The 25 Countries with the Most Brainpower

Jonathan Wai and Max Nisen, Business Insider, October 24, 2013

Which country has the largest stock of brilliant people?  The answer to this question depends in part on raw brainpower, but also on the size of a country.

Exclusively for Business Insider,  Dr. Jonathan Wai, a Duke University Talent Identification Program research scientist and psychologist, compiled a new ranking of countries based on scores on the 2009 PISA assessment , which tests reading, math, and science competency in 15-year-olds.

Multiple researchers have found that these tests, administered by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), are a good measure of “g,” or general intelligence.

In our list, the rank order is based on two things.  First, we identified the average percentage of teenagers in each country who achieved the top score of six on math or verbal tests (globally, around the 98th percentile). Second, we cross-referenced this percentage with population to estimate the number of brilliant people per country.


If you looked only at average scores, you’d find the U.S. is only ranked 24th, near the middle of the pack. But if you then take into account the high-scoring right tail and population, the U.S. is not doing so bad.


#1 The United States
On average, 1.7% scored at elite levels
5,336,300 brilliant people estimated

#2 Japan
On average, 4.05% scored at elite levels
5,167,800 brilliant people estimated

#3 South Korea

On average, 4.40%  scored at elite levels
2,200,000  brilliant people estimated

#4 Germany
On average, 2.60%  scored at elite levels
2,129,140  brilliant people estimated

#5 France
On average, 2.20 % scored at elite levels
1,445,400  brilliant people estimated

#6 Taiwan
On average, 5.85 % scored at elite levels
1,365,390 brilliant people estimated

#7  Canada
On average, 3.10 % scored at elite levels
1,081,280  brilliant people estimated

#8 Russia
On average, 0.65%  scored at elite levels
932,750  brilliant people estimated

#9 The United Kingdom
On average, 1.4%  scored at elite levels
885,220  brilliant people estimated

#10 Australia
On average, 3.3 % scored at elite levels
748,440  brilliant people estimated

#11 Italy
On average, 1% scored at elite levels
609,200  brilliant people estimated

#12 Poland
On average, 1.45% scored at elite levels
558,830  brilliant people estimated

#13 Singapore
On average, 9.10%  scored at elite levels
483,392  brilliant people estimated

#14 Turkey
On average, 0.65 % scored at elite levels
481,000  brilliant people estimated

#15 Hong Kong
On average, 6.00%  scored at elite levels
429,300  brilliant people estimated

#16 The Netherlands
On average, 2.55% scored at elite levels
427,635  brilliant people estimated

#17 Belgium
On average, 3.45% scored at elite levels
384,330  brilliant people estimated

#18 Spain
On average, 0.75% scored at elite levels
354,525  brilliant people estimated
Average score ranking: 35

#19 Switzerland
On average, 4.25% scored at elite levels
339,873  brilliant people estimated

#20 Brazil
On average, 0.10% scored at elite levels
198,700 brilliant people estimated

#21 The Czech Republic
On average, 1.80% scored at elite levels
189,180  brilliant people estimated

#22 New Zealand
On average, 4.1% scored at elite levels
181,753  brilliant people estimated

#23 Sweden
On average, 1.90% scored at elite levels
180,823 brilliant people estimated

#24 Finland
On average, 3.25% scored at elite levels
175,955 brilliant people estimated

#25 Austria
On average, 1.7% scored at elite levels
143,854 brilliant people estimated

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  • Spartacus

    I’m not buying this . Turks on number 14, and China doesn’t even make the list ?

    • Archibald_Cunningham

      In the original article it says China wasn’t included because they were only able to measure a few cities, due to the sheer size of their population.

      • Spartacus

        Sorry, missed that . I still don’t buy it though . I’ve meet turks before most of them are so stupid I’m surprised they manage to not forget to breathe .

        • JDInSanD

          Please understand that it’s the percentage that’s important, not the sheer numbers.

          Turkey only has 0.65% that score at Elite Level. So you’re right. They have lots of dummies and their elite are swamped by them. Mexico is in the same boat.

          We’ve also discussed on this site plenty of times that even though Asians score higher than whites on IQ tests that whites seem to have an unusually creative side that leads to innovation in technology, science, medicine, building, political ideas, music etc. Some of these things are not necessarily measurable on an SAT test.

          • Spartacus

            I understand that, but Turkey’s % seems to high.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            No, not necessarily.

