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Tawana Brawley II

July 7, 2006
Duke rape debacle shows decline of justice to whites since the Tawana Brawley hoax.

Truth Still Matters

March 15, 2006
Evidence for highly publicized "hate crime" at university lacking.

The Future of the Detroit Zoo

February 21, 2006
Cash-strapped city won't let outside organization take over zoo because it's disrespectful to blacks.

Grand Wizard Bush

October 6, 2005
Federal spending on poor New Orleanians increased during Pres. Bush's term.

Guilty Whites

September 30, 2005
Columnist thinks whites don't defend themselves against charges of racism because of guilt.

Compton “Cowboys”

June 9, 2005
Another police shooting of a black suspect provokes hysteria in Los Angeles.