Posted on February 18, 2010

St. Louis Man Outraged by Description on Pizza Hut Receipt

Belleville News-Democrat (Belleville, Illinois), February 17, 2010

A St. Louis man will take action after finding what he calls a racist remark on his receipt from Pizza Hut.


{snip} The words Mayberry saw on his Pizza Hut order ticket did not describe the pizza at all. He believes they described him. Where his name should have been, there were two adjectives instead.

“It was ‘big’ and ‘black,'” he said.

Mayberry could not believe it. The pizza had come from the store on Lindell. He compared receipts with another Pizza Hut just to be sure.


Mayberry was hurt and offended. After receiving his complaints, Pizza Hut officials responded. They gave Mayberry two $50 gift cards and a letter of apology. In it, they said they were both disappointed and embarrassed by the situation.


“We have taken corrective action, including an employee training at this restaurant, to make sure our policies are adhered to,” said Chris Fuller, Pizza Hut spokesman.

Mayberry believes it’s too little, too late. What’s more, he said this happened on Martin Luther King Day.

“To be an African-American male and have that type of injustice done to you, especially by a Caucasian, on Martin Luther King holiday, it just threw me so hard,” Mayberry said.

After what happened, Mayberry feels the apology he received isn’t enough, so now he’s planning on taking legal action.