            Remember, this isn’t about testing averages but about the absolute elite.

            And in Turkey you got a small elite, then you have a horde of dummies and then you have a horde of kurds (even bigger dummies).

            So countries with big differences in population will do better when looking only at the elite compared to countries with a homogenous population with a higher average.

            Also, they are flat out lying in the article.
            They claim that the PISA-test is good for predicting g in IQ, when the PISA-test is designed not to test for IQ but for education levels, which is the whole point of the PISA-test.
            This means that the PISA-test have quite a bit of overlap with IQ, especially when looking at national averages, but it is not a good determinant for individual IQ as they are using it here.

            A dummy being sent to a good school will learn more reading, math and science than if he went to a bad school, but it will not raise his adult IQ.

            A country with elite schools will therefore have a larger percentage of students scoring at the top levels, even if the students themselves aren’t smarter, merely better educated.

            Sweden scores low because of this, since we are so obsessed with equality that we frown on elite schools and think that everyone should get the same education (meaning the dummies slow down the intelligent).
            This doesn’t affect adult IQ but it does reduce education levels among the top intelligent people.

          • CaptainCroMag

            A gene that is highly correlated with conformity is found in a large percentage of East Asians. Creativity comes from independent thinking. Many Asians do test well, but they are terrible at thinking outside the box since they are naturally inclined to follow what is already established.

          • Bossman

            Whenever I see a large group of East Asians, they remind me of ants. It was as if they know what each other is thinking. They’ve a very strong herd-like instinct.

          • William Krapek

            I think I know why that is – Asians have a collective culture of cheating on tests. I wouldn’t be surprised if that included the IQ test.

          • Erasmus

            I would be interested in finding out if the brightest minds in Turkey aren’t descended from children stolen to serve as janissaries
            by the Ottomans

          • Sick of it

            Also keep in mind that some studies done in places like China showed a much lower average IQ than what is touted today. I’ll give both the Japanese and Koreans credit, but not the average Chinese.

          • Brian

            East Asians are only higher than whites on visuo-spatial/math IQ components; linguistic/verbal IQ is about the same.

      • dd121

        It doesn’t “prove” that at all. Their political system in the past 20-30 years has evolved to take advantage of their population’s intelligence. In that period of time they’ve made strides like no other country.

        • Archibald_Cunningham

          South Korea supposedly has more brilliant people than France, Germany, and the UK. If intelligence was all that matters, the Koreans should have more scientific, artistic, and cultural achievements than any of them.

        • Webspin

          Copying the work the rest of the civilized world has accomplished and them selling it back to them (though of inferior quality) isn’t nearly as difficult as leading the way. I suspect they like Russia have to many simpletons to ever create the county the west fears.

  • Examined in that light, we in the Good Ole’ might not be so bad off.

    However, I am of the opinion that the intellectual class is better off and more productive if the underlying population in the society in which they live have higher average IQs. And vice versa — If the average IQ of the non-intellectual class declines over time, the handful of millions of brilliant people will be less productive.

    I don’t know why this is, or even if it’s really true. Perhaps a topic for a future Ph.D. thesis.

    This says we have some 5.3m brilliant people. If the other 300 million people have an average IQ of 115, the 5.3m brilliant people will be more productive than if the other 300m people have an average IQ of 85, even though the 5.3m brilliant people would still have the same IQ.

    • IstvanIN

      I agree wholeheartedly. Not only would the brightest be more productive but happier as well. I am not a genius by any means but I find it so tiresome to try and hold a conversation with a dolt. I would much rather be surrounded by my peers or those brighter than me. I actually enjoy speaking with those who know things I do not because I enjoy learning. A conversation with a black is pointless.

      • I don’t doubt that at all, but I think you slightly miss my point.

        My allegory is about the very very high IQ brilliant people (let’s say median 150) vis-a-vis their society where everyone else has a median IQ of some far lower amount. The higher that amount is, the better the intellectuals will be. But even if that amount was 115, I wouldn’t expect the intelligentsia to socialize with the 115 IQ untermentschen any more than they would if the unters had a mean IQ of 85. To someone with an IQ of 150, someone with an IQ of 115 is still a dolt, even though 100 is more of a dolt, and 85 is much more of a dolt.

        You just can’t translate our 5.3 million strong brilliant class to black Africa and expect them to be as productive there as they are here, even though you’re not lowering the IQ of those 5.3 million people by doing that.

