Preaching Hatred

Thomas Jackson, American Renaissance, November 2, 2012

University departments that want to destroy the West.

Bruce Bawer, The Victims’ Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind, Broadside Books, 2012, 400 pp., $25.99.

There was a time when an education in the humanities meant an introduction to the most marvelous things that have ever been written or thought. Its goal was to teach students to distinguish the beautiful from the mediocre, and to give them a life-long appreciation for the glories of Western civilization.

Not any more, warns journalist Bruce Bawer in this ruthless dissection of the self-absorption and resentment that passes for scholarship in the humanities today. Thousands of university departments now teach contempt for Western civilization, and train students to see the West only as a “hegemonic” oppressor of non-whites, women, Third-World people, homosexuals, and nearly everyone else.

Most humanities departments are now hostile to the West, but the newly established ones, such as Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Queer Studies, and Chicano Studies, are just plain vicious. They peddle what Dr. Bawer calls “identity studies” and are the main subject of this book. These new departments are run by and for the self-styled victims, and encourage students to search every detail of their lives for traces of exploitation and exclusion. They seem to have nothing resembling academic standards; only a numbingly conformist hatred for “capitalism,” “racism,” and all the other phony “isms.”

Some of the favorite tools for attacking the West come from the philosophical method known as Deconstructionism. It was invented by the ­­­­­­Frenchman Jacques Derrida, and amplified and elaborated by the likes of Michel Foucault. Deconstructionism uses a blizzard of jargon to “deconstruct” the meanings of “texts”—novels, ad jingles, statutes, diaries are all “texts”—and lay bare their politics and prejudices.

Jacques Derrida

The favorite deconstructionist angles are the holy trinity of race, class, and sex (always called “gender”), and the idea is certainly not to enjoy or understand a novel, for example, but to work up a roaring indignation over the author’s racism, classism, and sexism. As Dr. Bawer notes, a “text” is “hailed or condemned in accordance with certain political checklists.” The result, as he explains, is that “literary works were now simply fields on which to play language games and wage political battles that had little or no intrinsic connection to the works themselves.”

Dr. Bawer explains that these con artists do not just read their texts; they “interrogate” them as if they were prisoners at the dock. In this process, they “problematize” them, that is, they smoke out the unconscious sexism and classism of old fools like Herman Melville or Henry Fielding. More fun is to be had with “intersectionality,” or counting up layers of oppression: a black servant girl is a victim of all three evils: racism, sexism, and classism. Having righted all the wrongs in the “text,” the triumphant deconstructionist can claim that he has not merely “interrogated” it but “intervened” in it. Needless to say, the same pedantic self righteousness can be applied to works of art, institutions, and entire societies.

Foucault is useful because he taught that all statements are about power. Since so many great cultural figures were white men, they can all be dismissed as members of an elaborate power structure they designed to hold down everyone else. Foucault was a tireless, bath-house-prowling homosexual, and helped make his own kind another important victim category. Dr. Bawer explains that “all white, bourgeois heterosexual men are by definition powerful, while those who are nonwhite, nonheterosexual, and nonmale are by definition powerless.”

Another tenet of identity studies is that all cultures are equal. However, since European culture was built by white men, it is always the loser in any comparison.

Add to all this a heavy shellac of Marxism, and you get a state of mind that is anti-white, anti-American, anti-capitalist, and completely alien to the way normal people think. This is meat and drink to the students of identity.

Women’s Studies

Although blacks were the first victim group to get college credit for studying themselves, Dr. Bawer begins with Women’s Studies because it is the largest field. No fewer than 661 institutions offer a degree in Women’s Studies; 43 award a masters degree and 15 grant the PhD. They circulate myths about founding mothers battling the patriarchy to get recognition for Women’s Studies, but Dr. Bawer says these departments breezed onto campus.

Curiously, the field is packed with junk that does not have much to do with women: race, class, postcolonialism, erotic orientation, and queer theory. All this would be a surprise to the early feminists, such as Kate Millet and Susan Brownmiller, who stuck to the idea of male oppression and the need to fight it. However, they were both admirers of Marx, and thought the state could take care of children while their mothers ran the country, so they would be at home among the lefties.

Shrewishness, at least, is still a key element of Women’s Studies. As Brownmiller used to say, rape is “a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.” Anti-pornography crusader Andrea Dworkin explained that “intercourse is the pure, sterile, formal expression of men’s contempt for women.” Mary Daly of Boston College, for whom feminism was nothing but rage and revenge, would not let men take her courses, and refused to call on them in mixed audiences. Robin Morgan of the Women’s Media Center explains that “man hating” is “an honorable and viable political act.”

Andrea Dworkin

As Dr. Bawer explains, feminists “ ‘interpret’ men’s lives in light of the doctrine that men are by definition oppressors, warmongers, potential rapists, and beneficiaries of patriarchal social structures.” “Take Back the Night” campaigns are still the campus rage. The theory is that men turn into werewolves after dark, so women must scare them off with candles.

The feminists like “social construction,” or the view that socially enforced role models rather than human nature explain behavior. Or, as Dr. Bawer explains, they use it when it suits them. Everything they don’t like about women is “socially constructed” whereas everything they like about women is essential and inherent. Men, however, are almost never socially constructed: They are bad by nature.

Biology is a mystery to the students of women. On the one hand, they refuse to admit that boys and girls have any biologically oriented behavior differences, but they crow about “women’s supposedly distinct—and, of course, always superior—‘ways of knowing’.”

The high priestesses of the cult are now heavily lesbian, and they are happy to recruit. Women are attracted to men only because society “genders” them that way, so with an effort of consciousness a student can cast off the shackles of heterosexuality and have sex with her teacher. This emphasis on lesbianism casts one of the famous early feminists, Betty Friedan, in an uncertain light. She despised lesbians and thought they would give feminism a bad name, so she has disappeared from most reading lists.

It’s bad luck for Women’s Studies, but “sexism” always takes a back seat to “racism.” It used to be doctrine that any time a woman claimed she had been raped, she was certain to be telling the truth. Then blacks complained that “brothers” had been lynched merely on the say-so of some nasty white women, so the feminists had to scuttle that doctrine.

Likewise, white women don’t have the right to complain about the way Muslims treat women. You would think “feminists” would be bawling nonstop about genital mutilation, polygamy, and wrapping women in black sheets, but that would be “Islamophobia,” which is far worse than carving off a woman’s clitoris. The way a non-white man behaves is part of his superior non-Western culture, and earnest white lesbians must never be guilty of “neo-colonialism.” Another way around the problem is to pretend that the uniquely twisted hegemonic nature of white men makes them just as bad as Muslims. It is also permissible to argue that if Muslims are brutes it is only because the West has oppressed them, so the way to cure them is through revolution here at home.

In identity studies, the student is often the subject of the course, so there is likely to be plenty of classroom “sharing” and exhibitionism. At the same time, since women are supposed to be non-hierarchical, non-judgmental, and communal, some professors refuse to put themselves above their students and actually teach anything. Classes then become nothing more than venting and therapy, and everyone gets an A. If a teacher assigns work and expects students to do it, she may be accused of betraying the sisterhood.

Women’s Studies was supposed to be about “giving voice to the silent,” but it has its own powerful silencing mechanisms. The people who run identity studies think like gulag guards and do not tolerate dissent. As Dr. Bawer points out, its purpose was always political indoctrination masquerading as education. The result is that women come out of these programs thinking they have learned how to transform the world, but can’t get a job or even get along with normal people.

Black Studies

Unlike Women’s Studies, Black Studies has not been diluted with “intersectionality” and other mush; it has always been about money and power for the brothers. The first departments were established through pure intimidation. The 1960s were a time of race riots and black power. Black radicals hectored and threatened San Francisco State College (now University) into setting up the first Black Studies department in 1969. Students at other campuses used the same tactics, and after Harvard and Yale gave in, there were few holdouts. Dr. Bawer notes that black colleges initially resisted the fad, but eventually they fell into line, too. There are now 800 tenured Black Studies professors in the United States, and countless lesser fry.

Dr. Bawer interviewed Shelby Steele of the Hoover Institution who, in his younger days, helped browbeat white administrators. Dr. Steele now wishes he had failed. He admits that blacks had no idea what the new departments would even teach, and he feels sorry for students who waste their time and money studying resentment rather than learning something.

The idea, as one militant explained was to “decolonize the minds of black people.” The problem was that “A lot of folks didn’t even know they were black. A lot of people thought they were Americans.”

In Black Studies these days, everyone agrees that the Greeks stole all their good ideas from the ancient Egyptians, who were black. Africans sailed to South America long before Columbus and founded the Olmec civilization. Every bad thing that has ever happened to blacks anywhere any time is the fault of white people.

