Posted on December 15, 2010

Senate Staff Researcher Suspended Over Anti-Obama E-Mail

Juliana D. Norwood, Our Weekly (Los Angeles), December 9, 2010

According to the Associated Press (AP), Louisiana State Senate researcher Tammy Crain-Waldrop was recently suspended without pay, after sending an e-mail to hundreds of government workers apparently trying to show President Barack Obama depicted as a White man with pale skin, blue eyes and fine brown hair.

The e-mail said “Do you like him any better now? No? Me neither. . . . Then you’re not a racist.”

The e-mail was an effort to show that anybody who doesn’t support the president, doesn’t necessarily have to be a racist, and that Obama’s being Black holds no bearing on the dislike.

Several African-American government employees who received the e-mail replied expressing how offensive the message was.

Immediately after the original message was sent, Crain-Waldrop sent another message apologizing and saying she sent it to the state capitol e-mail box by mistake, but she was still suspended without pay pending an investigation.