  • Chris Granzow XI

    #14 Turkey?

    • M.

      It’s only because of their large population. Take a look at the percentage though.

  • Archibald_Cunningham

    Brazil, with 200 million people, has about the same number of brilliant people as New Zealand, with 4.5 million people. That’s what miscegenation does for you. Without it, Brazil could have about 70 million unmixed whites. Today I’d be surprised if there were 10 million left in the whole country.

    It’s the same with the rest of Central and South America. The Conquistadors looked like Gerard Pique, Rudy Fernandez, and Marc Gasol. Sadly, their modern descendants look like the squat monsters who run your local taco stand and clean your hotel room.

    • T_Losan

      Yeah, and why was this? Because of white mens’ unchecked desire for “the other.” Let’s be real, if white men hadn’t reproduced with non-whites, South America would look vastly different today.

      • Chris Granzow XI

        Some of it is from immigration though. Argentina was very white (Italians, spaniards, germans) until the last couple decades when people from the rest of south america (peru, paraguay, bolivia etc.) started moving there.

        • Oldcorporal

          Some demographic statistics on Argentina still give the White percentage at about 97 percent, but I think that’s way too high. However, a more likely figure you run across occasionally is about 86 percent. That’s still a lot Whiter than the U.S. is nowadays.

        • IstvanIN

          Carlos Menem was big on allowing Bolivian Indians into Argentina. Just another semite paying back the people who allowed his people to escape the h*ll hole middle east.

      • Erasmus

        Because of white mens’ unchecked desire for “the other.”
        They should have stuck to sheep. No low-IQ progeny to worry about afterward.

    • Jesse James

      Right-O. You are spot on there.

    • Le Fox

      It is sad, because Brazil is a beautiful country. But their average IQ isn’t something to be desired.

      • One of the smartest nonwhite guys I’ve ever met was a Brazilian Indio. He also lied like other folks breathe.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Brazil has about 92 million people who identify as White. I would imagine that all of them are not pure White, but there is definitely more than 10 million unmixed Whites.

      • Archibald_Cunningham

        I may have exaggerated somewhat but in Brazil there are many, many light brown, obviously mixed people who say they are white and who are considered white. I’ve also been there before, and even in nicer areas where I was, they seemed to be everywhere.

      • Bossman

        When you see them (the females) walking on the beach in their very skimpy bikinis, then it doesn’t matter if they are pure white or not. That is one variable that you guys never take into account. I maintain that a race of super smart one-legged dwarfs would still be looking for pretty and dumb women to mate with.

    • Oldcorporal

      Whites and non-Whites in Brazil are not evenly mixed, higgeldy-piggeldy, all over the country. The south and southeast tend to be pretty heavily White, as that’s where hundreds of thousands of Italians, Portuguese, Germans, et al, settled in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Officially, Brazil is roughly 50 percent White.

      • Erasmus

        But I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts the swarthy, low-IQ ones are outbreeding the intelligent, pale ones, just like in the US.

    • Brazil is full of blacks. The white Portuguese are a minority.

  • MekongDelta69

    The US still tops the rankings–only because of our large population.

    “The US still tops the rankings–only because of our large White population.”

  • libertarian1234

    Will they toss out the entire test results, because not one African country is listed, so the tests were obviously racist?

    • T_Losan

      It’s like the old joke, everyone in Africa who has ability and ambition is already somewhere else.

      • Alfred the Great

        Here’s a complete list of ’em: BLANK!

      • dd121

        I think it was the dumb(er) ones who got caught and put on slave ships. That’s who left.

    • Oldcorporal

      No, the tests were obviously fixed. I’m surprised they didn’t try to magic up a fifth-place ranking for Botswana, or some other god-forsaken place.

    • Erasmus

      Homo Erectus really does walk among us.

  • dd121

    Yeah, and if they didn’t count hispanics as “white” in crime statistics, white crime crime rates would look better too.

    • Jefferson

      Most “White” criminals in the U.S look like George Lopez, cause remember law enforcement classifies his kind as “White” when they commit a crime.

      • Webspin

        and they take jobs and grants and scholarship as Hispanic minorities.

        • Bossman

          So you could say that they enjoy a privileged position in American society.

  • Luca

    Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong all have very, very high percentages and yet they are not blessed with African, Muslim or Hispanic diversity.

