A Facebook page seeking to preserve the ‘Black Pete’ clowns in blackface who accompany St. Nicholas to the Netherlands during the holidays has become the fastest-growing Dutch-language page ever, receiving 1 million ‘likes’ in a single day.

The popularity of the ‘Pete-ition’ page reflects the emotional attachment most Dutch have to a figure that helped launch the tradition of Santa Claus.

It also reflects their anger at critics who call it racist. Those critics include foreigners who they feel don’t understand the tradition. They also include many of the country’s most prominent black people.

‘Don’t let the Netherlands’ most beautiful tradition disappear,’ the page says.

On Tuesday, the chairwoman of a U.N. Human Rights Commission panel condemned it.

‘The working group does not understand why it is that people in the Netherlands cannot see that this is a throwback to slavery, and that in the 21st century this practice should stop,’ Verene Shepherd told television program EenVandaag.

In stories told to children, St. Nicholas–Sinterklaas in Dutch–arrives by steamboat from Spain in mid-November accompanied by a horde of helpers: ‘Zwarte Pieten,’ or ‘Black Petes’, who have black faces, red lips and curly hair.

A public broadcaster produces a daily fictional news program about Sinterklaas and the Petes that is shown in schools for several weeks. On December 5, families read poems and exchange presents as part of the Dutch-Belgian festival that is one of the main sources of the Santa Claus traditions.

Opponents say Pete is an offensive caricature of black people. Supporters say Pete is a positive figure whose appearance is harmless.

The traditional song refers to Pete as a ‘servant’ to the elderly saint, but in recent years those references have been replaced with the idea that he is black from chimney soot as he scrambles down to deliver toys and sweets for children who leave their shoes out overnight.

Discussion about Zwarte Piet has escalated since 2011, when a prominent opponent was thrown to the ground, handcuffed by police and dragged away for wearing a T-shirt reading ‘Black Pete is Racism’.

Opposition has been centered in Amsterdam, home to the Netherlands’ largest black community.

Mayor Eberhard van der Laan this month said he would support changing Pete’s appearance – but only gradually, as it has changed over time in the past.

‘If it appears that Amsterdammers feel pain as a result of this tradition, that’s a good reason for new development,’ he said.

Organizers of the festival and the broadcaster also said they would be open to changes if people want them.

The latest public figure to speak out against the tradition was the man who has played the part of ‘Head Pete’ on the Sinterklaas news program for more than a decade.

His commentary appeared in a top Dutch newspaper on Tuesday, entitled ‘Make me less black and less a servant.’

Others to question the tradition include Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes.

But their campaign has failed to draw widespread support and the overwhelming majority of Dutch people don’t want change.

‘Message for the U.N.: Isn’t there a war somewhere, starvation or genocide going on that you could better be concerned about?’ Dutchman Peter Udo commented on the Facebook page. His comment attracted more than 2,000 likes.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it isn’t his place to intervene in a folk tradition.

‘Black Pete: The name says it already. He’s black,’ he said. ‘I can’t change much about it.’


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  • Oil Can Harry

    The U.N. is one of the most anti-white organizations out there.

    They started with sanctions aginst Rhodesia and South Africa and continue with demands for the West to take in Third World invaders.

    • Erasmus

      Let the foreigners who hate the traditions of the country they’re squatting in go the hell home to whatever dung heap they crawled out of. Let them take all those offended Dutchmen with them.
      Time to tell these invaders to “F*** off!” and “Get out!” They don’t belong in the United States. They don’t belong in the UK, and none of them belongs here in the US.
      Go home, 3rd world savages. Go home to your grass huts, your sewage-filled streets and the disease-ridden lives your ancestors created for you.

    • M.

      Just one though: what would happen if any country were to get the hell out of the UN?
      My guess would be “nothing”. I mean, technically, countries are sovereign, and they can join whatever club they want.

  • David Ashton

    Mountain out of a mole hill, as usual.

    Uncle Ben’s friendly smiling face on rice packets is “racist”.

    Blackboards and black coffee are racist, so are black holes in space, and black notes on a keyboard. In future, soot will be known as “dust of color”.

    • Katherine McChesney

      How about Aunt Jemima?
      Black top highways.

      We could spent a fair amount of time coming up with “Negro-bilia”.

      • Oldcorporal

        When I was in the Army, a slang term of address for the first sergeant in a company was “Top.” In my company at my permanent duty station, the first sergeant, a Negro, was referred to us (behind his back, of course) as “Blacktop.”

    • M.

      It’s funny though how Whites never seem to perceive anything white as racist. Even when blatant explicit jokes are made to their phenotype involving crackers and mayonnaise.
      Just shows you the difference between a secure race, and a self-conscious one suffering from an inferiority complex.

      • Erasmus

        It’s funny though how Whites never seem to perceive anything white as racist.

        It’s our ability to focus on the important and to ignore the trivial that has enabled us to make our great cultural and scientific achievements. Those who cannot either end as toilet-scrubbers, pool boys or rap stars.

