working class has never developed a socialist consciousness has often been attributed to the United States as a multi racial, multi ethnic country.”

          • JohnEngelman

            Fredrick Engels wrote about, as did Michael Harrington in is book Socialism. Neither of them wrote passages that can be linked to on the internet.

            It is by no means a rare insight.

      • NM156

        Nathan Wartooth will be at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago this weekend. Should be brutal…xD

    • Ulick

      Another factor for large corporations to favor diversity in their workforce, aside from the threat of a DOJ lawsuit, is the threat of a boycott should certain people be upset by the corporations lack of diversity. Jesse Jackson made a career shaking down corporations by threatening a boycott by blacks and sympathetic whites. The greatest example being the Jesse organized boycott and shakedown of Coca-Cola in the early 80s.

  • JohnEngelman

    If the Supreme Court bans preferences, and the number of non-white employees falls, DOJ could swoop in with an expensive lawsuit that could lead to crushing fines.

    – Jared Taylor

    If the Supreme Court bans preferences it will be more difficult for the Department of Justice, the NAACP, or any other organization to win those lawsuits.

    • nathan wartooth

      Do you know what disparate impact is? Go research it then reread what you wrote.

    • ImTellinYa

      The big problem with the lawsuits is not whether they are won or lost, but the mere fact that they exist. Each lawsuit is taken seriously by the courts and fighting them is enormously expensive. And because the mainstream media is completely infected by the Leftist pathology, they will openly and loudly take the side of the nonWhites. A Public Relations disaster is added to the financial disaster.

      The nonWhite racial advocates bringing these lawsuits don’t have to win any of them. All they have to do is keep bringing them. The cost of fighting them is prohibitive for the companies being sued, while the plaintiffs don’t suffer at all because it is the government-supported, “nonprofit” business of racial advocates to do nothing but sue and threaten to sue.

      The SPLC is a perfect example of the kind of highly profitable extortion on behalf of nonWhites that the companies dread.

      • pcmustgo

        Little nuisances. I’ve begun to regard many blacks and non-whites this way… little nuisances,

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    This is a powerful essay by Joseph Kay with an even more powerful response by Jared Taylor.

    John Engelman knows this. That is why he is cluttering up the message board as fast as he can with diversionary posts (7 and counting — as of this post). Don’t be fooled. Nobody can top what Taylor has written. Engelman knows it. He wants to distract readers from the Kay-Taylor exchange above.. Don’t be fooled.

    • David Ashton

      Has John Engelman any data on the IQ of children of Han-Ashkenazi marriages? Now that would make an interesting “tangent”.
      There is a case for protecting native-born industrial and agricultural workers against imported scab labor and cheap imports from slave-labor or sweatshops overseas; a concession on this might have saved Romney in Ohio and rusting belts.

    • JohnEngelman

      My “favored groups” include Orientals. Race realism requires an acknowledgement of their low rates of crime and illegitimacy, and their high average IQs.

      Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who spoke at six American Renaissance conferences, was quite clear about this.


      • pcmustgo

        I am half jewish

        • Gracchus123

          What’s your point?

      • Tucker

        Low rates of crime? Let’s modify that a bit. Let’s change it to low rates of getting busted.

        As recently as 2008, somewhere in the neighborhood of $32 trillion dollars was stolen from the United States taxpayers by a organize crime syndicate consisting of international bankers, and I would guarantee to everyone that a minimum of 95% of them share DNA with Mr. Engelman.

        • JohnEngelman

          Although I am getting ready to go to church I would love to have lots and lots of Ashkenazi DNA. Instead, I am a Nordic Gentile.

          • Gracchus123

            No surprise there; I’ve thought for awhile that you are not comfortable in your own skin.

          • Caracal

            Right, you are a Nordic “Gentile”.

            And that explains why you’re using a predominantly Ashkenazi last name as your handle, constantly brag about jews and have their typical asian fetish ?

            Makes perfect sense, because if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be an eagle !

            Oxford Dictionary of Family Names: Engelman

            1. Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name composed of German Engel ‘angel’ + man(n)
            ‘man’, ‘husband’.

            2. Respelling of German Engelmann.


            My, what a coincidence !

    • Ulick

      In defense of John Engleman, I found his above response regarding needing to see blacks in their natural setting or when they’re the majority in a given setting to truly appreciate black behavior to be spot-on.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        “Spot on” remarks are bait.

      • Gracchus123

        A stopped clock is right twice a day.

  • ImTellinYa

    Mr. Taylor, I am very happy you pointed out that White Leftists are clinically insane, or at least behave that way. I’ve long felt that we have been in the grip of a massive social pathology that actually enforces insane behavior. It wouldn’t be the first time that an entire culture embraced extremely bad ideas and people as we have done for the past 50-60 years. There were always Leftist imbeciles of course, but it wasn’t until the 50s and 60s when the beats and the hippies took the insanity mainstream that we began to base public policy on lies and fantasies.

    But most of these lies and fantasies appear to be strategies for escaping reality.

    For instance those who insist that Hispanics are “natural conservatives” are probably, to a very large extent, engaging in the sort of magical thinking that accompanies a large fear load. It is a kind of denial of reality that is reassuring in the short term. It’s akin to the denial that many terminally-ill people initially cling to.

    And it is an excuse to stop the unpleasant opposition to Leftist Tyranny and surrender. It has long been a hallmark of the Left that, as a tactic, they subvert the eternal verities by redefining cowardice as courage, right as wrong, wrong as right, failure as success, sullen alienation as transcendent happiness, etc.

    This kind of social pathology has infected everyone since the 60s. The GOP leadership is merely redefining one of their worst enemies as one of their potentially most valuable friends. It is, perhaps, a massive case of Stockholm Syndrome if you want to really pinpoint the type of denial in this case.

    The GOP leadership seems stupid, but really they are just too afraid to face reality.

    For instance, Ron Unz and his “American Conservative” pals can’t be so stupid as to really, in their heart of hearts, believe in open borders, amnesty and all the other happy clappy Leftist nonsense that they embrace and redefine as “Conservative Realism.”

    Their denial is their ivory tower. They will be very comfortable there until one day soon it simply vanishes.

    I work for a major daily newspaper and I can assure you that EVERYONE I work with in the newsroom seems to firmly believe in all the old Leftist lies and fantasies about Race. Everything we publish is therefore false to one degree or another. Whatever the Leftist faction of the government says is simply accepted by our reporters and editors. It really is like working with the insane. I have to keep my mouth shut of course. I made some mildly intemperate comments about that affirmative-action parasite Obama on Facebook recently and it got me in serious trouble.

    Lesson learned: Don’t “Friend” Leftist imbeciles just because you work with them. They will turn on you with the fury of a spoiled brat.

    • pcmustgo

      I am a former liberal and I agree it’s some kind of sub-conscious brainwashing the media does. THEY ONLY SHOW IMAGES OF “RACIST WHITES” and innocent blacks. Dr. MLK , etc. Most upper middle class whites, you know the ones who get educated and who “matter” , for better or worse, the most are raised in safe white bubble worlds where they never experience “bad blacks”. Maybe a few nice, polite “good blacks”

      • JohnEngelman

        Upper middle class whites usually know few blacks. These few are either exceptional or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment. Upper middle class whites live in safe neighborhoods, so they are seldom the victims of black crime. They suffer from what George Orwell called, “money sheltered ignorance.”

        In order to learn what most blacks are really like one usually needs to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an environment where they are in the clear majority.

        When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

        • Tucker

          And, we have John Engelman’s people to thank for destroying segregation in the old South and for putting blacks into formerly safe and academically superior all-white public schools and into formerly safe and relatively crime free, all-white neighborhoods.

          And, now, all across America – even in large parts of the South, we have White boys acting and behaving like ‘whiiggers’ and White teenage girls squirting out illegitimate mulatto babies.

          I’m old enough to remember that those conditions were exactly what those awful old White Southern rednecks predicted would happen, when they were protesting these clearly destructive machinations.

          • JohnEngelman

            As I have pointed out previously, you did a bad job of getting your message out. It was difficult for segregationists to convince whites with little experience of blacks that blacks were inherently violent and criminal when segregationists were beating and killing peaceful civil rights demonstrations.

            You guys complained about the liberal media. Well, if it was not for all the beating and killing the liberal media would not have had anything to report.Civil rights demonstrators should have been responded to civilly. It is as simple as that.

            You guys never had a leader of the caliber of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I know. I know. He was a womanizer. He was a plagiarizer He was a Communist sympathizer. What mattered is that he had charisma to burn, and he gave some of the greatest speeches in the English language.

            For example:


            And again:


            Another thing segregationists did not do was to create a great literature that presented their view points. Black writers like Richard Wright, and white writers like Harper Lee presented ugly depictions of segregation.

            There was no segregationist literature good enough to convince whites in the North that blacks actually were a problem, and that segregationists had legitimate concerns.

          • Tucker

            You’re overlooking George Lincoln Rockwell. Try listening to some of his speeches, as well as a few of the speeches by Revilo P. Oliver and even Dr. William L. Pierce. Of the 3 cited, I suppose Rockwell had the most ‘charisma’, although he squandered it by wearing stupid costumes that did more to play into the hands of the enemy than anything else.

