Orangutan Tied up and Taunted by Cruel Mob

Richard Shears, Daily Mail (London), October 24, 2013

Taunted and tormented, a female orangutan is cruelly mocked by villagers who have captured her and turned her into an afternoon’s entertainment.

Alone with no water or food, she is surrounded by a circle of jeering humans.


When she tries to break free, to run back to the jungle in western Borneo where she lives with other members of her endangered species, a cable around her waist holds her back.


The good news for this particular orangutan is that thanks to a British animal charity she has been rescued and will soon be released into a safe area.

But her plight shows why environmentalists fear they have years of work ahead of them in educating remote villages about the need to protect, not capture or kill, these animals whose numbers are falling dramatically.

About 100 years ago it was thought there were 315,000 orangutans in the wild but today there are less than 54,000 in Borneo and only around 6,000 on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The population has declined because of the spread of palm oil plantations, the products of which include soaps and perfumes that are sold in Western high street stores.

The spread of humans, who chop down trees to make room for their villages, has also reduced their numbers.

This orangutan had made her way to remote Tempurkan village looking for food and was caught and pinned down by six people on land cleared for a rice plantation.

She was dragged back to the village and the degradation began. She could only sit as families left their huts and others rode in from other areas on their motorcycles to stare or laugh at the sad captive.


The scene bordered on torture of a helpless animal.

At one point, a pole was erected so she could clamber up–to the added amusement of the crowd.

But one of the villagers thought it had all gone too far and decided the torment should stop.

He contacted Argitoe Ranting, who works for the British charity International Animal Rescue. Mr Ranting found the orangutan tied up on the side of a road and called in a team to rescue her.


They sedated her and then moved her to a rescue centre. The orangutan has been named Ael–Saint–and will be released into the wild when a safe area in the forest can be found for her.

Meanwhile, the villagers have been told that catching and keeping an orangutan is against the law in Indonesia–as well as being cruel and degrading treatment of such a majestic wild animal.

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  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight


    • Katherine McChesney

      What, oh, WHAT, will John Engleman say about this?

      • Son of Galton

        These aren’t Asians in the true Asian sense.

        Asians score consistently higher than Whites on IQ tests.

        Studies consistently show that Asians have lower crime rates than Whites.

        Asians use less welfare than Whites.

        Asians work and study harder than Whites.

        Jared Taylor agrees with everything I say.

        The Color of Crime corroborates all my research.

        I’ve never been betrayed by an Asian. Many Whites have betrayed me.

        Yes, that simian avatar is really what I look like.

        ***Did I cover all the bases? 😉

        • Jesse James

          You got it that is pretty much E. Goldstein’s speel.

        • Jerrybear

          Sure, but that doesn’t make them our allies.

        • APaige

          Well Borneo is the largest island in Asia. But you must consider only ‘east Asians’ to be true Asian.
          According to the UN the murder rate is higher in east Asian than in western Europe.
          I bet the crime rate for whites in China is lower than the crime rate of the Chinese. (just a guess)
          Yes Asians study hard at learning in fields created by whites.
          How do you know that Asians work harder?

        • JohnEngelman

          Everything but the sentence about the simian avatar.

          • I like your avatar. Perhaps my own reveals too much about me.

          • JohnEngelman

            I think my avatar is cute. I am touched by affection between animals. Once I read of a man who owned a wolf and a mountain lion. He raised them both from infancy. Although wolfs and mountain lions are enemies in the wild, they were close friends.

            For some reason he sold each to different people. They were very sad to be separated, so he bought them back again. They were delighted to be together again.

          • Your avatar is hilarious! Maybe mine says too much of one thing and not enough of anything else, but sometimes it suits me, even though orcs were once elves. Perhaps even exactly because of that.

        • Gislia Jackson

          I worked in a grocery store for twenty years. Asians were the rudest, most obnoxious customers that you could deal with. They are anal retentive in the extreme–they would literally pull every produce item, like green onions, off of the shelf to find the “best” one. And they would throw the rest on the floor. Pushy, arrogant and self righteous. The Asians I dealt with would score about the same as Stymie and Buckwheat on an IQ test.

          • Jotun Hunter

            Yes, they have the high iqs, but with somewhat of an exception for the japs there is something wrong with

          • Gislia Jackson

            I will say something for the japanese. If you stood and watched them, they would not tear anything up like the Chinese, Koreans and Congs would. Once they saw that you were out of sight, however, they would tear the place up sideways. At least they have a sense of shame.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You should see Asians on the freeway in Los Angeles. They are the rudest and most dangerous drivers. The Japanese run the Driver Instruction Schools. They are the most aggressive.

