4 Dead Among at Least 36 Shot in Chicago in 36 Hours

Stephanie Baer and Peter Nickeas, Chicago Tribune, April 13, 2014

At least 36 people were shot in Chicago, four of them fatally, in as many hours over the weekend, with more than half of the shootings occurring over a half-day period stretching into early Sunday.

Officers responded to at least 27 incidents, starting at 3:30 p.m. Friday in the West Woodlawn neighborhood on the South Side involving an attack that left a 17-year-old girl dead and two other people wounded, police said. There were also fatal shootings in the South Shore neighborhood Friday night and the Washington Park neighborhood early Sunday, both on the South Side.


Chicago Police Department spokesman Adam Collins declined to comment on whether the weekend’s temperatures–Saturday reached 80 degrees, the city’s warmest day so far this year–contributed to the number of shootings, though criminologists have said that weather does play a role in violent crime.


Shontell Brown, mother of the 17-year-old girl killed Friday, called the situation on the city’s streets “an ongoing war,” saying that her daughter Gakirah Barnes was not the first teen from the South Chicago neighborhood to die violently.



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  • Dave4088

    “…..though criminologists have said that weather does play a role in violent crime.”

    That dagum global warming! But somehow white neighborhoods don’t see an increase in violent crime during warm weather.

    • So CAL Snowman

      It’s funny how the weather only affects africans and causes them to become insanely violent. The weather doesn’t cause Whites and Asians to have gun fights in the streets. I guess the weather is racist.

      • TL2014

        In his novel “Stranger”, Albert Camus vividly describes the effect of the heat on people’s psyches. The novel takes place in Algeria.

        • So CAL Snowman

          The stranger deals with a sociopathic frenchman who feels that life is an absurd construct and for that reason he should not be judged by the standards of society. In essence you are saying that existentialism is influenced by the weather. The individual, Meursault, is affected by the heat of the sun as it fries his brain on the beach. Not all Whites in Algeria decide to murder arabs simply because of the heat. The only character driven to madness by the heat is coincidentally the only character that is a stranger to the machinations of modern society.

          • Hallie Eva

            “The Stranger” is one of my favorite books.
            His characterization of apathetic, remorseless Mersault is brilliant. I liked La Peste” as well.
            Please do not down thumb me to death but I also am fond of Andre Gide’s “The Immoralist.”
            Once a semi-Communist or “traveler,” the man Gide vindicated himself in my eyes with the statement he made about Communism after a visit to Russia and observing it in action.
            He described Communism as inhumanity and immorality in the extreme.

          • TL2014

            That’s not the point I’m trying to make – no, I’m not trying to justify murders based on climate.

            I am saying – and the philosophical aspects of the novel are irrelevant to this – that heat does affect you, which I am sure you can appreciate if you’ve spent any time in tropical heat. The crucial difference is in the mechanism mediating behavioral responses to that environmental stressor.

            And by the way, middle easterners do have a hair trigger temper and murder each other in a manner and frequency that is strikingly similar to that observed among the American black undertow. Could it be related to the unrelenting heat? I don’t know, but it’s a fact.

          • HamletsGhost

            Perhaps it explains the Jews’ behavior as well.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          Isn’t there a bottle of wine involved in that incident, in addition to the heat?

      • One of several ironies involved is that hot weather is what they’re genetically adapted for–I used to love the NYC subway in the wintertime, when it really did seem like they suffered more. It was safer in the wintertime too.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        “Shontell Brown, mother of the 17-year-old girl killed Friday, called the situation on the city’s streets “an ongoing war,” saying that her daughter Gakirah Barnes was not the first teen from the South Chicago neighborhood to die violently.”

        Hey, when it reaches the sultry temp of, um…80 degrees…those Bantus just start killing each other. If the evil White man could only find some way to fix the weather, maybe all this tragic, senseless, Malthusian slaughter would end…

        Turn up the heat and retire to a bookstore I say. Safest place you can find near a Bantu neighborhood. Libraries are ruined since they became black afterskool babysitting pens.

    • kulebrun

      No article about recent killing spree by white supremacist Frazier Glenn Cross on amren?

