Posted on July 5, 2020

The American Renaissance Guide to Eugenics

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, July 5, 2020

American Renaissance discusses many taboo subjects, but perhaps the most controversial is eugenics. Conservative publications touch on race, crime, immigration, and demographics — euphemistically — but not even Breitbart or The Daily Mail would dare write about breeding better humans. Here’s what we have to say about it:

In Search of Human Nature, by Thomas Jackson, September 1991

Race, Intelligence, and Bias in Academe, by Jared Taylor, June 1992

A Conversation with Arthur Jensen, by Jared Taylor, August/September 1992

William Shockley in His Own Words, by Thomas Jackson, January 1993

Race and Intelligence in American Society, by Thomas Jackson, April 1993

A Conversation with Raymond Cattell, by Jared Taylor, October 1995

Ending a Historical Taboo, by Peter Crittendon, February 1997

The Descent of Man, by Thomas Jackson, April 1997

The Future of the Species, by Jared Taylor, July/August 1997

Madison Grant and the Racialist Movement, by George McDaniel, December 1997

In Defense of Eugenics, by Thomas Jackson, November 2001

The Pioneer Fund: Science Under Fire, by Ian Jobling, July 2003

The Scientific and Social Policy Implications of Racial Differences, by Brent Nelson, Winter 2004

Fruits of an Unfettered Mind, by Thomas Jackson, March 2004

The Decline of the West, by Thomas Jackson, October 2011

The Chosen People, by Byron M. Roth, November 2011

Francis Galton, In Memoriam, Part III; by Hippocrates, December 2011

A Troublesome Inheritance: A Conversation with Nicholas Wade, by Jared Taylor, October 31, 2014

New Prospects for Eugenics, by Charles Wood, October 23, 2015

Interview with a Pioneer, by AR Staff, February 19, 2016

The Genetic Potential for Intelligence, by Christopher McCallum, April 1, 2017

Let’s Break a Taboo, Part One, by Jared Taylor, October 10, 2017

Let’s Break a Taboo, Part Two, by Jared Taylor, October 17, 2017

A Conversation with Greg Johnson, by Grégoire Canlorbe, December 7, 2018

A Conversation with Richard Lynn, by Grégoire Canlorbe, June 21, 2019