Posted on September 7, 2021

Woke Capital or State Power?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 7, 2021

The Supreme Court recently refused to overturn a Texas law that restricts abortion. This decision was made on procedural grounds, not on the merits of the case. This fall, the Supreme Court will probably render another decision on a restrictive abortion law from Mississippi that many think could overturn Roe v. Wade.

For now, these restrictions are state law in Texas. It lets citizens sue anyone who “aids or abets” an abortion, and a group called Texas Right to Life has been asking for reports about abortions. Corporate reactions has been remarkable. GoDaddy will stop hosting the Texas Right to Life website. Lyft and Uber have both said they will pay legal fees for drivers who take women to get an abortion. Lyft CEO Logan Green tweeted that the law is “an attack on women’s access to healthcare.” Lyft is also donating $1 million to Planned Parenthood. American Airlines said, “We hoped for a different outcome for this legislation, and were disappointed by this result.”

Protesters dressed as handmaids and a guardian from The Handmaid’s Tale stand in front of the US Capitol during a demonstration against the Texas law prohibiting abortions after 6 weeks. (Credit Image: © Allison Bailey/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press)

Will other companies follow GoDaddy and deny services to pro-life organizations? Payment processors could follow suit. Texas Right to Life could find itself in the position President Trump was in. The law and state power are on your side, but business and social media have the power to silence you.

Some have argued that women should stop having sex with men until the law is repealed. Social conservatives will hardly be offended if women return to traditional morality rather than promiscuity.

Abortion is not a simple issue for white advocates. Without abortion, the racial demographics would be worse. On television, the average abortion patient is young, wealthy, and white. In reality, blacks and the supposedly “naturally conservative” Hispanics have abortions more often than whites. For some pro-lifers, the “racism” of abortion is reason to oppose it. Margaret Sanger, a pro-choice pioneer, would probably be called a “white nationalist” today.

Many white liberals think abortion is existentially important, and some even compared Texas to the Taliban.

Some liberals are threatening to leave Texas. This would be a feature — not a bug — of the new law. Red states could use it as a kind of political vaccine to keep away progressives fleeing the consequences of bad liberal policies. It’s tempting to support the law just for that reason.

The law would make it essentially impossible for women to abort defectives. There’s clearly a eugenic element to abortion and some race realists may support it for that reason. It’s fun to troll leftists by praising their decision to join the ranks of eugenicists.

From a purely race-realist perspective, abortion should be legal. However, white advocacy isn’t just about demographics and IQ. There must be a moral foundation. A race, nation, or civilization can’t survive by making cold judgments about costs and benefits. Just having the right demographics isn’t enough. A society that wants to survive is one that views children as a blessing and family as a necessity. Even defective children needn’t be a burden.

Charles de Gaulle’s handicapped daughter gave the general great joy throughout her life. When she died at 20, he said the loss of “our little suffering child, of our little girl with no hope, has brought us immense pain.” De Gaulle was not an egalitarian, but he treasured his daughter until she died.

Readers will have different opinions about abortion; for many Christians, it is a matter of faith. However, whatever your position, all race realists, white advocates, and defenders of free speech must oppose the decision by GoDaddy to strip Texas Right to Life of its website.

Since Unite the Right in 2017, those with power have used deplatforming, censorship, and the denial of services to try to suppress us. They have inconvenienced us but failed to stop our growth. Now, they are widening their net to include pro-lifers. Pro-lifers are generally opposed to race realism (with some rejecting evolution or the concept of race altogether), but this is no defense. We are all in the same “basket of deplorables.” They will not be able to make a separate peace with a hostile system.

What must unite all dissidents — pro-life or pro-choice, Christian or pagan, pro-white or civic nationalist — in demanding that conservatives use government power to stop corporate censorship. Classical liberal arguments that private companies can do whatever they want have been irrelevant since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It would be great if conservatives were willing to abolish the act, legislation that Richard Hanania identified as the key to progressive power. However, conservatives won’t take that position. Can they at least try to keep their own voters from being deplatformed?

Generally, the Republican Party sides with corporations rather than grassroots supporters. However, corporations have now become so “woke” that the former partnership between corporations and the GOP is an abusive relationship. Corporate America doesn’t want to be associated with the Republican Party, and GOP pandering to Big Business is increasingly pathetic. The GOP is ripe for ideological reorientation.

However, before we can do anything either within or outside the existing political system, we must restore free speech on the internet. What’s needed is a “Digital Bill of Rights” that guarantees to those not breaking the law a right to certain services. Without that, no candidate should get our support.

Pro-lifers may not want to form an alliance with white advocates. There’s some overlap between the groups, but they have different goals and motivations. However, we share one essential goal, and at least some conservatives and even Republican politicians might see what is happening. If being pro-life and enforcing an existing law is too extreme for the internet, then the state is not in charge. “Woke Capital” is. The solution is obvious: Use state power.

The American Right is leaderless. It’s also handicapped by an ideology that tells conservatives they can’t use government power to defend their interests. The state is a tool, and leaders must be willing to use it. Whether repression comes from the government or Big Tech is irrelevant, especially because the barrier between the two is shrinking.

What matters is power. The other side used it against us yesterday, is using it against pro-lifers today, and may use it against all conservatives tomorrow. The entire American Right must fight this. If it is not willing to make common cause on this issue for fear of being called “racist” or “extreme,” conservatives will deserve the repression they will get.