Posted on March 6, 2006

Campus Storm Over ‘Racist’ Don

Anushka Asthana and Jessica Salter, Observer (London), March 5, 2006

Students and lecturers are calling for a Leeds University don to be sacked after he said he supported a theory that black people were inferior to whites.

In a row that has reignited the debate on the limits of freedom of speech, Frank Ellis, a lecturer in Russian and Slavonic studies, sparked anger after stating, in an interview with the university’s student newspaper, that he was an ‘unrepentant Powellite’ who thought that the BNP was ‘a bit too socialist’ for his liking.

Ellis said he supported right-wing ideas such as the Bell Curve theory, which held that white people were more intelligent than black people. ‘[It] has demonstrated to me beyond any reasonable doubt there is a persistent gap in average black and white average intelligence.’ Repatriation would get his support, he added, if it was done ‘humanely’.

Now students are preparing to picket his lectures, protest on campus and bombard the vice-chancellor with emails calling for Ellis to be removed from his post.

Hanif Leylabi, a student at Leeds and a member of Unite Against Fascism, said: ‘Knowing that he’s a lecturer and that he holds views that black people are inferior and that women can’t achieve the same as men, it’s disgusting and certainly not conducive to an academic environment.’

But while the university called his views ‘abhorrent to the overwhelming majority our staff and students’, it said he had a right to express them. A spokeswoman said that there was no evidence his extreme theories had affected his teaching. ‘The question of discrimination does not arise in student assessment. All work counting towards a degree in Russian and Slavonic studies is double-marked. Ellis has a right to his personal opinions, but he does not have the right to treat students or colleagues in a prejudicial or discriminatory manner. We have no evidence that this has happened, but we will look carefully at any such evidence if it is presented to us.’

Greg Mulholland, MP for Leeds North West, whose constituency contains 20,000 students, said the university had a duty to check whether his employment was sustainable, given the impact his words would have on racial relations. Ellis’s ‘extraordinary views’, he said, were ‘narrow-minded, intellectually bankrupt and morally reprehensible nonsense’.

The angry reaction has not deterred Ellis, who wrote a follow-up article in the Leeds Student, in which he argued: ‘Multiculturalism is doomed to failure — and is failing — because it is based on the lie that all people, races and cultures are equal; that no one race or culture is better (superior) than any other.’ Such lies were propagated by the ‘Guardian-reading classes’, he said. He also made insulting remarks about Africans, citing research that claimed the average IQ on that continent was 70. He said: ‘In the West, an individual with an IQ of 70 would be regarded as being very close [to], or within the range of, mental retardation.’

Mulholland dismissed his assertions: ‘Not to acknowledge that much of the problems experienced by African nations are down to exploitation by Western nations over the years and centuries is simply to ignore the reality of history.’

Psychologists have said that IQ has been discredited as a reliable measure of intelligence. Robert McHenry, chairman of the psychology consultancy OPP, said: ‘It was developed by white researchers and tested on white populations, so is not suitable for measuring other cultures.’ He said the Bell Curve theory was out of date and showed lower achievements among the black population because they were economically worse off.

‘There is no scientific data that supports the idea that the difference between blacks and whites is genetic.’

Kat Fletcher, president of the National Union of Students, said that she supported academic freedom, but Ellis’s beliefs were ‘academic nonsense’. She called for the university to launch an investigation into his teaching.

[Editor’s Note: Below is the original text of the article Frank Ellis submitted to the Leeds Student. It was published in an edited form.]

Multiculturalism (multiracialism) is doomed to failure — and is failing — because it is based on the lie that all people, races and cultures are equal; that no one race or culture is better (superior) than any other. I see no evidence for the view that all cultures are equal, but vast amounts against it. To believe that all cultures are equal — and ultimately in the absence of any evidence for, it is the psychology of political fanaticism with which one is dealing here — requires the same hatred and wilful refusal to confront evidence, logic and history that characterised the individuals who believed that Stalin had built paradise on earth when in fact he had exterminated millions of so-called class enemies. When you point out to these people, as I have over the years, that, as a consequence of Uncle Jo’s Final Solution of the Peasant Question, some 11,000,000 (yes 11,000,000!) peasants were slaughtered so as to break the rural way of life and to impose collectivization, all you get are despicable, cowardly evasions along the lines that such numbers are CIA propaganda. Cowardice, evasions, lying, hypocrisy and censorship of views they do not like, all typify the range of responses from what I call the Guardian-reading classes to any evidence that multiculturalism, their Neo-Marxist fantasy, is not working. Indeed it never will work, but when it starts to unravel, as Yugoslavia eventually did, we will all suffer.