Dr. Bawer points out that the basic stance of Black Studies is a fraud. Maulana Karenga, the inventor of Kwanza and the head of Black Studies at UC Long Beach, is a good example. “A black education which is not revolutionary in the current day is both irrelevant and useless,” he says, from his plush nest as a tenured professor. Like so many “revolutionaries,” he has long ago discovered that he is far better off within the system so long as he can keep whitey on the hop, and the more power blacks have—within the system they are supposed to be overthrowing—the more they can make whitey hop: “We must move on every level to get power. We must have an organization that thinks, acts, breathes and sleeps on the question of power.”

Since black power is the main purpose of Black Studies, its aficionados do not make concessions to feminism or Queer Studies. The stars in the field are men, and they skip lightly over the homosexuality of Bayard Rustin, Langston Hughes, and the author Countee Cullen. The top stars, Dr. Bawer tells us—the likes of Henry Gates of Harvard and Cornell West of Princeton—are “expert hustlers” who have perfected the art of squeezing money and adoration out of whites. Dr. Bawer says Prof. Gates, who has collected no fewer than 51 honorary degrees, could probably crown himself president of Harvard if he set his mind to it.

Chicano Studies

Blacks were disconcerted to see Mexican-Americans, or Chicanos, hot on their heels milking the white man. They hustled college administrations just as skillfully, and Chicano Studies courses sprouted all of the country. Why “Chicano”? Rodolfo Acuna of California State University at Northridge, one of the panjandrums of the movement, explains that it “eliminates the American from the Mexican-American identity.”

However, using a Spanish word with a masculine ending brought trouble that “Mexican-American” would have avoided. The ladies beefed, so the field is full of clumsy formulations such as Chicano/a Studies or Chicana & Chicano Studies or even [email protected] studies, which is supposed to be hermaphroditic. Whatever it’s called, you can get a PhD in it.

Feminism gave the Chicanos a headache from the start. As Dr. Bawer writes, they worried that “Chicanas would fall prey to ‘white European thinking’ and ‘lose their Chicanisma or their womanhood and become a frigid gringa.’ ” The eternal debate among Chicana feminists is whether to side with  Chicano men or liberated Anglo women, but no one wants to be a race traitor. The loyal Chicana squares the circle by explaining that it is not her oaf boyfriend who abuses her; it is the Anglo capitalist system that abuses the oaf.

These days, Chicano Studies is not sure what it wants. The original idea was to found Aztlán, the “bronze continent,” which would be ripped out of the southwest of the United States and purged of whites. According to the El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan, the mighty Chicano would “driv[e] the exploiter out of our communities, our pueblos, and our lands” and “defeat the gringo dollar value system.” Invertebrate college administrations approved scores of departments dedicated to dismembering the United States.

Now, says Dr. Bawer, Aztlán seems less likely, so the secessionists have become standard-issue grievance peddlers and Marxists. They teach resentment of Spain as the colonizer but outright hatred of the Anglo for taking the northern part of Mexico. They teach that the Aztecs and Mayans and Incans were generous, collectivist people who respected nature. Human sacrifice? Best not to talk about that. And, of course, to be a good Chicano you must be a lefty and admire Fidel Castro.

The founders of the Chicano racket worry that youngsters aren’t angry enough. One Chicana professor told Dr. Bawer about a young Chicana who regretted—yes, regretted—that she had never experienced racism. She was yearning to be a victim, but was thwarted. The Chicana professor had to explain to her that she was a victim of institutional racism every day. She couldn’t understand why it takes college training to sniff out Anglo wickedness.

Almost the worst nightmare for the old-timers is a rich Hispanic, because that is something the gringo dollar value system is not supposed to allow. The worst nightmare is a Hispanic who thinks he is American.

Dr. Bawer writes that like all the other victims, Chicanos love to talk about themselves—“it’s important to document our stories”—and tales of racism and the dawning of Chicano consciousness are common classroom fare. There is also a brand of Chicano Studies that treats Mexican food, music, dance, dress-making, etc., as cultural monuments. Like blacks, Hispanics have managed to keep out the homosexuals: Chicanos don’t get extra victim-bragging rights because they are gay or have AIDS; they get the bum’s rush.

In Dr. Bawer’s view, now that secession is mostly off the table the field is, “to a great extent, a locus for Marxist propaganda.”

Gay Studies

When homosexuals study themselves they usually do it as a part of the Women’s Studies department. Perhaps this is because Gay Studies came later, and by that time Women’s Studies was awash with lesbians. In any case, Dr. Bawer, who is himself homosexual, writes that the field is almost as ferociously anti-man as Women’s Studies: “Even to suggest that it might be worthwhile to examine gay male identity, history, and experience as a topic unto itself, without constant reference to the alleged evils of patriarchy and the oppression of women, is to identify oneself as sexist.”

The lesbians claim that gay white men are not even real victims: “A lesbian, after all, cannot disguise her gender, and a black man cannot hide his color, but a gay white man can keep his sexual orientation a secret and thereby function smoothly as a member of the oppressor class.” Only if a gay white man is dying of AIDS will the lesbians consider him oppressed.

Like Women’s Studies, Gay Studies have branched off into all manner of pablum. When a man named Larry Kramer gave Yale a million dollars to start an institute for lesbian and gay studies he thought was going to get serious scholarship about homosexuality. Instead, he got courses on “Gender and Sexuality in Popular Music,” Gender Transgression,” “Beauty, Fashion, and Self-Styling,” and “Queer Ethnographies.” Mr. Kramer beefed but Yale, which is the homosexual headquarters of the Ivy League, refused to return his money.

Not surprisingly, with women in charge, Gay Studies courses are crammed with true confessions, journal writing, coming-out stories, and therapy. Teachers “encourage students to consider every aspect of their daily lives fascinating and meaningful simply because they are gay.” The field is drenched in the meaningless jabber of Marx, Foucault, and Derrida.

For the most radical, no true homosexual wants to join the army or marry his lover. Authentic homos have nothing to do with bourgeois institutions, and anyone who wants in has swallowed the lies of an oppressive system. To Dr. Bawer’s annoyance, the social constructionists claim homosexuals can choose their own erotic orientation, which Dr. Bawer sees as playing into the hands of the people who want to cure homosexuality.

What seems most to anger Dr. Bawer is the pretense of “otherness.” Gay Studies are run by the most privileged, cosseted homosexuals in history, yet they write about themselves as if they can’t even walk around the block without being assaulted or at least gawked at. Their erotic orientation is their excuse and justification for hating everything about America and the West. Dr. Bawer says they are completely out of touch with younger, better adjusted homosexuals:

They [young homosexuals] don’t see themselves as different in any significant way from their straight friends; they don’t view themselves as members of a subculture or feel that their homosexuality obliges them to become political radicals or sexual libertines or to live in gay ghettos. To show young gay people today a gay newspaper or magazine from 1990 or earlier is to introduce them to a world that is completely alien to them.

The Gay Studies faculty are like the Chicano Studies faculty: They want their students to be as angry, maladjusted, and bloody-minded as they are.

There appears to be a deeper layer of Gay Studies—Queer Studies—that glorifies whatever is queer or out of step. It was invented by two women, one of whom, Eve Sedgwick, was a happily-married hetero. Dr. Bawer explains that “queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant. There is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers.” By this standard the Ku Klux Klan would be a fit subject for Queer Studies. It is this adversarial queerness that authentic homosexuals are supposed to develop and cherish: “Lesbians and gay men who have no desire ‘to become queer’ have failed at a task that is obligatory for them.”

Queer Studies takes social construction to the limit: “You may be a man who has no attraction to other men at all and has never had sexual conduct with another male, but if you choose to call yourself ‘queer,’ that is what you are.” Or, you can be a homosexual who has had sex with thousands of men but if you present yourself as a hetero that is what you are. How about men and women? “Even sex differences are not properly a biological question but one on which queer theorists are supposed to pronounce.”

More snake oil

Not all of this is home grown; something called Cultural Studies infected us from Britain. It tends to be parked in English departments, where it examines everything around us “with the intention of better understanding the workings of hegemonic cultural power in everyday life.”  Many of its practitioners consider themselves “artists” and “political activists” rather than academics. Dr. Bawer says they know nothing about anything; they just babble the lingo of deconstructionism.

There is even something called Disability Studies. Here, the social constructionists tread softly; even these phonies hesitate to tell a paraplegic that his condition is all in his mind. Still, the idea is to ignore biology if at all possible and blame doctors. As Dr. Bawer explains, “what disables disabled people isn’t their disabilities but white men, capitalism, and all the other usual suspects.” You can get a PhD in this.

Then there is Fat Studies. It is yet another sub-brand of women’s studies. Beauty, after all, is yet another socially constructed form of oppression, and we must overcome prejudices against the fat. The media carries on irresponsibly about “the obesity epidemic,” which is a form of “blaming and shaming.” There appear to be no men in this racket.

