Teen Violates Probation 13 Times; His Officer Resigns

John Tuohy, USA Today, April 12, 2014

A probation officer who could have asked the court to lock up a 16-year-old now charged with killing a father to be has resigned, a Marion County judge said Friday.

Court documents show that Simeon Adams of Indianapolis was free to roam the streets for a month while awaiting a hearing on 13 probation violations. For nine of them, Adams was not home when the officer, Tracy McDonald, visited to check on his house arrest.

McDonald could have asked for an arrest warrant after the third violation, which occurred Feb. 15. That would have kept Adams in detention until his April 7 hearing date.

In late March and early April, Adams went on a gun-toting rampage that left Nathan Trapuzzano, 24, dead; a teenager injured; and Adams with a gunshot wound to the neck, police said. They also suspect Adams and another youth of stealing dozens of weapons March 22 from a Clermont, Ind., gun shop during the spree.

McDonald didn’t report any probation violations until March 5 after the ninth house-arrest violation, records show. Even then McDonald recommended that Adams remain on house arrest until his April 7 hearing.


McDonald, who started in the probation department in 1994, could not be reached immediately for comment. {snip}

Adams had been placed on probation after stealing a car and fleeing police Dec. 13. During the chase, police said he threw aside a gun. They also said he was carrying marijuana.

Juvenile prosecutors eventually dropped the drug and gun charges but charged Adams with auto theft and resisting arrest. He was placed on home detention.

Between Feb. 11 and March 4, Adams had nine home-detention violations. He also was suspended from school and failed to participate in two court-ordered programs, which are additional probation violations.

Prosecutors have charged Adams with murdering Trapuzzano on April 1 while he was out on a regular morning walk and shooting Erick Douglas on March 30. {snip}

Simeon Adams

Simeon Adams

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  • mobilebay

    A good man, who was about to become a father, is gone because of the person above. How does so much evil manifest itself in such a short time? God will deal with him one day.

    • BonV.Vant

      The WORST form of evil, is the form that allows evil to operate. MacDonald and white liberals that have set up this system are the most evil ones.

      • Anon

        Not white….jewish. Part of the reason the problem exists is we allow ourselves to be tricked into thinking large numbers of random white people are to blame (when in reality almost zero white people are the problem) when in actuality a small group of incredibly hostile racial aliens can clearly be seen running every single aspect and front of white genocide.
        There is no such thing as a “liberal”. That word is a euphemism for communist. There are almost zero white people who willingly cooperate with communism let alone promote. No white person ever is allowed to hold power on any level of communism. But that term itself is also a lie. All of the so called communists, especially at the top are the same non-white race….that is to say, they are jewish.
        This is no joke. The origin of the term “racist” is pre-soviet Russia where it was used to shame white people into accepting jewish immigrants into their country. Those jewish people collected money from other jews all over the world and funded a murder of the ruling elite of that country and a phony revolution that consisted solely of a small group of them taking over totalitarian style. They gave a cruel death to about 100 million white people in the real holocaust (the jewish holocaust, to date has not produced a single mass grave or single credible bit of evidence). That part of the world has never really recovered.
        These are the people we are dealing with. And in a testament to how serious the issue is, so much as saying so will land you in prison in every country except the United States.

        • BonV.Vant

          OK, I’ll grant you that correction

        • TL2014

          Really? No mass graves? No evidence?
          What’s your evidence to back up that claim?
          Also, what are you basing your categorization of Jews as “racial aliens” on?
          If you meet a person on the street and that person looks like a picture-book Aryan yet turns out to be Jewish (say, my grandmother for instance), how does that square with the “racial alien” categorization?

          • bilderbuster

            None was introduced at The Nuremberg Kangaroo Court.
            Not a single autopsy of anyone, Jewish or not, who died from any type of gas.
            Besides “confessions” gained through torture and hearsay there was no evidence.
            The evidence used to convict the Germans never would have been allowed in an American court.

          • TL2014

            The Jews who were gassed were burned to cinders, so no autopsies could be conducted.
            There were many mass graves unearthed. Baby Yar in Kiev, to name just one. I have family members who were killed on that day, and there are quite a few non-Jewish (local Ukrainian) witness accounts. If you are interested, I am happy to send you links about Baby Yar.

          • bilderbuster

            All the bodies burned?
            Yeah and no paper trail either even though the Germans kept detailed records of deaths at Auschwitz including those of prisoners who were executed.
            The logistics are impossible.
            Mass graves in a World War? Now that would be unusual and just like the photos of bodies during war doesn’t prove genocide anymore than a tattoo does.

          • John R

            Thank you. Unfortunately we do have some Holocaust deniers on this website that I time to time have to confront. Too bad. They distract from the real issues going on.

          • TL2014

            John, thanks for the input! I completely agree.

            The problem with denial of historical facts is that it truly does distract us from the critical issue of surviving as a functioning society in this country.

            I understand – in fact, I share – the frustration engendered by the fact that so many influential positions in politics, media, and other policy-and opinion-shaping spheres are occupied by people of Jewish origin who seem to share a hostility for white Christians. I find it frustrating, too, and I speak out on that sad fact all the time.

            Norman Podhoretz’s “a Why Jews are liberal” gives some interesting insights on this.

            The problem is when people acquire an irrational hatred of a collective that completely blinds them to facts – and makes them useless for constructive political action.

            Poor bilderbuster must not understand that he is merely giving ammo to ADL and the SPLC..

          • Anon

            Physically impossible even with todays technology…ludicrous with 1940’s technology. You couldn’t do it with a dozen bodies let alone 6 million. Also, the “gas” you claim was used is actually non-toxic and can’t kill anyone. These aren’t just lies but easily revealed ones. You might as well claim the evil germans incinerated them all with a death beam they put on the surface of the moon.

          • HamletsGhost

            That claim was nearly entered at Nuremberg. Among the accusations initially made was that the Germans used atomic weapons to annihilate their victims.

          • HamletsGhost

            So, you accept without reservation testimony sponsored by the Soviet NKVD. Wow.
            Psst! Hey buddy. Wanna get a great deal on a bridge?