Crucial to the multicultural experiment is the assertion that there is no such thing as race; that race has nothing to do with genetics or biology. Here, for example, is what Bhikhu Parekh, the editor of a very nasty anti-white tract, The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain: Report of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain (Profile Books, London, 2000), has to say on the subject of race: ‘Race, as is now widely acknowledged, is a social and political construct, not a biological or genetic fact. It cannot be used scientifically to account for the wide range of differences among peoples’ (Parekh, 2000, 63).

In a letter dated 6th September 2001 — a mere five days before we were given a demonstration of what happens when multiculturalism displaces sensible immigration policies in the USA — I wrote to Parekh. Referring to his assertion about race’s being a social and political construct, I sought clarification. ‘I must’, I wrote, ‘confess that it is not at all clear to me that race is “widely acknowledged” to be “a social and political construct”. By whom exactly is this assertion “widely acknowledged”? In the hope of being enlightened I checked your list of secondary literature on pages 378-399 but I could find no reference to any recent study, article or monograph, that would support your assertion (possible of course that I missed the sources). For example, I found none of the following major studies in the field in your bibliography: Jared Taylor, Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America (1992); Michael Levin, Why Race Matters: Race Differences and What they Mean (1997); Arthur Jensen, The g factor: the Science of Mental Ability (1998); J. Philippe Rushton, Race, Evolution and Behaviour, 3rd edition, (2000); and Jon Entine, Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We Are Afraid to Talk About It (2000). The Bell Curve is cited, though without the indicative sub-title, Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, but no attempt is made in the report to refute the Murray and Herrnstein thesis, which, had it been made, might well have provided some basis for your assertion on page 63. Assuming that I have not missed the source(s) in the bibliography, what exactly are the primary scientific sources on which you rely to assert that race is a social and biological construct, as opposed to its being a biological and genetic fact?’ Needless to say, I received no reply from Parekh. I had called his bluff. He knew it and he ran away. (For a comprehensive analysis of the Parekh Report and its anti-white racism, see Frank Ellis, ‘Race, Marxism and the “Deconstruction” of the United Kingdom’, The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, vol 26, No 4, Winter 2001, pp.691-718).

Now the people who believe that race is a social and political construct are like the Marxists who preached “the brotherhood of man” only to see it all unravel in 1914. They remind me of the professional, serial liars who went to the Soviet Union in the 1930s, at the very time when Stalin was killing and killing again, returned to the comforts of the liberal-democratic societies they purported to despise, and then had the repulsive effrontery to insist that Stalin was building a new civilization. So we know the sort of people with whom we are dealing.

One of the high points of 2005 was the publication of a superb article in which the world’s two greatest experts on race and race differences, Professors Arthur Jensen and J. Philippe Rushton, summarised and analyzed the findings on the subject over the last thirty years (see J. Philippe Rushton and Arthur R. Jensen, ‘Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability’, Psychology, Public Policy and Law, Volume 11, Number 2, June 2005, pp.235-294. For background detail on the history of the physical and bureaucratic terror used to silence these pioneering scholars see my entry, ‘Race and IQ’, in Derek Jones, ed., Censorship: A World Encyclopedia, vol 3, Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2001, pp.2008-2010).