    • Laura Dilworth

      the chicago hood also experiences alot of shootings in the winter

    • NotTooSwift

      Does anyone out there remember Baltimore Police Commissioner Donald A. Pomerleau? He served as Commissioner in the late 60’s and he did a terrificp job, especially rooting out corruption within the police upper ranks.

      I recall right after the 1968 riots, Pomerleau suggested all public housing, which was vast majority black, have air conditioning installed. He felt this would keep throngs of mischief makers off the streets, thus less crime. This was met with a severe backlash from the black community. He was labeled a white racist, a Hitler, et al.

      He also stated that he could just about eliminate drug traffic and much crime if about 300 criminals (he knew their names). were taken off the street. Again, pa crystal of racist, etc. were thrown about.

      Long story short. No air conditioning, no 300 arrests. Thus, Baltimore became the schitt-hole it is today.

      The end.

  • JackKrak

    Yeah, but how many people got shot in Vermont and Alaska last weekend, huh?

    Oh, wait

    • DNA Explains It All

      There are blacks in Anchorage so some I am sure.

  • Chicago is spiraling out of control on many fronts. The city will undoubtedly take its place alongside Detroit as a centerpiece of what happens when blacks reach critical mass. As in Detroit the pandering politicians indulge blacks instead of cracking down on them. With Chicago, the libtards can’t blame the auto industry decline or other false factors for a city in decline. ” It’s the blacks, stupid,” to rephrase the old Clinton slogan.

    • r j p

      bigone4u, you live here?

      • SA, TX. Otherwise known as Mexico.

        • DNA Explains It All

          Hou,Tex, North Mexico.

      • TL2014

        I’m in the area, r j p. Nice to meet you! 🙂

        • r j p

          Nice to meet you too.

    • Moe

      well said…so, do we want to add Baltimore, Philly & Jacksonville to round out the Top 5?

    • MikeofAges

      You don’t know Chicago. The city regime and the metropolitan elite are just outwaiting the situation. Give a hundred years and you’ll see a different city. Well, someone will. A South Side to match the North Side. South and East Asian living in the South Shore neighborhood. Many Hispanic neighborhoods, of course. But Hispanics at least generally can maintain a commercial infrastructure of independent businesses and a community outsiders can at least enter to do business during daylight hours.

      • Where are the blacks going? Is this temporary or a trend? When I was growing up we knew that a lot blacks headed for Detroit, Chicago, Philly, and NYC. They may not be exiting the south much anymore, but given their breeding habits, it’s hard to see that that Chicago wouldn’t be turning brown and black, with whites fleeing.

        • MikeofAges

          It’s permanent. Many blacks have merely moved the suburban area south of Chicago. The is a very old area which largely has been bypassed by modern trends of development. In my youth, it was a largely blue collar white area. My belief is, blacks are slowly withdrawing from the North.

          Chicago is not failing at all, but the demographics of Cook County are changing. Some of the decline in the white percentage has to do with increased East and South Asian populations, I am sure, but the Hispanic population increased greatly during the same decade. The black population of the county declined by 117,000 or 8.6 percent between 2000 and 2010. In the same time period, the black population of Chicago proper declined by 177,000 or 17 percent. This decline accounted for almost all of the city of Chicago’s population decline, while the decline in the Cook County black population accounted for two-thirds of the county’s population loss in the same period. Interestingly, the percentage of whites withing the city of Chicago actually increased during the 2000-2010 decade. South Asians, presumably, are included in the white numbers however.

          There are many ways to arrange these figures, but however you do it, Chicago is no Detroit.

          • Bob Dole

            It’s budget is starting to look like Detroit

          • RexRazor

            The blacks have also established utopians in Maywood and Bellwood. Although off topic, the Mexicans have overrun Melrose Park and Hillside. These diversity strongholds are almost exclusively welfare fiefdoms and, of course, violent. Btw. I have lived in a gerrymandered district for 20 yrs. The southern tip of our village is 99% black free. Yet, thanks to the crookery of the Dems in Cook county, we are represented by the indomitable Danny Davis and other wise blacks who, of course, have no use for whitey beyond tax revenue.

