Posted on September 8, 2009

Van Jones, Victim of Hate-Broadcast Terrorism

Black Star News (New York), September 6, 2009

So we see the Witch hunt escalating. This is just the beginning.

Van Jones, the White House environmental adviser resigned last night following a smear campaign launched by Glenn Beck and other Republicans.


The Republicans dug up various incidents from Jones’ background; that he once headed an organization that fought police brutality; that he was one of the demonstrators who protested the police brutalization of Rodney King; that he once described himself as a socialist; that he criticized white owned companies for dumping toxic waste in African American neighborhoods; and that he signed a petition which questioned whether the government’s laxity allowed the 9/11 tragedy to occur.

Jones is a brilliant graduate of Yale and is respected globally as an expert on “green” jobs and the environment.

So, without giving Jones the opportunity to address or rebut any of his attackers, cyber terrorists started spreading the allegations over the Internet and over hate-broadcast news shows such as Glenn Beck’s.

Glenn Beck is the same verbal terrorist who, on national television, lost his mind a few weeks ago and accused President Obama–whose mother was White and was raised by White grandparents–of being a “racist” who was against “the White culture.”


There will be more of this type of witch hunt. Republicans will go through the trash cans of all Presidential appointees, dig whatever may appear objectionable, when not placed in context, and spread the information over the hate-broadcast waves presided over by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.


We saw how they maligned the president’s plan to address the nation’s students and urge them to work hard in school, by labeling it as “political brainwashing.”


Make no mistake, these hate-broadcast terrorists want to undo the results of the 2008 election.

They will oppose the president on everything he does; not out of principle or the national interest, but simply because they hate the fact that the base for their narrow partisan views continue to shrink.