Posted on September 14, 2006

News Blackout On LA’s Latino Congreso

Alan Caruba, National Anxiety Center, September 13 2006

Did you know that, from September 6th through the 10th, there was a Latino Congreso in downtown Los Angeles that included major state, national and international personalities? Did you know that you would have been hard pressed to find any coverage in the Los Angeles Times on the event?

In a comparable fashion, there was no word on national television news, nor was I able to find anything anywhere except Hispanic Business, and leftist website, One, and, finally, on the last day of the “Congreso”, an Associated Press story found in the Sioux City Journal, Iowa! In fact, that AP story was about a failed Los Angeles rally to demand amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens in the nation. Expecting 5,000 participants, only about 200 people showed up “most of them organizers and journalists.”

As to the Congreso, the AP story noted that “Sessions included speeches and workshops on registering Hispanic voters, running Hispanic political candidates, wage gaps between Hispanics and whites, environmental issues, and a lack of access to health care in immigrant communities.” Well, when a parade of illegal aliens show up to use medical facilities and cannot pay for their services, a lot of them end up shutting their doors.


Where were the journalists during the Congreso? Among the scheduled speakers were the Venezuelan Ambassador to the United States, a Justice from the Brazilian supreme court, the State Treasurer and Lieutenant Governor of California, and Teresa Heinz, the wife of the former Democrat candidate for President, John Kerry. Antonio Villaraigosa, the Mayor of Los Angeles was there. The other speakers included members of the U.S. House of Representatives as well as a member of the Mexican House of Representatives.

Yet no major news coverage was extended this remarkable gathering. Why?


Other conveners included the Earth Day Network. What is an extremist environmental organization doing on the dais? They were joined by the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities, and — surprise — the National Hispanic Environmental Council.

Sponsors of the Congress included The Heinz Family Foundation, General Motors Corporation, the LA Audubon Society, the Resource Legacy Fund Foundation, advocates of the environmental extremist Wildlands Protection Program, Wells Fargo, and the Turner Foundation.

From September 6 through 10 I kept looking for news of the Latino Congreso. I checked I checked I searched the website of the Los Angeles Times. As they say in Spanish, “nada.”

If 2,000 people showed up to attend and take part in the Congreso, held in the Los Angeles Sheraton, the only people who knew about it were the participants. It was not granted any coverage by the media that serves Anglos, i.e., white, Americans of European heritage.

So why was it one of best-kept secrets in America? If you ask Pat Buchanan, author of the bestselling book, “A State of Emergency”, he would tell you that, “America’s media is morally intimidated by a minority that can make out credentials as a victim of past discrimination.”

But who’s the real victim here? America is being invaded daily. Taxpayers must cover the costs of increased crime, pressures on our medical and educational systems. These people compete with native-born Americans for jobs. At a very minimum, an estimated eleven million people are living among us illegally and Congress is having an extraordinarily difficult time even deciding to build a fence somewhere along the two thousand miles of common border with Mexico.

It is said that great nations do not so much die as they commit suicide. The failure to mind the border, the failure to report on what the Latino Congreso has in mind for the United States, the failure to realize that, while we fight a war on terror in far-off places, America is being invaded will lead inevitably to all these illegal millions becoming a nation within our nation.