        • Jotun Hunter

          They are also stoic, lacking empathy, uncreative, cruel, and with the exception of japan largely third worldy

          and they all look the same

          • Katherine McChesney

            My Father told me about the cruelty of east Asians.

            And, yes, they are like blacks, in that they all look the same. Koreans, however, have different features than Japanese and Chinese and they have the higher IQ.

      • Rhialto

        He would probably comment that Orangutang is delicious with soy sauce.

      • obot

        That’s like saying all whites are like Romas or Travellers. These are island savages. You can’t compare a Japanese to a Samoan.

      • JohnEngelman

        Several years ago I read of mainland Chinese paying to watch tigers kill and eat calves. When zoo officials in the United States learned about that, they stopped selling the Chinese tigers.

        • Bunky

          No tigers in Asia then?
          Only the US can provide the means to abuse.

      • JohnEngelman

        Ever since I was a child I have loved animals. Cruelty to them horrifies me.

        • rowingfool

          This makes no sense. Animals are cruel to animals. Do you only love that part of animals which isn’t cruel to other animals? And if so, how is that love? If by love we mean some sort of unconditional acceptance.

          • JohnEngelman

            Some animals prey on other animals, but they are not gratuitously cruel.

          • Ever watched a housecat at work? I think “gratuitously cruel” describes the situation quite nicely.

      • Nathanwartooth

        I’m pretty sure the only groups in the 100+ IQ club for Asians are the Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese.

        I think all of the other Asian groups are around 90 IQ.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Ha, ha, or lol…. I did actually giggle at this.

      • Gislia Jackson

        He will say that the asians were merely providing the poor chimp with entertainment, and that the aggregate IQ of the typical Asian is higher than that of YT. And he will, of course, deny that Asians often eat monkey meat on skewers.

    • antiallanbloom

      They are too dark skinned and Borneo is too far south for these villagers to be North East Asians. Quite possibly closely related to Indians based on that picture

    • Jesse_from_Sweden

      Asia is the largest continent with the biggest population.

      There is a big difference between northern asians (russians), western asians (arabs), southern asians (indians) and eastern asians (chinese).
      Then there are a whole lot more groups, like pakis, bangladeshi, indonesians (as in this case), iranians, mongols, thais etc.

      What is commonly called asians in the US tends to refer to north east asians, meaning chinese, koreans and japanese, which have a high average IQ.
      These are southeast asians, which do not have the same IQ, culture or history.

      Asians in the UK is for example used a name for mainly pakis and bangladeshis, which are none of the good things that is used about asians in the US.
      These asians are extremely overrepresented in crime, especially including violent and sexcrimes. They live off of welfare, are poor workers, religious nutcases and all around worthless human beings not fit for civilized society.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Thanks, I do understand these things. I might also add that historically, all plagues and the diseases Amerinds have traditionally termed, “White Man’s Diseases” out of ignorance, had their origins in Asia and ravaged Europe first. Europeans that survived were the ones that had adaptive mutations and so were made “immune” at least of dying form such things as smallpox, that wiped out so many Amerinds. But they also gave Europe gonorrhea and syphilis in in return, not to mention the world a bad nicotine habit.

        There is much to review, indeed, in setting the popular record straight.

        • Syphilis is related to bejel and yaws and any of these can turn into another. The disease thus seems to be pre-human and was probably acquired by people eating poorly-cooked meat.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            You’re talking to a doctor, you know? And one well read on disease in history. Sometimes I think that you and John Engleman imagine that you are both in contests to prove to someone how smart you must be.

          • Can you provide a rebuttal of what I just said? I know what a doctor is, and I know nobody can read everything. If I am actually wrong, please explain exactly why. My training was as a chemical engineer, but I don’t mind learning new things.

            As to proving how smart I am, I did that with 79 US and foreign patents: I win.

  • If I was an alien (ET, not illegal) watching this, I’d be scratching my head trying to figure out which is really the more primitive species.

  • Spartacus

    So when do they start blame the “terrible legacy of slavery” for this ?

    • David Ashton

      Now if that was a gypsy instead of a monkey….

      • Rhialto

        It would be a Human Right violation, and White men would somehow, someway, sometime be the cause.

        • Aren’t heterosexual white gentiles always the cause? Racism rays shoot out of our heads when we sleep and make poor, innocent darkies torment harmless animals, scarring them for life.

