An Awakened Giant: The Hispanic Electorate Is Likely to Double by 2030

Paul Taylor et al., Pew Hispanic Center, November 14, 2012

The record number1 of Latinos who cast ballots for president this year are the leading edge of an ascendant ethnic voting bloc that is likely to double in size within a generation, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis based on U.S. Census Bureau data, Election Day exit polls and a new nationwide survey of Hispanic immigrants.

The nation’s 53 million Hispanics comprise 17% of the total U.S. population but just 10% of all voters this year, according to the national exit poll. {snip}

However, their share of the electorate will rise quickly for several reasons. The most important is that Hispanics are by far the nation’s youngest ethnic group. Their median age is 27 years—and just 18 years among native-born Hispanics—compared with 42 years for that of white non-Hispanics. In the coming decades, their share of the age-eligible electorate will rise markedly through generational replacement alone.

According to Pew Hispanic Center projections, Hispanics will account for 40% of the growth in the eligible electorate in the U.S. between now and 2030, at which time 40 million Hispanics will be eligible to vote, up from 23.7 million now.2

Moreover, if Hispanics’ relatively low voter participation rates and naturalization rates were to increase to the levels of other groups, the number of votes that Hispanics actually cast in future elections could double within two decades.

If the national exit poll’s estimate proves correct that 10% of all voters this year were Hispanic, it would mean that as many as 12.5 million Hispanics cast ballots. But perhaps a more illuminating way to analyze the distinctive characteristics of the Hispanic electorate—current and future—is to parse the more than 40 million Hispanics in the United States who did not vote or were not eligible to vote in 2012. That universe can be broken down as follows:

  • 11.2 million are adults who were eligible to vote but chose not to. The estimated 44% to 53% turnout rate of eligible Hispanic voters in 2012 is in the same range as the 50% who turned out in 2008. But it still likely lags well below the turnout rate of whites and blacks this year.3
  • 5.4 million are adult legal permanent residents (LPRs) who could not vote because they have not yet become naturalized U.S. citizens. The naturalization rate among legal immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean trails that of other legal immigrants by a sizable margin—49% versus 72%, according to a Pew Hispanic analysis of the 2011 March Current Population Survey (CPS). The new Pew Hispanic survey finds that a major reason Hispanic immigrants naturalize is to gain civil and legal rights, including the right to vote. The flexing of electoral muscle by Hispanic voters this year conceivably could encourage more legal immigrants to become naturalized citizens.
  • 7.1 million are adult unauthorized immigrants and would become eligible to vote only if Congress were to pass a law creating a pathway to citizenship for them. Judging by the immediate post-election comments of leading Democratic and Republican lawmakers, the long-dormant prospects for passage of such legislation appear to have been revived by Latinos’ strong showing at the polls.
  • 17.6 million are under the age of 18 and thus too young to vote—for now. That vast majority (93%) of Latino youths are U.S-born citizens and thus will automatically become eligible to vote once they turn 18. Today, some 800,000 Latinos turn 18 each year; by 2030, this number could grow to 1 million per year, adding a potential electorate of more than 16 million new Latino voters to the rolls by 2030.

Thus, generational replacement alone will push the age- and citizen-eligible Latino electorate to about 40 million within two decades. If the turnout rate of this electorate over time converges with that of whites and blacks in recent elections (66% and 65%, respectively, in 2008), that would mean twice as many Latino voters could be casting ballots in 2032 as did in 2012.

This turnout could rise even more if naturalization rates among the 5.4 million adult Hispanic legal permanent residents were to increase over time—and/or if Congress were to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that creates a pathway to citizenship for the more than 7 million unauthorized Hispanic immigrants already living in the U.S.

The Pew Hispanic Center survey finds that more than nine-in-ten (93%) Hispanic immigrants who have not yet naturalized say they would if they could. Of those who haven’t, many cite administrative costs and barriers, a lack of English proficiency and a lack of initiative. For example, according to the survey, only 30% of Hispanic immigrants who are LPRs say they speak English “pretty well” or “very well.”

In addition to all these factors, there is the as-yet-unknowable size and impact of future immigration. About 24 million Hispanic immigrants have come to U.S. in the past four decades—in absolute numbers, the largest concentrated wave of arrivals among any ethnic or racial group in U.S. history. Some 45% arrived in the U.S. legally, and 55% arrived illegally.4

Assuming Hispanic immigration continues into the future—even at the significantly reduced levels of recent years—the Hispanic electorate will expand beyond the numbers dictated by the growth among Hispanics already living in the U.S. And because immigrants tend to have more children than the native born, the demographic ripple effect of future immigration on the makeup of the electorate will be felt for generations.