          • Bob Dole

            This book got good reviews, Amazon can’t seem to keep it in stock!

            The Holocaust Hoax Exposed by Victor Thorn

          • HamletsGhost

            Jews are defined by their psychology, not their physiognomy.

          • Anon

            To answer your first question….their own words, behaviors and self-identification. I don’t know how to tell you this but they ALL consider themselves non-white, HATE you, and most spend the lions share of their time, effort, money and wealth promoting white genocide. That you don’t know this takes incredible ignorance….as in, everyday, all day long, you are presented with it and don’t admit what it is. Turn on the TV….right now…spend a couple hours watching the memes involved and meditate on what the intent is here. Understand that the number of top guys who decide every little thing you just watched can be counted on the fingers of one hand. All the employees who do all the work…all jews.
            As for the evidence thing, let me turn it around on you. Provide a single piece of legitimate evidence. You cannot. There are no books that plumb this issue because it doesn’t exist. No researcher goes searching through the jewish mass graves from the “death camps” attempting to flesh out what happened because there are none. Start to dig on this issue and you come up with interesting facts like the fact that the soviets built the “ovens” at the holocaust museums at such sights, 30 years after the war. Or the fact that what is claimed by the holocaust is simply physically impossible. Or the jews were making the same claims generation, after generation long before WWII.
            The level of the lie is just enormous. An encyclopedia’s worth of books specifically documenting just how full of BS the whole thing is has been written with no serious attempts to say so much as…..what about this pile of bodies we dug up (there aren’t any).
            Contrast that with the opening of the soviet archives and then the many, MANY mass graves found of the tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of whites killed but the “soviets”….every single one of which was a jew.
            Or perhaps I will just say this. If there is so much proof of the holocaust, why isn’t it presented to rebut a holocaust denier. Instead, in all other countries but the US, saying such things results in arrest and imprisonment. Documenting the truth of what is said during the trials provides no defense whatsoever. That’s not the behavior of mortified people with proof on their side. It’s the behavior of evil despots with something to hide.

          • Independent Thinker

            Almost everything that you claim is ridiculous. The holocaust is extremely well documented there are many, many sources of evidence: photographs, films, eyewitness testimony, documents by the National Socialists themselves, confessions by National Socialists and those that lived at the time under the regime, etc. It is considered to be one of the most well documented events in history.

            The general idea that the Jews were targeted for systematic extermination during the war in Germany and that approximately 6 million of them died as a result is also consistent with other know facts about the war and context of the war, that Hitler and the National Socialists hated the Jews, and wanted to boycott all business with them and expel them from Germany, that six million Jews somehow went missing after the war etc. Using Occam’s razor it is not hard to see that the simplest and truest account of the Holocaust is the one that is generally accepted. There’s definitely a lot of consistency in the generally accepted account of what happened during the holocaust.

            People who deny the facts of the Holocaust are delusional to say the least and obviously either have a political agenda or an inability to find books and websites that document the holocaust in great detail or both.
            The claim that what happened during the holocaust was physically impossible has also been debunked just like most of the other claims that try to show that it did not happen.

            Not only are there books that describe the Holocaust and present evidence to this effect, there are also books written that specifically pertain to debunking the lies and distortions of Holocaust denial, or Holocaust revisionism if you prefer to call it that.

            Even a google search brings up sites (below) that describe the Holocaust or reply to the claims by Holocaust denial, these are just a few:




            This has been addressed so much by academics that there is no point of me even going over it. I don’t study this topic myself or profess to know much about it but what you say is obviously false.

        • TL2014

          Also, if it is the “Jews” siccing blacks on the white population in this country, how do you explain the fact that outwardly recognizable Jews (orthodox) are also often victims of black violence? That whatever idea the “Jews” seem to cook up (like Marxism), that idea’s most zealous and self-destructive followers are Jews themselves? Have you looked at the fertility rate of non-observant American Jews? That is probably the most self-extinguishing group in the country. They bought into feminism more than any other group.

          I’m truly curious as to your views on how that mechanism works.

          • bilderbuster

            Blacks aren’t very bright and don’t know the difference between a White and a Jew so it’s usually a case mistaken identity when orthodox Jews are “often victims of Black violence”.
            The “knockout game” has been covered up for at least a decade by the Jewish owned MSM yet it got attention real fast when Blacks twice attacked Jews in New York and even then the Jewish media made a point to claim it was antisemitism.
            Who are these self-destructive Jewish followers of Marxism?
            You can’t mean the Warburgs, Kuhn Loeb, Jacob Schiff, Rothschild’s and other fabulously wealthy Jews who financed communist revolutions from the beginning can you?

          • TL2014

            You don’t need to be very bright to identify Orthodox Jews as such, so no, it’s not a case of mistaken identity, especially since black supremacists like Farrakhan say exactly the same things you are saying about Jews controlling everything of substance.

            Like I said, look at the fertility rate among those who most ardently espouse Marxist maxims. I don’t need to give you specific names, just look at non-observant Jews in influential positions and see how many children they have. That is a self-destructive group if there ever was one.

            As for the media: there are many media outlets in the country. The vast majority of them complicit with under-reporting of the knockout game. Are they all, or even mostly, owned by Jews? Even more than half?

          • bilderbuster

            How very Jewish of you to try and compare myself and my factual statement about the Jewish monopoly of the media to Farrakhan.
            Look at the fertility rates of the orthodox Jews and their rabbis with their large families.
            The tribe’s crem de la crem is thriving world wide and seeing as I’m not Jewish, then your claim about a low non-observant Jewish birthrate is nothing that I will lose any sleep over.

          • saxonsun

            I will not be polite. You are crazy.

          • bilderbuster

            This isn’t a forum for pleasantries when our survival is at stake.
            My response to you is that you are sadly delusional and until yourself and others wake up as to who the real mischief makers are then all your efforts and methods for racial survival are totally ineffective.

          • TL2014

            “How Jewish of you” is not an argument, you do understand that, right? It is an ad hominem attack.

            Let’s take a closer look at that ad hominem attack. It is “Jewish” of me to point out an undeniable fact (Farrakhan agrees with you on the role of Jews) as part of a discussion, because I believe that fact is relevant to the topic at hand?