          • BrownStone

            Finally someone who understand what Emanuel and the political and media elites in Chicago want. They want do what Giuliani and
            Bloomberg did to New York. Get the poor and black out by slashing social programs and gentrify large areas. To keep the liberal voting for them they just say some loving things about liberal culture and are seen cheering Gay Pride. These liberals care more about their
            hedonistic desires than they care about social justice and poverty – so they will vote for you even when you slash poor African-Americans social programs. Blacks are leaving the Chicago for Atlanta and the suburbs and are replaced by Asians and Hispanics. In the same time – the North Side is getting gentrified and friendly for white middle class liberals that now live in the suburbs.

          • MikeofAges

            All true, but Chicago has been doing all of this on an ongoing basis since like forever. Unlike other cities, Chicago has always remade itself. When it was meat packing, Chicago was “hog butcher to the world”. When it was manufacturing, Chicago was it. When service was the thing, Chicago became the great service economy. Now the thing is gentrification and race replacement, and, dagnabit, Chicago is going to come out on top of that one too. They want to sell you on being the brave urban pioneer, but other interests collect the riches. Maybe generations later.

    • kikz2

      i think it looks great on Rahm…. 🙂

  • Chicago Police Department spokesman Adam Collins declined to comment on whether the weekend’s temperatures–Saturday reached 80 degrees, the city’s warmest day so far this year–contributed to the number of shootings, though criminologists have said that weather does play a role in violent crime.

    They are also declining to comment on whether the city’s racial demographics — The south and west sides of Chicago are nearly 100% black, the city’s blackest parts by far — contribute to the number of shootings.

    Where would you rather be? In a black city during a polar vortex, or in a white city where it’s 80 degrees?

    • r j p

      There are large parts of Chicago where you will never see a White.
      They are also less densely populated than where Whites live,
      because Whites are not stupid enough to burn down their own houses.

      • Jim Kental

        I’m hoping that soon we’ll see plenty of areas where you’ll never have to see a single schwartza…….. ever.

      • TL2014

        Years ago, as a stupid young idealist, I took the red line to Ashland and 80 something, then stood at a bus stop there. Everyone stared at me, and at some point a female cop approached and asked “excuse me, are you Lisa?”

        I shudder to think of the stupid things I used to do as a young, stupid liberal.

        • r j p

          I wanted to go to a movie (Atlas Shrugged Pt. 2) at the theater at The Lofts at Roosevelt. I have been here 15 years and never knew how black the Red Line (aka Sh*t Chute) got once it passed the Loop. Ended up going to see the movie at a theater off the Mag Mile.

  • Romulus

    As long as their only killing each other and not our kin, so what! I don’t care.

    That’s all I have to say about that!

    • Einsatzgrenadier

      Blacks killing blacks is just nature taking its course. The black-on-black crime rate can never be high enough. One always wishes that it could be higher.

      • DNA Explains It All

        And more exclusive too.

      • Romulus

        Removing themselves from society without our interference is a benefit into itself.

      • They get used to doing it to each other, however, and then do it to us.

    • TL2014

      The problem is when we get caught in between. There was a case like that very recently in South Bend, IN where a white two-year old was killed in crossfire while playing with his big sister outside his house.

      • Romulus

        A tragic consequence of collateral damage. Any death of our kin leaves me With an array of emotions. When the homicide rates as a rule are highest within their own community, then I count it as a blessing.
        Always keep an eye on your youngsters, especially if you live in close proximity to die-versity.

  • Moe

    I think that when weather patterns are difficult for meteorologists to predict, the rate of black violent crime could be one method that may help them..

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    If Whites gunned down 36 negros in 36 hours, the cities would erupt. If negros do it to themselves, silence.

    Guess it “be dat global warming and sheet”.

    • evilsandmich

      Blacks certainly don’t care about shooting each other, so it’s hard for me to get worked up about it for sure. I would dare to guess that if any other race were involved (Asians shooting up 36 other Asians, etc.) that it would be a huge story rather than a statistic blip.

  • Jim Kental

    QUESTION: How many blacks were shot in Chicago last weekend?
    ANSWER: Not nearly enough.

    • foundingstockcracker

      If only they knew how to aim. But then there would be a downside to that wouldn’t there?

      • Jim Kental

        So true. But I’m so grateful for the AIDS virus, it makes up for all the bad shots in the black community. Liberals hate it because it’s humanity’s best hope.

