Syria Is Now the Biggest Threat to Britain’s Security

Christopher Hope and Tom Whitehead, Telegraph (London), April 10, 2014

The crisis in Syria has emerged as the biggest threat to Britain’s security, The Telegraph can disclose.

The threat to the UK from returning fighters from the Syrian civil war is now the same as that from al-Qaeda terrorists in the borderlands of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The increased risk will refocus attention on the decision by David Cameron – backed by MPs in the House of Commons – not to intervene as the Syrian conflict worsened last August.

For the past two years, British jihadists have been able to gain access bomb and weapons training as well as further radicalisation.

There are fears that British men who have been radicalised there are also being encouraged to return to the UK to carry out attacks here rather than staying to fight.

As many as 500 Britons have headed to Syria to fight in the past three years–far higher than the numbers who travelled to Iraq.

The police and security services are understood to be monitoring around half of that number who have returned. Some arrests have been made.

A senior Whitehall source told The Telegraph: “We are seeing a growing threat to the UK from terrorist groups in Syria.

“The threat to the UK comes from a range of countries and groups but Syria is perhaps the biggest challenge right now.”

Confirmation of the escalating concern was made by an additional paragraph to the Government’s assessment on the threat from foreign fighters published on the Security Service’s website.

It says: “Over the last two years, we have seen Syria become an attractive destination for UK extremists wishing to engage in violent jihad.

“The nature of the conflict in Syria and the emergence of the Al Nusrah Front, which has declared its allegiance to Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, is leading to the country becoming an increasingly significant potential source of future threats to the UK and UK interests overseas.”

Syria is seen as a major threat because of the culmination of a number of aspects that the UK has not faced from one single place before.

Its proximity to Europe makes it easier and cheaper for would-be Jihadists to head there and does not appear as “foreign” as the once-Al-Qaeda strongholds of Afghanistan/northern Pakistan and Somalia or Yemen

Monitoring of terrorists in Syria by British intelligence agencies is made more difficult because of the ease with which they are able to move around the country.

Syria was identified as the “most significant development in global terrorism” in the Home Office annual review of its counter-terrorism strategy Contest this week.

In the foreword to the review, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, said: “We witnessed an unprecedented concentration of the terrorist threat in and from Syria, even as we confronted threats emanating from other countries where it is equally difficult for our nationals security agencies and departments to operate.”

The review went on to warn: “Dealing with terrorism in Syria is a very significant challenge due to the numbers of people fighting with the many Syria based terrorist groups, their proximity to the UK, ease of travel across porous borders and the ready availability of weapons.

“We are concerned about the threat to the UK from Syria based groups and the threat from foreign fighters returning to this country.”

Syria takes up a large proportion of MI5’s international counter terrorism work. Last year Charles Farr, the Home Office’s anti–terror chief, said Syria had become a “game changer”.

Last year the Prime Minister described some of the rebels against President Bashar al-Assad’sregime in Syria as “extremely dangerous terrorists”.

He said: “My concern is that the current trajectory in Syria is very, very damaging. “You have got a dictator who is brutalising his people, who’s using chemical weapons against innocent people.

“You’ve got an opposition elements of which are extremely dangerous extremist terrorists.”

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  • jayvbellis

    Can’t understand why populist, anti extreme Islam politics doesn’t sell well to a British voters. It does to French, Dutch, Belgium, Russian voters, just about any and all White people except the Brits.

    • There has to be something about the English in terms of ethnicity.

      In South Africa, the Boers and Afrikaners are most likely to be involved in ethnoseparatist and ethnosecessionist movements. Even here in the Good Ole, racial politics have always been an easier sell to white ethnics than “plain ole regular Americans,” i.e. English ancestry.

      • benvad

        It’s a mental disorder prevalent to the British Isles, with a mutant strain that breeds animosity & contempt for Caucasians especially amongst the Irish. E.g Bono, Bob Geldof and many others.

        • Pro_Whitey

          We Americans of Irish ancestry are less prone to the disorder, but it’s still too common for my taste.

          • jayvbellis

            I like the Irish – except for my Irish ex “Joan” from Manchester UK. Yeah, lots of Irish in England.

            My Irish ex Joan proves that the term “the fighting Irish” is not named after the Notre Dame football team…

            It’s Irish women.