            So, it is “Jewish” of me to try and factually make a point.

            Well, I will take that as a compliment. Not for naught do Jews have a reputation for verbal reasoning skills (and, if you believe in IQ testing, consistently score higher than any other group on verbal intelligence. But I digress). So, bilderbuster, thank you for the compliment!

            In any case, you are entitled to your opinion. You may hate me if you wish and, unlike the race hustlers from the 60s, will not ever force myself on you. I just wish you took a minute to really consider the things you seem to believe and how utterly nonsensical some of the points you made here, are. To wit: no mass graves in a world war? Hello, First World War mass graves? “Logistics” of holocaust impossible? Hello, meticu

          • TL2014

            (Continued) meticulous track records kept by the German government itself on every single person sent to a death camp (just as they kept a record on every infrastructure project)? “Creme de la creme” is observant? Hello, have you actually read about those families you mention (Rothsschild etc)? Heard of Engels (since you speak of financiers of revolutions), Marx’s money-making sidekick? Well buddy, I got news for you – not really, uh, observant Jews. Oh, and ever heard of Harvey Weinstein, Steven Spielberg, Elena Kagan? You don’t think they are actually observant Jews, do you?

            You are hopelessly inconsistent. Maybe that’s “Jewish” of me to point out, but if that’s the worst you can do to me and my family, I won’t lose sleep over it.

            I hope that you will realize one day you are wasting your time chasing a phantom. The “tribe” is not behind all your problems. There are many very annoyingly dangerous and influential people in this country who are from the “tribe”, yes, but they don’t sit in a chamber every night plotting your demise. The picture is much more complex than that. It really is.

          • John R

            Yeah, to these ghetto thugs a White person is a White person. They don’t give a damn about Jew, Christian, Irish, Italian, etc. They are all Whitey as far as they are concerned.

          • TL2014

            John, yup! They hate us all alike. I do think they perceive Jews as the worst type of whites.

          • Well, why does the Jewish community support millions of Muslims moving into the West? Because they have historically seen the diluting and destabilizing of the West as being in their long-term interests, and so are–as a community, NOT EVERY ONE OF THEM–willing to take some hits for the team. Plus they can always move back to the the Holy Land.

    • So CAL Snowman

      “You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. He never wanted you. In all probability he hates you.”

      -Tyler Durden

    • M&S


      God will deal with him one day.

      And which g-o-d would that be?

      The one who didn’t rescue a decent man from a juvie monster in training?
      Or the one who believes in free will for everyone but the babe in the womb who will grow up without a father because her daddy was killed before she ever got to sit in his lap, thanking him to be alive, just by smiling up into his eyes when she saw his face?

      Did any celestial being ask /her/ choice in this matter?

      G-o-d is an artifice of man sir. So is ‘justice’. But _safety_ is an environmental effect which can be statistically verified.

      And you and I both know what it’s gonna take before we can get ‘the data’ off the streets, to prove who dun whut. _No More_.
      Until someone makes that real clear to whites, at the them-or-us level, we don’t have a hope. Of making our own choices.

  • JackKrak

    Easy to draw a straight line to the probation officer but a lot more people are complicit in the toleration, enabling and inaction that made this and countless similar incidents possible

    • Lewis33

      Today Indy’s FOX59 interviewed some ridiculous black preachers who work with law enforcement to keep these little hoodlums out of prison by working with their parole officers.

    • John R

      Good point. I’ll bet the probation officer was under pressure from superiors, who were under pressure from the powers that be, to not be too hard on the “minority youths” who are “disproportionately” likely to be “caught up in the system.” (How did I do; did I get the liberal catch phrases down right?)

      • M&S

        School to Prison Pipeline. You gotta mention School To Prison!

        • bilderbuster

          Womb to prison pipeline is more like it.

      • Reverend Bacon

        You did great, but you forgot to mention the “manufactured middle class” propped up by a government whose employees are “disproportionately minority.” In other words, Mr. McDonald likely represents a combo of affirmative action (unbiased incompetence) and liberalism (biased incompetence) which caused this yout to remain feral.

      • JackKrak

        Throw in a dash of “institutional racism” & “lack of role models” and I think you’ve got it.

        Extra points for “aspiring rapper”, “he a good boy”, “turning his life around” and “random attack”.

    • Anon

      The worst of these was Trapuzzano himself. Why wasn’t he armed? What the hell made him think he could arrogantly stroll around his neighborhood at the crack of dawn when he and no other white people had secured it.
      He lived like a sheep and died like one.

      • M&S

        I know this will make me no friends here but the first thing I thought when I heard ‘little bag or walkman’ and ‘walking with prayer beads’ was either dealer looking to establish a brand name or DL.
        Then I heard software engineer and it made sense. They are so damn smart that they are abstracted to the point of needing minders.

        • TL2014

          Exactly. What was he thinking jogging with headphones on in that neighborhood, unarmed.

          • tlk244182

            Exactly. I never go anywhere unarmed any more.

          • Who Me?

            He was living in a house owned by his father-in-law, so possibly his wife’s childhood home, and not knowing the area, he probably felt that on those grounds, it was a safe place to live. His wife may also have thought so, unaware of how fast a neighborhood’s demographic can change. In any event, I don’t think we can blame the victim for his own death in this case.
            What I’d like to know is how that murdering little thug could rack up a rap sheet like his at the age of 16. That’s unusual even for an inner-city black, isn’t it?

          • John R

            Let me defend this poor victim here: Remember, he was young. The younger generation are brought up on a pabulum of political correctness and don’t realize the danger that blacks represent. So, pleases don’t blame this young man too much for his victimization. He hadn’t yet got his racial education, and unfortunately, when he did it was too late. Tragic story, but should serve as a lesson to us all on how we must educate our young people.

  • Ed

    Can’t blame this on the liberals, the mayor of Indy is a Republican. Goes to show you incompetence isn’t confined to one party.