And finally, there is Men’s Studies, which is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Women’s Studies, and just another angle on cataloging the sins and defects of men. You can study this at 100 campuses in the US and Canada.

What can be done about this pseudo-academic landfill? Alas, not much, says Dr. Bawer. The people who peddle this stuff are dug in very deeply, and have allies in administrations. Depressingly, Dr. Bawer says that one of the best solutions would be to start a university from scratch—he says there are plenty of unemployed PhDs. How practical is that?

Surely state legislatures could clean house at public universities. The Black Studies shysters are probably invulnerable, but with budgets in the red, Queer Studies is an obvious place to start cutting. Surely, black and Hispanic legislators would join in a vote to turf out the lesbians who run Women’s Studies. Also, parents vote with their dollars. What father is going to foot the bill for a degree in Fat Studies—even if his daughter is a mountain of fat? Surely, if a program cannot attract students it will die.

Racial tension is inevitable in a multi-racial society, but no college campus should be teaching women to hate men and encouraging white students to hate their own heritage and history. Whatever solutions may be possible, it is a sign of the astonishing degeneracy of our times that universities are infested with entire disciplines devoted to destroying the West.

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Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson lives in Virginia and has been writing for American Renaissance for more than 20 years.
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  • Puggg

    What can be done about this pseudo-academic landfill?

    Wait for the crash.  Recessions have a way of squeezing inefficiencies out of the market, and depressions and collapses have a way of killing useless parasitical endeavors.

    I agree with everything in this article, but it’s a little bit complicated and unnecessary, because it all boils down to this simply:  The studies departments are how affirmative action students get college degrees because affirmative action was how they were admitted, and they can’t hack a real major, and the departments are how a percentage of these graduates are able to get work, turning them around and making them professors.

    • Indiana Guy

      oh I sure hope so! I would love to see the phonies in academia reduced to populating up the  hobo camps of the new depression!.

    • JohnEngelman

      Wait for the crash.  Recessions have a way of squeezing inefficiencies out of the market, and depressions and collapses have a way of killing useless parasitical endeavors.              
      – Puggg

      oh I sure hope so! I would love to see the phonies in academia reduced to populating up the hobo camps of the new depression!.
      – Indiana Guy
      Despite Republican obstruction in the Congress the United States is gradually recovering from the Great Recession. 
      According to a Pew Research Poll released December 28, 2011 Americans from the ages of 18 to 29 favor socialism over capitalism  by 49 to 46 percent.
      A Great Depression II, which may happen if the Republicans sweep the next election, will increase that support.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Where do you come up with this stuff? Your mind works in a very strange way, you seem to have very little connection to the world around you. Your like a liberal, but rather than tow the liberal fantasy, you come up with your own fantasies. I’d like to make counter-arguments, but there’s no point in having a discussion with someone so deep in la-la land.

        • JohnEngelman

          I am always willing to listen to a good argument, and often wiling to listen to a bad argument, but you did not even present a bad argument. I like facts and logic, not irritable attitudes. 

        • I just received a visitiation from St. MLK, and he told me that Gone With the Wind has been more racist that we’ve realized, because Scarlett O’Hara didn’t affirmatively chose a Diversity lover over the White dude named Rhett.Racism now isn’t what you think, say, or do, it’s what you DON’T think, say, or do.You are a racist for being White, a despicable racist for having White privilege, and a vile, invideious, hate monger and probably violent extremist racist for not “selecting for color” in all your decisions.

          If you aren’t putting the interests of Diversity ahead of yours and your children’s at all times, you are a RACIST who will be highlighted in the SPLC’s next Intelligent Report.

          But if you are  J-word parent sending your perfectly pure bred J-word kids to an all J-word (100% Diversity Free Learning Environment) private school, don’t worry, because the ADL has your back…

          • TeutonicKnight67

             …even worse! Not one white man found Mammy sexually attractive despite all her diverse charms. Tsk tsk

          • Michigan Patriot

             You are stating the absolute truth about which ” Whites ” are not affected by Marxist diversity.

        • TeutonicKnight67

           I’ve been a fan of AmRen for quite a while now and for the life of me, I just don’t get this Engelman guy. Is he contrarian to a fault or just loves to play devil’s advocate? Is it that he finds himself morally and intellectually superior to most AmRenners? Does he feel some “moral” duty to elevate the discourse to his superior level? Mr. Frosty please advise. 

          • MikeofAges

            I’ve lived there (central San Jose). IMO, Engleman is kind of snow blind, so to speak, being surrounded by the same scene every direction he looks. He is a race realist, but thinks that whites, Asians and Hispanics can and do all get along harmoniously. Blacks, he has expressed strong dubiety about. He is trying synthesize together realism about the issue of intelligence and human capacity in general with a strong strain of democratic universalism. He’s not doing a very good job of it. Trying to talk about California without acknowledging the idea of terminal demographic condition is not going get you anywhere.

            Well, that’s my opinion. He can speak for himself, but I think he needs an Idaho vacation. I was there a few weeks ago and it’s very nice. There are not skinheads everywhere. Not at all. Just western rural and small city Americans

          • Gracchus123

            Good analysis. People think that we are rational beings and that therefore IQ is the be-all end-all. 

            In some small measure, we can be rational, take science for example. But otherwise we are governed by emotion which is a catch-all phrase for deep biological/genetic powers. Race-realism falls within that category. 

            In my opinion, racism is as natural as breathing. And we can get along with some races most of the time. But when hard times come, race is destiny. 

          • AngryWhiteMan

            I have also always thought the primary divide in our society and indeed the world in general is black vs non-black. Say what you want about Mexicans, Asians, Indians and Muslims, all of these groups have shown themselves more than capable of maintaining civilization. Negros, not so much.

            It is incumbent upon us pro-white folk to reach out to non-black ethnic minorities as well as intelligent blacks and mulattos. We need to show them that the black masses are and will always be incompatible with peaceful, advanced societies. If we fail to do this, we whites have an extremely bleak future ahead of us based on current anti-white trends perpetuated by the solid alliance of ethnic minorities. I do not think that an alliance with other ethnic groups means we need to give up opposition to mass immigration, but compromise will be necessary.

            To prarphrase a proverb

          • AngryWhiteMan

            I disagree with much of what Engelman says but I think it’s valuable to have dissenters and devils advocates in any group, in order to minimize the all-too-human tendency towards groupthink and attitude polarization

      • johan berger

        People aged 18-35 have become unemployed to a large degree under the current ‘President'(guess who?), and so the solution is/will be to elect somebody who respects laws of the economy!! 2012: Romney!!! If Mitt goes down, then Marco Rubio or Rick Santorum in 2016… If Obama goes down early in 2013 due to Benghazi, Fast and Furious or other scandals the country might be reborn come 2015…but peferably with a Democrat who respects the Reagan legacy made 1983-1995..

        • JohnEngelman

          The Reagan legacy, which began during the campaign of 1980, was to imbue most white voters with the delusion that they could have the government they wanted without paying for it.

          During the campaign of 1980 Ronald Reagan promised to cut taxes, raise defense spending, and balance the budget by 1983 without cutting popular middle class entitlements like Social Security and Medicare. That was not possible. No credible economist believed it was. Since then we have had plenty of evidence that it is not true. Unfortunately, many Republican voters still seem to think that it is.

          You begin your “Reagan legacy” in 1983. That omits the Reagan recession of 1982 when the unemployment rate reached three percentage points higher than it ever did under President Carter, and 0.8 percentage points higher than it ever got under President Obama.

          When Ronald Reagan was president an average of 2,000,000 jobs were created per year. Under Jimmy Carter that was 2,600,000 jobs. Under Bill Clinton it was 2,900,000 jobs.

          The economic recovery that is supposed to have happened when Ronald Reagan was president was as shallow and superficial as he was.

          • johan berger

            If you are FOR facts and logic in economics I suggest you repeat the authorship/relevant writing on supply side economics by e.g. Arthur Laffer.
            Also Martin Anderson’s book ‘Revolution’ might help you understand the greatness of Reagan and why his economics were necessary to get America going after the sixteen per cent rates of Carter..

          • JohnEngelman

            johan berger,

            In my own words, using facts that I documented, I demonstrated why supply side economics was little more than a scam to make the rich richer at the expense of the rest of the population.

