Posted on May 10, 2019

Danish Election Candidate Rasmus Paludan Opposes Replacement Migration in TV Debate

“reloader,” BitChute, May 10, 2019

Rasmus Paludan, the leader of Stram Kurs (The Hard Line party) has spoken about his opposition to replacement migration in Denmark on a TV debate ahead of a general election next month and warned the other candidates about what he believes lies in store for Denmark’s future if Muslims are not repatriated back to their own countries.

Paludan, who works as a lawyer, opened his remarks by saying that Denmark would have a big problem with what to do with all the taxes they would re-coup if Muslims left Denmark.

“Denmark cannot cope when so many people primarily come here because they want money and that has been going on for forty years.”

“The great replacement denotes that Muslims who don’t belong here, marry very early and birth a lot of children. Danes marry late and birth very few children….if these conditions continue, Danes are en route to becoming a minority in their own country and that won’t be fun for you or for me.”

Asked if he would like to expel hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Paludan replied that he would and said that the Danish constitution could ban Islam.

Paludan continued that when Muslims are a minority in a country, they abide by the law but that attitude will change when they become a majority — “they have to do what is written in the Quran…there is no western country that has co-existed peacefully with Islam.”

“There are actually only two possibilities: Either you kick out the Muslims or the Muslims will take over. I know what happens to the unbelievers, especially the female unbelievers. Believe me, it’s not nice. It’s simply not a possibility to accept this population replacement.”

Paludan finished by saying that he didn’t hate anyone and he wished Muslims would have really nice lives in the 51 Muslim countries in the world — “but if Denmark perishes, there is no where else for us to go”.