Virtually all the data and conclusions presented by Rushton and Jensen attack and effectively destroy the comforting idea that all races are equal and that all differences in black and white educational outcomes are due to white racism or colonialism or any other ad hoc explanation, and that they can be eradicated if we just continue spending millions and millions of dollars. One of the more astonishing findings reported on and analyzed at great length in their long article is the finding, first made at the end of the 1970s, of an average IQ of 70 for sub-Saharan Africa. Now bear in mind that in the American Armed Forces the cut off point for recruitment is an IQ of 80 — lower than that and the recruit is deemed to be incapable of assimilating even basic instructions — and one can see the problem. In the West an individual with an IQ of 70 would be regarded as being very close to, or within the range of, mental retardation.

Now stop, pause and think what this means for a whole continent where the average IQ is 70. How is it possible for a people with such a low average IQ to achieve, let alone to sustain a technologically sophisticated civilization? Nowhere in sub-Saharan Africa — Botswana is a possible exception — do we find any state that conforms to even basic standards of good governance and administrative competence. South Africa started its downward spiral in 1994. Everywhere one looks there is unbelievable corruption and stupidity, superstition and random savagery. To this gruesome list one can add sexual incontinence. Blacks die of AIDS either because they do not believe that AIDS will kill them or because the imperatives of immediate sexual gratification are so urgent and overwhelming that the consequences are disregarded.

AIDS kills Africans because Africans refuse to act, or are unable to act, in ways which are sexually responsible. And in an environment where nearly 50% of the adult population is HIV positive (Swaziland, for example) sexual responsibility means not engaging in multiple, random acts of copulation with your fellow men and women. In fact, the price for survival may well be complete sexual abstinence and then to pray that you never require a blood transfusion. The West has no moral responsibility whatsoever to assist Africa in dealing with AIDS (or new virulent strains of malaria or bilharzia). If Bob Geldof and the hordes of emotional parasites who follow him want to get weepy about Africa’s self-inflicted plight, making a public display of their virtue, fine: go and live there and do not come back when you need medical treatment which is only available in the “racist” West. If Africans refuse to behave responsibly, they condemn themselves to death.

Despite the attempts to censor and to intimidate critics of multiculturalism in the United Kingdom, race difference are not going to go away and eventually social, educational and economic policies will have to reflect the state of our knowledge not the fantasies of people like Parekh and Trevor Phillips and the Guardian-reading constituencies who support them. I agree with Linda Gottfredson: ‘Lying about race differences in achievement is harmful because it foments mutual recrimination. Because the untruth insists that differences cannot be natural, they must be artificial, manmade, manufactured. Someone must be at fault. Someone must be refusing to do the right thing’. (‘What if the Hereditarian Hypothesis is True?’ in Psychology, Public Policy and Law, Volume 11, Number 2, June 2005, p.318, emphasis in the original).

Race matters because whatever Parekh and others maintain it is connected with a whole range of social, economic, cultural and intellectual outcomes some of which are of high importance if we are to maintain the stability and prosperity of our country. Even if race (and sex and sex differences) were social and political constructs, the outcomes would not be identical. The implications of race and race differences for our society can be apprehended by any student who wants to take the time and trouble to find out for himself. In essence this means reading the books I have cited in this article and then following up the secondary literature as I have done, behaving, in other words, as an intelligent, independent thinker and researcher. This independent seeking after data and ideas and then evaluating them is critical.

It is critical because censorship is an essential weapon in the attempt to impose the multicultural agenda on the United Kingdom. The people who plan the BBC’s programming, the hordes of policy makers in the public sector, the universities, the whole gruesome secondary education system, with its teacher indoctrination courses, all know that the diversity brainwashing to which our schoolchildren and university students are subjected in order to promote multiculturalism — or the equally incoherent cult of feminism — would never survive full, open, rational and fearless scrutiny. Any student who relies on the BBC, the Guardian (so that there are no misunderstanding the ridiculous Daily Telegraph is just as bad) and most universities as a source of information concerning issues on race, feminism and multiculturalism can expect to be lied to, misled and misinformed by people who should no better but are too frightened to know better or do not want to know better. Whatever grandiose words universities use in their Charters regarding free speech and the pursuit of truth, the brutal fact remains that when it comes to questions of race, feminism and multiculturalism universities are craven and corrupt. And they know it.