    How can these countries exist and do so well while being overwhelmingly ethnically pure? I am so confused.

    I hope there is a Liberal out there who can spin…ah,…I mean explain this to me.

    • Oldcorporal

      If he tried he’d look like a whirling dervish.

    • Erasmus

      All those mono-cultural Asian countries are doing so well already, but now just imagine how much better they’ll do if they had some diversity, some latinos or blacks to add some spice to their boring societies.

      After all, diversity is our greatest strength!

      • Bossman

        These societies are indeed one-dimensional and boring.

        • Erasmus

          “One-dimensional and boring” = Functioning and crime-free.

    • Bossman

      East Asians are good learners and are very good at copying what others have created. All copyright problems and fake labeled goods problems are coming from East Asia.

      • Katherine McChesney

        But, Engleman won’t approach that with a ten foot pole.

  • Le Fox

    Turkey’s on there? Yeah, right. Something’s fishy.

    As for the other nations, immigration, miscegenation, and all else have lowered their average intelligence. Apparently the world IQ by the end of the century is supposed to be 82. It could be lower or higher (more likely the former) based on the growth of the Third World.

    • Alfred the Great

      I bet Germany’s is lower than it would otherwise be because of too many wars.

      • Talltrees

        Germany was very concerned about declining IQ scores, blamed it on Turks. Decided to do IQ tests on all Turks before entering the country, but Liberals made such a fuss, it was abandoned.

    • M.

      Turkey’s on there because of its large population. Look at the percentage though.

    • dd121

      They were dumb enough to build their biggest city on the anatolia plate with the fault running through the city. Some day there’s gonna be a whole lotta shakin goin on.

  • Jefferson

    Among the over 5 million Americans who are considered brilliant, I wonder what the racial breakdown is of those over 5 million Americans with a MENSA I.Q level ? I bet it is significantly less vibrantly diverse than the general American population.

    • dd121

      The IQ bell curves of whites and blacks clearly show that where the curve for whites level out above 140 there are almost no blacks at that level or above. That’s why, for example, no matter how hard the left tries, there are going to be almost no black brain surgeons and theoretical physicists.

      • Jefferson

        Have you ever heard of Ben Carlson ? He is a Black brain surgeon. So Black brain surgeons do exist, but they are rare.

        • Oldcorporal

          That’s “Carson,” but yes, you’re right. He’s not only a brain surgeon, but a very astute conservative political commentator.

      • Erasmus

        That’s why, for example, no matter how hard the left tries, there are going to be almost no black brain surgeons and theoretical physicists.

        No one would want to be operated on by a black neurosurgeon. That being said, won’t Obamacare help to insure that eventually there will be black neurosurgeons to operate on their fellow blacks?

        Even Shaqwana and Shitavious will finally have to acknowledge that they come from a race of morons. “I’s don’ wanna be op’rated on by dat dum’ n***ah eben if he di’ go ta Harveerd med’cal!”

        • dd121

          Whites score in the mid-30s on their MCATs (top of 45) while blacks with the help of EEOC go to medical school with scores in the mid teens. No way would I ever let a black “doctor” work on me.

        • CurryBeef

          Physicians and physicists are heaven and earth in terms of brain power requirement.

    • obot

      Every Mensa meeting I’ve been to is mostly whites, with some East Asains. There might be one black or Latino once in a while.

      • Erasmus

        Maybe Eric “my people” Holder should now go after Mensa. Instead of requiring an IQ of 140 for membership, for blacks and latinos an IQ of 100 would be sufficient.

        • Brian

          I would resign in a heartbeat. Mensa is one of my only refuges from the Diversity Undertow.

    • Brian

      Mensa only requires top 2% IQ, so it’s elite but not extremely so…IQ of ~130-133 will suffice. These are some stats for American Mensa (88% Euro ancestry, and most of the rest are Asian):