  • Dave4088

    Lest anyone forget that the majority of blacks would support this kid even though he murdered a white person in cold blood. This is yet more proof that we can’t coexist with these savages in the same living space and a lesson to race neutral conservatives and tea party types that tax cuts and well wishing won’t change the basic nature of afro-mericans or solve the race problem.

    • sbuffalonative

      Unless a black person is the victim, it’s ‘the white man’s’ justice system.

      • Anon

        Can you name a single instance of a black victim having large amounts of black people seeking justice for him? The Al Sharptons of the world and the black sheep who follow him, literally ignore millions of black victims of incredible depravity to focus on made up victims like Tawana Brawley. I mean, he would focus exclusively on black victims of white criminals….if he could find any. Absent that, blacks just ignore the issue. They really just don’t give a damn. In fact, if white people organize say, a candle light vigil for a black victim of crime….blacks will take the opportunity to kill eachother.

    • Anon

      You say that like it ever could be different or as if this was an us vs them conflict. Almost zero blacks even have the part of the brain that allows them to feel empathy….which is to say they are monsters. Adams is laughing and smiling because he literally lacks the ability to understand that he did anything wrong. Fellow blacks support him, not out of solidarity but because none of them have that capacity either. Black people seek out white victims because they have been brainwashed to hate us for no realistic reason whatsoever by a third party that uses them to harm us. But raping and murdering others is what they do. Whomever is handy will do if no white people are around.

    • coco bongo

      Here is the simian as he is being led to his jail cell. Notice the profound expression of remorse …

    • kulebrun

      No article about recent killing spree by white supremacist Frazier Glenn Cross on american renaissance?

      • Yes, the white supremacist killings are everywhere and so under-reported.

        • John R

          Yeah, gee, I mean those damned White kids are just always committing violence against black people. I try to mention this to my local TV station, but they brush me off: “Well, we understand that does happen a lot, sir, but we prefer not to report it that way because it might create a negative stereotype that White people are racist towards blacks and may even encourage black people to be racist themselves. So, we feel it best not to report on those stories.” Yep, that’ll be the day!

      • If Mr. Miller did that, he should not have done so.

      • John R

        Uhhh, our enemies are very good a publicizing stories to help THEIR cause. Why should we help them? I will agree to your statement when Jared Taylor gets to speak on a major TV station, and discuss our views openly; when the media begins to report minority on White crimes proportionately to White on minority ones; and finally, when they admit that there is absolutely no evidence of the equality of different racial groups, but there is to the opposite.

  • The probabation officer, McDonald, is the fall guy for a failed system that is not set up to deal with a black “culture” that promotes murder and lesser evils. No society in the history of humankind has ever had to deal with a situation like this one. Violent, predatory animals disguised as humans roam among us.

    My answer involves hard labor for convicts, public lynchings of rapists and murderers, and holding the “music” industry responsible in civil courts and possibly criminal courts. Instead, we get Holder saying that blacks are discriminated against in disciplinary matters. What a joke that evil Svengali is.

    • Dave4088

      You’re right. When white people faced threats throughout history they also didn’t ask for permission to fight back.

    • Anon

      Part of the problem is what you are saying is not true. Plenty of white societies have dealt with the issue, sometimes effectively, often employing the very tactics you suggest…a police state. All fail in the end. All have a period of success like South Africa did and then collapse as black pathology exhausts the white capacity to maintain the rule of law.
      This is rooted in white pathology, not black. Blacks are monsters and such beings, normally have such a low survival value that they naturally die off. Until relatively recently, the black population of Africa was relatively tiny as a direct result of this.
      All other races, however, do have varying levels of survival value. And they all obey one universal rule….they don’t mix. They interact, yes, even intermarry to an extremely limited degree but they maintain borders naturally (THIN, distinct borders)….too much mixing leads to war and explosive separation. If the races can’t separate or something forces them to mix too much, genocide and ethnic cleansing results.
      All races except one know and accept this as a simple fact of life. Neighbors can be competitors or allies, at differing times enemies or friends. But they are absolutely not allowed in your house.
      White people do not accept this and that is the source of the problem. No….we do not need to find a way to force them to behave. There is no long term way to do that. We need to accept the fact that we cannot live with them at all. In bad times, so much as seeing a black person should provoke every white around to shoot him dead. In good times, seeing a black should result in the police showing up to arrest him and toss him back over the border.

      • I agree with what you say and see no contradiction in that my post relates to short-term tactical responses to the problem of the presence of a violence-disposed alien race in our midst.

        Long term, separation is a must if we are to thrive. As I grew up in the South in the 50s, I know that keeping blacks “in their place” helps in controlling their aggression. It doesn’t stop the problems, but they become more manageable.

        In one county in Alabama that I know of, a sundown county, blacks are still scare even though the sign by the courthouse was taken down 50 years ago. In another county, crime is rare. I think it’s because there was a lynching there a hundred years ago.

        In my ideal world, the black race would never have existed. Second best would be if a scientist invented a virus that wiped only the black race off the earth, a race that would soon be forgotten.

        Third best is separation, but that may never happen or if it does, it may take a hundred years to accomplish. Fourth best is segregation.

        Fifth best is what I suggested–quick, harsh punishment for serious crimes.
        Prison today is a vacation for blacks, which is why they need to be doing hard labor, picking crops or busting rocks. Mix in a lynching, or even a public hanging by the state in the town square, and we’re getting somewhere. Bankrupting Hollywood moguls brings us back to some semblence of decency.

        All of this is do-able in the short term, if enough whites demand it. As to the weak wills of whites, I often ask myself how AH got the Germans to go along with his version of race realism, which was essentially expulsion of the alien group.

      • ricpic

        A neighbor is not to be allowed in my house?!