        • Moe

          Nah, they’ve got drugs for AIDS these days, even in Africa…wouldn’t be surprised if our tax dollars pay for AIDS drugs in Africa, and surely we pay in America. Three cheers for the Ebola Virus!

          • Jim Kental

            Maybe we should spread the rumor in the ghetto that taking AZT and other AIDS medicines is “acting white.” We should also tell them that eating well and exercising is acting white as well. This way they’ll stop doing it. Heck, let’s tell them that just breathing is acting white.

          • They’ll stop? I’ve never seen one in the produce aisle.

    • M&S

      Be careful what you wish for.
      The only reason black gun crime is being pumped (pimped?) on National News is because it serves as separate agenda: Gun Control.
      A black can kill you with his shoed feet, kicking in your skull. Just ask ‘nice guy finishes in coma’ Utash.
      I bet if you included assault and batteries and stabbings and baseball bats and all the rest, the total crime rate would likely jump half as much again.
      But it’s the -shootings- that have been publicized here.
      Oh no! So many guns in free citizens hands! Whatever will we do to enslave them all?
      But surely, if we take away all the white’s guns, that will surely make the blacks behave better…
      You watch. If we have a really big depressionary event this summer and the U.S. economy takes another nose dive as all the top economists are predicting, the first solution to the rise in crime will be to disarm the population.

      • Molon labe.

        • M&S

          Gnôthi seautón.

          Diaírei kaì basíleue.

          Xénos ṑn akoloúthei toîs epikhōríois nómois.

          Láthe biṓsas

          Anánkāi d’oudè theoì mákhontai.

          Tà ónta iénai te pánta kaì ménein oudèn

          ktêma es aeí

          Classical Greek is full of high minded phrases, none of which means a thing until and unless you adapt them to the exigent realities of today’s world.

          When they came for Ed Turner, they did so because his name was on a database list of those who owned guns.

          When they came for the guns of the people of New Orleans, after Katrina, none stood against the army of their own white sons who stole the only defense the helpless had against barbarism as murder, looting and rape.
          Even though it did not stop the barbarians from shooting at the rescue helicopters.
          Which willing victim group do you choose to be a part of?

          All things change yet possession is eternal.

          If they come for your guns, let them find nothing.

          Not even you.

          It will only be when we no longer have barriers between ourselves and our real enemies as to how far each will go to secure their right of divide and rule or independence of unchained will that we can be made truly free.

          As the laughter of joyous contempt allows us to visit vengeance upon those who imprison us with company not of our choosing.

          But the first step on that journey begins, not with the defiance of a Sparrows Death but with the wisdom of an Eagle’s Age: that first you make a fool of your enemy that the fight he picks is one which makes him look impotent, not overbearing.

          Overbearing is an act of certainty. Foolishness is the first step to loss of confidence. Not by your enemy in himself. But by those who trust him to dominate their lives as their wills, completely.
          So that nothing changes.

          When The Organization first begins killing the officers and agents of The System, they refuse to make the civilians choose sides. When The Organization makes The System _defend_ the civilians, it breaks the compact between the two because, in defending everything, the System defended nothing well.

          And the sense of riotous anarchy causes the civilians began to act out in little ways that becomes a total breakdown of law and order, far beyond what The Organization could itself achieve.
          Everything changes. But not always for the better. Not at first.

          For it was at that point, where society began to fragment and decay into anarchy, that confidence in The System was lost. Because possession is the eternal law: as ONLY so long as it is enforceable as a cost too great to refuse.

          Keep this in your mind. For the Myth of Thermopylae on which Molon Labe is based a falsehood of perception.

          Those who set themselves before The Flood are washed away, their heroism lost. Those who -make themselves- The Flood become the authors of it’s direction.

          If Leonidas frustrated Xerxes into becoming a maddened butcher, he took away the civilian’s ability to be compliant. If Leonidas killed 10,000 or 50,000, by itself, the 300’s sacrifice was still meaningless until his actions consequences caused his people to suffer enough to gain the will to fight.

          Bluntly then, when the day comes, if you cannot commit crime to further a revolution, simply holding onto your weapons until someone comes to take them from you will be you and your race’s undoing.

          For once brought, nothing is achieved in war by singularism as withholding of force.