    • Erasmus

      In my part of the country we call frozen patches of ice on the road, unable to be easily seen and which can make driving hazardous “black ice.”

  • Spartacus

    “A Facebook page seeking to preserve the ‘Black Pete’ clowns in blackface
    who accompany St. Nicholas to the Netherlands during the holidays has
    become the fastest-growing Dutch-language page ever, receiving 1 million
    ‘likes’ in a single day.”


    That’s a million people who are on our side. And most of them don’t even know it…

    • Erasmus

      Would the bien-pensants feel better if, instead of “Black Pete,” St. Nick’s assistant was renamed “Black Shitavious” or “Black DuWayne” ?

      • Spartacus

        You know, we have a poster here on Amren under the name “Blaak Obongo” . That sounds more Dutch 🙂

  • When will a human rights commission say that accusing me of having White privilege should stop?

    If I had White privilege, Al-Obama wouldn’t be the most power man on earth.

  • Jkjljmt_Pqprpstt

    This is known as FORCED assimilation.


  • MekongDelta69

    Everybody should simply ignore the idiotic U.N. Human Rights Commission.

  • dd121

    Oh, the horror!

  • Lagerstrom

    Condemned by a ‘UN human rights chairwoman’ (does she own the chairs?) so it has to be good! All people have to do in the face of this b/s is to say a resounding ‘NO!’ just as the good people of the Netherlands are doing in this case.

  • Oldcorporal

    What if the Black Petes WERE “racist,” however one defines that? So what? Since when has there been a Decree from On High that no group of people may be ridiculed, for any reason?
    Except for White males, of course. Hundreds of commercials on American TV use the adult White male as a figure of scorn and ridicule, depicting him as lazy, clueless, afraid to stand up to his wife, or whatever. Male characters — White more often than not — have traditionally been the butt of the joke in movies, TV and radio shows, late-night monologues (listen to Jay Leno sometime, and see how often he tells a joke in which the punchline ridicules women — almost never). So it’s “verboten” — or the Dutch equivalent — to depict black men as Sinterklaas’ loyal helpers; but ridiculing males — mostly White ones — on general principles is perfectly OK?

  • Oldcorporal

    I seem to remember that Black Pete wasn’t even a human, but some kind of a big bear. But maybe my (aging) memory is playing tricks on me.

  • bigone4u

    There is a conspiracy to eliminate all white cultural traditions. O’Reilly is a bit of a jerk, but at least he called out the libtards for their War on Christmas. Last year Amren ran a story about Prof. Robert Jensen’s drivel about Thanksgiving glorifying racism. The list of this nonsense goes on and on. The War on Black Pete is just another battle, another hand grenade lobbed at whites designed to force whites to give up their cultural identities. It’s good that the Dutch aren’t buying it.

  • Ella

    Soon, there will be an attack on Christmas elves and garden gnomes since they can symbolize midgets and dwarfs. Trolls already have been accused of representing Jews. This relentless politically correct attack can continue forever among European folklore or tales. Don’t Libtards have lives to live?

    • Lagerstrom

      These weirdos have been after Christmas for quite a while.

    • Alexandra1973

      I think of elves and the like as occultic creatures. Do not want.

      • Ella

        Elves supposed to originate from Scandinavian folklore in which they protected sleeping children on the farms at night. I remember the stories from childhood books having some Scandinavian background. Even the Norwegian Christmas ornaments and decorations have “goofy” trolls. Hollywood does no justice for Christmas and its occultist blood-thirsty elf images in horror films. Often Hollywood releases violent movies at Christmas time to deface the Christian holiday. I think in the mid 1800’s people added characters and helpers to entertain young children and their interests.

  • The Dutch are living on borrowed time anyway, being two or three generations away from being subjugated and replaced by the hordes of Muslims they have invited to live among them.

  • Not to mention the fact that, in general, their cultures are simplistic, barbaric, and just plain horrible. Never before in human history have wealthy, accomplished, powerful cultures willingly submitted to weak, backward, and inferior ones. We are in unknown territory here.

    • Ella

      You’re right. We’re really in a new age as a postmodern society. Eventually, I expect a set back due to possible war and overpopulation. Whites might continue to excel if we push for space colonies–back to colonizing again.

  • ViktorNN

    It’s criminal that an international governing body with real political power is choosing to interject itself into a small countries cultural affairs and re-interpreting an old tradition according to some contemporary political agenda.

    I do not claim to know much about this age old Dutch tradition, but as a European American I am certain that a tradition so old is steeped in meaning and history that far exceeds the superficial and transient politically correct fashions of these busy body UN schoolmarms.

  • Erasmus

    Will the forces of political correctness relent if the Black Petes call themselves the black peters instead?

  • DaveMed

    So, here we are. In 2013, it is a “human rights” issue to dress up with blackface.

    How soft the West has become.

  • bilderbuster

    All I can say is if I came down on Christmas morning to find a Black Pete in my living room he’d be getting the wrong end of my gun.