Anyone who has spent time studying the cult of multiculturalism cannot but notice the nauseating hypocrisy and racial double standards that accompany the systematic and organised lying of multiculturalism. When I posed the possibility of a film with the title — No Black Society has Ever Produced a Written Language or Mathematics — I was drawing attention to an existing film, White Men Can’t Jump (1992). In my hypothetical film title — the lines are taken from Professor Michael Levin’s excellent essay ‘Recent Fallacies in Discussions of Race’, (see The Real American Dilemma: Race, Immigration, and the Future of America, ed, Jared Taylor, New Century Books, Oakton, Virginia, 1998, p.69) — I underlined the hypocrisy and double standards of Hollywood which can quite happily make films with titles such as “White Men Can’t Jump” but would avoid any film with my hypothetical title for fear of giving offence.

This is a racist double standard. Whites can be pilloried but blacks and other non-white racial groups enjoy a protected status. There is much worse of course. Interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland in January 2001, Greg Dyke said that the BBC was ‘hideously white’. Would he, I wonder, in response to the question of whether he would like to live in Brixton, have replied that it was ‘hideously black’. Of course not, but whites, as far as the BBC is concerned, are ‘hideous’. So that’s okay then. Not only does the BBC express racist contempt for the white indigenous majority population — who are WIMPS for putting up with BBC lying — but then insults the viewer by demanding payment for receiving a television signal, even when the signal does not emanate from a BBC transmitter.

Here is another example of racial double standards, once again the BBC is the culprit. During a discussion on the theme of “hate speech” one of my students pointed out to me that on a BBC radio show broadcast in September 2004, a one Jeremy Hardy had said, on air, something along the lines that life in Britain would be better were all people in the British National Party and anyone who voted for the BNP to be shot in the back of the neck. I wrote to the BBC, demanding an explanation and a verbatim transcript of the programme. This is what Hardy said: ‘if you took everyone in the BNP and everyone who votes for them and shot them in the back of the head, [the standard method of execution used by the Bolsheviks, FE] there would be a brighter future for us all.’ This racist, anti-white filth is taken from the same manual of hatred that Julius Streicher, the homosexual sadist and rabid anti-Semitic editor of the Nazi paper, Der Stürmer, used to target Jews. Readers might like to replace all references to the BNP and insert ‘blacks’ or ‘lesbians’ or ‘homosexuals’ and then ask whether the BBC would have broadcast such a programme. I could cite many other examples from the BBC. And I am supposed to believe that the BBC is an impartial and fair organisation? The BBC is no such thing. It is the propaganda arm of a government that wants to destroy ancient English freedoms. The grotesquely overpaid BBC executives know full well that their pampered, protected and under-performing organisation with its diet of celebrity trash and mental junk food would simply not survive in an open and free market. The BBC is a parasite organisation.

I must also mention another case. Last year I made a formal complaint to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) about an article in the Daily Telegraph. In the article rural, white Americans were referred to as ‘Georgia rednecks’. The use of the word “redneck” by Harry Mount, the Telegraph journalist, to refer to American whites is unquestionably a “prejudicial” and “pejorative reference” and, one, moreover, with which any journalist possessing even a modicum of understanding regarding racial and ethnic naming, as used in America, should be familiar. Certainly, there can be no excuse for a paper such as The Daily Telegraph not being familiar with the nuances of American racial labels. As stated in the introductory sentence to the Code’s second paragraph: ‘It is essential that an agreed code be honoured not only to the letter but in the full spirit’. This racist language with regard to white Americans is made all the more offensive by the fact that The Daily Telegraph would not permit Mount to write about “Georgia niggers”. Mount’s article deliberately singles out American whites for racist abuse.

The PCC judged that since no individual had been named the Daily Telegraph was not guilty of breaking the PCC’s Code of Practice. Strictly speaking the PCC is correct but again you have to ask yourself whether the editor of the Daily Telegraph would permit a journalist to write about ‘Georgia niggers’. The answer is surely no. I also argue that in finding for the Daily Telegraph the PCC violated the very ethos of its own Code of Practice which insists that papers adhere not just to the letter of the code but to its spirit.