            Other outstanding speakers for White racial solidarity were Gerald L. K. Smith, and even the old wimp George Wallace could deliver an outstanding speech when he was on his best game.

            So, no, Mr. Engelman – is wasn’t a case of Whites not having well educated, charismatic speakers for our cause. We had plenty. The difference was who controlled the mainstream media – and it was these subversive aliens who share your DNA who determined who got the favorable coverage and who got the unfavorable coverage.

            Which is the reason why the new White Ethnostate will prohibit the possibility of this media subversion from ever happening again.

          • David Ashton

            I think you and Engelman are both right, but in only two respects: (1) The media gave exceptional coverage to extreme white brutality towards blacks and played down any serious arguments for racial separation; (2) white anti-segregationists did have relatively more astute, eloquent and respectable spokesmen.

            Rockwell and Pierce were self-evidently neo-Nazi, and Oliver too verbally sophisticated. They and Smith all failed to gain support because of their overriding anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, plus personal eccentricities. They could not command general public support.

            The essential case for segregation was to prevent black-white racial crossing, especially among young people. Some less “controversial” voices put a fairly supportive case; for example, Carleton Putnam and Henry Garrett, plus a number of southern lawyers and politicians who put out various pamphlets. One notable (now somewhat dated) production was Dr. W. C. George’s “Biology of the Race Problem”. This was based primarily on racial differences in IQ, which were heavily contested at the time by psychologists like Otto Klineberg (with whom I personally crossed swords at the London University Institute of Education). Since the end of segregation and of laws against race-crossing in the USA and South Africa, the scientific case for intellectual disparity has been independently strengthened, and the downside of desegregation has become more obvious, though only to a limited extent among the affected white public.

            So long as segregation is associated, rightly or wrongly, with images of lynched or tortured Blacks, including children, and race realism with images of murdered or starved Jews, including children, there will be communication and persuasion problems.

          • george00

            “Rockwell and Pierce were self-evidently neo-Nazi, and Oliver too
            verbally sophisticated. They and Smith all failed to gain support
            because of their overriding anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, plus
            personal eccentricities. They could not command general public support”

            You guys are really something else. There’s this thing, it’s called lies. You all act as if the media would never distort the truth to provoke people to think something that wasn’t true. Amazing!

            “They could not command general public support.” The media suppressed every argument that would have caused people to think to give them support and promoted every thing that would cause people to think to not give them support. That’s what people are talking about when they say brainwashing.

          • David Ashton

            I have read a good deal of Rockwell, Pierce, Smith and Oliver and could quote from their own writings to support my point about their racial anti-Semitism. I have four books by Oliver on my shelves, and corresponded with him, and pamphlets by Smith, plus a few items and cuttings from the others.

            Rockwell had one good idea in trying to get an alliance with black separatists, but was a stunt-merchant whose “leadership” of the “World Union of National Socialists” (pygmies in the uniforms of dead giants, as Oswald Mosley called them) hardly got him a favorable press.

            Oliver and Pierce were highly intelligent and well-read. Oliver deteriorated badly from a complex conspiracy position (initiated by studying Nesta Webster) expressed with erudition in the John Birch Society, eventually to present a sadly crass, if characteristically pretentious, version of anti-Jewish and anti-Christian historiography, plus some vulgarity; nevertheless, he was also wickedly misquoted by his opponents. Pierce believed in racial extermination and, despite his curiously charmed life, was never likely to command support outside a terrorist fringe; he did not need to be misquoted. Smith researched a lot of stuff on Jewishs element in communism, but ended up with a crazy project to build a copy of part of the Holy Land.

            One can sift through their material for the occasional interesting fact or quotation, but for all their misapplied sincerity aka obsessive tunnel visions Rockwell and Pierce were walking caricatures of “racial nationalism” useful only to their common enemy.

          • James Flower

            You make good points, but you completley miss the point that even if segregationists had the great speakers and writers, the vast majority of whites in the nation would never have heard about them as the media would never have reported them or relaid their message. The media was entirely for de-segregation at the time and they would never have given the other side a chance to put their arguments across.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, you friend them on facebook, you risk them telling on ya”…. oh well.

    • pcmustgo

      I think a lot of white liberals genuinally feel sorry for Blacks , and see them as the hip/cool, ultimate-victims of society. “Poor black people”.

    • Gracchus123

      I think a big part of the leftist “pathology” is the natural need to “belong”. Somewhere along the line, your leftist colleagues chose to “belong” to the Leftist tribe. As long as they “tow the line”, they are part of the in-group. To remain a part of the tribe or “in-group” is a powerful incentive to “tow the line”. 

      “Moral superiority” is also a part of this equation.

    • Detroit_WASP

      You are correct on many points. However, I believe strongly that…… the truth always has a strange of coming out or boiling to the surface.
      I believe that at some point in the future, when the world is nearly ruined, the age of political correctness will be seen as a “dark time” in human history comparable to the Salem Witch Trials. Leftist liberals will be seen as the bad ones, evil doers, not race realists.
      People will look back and say, “how could any intelligent human believe that it is good to feed and cloth a population of people with an average IQ of 75, let them breed out of control, and think they are doing something good? What were they thinking?

    • Flytrap

      I’m not sure if it’s insanity or unchecked ego coupled with contempt for conservatives. Many leftists I know are so because they are “not conservative” and generally consider themselves more intelligent and informed than any conservative could be. Therefore, to even tacitly admit to agreeing with conservative, and gasp! race conscious whites is a huge blow to their ego and self identity. It makes them just like those stupid, uninformed conservatives which they so despise.

  • If you really want to be PC about it, the president is mixed, not African-American

    • pcmustgo

      And *RAISED entirely by whites. It was his white mother that got up at 4am to teach that little brat English- and we all know how he re-paid her.

  • JohnEngelman

    The reign of political correctness, like the dysgenics promoted by Aid to Families with Dependent Children, should be seen as a temporary mistake, rather than a permanent trend.

    Before the Second World War it was perfectly acceptable for people to acknowledge the innate nature of racial differences. This included people on the left.

    In 1929 Bertrand Russell wrote, “In extreme cases, there can be little doubt of the superiority of one race to another. North America, Australia and New Zealand certainly contribute more to the civilisation of the world than they would do if they were still peopled by aborigines. It seems on the whole fair to regard Negroes as on the average inferior to white men, although for work in the tropics they are indispensable, so that their extermination (apart from the question of humanity) would be highly undesirable.”

    During and after the Second World War this changed. The Nazis, and especially the Holocaust discredited the very concept of racial differences. Blacks contributed loyally to the war effort.

    Segregationists did a bad job of getting their message out during the civil rights movement. It was difficult to argue that blacks were inherently violent and criminal when the public image of segregationists outside the South was of segregationist mobs beating and killing peaceful civil rights demonstrators.

    The War in Vietnam was at best a tragic mistake. Vietnam was unimportant to America’s economy and security. The vast majority of Vietnamese supported Ho Chi Minh. Those who moved to the left because of the War in Vietnam were inclined to accept leftist positions on other issues.

    As the Second World War and the War in Vietnam fade from living memory the emotional effect these wars had on a realistic acceptance on the intrinsic nature of racial differences will fade as well.

    As more is learned about genetics, genes for intelligence and criminal behavior will be discovered. It will also be discovered that these genes are more commonly found in individuals belonging to some races than others.

    As the truth becomes more obvious the desire to deny and even to suppress the truth will become less powerful.

    • David Ashton

      Your partial explanation of the origin of “leftist positions” and “PC” (aka Cultural Marxism) is correct: “Holocaust”, “Jim Crow”, “Uncle Ho”. But the Left Generation has more than a passing and mistaken grip on events: they have become, in effect, the establishment, certainly in the UK with its “equality” and “diversity” laws and schools. Facts often (not always) win through in the end, but you need to recognize the current power of the “anti-racists” in academia, publishing, mainstream media, churches, etc. in order to expose them and combat their insidious ideas. Compassionate platitudes are the stock in trade of totalitarians. Honesty is not the dominant force, and they need to be undermined more quickly than your complacency recognizes.

      I agree that the Vietnam war was a tragedy. Nevertheless, it provides a good illustration of college knee-jerk leftism. The student lemmings who cheered the North Vietnamese dictator resembled the student lemmings in Paris as well as Peking who waved the silly little red book of the now infamous Chinese Chairperson. The “alliance” between the murderous Vietcong and the Anglo-American media makes a useful case-study.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Vietcong and the North Vietnamese Army were less murderous than the U.S. military which probably killed over a million Vietnamese.

        The Geneva Agreement of 1954 scheduled elections to be held to unify Vietnam in July 1956, and specifically forbade the entry of foreign troops into the country.


        This is why the United States refused to sign and honor that agreement: “I have never talked or corresponded with a person knowledgeable in Indochinese affairs who did not agree that had elections been held as of the time of the fighting, possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader.”