          Thus the first crime you must undertake is not one of defiance but conspiracy and subterfuge as denial. Owning useful firearms which are not registered. Storing them where they cannot be found or confiscated. Refusing to be participants in the subjugative control psychologies which allow you to be swept up by the raids, interrogated, and made to look weak.

          For YOU are the weapon, the gun is merely an extension of your will. So so you must not let yourself be shattered.

          Whereas a few skirmishes will make them look morally correct by certainty of victory as numberless hordes of trained killers.

          An empty bag will make the Federals look hopeleslly incompetent and foolish as clumsy bullies. Such that having ‘Legals’ who will shelter you and are unknown as associates is also important.

          Further to this, as no conspiracy lasts unless it’s aims are such that they persist beyond the immediate moment of escape or confrontation, so too must you have a strategic purpose in holding onto your guns. Lest entropy becomes foolishness or betrayal.

          As the forces of Law will not stop coming until they are the ones who are afraid.

          So too, will those who have no stake in your war only come to your aid once they lose confidence in the ability of your oppressors to keep things the same.

          Only then can you impart a collective Fear upon The System.

          • And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.
            – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

          • Geo1metric

            That is just about my favorite Solzhenitsyn quote. Thank you.

      • FlaVet

        The rest in Chicago, or Detroit or Philly?

      • r j p

        Fed gov just found out CPD has been faking statistics.
        They werre only reporting incidents, not number of victims.

  • So CAL Snowman

    ” criminologists have said that weather does play a role in violent crime.”

    It’s pretty hot in the Arizona suburbs during the Spring and Summer. I wonder what the rate of violent crime is there?

    • mobilebay

      Arizona’s crime problem involves our visitors from the south.

      • So CAL Snowman

        I know, my point was that White people live in hot places too and don’t feel the need to engage in spontaneous gun violence.

  • Mrfinoni

    Brilliant! a new sub-discipline. Crimino-climatology!!!

  • JSS

    How sad, 4 great American future senators and presidents taken from us by the weather.

    • Jim Kental

      I’m sure that one of them would have found the cure for cancer, and the other one would bring new innovations to the software industry……… the truth is that more likely these dead schwartzas would have murdered the guy who would find a cure for cancer.

  • Puggg

    CPD Stuporintendent Garry McCarthy has leaned back on the usual excuse:

    politics dot suntimes dot com/article/chicago/chicagos-top-cop-lax-gun-laws-hamper-crime-fighting/mon-04142014-118pm

    The only reason the non-felons of Chicago can now legally somewhat own short barrel guns and the only reason there is carry in Illinois is because the Federal courts had a total of three rulings to that effect. Even after that, Chicago and Illinois firearm laws are hardly lax.

    It’s just that McCarthy is too scared to say the real reason, starts with B and ends with K, and has L, A and C in between.

    • TL2014

      McCarthy is utterly pathetic. Check out second city cop’s blog for more detailed stories on just how pathetic that man is.

      • r j p

        Agreed, McCarthy is pathetic. Regardless of his qualification, he is barely qualified to be an elementary school security guard.

  • Martel

    An amren resident recently pointed me to Chicago rapper Lil’ Poopie, to my suprise he actually exists and is making good money with his talent. He will surely compose an excellent song about these events, in the memory of these martyrs of an unjust, racist white world.

    • Pro_Whitey

      in the park,
      I think I’ll take some shots with my nine . . .
      Take it away, somebody!

      • ♪ Hoes selling, pimps grinning,
        A negro selling jenkum . . .
        rapping about oppression ♫

      • r j p

        It was sarc ….
        Chicago – Saturday In The Park

        Saturday in the park
        I think it was the Fourth of July
        Saturday in the park
        I think it was the Fourth of July
        People talking, people laughing
        A man selling ice cream
        Singing Italian songs
        (Fake Italian lyric)
        Can you dig it (yes, I can)
        And I’ve been waiting such a long time
        For Saturday

        Another day in the park
        You’d think it was the Fourth of July
        Another day in the park
        You’d think it was the Fourth of July
        People dancing, really smiling
        A man playing guitar
        Singing for us all
        Will you help him change the world
        Can you dig it (yes, I can)
        And I’ve been waiting such a long time
        For today

        Slow motion riders
        Fly the colors of the day
        A bronze man still can
        Yell stories his own way
        Listen children all is not lost
        All is not lost
        Oh no, no

        Funny days in the park
        Every day’s the Fourth of July
        Funny days in the park
        Every day’s the Fourth of July
        People reaching, people touching
        A real celebration
        Waiting for us all
        If we want it, really want it
        Can you dig it (yes, I can)
        And I’ve been waiting such a long time
        For the day

  • Magician

    I havent heard a thing about it from the media in my area!!

