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Program is run by a government-funded charity.

She was the wrong race for the Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program.

Show intentionally casts non-whites as America’s founders.

In South Africa, there are 80 squatter camps for homeless whites.

White man worked for a Hispanic who told him, “I hate white people.”

Dean at HBCU was said to be trying to purge all white teachers.

Also welcomes non-white “lesbian, bisexual, gay, queer and trans-friendly/affirming” customers.

Black student threatened to rape her and her daughter.

White man says black employees resented his being the boss.

Keeping white ownership for some farms is “of strategic economic importance.”

Before she pretended to be black she sued Howard University for anti-white discrimination.

She said “white college males” are a “problem population.”

They say black university acted to maintain its blackness.

South African utility must reflect the country’s demographics.

There are still 300 white farmers in the crosshairs.

The End of South Africa, National Review

National Review columnist calls for a Boer ethnostate.

SPLC explains the difference between white advocacy and every other kind.

Non-black officers say they are subject to extra scrutiny.

Lawsuit says affirmative action holds Asians to higher standards.

Spending that benefits white men is a “massive waste.”

It has a record of railroading white police officers.

Making Money on White Displacement


An insider’s story.


Other whites are suing the same black principal.

Mo Brooks Is Right: There Is a War on Whites


And the stakes are higher than he realizes.


Rep. Mo Brooks hopes we can get beyond race.

Columnist says “disassociation of whiteness and American-ness” is “the key to our survival.”

He says he was a member of a persecuted minority in South Africa.

He says he faced retaliation after reporting corruption.

Class-based affirmative action would help poor whites.

A sign of things to come.

Whites think non-whites are already the near-majority.

Color-blind Justice?


Not in America.


Judge was so obsessed with “civil rights” that he ruled out the possibility of self defense.

White musicians were “appropriating black music.”

Mandela: White Genocide with a Whimper


Madiba’s true legacy.


Diversity—by Judge’s Order


Legal teams must match clients by race and sex.


Purpose is to undermine “power structures outside gender.”

Equal protection requires preferential treatment.

A white administrator’s dispatch from a HBCU.

Available only to certain people.

Yes, Krystie, We Know About White Privilege


And Abigail Fisher probably does, too.


Justices Reconfirm: Discrimination Against Whites is OK


A defeat in the form of a compromise.


“The time has come to face the facts: oil and water do not mix.”

Are Americans experiencing “diversity fatigue”?

In Fulton County, “diversity” means more whites.

Black board member was told to “refrain from hiring white men.”

The MLB worries about not having enough blacks, but does the NFL have enough whites?

Universities think discrimination against “non-diverse” applicants is necessary.

Whites aren’t allowed in the “Men of Color” tutoring program.

Anti-white bias in the highest levels of the federal government.