            If you have read and understood the writings of Arthur Laffer and Martin Anderson, please explain them in your own words, and explain the facts that I documented about higher unemployment and deficit spending under Ronald Reagan than Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and less job creation per year.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      3 words

      Student Loan Bubble

    • I agree– all of this nonsense will end in five minutes after the economy finally crashes. A good war tossed in for good measure, and bye bye queer studies. After the end of WWII the hippies simply had too much time on their hands with freedom and peace, smoked their pot, humped and danced to their wacky beat- but they’re nearing old-age now and will be dead soon–YEEAAAAAAA. Good riddance, fools. On to serious matters. It’s like when children are causing trouble for mom at home, and she wants them to get back in line, she’ll say–“daddy will be home soon.” Well, Daddy IS coming home soon, and when he gets home after working 3 jobs, he’s not going to be really happy, and there are going to be a lot of spankings. My personal favorite spanking in history was called “Operation Hummingbird,” or also, the “Night of the Long Knives.” The good thing about history is, if you wait long enough, you get to see it again and again!!

  • “Some of the favorite tools for attacking the West come from the philosophical method known as Deconstructionism. It was invented by the ­­­­­­Frenchman Jacques Derrida, and amplified and elaborated by the likes of Michel Foucault.”

    Not so fast

    “Derrida was born on July 15, 1930, in El Biar (Algiers), French Algeria, into a Sephardic Jewish family originally from Toledo that became French in 1870 when the Crémieux Decree granted full French citizenship to the indigenous Arabic-speaking Jews of French Algeria.”

    “Foucault died in Paris of neurological problems compounded by the HIV/AIDS virus; he was the first famous figure in France to have died from the virus, with his partner Daniel Defert founding the AIDES charity in his memory”

    Once you know the personal background, you’ll understand the personal motivation every time…

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

     “…it is a sign of the astonishing degeneracy of our times that universities are infested with entire disciplines devoted to destroying the West.”


    Enemy-controlled departments include many more than the identity “studies” departments.   How about English Departments — as but one example?

    Elizabeth Kantor is author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature.  She has her PhD in those subjects from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. In a presentation on C-Span’s, Kantor describes English professors:

    “…they’re the folks, who probably of everybody in America, hate Western Culture with the deepest and most abiding passion . . . If anything, they actively want to prevent that culture from being transmitted . . . This might explain why a lot of English professors teach Marxism or Freud or history of ballet . . . anything except what they were actually hired to teach.”  

    Kantor’s 26-minute talk on The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature delivered to an audience of college students on June 22, 2007 can be viewed online at  It’s well worth it.  At the link, to the right, click on “Watch”: 

  • GentlemanPugilist

    An interesting article, but essentially it just demonstrates the success of The Frankfurt School’s subversive infiltration of acadaemia. What’s more interesting is WHY has this occurred? What are the motives behind it? Many have concluded that it’s ultimately a Marxist plot devised to destroy Western traditions, particularly Christianity. Certainly it accords with the Marxist doctrine of egalitarianism, and merely expands on the original which emphasised class distinctions.

    • JohnEngelman

      There is no “Marxist plot.” There are only charlatans getting students who never should have gone to college to sign up for their worthless courses.  

      • GentlemanPugilist

        Really? So what of ‘the long march through the institutions’? Hasn’t it been the case that every institution has been infiltrated and effectively subverted? I recommend you read up on The Frankfurt School. 

        In the UK every Labour leader has been a member of The Fabian Society. I suggest you Google “Fabian Window” and carefully examine it. Not only does it contain the phrase ‘Remould It Nearer The Heart’s Desire’, but it also depicts a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How very apt.

        The former Labour MP Hazel Blears stated the following on her website:

        ‘Governments seek to modify our behaviour through coercion on the one hand, and persuasion on the other, and the lesson is that governments can and do change the way people think and behave.’

        • JohnEngelman

          In order to be a political activist with any degree of enthusiasm one either needs to believe that the majority already agrees with one, or one needs to believe that the majority would agree if only they listened to one’s arguments. Once one realized that most people have different values and concerns one is likely to retreat into apolitical cynicism. 
          The United States is a frustrating country for political activists who desire major change. The United States is one of the freest, most democratic countries in the world.  We did not get the way we are by accident. On nearly any issue one can think of, we are the way most Americans want us to be. 
          Take immigration for example. According to a CNN/ORC Poll, released September 28-30, 2012 64 percent of the American people agree with President Obama’s policy of not deporting illegal immigrants under the age of 30 if they do not have a criminal record, and if they have earned a high school degree.
          According to a poll released by the Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation Poll on July 25-Aug. 5, 2012 61 percent of Americans believe that illegal immigrants should be allowed to keep their jobs and apply for legal status.
          The list goes on, but there is not a strong demand to reduce immigration, even illegal immigration.

          Or take interracial marriage. According to a Gallup Survey released September 12, 2011, in 1958 4 percent of Americans favored interracial marriage. In 2911 86 percent approve.

          Not only is approval of interracial marriage increasing, but so is the practice:
          The report, which came out Thursday, indicates that there has been a major jump in interracial marriage rates from 1980 — the first year from which rich Census data on interracial marriage are publicly available — when just 3 percent of married couples were mixed-race (the last U.S. anti-miscegenation laws were lifted in 1967). In 2010, 1 in 12 married couples in the U.S. were interracial couples, reports the Pew Center.
          This did not happen because of a conspiracy of dread “Cultural Marxists.” It happened because most Americans decided to change the way they behaved and felt about the behavior of others. 
          The future is multi cultural, multi racial, and meritocratic. What matters is not the race or sex one is born with, but the IQ one is born with. Those who are brilliant have a brilliant future. Those who are not don’t. The American of white supremacy is gone with wind. 

          • GentlemanPugilist

            ‘This did not happen because of a conspiracy of dread “Cultural Marxists.” It happened because most Americans decided to change the way they behaved and felt about the behavior of others. ‘

            No it happened as a result of incessant media propaganda which has, over time, altered society’s norms and values. The fact that almost everybody watches television has made this a very effective form of delivering propaganda, which is often disguised as entertainment. This, of course, is in addition to the aforementioned infiltration of the institutions.

            Here’s an example of the propaganda at work, it’s from 1946:


          • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

            Thank you, GentlemanPugilist,

            To other readers: Don’t miss this ten minute video.  It’s a remarkably sophisticated example of multiculturalist/open-borders propaganda. And it was produced 66 years ago!

          • Really good cartoon– the programming has been going on for some time, and notice it’s from the communist UAW-CLO. Oy vey! They’re been hammering away at us since the beginning! We’re a bunch of putzes and shmucks to them!

  • KenelmDigby

    The unfortunate fact is that this pseudo-intellectual nuttiness has infected the political class to an horrific degree – hence the literal madness of much western ‘immigration policy’.

    • JohnEngelman

      The people who own and run the United States do not promote high degrees of immigration because of “pseudo-intellectual nuttiness” but because it has a depressing effect on wages, an inflationary effect on goods and services, and because it consequently increases profits. 

  • JohnEngelman

    It has been awhile since I have been in college. Nevertheless, I imagine that it is still possible to study history, literature, comparative religion, philosophy, and art in ways that do not suggest that western civilization is unusually oppressive. 
    Those who do believe that western civilization is exceptionally oppressive should live in Islamic countries, or anywhere in Africa. Western civilization has made secular liberalism possible. 
    Those who are foolish enough to major in black, Chicano, women’s, or gay studies will get their just deserts when  they graduate and discover that they cannot get a job. 

    • Unless the government/universities hire such folks as diversity administrators and advocates against evil white male patriarchy. It is a vicious cycle, in which productive members of society (often but not necessarily white) are the victims. It must be broken. 

      • JohnEngelman

        How are productive people victims of those who waste their time and money acquiring worthless college degrees? 
        What is important is to go to an elite college or university, and to study law, medicine, business administration, one of the hard sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Those who do this and who excel do not become victims of fools with degrees in minority studies. 
        The cost of that nonsense to society is minimal. Nevertheless, I suspect that some people may blame their own failures on that foolishness. What matters is well educated, high grade intelligence. Those with it do not need to worry about imaginary boogeymen like genocide, race displacement, or Cultural Marxism. 

        • First off, these people with their B.S. degrees are usually not having their salary paid through voluntary market interactions. Most often it is on the taxpayer dime, whether they work directly for the gov. or at a public university (most funding does NOT come from tuition).

          Secondly, a lot (but not all) of these types of people are not necessarily being sinister in their career ambitions. They honestly think what the are doing is noble and necessary. Like most Americans, they have simply been conned. There are no accepted alternatives in our society to their way of thinking and they have no incentive to seek out ones that are not. The cultural marxists are not of no inherent value to society. With a mere paradigm shift, they too could contribute with whatever talents they might have. However, at the present, that value is all lost.

          • JohnEngelman

            There are plenty of “accepted alternatives in our society to their way of thinking,” including this website. 
            What is disturbing to me about your thinking is that you seem to advocate the suppression of those you consider to be “cultural Marxists.” 
            There are no cultural Marxists. Those you consider to be cultural Marxists are harmless eccentrics that are not worth worrying about. 

          • You think race/gender-realism is an accepted viewpoint in our society? You must be living on a different planet. And what do you mean there are no cultural marxists? They’re all over the flipping place in Western countries.

