Posted on November 27, 2020

Interview with an Afrikan Nationalist Group

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, November 27, 2020

Social Architects (26) is a black identitarian organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. Headed by former Department of Homeland Security employee Ayo Kimathi, “SA-26” fosters pan-Africanism, opposes homosexuality, and resists the deep state. Chris Roberts interviewed SA-26 by email earlier this month. The organization insisted that its replies not be edited in any way.

Chris Roberts: Your organization’s mission statement reads:

Social Architects (26) is an entity dedicated to providing support to Black groups, organizations, communities, regions, and/or nations who seek to protect their traditional families and cultures from undesired threats . . .

What do you consider the foremost “threats” and who is responsible for them?

Social Architects (26): The foremost threats to Afrikan people worldwide are:

  • The Homophile Assault — systematic, organized, forced acceptance and participation in homosexuality and/or pedophilia. This is the most dangerous, pernicious, and lethal of all of the assaults because it is invisible. Black people allow a foreign, debilitating, immoral, harmful, disgusting sexual culture to penetrate, compete with, and ultimately overthrow the foundation of Afrikan culture which is a balanced relationship between the Black man and Black woman. It will redefine us as an immoral people who rape and molest our own children and support our own familial decay. Ultimately, if not successfully defeated, the acceptance of this euro-asiatic cultural imperative as our new culture will make Afrikan people unfit for survival on planet Earth. It will redefine us as a perverse Race of people who have no value to civilization. It kills the Afrikan in the Afrikan and replaces our identity and culture with the most disgusting behavior ever introduced on planet Earth.
  • Chemical/Biological Warfare — Bill and Melinda Gates, Anthony Fauci (gain of function research sponsor), and the other eugenicists appear to be intent on global extermination of Black people by methods such as “vaccinations” (voluntary poisoning), family planning (baby murder), population control (genocide), bad food, culturally destructive socio-sexual culture (homophilia), etc . . .  They use organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and others to legitimize their psychopathic mass genocide of Afrikan people. btw: Scientists have discovered that the Coronavirus that has killed people across the world in 2020 affects Black people and white Anglo-Saxons; but it doesn’t appear to have the same impact on “Ashkenazi Jews.”
  • Miscegenation — the voluntary or forced interbreeding of Afrikans (Black people) with people other than other Afrikans. In the case of Black/white miscegenation, it often leads to the production of mulattoes (like Barack Obama) who take racial positions against Afrikan people in the interest of promoting their white parents’ racial interests. Miscegenation as a major function of social integration has been integral to the destruction of Black civilization. It has also been a tool used to exterminate Black populations over the past 6,000 years. Notable examples exist in Tazmania, Argentina, North Africa, and to lesser degrees in places like South Africa and Angola.
  • Direct Racial Aggression — Direct racial aggression includes everything from warfare, colonialism, neo-colonialism, economic terrorism, police brutality, intentional miseducation, planned and organized murder of competent Black leaders, infrastructure sabotage (COINTELPRO-styled destruction of independent Black organizations), Racial image assassinations (using media to destroy the respect for a Race or members of a Race), intentionally sponsoring warfare and unrest among Black groups to their collective detriment, destroying Black economies through intentional undermining of production and manufacturing, mass incarceration and criminalization of Black men, women, and children, preventing Black men from participating in skilled labor, to designing and implementing the breakdown in the relationship between Black men and women.
  • Mobutus — Created or recruited Black Race traitors who intentionally serve the interests of enemies to Afrikan people in exchange for some real or perceived personal benefit.
  • Smallhats (aka: jews, askenazis, sephardim, communists, marxists, socialists, liberals, etc . . . ) are the primary architects of these threats to Afrikan survival. They are assisted in many cases by:
  • whites (aka: Anglo-Saxons, white Nationalists, etc . . .)
  • asiatics (aka: arabs, indonesians as in West Papua, persians, etc . . .)
  • mulattoes (individuals with a Black parent and a white parent. **This is not all Mulattoes; but history has shown their collective tendency to work on behalf of the interest of whatever group is oppressing Black people.​**)

CR: A service your organization offers is “ReAfrikanization,” which you define as helping blacks transfer “from a euro-centered value system to an Afrikancentered value system.” What are these two value systems?