      64.4% male, 35.4% female (0.2% won’t say)
      54% between 30-49 years of age, 14% under 29, 0.32% over 80
      31.2% in first marriage, 29.82% never married, 13.32% divorced once, 9.53% in second marriage after a divorce
      Just over half have no children, 12.4% have one child, 18.66% have 2, 9.95% have 3, 4.37% have 4, 1.29% have 9+
      about 30% earn $20-40,000, 10% earn $50-75,000, 9% earn $40-50,000 and about 0.5% earn more than $250,000.
      17.93% Master’s degree or equivalent, 17.56% four year graduates, one in 11 are Ph.D.s.
      41% work in private industry, 13% in government, 13% self employed.
      88% European ancestry.
      49% Christian, 3% Unitarian, 9% Jewish, 7% agnostic, 3.6% atheist, 9% no religion
      14% only children, 19+% older of two, 12.5% younger of two, 11.5% oldest of three, 6.8% middle of three, 5.8% youngest of three, 9.7% oldest of more than three, 10.8% middle of four or more, 4.4% youngest of four or more
      Computer-related occupations 10%, 3.75% own their own business, Electrical Engineers are 2.6%, 7.5% are in education, 3% lawyers, 0.11% judges, 0.02% are in astronomy.

  • e2657383

    I’m surprised Israel is not on the list.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Intelligent Jews stay in the diaspora to support Israel as a state for stupid Jews.

  • bigone4u

    Does anyone doubt that the PERCENTAGE of brilliant people in the USA was significantly HIGHER back in the day when the country was 90 percent white? Can anyone be foolish enough to believe that the US percentage will fall dramatically over time if the USA does not stop this insane experiment with immigration from countries that probably have no brilliant people?

  • Oldcorporal

    Looks like the East Asians are leaving the rest of us behind — and who is surprised? But what I don’t understand is, where is Israel? Ashkenazi Jews reportedly have the highest average IQs in the world. And yes, I agree with one of the posters below, that blacks and Hispanics drag our score down.

    • CaptainCroMag

      Ashkenazi Jews do have a high average IQ but the other Jews aren’t actually that bright. Israel’s average IQ is only 95.

  • Erasmus

    But dat dibersity be our bigges’ strengf!
    Nome sane?

  • James Bro

    If the United States could exclude mestizos and negroes we would be at the top of the world.

    • Bossman

      A large complex society needs all kinds of people to function well. A race and society of philosophers would still need some slaves to do all the dirty work. Even Plato recognized that fact.

      • Erasmus

        But I’ll bet even Plato wouldn’t have found any advantage in having his ideal republic overrun with slaves and ditch diggers, and, unlike so many of our “best” and “brightest,” he certainly wouldn’t have expected any advantage in wasting so much time and treasure trying to turn people meant by nature only to be floor-sweepers and toilet scrubbers into engineers, nuclear physicists or physicians.

      • “A society of philosophers would still need some slaves to do all the dirty work.”

        I thought we invented machines for that.

        Have you ever lived without modern conveniences? My apartment in Australia didn’t have a dishwasher. It seemed I was hand-washing the dishes all the time. The building also didn’t have a clothes drier, and when I was at the lab, it would rain on my drying clothes, so I eventually rigged a clothesline in my bathroom. When I was in Croatia, my uniforms became stiff with grease, stale body oils and dirt and I’d have burned my socks if I had been able to get replacements. Whenever we got clean clothes, I was delighted. It’s like hot food: there are no substitutes.

        How many slaves would be needed to do the work that we normally take for granted from automatic appliances? How much coal would someone need to shovel if you didn’t have an electric oven or natural gas water-heater for your apartment or house? You have a thermostat that automatically controls your furnace setting via either a tilting mercury switch or a coiled bi-metallic strip, and instead of having to send someone to walk to a market for fresh perishables, you have a refrigerator and freezer for these.

        We don’t need slaves. We need more and better machines.

  • This is a “Who’s Who” of light-skinned nations.

  • JohnEngelman

    If you add the Orientals the average will be even higher.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Not by much. There isn’ a high percentage of Asian citizens in the country.

    • Bob Wallace

      I don’t think so. You might want to look at the bell curves for all races. It certainly won’t shock you out of your stupor, since the cognitive dissonance will cause your brain to shut down and you certainly want to avoid that.

  • Lagerstrom

    The UK got a rather poor percentage. Australia and new Zealand’s percentage are twice and over. They would not be pleased.

  • Erasmus

    Ship African-Americans back to Togo, Senegal and Ghana or to wherever else their ancestors were “stolen” from. The median IQ’s of the US and of those countries will go up substantially.

  • leftists are delusional

    If Israel had Singapore’s percentage of “elite level” scores, they would be the number 12 on the list. That is not even including a single Arab resident of Israel in that calculation.

    If Israel had only 2.38% of it’s Jewish population scoring at the elite level, they would have made the list.