        I have never talked or corresponded with a person knowledgeable in Indochinese affairs who did not agree that had elections been held as of the time of the fighting, possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader

        • anarchyst

          Our big mistake was NOT supporting Ho Chi Minh against the colonialist French. . . there would have been no war. Initially, Ho Chi Minh was NOT communist–only with the failure to secure American help, did he pursue other avenues of support.
          IF Vietnamese would have voted to go communist, WHY did they “vote with their feet” and emigrate south? Even the average Vietnamese KNEW that communism was evil.
          Another good example of this is the “boat people” that risked life and limb to escape that “communist paradise”. It is curious to point out that the American “anti-war” movement evaporated after the draft ended. You see, the “protestors” were more worried about saving their own skins than that of the plight of the Vietnamese people. With the end of the draft, they no longer had to worry about their future.
          North Vietnamese General Giap remarked that the American media was responsible for shoring up the resolve of the North. The Tet offensive, (which was a military defeat for the North) was turned into a loss for the Americans by none other than that communist, walter cronkite and the rest of the traitorous media. To this day, NONE of the “anti-war” protestors have criticized the hostile treatment that our military men and women faced upon return to the United States.
          You should note that when the communists took over in 1975, they dared not put the same controls over the people of the South that they did in the North.
          I see, not only are you our resident zionist, you lean “red” (communist) also.
          As always, best regards,

          • David Ashton

            I never supported the clumsy, counter-productive US actions in Vietnam. But equally I have never idolized, whitewashed or minimized the Vietnamese communist ideology or atrocities in peace as well as war, even if only a fraction of the record is verifiable; see e.g. Jean-Louis Margolin, “Vietnam and Laos”, in Stephane Courtois et al (eds) “The Black Book of Communism” (1999); Steven Rosefielde, “Red Holocaust” (2010) pp.148,290; Rudolf Rummel, “Death by Government” (1994). The War was lost partly on the battlefields of the MSM, and Engelman is right about “Vietnik” domination of universities, which naturally linked in with residual Black Power and evolving Cultural Marxism; “race, gender & class” today.
            As for Holy Ho, he was a founder member of the French Communist Party in the 1920s, traveled to Moscow to study revolutionary techniques at the Toilers of the East University, worked with the Soviet mission in Canton
            and brought young Vietnamese nationalists there for communist training. The Indo-Chinese Communist Party was consolidated under his guidance. Media propaganda and student gullibility combined to make the old man a sacred hero – like Uncle Joe before him, and Nelson Mandela afterwards.

          • jack ryan

            Oh shut up! Can the Amren moderators please tighten the comments section up? We’re getting idiot 60s Leftists hanging out here posting ridiculous historical nonsense that White American should have/should now try to make alliances with 3rd world Asian/Afrian/Arab Communist revolutionary groups against fellow White Indo Europeans like the French, British, Belgium, Spanish etc. Please go hang out with idiot 60s Leftists like Abbie Hoffman, William Kuntsler etc (these anti White, idiot 60s Leftists are currently dead and will remain dead which is the best place for them)

          • anarchyst

            Hello Jack Ryan,
            You expose yourself as one that cannot stomach any other point-of-view but your own (somewhat faulty) preconceptions. I was mistaken–I was unaware that Ho Chi Minh’s communist roots went as far back as the 1920s. FYI I am as far from being “leftist” as one can be. You must be talking about the 1960s “anti Vietnam war” protestors and draft dodgers who PRAISED “uncle Ho” and the communist system a la “Hanoi Jane Fonda” and STILL don’t regret the abuse they heaped upon us returning servicemembers. . .
            As to the French, they were already on their way out BEFORE the American buildup.
            The “domino theory” of communist aggression was (and still is) a valid concept that was forestalled by our presence in Vietnam. Thailand would have been the next to fall, then southwest Asia. As far as I am concerned, communism is a cancer that must be excised. . . Unfortunately, with our “mulatto” in the White House and our communist dominated legislative and juducial bodies, we are experiencing the same things we fought against in the cold war . . .
            By the way, I served in Vietnam. . . I did not shirk my responsibility when called to serve . . .
            I expected a more reasoned response from the likes of you . . . GROW UP, already!
            Best regards

          • JohnEngelman

            During the Cold War governments that needed U.S. military support did not deserve it. Governments that deserved it did not need it. It is highly doubtful that “Thailand would have been the next to fall,” because it had a popular government. So did Singapore.

            The War in Vietnam was tragically futile, and very avoidable. All the United States needed to do was to sign and honor the Geneva Agreement of 1954. The overwhelming majority of the Vietnamese supported Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam was unimportant to U.S. security and the U.S. economy.

    • David Ashton

      And a reconsideration of some tenets of social liberalism re race, sex and narcotics.

  • pcmustgo

    It is, for example, hardly an accident that many new automobile factories are located in the South, safely away from high concentrations of African Americans.”

    WOW, confused… The South is full of blacks. I heard about that Kia (?) plant opening in Alabama. The pro-american commercial for it at least showed pictures of happy black auto workers…. You sure?

    I’ve heard Boeing just opened something up in South Carolina, also full of blacks.

    Perhaps they are opening these up in all-white rural areas, ok.

    The South is the blackest place in America. All American blacks are inherently Southerners, no matter where they live.

    • Correct. Most of the big manufacturing plants in the South are either in rural areas of the mid south far away from black cities, or if they are in the Deep South, they’re strategically positioned.

    • Ulick

      These companies relocating to the South mostly has to do with the Southern states overwhelmingly being Right to Work states. These states allow the employees to decide whether join or financially support the workplace union rather than being obligated as a union only workforce. As a result unions are weaker and less demanding. That’s why, even though Midwestern and New England States are predominantly white, businesses still don’t want to move there because they are stronger union states.

  • pcmustgo

    What amazes me , and many others on this board I’m sure, is how many mediocre, low-iq whites there are. Being way over at 140 IQ, I have come to learn how hard it is “being on top” so to speak. How ALIENATING it is being high IQ. Almost everyone else is dumber than you. They can’t understand you.

    • pcmustgo

      It makes you feel like a freak.

    • But it’s the world in which we live. One thing I’m trying to master, and I haven’t been so successful at doing, is trying to overcome my natural arrogance.

      Look at it this way: In any perfect normal distribution curve, 68.26% of the area will be between one standard deviation below and one standard deviation above the mean. This means that two-thirds of white people have IQs between 85 and 115. Are you and I substantively better or more worthy than 0.6826*(the number of white people in the world)? No. Do they not deserve rights and liberties and opportunities? No, because they do. Are we to consign them on the ash heap of economic irrelevance and history for an IQ score? We can be hoisted on that selfsame petard.

      They’re our people, not an IQ score.

      • I probably have an 85. My name is Celestial Time and I approve this message.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Mine is at 55, but I make up for it by reading all AmRen articles.

      • pcmustgo

        I’m good to everyone, including average/low iq whites. It is hard being super bright though….

        • bluffcreek1967

          Well, at least you’re humble about it.

      • purestocles

        Don’t be arrogant. Know this to be true; every one can do some thing better than you can. And you can do some thing better than every one else. There’s no need for false pride or excessive humility. (word separations deliberate)

        Another way to say this is; “There ain’t a hoss that can’t be rode, and there ain’t a man that can’t be throwed.”

        • “There ain’t a man that can’t be throwed.”

          You must be spying on me somehow.

          Three months ago at this time, I was making plans for the money I would make being a Senate staffer. Because all he had to do was hold his index finger to his nose and walk ten feet in a straight line, and he was in the U.S. Senate.

          Oh no, he couldn’t even do that, and combined with treachery and backstabbing from a certain spawn of Satan that has “Karl Rove” written on his birth certificate, that’s all gone, my professional field (accounting) is a dry well (unless your name is Pradesh/Patel and you’re slinging an H-1B), and all that means I started a new job today being a breakfast fry cook at a bar close to where I live. Of course I’m not doing a victory lap for it, and maybe I could collect another 25 weeks of UE waiting for something better that could come along but probably won’t. But I hate having nothing to do, the last time I was between jobs, it was two months and it almost drove me nuts, and I fear getting used to and eventually falling in love with indolence, and even more I fear letting my frustration over how really little I’ve accomplished and how little my existence has really mattered both in terms of the last six months and the longer view of my whole life overtake me to where I utterly give up on life.

          So until 2014 when the next great white knight comes along on a golden unicorn direct from Valhalla promising to save us all and I’m fool enough to join his staff, how do you want your eggs?

          • Gracchus123

            Sunny-side up, please, oh and some grits with those eggs!!

          • Gracchus123

            I seriously doubt you will get used to and fall in love with indolence; you have too much to offer your race. Good luck.

    • David Ashton

      Use your IQ to master the simplification techniques of propaganda, and be friendly in conversation with other people.
      What I find particularly difficult is not the average person’s inability to comprehend trigonometry or scholastic philosophy, but the modern lack of general knowledge and complete incomprehension when certain words, phrases, proverbs, metaphors or literary allusions are made. This latter problem is as much “cultural” as it is genetic. “The strongest case against democracy is five minute’s conversation with the average voter” (attrib. Winston Churchill). Even well-educated, high-IQ people have their blind-spots; e.g. John Engelman’s disbelief in “cultural marxists”.

      • JohnEngelman

        Why don’t you just call them “social liberals.” It is a more accurate term that does not imply a nostalgia for Stalin’s purges and his engineered peasant famines.