    Zimmerman kills one guy who was actually attacking him and I was forced to see Zimmerman several hundreds of times on TV and liberal people around the country were having candlelight vigils and “We are all Trayvon” demonstrations

    Hey Obongo if you had a son he would look like this devil

    • IstvanIN

      I have had to hear about that Jewish Community center shooting all day on the radio. While this was a terrible thing it still isn’t typical of White people the way murder and mayhem is typical of blacks. They want the public to think we are out of control as blacks by emphasising our bad eggs and ignoring theirs.

  • Alexandra1973

    I think we all know that these thugs tend to hibernate in their nests during the winter. Warm weather comes, they pop out like road construction signs.

    If it gets too hot, I don’t have the desire to bust a cap in someone’s derriere. I just head inside where it’s cooler.

    • r j p

      … these thugs tend to hibernate in their nests during the winter …
      Heating themselves around the oven they don’t use to cook.

  • Urbane Neanderthal

    Shontell, mother of Gakirah, shocked I am shocked that they have different last names.

  • smedley

    Gakirah? What do they do, just draw random letters from a big basket?

    • FlaVet

      I think it’s some afro ingredient on the back of a can of black eyed peas?

    • shmo123

      I’ve often wondered that myself. They must just make them up. Kinda like trying to play scrabble when you don’t know how to play or how to spell.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Once the warm weather rolled in, they traded in the space heaters for ammo.

  • MekongDelta69

    On the DNAinfo site, I posted exactly this:
    This is news?!

    This has been going on everyday in every black and brown hood since 1965.

    Btw, you will NEVER see the word black in all these tens/hundreds of thousands of articles. However, on the rare occasion, if it was a White perp – it would be splashed ALL OVER the headline and mentioned 125 times within the article.”

    Within the hour, it was “Removed” and I was banned from the site.
    The black “author’s” byline picture looked exactly like a mug shot – dreads and all.

    There were hundreds of comments which were “Removed.”

    • Alexandra1973

      I don’t even SEE any place to post comments, might have just taken that out.

      • MekongDelta69

        Copied/pasted from my Disqus account:

        Discussion on DNAinfo Chicago·228 comments
        Weekend Violence Leaves Four Dead, 37 Wounded – West Pullman – DNAinfo[dot]com Chicago

        You commented 11 hours ago Removed

        This is news?! (etc.)

    • Ed

      DNA is run by some good doer types. I’ve been watching CNN’s Chicagoland. One segment they followed a DNA reporter. Her task is to chronicle the city’s murders to give victims a voice.

      She was a stereotypical loony lib. From Iowa and not all that concerned about her safety. Although she admits to being put in some dicey situations. She admitted her poor mother is worried sick about her but alas she has a calling.

      I don’t think I’ve been banned yet but my comments have been removed as well. They’re very vigorous about it too.

  • TL2014

    That’s actually pretty tame by local standards…

  • Luca

    Your Realist Accu-Weather report for Chicago and vicinity: Scattered flashmobs early, then mostly cloudy overnight with heavy negro activity becoming likely. Highs in the 80s with an occasional knockout game and a chance of a polar bear hunt later in the evening, so we recommend staying indoors. Low 68F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph. Drive by shootings should be contained in the SE section of town with gang activity waning in the early morning hours. Expect between 40 to 50 wounded and at least 6 killed by dawn. Sunrise will take place at 5:51 AM.

  • TXCriollo

    Only 4 must be a good crime day in the ole windy city

    • TXCriollo

      I meant slow

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Well, it’s Spring and young men have stewed all winter, are restless, and it’s time to settle scores.

    These low numbers show they’re just warming up after a long, cold winter.

    Apr 10, 2014:

    The City of Chicago is thrilled to take the second spot on TripAdvisor’s Top U.S. Destination in their annual Traveler’s Choice Destination Awards.