          I’m going to blame home-schoolers, the National Rifle Association and NASCAR for this.

  • libertarian1234

    In his Wall Street movie, Michael Douglas spit out the statement that, “WASPS! They love animals, but hate people.”

    In response to that I’d like to point out that third world hordes and third world religious zealots hate anybody who criticizes them for their inborn cruelty towards defenseless little animals and their inhumane and barbaric methods of animal slaughter.

    They’re disgusting.

  • Nathanwartooth

    Did anyone else notice how they blamed the whole incident on Whites even though no Whites were involved?

    • Jesse James

      Well those two young British women did show up and take away the villagers afternoon entertainment.

      • JohnEngelman

        They probably did so at some risk to themselves.

        • Jesse James

          Wandering about in other peoples countries generally clueless and unwanted is always a risky proposition especially for women. IF they really want to make a positive difference in the world they should return home, get married and have white children. That would be a bold act of thinking globally and acting locally.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I think the only reason more westerns don’t get killed third world hellholes when they go to help, is because they want to keep receiving the food, clothes or whatever. They at least have enough sense to know if they keep killing and raping whoever comes there to help that help will stop coming.

            Wait, what am I saying? Even if every single person who went to help a third world country got killed, maimed or raped there would still be thousands lining up to do it.

          • JohnEngelman

            What about the orangutans?

          • Jesse James

            You could go and save them John. There are no doubt endless good causes that require your attention out in the great wild world. You could post a video blog and let us know how you are doing.

          • Jesse James

            For a moment I will forget that it has been impossible for me to take you seriously ever since you posted the comment about white women and their husbands delight in watching them have sex with blacks because the preservation of the world’s wildlife is an important issue.

            The best success we have had to date was when white western governments ruled segments of Africa and enforced western ideas of wildlife preservation, education and prevention of animal cruelty through large animal preserves and national parks. Order was enforced by constabularies led and trained by whites. Since white government was abandoned in Africa their has been massive slaughters of animals. Most of which by the way was fueled by the persistent beliefs of those high IQ Asians who treasure all manner of outrageous secret concoctions to extend their lives and libido.

            In the absence of a return to western style governments through some new form of colonialism the only other alternative I see is the continuation of present efforts to educate the elites and governments of these countries as to the potential profitability of nature tourism. The roughing it trend of adventure vacationing has created a robust market that might tempt some of these countries to better maintain their existing wildlife preserves.

            The ultimate problem besides simple awareness, enforcement and education of the peoples of the world as to the value of wild animals and nature itself is over population of humanity and the poverty of material and spirit that results. Disregarding the radical environmentalist gambit of somehow killing off or preventing the births of humans as not contingent with civilized behavior, the most likely result will be continued mass extinctions.
            Perhaps the global elites will solve the problem by adulterating the food supply in some manner as to introduce substances that will significantly reduce human fertility. Keep an eye on the super rich if they ever stop eating out completely we better watch out.

          • JohnEngelman

            I agree with you that the European empires in sub Saharan Africa ended centuries too early.

          • They should never have started. The only good thing about European colonialism there is that the blacks at least had the decency to rename places like Leopoldville and Stanleyville before they destroyed them.

  • MekongDelta69

    In that second picture, there’s not a hell of a lot of difference between the two.

    • CaptainCroMag

      In Indonesia, many of the people are mixed heavily with Melanesians. It’s easy to see in their appearance: large jaws, heavy brows and curly hair. In their primitive behavior, the Melanesian influence is even more apparent.

    • I disagree. The orangutang looks cute and harmless. The indonesian is truly evil looking.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Clyde would not approve, nor put up with this.

    • Extropico

      I loved those 2 movies, D.B. Philo Beddoe and and his orangutan.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Meanwhile, the villagers have been told that catching and keeping an orangutan is against the law in Indonesia–as well as being cruel and degrading treatment of such a majestic wild animal.

      Maybe they should all be forced to watch “Any Which Way But Loose” 20 times. I’m sure that will reform them.

  • Jerrybear

    But according to leftist historians it is white people who mercilessly hunted down and butchered all the majestic animals on the Earth.

  • Jerrybear

    China created a carbon copy of a beautiful mountainside Austrian village. They sent spies in to document everything. The vast majority are mindless state controlled robots. Even the intelligent successful immigrants who come to the States vote Democrat at a rate of 90%.

    • Antidrastikos


      A tad histrionic, no?

      • Exactly. Wouldn’t they have been “tourists”. Chinese cities tend to be polluted and ugly. China is mountainous. It seems to me that China would thus benefit from a dispersal of population into nice, alpine-style villages.