SA-26: Primary Afrikan values include:

  1. Respecting and valuing the development of family, community, and nation
  2. Respecting elders, adults, manhood, womanhood, and childhood as principles
  3. Cultivating the strong, committed relationship between Black men and women
  4. Working to live our most moral and ethical existence while enjoying life
  5. Putting Black people in the position to determine our own fate as opposed to being the result of euro-asiatic decision making
  6. Competing in intellectual production with any and all other people’s of the Earth and ranking 1st
  7. Protecting our Race from threats to our survival and our children’s futures

European values include:

  1. Individualism and getting the most for oneself
  2. Respecting and artistically promoting homophilia as normal and acceptable behavior
  3. Wielding power over the destiny of other nations and peoples
  4. Forcing other nations to view the world through a european lens
  5. Delighting in bringing pain to others and/or oneself even through bloodshed (aka: sadism/masochism)
  6. Dominating and conquering nature

CR: The most specific accomplishment your organization names is “successfully assisting Afrikan nations in voting against the legalization of homophilia (homosexuality & pedophilia).” Why do you consider homosexuality detrimental to blacks?

From the SA-26 website.

SA-26: For Afrikan people, homophilia (homosexuality & pedophilia) is a foreign behavior. However, through massive invasion, enslavement, and euro-asiatic conquest, Afrikan people have been at the mercy of foreign nations, on and off, for over the past 2,000 years. Because the strong committed relationship between the Black man and woman is at the core of our cultural reality, it defines us as a Race. The statues of men and women in committed and mutually-respectful relationships in Ancient Kemet (called “Egypt” today) make this point clearly from an ancient perspective. As a result, homophilia has more of a devastating impact on Afrikan culture than any other. It is diametrically opposed to the very composition of our personalities. It’s the antithesis of the definition of what it means to be “Afrikan.”

The current effort to redefine Afrikan people as being innately homophilic is a purely smallhat design. The smallhats (zionists) use the social deconstruction of societies as the means to debilitate populations and lead them to economic ruin and eventual destruction. This is the very same thing they did in Germany between the mid-1800’s and early 1900’s. They had so thoroughly destroyed the relationship between German males and females that they put the nation on the brink of total ruin and collapse. It’s the same thing they are doing in America today.

However, in America, they have the advantage of a third party that they can use as the battering ram to destroy the larger white population and the Republic. Through capturing, destroying, and reengineering Black culture in America, they are leading our people into sodomic ruin, while using our immense talent as a pied piper of social destruction for the larger American populous. They exploit emotionally, intellectually, economically, and sexually-abused people from our community to create demeaning cultural sounds of death and destruction for the “Greater Israel” ultimate world order. In other words, they use our musical talent to make filthy and degrading noise that feeds the American populous with filth and indecency, which they can later turn around and point the finger at us for producing. We are merely the engineers of our own destruction in this sense. The smallhats are the actual architects.

All behavior is social. For Afrikan people, homophilia is a foreign practice, which makes it BEHAVIOR by definition. Anything that people can choose to do or not to do is behavior, and therefore not a birthright for an Afrikan.

Landscape with the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by Joachim Patinir

Landscape with the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by Joachim Patinir

CR: Does your organization take firm stances on economics (e.g. Communism, reparations, small businesses)?

SA-26: We consider capitalism, communism, socialism, marxism, etc . . . all fancy terms for Zionism. As smallhats control the central banks in all but a few nations on the planet, no matter the term, the sum total of them all is Zionist economic exploitation and control. Any nation, Race, group, etc . . . who resists their dominion and the implementation of their central bank construct faces military conquest of some sort. Even trying to maintain food self-sufficiency in production can create a threat to a nation’s sovereignty when the smallhats put that nation on their radar for economic strangulation.

We witnessed this in Jamaica when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) pressured Jamaica into policies that caused its economic collapse. A video called, “Life and Debt” breaks this down into terms that everyday people can understand.

Reparations of some sort was declared during Abraham Lincoln’s term as President of the United States of America. It is commonly known as the promise of “40 Acres and a Mule.” After Lincoln’s murder by a smallhat actor from New York named John Wilkes Booth, Andrew Johnson rescinded the promise and returned the land promised to newly freed Afrikans in America to the original slave traders who declared war on the Republic. We ABSOLUTELY believe that Black people must collect our reparations for the work we did to build this country for which we were not paid.