It is now quite clear to me that Mr Kennard came to this interview with the conviction that I was a member of the British National Party (BNP) — what if I was? — which possibly explains his clumsy subterfuge. Now I hold no brief for the BNP but I was and I remain deeply disturbed by the fact that the leader of Britain’s fourth largest political party can be arrested and put on trial for remarks made at a private gathering. MacPherson, the author of that wretched report, actually recommended that the law be amended ‘to allow prosecution of offences involving racist language or behaviour involving the possession of offensive weapons, where such conduct can be proved to have taken place otherwise than in a public place’ (Recommendation 39). Think what that would mean for the privacy of your own home. The BNP is a lawfully constituted party registered with the Electoral Commission, pursuing a rational agenda. As far as I am aware it was not the BNP that waged a terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland for thirty years. Nor was it members of the BNP who murdered some 55 people in London on 7th July 2005. If you do not like the BNP, no problem, vote for another party. I thought this was how a liberal democracy was supposed to work.

All those dreadful “racist” white people who vote for the BNP have eyes and ears. They know a hawk from a handsaw and they know that all the talk about “vibrant multicultural society” and “diversity” is an ugly metropolitan lie. Quite rightly, they resent being lied to by white middle class “diversity” groupies who live in nice country houses in Norfolk, Hay-on-Wye, Somerset and Perthshire — a million miles from all that wonderful “diversity” — while spitting abuse at others who express their rational misgivings through the ballot box. The awful truth for the BBC is that its organised campaign of censoring BNP success and the lack of basic courtesy in dealing with the BNP’s leader, Nick Griffin has backfired. The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation is one of the best recruiting sergeants the BNP has. One of the more sinister proposals aimed at the BNP was made by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) in July 2004. ACPO proposed that action should be taken against any police officer who joined or who was a member of the BNP. The reason given for this vicious proposal was that the police have ‘to promote racial equality’. Rubbish. It is not the job of the police to promote the ideological programme of the Left. The police exist to prevent and to fight crime. ACPO’s proposal was a direct attack on political freedom since it involves the police in policing politics. It is yet another example of the creeping Sovietization of the United Kingdom. In the light of ACPO’s sinister attack on the BNP, I would ask readers to consider the following extract from Alan Bullock’s masterful study of Hitler: ‘The moment Göring entered office he began a drastic purge of the Prussian State service, in which hundreds of officials were dismissed and replaced by men who could be relied on by the Nazis. Göring paid particular attention to the senior police officers, where he made a clean sweep in favour of his own appointments, many of then active S.A. or S.S. leaders’ (Alan Bullock, Hitler: A Study in Tyranny (1952), Penguin, Harmondsworth, England, 1983, pp.260-261).

The BNP is the only party in this country that articulates the thoroughly justified hopes and fears of the white indigenous population regarding the legal/illegal immigrant invasion. Yes, in case it had escaped your attention, we are being invaded. Consider that the number of illegals in this country could be as high as 1.5 million. It should be a matter of the highest national priority to hunt these people down, round them up and deport them. “Diversity is not our strength”. On the contrary it shall be our destruction. One of the more alarming findings from the 2001 census was that for the first time in our history whites are a minority in Birmingham and Leicester. This is the beginning of the racial and cultural dispossession of our people, my people, my country. Am I expected to celebrate this dispossession as one of the benefits of “diversity”? I shall not. It fills me with dread, fear and foreboding.

Meanwhile the Labour government, aided and abetted by cowardly and despicable Tories, will push through ever harsher legislation to silence critics and where that fails, they will subject them to legal and bureaucratic intimidation. This is the context to the Griffin and Collet trial. Indeed, the process of turning Britain into some kind of “Peoples Democracy,” along the lines of the old German “Democratic” Republic, is well under way. My freedoms, among them the all important free speech, are only secure when my fellow citizens can exercise the same freedoms. An attack on their freedoms is manifestly an attack on mine. Regardless of what one thinks of the BNP’s leader, if Griffin can be treated in this manner, none of us is safe from the Police. In the words of Martin Niemöller: ‘First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a communist; then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a socialist; then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a trade unionist; then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew; then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak out for me’. You have been warned.