    • M&S

      When someone is murdered because you didn’t do your job, that’s negligent homicide. When someone is murdered because you -couldn’t- do your job, and you went along with it, that’s conspiracy before the fact.
      Which, IMO, is the more debased behavior because negligence, by definition, implies that you were not cognizant as much as present/acting _in the moment_ to save someone, because you didn’t know an emergent event would arise from the situation you created to bring them to moral peril.
      But if you know the system is broke and you play by it’s rules anyway, your only excuse is a paycheck.
      You don’t have to resign in disgrace or disgust if you are doing something to make someone agree with or fire you. You just have to be willing to stick to your guns and fill out the paperwork.
      I would be more sympathetic if, being a white man, Mr. MacDonald was intimidated by both the blacks getting aggressive and the powers that be threatening him with racism related charges if he brought the hammer down, in person.
      But that would only apply if his overt attempt to exert authority was the point of contention. He is not a cop, he is just a parole officer. The only thing he had to do to clear his name was pass it up the line with a 3rd Strike remand recommendation.
      Whether a judge said yay or nay, his ass would have been covered.
      And now another white man is _dead_ and his family broken, not because the black was being black. But because the European failed to be white and hold himself to a higher code. Who broke the bond of trust between _us_? Who lost his honor here?
      Not the black man. They have none.
      Because I am white, I would be willing to listen to Mr. MacDonald’s side of the matter. But it would have to begin with an explanation for: “Why were you in gunfight when you were on home detention?”
      Because again, that’s not the black’s responsibility to find an excuse for. They haven’t the higher cognition or acceptance of ownership for any given action to be judged as rational beings. That’s MacDonald’s mistake to own up to.
      Having said this, there is another issue to address: Whenever a victim of a gunshot enters a hospital, the nature of their wound _must_ be reported to the police. If the officer who is on duty at the hospital or indeed, whoever came out to ask about the wounding did not run this young man’s name through the database and find that he was on home detention probation at the time he was shot, he too made an incredible mistake.
      He should have called the black’s probation officer _right then_ and when he found out that this was not the first time the kid had broken his parole, put him in cuffs, right there at the hospital.
      Indeed, I would be very surprised if there wasn’t a daily update to the offender’s booking sheet to which a PO was required to make electronic addendums which would -automatically- show up in the black’s jacket as ‘pick him up’ needing immediate rearrest.
      It may well be that someone else needs to ‘resign’ as well…

      • There is the distinction between moral guilt and legal guilt. Without doubt, the PO has moral culpability to some degree, as do others higher up in the system. POs have discretion in what response they take. I’m assuming that the PO is black in this case. In my little misdemeanor code violation case, my PO was a kindly black man who tried his best to put everyone on the straight and narrow. Mercy was one of his better qualities, but he would never have allowed such a situation as with Adams to develop.
        One of the factors that keeps the system honest is the threat of a lawsuit. There will be one here, I predict, and the widow will end up with monetary compensation, while the system attempts to reform itself. As you imply, higher heads should roll than just a lowly PO.
        The Judge ordered probation. Was that judge doing his/her job? I found the legal system loves probation because it makes money for them. You have to pay a huge probationers fee when sentenced to probation. Putting someone in lockup costs the legal system money. A lot of probationers continue to get into trouble while on probation. Should more of them be locked up? Who’s going to pay?
        There’s a lot to consider in reforming the system. The basic problem, though, is that blacks are just plain psycho today. As far as I am aware, no large violent alien subculture has ever existed in a peaceful, white culture like we have today. Given the black worship in this country, blacks are going to continue to act out their rage with impunity until whites unite to put a stop to it.

        • M&S


          There is the distinction between moral guilt and legal guilt.

          We part company here.
          I define idealism as the notion that what is right must be projected upon others like the secular version of religious proselytism. This is wrong as it makes us view others like ourselves and thus subjects us to the assumption that we must treat them according to whatever illusions we have for our own morality rather than simply as they truly are.

          It’s part of what gets us into needless wars and it makes us responsible for other race’s stupidity and barbarism when we invade to invite them back home.

          However; what is -principled- is right or wrong, no matter what. And if you are honest with yourself, you just know the difference.
          It comes from somewhere deep inside.

          I started out the other way around as it seemed to me that so much of life was set by rules that altered your perceptions that you could never really explore what might be useful alternatives.
          I still feel that way in technical and scientific realms.

          But morally, I eventually discovered that I was fighting so hard for both sides of the perspective that I didn’t have time to reach down and make that internal go/no-go decision on my own and plot my own path accordingly. It made me feel like I was missing out on something.
          Recognizing that made me feel sick.

          As I reflect back, I’ve come to realize that at one stage I didn’t have the wisdom to know one side from the other and rebellion at least gave me experience of the negatives I was endorsing. So maybe it’s a graduated process of self-instruction.

          Ignorance is not innocence however which also means that there is nothing restricting you from taking a logic sword to the Gordian Knot you tie yourself up with:

          1. Why is he going out of his way for this kid who has been in trouble since he was ten?

          2. Would he do it for anyone else with a similar record if they acted the same way (and if not, how does that comparison make him feel)?

          3. The Community Adjustment Officer that reported the kid’s repeated absence to him, how did he justify sending him or her back out repeatedly without following the norm of remand after the third miss? He had to -order- them not to do the right thing as well. And risk their putting bootmarks on this scalp.

          4. Judge Moore’s claimed ignorance of the situation and MacDonald’s abnegation of required reporting rules implies that he knew he was screwing up as he certainly couldn’t order /her/ around. What made him try to use the old ‘no news is good news’ trick? Was that right or wrong in how it made him feel?

          5. Why would you feel ‘forced by the system’ into resigning if what you did was against stated policy and/or made you feel bad in any of the above conditions?

          This is a man who has been working for the system since 1994 so he can hardly be called naïve. Maybe he was just burned out.
          But what he did was not right nor ‘less guilty’ for his being so.

          Morally as Legally.

          ‘Too little grease in the clutch and you have no slip. Too much grease in the clutch and you have no gears’ as my father used to say. (BS is easy but pointless. Being mortally offended by it is too.)

          When I first Googled this, it showed a white man smiling out of a miniature monitor above the heading for Probation Officer Resigns. That video capture is no longer available on any search I perform.

          I assume that means Mr. MacDonald is not compromised by black racial loyalties.

          If not and he is white, I would surely like to know what he was thinking, though I have a feeling I would not be impressed by it.

          If you pet it, if you stroke it, if you justify it’s wrongness, you are part of the problem and any legal system which first attempts to codify and isolate the definition of wrong from the certainty of it being so as ‘classes’ of guilt, is one which cannot stand.