          • Mrfinoni

            my experience in Toronto the most multi-cultural city in the world. whites are now a minority in Toronto proper, many of the white ethnics like to identify with liberal WASP attitudes including ‘magic negro’ worship, because it makes them feel part of the establishment. sadly there is still division amongst the whites because of historical animosities as well as resentment among immigrants towards Canuks because their grandpas had to push a broom … that sort of thing. But don’t worry! our lesbian premier is sorting everything out… she want to have gay sex introduced to pre teens in primary school….. to stop the haters…. who as we all know are White hetero-sexual men!!!!!

          • benvad

            The Wasps ought to start bopping and reproduce, but they’re to busy saving whales, trees and everything except themselves.

            We need them that is a fact, we don’t need 3rd world bush babies for any reason. Time that the whites start taking every position from janitor to prime minister.

          • saxonsun

            There are lots of Irish in England to collect the generous benefits. My Irish students tell me that England is the place to go.

        • Oil Can Harry

          Geldof is NOT Irish, he’s a tribesman.

          And as for Bozo, U2’s lead singer- hey, every race has at least some mental retards.

          • benvad

            His paternal grandmother is an Ashkenazi Jew from London, so just to piss off her family she married a Flemish cook as opposed to a banker or a physician. Same as Bill Maher’s mom.

            Bob’s mom is Irish Catholic there is no doubt about it. Jews aren’t into the poverty act as much as guilty Catholics (As myself have been raised to believe) are.

            Like the Kennedy’s there’s a perverse need to get even with the Wasp elites. At times I think we got a bigger chip on a shoulders than American negros.

            Watch Caddy shack written by Brian Doyle Murray shows all the pettiness in full view. Quite sad really

      • IstvanIN

        We “newcomers” from eastern Europe prefer to be regular old Americans as well.

      • jayvbellis

        Thank god I’m 25% Russian!

        My WASP British Americans are clueless on racial realities.

        The term “dumb goyim” certainly applies to most of my WASP British American relatives.

        Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson is now making video adverts for homosexual marriage equality.

        Maybe he can defend thus position to Pakistani, Algerian Muslim immigrant extremists that he also kisses as$.

        WASP rott.

        • PvtCharlieSlate

          Speaking as a Scots-Irish American, you, Mr one-quarter uncultured Bolshevik peasant, can STFU now and forever.

  • Don’t let them back into the country.

    The UK certainly knows how not to let people in, see Michael Savage.

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    As many as 500 Britons have headed to Syria to fight in the past three years–far higher than the numbers who travelled to Iraq.


    If it ain’t white, it ain’t British.

    There’s no such thing as a “British Muslim”.

    • Zaporizhian Sich

      Indeed, none of these invaders can be and ever will be British. They are enemies of the British people and of all whites everywhere.

  • benvad

    Kidnapp them torture and extract information. When that’s accomplished murder them and dispose of the body parts in the Indian Ocean or burn them.

  • benvad

    Weren’t they called British before? Where in the hell did they get Britons from?

  • William Krapek

    Syria is probably dominated by people with my J2a Y-Chromosome. A plurality of Greek Mediterraneans have that. Saudis and about half the Jewish Cohans are J1. I can’t figure out what the original Israelites were. The Patriarchs were pastoralists – semi nomads and possibly J1’s. But the Kingdom of Israel certainly behaved J2. And the Patriarchs were from Ur of the Chaldees. A city. So possible J2a’s who fell into a J1 lifestyle since they had to travel and it was useful. And about 15% of Cohans are J2a.


    • David Ashton

      A clash of “civilizations” rather than a clash of chromosomes?

      • William Krapek

        Civilization arises from race. I was very surprised to see how J2a populations track very nicely with Shi’ite Islam. You ever hear of the Shi’ite Crescent? Those are J2a’s.

        It’s complicated because of the nuclear DNA. And it’ll be interesting to see what impact our Y-Chromosomes have on our race and behavior. A good place to start is the darkest heart of Africa; which has a whole mess of cattle herders who have an R1b Y-Chromosome.

        That’s the chromosome that dominates Western Europe.


        They followed their cattle down there thousands of years ago when the Sahara was still grassland.

        • David Ashton

          Very interesting and true in a basic way. However, I judge people by their actions or opinions rather than their DNA tests.

    • Robert Haschberg

      Your y-chromosome does not contain much genetic information compared to the other 45 chromosomes, its basic function is to switch on the genes that makes you a male.