[Editor’s Note: The full report is available at the original article link below.]

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  • alas

    Still, pleasantly surprised to see whites are going up by 9 million by 2030, thought it would go down.

    • I suspect most of those 9 mil will be Muslims. Actually, maybe Amish and Mormons too, so not all non-Christian growth.

      • alas

        what do you mean, Muslims? Are they counted as white in the States? I mean some are like Chechens and what have you, but 97% I would imagine are not really white.

        • As far as I know they’re mostly Caucasian. Looking at the Census form ( , question #9), Pakistanis can declare themselves “Asian” but pretty much everyone else, from Afghanistan to Iran to Saudi Arabia to Egypt is Caucasian. There’s no religion question on the census forms. But some groups encourage people not to choose “white”:, for example.

        • crystal evans

          Depends where they come from. I have seen some Middle Eastern Muslims classified as Asians, I do not see how because many of them do not look Asian. Chechens and Bosnians are classified as white.

    • America First

      I know quite a few white professional couples who are having 4+ children. Whites will not become extinct, but what is likely to happen is (1) increased intermarriage, esp. with Hispanics; and (2) a much more stratified society and economy, with whites at the higher end of the economic spectrum. (I know there is a concern of Asians, but they are not having large families.)

      • Yes, and non-Hispanic white women are frequently sought after by all other races as trophy wives, keeping bloodlines among the most successful considerably Caucasian.

        • America First

          You are right: virtually all of the intermarriage I have witnessed has been with white women and Hispanic males.

  • potato78

    Remember that Hispanics group is young generation people. They have the capability to produce a lot of people generation after generation, just like Asian Indians.

  • crystal evans

    I personally think that not all Hispanics who are eligible to vote will vote. I think that a good portion of the 17.6 million Hispanics that are too young to vote, may not vote at all when they are eligible to vote. I think that the only way to get this demographic to the polls is if there is a Hispanic candidate for president.

  • Charles Hastings

    I was furious about illegal Mexican immigration in 1978, when I first read about it. I’ve been in deeper stages of fury ever since, while Latin American colonization has increased. I never wanted to merge with that language and culture. Most U.S. citizens have opposed high Third World immigration for decades. Why should we accept and adjust to them if we didn’t want them in the first place?

    • The emotion of fury usually means you aren’t donating on a monthly basis to an organization that fights open borders, such as NumbersUSA, Amren (indirectly), FAIR, VDARE, etc. I used to be “furious” about the H1-B visa program and modifications to the foreign student visas allowing them to work in the United States, taking jobs from Americans in the process, but I automatically donate a regular amount every month to an immigration reduction group and it gives me peace of mind that I am doing what I reasonably can to fix the problem, which if anything, helps me make more money on the job so I can donate more to fix the problem. But fury just wears you out to the advantage of our opponents.

      You know how they say that when you’re buying insurance, you’re buying peace of mind? It’s the same thing when you donate (within reasonable boundaries of what you can afford) to political interest groups that try to fix whatever disgusts you.

      • Charles Hastings

        Point well-taken, but in my own defense, I donate to three of the four organizations you mention regularly. I just gave $100 to NumbersUSA two days ago. The only one I seem to forget about financially supporting is AmRen!! Maybe that’s because AmRen is not obnoxiously persistent in asking for money. I will donate to it, however, before the end of the year.

        • Oops, I’m sorry to hear you’re still angry and irritated then! I’m just giving my own personal experience, where my fury goes away by making periodic donations.

        • Charles Hastings

          NumbersUSA, with its faxing system, is pretty effective and is heard. I have sent several faxes to my Representative, and he has sent back letters–directly addressing the issue–several times. I think it’s one reason he gets an A+ on immigration from NumbersUSA.

          • Yes, NumbersUSA is the group I donate to regularly. I’ve fallen out of sending faxes, though–I should be returning to that.

      • Liberalsuck

        I am an NRA member and donate to Amren and TPC, yet I think whites are being displaced and there is far too much gun control. Not to discredit Amren or anything, but many of those organizations exist just to take your money.