          And until whites are subject to criminal as well as civil punishment for putting other whites at risk to the uniquely aggressive, predatory and territorial behaviors of other races as much as our own, we will never take the first step (loyalty) towards being Racially Realistic about what we want to discover solely for ourselves.

          Vs. what we spend an age of pain as our last breath, justifying as moral and legal equivocal in others whom we have no ultimate interest in sharing our lives with.
          The clutch and gears are driving the white truck down a different path from the black one. We need to know that, first of all.

    • bilderbuster

      They’re not disguised as human beings because they can be easily spotted.
      They are a protected species allowed to roam among us.

    • evilsandmich

      ‘Fall guy’ is right. I have a buddy in a neighboring state who is a parole officer and the upper-ups are all about being soft on criminals in the name of reconditioning them to properly enter society (despite the fact that 99.9% of them are career criminals). If he sits on anyone too hard then they’re all over his case. I’m fairly certain that the reason this guy in Indiana didn’t crack down on the kid was because there was only downside to doing so.

  • sbuffalonative

    Crazy eyes.

    Something ain’t right with that boy’s head (or his genes).

  • Romulus

    No doubt the PO officer didn’t want simian adams to think she was a racist!
    The beast was even seen laughing in custody. Give him a lead pill and be done with it!!!

  • Tracy McDonald is a white man.

    I was thinking he is black, and letting a “brutha” slide.

    Now I think it’s just a matter of overwhelmed overworked POs.

    • Martel

      He was punished for his “audacity of hope”. He rightly believed the young negroe was a mere victim of his circumstances, but a racist, white society forces him to retire in shame. As a committed diversity monger, I consider this man a martyr.

  • DNA Explains It All

    That little simian is so lead deficient please dear god give this poor child his supplements NOW!

  • BonV.Vant

    MacDonald should be imprisoned for fraud, criminal negligence

    • Who Me?

      NO! HE should be imprisoned right alongside his pet simian, for murder in the first degree.

    • John R

      No. As someone else said, the PO was just the fall guy. Don’t you realize how much law enforcement these days has been hamstrung by liberals? Come on: “We have noticed that a disproportionate number of the violations you have prosecuted have been against African Americans…”

      • BonV.Vant

        HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?He had MULTIPLE instances where he SHOULD have reported the creature and had him put back in storage!!! HE is the one who made the decisions NOT to report this creature!

        • evilsandmich

          He would have been written up. I’ve heard enough stories from POs to know that there is nothing but grief in properly doing your job. I asked my PO buddy who to vote for in order to change the situation and he said that Repugs are able to slow the liberal rot, but not stop it.

      • Sloppo

        I believe anyone up the chain of command who instructed MacDonald not to do his job should take the fall with MacDonald.

  • Mrfinoni

    Why wasn’t he charged for gun possession? The system failed Trapuzzano but no doubt the courts, cops, local jails and juvenile facilities are all overwhelmed.

    • waldemar daninsky

      I didn’t know we had a President Trapuzzano. Was his term somewhere between Madison’s and Monroe’s?

    • dcc2379

      The system did not fail. It did exactly what it was designed to do. No matter what one does until murder, nothing happens because they’re just children. Probation and parole are a means to let violent young adults go free over and over.

  • John R

    Geeze. And in the meantime we keep hearing about “how racist the justice system is” to “African Americans.” This probation for minorities is just crap. What we really have is a race war going on, with the difference being that the prisoners are released while the war is still going on.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    The Trapuzzano family should be able to sue the government agencies involved which caused the death of their their boy Nathan. The government is guilty of negligence, incompetence, malfeasance, etc. A good lawyer could dig up so much dirt on the irresponsible way this case was handled. Unfortunately, it is damn near impossible to sue the government or hold it in any way accountable.

    • dcc2379

      They should blame the 13th Amendment.

  • Ella

    When will law officials, social workers, shrinks and the general public finally accept that we cannot build that many prisons or cells to hold our home grown criminals and the rest of the world? Have these professional thugs work for a living in labour camps and bill them for their own keep. Get them off the streets and/or out of the country.

    • M&S

      Ella, ma’am, we spend 24,000 dollars a year housing blacks in minimum security.
      We spend 40,000 dollars in max.
      That’s more than most make in legal jobs and ‘hard labor’ is just another word for Third World inability to buy better performing automation.
      So you put them in for ONE charge, let them allocute if they want, give the Judge sentencing rights in a range that is:
      1-2 years nuisance.
      2-4 years menace.
      4-6 years blood.
      (I am willing to be negotiated with on times)
      And then you send them away for the FULL STRETCH.
      Starting at age 12.
      They get back out on the streets, they do it again, and you send them back, this time without possibility of reduced sentence.
      They do it a third time and their predilection for antisocial behavior gets them the needle on the shortest = least expensive fast track to a potter’s field.
      And that, madame, is how you make society safe. Because, just like blacks and Hispanics form 13% and 20% of society respectively and yet 36% and 34% of our prison populations, so too would their criminal impulse make them very likely to fill those potter’s fields.
      And _the sooner_ you make that happen; the fewer kids out of wedlock you will face as a life time count of 4-6-10 or more bastard offspring by 3-4 different mothers. Because dad died when he was 25.
      Which means welfare also takes a break.
      As dangerous ethnies slip from being 13% and 20% to lesser and lower numbers in our population overall.
      Collapse the problem at the front end and the generational backend takes care of itself.
      ALL OF WHICH is reversible (i.e. ‘non racist’) if blacks learn to take care of themselves and police their own actions. But you know they won’t.
      The alternative is to wait until whites form such a small taxable population that we simply cannot fulfill the requirements of a First World society to fulfill it’s necessary roles in sustaining public safety.
      And then we separate, secede and let the fires burn down the wicked and the vile where they lay.
      But the big issue is population count. If whites don’t enact these difficult kinds of laws, soon, we will be sub-majority and then our legal system will look like Mexico’s. Where everyone can buy justice and no judge is uncorrupted and simply being part of a privileged class makes you apt to be treated like dirt by your ‘peers’ who in fact are envious sub populations.