      • Martel

        Though I was previously aware of this, it makes me reconsider the Jewish position on matrilineal descent, which is the correct position from a genetic point of view.

        • Robert Haschberg

          I would not say that its more correct. Besides your two sex chromosomes, you have 44 other chromosomes. Matrilinear or patrilinear descent is dependent upon the society – matrilinear societies are characterized by an extremely high death rate among males making women powerful, or high and causal promiscuousity making descent uncertain. I would say that the latter is most likely to apply here.

      • William Krapek

        Maybe maybe not.

        • Robert Haschberg

          This is not a matter of opinion but of science. Your Y-chromosome is like it is. It has only a handful of active genes.

          • William Krapek

            That’s an outdated assumption. Our DNA doesn’t just have genes – “files” – it’s also a full-fledged operating system. For example, there could be instructions for genes spread out across completely different chromosomes, and our DNA knows how to pull them all together. Just like your operating system interacting with its hard drive. And also like that hard drive there are “files” written within “files.”

            And while I am not a biologist and I’ve never heard anybody else say this, it’s pretty obvious to me our DNA is interacting with the environment. I say this because when niches open up evolution speeds up dramatically in response. For example, human evolution has noticeably picked up its pace since the rise of civilization. If our DNA is interacting with the environment that means somewhere along the way it’s getting “deformed” – mutated – by the environment. In fact it is *supposed* to be mutated. Just like a memory stick or a Blu-ray disc is mutated when information is put on it. How else is it going to “remember” that feedback? And since nothing is mutating faster than our Y-chromosome, I can’t help but wonder if it’s the leading edge of that interaction.

            I know my ideas about the Y chromosome are off the wall, but I got them after I discovered my own Y was J2a. Looking over this map I noticed a consistent scenario: once a population reaches more than 20% J2a, civilization flourishes. Search high and low, but you will not find a single Y-chromosome haplotype that so perfectly matches the rise and spread Western civilization starting in Mesopotamia. (Egypt excepted.) My specific Y-chromosome came from Crete, for example. Crete has the highest concentration of J2a in Europe. And – I think not coincidently – Crete is also the first place in Europe to create its own civilization. This civilization–building pattern been true from ancient Sumer all the way to the Roman Empire; and was finally broken with the rise of Islam (which I am convinced will permanently break my kin if it’s not rolled back within the next few centuries).

          • Robert Haschberg

            It does not work that way. When the Y-chromsome mutates, it loses function. Of the almost 1500 genes it started out with, only about a hundred are left functional. These genes are almost all not repesented elsewhere in your genome, and any loss of these few remaning cause at least serious fertily problems.

            European civilization didnt start with mesopotamia or crete, it started with the ancient greeks of the antique, who were descended from indoeuropean tribes located north of the black sea. When they came to Greece, they found the land populated with small, petitie, black haired, brown skinned people, who they quickly subjugated and enslaved. The indoeuropeans were taller than the natives, more robust, fair haired and often blue eyed. They were not the swarty dwarves you see in movies like “300”.

            The mesopotamian kingdoms led to modern middle east civilization, these ancient first city states were theocracies just like most middle eastern societies still are. The way of life in the middle east is stagnation.

            The indoeuropean greeks experimented with a lot of different government systems, and the observations of their philosophers about human nature are just as valid today as they were three thousand years ago. These indoeuropean greeks are long gone, todays greece is populated by the mixed offspring of the ancient aryans and the people they conquered.

            Greece and the mediterranian european states are sort of a northen northen africa, an intermediate stage between a real european nation like Germany or Denmark and the perpetual dysfunction that is North Africa. There is no worse insult to an italian, spaniard or greek than “half-arab”, because it has the sting of truth.

          • William Krapek

            Did you look at the map? Did you notice how the J2a’s perfectly matched the growth of Western civilization? The Byzantines beat the snot out of the Germanic Aryans. Later they would beat the snot out of the Slavs and the Arabs. They were the Eastern Roman Empire, and as you can see from the map of Justinian’s Empire it perfectly matches J2a’s in the Mediterranean. It’s only the Turks that finally took them down after everyone else grabbed their territory. After the Byzantines lost the Battle of Manzikert they were deprived of most of their population; which lived in modern-day Turkey. It was only a matter of time before the end after that. Once again: look at the map. Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Constantinople, and Rome all have J2a as the dominant haplotype. So did Carthage before the Muslim Conquest. That is, we had the plurality in population.