      • Allwyn Mayer

        Jobs being outsourced to China and India are doing more to kill the American workforce than a handful of legal immigrants. Besides, if white people were willing to suck it up and work on the fields (like the Japanese and every other country with tight immigration controls do) America would not have such a huge illegal immigrant problem. America’s problems are the result of failed myopic policymaking by avaricious old white men who are willing to sell out their countrymen for a quick buck. Immigrant hispanics and asians have nothing to do with this. It’s the white man’s problem. Deal with it.

        • NM156

          Mexicans and Central American pickers, field hands, and farm workers are a small part of the Hispanic population and a small part of legal immigrants issued visas each year. US Bureau of Labor Statistics counts US pickers and harvest workers as numbering in the low tens of thousands. In addition, Hispanic agricultural workers don’t stay long on the field or in the orchard and quickly make their way into higher-paying parts of the service sector, their high turnover creating not a labor vacuum, but a wage-demand disparity that growers can’t stand. The demand for low-paid ag workers and their high turnover is responsible for much of the flood of tens of millions of Hispanic immigrants and their US-born descendants, not the absence of US workers. In addition, growers aren’t willing to pay wage-clearing prices (when labor supply = labor demand) with US labor. Americans won’t turn down $15/hr with health ins, as proven by the quick return of US workers to Iowa meat packing plants following a 2007 raid on illegals. In addition, growers screaming about the lack of workers often have built their operations or expanded them during the peak of low-wage, illegal immigration. Produce prices didn’t drop because domestic demand was close to supply even with the explosion of production, much of which was for export. In other words, the US got millions and millions of govt. dependents and affirmative action beneficiaries in exchange for cheap produce in other countries over the past 20 years.

        • kjh64

          It’s true job outsourcing is part of the problem. However, when people are coming into our country illegally and deliberately stealing jobs by undercutting wages, that is partly their fault. Illegals are worse than outsourcing because they are here. They cost American taxpayers billions in free medical, education for their kids, incarceration, overcrowding, much more crime and traffic accidents and other social costs. Americans did pick crops, do construction work, lay bricks, work in factories and all the jobs people like you say “Americans don’t do.” Americans would still do these jobs but they can’t afford to work for the slave wages like the Mexicans and still be able to survive and put food on the table after taxes. I do agree that greedy Whites, not necessarily old Whites, are also partly responsible because they want the cheap labor. The Republicans don’t enforce immigration because they are in with big business and the Dems want the Mexican vote and both are selling this nation down the river. Yes, we Whites would like to “deal with it” by taking our country back.

          • When the GOP votes for amnesty, they lose my support and my vote. It’s that simple.

        • Dan Reardon

          So you’re excusing Illegal immigrants who come into this country uninvited trafficking drugs, robbing people, raping women and molesting our children. Tell me were you involved in a horrible car crash or something?!!

        • It’s not a “handful” of legal temp-workers — it’s 165,000 H1-B visas per year, foreign nationals (the vast majority of whom with modest degrees) taking white-collar jobs away from Americans within our own country. Further, foreign student visa holders now are allowed 29 months of “practice work” within the United States (program expanded by both Bush and Obama: ), effectively taking more jobs away from American graduates. Big Business Republicans love the program, as well as Big Government Democrats as it allows the latter to clamor for more taxpayer-financed job training programs and university student loans in order to take care of all these now-unemployed Americans.

          When I started out as a techie, I saw the scam come in, as mountains of P.R. China citizens and Indian nationals were faxing in their resumes to the same American companies I was applying to. I had to compete with everyone around the world for a job in my own country. Totally different from when my father got out of college in the 1960’s, then American companies had to hire and invest in Americans. The result? Years of giving PRC Chinese and Indians dibs over our best university positions and best jobs, instead of investing in Americans, has resulted in a rotting out of American technical capability, as those people do not have 10% the love for the United States as Americans do, and are not willing to step up to the plate to develop technical know-how necessary for American growth and military defense. Americans are no longer around to design the next nuclear missiles and nuclear submarines, etc. (“American” universities are more interested in training Chinese nationals so they can innovate the Chinese military) and it’s creating a national security weakness for us.

    • Allwyn Mayer

      This is EXACTLY how black south africans and native americans felt and continue to feel today. Alas, what was once native american land was grabbed by whites only to be transferred back to the Mexicans and the Latinos…Karma truly is a bitch !!

      • carocaput

        You have your facts wrong! South Africa, except for a small number of Bushmen, was empty. Only after the Dutch started to tame the land did Blacks from further north come south. And they were paid for their work.

