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Black. White.

March 15, 2006
Whites are on the defensive in new TV reality show.

Recycled “Racism”

September 22, 2005
Research showing bias in home loans fails to take into account alternative explanations.

Loot Loops

September 6, 2005
Urban legend watchdog takes on a claim of anti-black media bias.

Housing Issue Gets Heated

July 13, 2005
Eviction of houses crowded with Mexicans popular with town but not with newspapers.

Unreal for 30 Days

June 24, 2005
New reality show “30 Days” is pro-Muslim propaganda.

The Mumia Syndrome

June 22, 2005
How a death row prisoner got named a "Citizen of Honor" in Paris.

Help Dan Roodt

March 5, 2005
Columnist wants university to cancel Afrikaner activist's speaking engagement.

Shame on Us

January 19, 2005
Los Angeles Times editorial apologizes for paper's 1910 coverage of Jack Johnson.

The Knife’s Message

November 23, 2004
The New York Times blamed the van Gogh killing on the Dutch, rather than Muslims.

The Other VP Debate

October 4, 2004
The mainstream press ignores Constitution and Libertarian Party debates.

Dog Bites Minority Man

August 20, 2004
L.A. Times reports 83 percent of those bitten by police dogs are non-white.