  • FozzieT

    Here’s a quote from the future nuclear physicist’s uncle, who helped raise him:

    Mr Carter–who helped raise Adams after his mother died–said: ‘He used to get in
    trouble, but I didn’t think he was capable of this.’

    Really!!?? 13 parole violations?? Stealing a car, fleeing police, illegal firearm and drug possession? But ol’ unka Carter, who helped create this monster, didn’t think the young thug was capable of killing somebody?

    Someone needs to teach that uncle a lesson.

    • dcc2379

      “I know my boy and he is a good boy . . . .” Probably found Christ at a early age, too.

    • Sloppo

      You can’t teach someone who can’t learn.

      • FozzieT

        Oh, I think he can learn. It’s all about the proper….motivation….

  • Puggg

    Simeon Log

    USA Today has an interactive timeline of his life highlights

    www dot usatoday dot com/story/news/nation/2014/04/12/teen-suspect-ind-slaying-probation/7628415/

    Oops, sorry, my mistake. This is the original article that this post uses. Slap my ears.

  • [Guest]

    Not only are the savages against us, but we’re to the point that the system designed to serve and protect civilized people is also against us. It’s aiding and abetting the savages.

  • 4321realist

    “His Officer Resigns”

    Resigns? Whatever happened to hanging?

    • evilsandmich

      The social workers that sit all day in a government office thinking of ridiculous rules for that PO to follow are the ones that should hang.

  • clemensb

    Simeon Adams? How about Simian…

    • Rosenmops

      His Aunt’s name is Ratonia Carpenter, according to the article.

      • TXCriollo

        What a name that is

  • MekongDelta69

    Probie officer Tracy McDonald doesn’t care. He did his 20 and he’s out. He’ll get his pension (paid for by us) for the rest of his life.

    • True.
      He retired, he didn’t resign.

  • TL2014

    Resigned? Resigned??? Not fired???
    I hope the Trapuzzano family sues that police department good and dry.

  • The Final Solution

    Simian indeed. A very appropriate name. I knew a black kid named simian. He was a typical low-IQ Zulu but at least he had the right name so others knew exactly what to expect. On that note, Chimpedia has a hilarious list of actual negro names. It is gut-busting stuff to say the least. I believe it was compiled by a lawyer who had many black clients. He wrote a great story on there about his attempts to represent blacks which led him to become a race-realist. Great stuff.

  • Ron Cheaters

    Too bad he had to kill someone to get what he wanted. Free room and board, 3 square’s a day. A half decent video game console. Free internet. Free gym membership. A sick sort of fame by the inmates and the media. Dummies doing backflips and trying to grasp how society has failed him.
    He’s somebody now. He’s a winner.

    • dcc2379

      Doesn’t he look like he could be someone’s son?

  • Robert Kelley

    Race realist or not, I think anyone looking at this case would have to conclude that this young man has had his bite (numerous bites) at the apple and should never see the light of day again.

  • bubo

    The killers of Eve Carson were also under the supposed watchful gaze of a black female probation officer that hadn’t bothered doing her job probably ever. Probation officer and child protective officer are two of the biggest jobs programs out there, right up there with education.

  • dcc2379

    Let me tell everyone a dirty little secret: Because of black crime, black and Democratic politicians are working overtime to not lock up felon children. For example, many states now say because a child’s brain is not fully developed, he should have all but the most serious felonies treated as petty juvenile delinquencies. This is why there is “home detention.” This euphemism really means get out of jail free. Kids know probation and parole officers are supposed to show a reduction in recidivism, so no one gets violated unless something serious happens. Kids now have free rein to commit crime and then apologize, do community service, and go to some stupid program. Believe me, when their asses are on the line, they’re finally very repentant for the first time ever . . . in front of a judge (like that fixes anything). Then they laugh all the way home! Crime does pay.

  • My probation officer also apparently resigned. I miss Mrs. Alvarez. The fact that she was very pretty certainly helped me. Pretty blond gals get a free pass in MikeScottistan. Kristen was kind and while she was a no-nonsense PO, I didn’t PO my PO,


    I’m not surprised one bit that this worthless black thug was under the entirely non existent supervision of a worthless black PO. What surprises me is the fact that this worthless black PO actually took responsibility for not doing her job, and resigned. ( SHOCKING! )

    • Who Me?

      This particular PO was a White male, not a black female…just in case you seem to have missed that.

      • Guest

        Ha! I guess that’s what I get for only reading the Amren snippets instead of the original article eh? Although it’s making a little more sense now as to why the white male PO with a girls name Tracy both failed to hold Obama’s son accountable, and as to why he resigned. He failed to hold him accountable because hey, that would’ve been racist. And he resigned because he, being a White man with a girls name, is unquestionably the one who’s really at fault for Mr. Trapuzzano’s murder. ( NOT ALL THAT SHOCKING NOW! )


        Ha! I guess that’s what I get for only reading the Amren snippets instead of the original article eh? I read that ( the Amren snippets ) and then bubo’s comment a couple of comments below mine that read “The killers of Eve Carson were also under the supposed watchful gaze of a black female probation officer” and just assumed it was a black women PO rather than a White male PO with a girls name. What’s that old saying, something like “if you assume you make an Ass out of You and Me”? I understand that it’s a play on the actual spelling of the word itself, being Ass-U-Me. However I never got just how exactly one person making an ass of himself by assuming something. Can somehow make an ass of someone else who’s not assuming anything at all?

        Although it’s making a little more sense now as to why the PO both failed to hold Obama’s son accountable, and as to why he resigned. He failed to hold him accountable because hey, that would’ve been racist. And he resigned because he, being a privileged White man with a girls name, is clearly the one who’s really at fault for Nathan Trapuzzano’s
        murder. ( NOT ALL THAT SHOCKING NOW! )

  • benvad

    I wish I could get him in a starring tole in one of those Mexican snuff videos.

  • Earl Turner

    Americans came together in Nevada and faced down armed Federal goons. It’s only a matter of time before a solid wall of white men stands up against the negro-coddling anti-white Establishment.