        The natives in the US also sparsely populated the land. They looked upon the white man as another tribe. And that was how the hostilities were conducted. This view point only changed recently with the coining of the term racist by a communist. Could you be a fellow traveler?

        While on maps Mexico extended much further north, in reality their was little settlement by the people who are today’s Mexicans. There were two reasons for this. The desert landscape and weather and where there was hospitable land it was occupied by the Apache and Commanche.

        The white man worked and fought for what he has. Their is no karma involved here. That is a meaningless phrase anyway. I always interpret it as jealousy. No man holds absolute rights to any land. That is why the white American will have to start using the words and tactics of the other groups jockeying for power as the US brakes apart.

        You should try to research the topics you write on and think for yourself instead of relying on shallow liberal cants.

        • libertarian1234

          “You should try to research the topics you write on and think for yourself instead of relying on shallow liberal cants.”

          Yes, there are so many inaccuracies in what he wrote it would take quite a lengthy explanation to point them out, because they go much deeper than just his shallow, radical leftist talking points.

          South Africa WAS mostly uninhabited. Whites built a beautiful civilization there. Blacks migrated there to mooch off the inhabitants, because they couldn’t really sustain themselves beyond a hunter/gatherer existence.
          Whites made a terrible mistake in taking them on as workers.

          And Mexico? Who did Mexico get the land from? Seems to me they drove the indians out. Then they didn’t have enough people to colonize it.

          And whites colonizing in America was in an area the indians didn’t live.
          They elected to raid, rob and kill whites as they had been doing to each other for years.

          The white response to numerous massacres was to pound them unmercifully.

          The westward expansion by people who had neither qualified medical care and lived basically just from the land, suffering ungodly hardships, in addition to indian raids and attacks, is a story of great achievement, not conquest.

      • kjh64

        “This is EXACTLY how black south africans and native americans felt and continue to feel today”
        Please stop using that tired old guilt trip. Every race and nation in past history fought each other, slaughtered and invaded each other. Whites were no worse than anyone else, so by your logic, then every nation should allow itself to be invaded by massive immigration, but non-Whites sure don’t. Anyways, American Indians were nomadic tribes that came from Asia at different times, fought and killed each other and only occupied about one percent of North America. The other 99% wasn’t owned or occupied by anyone so Whites didn’t “steal” America from them. Yes, Whites treated Indians poorly back in the day and that was wrong but any reparations should be between those 2 groups and have nothing to do with people and immigration today. American Whites have every right to oppose demographic change. Same goes for S.Africa.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Anti-Whites are programmed to use the American Indian issue to justify open borders in the USA.

        You anti-Whites are not telling any non-Whites that they don’t belong in their own countries because their ancestors took the land from other non-Whites centuries ago.

        Every nation on earth was founded by conquest, genocide and dispossession of the aboriginal inhabitants. Yet you wish the same fate for Whites as what happened to the so called “Native Americans.”

        That is the definition of a hypocrite.

        It’s becoming more and more clear that proto-Europeans came to this continent from SW Europe anywhere from 19-25 THOUSAND years ago. That’s around Ten THOUSAND years before the Asian Tribes came over that land bridge.


      • fsagas

        You have no concept of history. I tired of explaining away your revisionist history.

        Just go and kill yourself.

    • I just got into a debate about how horrible western civilization is with a liberal. Since I lived 25 minutes from Mexican and can honestly hate that these people (and other immigrants) buy the biggest trucks and literally have no concern with the environment. I never had a real problem with them but I have found all third world immigrants just could care less. Environmentalist movement is strictly a white, western movement.

  • fakeemail

    Reagan doomed this country. I’d prefer the Cold War were still on (it is) and all those nukes still pointed at us (they are) than to be flooded with a foreign people right outside my door.

    • Rob

      Reagan’s amnesty: Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986, in California ALONE almost 2 million illegals applied for the amnesty. It is UNKNOWN how many millions were added to the voters of the Democrats and the FRAUD was so widespread that it was a brazen violation of law and order.

  • libertarian1234

    “An Awakened Giant: The Hispanic Electorate Is Likely to Double by 2030”


    And what makes anybody think that things are going to carry on as if we’re in boom times for the next twenty years?

    In determining trends accurately, it is necessary to factor in all likely scenarios, which, in the case of this country’s demographics, is heavily dependent on the economy.