        • Gracchus123

          I think “cultural Marxist” is a more accurate term. After all, it identifies from whence many of the our destructive social movements came. Deconstructionism flowed directly out of certain European Marxist movements. It was a well developed tool against Western social structures.

          Your adamant denial of this clearly documented historical movement makes all of your posts suspect. Rather than being seen as a clear thinker, you hold yourself forth as a rigid ideologue. 

          • David Ashton

            Thank you, Gracchus123. As you say, “Critical Theory” etc comes from Western Marxism; it is not (just) “social liberalism”. I must have put a dozen references on this for John Engelman, including some from “cultural Marxists” themselves. But it is like banging one’s head on the Wailing Wall or the Great Wall of China.

          • Gracchus123

            I often think our Mr. Engelman doesn’t believe his own posts; he posts for no other reason than to be controversial. 

            I will often ignore him, but then it becomes impossible to let some of the stuff “go by the boards”.

          • Tucker

            Engelman is much like the ornery kid who has a sharp, pointed stick and he is sitting just outside a cage that has a very big tiger inside it – and because of various medical maladies that have thrived for thousands of years within the genetics of the tribe he belongs to, he gets a big thrill out of tormenting the tiger by jabbing him with that sharp stick between the bars of the cage, because he thinks it will never be able to escape and pounce upon him.

            Little does Engelman realize that the bars on that tiger cage are slowly beginning to rust through and that makes those bars weaker and weaker, and before long, one swat of that tiger’s paw is all it will take to gain its freedom.

            Tick, tock, tick, tock, Mr. Engelman.

          • JohnEngelman

            Critical theory fostered by something called “the Frankfurt School” does not change popular attitudes. Popular attitudes change for complex reasons. They have a momentum of their own. Nevertheless, when they change it is a good idea to get in front them, rather than to push against them.

            The way to get places in politics is to get in front of popular issues. The way to get nowhere in politics is to tell people, “You should not think that way. You are wrong.”

          • JohnEngelman

            I keep waiting for someone to name a prominent person who has said, “I am a Cultural Marxist.” No one does. They do not exist. Cultural Marxism is a delusion of those who do not want to admit that the America they long for is gone with the wind, never to return.

          • JohnEngelman

            A “rigid ideologue” is one who believes things that are not true because he wants to believe them. I do not believe in cultural Marxists for the same reason that I do not believe in unicorns.

            Where is “The Cultural Marxist Party”? Who belongs to it? What is it’s website? What are its publications? Where can I buy then?

            It is all a bizarre illusion cultivated by people who do not want to admit that most Americans feel differently about things than they do.

            By contrast, there really are race realists. There are people who say, “Yes I am a race realist.” Where are the people who say, “Yes, I am a Cultural Marxist?” There are none. It is a bizarre fantasm.

            Blaming things on Cultural Marxists is like blacks blaming high black crime rates and low black test scores on “structural racism.”

          • David Ashton

            There doesn’t need to be a “Cultural Marxist PARTY”. You keep missing the point, probably on purpose. “Cultural Marxism” is a label given by their critics (and a few of their sympathizers) to the leftists responsible for “critical theory” in higher education and academic publishing, who have made “race, gender & class” a dominant theme in colleges, legislation and media, and are ultimately responsible for pervasive political correctness. Some neo-Marxists to study for starters include Gramsci, Althusser, Marcuse, Fanon, Saul Alinsky, and the current CPUSA . Go back to my earlier posts for longer reading lists. The groups identified by Romney as presidential targets for Obama’s electoral beneficence are among those that the New Left/CM revolutionaries specifically chose from the 1960s for the egalitarian socialist revolution against the traditional white “bourgeois” family, and its reactionary (e.g. religious) culture: blacks, immigrants, students & sexual minorities.

          • Gracchus123

            “Critical theory fostered by something called “the Frankfurt School” does not change popular attitudes. Popular attitudes change for complex reasons.”
            Surely you understand the concept of propaganda. Propaganda is not used solely in times of war or for other short term projects such as elections. 

            The “management” of a modern society is one of the primary uses of propaganda. If you think that the “increased acceptance of same-sex marriages”, for example, is simply the result of the natural evolution of societal attitudes, you are severely hampered by a lack of knowledge of modern propaganda techniques.

            For starters, read up on military psy-ops (psychological operations). Next get a basic book on modern propaganda techniques such as a couple by Edward Bernays. From there, if you want more and deeper understanding, Bernays will guide you into much, much deeper and complex techniques.

            Believe me, it is some fascinating reading, and scary actually. To think that your “attitudes” about so many things may not be your own, especially if you are one of those people who desperately want to be a part of the “main-stream”.

          • David Ashton

            Blaming black crime and low IQ scores on “structural racism” is precisely what Marxists, neo-Marxists and cultural Marxists do. It is all in their own literature; ten sample references on request if I thought you would read any of them, Mr E.
            The assumption that all races are equal and therefore deserve equal rewards or outcomes is used by the “liberal” establishment to give blacks relative privileges and by hardcore leftists to support violent black protests and justify black theft. If blacks in fact are not equal to other races, this is a continuing festering problem, and opportunity for revolutionary egalitarians.

        • MikeofAges

          Call them social liberals if you want. But “cultural Marxist” is an acceptable term. Not to mention, not all social liberals are cultural Marxists. The cultural Marxism concept implies adherence to certain philosophical positions, notably a residual belief in the dialectic of history and a belief than the “ideal” society can eventually be produced through government and other institutional coercion.

          I keep on telling you, you’re snow blind. I’ve lived where you now live. Everywhere you turn, you see the same thing to the point where no matter where you look, you can’t see anything else. Your spin on the American racial scene is no more than a “New Age” version of the old bathroom wall ditty: “If you’re white, you’re right. If you’re yellow, that’s mellow. If you’re brown stick around. If you’re red, go ahead. If you’re black, get back, get back, get back.

          We all know that whites, Asian and Hispanics can and do all get along in many communities throughout North America. In some select situations, blacks and whites get along just fine too. The issue we’re interested in here is what issues and problems people face as and because of who they are racially. You think you have a point of view, but I think that what you’re doing is trying to fit together ideas that somehow are just not compatible. If you stated in explicit terms what you think and believe in, people might be less confused.

          • JohnEngelman

            I challenge anyone to find contradictions in my thinking.

            I favor more restrictions on legal immigration, and a vigorous crackdown on illegal immigrants.

            I believe that racial differences in average behavior and ability levels are significant, and largely genetic.

            I agree with J. Philippe Rushton, who spoke at six American Renaissance Conferences, that when it comes to average intelligence, crime rates, and sexual responsibility Orientals are at one end, blacks are at the other, and whites are in between, although closer to Orientals.

            I have lost my earlier enthusiasm for the civil rights legislation that was passed during the 1960s, but I do not want it to be repealed. I think blacks should not be discriminated against, and that they should not be discriminated in favor of.

            I have been the victim of several serious crimes. I favor a more vigorous criminal justice system. I think most blacks would benefit from that, because they are more likely to be crime victims than whites.

            I have had too many bad experiences with blacks to have illusions about the race. I have had too many good experiences with them to dislike them as a race.

          • David Ashton

            Neither the political establishment nor the self-identified Marxists have come round to agreeing or acting on the agreement that racial differences in average ability and behavior are significant and genetic. They need to be converted, just like you, on this one, though important, point. Otherwise, damage continues for (nearly) all concerned. Any ideas?

          • JohnEngelman

            It is important to defend and popularize the writings of men like J. Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen, Charles Murray, and of course Jared Taylor.

            Eventually the truth about innate racial differences will come out. The lie that low black test scores and inferior black academic performance is the fault of “white racism” cannot be maintained forever.

            Meanwhile it is dysfunctional to complain about “Cultural Marxism,” worry about white women dating and marrying black men, and dream of deporting non whites to bantustans.

            Concentrate on reporting facts that can be documented, and on political issues where victory is possible.

            The decline in violent crime since 1991, while desirable, reduces white concerns about black crime. On the other hand, a stagnant economy reduces support for maintaining an hereditary welfare class, and for expensive government programs, like No Child Left Behind, that do not work.

          • David Ashton

            By recommending the promotion of race-realist writings you implicitly admit that ideas can influence policy-makers and public opinion. This has been the case hitherto with contrary ideas on race for several decades. For instance, the ideas of Franz Boas, and the promotion of his acolytes, and they of theirs, has been well documented, even in the influential anti-racist academic periodical “Patterns of Prejudice”.

            Some aspects of “social liberalism” also illustrate my contention. For example, most people probably have always been fairly tolerant of lesbians and “confirmed bachelors”, but the recent escalation of “gay” privilege and adamant government redefinition of “marriage” (Obama, Cameron &c) has been the result of persistent lobbying, the commercial attraction of the “pink pound”, the deliberate promotion of homosexuals in entertainment and the media, and incremental top-down legislation on “discrimination” and “hate” against favored minority groups. These changes have not arisen at popular request but are imposed.

            A separate example of the effect of persistent top-level lobbying, of course, is that of Zionist organisations and funding in support of Israel. This is easily documented and is not just a reflection of the actual number of Jews among the populace, or of general opposition (which I share) to the annihilation of Israel.