          • JohnEngelman

            Name some cultural Marxists who call themselves “Cultural Marxists.” 

  • Athling

    How repulsive it is that all these societal misfits, freaks, and self-styled victims have been allowed to invade academia. The institutions of higher learning have become clearing houses for psycho-leftist propaganda. Private institutions that can keep this societal sludge out are the wave of the future.

  • Why was my comment removed?

  • David Ashton

       Sadly this is all too familiar, and has been for many years past, to this British reader.  As described, the analysis is very good, if belated.  The British and European contribution – “Cultural Marxism”  as opponents call it – has been substantial.  But US influences from student protest, Vietnam peacenik, Women’s Lib, Black Power & Flower Power days have cross fertilized, and today exert a considerable influence in academic publishing, especially “social studies” books and journals.
       The consequent politicization of notional collectives – blacks, immigrants, students, “wimmin/wyomin”, LGBTs, the “differently abled” – now controls British government legislation, institutions, even school curricula.  The “equality” and “diversity” parameters affect everything from TV soap opera plots to chat show values.  The UK Deputy Prime Minister belongs firmly within this ideological tent.
       Herbert Marcuse, Stokely Carmichael, Frantz Fanon, Betty Friedan, and many minor figures from our own academic left, Trotskyite organisations, Castroites, anti-apartheid and unilateral disarmament campaigners, cold war revisionists, and even old Communist Party warhorses (like the recently deceased Professor Hobsbawm) contributed to the mix, while opposition over years has been incrementally suppressed by methods that included violence or threats of it. 
       Personally I would make some forgiving exception in the case of fat, ugly, dungaree-wearing Andrea Dworkin, who risked life and limb in exposing the hard-core porn “industry” and its sex-trafficking; see e.g. her Testimony in Phyllis Schlafly (ed) “Pornography’s Victims” (1987).

  • MerlinV

    I’m working on my Doctorate in Diversity.

    • JohnEngelman


  • JohnEngelman

    An authentic course in black studies would include mention of black social pathology and low average intelligence. 
    An authentic course in Chicano studies would include mention of the corruption, inefficiency, and poverty that has always been endemic in Latin America, and compare it with what has always existed in Canada and the United States. 
    “The Color of Crime,” by Jared Taylor would be on the reading list. 
    “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR,” by Professor J. Philippe Rushton would also be on the reading list.
    If I was teaching a course in black or Chicano studies I would also include “IQ and the Wealth of Nations,” by Dr. Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland. This asserts a correlation between the standard of living in a country, and the average IQ in that country. 

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

       A very realistic reading list, but these studies are not about reality, they are about rancour.
      Next this rancour is tactically used to destroy normal society. That’s what they were invented for in the first place.

      • JohnEngelman

        Courses in black, Chicano, women’s or gay studies do not “destroy normal society.” They attract students who lack the intelligence to prepare themselves for professions, and who ought not to be in college in the first place. 
        These students drop out, or graduate with worthless degrees. Then they discover that they have learned nothing of value to employers. As they pass through life blaming their failures on white racism, sexism, homophobia, or something like that, they are too ineffectual to be a danger to anyone but themselves. 

        The courses and the fools who take them are not worth worrying about.

  • JohnEngelman

    Feminist opposition to pornography has silly aspects, but it is a legitimate response to the sexualization of our culture. 

    Feminists are justified in being concerned with rape, and the indifferent way rape victims are often treated by the criminal justice system.

  • puffdaddy

    Not so sure about Grove…they have a multicultural officer:

  • “There was a time when an education in the humanities meant an introduction to the most marvelous things that have ever been written or thought. Its goal was to teach students to distinguish the beautiful from the mediocre, and to give them a life-long appreciation for the glories of Western civilization.”

    To us, that sounds like the way things should be. To Diversity, that sounds like a racist advertisement for White privilege, which even White students now agree must be UnDone because of the harm it does to the beloved community of color.

    BTW, why doesn’t Jared Taylor attack “Whiteness studies” and “White privilege” as racist discourse and hate speech?

    Afterall, when Whites talke about defining characteristics of blackness, we are accused of hate. Why not flip it around on them, as he does so well with his “racist” logic?

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Many good points.  Alas, this is not one of them: “and accreditation is apparently very easy (based on the sheer quantity of mickey mouse accredited colleges around here)”


    Here’s the problem in  a nutshell:

    “Regulatory barriers, meanwhile, have stymied private support for lower-cost start-ups and innovators. Accreditors, who serve as the gatekeepers to higher education, essentially judge new entrants by their degree of resemblance to established universities, demanding adherence to long-established standards for curricula and faculty credentials while rejecting innovative ideas as unproven before they’re even tried.”

    You’d be better off buying a dying already-accredited private college than to try to jump through the hoops the higher ed racket has erected to keep out new entrants.

  • jack ryan

    This is an excellent review of what looks like a very good book. Is this review published some place besides American Renaisance? I’ve found I have more success forwarding articles with cultural, racial themes when the article is published in some magazine, blog that is not openly White Nationalist.

    Thanks again.


    I encourage all Amren activists to get active in their specific alumni community. Support the basics like admissions standards, non football and basketball sports and then work in our cause through implicit WN.

  • JohnEngelman

    Women in the United States are under too much pressure to have sex. If a woman has sex with a man and calls it “rape” it is not necessarily a criminal offense, but it is something that should concern decent people. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Liberalism and the Left in general are only possible because of Western Civilization. Karl Marx did most of his writing in the capital of what was at the time the most capitalist and imperialist country in the world: Great Britain. In a third world country not governed by a European empire he would not have been able to do his research because free libraries did not exist. He would have risked prison or execution. 
    The same can be said of most seminal thinkers on the left, whether they were in a Marxist tradition or not.     

    • William Allingham

      My grandfather used to say that no matter what Europeans have done they will always be more desirable than any other group.

       The only reason why they can criticize so ruthlessly the west is because western civilization is the center of modern thinking but if we turn our attention to other cultures (in a realistic way) the picture of oppression and inhumanity would be so horrible that westerners would look like saints and our culture like ALMOST the only light in this wicked planet!

  • JohnEngelman

    Very few people major in Jewish Studies, or Asian Studies. That is because most Jews and Orientals have the intelligence to major in courses that will lead to prestigious and lucrative careers. 

    • MikeofAges

       Very few people major in Jewish and Asian studies because these programs are for people who are seriously committed to the ideal of a liberal arts education, very possibly a career in scholarship. Knowledge of Hebrew or an Asian  language would be highly desirable on an undergraduate level and mandatory on a graduate level. While someone potentially could pursue similar aims through fields such as black studies, women’s studies, gay studies or some other affinity-based discipline, I doubt very many do. Some, yes. But not very many. For people who want to pursue other than technical careers or careers in skilled disciplines, they should be able to major in anything they want. That people cannot do so, at least not readily, has a great deal to do with a Supreme Court decision called Griggs v. Duke Power and the influence of other 1970s era civil right precedents forcing employers to rely on strictly drawn hiring criteria for ordinary entry-level jobs for college graduates. The ultimate end result  the academic arms race we see today.

  • TeutonicKnight67

     Please keep info like this coming. As a proud father of teenagers I need suggestions to avoid sending them to Kommie Kamp.

    • GoodOleYggdrasil

      GCC is all right. Many of the professors are very good, and the black student population is SUPER low (18 out of +2500 when I was there), despite the best efforts of the administration and their “Director of [Minority] Recruitment and Retention,” itself a hilarious title. It’s a true Christian community and very, though implicitly, white; in my time there, one reserved a seat in the cafeteria with one’s wallet/purse/cell phone, and a table at the library with one’s backpack or computer. Theft was unheardof.

      It’s still a college, though, and there’s no escaping certain things; they recently fired, for non-academic reasons, a professor whose specialty was “World War II Europe,” Germany in particular. Guess what his ‘History’ courses were on… All the same, there is a modest Humanities requirement and the goodness and beauty of the West and of Christendom is given a chance to shine.  And Grove City itself is a good town; all in all you could do a lot worse. 

      • Project_Pat

        Who was this Professor?

  • Have read Foucault, and his explication of the “panopticon” is brilliant.  As an english major, working on an MA, though, really resented having to read all that crap that did not have any place in an English Lit dept.  Foucault, Lacan, Derrida–had no place alongside the like of Faulkner, Twain, Hemingway, etc.  I had some brilliant professors then, and even the most intelligent admitted they could make neither head nor tail of Lacan.

  • WmarkW

    Dr. Bawer has also written a couple of very good books about Islamization of the West:  “While Europe Slept” and “Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom.”  They are among the few pro-Western books that are carried by public library systems.

  • Thank you for this very informative book review. We now understand the deconstructivists, and we need to adopt their methods.