    • gemjunior

      They did the same with a beautiful Austrian village on the water – can’t remember the name – but someone here might. It is a very well-known village and the Chinese made a carbon-copy. Completely freaked out everyone especially the people whose village they had copied.

  • hastings88

    I don’t really hate people until they are cruel to animals. There is no excuse. Tormenting animals indicates a lack of empathy and conscience. It is evil.

  • bigone4u

    I sent in the link to this story, although I didn’t think that Amrem would feature it. I find so many stories these days relating to animal cruelty, although in many of them the race or ethnicity of the monsters who do these crimes is not stated. Recently the Daily Mail featured a pit bull pup named Athena was found nearly dead of starvation, although she is making a miraculous comeback. Another pit bull pup named Boulder had a lock inserted in holes punched in his mouth so that he could not open his mouth to eat or drink. Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, the brothers in Africa poisoned 300 elephants recently. Seemingly, the darker races have no appreciation for beauty or for nature.

    If there is a heaven, the white women who rescued the poor creature in the story will surely find a place there, along with other animal rescuers, who are mostly white. Here locally, last Saturday in the town square there was a large scale dog adoption event, with at least 50 volunteers helping out. All of them were white persons. Appreciation of animals seems to be mostly a white thing worldwide, although the Mexicans do love their chihuahuas. The Chinese do too, served hot with gravy, which is one reason I will NEVER become an Asian lover like some people.

    • Mike Conrad

      Unfortunately, as we import third-world refuse by the tens of millions, nightmarish scenes like these play out in the USA too. And many jurisdictions refuse to prosecute because of fears of being called racist.

  • Japanese don’t eat dogs or cats.

    • Talltrees

      They capture, kill under the guise of research, and eat whales illegally, not that whales are as cuddly as dogs and cats, but, are gentle creatures and it makes me sick.

      • I’ve had whale. I wish they wouldn’t do that, but it isn’t bad.

      • Jesse_from_Sweden

        Admitedly, so do norwegians….

        • Talltrees

          Yes…Norway openly violates the moratorium. Known to kill whales in front of horrified whale watchers. So far Sea Shepherd sunk four of their whaling ships.

          Japan sneaks and lies, even entering protected Whale waters.
          Both countries are disgusting.

    • Alexandra1973

      I heard that was Koreans. I remember my parents telling me this when I was a child. It disturbed me since I’ve always been a dog person.

  • Talltrees

    Have you been to Chinatown? I remember dead cats hanging in the windows for sale.

    • Cat isn’t bad eating. I had the “lion & dragon” dish in Guangzhou: cat and snake.

      • Talltrees

        Yuk! Not sure we want to know this.

  • Talltrees

    I had been a big supporter of the Humane Society of the United States until I received ‘silence’ when I asked why nothing was being done about ‘halal.’ After several letters and calls, I told them until they began a campaign against it, they would receive no more money from me and I would encourage supporters to stop funding them. It’s been over two years and still nothing about ‘halal’ is being done. Supposedly, they are apolitical, grading both Republican and Democrat legislators harshly for lack of support for animal welfare. Probably, they, too, are afraid of CAIR.

  • Jesse James

    Did anyone else notice this it was two gingers rescuing that splendidly orange orangutan? Charity begins with your own, perhaps they are on the right track. I ran into a Chinese man last year who was happily teaching his two small children how to throw rocks at a couple of Canadian Geese that were swimming in our lake and had to explain to him how this was not allowed by either custom or law here. White people teaching heathens how to behave, that’s what we do.

  • JackKrak

    Does anyone seriously believe that there would be any elephants or tigers in the world today without the help and intervention of whites?

  • leftists are delusional

    Filthy savages.

  • Michigan Patriot

    The native Muslims must have believed that this ape was a : ” Christian ” ,hence the mistreatment !

  • NothingMan00

    “But her plight shows why environmentalists fear they have years of work ahead of them in educating remote villages about the need to protect, not capture or kill, these animals whose numbers are falling dramatically.”

    Good luck with that. Look at how much fun they’re having with that poor creature.

  • I have always wondered how it is that the relatively small chimpazee has the combined strength of five adult men, and can literally tear an unarmed human to pieces. I guess the Orangutan doesn’t share the freakish spidey-strength of its chimp cousins, or these villagers would be in pretty sad shape.

  • Charles W.