            You’re wrong about the DNA. It does not just code for genes. And I looked up the Y chromosome on Wikipedia and I was surprised to find they still talked about “junk DNA.” Nobody talks about that anymore because all of that “junk” DNA turns out to be there for a reason.

            You’re also dead wrong about Crete. The Minoan Greeks there were the very first Europeans to build a civilization. Look it up. My ancestors. We had our own architecture, art, and even our own alphabet. They’re only 600,000 people on this island even today – probably more than there ever have been. For such a small group we kicked a lot of ass for centuries. We’re in the Bible. The Kittim.

            White Aryans are powerful ONLY because we took the hardest blows from the Muslims. Most especially during the Second Siege of Constantinople. If we’d lost that war London and Paris would’ve gone down within a couple hundred years. Europe would’ve been Islamic for centuries by now.

          • Robert Haschberg

            The Y-chromosomes junk DNA consists of broken genes that are no longer active. These genes have replicas elsewhere in your genome so their loss was not fatal.

            You are again confusing european civilization with middle eastern. The greeks left an intellectual legacy that became the foundation of white european civilization – the minoans and sumerians did not leave any such legacy.

            This is not surprising, because the ancient greeks were white people who tought like us, and the minoans and sumerians were not – they were small brown darkies, whose descendants now make eternal war upon each other in the very same region for obscure religious reasons. I suspect their ancestors were just like them.

  • JSS

    The UK doesn’t have a terrorism or Al Qaeda problem, nor does the U.S. We have a problem with diversity and that’s it. No Muslims in England equals no Muslim jihadist in England. Anyway the English have already surrendered their girls to Paki gang rapist and we’ve seen a British soldier beheaded in broad daylight in London. So it’s to late for them to act tough now.

    • David Ashton

      Not necessarily too late, mein Herr.

      • JSS

        It’s to late for action on the part of the current government of the UK I mean. Any saving of England will come from the native White Brits alone because the government has shown its true colors as the most anti White in the western world.

        • David Ashton


        • So CAL Snowman

          Second most anti – White government in the Western world. The United States is easily the most anti-White government in the Western world. It’s not even close. Our government magically turns brown people into Whites in order to garner anti- White hatred.

          • JSS

            Thats where I have to respectfully disagree Snowman. I would say our media is for sure the most anti White, but the UKs outright persecution of it’s White citizens is worse then here. In the U.K. Whites are legally prohibited from any kind of physical self defense and it’s not uncommon for Whites to end up in jail or have their kids taken away for so much as complaining in public about diversity.

          • Extropico

            Obergruppenführer Eicke, The First Amendment style protection for free speech is not near as strong in Europe, but Europeans generally are less far along the path of forced minoritization.

          • JSS

            I just worry for Britain in particular because the demographic displacement of the native Brits has been especially rapid and thats not a big island. On top of that the natives don’t seem to have the same fire as the rest of the Europeans to save themselves. Even the Swedes appear to be putting up more of a fight. It makes me wonder why they gave Eickes troops hell at La Bessee canal if their just going to role over for Pakis and Africans on their own island. I must admit Im not sure who your avatar is but Im curious to know.

          • Extropico

            My avatar is of the Prussian geographer Alexander von Humboldt. Eicke died near Kharkov in 1943, and 71 years later people are still fighting for control of that land.

          • JSS

            Thanks for bringing Mr Humboldt to my attention. Naturally having gone through the southern california public education system I learned little of value about history or science. The irony about the current events around Kharkov is that I sympathize more with the Russians this time. I would hope to see as much of Ukraine as possible spared the African flood and banker raping that will come with EU membership.

          • Martel

            Sweden makes the US government look like its run by Jared Taylor himself.

          • oddball1776

            We are ‘allowed’ to use proportionate self defence – up to and including killing someone if they are trying to kill you.
            It is incredibly uncommon for anyone to have their kids taken away by Social Services for questioning diversity – I have only heard rumours of this once, I’m not certain that it’s ever actually happened at all.
            It’s bad over here but not quite that bad – yet.

          • JSS

            Google the BBC news story from Nov 24 2012 about the couple from South Yorkshire that lost their foster children because they were UKIP members. Protective services out right admitted it was political. You think that would have happened to Pakis? Didn’t Emma West lose her children? Im sure Tony Martin, Brett Osborn, and Myleene Klass would disagree that England has reasonable self defense laws. I admit that Americas system can is pretty bad to but that varies by state.

