Posted on January 31, 2005

Jared Taylor, a Racist in the Guise of ‘Expert’

Dennis Roddy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 23, 2005

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day last week, when much of the nation took a holiday, “race-relations expert” Jared Taylor was hard at work. He began at 6:45 a.m. with an interview with a Columbus radio station. At 7:05 he was on the air in Orlando. An hour later his voice greeted morning commuters in Huntingdon, W.Va.

At 10:10 a.m., he was introduced no fewer than four times as “race relations expert Jared Taylor” on Fred Honsberger’s call-in show on the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel. Four hours later, he was back on the air with Honsberger on KDKA radio, where he repeated the message he’d been thumping all day: Martin Luther King Jr. was a philanderer, a plagiarist and a drinker who left a legacy of division and resentment, and was unworthy of a national holiday.

What Taylor did not say, and what Honsberger didn’t seem to know until I picked up the phone and called in myself, was that Jared Taylor believes black people are genetically predisposed to lower IQs that whites, are sexually promiscuous because of hyperactive sex drives. Race-relations expert Jared Taylor keeps company with a collection of racists, racial “separatists” and far-right extremists.

Taylor heads the Virginia-based New Century Foundation. Its board of directors has included a leader of the Council of Conservative Citizens, successor to the White Citizens Councils of the 1960s. A former board member represented the American Friends of the British National Party, a neo-fascist and anti-Semitic far-right group in England. Another board member is an anti-immigration author who has also reviewed books for a Holocaust denial journal.


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Jared Taylor, Letter to the Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jan. 30

In his Jan. 23 column about me, Dennis Roddy is outraged at my conclusion that people of different races have, on average, different levels of intelligence, and that Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday should not be a national holiday (“Jared Taylor, a Racist in the Guise of ‘Expert.’”). But does he try to explain why he disagrees with these views? Of course not. That would be too difficult.

Instead, he launches into a breathless account — some of it factual, some not — of the “racist” company I allegedly keep. Readers learn that I once had a conversation with David Duke, and have been seen with other people Mr. Roddy insists are “racists,” “white supremacists,” “far-right extremists,” etc. This, he suggests, refutes my views on all subjects and disqualifies me from any public podium.

What a convenient way to squelch debate! If someone argues that Dr. King is not the most important figure in American history and therefore should not be the only American to have a holiday in his honor (Washington and Lincoln now have to share Presidents Day), just call him names! This is in the pathetic tradition of all fanatics; it is the favorite tactic of witch hunters, McCarthyites, Bolshevik commissars and thought-police of all kinds.

America needs more debate, not less. It especially needs debate on questions that make people uncomfortable: race and race relations. Mr. Roddy appears to prefer to smear people and shout them down if he disagrees with them rather than debate them. America will certainly have lost its way if his closed-minded tactics ever prevail.


American Renaissance

Oakton, Va.