            The indirect and direct attacks on the “bourgeois” units of family and nation, from various angles, can be traced back through socialist organizations and propaganda to revolutionaries like Marx, Engels and Bebel.

            It is possible to change opinions and rotate the elites, and we must make every effort to do so in the right direction, although we have a hard job on our hands.

            I have not advocated forcible deportation of blacks or the voluntary retreat of whites into separate little ethno-states. I do think that race realism can revive the case against large-scale miscegenation, and that meanwhile white gentiles opposed to race replacement should follow the example of Jews and Hindus with similar concerns, which is to encourage social association of their young people with those of similar heritage.

          • Gracchus123

            My attitudes expressed here are not about disliking “…them as a race.” either.

            Reading the articles posted here, reading about violent crime statistics, and reading about Rhodesia and South Africa are strong evidence that Whites and blacks cannot live together peaceably. 

            I want my children and grandchildren to live in peaceful, productive, and free societies. The best chance for that is in a racially homogeneous society in my opinion. 

            A person’s individual experiences with members of another race are cute anecdotes, but do not provide an accurate picture of the aggregate. 

          • JohnEngelman

            The persistence of de facto segregation should make it possible for your children to have little contact with blacks if you earn a good income.

            If you don’t, there is no going back to legally sanctified segregation.

          • Gracchus123

            I was not speaking of my children specifically; they are all fine and doing very well; I was speaking more generally about White children in general.

    • Mark Schmidt

      I kind of doubt your IQ —your comment is almost as silly as that of Eisenhower’s, who expressed shock that half the population had IQs below the average.

    • 1joewebb_1

      pcmustgo…you better figure out how to relate to them…that is your job. First, you could realize that your high intelligence has nothing to do with your merit….you had it handed to you. I relate to these folks and just keep it simple. Our WN and racial views ARE simple. I always start with evolution in the North v. the global South, that the North selected for smarter and more cooperative people. Anybody can understand that…with a little graciousnes and smiles. Joe

    • Tucker

      I share your pessimism. I doubt I have an IQ of 140, but, I am not the sort who would constantly mention it or try to boast about it, even if I did. In fact, its been my experience that the same people who constantly boast about how high their IQ is are almost always the most arrogant, obnoxious and narcissistic types of people that one can find in any given test group.

      Aside from that observation, I would have to agree with you. I have known and met many White people – men and women – who, on paper at least, appear to be extraordinarily intelligent. But, I’ve found that there is a lot more to ‘intelligence’ than simply the number of paper degrees that one might have framed and hanging on the wall. All that really shows, at least to me, is that you are a narcissist and get some kind of weird psychological orgasm from showing off your credentials to your elitist friends and associates. As another Amren poster noted recently, it also shows that you were stupid enough to let the usury vampires lure you into their clutches and saddle you or your parents with massive amounts of financial debt visi vi student loans, and that you are somehow proud of being part of the over $1 trillion dollar debt club that the usury vampires are now gloating about having their fangs buried into.

      pcmustgo is right, though. Whites can do very well on SAT’s and appear to be very smart on paper, but that does not mean that they are really smart about the issues that matter most. In fact, I think that vast numbers of Whites have allowed their paper test score successes inflate their egos to the point that their ego now becomes their worst enemy. Egotistical Whites are usually the ones who have the hardest heads and these people think they know it all, and that makes it impossible to have a conversation about race with most of them.

  • pcmustgo

    Totally agree that Honesty is the Best Policy… even with blacks. Just tell them to their face. It shuts them up real quick (oh wait, forgot you guys might have corporate jobs and can’t do this like self-employed FREE people can).

    As far as the causes of the Low IQ thing and Black Failure, well hey, every study out there says intelligence is HALF inherited, HALF environmental or part and part and they haven’t full figured it out yet.

    I reject that Black Culture has nothing to do with Black Failure…. blacks have such an awful, destructive culture, and their blaming whites for everything just contributes more to their problems, it’s hard to believe that. Also, one of the “excuses” mentioned was poor diet- god do they ever have a poor diet…. Many of them never eat vegetables and have an aversion to it. It could very well be possible it contributes to that during pregnancy. Of course, they’re more likely to drink/smoke during pregnancy too.

    Blacks who move to suburbs have low iq too- well, affirmative action is like a crutch to them and they are AN ARTIFICIAL MIDDLE CLASS ANYWAYS…. so don’t expect them to be that bright.

    The best “science” can tell us so far is that it’s partially genetic/partially environmental…. which isn’t saying much.

    • And where did black culture come from? Nobody forced them to adopt their rotten diets. True, there are environmental contributions to their failure, but it’s a cascading effect because they create their bad environment which helps doom them to failure.

      • Vyncennt

        Blaming the behaviors of blacks on their environment is akin to lighting yourself on fire and blaming the flames.

        Blacks destroy every environment they migrate to. Without exception.

      • Gracchus123

        Exactly. Culture is the physical manifestation of a peoples collective intelligence.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Honesty is the best policy? Maybe when talking among friends or posting anonymously online but were I to talk race realism at my job here in NYC my livelihood and future pension would be in danger.

      The reason more of us don’t speak openly about race is that we know too many of our fellow whites would all-too-joyfully plunge knives into our backs.

      • Tucker

        “The reason more of us don’t speak openly about race is that we know too
        many of our fellow whites would all-too-joyfully plunge knives into our

        I have concluded that what probably drives this race treasonous reaction of so many Whites is that they realize, perhaps at a subconscious level, that they are betraying their own race and they fear that one day they will be held accountable for this treason. So, in some kind of bizarre and twisted way, they become even more ferocious and treasonous and eager to try to destroy their fellow whites who dare to speak the truth about racial issues.

        I’ve also noticed hat Whites who engage in race mixing will often try very hard to encourage their White friends to do so as well, as if they are being driven, psychologically, to seek some kind of golden seal of social approval for what they have done themselves. This behavior tells me that race mixing whites are not completely confident that they did the right thing and they are probably searching for some way to suppress the nagging doubts that are bouncing around inside their peanut sized brains.

        • David Ashton

          There is another aspect perhaps to this. The sensitive, thoughtful “liberals” notice the black physiognomy and its apparent similarity to what they have been told about evolution from the apes, and suppress uncomfortable thoughts while feeling sorry for the black face in a white universe. Whereas half-a-century ago a white girl might feel it was her compassionate duty as a Christian to marry the poor “native”, today a white girl might wish to mate with a very “masculine” black man partly from a subconscious compassionate maternal instinct; clubbing replacing church-going. I put this idea across in addition to others offered on the AmRen website quite some time ago.

  • pcmustgo

    I’ve heard people speculate before (on vdare.com) that Blacks are more musically creative, have more “G”….

    Anyone care to speculate on Blacks musical gene, if they have one?

    Does anyone here deny that they drove American music/culture for the past 100 years? Does anyone here deny how influential Blacks have been to Music?

    Feel free to discuss (I am not saying Blacks invention of jazz, rock, etc, excuses away their atrocious behavior, just wondering).

    • pcmustgo

      Oh, btw, their contributions to Music, a very culturally self-defining trait (goths, punks, ravers, hip-hoppers, rockers, hipsters, etc…. on and on, we divide into music based sub-cultures), is a LARGE reason so many whites idolize (and excuse away) blacks. Not to be under-valued.

      • David Ashton

        The stimulation is not on the mind or heart, but another area of the body.

    • JohnEngelman

      I like jazz, blues, rock and roll, and soul music. Rap music is ugly and morally depraved.

      For me real music is classical music. Blacks contribute little to that, even as performers.

      • Gracchus123

        Except for your first sentence, you have finally written something with which I can agree. 

    • I think that what has happened over the past 100 years is that new music has been attributed to Black inspiration, like all the Black invention hoaxes.

    • David Ashton

      They have a good vocal range, but as a black academic said to me at London University during a classical concert, “This music does nothing for us”. It is a “racist” cliche to talk about their unique sense of “rhythm” but they are excellent at swaying, jumping about and dancing to certain types of music, without looking as ridiculous as Whites or Orientals following suit. A black male dancer recently asked in London: “Why are there so few black ballerinas? It’s a disgrace.” Maybe the anatomy (protruding bottom and heels) may have something to do with it, but it would not be “done” to say so in polite company here.

  • WmarkW

    Very nice essays.
    Now what’s the strategy for disseminating it beyond the choir?

    • ImTellinYa

      That is the relevant question. My guess is that the American Renaissance message would fall on extremely fertile ground if it could be spread more widely. The mainstream media is hopeless and is really no better than Pravda during the old Soviet days. Fear is what’s keeping huge numbers of White people from speaking out and joining together. But there is a pent up longing for the truth to be told. The message is getting out, but so far people have to actually go to the trouble to look for it. I roam widely on various news websites. The ones that don’t censor comments reflect the fact that the proper ideas are getting past the Leftist censors, or are occurring to people spontaneously. It’s just a matter of numbers. At some point a critical mass of informed Whites will be achieved and then the movement will go public and viral. Until then, anything helps; Am Renn., Vdare, Taki Mag, SBPDL, etc.