    A depression or long term recession will send many aliens leaving this sinking ship like rats.
    And, of course, if large scale hostilities occur, then that might cause many of them to leave as well, especially if they’re directed toward the door.

    • Liberalsuck

      Exactly! All these anti-white bigots saying, “You whites will be a minority by (fill in the blank), so get used to it)” assumes we will still be a country, assumes there will not be a change in birth rates between now and then, assumes the whites in the future will not be very pro white in their actions, assumes they won’t have huge racial fights with other groups, etc. The only people who gleefully make future predictions in an effort to scare or annoy others are very ignorant of history.

      • IstvanIN

        Things don’t look good for us, especially when here in NJ I have to see all the cars owned by allegedly white people with Obamarama bumper stickers.

      • Those anti-white a**holes have awaken in me an ethnic pride that’s been only on a low simmer for years now. I am tired of my culture being blamed for all the world’s vices, and damn proud of my western heritage. Let 3rd worlders keep their bones-in-their-noses cultures, I’ll take anaylitical science, impressionism, the Baroque and existentialism any day of the week.

    • NM156

      We can only hope. Another prolonged official recession- this time with deeper cuts and unemployment-has an upside.

    • Jon .

      > things are going to carry on as if we’re in boom times for the next twenty years?

      Even in a depression, the federal government will continue to subsidize immigrant birth rates while robbing Traditional America to pay for it.

      • libertarian1234

        They won’t be able to do that, Jon.

        Even a mild depression will have desperate people in the streets if their taxes are going to fund people who take their jobs.

        There’s already inter-racial fighting going on. California is giving us just a small preview right now of blacks versus Hispanics. They’ve been fighting now for years during boom times even. A depression…or even another recession… will have them at each other’s throats constantly.

        Whites will be up in arms as well and eventually will be finally going to the streets themselves.

        The only reason immigrants come to this country is to earn money. Take that away and they’ll stay at home, and the ones already here will be returning en masse.

  • potato78

    Europe Quickly Gaining on US
    For most of 2012 up until the last week or so, investors in the US took
    solace in the fact that “we were much better off than Europe.” Any time
    the market declined, it was “blame Europe” time. That is no longer the
    case. As shown below, the S&P 500 is now up just slightly more
    than Europe’s stock market in 2012. Now it’s European investors that
    are blaming the US for market declines, and if we do go over the Fiscal
    Cliff, they will be the ones saying “at least we’re better off than the
    US.” Ironic isn’t it.

    • kjh64

      The world economys are so intertwined that if the markets in the US, Europe, Asia or other places go down, it will drag everyone else down with them.

  • Yeah because NOTHING is going to change between now and 2030. I would bet on the USA becoming balkanized or ceasing to exist by 2030.

    • Smeagol2

      You are so right. What most people don’t realize is that the rate at which our proportion of the population is decreasing is actually increasing. Younger and more fecund minorities combined with massive non-white immigration of mostly young people, increasing mixed-race relationships, and our soon to be declining population all continually add size to the enormous tidal wave. I GUARANTEE the tipping point will be before 2030.

  • Susan

    If I wanted to live in a Spanish{Mestizo] country I would move south of the border.Why don’t we get to vote on this amnesty,queer marriage,abortion,etc?

  • preparationHbomb

    Gives a whole new meaning to, “Those effing Mexicans!”, doesn’t it?

  • Meanwhile a federal court has overturned Michigan’s ban on Jim Crow against whites, aka, Affirmative Action.

    • carocaput

      Jim Crow didn’t keep blacks down. It kept them and their bad effects away from whites.

  • There will be a real civil war long before this nightmare scenario materializes. If you think America is divided now, just watch the exponential race friction emerging from here on out. Buchanan estimated America(as we know it now) would die by 2025, many of us believe he is 10 years too generous.

    America, Americans, and the ideals we embrace will not die, we will just be living under very different geographical conditions without so many states.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, I give it til’ 2020…. the changes are happening very rapidly.

      • Liberalsucks

        I think 2020 is way too conservative of a prediction.

        • IstvanIN

          From your lips to God’s ears.

      • StillModerated

        2020! Good, that’s when my driver’s license expires. I’ll be close to 70 and worn out from working.