    –Rahm Emmanuel

    Yeah, Rahm! Welcome to Chiraq!!

    = Chicago + Iraq!

    I forget…is Chicago the capital of Iraq or just its largest city?

    • r j p

      It has been a long sh*tty winter here.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I’m glad you made it through.

        Your last post to me about crying every day was very distressing and painful for me to read. I hate what has happened to you and your city, my city and every other major city in the U.S. with no end in sight.

        You (and I) are being surrounded by civilizations and cultures that are incompatible, if not hostile to, our own. White civilization is orderly and we are increasingly descending into chaos, anarchy, violence and madness. We are being attacked ruthlessly on all sides, physically, psychically, emotionally – for merely trying to preserve ourselves.

        It was people like you who put men on the moon and invented and created the greatest, freest most wonderful civilization ever to exist on the face of the earth and now men like you are shunted aside and passed over in favor of Muslims, Africans, Mexicans and others whose ancestors did not fight for, die for and sacrifice to create this White country. They are parasites and free loaders on what WE Whites have created.

        Know you are not alone, rjp, but have support here and even though we are in cyber space, we are still a community of Whites interested in preserving our homelands, heritage, culture and civilization; White civilization is worth saving: for you , me and for future generations of White children.

        And, if we don’t fight for it, no one else will.

        • Hallie Eva

          rjp, I stand with bon in wishing you well, as much as we are able to feel wellness in these times.
          Thank you for your excellent contributions to this site, please do not leave it. Come here as I do, for an opportunity to vent, for support and nourishment,
          Please know I weep too every time I go into the city.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            That, plus rjp is delightfully funny and writes great cynical, sarcastic comments, which is an art, inherent, I think, not learned, and at which he greatly excels.

            Our enemies seek to divide us, men and women, down to the familial level, by telling us that White Males have declared “war” on females. This is to get females to reject White males, to see them as not worthy of husband and father material, in order to thin our numbers further, and push their agenda of abortion, childlessness and miscegenation as the best choice for White females: “women belong in the boardroom, not chained to children and a kitchen!” — a major part of the White genocide agenda that is being waged against us. And, it’s working as worldwide White numbers continue to fall…

            That, and a portrayal of White males as bumbling fools, violent, domestic abusers or terrorists and uneducated and black males as peaceful, highly educated, virile and perfect husband and father material for White females — is hammered into us every time we turn on the TV, open a newspaper or magazine or go to the movies.

            I can’t imagine that any White female wants this abuse for her husband, son, father, uncle, nephew, or any other White relative — that they be scorned, mocked, degraded and locked out of colleges, jobs and careers. I cannot imagine it! It is certainly NOT what I want for my male relatives and loved ones. But this is the narrative our enemies push on us Whites (not on themselves, of course) — and what we must fight with everything we’ve got in our arsenal.

            My dream is that one day we can all get together – maybe at Michael C. Scott’s townhouse (he’s already invited us).

            I’ve already made it clear to Michael that I won’t attend unless rjp is there.

          • Barbecue my dear lady.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Rjp is not needed as a chaperone, he’s the entertainment.

          • If only I were single.

          • Hallie Eva

            Good post, bon! I am in full agreement; rjp is a trippy guy. We have good men and women here.

          • What happened to Mr. dd121?

          • Hallie Eva

            I have been wondering the same thing. dd is one of my favorites.

      • Ringo Lennon

        I hear you, bro. I was born and raised on the far south side in 1951 when decent people lived there raising decent families. I hate what blacks and browns have done to city. Go Blackhawks!


          yep, destroyers of civilization

  • Let’s see: warmer weather; natural disasters; trial verdict disappointments; White cops publicly arresting black thugs; assassinations of any major black figures preaching nonviolence; major ballgame victories or defeats; White drivers dutifully getting out to help some black kid that darted out in front of their car, etc, etc.

    Seriously, to make this even more absurd, the temperatures only “reached 80 degrees.” The “warmest day of the year”–in the first half of April! What will the place look like in the August heat, ‘The Dawn of the Living Dead’ meets ‘War of the Worlds’?

  • If the liberals get their way, all of America will be just like Chicago.