      • JohnEngelman

        It is unproductive to say, “Our enemies do not play fair.” It is also unproductive to blame a conspiracy that does not exist on equally imaginary “Cultural Marxists.”

        In the marketplace of ideas there is nothing as strong as an idea whose time has come. There is also nothing as weak as an idea whose time has gone. Advocating a return to an era when most Americans disapproved of interracial marriage is like trying to go upstream without a paddle.

        • turtle

          But yet Israel is somehow able to get away with it….

        • NorthernWind

          Most speak of cultural Marxism when they speak of the left’s activities which are done solely in order to create even more divisions within society on the lines of race and culture with the objective of actualizing their leftist agenda. It’s no conspiracy nor is it imaginary. The only aspect in which you might be correct is that the people who engage in this type of activity do not call themselves “cultural Marxists” and don’t meet in smoky rooms to plan things out.

          A very clear example of this is the Trayvon Martin affair. That was purposefully overplayed (and even distorted) by the media in order to agitate Blacks against Whites and in order to keep alive the idea that White racism is still a massive problem in modern America.

        • IKantunderstand

          I’m sorry you’re not White. My condolences. You’re intelligent and try to fit in, but you never will. Perhaps you would be happier back in India. …”There is nothing as strong as an idea whose time has come”. The idea, in your discourse, is that miscegenation is in fact the idea whose time has come. Why? How is it, that Whites, who in fact once represented one third of the Earth’s population, ruled the world, invented everything, created all governing systems, composed the most beautiful music, sculpted,painted,wrote, in fact totally developed the world as it exists today.EVERYTHING!!!!! But, now, this same White population thinks miscegenation is an “idea whose time has come”. Really? You, Mr. pretend Nordic Christian, say that there is no conspiracy. It’s all imaginary. Holy cow!(an imprecation for your benefit, Mr. Engleman).I suppose then, that I have imagined all the television shows, movies, popular music, and commercials and advertisements that promote race mixing. But only with White people and some other race, ethnicity. If “the idea whose time has come” were extended to Chinese mixing with Africans, or Indians mixing with Africans or even, Chinese mixing with Japanese, then, I would agree with Mr. pretend Nordic Christian, but, that is not the case. Voila! Conspiracy. If you can see it, it ain’t imaginary.

      • David Ashton

        True in Britain too despite a censorship that people have begun to oppose and ridicule, a good sign at last.

    • JohnEngelman

      That, of course is the question, and the problem. One does not get places in politics by changing people’s minds. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

      Because the rate of violent crime has declined fairly steadily since the election of Bill Clinton it is difficult to argue that diversity is tearing at the fabric of our society.

      On the other hand, a stagnant economy reduces compassion for those who in addition to looking and sounding different, make demands on our tax money.

      • David Ashton

        Of course, you are right about the basic technique of persuasion: build on the basic sentiment that people have already.
        However, the times for ideas change, and can change in different directions with an appropriate push (e.g. the pedophilia scare is waking people up to the downside of porn, and people are talking about the genetic undesirability of Asian cousin-marriages).
        Your impenetrable denial of the fully documented influence of New Leftists, Critical Theorists, Neo-Marxists and “Liberals” in higher (and lower) education, especially “social studies” and “African studies”, in the USA, Canada, Britain and France, is regrettable, but these people can be refuted – except that they exert a cult-like control and censorship.

        • JohnEngelman

          What matters is that popular attitudes on social issues have changed, Blaming the changes of Cultural Marxists or secular humanists makes these changes seem more manageable. Most Americans, including most white Americans simply do not care about things that bother most people who post here.

          There will never again be widespread opposition to interracial marriage. Indeed, there is growing acceptance of gay marriage. These are not changes that can be reversed by firing so called “Cultural Marxists,” even if you and I can agree on who they are.

          • Popular attitudes on social issues can change again. Before the break up of Yugoslavia many of the ethnic groups in that communist country intermarried and many thought the old divisions and hatreds were buried in the past. A decade of ethnic strife, civil war and genocide changed all that.

          • David Ashton

            I do not propose imprisoning people whose values I dislike, but I do believe that people are responsible for ideological and cultural changes; they do not just happen. Some people have worked deliberately towards such changes for political reasons and their influence has contributed to such changes. Secular humanists and cultural Marxists do not meet in secret basements; they form formal and informal associations, get books published and campaign against books they dislike, aim at controlling nerve-centers in colleges, media, fashion-centers, etc. Some changes become popular, others do not.

            New Leftist/CM Juliet Mitchell, for example, explains in “Woman’s Estate” (1971) how your Vietnam Peace Movement linked ideologically to the Black Power and Youth movements to provide impetus, philosophy and constant protest-activism for the Women’s Liberation Movement, with long-term results for attitudes in government and legislation in the USA and other countries. The center is constantly moved left. Examples of now-official actions or MC notions echoed by “conservatives” across the whole social spectrum on request, even though these notions can be shown to be harmful.

          • Gracchus123

            “What does exist are popular changes in values and behavior that you do not like. ”
            These “popular changes” are not necessarily spontaneous/evolutionary. These changes can be engineered using extremely sophisticated propaganda techniques. I mentioned in an earlier post that you should familiarize yourself with the science of modern propaganda techniques. It is used extensively. And with modern communications, it is supremely effective. 

          • David Ashton

            I have not suggested imprisoning cultural Marxists or social liberals because they push what I consider false and harmful ideas; I do not have the power in any case. In Britain, however, such people are responsible for imprisoning or firing their opponents.

      • purestocles

        “the rate of violent crime has declined” in direct proportion to the number of black and Hispanics incarcerated under stricter sentencing laws. Or, put another way, as our prisons have become more “diverse”, our streets have become safer.

        • Also don’t forget the effect that urban police departments refusal to keep accurate records of crime are also showing a false level of real crime. Add to this the federal governments tendency to hide the real truth of racial crime in America by falsely attributing non-white crimes to whites. We have cities like Detroit and Chicago where the police don’t show up for 911 calls and when they to refuse to report the alleged crimes. We have Mayors like Rahm Emmanual who cover up massive incidents of racial mob violence – remember the closing up the Chicago beaches because it was too hot?

        • NorthernWind

          The decrease also comes after the legalization of abortion. Something that Blacks make use of a lot. With more Black males being aborted, there are much less Black teenage males roaming the streets, thus less crime. The increase in incarceration also had a noticeable effect.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            “With more Black males being aborted, there are much less Black teenage males roaming the streets, thus less crime. ”

            You really believe that? There is no way!

      • John Engelman said”Because the rate of violent crime has declined fairly steadily since the
        election of Bill Clinton it is difficult to argue that diversity is
        tearing at the fabric of our society.”

        I guess that depends where you live. In Savannah, Georgia we just had four young whites in their twenties murdered by blacks in three separate incidents in the space of a couple of months. There was no reason for these murders other than sheer race hatred of whites by blacks. Though I haven’t seen any hard data on interracial violence in the South over the past couple of years my impression is that it is intensifying and is being driven by internet fomented black rage.

        • JohnEngelman

          What the internet foments is the idea that a crime anywhere in the United States somehow indicates a trend.

          • David Ashton

            We find in the UK that criminals are imprisoned finally after a whole series of previous convictions and that some are temporarily released only to commit similar crimes. Peter Hitchens and other conservative students of the crime/penalty rates are convinced that charges are often dropped or reduced, especially if “ethnics” are involved. However, I shall not struggle to do the necessary further research, since it is a waste of time in your case.

          • JohnEngelman

            When I say that the rate of violent crime has been declining since 1991, I mean that it has been declining in the United States. I do not have comparable statistics for the UK, although I am confident that Negroes in the UK have a much higher crime rate than whites.

            In the United States blacks have a rate of violent crime that is nearly eight times that of the United States. The rate may be lower in the UK, because blacks seem to have higher crime rates when there is a large concentration of them.

            I suspect Australian Aborigines have an even higher crime rate than blacks of African ancestry, but I have not found statistics on it.

          • David Ashton

            One of the “intellectual” wings of “cultural Marxism” (in Britain, at any rate) is Marxian criminology which blames black crime on capitalism, “institutional racism” &c. References available on request. The term “institutional racism” goes back to Stokely Carmichael and Black Power in the USA, and has now become a semi-official term in the UK applied to our police, judiciary, education system, etc. The leftist agenda at work from bottom to top (infiltration) and down again (enforcement). Details on request.

      • Guest

        Not so fast, I retired from the NYPD three years ago and Doomturd (Along with Rudy to a certain extent) DELIBERATELY had us reduce the charges of people we brought in for violent felonies. I can recall one guy we brought in for attempted murder (He got into a fight with his wife and he decided to use a half-broken bottle to try and open her neck up.) after he was booked, word came back from the bosses that they wanted the charges dropped down to Aggravated Assault and we had no choice but to do so.
        I found out from a friend of mine down at 1PP, that this was part of what the Mayor’s office wanted and this continues to this day. Numbers can and are manipulated.

        • Gracchus123

          Thanks for that information; I’ve read about the manipulation of the crime numbers for a long time. It’s good to get it from the “horse’s mouth”! 