    • The Verdict of History

      The ascendancy of the Latinos, and the utter surrender of European peoples in there wake, will constitute the most extraordinary VOLUNTARY relinquishment of political authority of any ethno-racial group in WORLD history…

      The Hispanic Regime shall rule with a — greasy — iron fist…

      • Liberalssuck

        “The Hispanic Regime shall rule”

        Rule how? Its’ apparent they can’t run Mexico or any other Latin country for squat, hence the reason they moved to a predominately white country. Mexico can’t even overthrow their small unarmed white population there. What in the hell makes them or anyone else think they will just displace all the well armed whites here like it’s a piece of cake?

        • IstvanIN

          The fact that they can not effectively run anything doesn’t mean they won’t make life miserable for us. Very miserable.

    • Charles Hastings

      Not so many states–until we reconquer them. Our own “reconquista.”

  • pcmustgo

    Can’t wait to see the look on all my dumb white friend’s faces when they awaken to China-Mex, Amexico, etc.

    • Liberalsuck

      they will call you a racist for pointing it out while they go back to sucking on their Starbucks lattes of course.

      • Mick Chaney

        Especially white people in Texas. They think they’re special somehow, even with a state whose minority population is rapidly becoming majority. They crow about all those people moving from mexifornia to the “haven” of Texas. These deluded people used to be my neighbors. All I can do is shake my head and mutter “pathetic.”

        • kjh64

          I’m from Texas and I do agree that their is a certain type of Texan that thinks they’re “special”. However, I can understand some of the resentment towards Californians as Californians and other West/East coast types have often bashed Texas and the South and some still do. Hence some of the resentment or gloating when they move south. Texas, however is making the same mistake as California when it comes to immigration and is heading down the same path.

      • Just before some “under-priveleged”, amnestied ethnic robs them at gunpoint.

  • pcmustgo

    BABIES BORN TODAY ARE *ALREADY LIVING IN A GENERATION THAT IS 50% NON-WHITE…. wow-ah, how did that happen? Imagine how these kids are going to grow up.

  • Rob

    This was by DESIGN not by chance. That is the reason they changed our immigration law, which was designed to keep America WHITE, but the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965 ended all that. From 1880 until 1965 they worked to change our law. The result is all around you. I would wager that the average American back then had NO IDEA what was going on. The Architects of this knew all along and here is Harold Meyerson writing in the Los Angeles Times Nov 13, CA

    to GOP: Adios:

    “There are many ways to illustrate the descent of the California Republican Party into oblivion. A starting point is the demographic breakdown of the members of Congress elected last week in the state.

    Assuming the leaders in the few remaining close races hold
    their leads, there will be 38 Democrats and 15 Republicans representing California in Congress come January. Of those 38 Democrats, 18 are women, nine are Latinos, five are Asian Americans, three are African Americans, four are Jews and at least one is gay. Just 12 are white men. Of the 15 Republicans, on the other hand, all are white men — not a woman, let alone a member of a racial minority or a Jew, among them.

    The composition of the state’s new Democratic congressional
    delegation merely reflects the state’s demographic changes.
    Latinos (72% of whom backed Obama) were 23% of the California
    electorate in 2012, up from 18% in 2008. The share of Asian
    voters (who voted for Obama at a 79% rate) doubled, from 6% to
    12%, between those two elections. Voters under 30 increased
    their share of state ballots cast from 20% in 2008 to 27% in
    2012, and backed Obama at a 71% rate. The state’s proportion of
    white voters, meanwhile, fell from 65% in 2004 to 63% in 2008 to
    just 55% last week.”

    • Liberalsuck

      That’s why I don’t share much sympathy for the stuff going on in Israel today. I am not cheering the Israelis on. These are the same people who have forced white people to be dwindling numbers in their countries, who are devaluing our currency, who push filth onto Western societies, who have pushed every liberal idea onto whites, who keep black on white stories censored, who force whites to breed with nonwhites, etc. Cut off the foreign aide to Israel and let them fight for their own homeland.

  • Rob

    This is a review of Richard Grant’s GOD’S MIDDLE FINGER, I thought I knew Mexicans before having lived among them, but I had NO IDEA just how bad they are and what this country will be like VERY soon:

    Out of Mexico—A British Journalist Survives The Lawless Mountains Of Mexico

  • A Swain

    The way trends are panning out in America regarding those all-enveloping non-White demographics, I’m of the opinion that since Europeans have wilfully betrayed their own ethnicity first by not reproducing in sufficient numbers to prevent their ethnic demise and secondly added to which voting in overly significant numbers for non-White candidates further guarantees that demise, quite frankly means they don’t deserve to prevail at all.