    • Earl Turner

      Except for the exclusive and heavily guarded enclaves where the Elite Squids will be living.

      • Ringo Lennon

        Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. They will be safe because the hippocrites live there.

  • Magician

    So it is the temperature‘s fault? The temperature is the biggest cause of the shooting crime that injured 36 people and ended four people’s lives?

    They are blaming the TEMPERATURE for the shooting crime?

    • shatwood

      “Contributed” to the shootings. Warm weather and you got more people out and about. For me that meant hanging out in the park with friends. For the folks on South Side, it meant target practice.

    • Well yeah, because it was hot! What do you expect, for them not to kill each other or something?

    • BonV.Vant

      They are afraid of three little letters, “DNA”


      That’s right, just say what it is and stop beating around the bush ..


    Keep up the good work, lets try for a record number this summer…..

  • Ringo Lennon

    These animals need to be driven out of the city that they didn’t build in the first place. Sin is that whites let them take over their neighborhoods. Shame on white people.

  • FlaVet

    And this one tried and tried as hard as she might…no wonder Black men steer ( no pin intended ) away from their women?

    Virginia woman mowed down husband, beat him as he tried to crawl away: cops

    The wild ordeal unfolded after Quaneisha Torres, 21, steered her Chrysler van off into oncoming traffic on Dixon St. and struck the 31-year-old man walking on the side of the road about 10:30 p.m. Sunday, cops said. She was cuffed after cops say they caught her violently kicking the man as he tried to crawl away.

    • Earl Turner

      I don’t scare easily. But black women behind the wheel? Yeah they’re scary.

      • Alexandra1973

        I’ve driven in a few major cities and I tell you what, the blacks on the road act like they have no clue what they’re doing.

    • Who Me?

      The wonder is that she even saw him walking alongside the road–black women NEVER look to either side or in the rear view mirror as they drive. (Sometimes I think they aren’t looking straight ahead either!) They NEVER see you or yield right of way or any other damn thing….Most of them shouldn’t be allowed to drive.


        and, they think like they drive ..

    • Nice (?) tattoo.

  • Fathercoughlin

    Let them kill each other–thats fine with me!

    • The problem with that is that they will gleefully kill us as well.


        One possible option

        • The “Bone” is one of the really good ones: Three internal bomb bays for 75,000 pounds and up to 50,000 pounds more – restricted by treaty – underwing.

          It is a pity the RAF didn’t keep their Vulcan.

  • Garrett Brown

    I know what my major is going to be, climate criminology!

  • Truth Teller

    80 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No wonder the poor unfortunate underprivileged OFEs just had to embark on a killing spree. And in those long cold Chicago winters, they are copped up and just have to beat their children to death and impregnate their daughters, sisters and mothers.

    • Who Me?


  • Truth Teller

    80 degrees is not “heat” It is just pleasantly warm. Given that it is April, the 80 degrees mentioned was probably only 10/am to 3/pm. It probably got down to 65 or 60 at night.

    100 all day every day may be an excuse, but 80 degrees mid day is just another poor, poor, pitiful OFE excuse

  • Truth Teller

    Who Me?

    OFE Obsolete Farm Equipment, a phrase coined by an amren commentator. I love it and use the word all the time. Pronounced OFEEEE.

    Another I developed is AAMF; a typical government employee, an affirmative action moron foreigner.

  • The only Asian shooting I can recall was Chernyoun Pa, a Cambodian, who murdered one of my friends, a movie theater manager who let me bring girlfriends to see movies for free.

  • Pa got only a few hundred dollars. Surely that should not have been worth a kind man’s life.

  • Jim

    I really wish the blacks in Chicago would get marksmanship training.

  • Grantland

    “..I will admit that I don’t understand their liberal mentality.”

    That about sums it up.

  • Who would ever have guessed that someone named Gakirah Barnes would end up as a murder victim at the age of 17? After all, she was heroically caring for her eight children by 11 different men, and would have returned to “skoo” except that the mean-spirited, racist white Republicans wouldn’t pay her enough to do it, so she was working through “Tip and Mitten” while teaching her mother Shontell not to drool into the book.

    I’m going to blame “racism”, guns, “white Hispanics”, and chicken cordon bleu. It’s not fair that hot weather gets all the credit.