          • oddball1776

            Well, you said we are prohibited from using self defence which is not correct.

            And you said it was not uncommon for kids to be taken by Social Services if the parents criticise diversity which is also incorrect.

            Both statements were a gross exaggeration.

            I’m not denying that things are bad here or that we are run by an elite that are trying their hardest to destroy us – but things are nowhere near as draconian as you claimed in the post I replied to.

    • So CAL Snowman

      At least the British don’t have a kenyan clown pretending to be their Prime Minister. Although David Cameron tries to prove daily that he is not White.

    • Winston Churchill complained in 1940 that he was out of Scotsmen. The Germans reckoned the 51st (Highland) Infantry division as the most dangerous Allied unit during both world wars. In 1918, when the allied Portuguese broke and ran near Cambrai, the Scots started shooting them until they cut it out.

  • David Ashton

    Have you seen Seymour Hersh’s account of the falsification of evidence against Assad?

    • Romulus

      Not yet, but definitely will take a look.
      David, I thought that you would wish to know that the public Vatican apostolic library plans to give public access by digitizing the manuscripts online. Millions of pages for us to feast upon.

      Sat/sun the wall St. journal by Liam moloney pg. A8

      • David Ashton

        Thanks for the info.

        • Romulus


  • Steven Barr

    Anyone notice how Assad and his allies have much lighter skin than the rest of the Syrian population? Same is true of the ruling class throughout the Arab world

    • Pro_Whitey

      Asma Assad is enough for me to decide to take sides with Assad. Check out the pics!

      • David Ashton

        British upbringing – Syrian ancestry. Very attractive, well dressed and intelligent. Same stock as Jesus?

      • That is a white woman.

    • So CAL Snowman

      A lot of Syrians are light skinned like Assad, it’s just that the selective western media only ever shows you brown skinned towel heads.

      • Martel

        All the richest Mexicans are lily-white.

        • Mrfinoni

          They are European

        • Romulus

          Like Sophia vergara

      • Extropico

        Steve Jobs was half Syrian.

        • Romulus

          He was also tribe.

    • jayvbellis

      Yes. The Whiter you are in the Middle East, the more anti Islam you are.

      The Shah of Iran, Tennis star Andre Agassi, Lebanese Marronite Christians, Coptic Egyptians, they are comparatively speaking Whiter, not hostile to us.

      Dark, unwashed, hairy , mountain men with bad teeth and an propensity for raping goats and Scandinavian women – these folks tend to fall in to the Muslim side.

      • IstvanIN

        Don’t forget they marry 9 month old girls, have sex with 10 year boys, keep their women in giant hefty garbage bags, behead anyone they don’t like and prefer illiteracy to books (except the Koran). Nice guys.

        • Ahnenerbe

          Sanhedrin 55b

    • Robert Haschberg

      Its called “skin bleaching cremes” and staying indoors.

  • IstvanIN

    I say let them go, encourage them to go, in fact. Then arm Assad so he can deal with them.

  • Ahnenerbe

    A good website for Syria is; syrianperspective

    • Ahnenerbe

      my link is being denied

  • 4321realist

    “There are fears that British men who have been radicalised there are also being encouraged to return to the UK to carry out attacks here rather than staying to fight.”


    And it is exactly what they deserve for promoting inundation by third world hordes. It is deserved just as much here also.

    The leftist butt-kisser Minneapolis mayor named a day Somali-American day, not long after naming a day Hijab day.

    These people are absolute idiots in the first degree.

    Such disgusting people.

  • Truth Teller

    Assad and his tribe are Alawites. Supposedly they are actually a Christian/pre Christian pagan combo in religion that pretends to be Muslim. They are secretive and have lived underground for 1,400 years.

    I know little about Assad other than the jews and israel worshiping old testament protestants and owned by israel politicians loathe him and are trying to get rid of him.
    so like the Kosovo Christian Serbians, he must be a good guy.

    • benvad

      Good enough for me. That’s why I back Putins initiative and to a lesser degree Iran. All in all I’m enjoying the Persians and their bullying of the Gulf Arabs, I’m looking forward to the day they get attacked and hacked for all their troublemaking.

  • Mahound

    Why didn’t they help al-Assad in wiping out those despicable scumbags?!?

  • benvad

    Man oh man was Bush wrong about Saddam. Should’ve kept that tough bastard in charge.