    Asia is a complicated place. You have places within Asia that, I believe, display some of the best humanity has to offer (Japan) in stark contrast to others that display the lowest, most anti-human and/or anti-nature behavior imaginable (Pakistan, mainland China, etc.).

    The Philippines shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Japan. When arguing for Asia, focus more on Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

    Also, Korea is a special case: a nation full of miserable, inbred, neurotic, insecure con artists who believe that they are God’s ‘chosen race’ and who learn the most ridiculous Korea-centric propaganda in their schools (and yes I’m talking anout South Korea). Ask any American serviceman who’s had the misfortune of being stationed there.

    • North Korea is equally neurotic and self-impressed. One of their official myths is that Kim Il Sung blew up a US tank with a pine cone. Not a hand grenade, but a pine cone.

  • John

    A classical NAACP situation. Non-whites Are Always Causing Problems. They can’t even leave members of the animal world alone obviously.

  • Alexandra1973

    And meanwhile they force abortions on women and kill innocent human babies.

    Wow, sounds like our bunch of liberals. Save the whales, kill unborn humans!

    • How many more Chinese would you like them to produce, and where would you want them all to want to live? I think the selective abortion of girls in China and India is terrible and will have very unfortunate societal effects on these nations. Men who are married are the most well-behaved, and now large numbers of Chinese and Indian men will never have families.

      I’m not sure they’re forcing abortions on women in China anymore. Women who have more than one child are barred from government jobs. Perhaps the occasional Chinese poster here could clarify the matter.

  • MBlanc46

    I tend to be skeptical of capital punishment of any sort, but I would not be heartbroken to hear that those vermin (I won’t say human) died slow, painful deaths very soon.

  • We watched a documentary at my mother’s house about a really big male orang. My comment was “that guy doesn’t have a worry in the world.” I could see it in his eyes.

  • I’ve had kogoki (dog) in Korea. It isn’t bad. As a human, I understand that I am an apex predator and as such I am allowed to eat anything that is biologically safe for me. Humans are apex predators.

    • gemjunior

      I couldn’t eat anything live. The thought of it moving in my throat would put me over the edge.

      • One bites off the tentacles and they move a lot going down, the suckers grabbing and releasing. One must normally not eat freshwater fish raw unless amoebic dysentery seems like a good deal, but I think cooking saltwater stuff ruins the taste. Fish taste better raw; I haven’t had cooked fish in about 20 years.

        American university students used to swallow live goldfish in the 1920s.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    Stop giving aid to these people. They are reproducing because of outside aid from idiot countries like the US. Their numbers need to drop so they’re not destroying their own environment.

  • Magician

    If there ever was a good time to say the F word it is now and at those people who harrassed the weak orangutan

    Except the great man who called the British rescue team

  • captainc

    Hi GM, I am Indonesian.

    I would like to know then, without electricity, that would be around 1800s, how would you slaughter your meat?

    And thank you for your analysis about Indonesia, it is almost correct, but we certainly don’t hate Melanesians, perhaps, they hate us, because we exploit and colonize their land and they have a right to rebel. However, the government will certainly work according to procedure for every rebellions, that is including Aceh (Muslims), South Mollucas (Protestants) and East Timor (Catholics). And, intermittently, anti-Chinese riots.

    Sadly, these colonizations of every big sparse islands are obviously the source of ethnic conflicts. But the previous fascist government (CIA-backed) needed to fill their coffers while at the same time fed their subjects. Luckily, we are improving, we even have ethnic Chinese in the government and lifted up Chinese language and culture ban (Communist scare). Usually, it is the relocated workers from Java who are the least environmentally friendly, in order to protect their crops, whereas the natives are less productive, therefore, the reason of this colonization.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Indonesia is a barbaric third world muslim country. White christians put an end to this particular act of barbaric animal cruelty. Any conclusions to be drawn here??

  • Ella

    Isn’t Halal similar to Kosher methods of killing the animal for consumption? I know the US had to get after Kosher plants due to the cutting throat method for veal.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The so-called Kosher plants that were cited weren’t slashing the throat for a quick kill. Inspectors found cows with hooks in their throats and they were strangling some. This was only at a couple of slaughterhouses. It is not the norm.
      Muslims probably stole the Kosher method for their own. The difference is that muslims offer their kill to their false god, Allah.