    Deconstructing Diversity Studies examine the intersectionality of how race hatred against Whites, attacks against White privilege, and open warfare against White girls and women creates a climate of fear and intimidation that ONE DAY WILL END.

    In other news, the TV did a feel good social progress story about a black marine from WWII suffered because he “had to” serve in a segregated brigade, but his story is about “change for the better.”

    The goodness of integration is always called “change for the better,” but we never are told why it’s better, so we are just left to undertsand on our own that it’s better because it hurts White privilege.
    Then the next story was from the ghetto were 17 ebonics speakers were crowded into a small house “celebrating” something, so a Diversity walks up to the closed door and starts shooting.  2 year old little girl dead; toddler brother in diapers with bullet in back.

    How can you explain a race like that?

    But you would think these stories would be censored, because the interviewed ebonics speakers, exhaling cigarette smoke as they talk to the reporter,  leave us dumbfounded that after all these centuries here in America, and after all we’ve done for them, they still sound like they just got off the boat and have only had one lesson in speaking English from Massa boss man.

    Stories like this “reflect poorly on the community and foster harmful and outdated stereotypes,” but since they are on the news every single night, maybe the NAACP doesn’t even notice anymore.

  • Roger

    Most people who go to these universities, have many, many doors of opportunity opened to them simply because they hold a degree from one of the elite schools

    Yes that’s true but the Ivy League has embarked on a frenzied quest to annihilate  its own reputation.  How can a Yale professor be taken seriously for anything when a guy like Jafari Sinclaire Allen is a Yale professor?  He teaches courses in black downlow studies, like “Radical Intersections of Black and Women of Color Feminisms and Queer of Color Theory “.  That’s Yale?  What does Yale mean?

    I read the First Lady’s thesis paper from Yale and it was like an average paper in my highschool honors class.  I didn’t get into Yale despite having a nearly perfect grades and SATs, while they did admit blacks with hundreds of points lower SATs, who go on to get Yale degrees in sociology (Marxism), education (Marxism), identity studies (Marxism), etc.

  • potato78

    There was a time when an education in the humanities meant an introduction to the most marvelous things that have ever been written or thought. Its goal was to teach students to distinguish the beautiful from the mediocre, and to give them a life-long appreciation for the glories of East Europe civilization.

  • I think the reason why Obama won’t release his college transcripts is not because he didn’t have good grades, but because the transcripts are littered with these kinds of affirmative action fluffy duff “studies” basket weaving course titles.

  • “However, they [Millet and Brownmiller], were both admirers of Marx, and thought the state could
    take care of children while their mothers ran the country, so they would
    be at home among the lefties.”

    To a much-smaller degree, I think that there is some truth to the idea that “the state”* could act in this role with a reasonable degree of success. The ‘much-smaller degree’ I am thinking of is in relation to the abortion debate: instead of these innocents being denied life, they could instead be adopted by the state (there would be too many for traditional adoption or foster-care). This would be a financial burden on society, of course, but there is an adequate answer for this in reducing another: the career lowlife and long-term prisoner populations. We would replace the massacre of the innocents with the culling of life-unworthy convicts and predatory dregs.

    Some may argue that abortion actually helps somewhat in maintaining White population levels, since many minority women are more likely to seek an abortion. But this is most true in the USA and Canada: it is NOT a help in most European countries, as Muslims will almost never abort. In Russia the problem of abortion is particularly devastating to the white race.

    Kill the menaces with rope, sword, gun, mercygiver, elephant, or whatever is on hand. Avoid cost-ineffective things like the lethal injection. Just get it done. And we will be on the path to a culture and society that no longer sacrifices our innocent to preserve and nourish the lives of the guilty and sociopathic.

    *(Not necessarily referring to any current one)

  • Peoplearediverse

    Email hbdusa at gmail dot com please.   I will be a high-quality professor.

  • Ulick

    I’ve read Bawer’s book on the Islamification of Europe, While Europe Slept. Bawer dissects both the growing influence of Muslims in Europe and their hostility toward traditional Europe. Bawer lays it all out without a hint of catering too political correctness.

    The interesting thing about not cowering to political correctness and the interesting thing about Bawer attacking the victim/anti-traditional culture mentality that Liberalism instills in it’s “victim groups” is that Bawer is a gay man. He could play the victim card that Liberalism encourages him to play, but he would rather stand on the side of facts and truth. I have much respect for Bawer.

    • MikeofAges

       Bawer’s book was interesting, but his excessive preoccupation with the male person eventually wore me. Not that he talked about the young men in Europe in a homoerotic way. But by the time it was over, I was ready to scream “What about the chicks?” And what about them, by the way. Are they, also, with no sense of irony whatsoever, driving around with “Extinction is forever” bumper stickers on the backs of their cars?

  • JohnEngelman

    Blacks who major in black studies, Hispanics who major in Chicano studies, women who major in women’s studies, and homosexuals who major in gay studies are not worth worrying about. With few exceptions they lack the intelligence to learn a profession. Most have the brain power to pass the mental aptitude test for a trade school. Instead they are wasting their time and their parents’ money acquiring knowledge that is worthless on the job market.
    They will spend their lives going from minimum wage job to minimum wage job, hating all of them, and blaming their failures in life on racism, sexism, or homophobia.
    They make me think of whites who blame their failures on race displacement, genocide, and an imaginary conspiracy by “Cultural Marxists” who don’t exist.  
    What matters is not race, sex, or sexual orientation. What matters is industrial strength IQ power. That is why Orientals and Jews fill our best universities and corporations. The future is theirs. 

    • Achaean

       This is one of the most absurd statements I have read here in a while.
      For starters, this comment entirely misses the very point of  Bawer’s
      book and this review, which is to show that cultural Marxists are indeed
      very powerful in the Western academic world and beyond. The idea that
      all human history is about IQ betrays a complete lack of historical
      understanding, starting with the obvious superior achievement of white
      countries over oriental China or Japan; as Murray shows, 97% of the
      greatest achievements and minds in the sciences have been European, and
      in the Arts it is also the case that Europe alone accomplished more than
      the rest of the world combined. Jews achieved next to nothing before
      the 1800s except the irrational Talmudic writings, and after 1850 all
      their achievements were inside Western/White created countries; and it
      is still the case that Europeans reached higher levels of creativity
      than jews in the Sciences and Arts, insomuch as jewish accomplishments,
      numerous as they were proportionate to their numbers, were of a second
      ranking order, by which I mean: for every Hegel, you will only find a
      jewish Marcuse, and for every Nietzsche you will find a jewish
      Horkheimer, and for every Heidegger a jewish Strauss; the former are
      first rank, the latter second rank. As far as the orientals, we find
      imitators, fifth rank thinkers.

      • Gracchus123

        Most of the stories in the Old Testament are simply echoes of even more ancient texts written by other than the Hebrews. 

        • 1joewebb_1

          what is the religion?  Libertarianism? 

      • JohnEngelman

        The reason the Jews did not begin to distinguish themselves intellectually until after 1800 was because they had been discriminated against. 
        Ashkenazi Jews are vastly over represented in science. Their numbers among prominent scientists are roughly ten times greater than you’d expect from their share of the population in the United States and Europe. Over the past two generations they have won more than a quarter of all Nobel science prizes, although they make up less than one-six-hundredth of the world’s population. Although they represent less than 3 percent of the U.S. population, they won 27 percent of the U.S. Nobel prizes in science during that period…
        Ashkenazi Jews account for half of twentieth-century world chess champions. American Jews are also over represented in other areas, such as business (where they account for about a fifth of CEOs) and academia (where they make up about 22 percent of Ivy League students). 
        – Professors Gergory Cochran and Henry Harpending, from “The 10,000 Year Explosion,” pages 189 – 190

        • Achaean

           Some of the Jews who have won prizes and become chess champions are actually half white, and if you trace their family backgrounds you will find even more white blood. Still, everyone knows that they have been quite successful in the last century, but they have not produced, or less than a handful, truly great individuals who have carved out whole new areas of research the way Copernicus, Galileo, Kant, Leibniz, Aquinas, Chaucer, Byron, Cervantes, etc, etc, have. Jews are great opportunists with an ability to make use of upcoming trends and riding them without starting new ones. Finally, the have shown an utter lack in physical, warlike, statesmanship, nation-building activities,  and finally, again, they have achieved everything within the safety of white created countries.

          • JohnEngelman

            Finally [Jews] have shown an utter lack in physical, warlike, statesmanship, nation-building activities.     
            – Achaean
            Perhaps you have never heard of the state of Israel, and of the many wars it has won against daunting odds.

          • Achaean

            True, finally, with white help and billions in aid from the US, they have sustained a country  — but you know what I mean; IQ in isolation from a whole host of other human attributes is very one sided.

          • Gracchus123

            “daunting odds”???