    I find it interesting that:
    Finland, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, and Japan all have a higher percentage of brain power than does *Israel.

    *This is assuming Israel just missed the 2.38% they would need to make the list, other countries could have more also.


    • leftists are delusional

      According to wiki
      Israel ranked 42nd in math and science, 37th in reading. I don’t think the Arabs could bring them down any more than the blax and hispanics bring down the US scores, which are
      Math 31

      Science 23

      Reading 17


  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    One gets a better impression when the countries are arranged according to their percentages of brilliant people and not according to the absolute numbers of their brilliant people since that is also also determined by the size of their population. We then get :

    In the 4+ score : Singapore 9.10, Hong Kong 6,0, Taiwan 5,85, South Korea 4,40, Switzerland 4,25, New Zealand 4,1, Japan 4,05,

    In the 3+ score : Belgium 3,45, Australia 3,3, Finland 3,25, Canada 3,10.

    In the 2+ score : Germany 2,60, Netherlands 2,55, France 2,20.

    In the 1+ score : Sweden 1,90, Czechia 1,80, Austria 1,7, USA 1,7, Poland 1,45, UK 1,4, Italy 1.

    In the 0+ score : Spain 0,75, Russia 0,65, Turkey 0,65, Brazil 0,10

    Conclusion : with the exception of Japan all nations with East Asian populations are at the top, white nations vary and the “half white” nation of Brazil is at the bottom. If the USA would be all-white it would certainly score better, with its present immigration policy it can only become worse. If Singapore would be 100% Chinese it would probably score even better. Its present population profile is : Chinese 76,8%, Malay 13,9%, Indian 7,9%, Other 1,4%.

  • Extropico

    The article itself admits they only tested an elite of the Chinese in major urban areas. It is akin to testing only upscale, wealthy areas here such as Manhattan or Palo Alto.

  • Michigan Patriot

    What , not one sub-Sharan African country listed ? The fix is in ; actor Morgan Freeman will easily fix this problem !

  • Bossman

    “Hispanic” is too broad a generalization for the racially mixed peoples of Latin America.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    If Ahkenazi jews have highest IQ of all peoples, why didn’t Israel make it into the top 25 countries with most brain power?

    • IstvanIN

      Because of Sephardic Jews, Arabs and Ethiopians?

      • I read years ago that some subcontinental Indian dalits are claiming to be “Jews” and are demanding the right of return. Yuck.

        • Sloppo

          That’s ok. The Jewish folks who promote diversity don’t and won’t put much of that kind of pressure on their own ethno-state.

  • The UK’s older generation is also more likely to be white. The flood of Pakistanis is relatively recent.

  • As someone who installed a Mazda RX-7 engine and tranny in a 1931 Model A Ford, I can attest that the German company you refer to was Wankel.

  • That makes me actually feel a little better. I’m approximately a Castizo, but instead of squat monster ancestry, mine was northeastern woodlands.

    • Bossman

      People who are descended from USA native Americans like to distinguish themselves from Mexican Indians but the truth is all the natives of the Americas are of the same race. A Mohawk and an Aztec are really people of the same race. Some are tall and some are short but they share the same genes.

      • Sloppo

        There is an article listed in Amren right now that discusses the possibility that some tribes found in North America contained a fair amount of European ancestry. Coincidentally, I was looking at some painted pictures of members of tribes found in North America a couple of weeks ago in an office and I noticed that several of them appeared to me much more like European than Asian. I know that’s not much of a scientific study though.

  • dd121

    I’m a conservative and by definition I make my choices.

  • dd121

    Almost everything you asset if factually wrong, but I’m not going to bother to correct you point by point.

  • dd121

    “As a professor who has undertaken research…” As a non-idiot I reject your “appeal to authority” fallacious argument. IQ is where it all starts. There are many like you who argue the the IQ of Asians is not equivalent to the IQ of whites. At the very least, that isn’t proven to be a fact and probably never will. I would only observe that after the scourge of wars, not yet 70 years past, Asians in Japan, Korea, China, et al. have done quite well. I wonder if their collective IQs had something to do with that outcome? Hmmm?