Ta-Nehisi Coates testifies about reparations

Ta-Nehisi Coates testifies about reparations for the descendants of slaves during a hearing before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, at the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday June 19, 2019. (Credit Image: © Congressional Quarterly/Newscom via ZUMA Press)

Mr. Kimathi [Ayo H. Kimathi, the head of Social Architects 26] was formerly a federal government Small Business Specialist at Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Washington, DC. He takes pride in the fact that he took the percentage of dollars spent for Small Business at the agency from 18% when he started in 2010 to 45% when he was fired in 2013. He had a national reputation for pushing every government contract possible to Small Business — no matter the dollar amount. As a company, Social Architects 26 believes that Small Businesses represent the heart and soul of any real economy and are the building blocks for social stability and community development.

CR: What about religion? Do you believe there is a religion best suited for the black race?

SA-26: Social Architects 26 respects any religion that Black people practice anywhere in the world as long as it’s not related to Satanism. We believe that as long as a Black person is Straight (believes a consenting man with a consenting woman is the ideal relationship), Black (believes the Black man should be with the Black woman), and Proud (believes in operating with a sense of dignity and self-respect), we are generally practicing a similar religion — no matter the name.

CR: You sell the lecture series “Deep State vs. White Nationalism: Afrikan Survival in the 21st Century.” Can you tell me more about this?

SA-26: The Deep State vs. White Nationalism: Afrikan Survival in the 21st Century DVD is designed to clearly articulate the circumstances leading to the pending Civil War in America that will likely determine the course of civilization for the 21st Century.

Deep State vs White Nationalism

It begins by delineating the primary threats to Afrikan survival in the 21st Century. Then it goes into defining the:

Deep State (a. smallhats, b. CIA & wealthy neo-con families like the Bush’s, c. religious orders like the Vatican, Jesuits, etc . . ., d. international bankers, e. Eugenicists) who share pedophilia as a common cultural imperative

White Nationalism (white Anglo-Saxon hegemony in America)

Mr. Kimathi provides a thorough breakdown of the societal consequences of a loss of the White Nationalists to the Deep State. He is of the opinion that the White Nationalists are the last and only current force that has a chance and the immediate necessity to bring the Deep State to its knees. He makes it clear that rooting for White Nationalists is a source for major conflict in the minds of self-respecting Afrikan Nationalists worldwide; however, he has concluded that in the moment, it is the only wise option based on the Deep State’s international agenda of global depopulation and the expansion of child sex-trafficking.

CR: Is there a message you’d like to send to whites?

SA-26: You are in a major dilemma. Your Republic is under siege in the interest of the “Greater Israel” agenda. It is a perverted, genocidal agenda that threatens the entire direction of civilization. It is entirely orchestrated by the Deep State which is but a function of smallhat hegemony worldwide, comprised of partnerships with wicked Anglo-Saxons and others who mean no good for this country.

It is no exaggeration to state that this is the “End Game”. You have who Mr. Kimathi refers to as “The Last Patriot” in Donald Trump as the Commander in Chief at this moment. Though he often panders to the whims of Israel and smallhat interests, he also boldly denounces Globalism (as he did at the World Economic Summit in Davos), spits on their eugenics infrastructure (as he did by defunding the World Health Organization), and has demonstrated the capacity to defeat the modern media (the single most powerful psychological warfare system in the history of the world). The only other person we’ve witnessed expanding in the midst of an all-out media attack in modern times was Minister Louis Farrakhan in the 1980’s. And President Trump has beaten the main stream media while under an all-out 24/7 assault for the past (4) years.

Louis Farrakhan

Minister Louis Farrakhan (Credit Image: Peter Stachiw/

With Prime Minister Netanyahu openly disrespecting President Donald Trump (who recently presented Netanyahu with the key to the White House to the dismay of many Patriots), by acknowledging Biden as the President Elect, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Based on his personality, President Trump will not likely forget that betrayal. This window of opportunity will only come once and if you squander it, it will not return.

You have a righteous position. The election was stolen in front of everyone’s eyes who was watching. We went to sleep with President Trump having a landslide victory and awoke (4) hours later with the election having been reversed in favor of Biden. No reasonable explanation was provided. The smallhats believe they can strongarm an election from 1st and 2nd Amendment Americans in an election where their candidate received more votes from the American public than any other President in US history.

Your candidate won white America.
Your candidate won Hispanic America.
Your candidate won Black America (more support than any other Republican presidential candidate since the perhaps the 1960’s)

There are no scapegoats and you must not allow them to reframe this theft to make African-Americans, minorities, or “liberal” whites the culprits. The Deep State (smallhats who control the media and banking infrastructure in this country and the world) are trying to steal this election from your fairly elected candidate. You will not likely win this battle in the courts alone. The Deep State has tremendous power in this regard. The courts are Donald Trump’s responsibility to fight with his legal team and political allies.