            Having worked in the Middle East for many years, I can assure you that there have never been “daunting odds”.

            None of the so-called armies the Israelis faced could in any way be described as daunting. Modern day Arabs are anything but daunting. One of my colleagues used to describe them when they were trying to figure out how to use a modern weapon as “a hog looking at a clock trying to figure out what made it tic”.

            Any technology Israel has it got from Europe or America. It would not survive but for Western aid. 

          • JohnEngelman

            Israel has a population of about seven and a half million people. The Israeli military is generally considered to be one of the strongest in the world. 
            Everywhere in the world Jews excel, achieve, and prosper. This is because they are biologically superior. 

      • JohnEngelman

        Studies show that Asian-Americans meet these colleges’ admissions standards far out of proportion to their 6 percent representation in the U.S. population, and that they often need test scores hundreds of points higher than applicants from other ethnic groups to have an equal chance of admission…         
        Immigration from Asian countries was heavily restricted until laws were changed in 1965. When the gates finally opened, many Asian arrivals were well-educated, endured hardships to secure more opportunities for their families, and were determined to seize the American dream through effort and education…
        Asian students have higher average SAT scores than any other group, including whites. A study by Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade examined applicants to top colleges from 1997, when the maximum SAT score was 1600 (today it’s 2400). Espenshade found that Asian-Americans needed a 1550 SAT to have an equal chance of getting into an elite college as white students with a 1410 or black students with an 1100.

    • Funruffian

      I don’t entirely agree with that statement regarding that success equals IQ and Industrial Strength. I believe there are numerous variables in our society that can prevent a bright and talented individual from acheiving the success he/she is capable of. Neizche once wrote, “The tragedy of man is the distance between his ability and his accomplishments.”
      A person has to be in the right place and the right time to get the break he/she deserves. Hard work and application matter too, but how often does the opportunity fall into your lap?? How do you explain the current job crisis among recent college grads. Some of them were honor students in Sciences, Engineering, Law and Medicine. Many of them are out of work. Timing is a huge factor and we have to click in with the right people to attain that break.

      • JohnEngelman

        What you say is true about timing.

        My point stands about the worthlessness and harmlessness of majors in this or that studies.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    So blacks are trying to take away the accomplishments of aboriginal Indians by claiming the Olmec culture?  Probably just on the way that statue looks, but that’s a real stretch.  Besides, that face on the statue in the picture uncannily resembles a Cree friend of mine, right down to the expression on the face; it’s the one he gets when he finds out his brother drank the last beer.

    The rest of it just explains why I continually fail to understand humanity. It’s hard to understand people who are even more insane than you yourself are.

  • 1joewebb_1

    Engelman finds it fine that Whites are displaced in their own country.  “Cultural Marxists” do not exist, and the future belongs to  Asians and Jews.  John you get the Darwin Award for extinguishing your own people logically, and demographically.

    First, you are wrong.  I have read somewhere that Whites outnumber Asians 7 to one in IQs above 130 (men of course).  Second, Asians are despised by Whites who work with them.  Third, they are so collectivistic, that they cannot make a decision without consulting their crowd.  Fourth, they lack creativity, something I have heard from many White men who work with them.  

    As for the Jews, with their 10 point lead on Whites in intelligence, they could shoulder us aside but they are too few.  They have achieved their success by ethnic networking, shaming Whites, and divide and conquer tactics with regard to Blacks.  Just running the numbers of White and Jewish demographics plugged into bell curves of IQ indicate that we still have about 5 or more times real smart White guys. as able or more able than Jews.  It is just that these White guys lack chutzpah, ethnic networks, chauvinism, and will to power…for the time being.  The Jewish Century is about up

    Your views lack a political sense.  I don’t run into anybody these days  (outside WN circles) who either trusts or likes the Jews.  They also have figured out these wars and who they are for.

    A perceived threat  and ethnic chauvinism is mostly what drives Jewish ambition.  When Whites begin to perceive racial threats, they will change their behavior.  White men are returning to college, I read in the news.  You are some kind of technocrat who will be  caught with your pants down when the civil wars begin.

    I also run into Jews today who are softening and refusing zionism, etc.  I helped a Jewish doc (last year on vacation )…fix his useless Chinese motorscooter.  I gave him the race lite stuff.  He resisted, but after awhile he said, ” sometimes we think you guys are right.”  I left him with a reading list, starting with Rushton.

    The central feature of our times is race and immigration and the economy.   We can stop Asians and Mexicans from invading and we can defeat Jewish Power, but it will take awhile.  Speaking of Jewish social and political power, just look at the Jewish benefactors of public buildings like college theaters, etc.  Around where I live, there is Zellerbach Hall at Berkeley, there is Annenberg at a couple nearby schools (Annenburg was convicted of massive tax evasion about 1950??)  There is Brundage, Green, and so on …halls.  This is cultural subversion, calculated to influence public opinion.  Joe Webb

    • Gracchus123

      Good try, but don’t try to change Engelman’s mind; he’s a true believer. It’s a religion with his kind. 

    • Funruffian

      I think you are right about Jews. Not all of them are part of the YUPPY Zionist persuasion. Not all of them want to dispossess White Christians. Some are ambivalent to that whole Zionist crap due to their reformed upbringing or just a lost interest in thier heritage. Not all of them are as tribal or bind together like the Blacks , Asians or Mexicans. Among their families they argue, bicker and would screw eachother over just like the rest of us.

  • 1joewebb_1

    I recall a comment made about Hernstein and Murray and their respective motivations in writing The Bell Curve:  Hernstein wants nice Jewish boys to get into Harvard and Murray wants the kind of smaller town America where the local mechanic does not give a hoot if the high school math teacher has 20 points on him.  They are still together in spirit.  This is what Christian love, or White generosity is about.  This is White social democracy.  Yes, these sentimental flaws per Madison Grant were great for us when we were all White. Now they are self-destructive of our race in the context of the racist minorities.

    The kind of technocratic and careerist  dystopia that apparently suits Engelman is no society that I want to be part of.  Niceness counts.  Friendliness counts.  In fact, that is what makes for a cohesive and happy society.  NOrman Rockwell in other words.   Look at Robert Putnam’s studies on social happiness.  Multi-racial societies don’t work, and Putnam has proved it (even though he did not expect the results he got….the education of a liberal.

    The lean and hungry look of  folks on the make is ugly, “unsustainable”,  and a dystopian nightmare of what the Left and myself used to call “bourgeois” society.  I still think that mad-dog capitalism is the vision of Repugnicans; that, and wars for Israel.  I disrupted a Republican fund-raiser last year when the featured speaker turned out to be a neocon.  For calling Israel stolen property, etc. I was escorted out the door.  These Repugs were in a frenzy…hollering and lusting for blood.

    The one-dimensionality of career hustle leads to extreme conformism to received wisdom.  Don’t even think certain thoughts. etc.  The kind of capitalist society built by extreme concern about IQ, career, money, and reputation….is pure LIberalism.  Careers open to talent, etc.  That, and fashionable “concern” for the wretched of the earth.

    First things are personal relations, family, social “capital” (trust), neighborhood and place, and Sir and Mam (Miss or Ms).  When that goes, it is all over.

    I just heard an  NPR commentator remark on how Obongo’s plan of working the Mexer and Black vote is succeeding beautifully in Florida.  This is pure minority racism seeking revenge on Whites.  That, and parasitical income transfers.

    Engelman worries about his job, and IQ, and Chinese ‘friends’ when the Blacks and Browns, and Jews are taking our country from us.  Whew.  O and the Asians too.  Friends like these…who needs enemies. Joe

    • JohnEngelman

       Insofar as I am suggesting that the Jews may have had some degree of unusual verbal skills going back to the time of Moses, I am naked before the evolutionary psychologists’ ultimate challenge. Why should one particular tribe at the time of Moses, living in the same environment as other nomadic and agricultural peoples of the Middle East, have already evolved elevated intelligence when the others did not?    
      At this point, I take sanctuary in my remaining hypothesis, uniquely parsimonious and happily irrefutable. The Jews are God’s chosen people.
      – Charles Murray, from “Jewish Genius”

