Posted on February 20, 2006

Conference to Promote Racism

Erin E. Fogg, Observer (Herndon, Va.), Feb. 17, 2006

Nearly 300 racists are expected to attend an international conference next weekend at the Hyatt Dulles Hotel in Herndon to discuss what one organizer called the “global crisis” of the “costs of diversity” and the “threat of displacement through immigration.”

American Renaissance, a monthly journal on race issues, is hosting its seventh biennial conference, providing a forum for several international speakers who have been prosecuted in their countries for promoting racism.

Jared Taylor, an Oakton resident who edits the journal out of his home, said this conference is one of the dwindling opportunities in the world to discuss racial issues “on an academic level.” He said speakers and attendees, which he called “race realists,” are seen as engaging in “thought crime.”


Taylor said the conference will address what he called “hypocrisies” from people who promote diversity. He said schools may force participation in diversity fairs or special events, but given a choice, Taylor said, students choose to sit with people of their race at lunch time.

“When white people are asked to celebrate diversity they are being asked to celebrate their dwindling influence,” he said. “We’re supposed to believe that diversity is our strength, but diversity is clearly a weakness.”