Your strength is in the streets. If you properly navigate away from taking strawman side battles, your actual power and unity is more than enough to TAKE the right position and ensure a fair result. The Deep State doesn’t negotiate, so you will not be handed this victory. You will either take your righteous victory or you will be defeated. And there will be no 2nd chance if you allow them to steal this election in this bold manner.

President Trump at MAGA Million March

November 14, 2020, Washington DC: President Trump during a surprise visit to his supporters at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC in a MAGA Million March to show their support for Trump and protest against the Presidential election result. (Credit Image: © Niyi Fote/TheNEWS2 via ZUMA Wire)

Your window of opportunity is very slim, and your enemies stare you in the face from the television every day. You can see who is orchestrating this theft. Think it over and act wisely. It’s up to you to demonstrate your willingness to produce justice. You can win if you have the courage and will.

With the amount of people solidly behind your candidate (despite the mainstream media’s false reporting) and the Constitution on your side, the ball is in your court.

CR: Do you expect race relations in America to change?

SA-26: Everything hinges on this election. If the Deep State wins, we are officially in a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. (Take a look at the Council of Global Equality (CGE) plan already waiting for Biden’s signature.)

If you defeat the Deep State, the answer becomes more complex.

CR: Europe is becoming more Islamic and less Christian; and less white and more Arab and Middle Eastern. Will this change relations between Europe and Africa?

SA-26: From an Afrikan Nationalist perspective, Christianity, Islam, & Judaism have been used as tools to legitimize the conquest and undermining of Afrikan sovereignty. Europeans, arabs, and asiatics have also been hostile towards the socio-economic rise of Afrika as a legitimate world power.

Depending on how this Civil War in America pans out, there may be some room for discussions between Black Nationalistic and white Nationalistic groups in determining what direction the world will go. But again, this all hinges upon the success of white Nationalists in preserving this Republic against the Deep State full overthrow.

CR: Do you believe the rise of China is a threat to blacks?

SA-26: Of course, we don’t like any form of exploitation. But our great Black psychologist Dr. Amos Wilson warned us that asiatic imperialism will be worse in Afrika that even european imperialism. His reasoning was essentially because whites prefer to give the pretense of righteousness when overthrowing sovereign nations. Dr. Wilson says that asians have no such desire. They are willing to exterminate when they choose without the need to fain any reasonableness or justification for their actions. We are currently witnessing this with the Indonesians and their genocide of our Brothers and Sisters in West Papua.

In short, we do not wish to see asiatic colonization of the Afrikan continent.

Abdul'ahat Abdulrixit and Nigerian Ambassador to China, Aminu Wali

Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Abdul’ahat Abdulrixit (R) and Nigerian Ambassador to China, Aminu Wali, attend a reception celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nigeria in Beijing. (Credit Image: © Xinhua via ZUMA Wire)

CR: Do you consider racial separatism a good solution to racial conflict? Do you think it’s possible?

SA-26: If the Deep State is demolished and not allowed to resurface, it would become possible. There would be some difficulties in managing this process; but we believe that communities within this country where Black and white children were not forced to socially mix on a continuous basis would breed a climate more conducive to some degree of racial balance. Also, a situation where Black people were allowed to repair and govern our own socio-economic livelihoods, separate, distinct, and away from the larger white majority population, would be quite beneficial to both Races. Most of our people would prefer this type of environment. Those who wish to try to force-mix within the larger white majority would be free to do so at their own risk of resistance.

And as long as our independent communities are not threatened by white encroachment, we should be able to manage fair commerce and live in a comparably peaceful environment to the one we live in today that was manufactured by smallhat interests. We believe that this type of social separation would be ideal for both races. If you win this Civil War, we can work to make it a reality.

CR: Final thoughts?

SA-26: We thank you for the opportunity to have honest and open dialog. It’s about time that we stop allowing the smallhats to determine who can talk and under what circumstances it can occur. The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey met white Nationalist groups. So did the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It’s past time that Afrikan Nationalist representatives and white Nationalist representatives sit down at the table and dialog.

We already agree that we don’t particularly like one another. Understanding that, it’s now time for maturity to set in so that we can begin to discuss the best course of action going forward. And when we sit down, we’ll probably find that we have far more in common than we would assume.