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Your objections make no sense. “Appeal to authority” is only a fallacious argument if it is an appeal to a wrong authority. But since he is a professor who has done research in this field he certainly can speak as an authority. The intelligence of East Asians is indeed high (somewhat higher than that of Whites) but the fact that they have lesser intellectual creativity can be easily proven both by their past and their present achievements. The fact that they managed to rebuild their societies after devastating wars proves diligence, discipline and intelligence but not necessarily intellectual creativity. Because there doesn’t exist (yet) a “Creativity Quotient” in psychometry doesn’t mean that individuals and groups don’t differ in creativity. East Asians are more collectivistic and conformistic than Whites, this tends to make them excellent copiers and producers. Whites are more individualistic and and prone to explore untrodden paths, this tends to make them excellent inventors and creators and their past and present achievements prove that.

  • Garrett Brown

    South Korea is dominating everyone.

    • Bossman

      They are greatly motivated to prove something and that something is to prove to the North Koreans that their system is better. They also all learn English. You would be surprised that when you add up all those little variables they add up to much. Learning a second language can even make your brain grow bigger. Almost no American learns a foreign language.

      • Garrett Brown

        I respect the Koreans a lot. They are hard workers and very humble, like the Japanese. I used to watch them play one of my favorite games a lot, very impressive.

    • Korean guy

      O RLY?

    • How so? The ROK produces some pretty good soldiers, but even those are not Germans or Australians. How many downhill slalom racers have they turned out like Ingemar Stenmark? Have they produced amazing code-breakers like Britain did? Generals like Thomas Jackson, Heinz Guderian or Georgi Zhukov?

      • Garrett Brown

        They don’t need good soldiers, were protecting them. They’re the invevators in pretty much everything technology now. TVs, phones, appliances, automobiles. Soon they’ll be a top 5 world economy.

        • Show me some beautiful Korean automobile styling like the gullwing Mercedes or the beautiful “Stingray” that Japanese-American Larry Shinoda produced in 1963. Where is the Korean version of the Ford GT-40?

          • Garrett Brown

            The majority of people don’t care what a car looks like anymore unfortunately. Just that it works and is “Eco friendly”.

          • Sloppo

            I just want one that will get me there safely with my stuff and won’t send all my money to the oil companies. I don’t care much about what it looks like.

          • Garrett Brown


      • Magician

        Don’t you dare forget Psy and all those sweet little girl bands from Korea! Haha

  • Erasmus

    Remember the movie “Idiocracy”? I just realized there was a huge glaring inaccuracy. That society of the dysfunctional future was w-a-y too white. A more accurate portrayal would have shown at least 95+% of those people looking like sons and daughters of Obama.

    • Sloppo

      Indeed. It was a very entertaining movie, but it needed many more characters like President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

        I saw that movie 12 times. Haunting.
        Check out the inspiration for the movie, the novella “The Marching Morons”. No mention of race at all, but the issue of intelligence and lack of it is front and center.

        • Sloppo

          I thought the Idiocracy movie was interesting because it admitted and illustrated the fact that the children of stupid people tend to be like their parents. They didn’t identify any racial/ethnic groups which tend to be overloaded with morons because they would have been punished harshly by the zealots of the Religion of Political Correctness.

  • Bossman

    Brazil appears to have a more logical system to classify people of different racial backgrounds. In the USA anyone with the slightest connection to the African race is labelled “Black:” That has never made any sense to me.

  • Brian

    Despite hundreds of years of proof that intelligence is not a trait you can have more of or less of,

    What color is the sky in your world?

    At best, this is a measure of how many people have devoted themselves to
    learning what a handful of idiots (and I mean it….those deciding this
    lack wisdom to a breathtaking degree) want them to.

    You have no idea what IQ tests measure, apparently.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      Those who do not understand what IQ tests measure do not have what IQ tests measure.

      • Brian

        True. Dunning-Kruger is a bitch. 😉

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    Yes, the best way to describe the Indian subcontinent racially is a cline of Caucasoids in the North West, Mongoloids in the North East and Australoids in the South. Few people are “pure” representatives of these three races, most are mixed.

  • Korean guy

    Which is fine. We Koreans are not interested in “taking over the world” or “dominating the rest of the world” We just want to co-exist peacefully. There also is always a fierce and friendly competition among Korean companies.

    I have been raised by devout Christian parents and I am more devout than my parents. And we Christians are ordered to “become servants to this world” rather than “work hard so the rest of this world becomes your servant”.

    I see myself more as a “Christian” than “Korean”. And people around me also see me more as a “Christian” than a Korean.