    • Mike Conrad

      Kosher slaughterhouses are notorious for their hideous, primitive dispatching of poor, defenseless creatures. The US has a hands-off policy for the most part because of political correctness. And for fear of bringing down the wrath of the Ruling Class…

  • gemjunior

    Oh, the Faroe Islands, halfway between Norway and Iceland just northwest of the Shetlands have a tradition of hunting pilot whales when pods swim into the shallow beach – they’ve been doing it since some Vikings decided to settle there on what was just volcanic rock surrounded by salt water. Oh, and a few mountain sheep. Despite that, they built it up into a first-class first-world country with a history they are proud of. So they remember their traditions to honor the resiliency of their ancestors. The tradition is called the grind, and even though the whale tastes disgusting and it’s a scene of bloodlust to outsiders, it’s their tradition and who they are – for a thousand years. The only problem is they are white rather than a Native American or pacific islander, or brown aboriginal. Imagine anyone saying squat if that were the case? There’d be a documentary on them praying to the great whale spirit to thank them, or a documentary on how brilliant these noble souls were to have learned sharpening skills…. or something. The islands are lovely and so are the people. Similar to Shetland islands only they don’t speak English, but Old Norse. Except it doesn’t sound English in Shetland either. Hopefully the Faroes will remain proud of who they are and not allow hordes of brown boat people washing up on their shores like Lampedusa. They better forget the whales and run out there chopping up Somalis. They can say they mistook them for pilot whales….

  • Mike Conrad

    Two words: Gates Foundation

  • Mike Conrad

    Preach it, but also note that kosher slaughter is quite similar in its primitive disregard for animal suffering. And then note that ‘factory farming’ in so-called ‘advanced’ countries isn’t far behind.

  • captainc

    That’s OK, we all have judgements and analysis. To be honest the
    development outside Java is quite minimal, this has been voiced by non
    Java provinces. So, they see Java and central government only as
    exploiter. More less the same what we considered the Dutch in the
    previous decades.

    It’s true, ever since our national ideology
    collapsed, these extreme clerics fill in the spiritual domain of the
    people with their poisons. They indoctrinate the people that they are
    not Islamic enough unless they follow their brand of Islam, and coupled
    with government incompentencies and corruptions (most of them still
    belong to the last regime), people have no where to turn except to
    religion. Moreover, government likes to resort to religion to sedate the
    masses for becoming critical. And the media, looking these ignorant
    masses demand, acerbate this problem by promoting the so-called
    celebrity clerics. It is so stupid, I don’t watch TV anymore, except for
    the news. This is Sunni Islam at its best, religion for the ruler.
    People is too lazy, busy, misinformed and ignorant to check their own
    holy book. But, this would be their last chance, our Islamic parties
    have never become majority and the only that made into coalition will
    not meet electoral threshold in the next election due to corruption.

    bad, the snow capped mountain is off limit to us, because this area
    belongs to Freeport McMoran, an American copper and gold mining company,
    which is a token to the West from our last dictator in order to not
    middle in his rule. Perhaps, Kinabalu mountain in Malaysia would offer
    the same experience. I was once in Indonesian Papua, it was a very
    pristine place with lush jungles, you should go there before the mass
    migration from crowded Java reach critical point and the wood industries
    turn this once lush jungle into pathetic bushes.

    From what I
    gather in AR, whites are correctly identifying the effects
    (non-whitening of the traditionally white countries) but you failed to
    identify the mastermind, which in this case, always the elite Zionist
    Jews, this has been the same from the time immemorial. They manipulated
    the natives and gained considerable IQ advantage through by natural
    selection (specialization in finance and trade), compared that with
    Middle Eastern Jews living in Muslim lands. Islam has made us totally
    independent from Jewish mind game.

    Hitler was right.

  • Meth is terrible stuff. I met a lot of former methamphetamines users in prison who said that they had ruined their lives from back to front on that garbage.

    I would say, based on what I have seen users do to themselves: “Meth is the end of your life as you know it.” One of my friends in federal prison cried every night at what he had managed to do to his life. At times I felt as if I had been deported to Hell because the poor druggies were in such misery after they came down.

    My sin was wrath, but that isn’t hard for anyone imagine.

    My understanding is Matthew S. was an aggressive “bottom” homosexual. He didn’t deserve to be killed, but going to cowboy bars in Wyoming and groping straight guys isn’t a good strategy for one of them. Using drugs isn’t a good strategy for someone who already has emotional mental-health issues.

  • captainc

    hm, i made a reply, but it’s gone now.

  • cranky_1970

    Why I fear the coming Hispanic majority in America. Our country is filled with millions of helpless domestic animals. A life of torture and misery awaits coming generations of cats, dogs, horses, and cattle at the mercy of grubby Indios and Mestizos who find the suffering of other sentient beings humorous.