          John, are you reading this???

        • JohnEngelman

          That kind of thing happened in the past too. I see no reason to believe that the compilation of crime statistics is less honest and accurate than it was in the past.

    • Gracchus123

      Well, for starters, send the link to everyone you know. Also, make copies and distribute them.

      I have been doing these sorts of things for years, nee decades. 

      One of my passions is the second Amendment. I used to travel extensively and I would leave little brochures explaining that amendment in every airport, plane, and hotel room in which I visited.

      You can do the same thing with the internet and with copies of race realist articles, etc.  

    • NorthernWind

      It cannot be as intellectual and blunt as the article is. Neither can it be as long-winded. The sad fact is that the average person (of any race) is primarily moved by emotional suggestions. This is the kind of argument that has been used against us for the past 60 years. We could present facts over and over to no avail. To many of us the cold hard facts are very informative but the average person will see them without internalizing what they are seeing or hearing.

      The key is to 1) find the most effective emotion driven messages (which eventually unlock reason) and 2) to disseminate it. Part 1 is harder but part 2 isn’t that hard in our highly interconnected era. Facebook, commenting on news articles, talking to friends and family, advertisement whenever possible, contributing to organizations which work for us (AmRen, Political Cesspool. vdare, EDL, nationalist parties, etc), joining a party (especially good for Europeans), and so on. If you have children make sure that they know their history well and have pride in their people as mental and spiritual protection from the assault that is the state run school. Most kids these days know nothing of the Battle of Vienna or the Muslim expulsion from Spain.

      The more of us who speak out in whatever way, the more our message becomes mainstream. The more mainstream our message, the more people will feel comfortable coming out themselves as supportive. We are the vanguard so necessarily we must bear a heavier burden.

      • Gracchus123

        Excellent suggestions!!

        “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. ” Edward Everett Hale

      • refocus

        Friends, Friends, come this way, Up, Up God is with us !

        (The words of Joan of Arc as she held a ladder used in the scaling of the fortress walls.)


  • You Are Now Enriched


    We are supposed to obsess over race when the story is about the evils of White privilege and the sacredness of black victimhood or enriching Diversity, but we are supposed to ignore race when the story is about black on White crime and violence, or about black IQ and political corruption, or the implications of Holder’s My People and Obama’s Treyvon Is My Son.

    We are supposed to feel guilty for the bad things the White community has done to other races, but we are never supposed to be proud of the good things the White community has done for itself, and by either extension or directly, even for other races. (When Whites do something good for others, it’s because they are supposed to out of obligation to historic injustices, and never because they are just good people.)

    • Marcus A.

      It’s even worse. Here is a sample of brainwashing form Professor Derrick Bell: “whites will promote racial advances for blacks only when they also promote white self-interest”

    • refocus

      … but we are never supposed to be proud of the good things the White community has done for itself…

      And we are never to observe that it was and continues to be White Traitors in the government and courts that initiate and carry the laws that result in White Dispossession.

      Lets think now of the great conservative Ronald Reagan with the amnesty… and all the honkeys that voted in the 1965 immigration “reform” legislation. It was not Mexicans and Blacks that ruined our country, it was Whites.

  • “we should never give the hypocrites a moment’s peace. Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to race.”

    Nice way to end it. No surrender, No quarter!

    “the Athanasian paradox that one is three, and three but one, is so incomprehensible to the human mind, that no candid man can say he has any idea of it, and how can he believe what presents no idea? He who thinks he does, only deceives himself. He proves, also, that man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without a rudder, is the sport of every wind. With such persons, gullibility which they call faith, takes the helm from the hand of reason, and the mind becomes a wreck.” — Thomas Jefferson

  • .
    Theory after theory after theory. A new theory to replace the old failed theory. Each theory followed by a magic-bullet initiative or magic-bullet program. Failed theories, failed initiatives.
    I keep hoping for the day when they run out of theories to explain black failure and they’re faced with the facts of race and genetics. Only, they always seem to invent another theory.
    They are nothing if not creative.

  • 1joewebb_1

    With regard to the below mentioned Stockholm Syndrome, in which a number of hostages at a Swedish bank began to identify and sympathize with the bank robbers…it was mostly women who did so… Maybe exclusively women,

    I have been thinking lately about the ancient Greeks and their fear of Mother Right…which may have been an illusion in terms of history, but in psychological terms is quite real. The Clytemnestras of Greek tragedy embody this Mother Right, or , The Great Mother Principle.
    Feminist historians have claimed that Mother Right actually existed. (It may exist in Black Africa, which would explain something.)

    Of course, it is not a principle in the sense of a logical rule, but it is a psychodynamic which distinguishes most but not all women, from men. Men too can share in this dynamic.

    To some degree I shared in this psychology when I was young. Save Everybody was the leftie view of things. This is the Mother Right psychology. Arguably Christianity and communism is tied to Mother Right. The mother wants all of her children to be equal, etc.

    The Father Principle acknowledges that some will be more equal than others. You get this for example in the Patriarchy of the Old Testament. Joseph and his Brothers, etc.

    Joseph was the child of Rachel, the smart and beautiful one, and his brothers were only half-brothers, the issue from what’s her name, the other wife, a half-wit, etc.

    Another factoid I read in wikipedia is that Greek Mythological monsters were female. The female is much more emotionally driven. etc. There is Madame Dufarge (?) in Tale of Two Cities…clacking her knitting needles as the Patriarch’s heads rolled off the guillotine.

    The Left embodies this sentimentalism…as Madison Grant put it, we Whites possess the “sentimental flaw” in spades (because of our evolutionary history.) The process of democratization and extension of the vote to universal suffrage is all MOther Right.

    An aristocratic order denies the vote to women and most men. That is the principle of Rule by the Best, or at least the most intelligent. This is the Patriarchy. Patriarchy built the White World.

    Now we are engulfed by the mob of claimants to equality. It is absurd, but that is where we are. This is a feminization of political life. Equality and Mother Right belongs in the family home…in some degree, but not in Public Life. It is Private v. Public.

    This is not to deny that some women can think and feel in basically male ways, but most cannot. Women complain about the Glass Ceiling, but in fact, men leave women in the dust after IQ of 120 is reached. And, tempermentally, almost all women do not make good soldiers, executive, cops, etc. This is just the nature of things, biology.

    So far from Jeffersonian democracy with almost all families in their own economic orbit around the farm and the “structural” independence therefrom, we are now all workers for the Man..almost totally dependent…infantilized by dependency…children. We have been deprived of our relative personal sovereignty….especially men. We are ruled by the Great Mother Principle. It is not Big Brother, but Big Sister.

    Capitalism is usually described as Paternalistic. It is not. It is Maternal…the Queen Bee and her drones and workers,etc. The Organization Man was the 1950s dweeb described by sociologists, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. etc. (Reisman??)

    This is a Mother Organization of society. A Father Organization of society is like the Jeffersonian model, or, hunters. Independence v. Dependence.

    So is it any wonder that our men are more or less gelded? That women feminists shriek about Everything, that male and female liberals (mostly female) go on endlessly about White male racism…’.all their Children’ are being attacked! Of course, these liberal women have no children. If they did, they would be busy figuring out how to keep them out of Black and Brown schools, etc.

    I am not a Single Factor kind of person. This is only one factor, but it may be the GrandMother of all Factors in our current enslavement to Mother Right Ideas like raciai equality. It may be that the cowardice, conformism, me-tooism of liberals just falls in train to the Great Mother. Joe

    • purestocles

      Excellent post. Most men are not even remotely aware that in competing to lead a “successful” life, they are fulfilling their Mother’s wishes. Or that they internalized her values and that even their choice of spouse is their best stab at marrying “good old Mom”.

      And as you say, the Greeks had enough sense to hold an ambivalent attitude towards the Female. They honored her as Muse in her capacity to inspire or draw out all that was best in men while also fearing her as devourer and destroyer e.g. the Sphinx. We see the same thing today when men march off to war to defend Lady Liberty Leading the People or her sister, Blind Justice Holding the Scales–both attractive babes but nevertheless, deadly lovers for those innocents who blithely heed their siren’s call. Of course, war propagandists know this and take advantage of it.

      It is sobering to note that the alcoves of the great gothic German churches display the same withered oak leave wreaths (the ancient Indo-European King of Trees) as their counterparts in England, the same tears and laments from Mothers, sisters and lovers left behind by the slain in both Wars.

      • 1joewebb_1

        purestocies…give us more. thanks, Joe

  • Perfectionist

    I came across what must be an error in Joseph Kay’s essay. 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence reads: “During the 1950s one regularly heard about the legacy of slavery, inadequate school funding…..(etc.)” The list of things he cites as excuses for black failure were NOT regularly heard in the 1950s. Those excuses were RARELY heard at that time (unless you were a member of the NAACP or the Communist Party). It wasn’t until the 1960s and 1970s that left wing excuses became popularized with the help of mainstream media. (Excuse making continues to be more popular than ever.) He is a decade or two off the mark.

