Posted on October 4, 2004

The Other VP Debate, Oct. 4

Though the media will be focused on the vice presidential debate tomorrow night between Democrat John Edwards and Republican Dick Cheney, four other vice-presidential nominees will be duking it out as well, but for a far smaller audience.

The No. 2 candidates of the Libertarian, Constitution and Green parties, along with Ralph Nader’s running mate, will participate in a debate tomorrow at Baldwin Wallace College in Cleveland, Ohio, according to a statement.

Billed as an “unscripted” event, Libertarian Richard Campagna, Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, the Greens’ Patricia LaMarche and Peter Camejo, who is Nader’s running mate, will debate for 90 minutes, taking questions from college students.

After the debate, the audience and candidates will watch the Edwards-Cheney event, and then the four alternate-party candidates will present rebuttals to what organizers call the “exclusive” GOP-Democrat event.

“The four vice presidential candidates have joined together in unprecedented solidarity to advance a common interest of democratizing the American political system and giving voters the choices that they demand and deserve,” said the joint statement.

The Baldwin-Wallace student government is sponsoring the vice presidential debate.