Posted on September 2, 2005

“The Constant Propagandist”

Debbie Schlussel, FrontPageMagazine, Sept. 2

The following is the review of “The Constant Gardener” I posted, last week. Publicists for “The Constant Gardener” demanded that I take it down until today (funny, they never demand removal of the positive reviews). Predictably, the leftist movie critics all over just love this hate-film.


If you were thinking of seeing “The Constant Gardener,” in theaters today, save your money.

That is, unless you are into movies where the murderous, evil White man and the big bad pharmaceutical companies they run are the reason for all poverty, illness, despair, and death in Africa. That’s the Cliff’s Notes version of this celluloid piece of c**p: Western White Man, Evil; Innocent African Black Man, Angelic. The stupid, liberal, noblesse oblige crowd who attended the screening just loved it. I guess they enjoy being spanked.

No coincidence that far-Left, biased organizations like OxFam and Amnesty International get much positive play in the propaganda “thriller.” And one of the heroes of the movie is, surprise, a gay African doctor. Strangely, the marauders who burned, killed, and raped Blacks in Sudan were not identified as the Arab Muslims that they are in real-life Sudan.

No coincidence, either, that this movie stars Ralph Fiennes, the star of the equally boring and predictable, “The English Patient.” As “Seinfeld” character Elaine Bennis said about that film, “Just die already.” I second that emotion, here.

“The Constant Gardener” is based on a thriller by leftist, anti-Israel novelist John LeCarre. If this boring, obvious propaganda is a “thriller,” it’s hard to see that anyone has ever been thrilled by this best-selling writer. I struggled to stay awake during this boredom-fest, wasting two hours of my life I can never get back.

LeCarre likes attacking western institutions and allies and propping up unworthy third-world parties. His “The Little Drummer Girl“ makes Israel the villain, a la the White man and drug companies in this film, and Palestinians the victims, like the Africans in “Gardener.”

If you buy tickets to “The Constant Gardener,” you are giving tacit approval to LeCarre’s work—and making him even more wealthy and free to spread more such **.

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