    • Bob Dole

      Very true. The government is losing legitimacy by the minute. When the Federal government collapses or is overthrown, the first order of business will be the end of the liberal criminal coddling welfare state. This will, of course, lead to the “Great Chimpout”. Then things will get very interesting…

    • sveltefamilyman


    • jayvbellis

      Yeah, Las Vegas Nevada home of Shyster Casino owner Sheldon Adelson, wire puller puppet master in GOP presidential politics (Newt Gingrich!) yeah, these Nevada patriots are really fighting for our side.

      The issue here is one, ONE selfish agribusiness owner (White of course, they are always White) demands the right to use 60,000 acres of public land for his business.

      Want to bet this selfish $&@&$ rancher also demands the right to use illegal alien labor?

      White American patriots can generally be counted on to always get things wrong.

  • Jake Frizzell

    Was Trapuzzano engaging in ‘risky behavior’? Was Adams seeking to humiliate Trapuzzano for that reason? The story doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’ IMO.

    • Earl Turner

      Yes he was engaging in risky behavior. He was unarmed and alone.

    • Yes, he was engaged in being White while walking down the street.

  • nignogger

    Bimbo Tracy M should be sued personally for negligent in her duties, also banned from ever being employed in a position of that capacity. This would set an example for the system to clamp down on runaway violent negro behavior.

    • TXCriollo

      I say put in jail she has to be held somewhat responsible for the failure to do her job

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    Disgusting black ghetto thug commits lots of crimes, is never locked up, and murders an innocent man.

    White parole officer’s fault!

  • Truth Teller

    Anon is completely right about the Jewish communist takeover of Russia. After WW2 they did the same thing in E and C Europe. I need not cite references about this. There are many books about the Jewish nature of the Russian revolution.

    You might look at the 1917 to 1922 Congressional records which detail the truth. For instance, there were about 450 members of the Duma that finalized the commie jewish takeover. More than 400 were jews, many of them from the commie jew enclaves of Brooklyn.

    We’ve all heard of the glorious night when lenin and the jewish mob took over the Duma
    and instituted communism. Ever wondered how that happened?

    Because of the jewish and paid mobs rampaging around Moscow, the interim govt headed by Kerensky created national Guard militia units to guard the Duma and govt buildings. Because the Nat Guard consisted of citizens who had jobs, the Guards served for just one week and then another unit rotated in.

    This by the way was the exact system the French revolutionaries used in French cities during the worst of revolutionary excesses.

    The night Lenin and the mob took over the Duma, expelled the representatives and also took over every govt office in Moscow, the Nat Guard unit tasked with guarding the Duma was a jewish women’s unit. They simply let the jewish mob in and the coup was done.

    No one can possibly think that just happened.

    What is really bad is that the so called WASP elite of America allowed the russian commie jews who began their invasion around 1890 to take over our country by 1970. Less than 100 years.

    Read the jewish encyclopedia. There is a long section about jews and communism and how communism was essentially a jewish takeover of most of Europe.

  • Truth Teller

    So because of Baby Yar I am supposed to love the jews who destroyed my life, my career, my finances and my family through affirmative action and unlimited third world immigration?

    Jews are like blacks. Because at some point in time some jews claimed to be mistreated, they are entitled by G-d to destroy everyone else.

    Baby Yar by the war is just another holofraud myth.

    I have no interest in the holofraud. All I am interested in is what jewish commies have done to this country and me for the last 120 years.

    Read about Brown vs Topeka, school busing and all the affirmative action lawsuits. Nothing but jewish, jewish jewish names of the attorneys. The first heads of the EEOC, the ones who turned a quota system into a No Whites Need Apply system were jews.

    I read the local Jewish Journal and other Jewish publications all the time. I know what the enemy is doing.

    • The only people who have personally betrayed me were all Catholics, but I do not hate Catholics; I just do not trust them very much.

  • I notice this time the press didn’t use the criminal’s smiley-face expression going to court as they did before. It wouldn’t surprise me if this thug has been using that sunny innocent Teddy-bear smile his whole life to bend and break the rules, but was too stupid to realize that when he came into court after gunning down an innocent young man, his ever so charming sparkly smile might backfire.

    I’m waiting for some libertarian to read this perp’s rap sheet and conclude that our biggest problem is that we lock up too many people. This creature, as someone else called him, probably represents millions savages that need to be locked up or executed. (Too many people locked up on marijuana charges? Quite possibly, but that is a separate issue.)

    About the young White man that was murdered and the scathing criticisms some have made of him, obviously it is true that men like him need to be much more careful, prepared and, if possible, armed. But I think part of it may be as simple as the fact that when you are a young man it is probably somewhat genetic to think of yourself as semi-indestructible, as being able to handle yourself, along with having an awareness that evil crimes like this are something like lightening strikes or being hit by a drunk driver, that the probability is low that you will be hit at any given time–an attitude encouraged by the complicit mainstream media covering up this pandemic.

    Was both amusing and a little scary to read some comments trying to come up with excuses for the social worker. Fall guy? Don’t worry, the fact that he was criminally incompetent will not fool most people into thinking that many others were not responsible.

  • Using his black privaledge to break the law and get a way with it. His mother was saying “He’s a good boy. He’s about to get his GED. He got with the wrong crowd.” That’s what these ghetto moms always says about their donated sperm babies. There was no reason for him to be out on the streets – he should of been locked up in jail before he murdered someone for no reason.

  • gedwefenmyers

    I don’t know.

  • John R

    Thank you! I don’t know if the Holocaust deniers are just delusional, or are trolls deliberately making outlandish comments to discredit this website. Remember, being a Holocaust denier is the polar opposite of being a race realist, since our whole line of argument is to expose the truth even if it is inconvenient. Let the liberal multiculturalists be the ones who come up with the stupid ideological comments, like “all races are equal”; “we are all Africans”; “there is only one race, the Human Race”. We should focus on arguing and exposing the lies of our enemies, not giving them debating points by making ridiculous statements ourselves.

  • Jim

    What black mother names her picaninny “Simeon”?
    Dat be a GO-rilla.