  • 1joewebb_1

    Listening to National Public Radio tonight about 7pm I heard a female commentator remark that in Florida, the Democrats’ long-planned and operationalized program of targeting Blacks and Latinos for get-out-the-votes campaigns was paying off marvelously.Over the next few days, we should get the numbers involved in this racial polarization of US politics. Whites are now about 62% of the US and White births are now fewer than non-white births.The Republican Party must choose between Whites and ethnic minorities. The Democrats appear to have the overwhelming majority of both Blacks and Browns. Not only does the Democratic Party have their votes, but it has the Free Money programs that the Latinos and Blacks want.The Republicans cannot deliver the Free Money that the Democrats can. They cannot do so for ideological as well as pragmatic budget and national debt concerns. Apparently the Dems have added 5 or 6 trillion to the national debt over the last 4 years. Republicans reject such spendthrift ways.Therefore, the Republican Party must jettison any attempts to recruit from the minority racist groups of Mexicans and Blacks. It must focus on becoming a White Party, while it still has the votes. The demographic tipping-point is approaching fast.There is no alternative but more racial polarization. This is true for common-sense economic reasons as well. Already it is reported that Blacks and Mexicans are falling further behind Whites in income…all in the last 4 years under Obongo. There is nothing that can be done about this in the context of globalization. Neither political party is willing to challenge Global Capital. So, the Republican Party is trapped. It can only move in one direction…drop the liberal race-equality outreach to Blacks and Mexicans, and become what Destiny has already decided, become a White political party while there is still a White majority. If it fails to do this, it is finished by the next election.Of course, the death of the Republicans could only be followed by an insurgency of White nationalists and a 3rd Party. How this would play out is not clear. But, electoral politics would follow with several defeats disciplining Whites to racial reality all the while the Democratic Party, the party of Jews, Blacks, Mexicans (et al Hispanics), and White Liberals, is transferring White income to Blacks and Browns thru taxation. Since, there would be no “representation” of Whites at this point, surrender or civil war will be the only options. Obongo and his mau-mauing hordes, like the New Black Panther Party with their clubs and guns, will be in the streets. This will be the end-game for Whites. Fight, or be turned into cattle to be milked and butchered. Whites as real goyim this time…cattle. The Jews may or not be able to control their darkie troops, Probably not. So, grid-lock in Congress over taxes and national debt, possibly more war for Israel just to keep things interesting (less chance however than if the neo-conned Republicans were in power), more globalization to further erode purchasing power of the working classes and thus further economic stagnation, more general economic erosion due to globalization and Mexican cheap labor, and more social and racial turmoil. Whites will continue to buy guns, mexers and blacks will continue to steal guns, the white freaks will up their Demands for free money and programs, and respectability and sexual deviance, White babies will continue to disappear while mexer babies boom, Blacks will fornicate, fulminate, and mau-mau the White liberals, and the White liberals will whine about Fox news and White racists. Then, civil war. Whites of course know how to shoot straight but first they need to get their heads straight.__._,_.___

    • Cyb

      “Apparently the Dems have added 5 or 6 trillion to the national debt over
      the last 4 years. Republicans reject such spendthrift ways”

      you mean repubs EMBRACE MORE Spendthrift ways…

      • 1joewebb_1

        right Cyb, thanks for y0ur close attention.  Joe Webb

        • 1joewebb_1

          uhhh…wait, please explain.   The  deficit spending of Repubs in times past is one thing, and done in more flush times.  Nowadays things are different.  The Repugnicans seem to have  acatually understood that there are limits.  They read the financial pages, and Dems don’t.  

          As one who does read the financial pages I think I have a reasonably good grasp of economics.  Cyb, please give us some economics lessons/history if you please.  thaks,  Joe

  • Excellent review. Being white in the West is now a nightmare roller-coaster ride through hell, and yet you never wake up. Interesting to contemplate that somewhere there is probably a white man working the night shift in a ball-bearing plant, paying out his tax money to generously paid professors who are employed solely for the purpose of teaching his kids that he and his civilization are evil. 

    • Funruffian

      Correction! Being a White-heterosexual male is a nightmare. And if you are a detractor of Obama, you are deemed the Devil himself. It’s strange to ponder that just 30 years ago White men and women were the apple of the world’s eye. Now we are becoming a victim of genocide.

  • David Ashton

      Engels qualified the simplistic superstructure paradigm in correspondence after Marx died, but there is a lot in what you say. 
      Another question is whether and if so to what extent “[the] Jews” are “behind” our problems.  This is an extremely complex as well as “sensitive” issue, and requires a great deal of objective research.  
       Many non-Jews are irritated by the adverse influence that many Jews exert on the culture of others, and many Jews fear racial antisemitism.  Both sides must understand the validity of these positions.
       The self-interest that many Jews today have in stopping and no longer encouraging non-white immigration into western countries, multiculturalism and socialism make them “allies” (however temporary) in that respect.  They need an assurance that they will not be injured, and we need an assurance that they will not dominate.

  • Dworkin was a freak, but Derrida?  Seriously, that’s just ignorance.

  •  I think the ultimate point from both of the above comments is that, even as individual homosexuals are not a threat to our society, there exists a “gay” or “queer” movement which is a mortal enemy of all we hold dear. The movement is recognized and identified as the  voice of any and all homosexuals, and is so pervasive and vast that it convinces the vast majority of homosexuals that they simply must go along. Through the cultural influence they can exert, the movement can also “recruit”, at least to a point: homosexuality is likely biological in true cases, but I also believe that a significant portion of the “LGBT community” consists of trendy folks that want to be part of a “subversive” and “rebellious” subculture. Particularly amongst women, I have noticed that the loudest and proudest lesbians end up with a guy: not necessarily an effeminate one either.

  • Mboya Ogutu

    By pulling a baleful sneer on Black Studies, this article simply applies the exact same modus operandi that jihadist-muslims/arab imperialists & explorer-christians/european imperialists have used in their attempts to stamp out the edifying aspects of African history.

    Trivialize everything good comming out of Afrika. Or approriate/co-opt. What else is new?

    The irony here is almost surreal. So today we have many Europeans completely baffled by this yearning for a people of non-european descent to claim agency for themselves. Just to put their own non-choreographed views across.

    Some of the commentators here reflect genuine incapacity to imagine that there are other worlds besides ancient greece & rome. To their cushy mindset, this is the universal match of humanity: Europe first…….the rest play catch up, period.

    It is a fact that Africans had been enslaved by arabs & europeneans for centuries.

    It is also a fact that the pyramids like the Great Pyramid of Pera Khufu were built by Black Afrikans-not aliens.

    In the scheme of things, Ancient Kmt (egypt) was appropriated by the European academy to neuter African thought and distort image. It is a simple, insidious scheme that even many ‘educated’ Afrikans have not looked at deeply.

    It is a fact that the Eurocentric outlook is dominant in schools/universities/media etc.But
    even Goebbelesque reapeatations can never wipe out facts! We are all humans with red blood and hearts that beat.

    It is also a fact that today nobody (including Afrikans) knows how 2 million 2-3 tonne irregularly, shaped granite boulders could be placed on top of one another so precisely and encasing impossibly angled corridors internally. Khufu’s Pyramid.

    The Egyptologists-most of whom are clueless on Engineering (for these are works of heavy precision Engineering bulit before Ancient Greece) in their hubris and career-protectionism have closed ranks to any questions as to how the Black Engineers used (soft) “copper tools” to finesse these blocks.Copper chisels. Imagine.

    Engineers with all the computer -aided design and heavy equipment are similarly perplexed.

    Surely it is obvious that once previously enslaved people got to understand the lie of Greek precedent in things, it would only be a matter of time before they would want full control of their minds?
    The ancient greeks themselves-in their writings were in awe of and sat at the feet of Black teachers in Africa. Pythagoras. This is not fantasy. Who needs fantasy?

    So, you can laugh and sneer (nervously or maliciously depending on where you fit on the spectrum begining from ignorance/arrogance to hate) or try and understand where the Afrikan-centric view is comming from. Read Martin Bernal’s “Out of Africa” to start off-He is ivy-league Cornell Professor. And white.

    Dishonesty is not a racial thing.

    There are dishonest blacks/asian/whites.

    Black Studies-in honesty is about correcting the minds of Afrikans who are lied to by the dishonest eurocentric hubris in education.

    How can telling Afrikan people to study facts about our ancestors-good and bad-from our perspective be regarded as “preaching hatred”?

    Who will judge if somebody who has studied Black Studies and gotten a Phd is worthy? These self-regarding eurocentrics?

    Its all a silly game really. For the truth and facts of these things do not really reside in us. We share them-or ignore them due to sheer consumptive-reflexive intellectual-moral laziness or malicious craven agendas.

  • Mark Green

    What about Jewish Studies (and Jewish victimology) and the numerous Jewish intellectuals who contributed mightily to the entire ‘identity’ movement? They should not be overlooked since they largely invented the ‘victim identity movement’ and still reap many benefits from it.

  • Funruffian

    There is one false note in here that cites Blacks have rejected homosexuality. This is a blatant lie. Homosexuality is extremely common in Blacks and not just in the prison system. Homosexuality is just as common in Blacks as in Whites. Maybe moreso.

  • MBlanc46

    I don’t know if this review accurately reflects Bawer’s text. I have serious reservations about deconstruction and social constructionism, but this is nothing but simple-minded caricature. Don’t repeat any of this to anyone who knows anything about this or you’ll look ignorant.