  • KenelmDigby

    As ever, Jared is always right.
    One of Jared Taylor’s great strengths (along with his tenacity, fortitude and self-confindence), is to speak the plain, blunt, unvarnished truth, whilst avoiding tortuous, overcomplicated theorizing.
    When he writes that Whites ‘are just plain crazy’ to accept the various mischiefs and dastardliness that the elites are imposing from top down, he’s got i just right in which whole tomes of prolix over-intellectualising verbosity can never match.

  • Excellent reading, most insightful. So, push-back, relentless and reasoned when and where one identifies those promulgating the
    marginalization and disenfranchisement of whites. Letters to the editors, blogs, city council open mic, school board open mic, letter to the local library concerning public branches with “all black-centrist books” inside , etc…?

  • eiszeit

    “a Princeton professor of sociology recently suggested in The New York Times that young blacks are disadvantaged by irregular sleep patterns”

    lol. “Princeton professor of sociology.” Gee, what race does he belong to? Hmm, could it be that tribe of priestly people who gave us the 1965 immigration laws, hate crime legislation, the “civil rights” movement, jazz, and interracial porn?

  • Don S.

    The use of “race norms” in the U.S. Army was in full throttle about 1976-78 in the use of the
    ASVAAB that like its predecessors ( ( beginning with the Army Alpha/ Army Beta/ 1917 ) has within it a core IQ test for predictive efficacy. The “race norms” didn’t float. Lots of the
    racial harmony (or relative lack of racial antagonism) in the U.S. Army arises from the fact that
    people are admitted now on a pigmentation blind basis–whatever your color, you got to have a certain level of “smarts” to get in and stay in. Reality came in, if through the backdoor. The full content of the old Army Alpha / Beta/ a fine but now horse and buggy IQ test is online.
    Try “Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 15, 1921 (of 1920?).”

  • John T.

    One area of life having some relevance to this is , say, in all-White areas (where? ) often
    mildly mentally retarded (mentally handicapped ) teenagers are trained to perform
    low skill jobs in grocery stores, etc. Having capable and sensitive supervision is a key to
    it. I’ve seen instances in which they can be used in a “win / win” arrangement, giving useful
    work for pay received. But no one gets to first base by ignoring they are handicapped and
    confronting the realities of the situation and thereby getting some positive results.

  • Sam R.

    “Political correctness could go on forever, easily…”
    What is scary is to suppose that the real hidden force against realism arises from within
    the U.S. State Department and the CIA and perhaps some allied agencies. The issue
    is not a matter of domestic policy at all. The underlying assumption would be that American
    foreign policy and American financial interests cannot afford to have a lot of the rest of
    the world see an American debate over racial (and gender) realities, , especially if the
    open discussion swung toward realism. The Chinese wouldn’t be bothered. Many Europeans wouldn’t. The Chinese , the Koreans, the Japanese, most Europeans can read Lynn, Jensen,
    and Rushton and be looking at “them” But that’s not the case in most of the world.

    • David Ashton

      I understand that Jensen had a courteous welcome in China AND India, quite different from the reception in the USA from culturally-marxified “students”. He also gave some of his information to a top-level NATO-organized meeting.

      One reason given in Britain for the reluctance to follow Churchill in putting strict controls on New Commonwealth immigration was that HMG wanted then to make “multi-racialism” work in the Rhodesian Federation; in fact, it all want pear-shaped in the end, with Mugabe ruining the achievements of Ian Smith. Also, the US did not want to “look bad” during its contest with the anti-racist Soviets & Maoists (“Peoples’ Democracies!) for support in the tropical ex-colonial world. These old pretexts are now as dead as the old colonialism, and many black Africans privately admit that life was better under “racist rule”. Not too many of “third worlders” can read – Jensen, Lynn or anyone else.

  • A Reader

    Election of Obama was supposed to make the U.S. post-racial about as much as the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 was supposed to not alter America’s ethno-racial composition.

    Look, it’s pretty obvious that what we see is a frontal attack on white Americans in order to reduce them to irrelevant minority.

  • Just wanted to mention the main picture used for this article (a small innocent child putting an index finger to his mouth to indicate silence, providing an Orwellian contrast of the supposed sweetness of censorship compared to its actual evil) was beautifully chilling. Kudos to whomever thought of that.

  • Mickey Meadows

    We point to the ludicrous nature of PC arguments but we don’t then extrapolate to the implication, or not properly: it isn’t meant to last. None of the ‘intellectual movements’ of the last century lasted. And none of them needed to. All they had to do was take the harm to White society to the next stage along, and then there would be another ludicrous intellectual movement waiting to pick things up and take the harm another stage along.
    How long does current ‘PC’ need to last? Oh…just another decade or two. How long again ’till we are in that minority?

  • Gracchus123

    PC is the public enforcement of….cultural marxism

    • David Ashton


  • Joe WEbb

    I have cruised thru the last few days’ posts, and notice that Engelmen is angel dusting or sandman dusting in the apparent attempt to put us asleep. I know the type. Divert, distort, deceive.

    Where I live in the middle of the SF Peninsula, near Stanford U., the mexers are in the papers almost every day with crime. Yesterday I engaged a young mexer women begging for food for the Poor… outside Trader Joe’s. She was one of three apparently high school girls. I gave her some race facts. heeding of course Attorney General Holder’s suggestion that we have some honest talk about race. She tried to defend mexer crime as no worse than any other race. I pointed out that blacks do about 8 times more crime than whites, and that mexers are doing about 4 times. Yesterday, the paper said that a mexer stabbed another mexer at a Christening party.

    This is the almost daily deal from the local papers. I have done two crime reports of San Mateo Co. and Santa Clara Co, in different years before the 2010 census. The brown and black crime is worse here probably because the Peninsula’s Whites are higher SES.

    Of course, the problem with stats here is that census data may not be accurate because of self-reporting to census takers amonst mexers, a good portion of which is illegal.

    I may do another study soon, and will try to discover a means of determining the reliability of census and other counting info.

    Redwood City is building a new jail for mexers. Go into the County courthouse…all mexers in the halls of the courts. The schools are full of mexer kids. On the street are the fat mexer females and their 4 kids.

    Local cops have told me that a mexer will shoot you faster than a black. Engleman is some kind of agent. Joe Webb

  • David Axelrod

    A little bit of common sense and a cursory look at Africa will tell you the same. There’s a reason Africa is Africa….the people.

  • maxonepercent

    Like a rubber-band, there is a limit to how far the patience of society can be stretched until there is a breaking-point. I have no faith in the competence of our “leaders” to overcome the myriad of problems that are unraveling our nation as we speak. Sooner or later the bubble most people live in will burst and the brutal realities of our suicidal economic and immigration practices will be inescapable for the vast majority of Americans. People will be much less likely to adhere to PC dogma when they are facing austerity measures and the spectre of starvation.

  • Anon

    There will be no way to call an official halt to the folly—and no way to
    stop the perpetual punishment of whites—until we puncture the delusion.

    This is the primary beef I have with Jared Taylor. He knows that the current state of things is the result of massive delusion (I would call it denial) and that it is insane. But rarely plumbs the consequences. This situation among whites doesn’t just exist. It exists for a reason. There is a REASON so much time, effort, energy, blood and treasure are exhausted desperately maintaining the dream and avoiding reality at all costs.

    And I’m surprised he doesn’t state the obvious. Liberals would have you believe that blacks and whites are the same, just with different skin color. Taylor would have you believe that blacks and whites are the same, just with differing levels of IQ and criminal tendencies. He’ll even go so far as to state that all other races value race as their identity, except for whites. But won’t say why.

    Whites and blacks (and to various lesser extents, all other races) are completely alien. We don’t get along. Indeed, we can’t. Whites have a unique ability to force small groups of us to get along, temporarily….but it never lasts and it causes all sorts of problems. The natural tendency is for races to kill each other exactly to the extent, strict separation is not enforced. Minor borderlands are tolerated, but only if there is something in it for both races involved. Mixing is not. Mixing leads to war. If that war doesn’t lead to separation, it leads to genocide.

    Whites are far more powerful than blacks and, were such genocidal war to break out tomorrow, it would last a week. However, whites (and ONLY whites) value virtue and identify peace, goodwill and altruism to the stranger as noble. Such things work in the borderlands separating races. They most definitely do NOT work when races are mixed. Those engaging is such irrational behavior have a singularly universal fate as victims of race “crime”….which is nothing less than skirmishes before racial war.

    Noticing that the “delusion” is something that gets “punctured” admits that there is a state of pressure involved in maintaining that delusion. There are behaviors that whites are under heavy biological and rational pressures to engage in, that are being suppressed but only because we believe the delusion.

    What happens when the bubble bursts?

    Answering that question should be the prime question on every white nationalists lips, especially since it is so obvious that the pressure has increased to such an incredible degree and anything likely to decompress it is unlikely in the extreme.

    What happens when the bubble bursts has some very specific and strategically important answers that SHOULD effect everyone’s decisions and goals, both for the long term and the extremely short term. Where should you live? How do you make your money? What should you own? Who should you know?

    We need to prepare……because, when the bubble bursts, there is going to be war. What will be your response to that war? Hopefully, it won’t be as a random casualty caught in the middle of something you didn’t notice happening. That’s going to be the fate of many, if not most liberals. It’s an inappropriate outcome for those who know better.