    That leaves Hispanics and Latinos, the closest genetic relatives of Europeans to do what’s necessary and that is to outbreed all the other aliens. Most are Catholics for starters and if they get to take over the American political/judicial hierarchy, I can see them being bold enough to alter the continent’s culture and language to theirs’ whilst out of necessity dramatically curtailing the entry of non-Hispanic/non-Latino others into America as well as rewriting the rules of citizenship and voting rights in order for them to maintain political and cultural supremacy – permanently.

    Of course, Hispanics and Latinos are natural Socialists with one major difference in comparison with Europeans – they are highly race conscious and it’s my guess they’ll eventually do precisely what I’ve outlined above.

    Better them than the hordes of even more culturally incompatible non-White invaders from much further afield who don’t happen to belong to the fold of Europeanized Christianity.

    Hopefully this may prevent America from succumbing to that Arabian desert cult as well.

    • IstvanIN

      They are still not us. Most have very little Spanish genetics. Many are Africanized.

      • A Swain

        None of them are like us. Unfortunately, they’re the best of the backward bunch, I’m afraid.

        Would you prefer it were Arabs, Africans, Indians (Indian sub-continent) and/or Orientals that conquer the White House and Legislature instead?

        There’s no likelihood of Whites ever again taking majority control of the politics and culture of America, and maintaining it as they once did.

        • kjh64

          Whites do have control mostly of the politics and culture of America at present. The problem is, these are the Whites that are responsible for the illegal invasion and advocate mass immigration.

        • IstvanIN

          That actually isn’t true. We could regain the entire lower 48. It wouldn’t be easy, actually quite bloody, but it could be done, if we had the will.

  • tickyul

    YUP…Texas will go blue in 8-10 years. Then 1 or 2 more state go blue and it’s is all over. The Demorats will have a lock on power…that is when the REAL fun begins.

    • Give a big thanks to W. Bush. The man was/is an idiot. Of course his happy push for amnesty was going to be seen as an invitation to sneak in by every cholo S. of the Rio Grande.

      • tickyul

        There is nothing……nothing left for people who see the reality of the situation. Millions of people have seen the light and realize that the Demorats and
        Republirats are toxic and there is no political solution to what ails this once fine country.
        Best to prepare for the coming Mad Max scenario……..REALLY!

  • ImTellinYa

    Trying to outbreed nonWhites is just as self-destructive as embracing nonWhite “values” and pandering to their childish demands.

    There’s a reason White people are slowing down the growth of their
    population. It’s because White people are the only ones smart enough to
    realize that you don’t want to overpopulate your space. At the same time
    of course, many White people are so cowardly and deluded that they are
    afraid to keep third-world savages OUT of their countries.

    No, the solution to our problem with third-world savages is to seal
    the borders, put a moratorium on new citizenships, deport ALL illegal
    aliens and strongly encourage as many legal nonWhites as possible to
    leave on their own. Those nonWhites left over can simply be deported. We
    don’t owe them a thing.

    And remember, just because third-world savages outnumber us doesn’t
    really mean anything. Tiny European armies with very little if any
    technological superiority routinely routed massive nonWhite armies
    throughout history because of superior organization and discipline. We
    are still technologically superior in many, many ways to most
    third-world peoples and much more intelligent.

    All we need is the will. We must remove nonWhites from our countries
    by force, and send them back to where they came from. If their countries
    won’t accept them, we force those countries to do so, OR we simply dump
    them on Mexico, our worst enemy. They’ve been doing it to us for
    decades. Let’s pay them back. All we need is the will. With that our
    problem will be gradually sorted out. Without the will, we are lost.

    • Steel_Quake77

      Yes! You are right about slowing down the White population growth and the reasons behind it As a semi-SWPL I can concerned about the environment and the effects of a massive 6 Billion plus human population on the Earth.

      Paraphrasing Tom Metzger:
      ‘It is not that there are not enough Whites, it is that there are TOO MANY Browns’.

    • StillModerated

      When I started my business in 1985 there were plenty of young white people moving to the DC area from rural Pennsylvania and West Virginia. And they proudly admitted that they had 9 brothers and sisters. However, the rural birthrate in “hillbilly country” has been in decline since the invention of the dish antenna in the mid-70s, and it got worse with the introduction first of the VHS, and then the internet. Technology and dumb luxury are the main things killing our once great civilization. I hate to sound like a lefty here, but Kill Your Television!

