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State of Tennessee has sterilized four criminals in the last five years.

Americans have the right to know their genetic profiles.

Americans don’t think a baby’s genes should be altered to increase intelligence.

A second woman would supply healthy mitochondrial DNA.

Developing countries will soon be emitting the most green-house gases.

Want a beautiful, intelligent, blue-eyed baby? Science could let you choose.

An excellent suggestion from the Left.

More possibilities for eugenics.

Prevents conception for one month.

A Troublesome Inheritance: A Conversation with Nicholas Wade


Eugenics, the future of genetic research, and academic closemindedness.


The Flynn effect has probably been masking dysgenic trends.

Dysgenics may be playing a role.

Critics say it calls to mind the “discredited pseudoscience called eugenics.”

Prosecutor says sterilization “might be in the commonwealth’s interest.”

Blacks “targeted” in the US as well.

Says this will “threaten our humanity.”

We re-post a classic.

Says John Derbyshire.

There is a simple solution: Norplant.

Nicholas Wade Takes on the Regime


The troublesome persistence of genes and race.

Review by Jared Taylor

The method is already being used to screen for genetic diseases.

“If we ever do decide to genetically modify people, this is the tool to do it with.”

This is not controversial in China.

What you can do to help.

He asks: “Are we prepared to select out the imperfect among us?”

Salon is surprised to meet a “well-manicured” white advocate.

Even after controlling for education.

“I know deep down in my heart he served his purpose here on earth,” says Deleesha Taylor.

Website commenters offend Time.

Couple selected the best from 13 embryos.

Doctor says procedures saved taxpayers from future welfare burdens.

Born to Kill


A study of the criminal brain.

Review by Jared Taylor

Study author says it’s due to the proliferation of less favorable genes.

Mush from a Hispanic.

The Chinese want to become smarter and healthier.

Blame is placed on gene mutations and food intake, but what of global demographics?

“They told us they were inoculations,” an Ethiopian immigrant says.

A bold (truthful) look at how the West is being left behind.

Some immigrants to Israel say they’ve been given contraceptive shots without their approval.

How will the judge enforce his order?

The dysgenic effects of civilization.

A peculiar strategy given that non-whites are more likely to abort.

Also known as dysgenics.

A 1992 interview with Jared Taylor.

Is Brazil a “Racial Democracy”?


Official claims belie a harsh reality.


In evolutionary terms this is called reproductive success.

The new eugenics: “ethics” comes first.

Genetic explanations breaking into the mainstream.

No historic preservation for William Shockley’s historic laboratory.

Professor states “hate facts,” student union calls for his resignation.