  • IstvanIN

    As the song says: “Can’t you seem to get it through your head, it’s over, it’s over now”.

  • Charles Gerety

    We need our our unique living space that suits our culture and taste.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    The White community will never rise up and say We Won’t Be Ruled By Hispanics, because we are afraid that the blacks will call us Ku Kluxers and the Joos will call us Nazis.

    All we care about is not losing our social and business standings, so we give blacks and Joos power over our destiny, which is to be ruled by aliens, perverts, and parasites.

    The past is looking better all the time…

  • Since I lived in California and Arizona for a total of almost 20 years, I can tell the Marxist white liberals that Mexicans are NOT liberals. In San Francisco, the Castro (the gay neighborhood) meets the Mission (the Mexican neighborhood). It is a well know fact that gays BETTER stop holding hands as they enter the Mission. This is where most of the gay bashing events happen. Mexicans are also very racist against negroes (good for them). I love the way the foolish and stupid white liberal thinks there is a united minority front called “People of Color” -where you will never find any minority except blacks. Asians hate negroes even more than the Mexicans. Even Africans hate the American negro -and it was an American breed that told me thins.

    • crystal evans

      Sure because the Africans I have seen are hard workers and are not on public assistance as their American counterparts are.

  • portland

    White liberal scumbag race traitor pervert demonics from hell as usual is the entire problem especially with 72% of the voters. How can 95% white majority states like Maine, Iowa, Vermont, etc etc vote for a sack of feces like the mutt half breed socialist and wish death and destruction 3rd world status on those states who have half of their states filled with these slimewads?

    What drives these dumb white bastards to to this point other than mindwash for the past 50 yrs since obviously they dont live with them to know how they are?

  • mobilebay

    Hang on Canada, you’re next to become a dump for the third worlders.

  • Mariner33

    I moved to Panama after retirement. The IOUSA is already comatose and dying. There are multiple tumors expanding and metastasized. The body politic, economic and civic culture is overwhelmed with internal and external parasites, sucking the lifeblood from the corpus.

    If that’s the way it is going to be, my advice to young and old is to emigrate to one of the prosperous, culturally stable Latin America countries, e.g., Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Peru. Panama and Chile have positive growth rates, expanding econmies and cultural stability, i.e., Catholic culture. Muslims and Islamists will not be able to dominate as they do in the secular, increasingly atheist West.

  • StillModerated

    If all the white Christians packed up and moved to one small part of the world, the Jews would plead admission as refugees, so they could at least be our tailors — and would of course continue to call us cows (goyim). Then they’d seek out the disaffected in our midst, and get them to demand that we bring in slaves because that’s “Christian charity.” The rest would be our very own history.

  • When I cast my first vote in 1972, I had never met or even seen a Mexican.

  • Ah, stop with this pity party. Economic troubles means rising White identity & institutions, assimilation of white Hispanics, shrinkage of blacks due to lower levels of handouts,….

    My God, when I recall the atmosphere in my country in the eve of Yu-Serbian aggression, we had been in much worse situation. Just, we had two things: steely national unity & the determination: we will rather die than surrender.

  • Dave4088

    The Pew Hispanic Center can stuff a sock in it. If whites voted as a collective like blacks and browns then Obama would have been crushed and the Democrats would need to come to admit that they are too black, too brown, too radically left wing and too criminal to win the presidency.

    The fact remains that the 40% of whites that voted for dispossession and death are responsible for re-electing Obama, not the illusory political might of the mestizos who are less than 10% of the electorate.

  • ageofknowledge

    I’m always amazed at the blank look of incomprehension followed by the eyes glazing over whenever I try to explain to my Hispanic friends that resources are not infinite… that each new poor immigrant means less is available for them. They just can’t connect the dots.

    • Liberalsuck

      people who threaten they will “take over” while they can’t even take over their own native country don’t strike me as terribly bright, forward thinking people in the first place.

  • Jon .

    Here’s a bad joke:

    Q: How bad is California’s pro-immigration policy?
    A: Bad enough that California has strict gun-control laws.

    Any one who can figure out that 2+2=4 can get it – so that excludes flaming liberals.

  • Know who I detest more than pro-amnesty democratic surrender monkeys? Pro-amnesty/pro-immigration republican surrender monkeys…like John McCain, Miss Lindsey Graham and George W. Bush.