What to Do About Black Crime?

Robert Weissberg, American Thinker, September 6, 2013

In today’s sensitive times, “crime” is often interpreted as a code word for “black crime,” and even raising the subject invites accusations of hurtful racism. Nevertheless, rampant African-American criminality is not some racist fantasy, and it is getting worse.

The overall U.S. murder rate has been falling in recent years, but it is rising among blacks, and especially black males. Blacks constitute 14% of the population but commit murder at 7 to 8 times the white rate. In 1960, the rate of incarceration for black males per 100,000 was 1,313; by 2010, it had soared to 4,347 (see here). And scarcely a day passes without some horrific incidents of young blacks shooting innocent black bystanders–often children, even toddlers.

Can this horrific trend be reversed and, most critically, in a way that does not exacerbate already simmering racial tensions? The answer is yes, and, at least in principle, it would not be all that difficult or expensive. The solution requires energizing ordinary blacks to take more responsibility for personal safety–not, as is almost always the case, demanding that “somebody else” solve the problem.

Let me suggest that the most effective and politically viable solution is neighborhood watch–armies of unarmed George Zimmermans. This approach will far outshine the current response of theatrical rallies and marches, where ministers give their “stop the killing” harangues. Hardly rocket science, too–the National Sheriff Organization has a national registry of more than 22,000 Watch Groups since January 2002.

Does neighborhood watch reduce crime? This question has been extensively studied, and the answer is mixed, though the overall conclusion is upbeat. Much clearly depends on program administration–for example, volunteer diligence. But the bottom line is that when neighborhood watch programs are properly administered, crime drops. Of particular importance, many of the studies of mixed results come from an era prior to such helpful and low-cost technologies as cell phones, handheld video cameras, social media like Facebook, and sophisticated surveillance cameras with face-recognition software.

Moreover, a quick net search would uncover detailed recipes. The Sacramento County Sheriff Office’s formula includes easy-to-follow advice regarding creating a corps of clearly identified citizen patrols, coordinating routes with law enforcement and establishing lines of communication with the police. USAonWatch.com offers similar advice. It is this visible presence coupled with a local familiarity with outsiders and home-grown trouble-makers, together with modern technology, that will (hopefully) deter criminal activity.

Note well, the sheriff’s office suggests that volunteers carry no weapons and avoid Zimmerman-like confrontations. With guidance from a law enforcement agency, the Watch trains its members in home security techniques, observation skills, and crime reporting–eyes and ears of the police, so to speak. Residents also learn about the types of crime that affect the area and may rely on everything from bicycles to cars to cover larger areas. Also helpful are conspicuously posted signs announcing that the neighborhood is under citizen surveillance and that all suspicious activity will be reported immediately to law enforcement. Individuals can even purchase decals (including bilingual ones) for their windows or apartment buildings.

But, all the upbeat possibilities acknowledge, inner-city, largely black neighborhood watch programs are not magic bullets. Studies suggest that it is precisely these types of neighborhoods–neighborhoods with low social trust and pre-existing high levels of crime–that pose the greatest challenges in crime prevention. Hardly surprising, given that countless minority communities have grown so dependent on top-down assistance, to the point where their capacity for self-organization has atrophied.

Now what? Let me suggest that if voluntary crime watches cannot succeed, local governments (or more likely, Washington) instead organize for-pay versions. The beauty of this approach is that it is win-win across the political spectrum. The police will appreciate the new-found citizen cooperation, and expenses would be trivial compared to attacking “root causes” or turning the inner-city into a garrison state (private foundation might also contribute). Even radical groups will appreciate the local self-help element, and not even the ACLU will object.

Then add monetary incentives–catch an assault in progress and get $500, perhaps a $1,000 if the perp is convicted, and the longer the incarceration, the larger the bonus. Crime Stoppers USA has already paid over $99 million for tips nationwide. Ironically, local gang-bangers might earn money alerting the police about rivals who invade their turf. The advantage of an electronic record is that it reduces the likelihood of retribution via the misguided “stop the snitching” campaigns. Payments can invisibly be added to an EBT card or given out via a debit card.

Hard to imagine a more powerful set of incentives than turning thousands of currently terrified residents into bounty hunters. Posters of perpetrators can be plastered everywhere, including YouTube, and if a criminal is apprehended, the size of the reward will also be noted. Conceivably, groups of local residents will organize posses and communicate via Facebook or Twitter to coordinate the tracking of well-known miscreants and split the bounties. Fighting crime will become a “shovel ready” enterprise.

More is involved here than fighting crime. Of greater significance, neighborhood watch projects might jump-start a more encompassing shift away from Washington-manufactured debilitating passivity. Success with crime reduction might motivate other self-help enterprises–stamping out public intoxication, littering, graffiti, aggressive panhandling, excessive noise, open gambling, prostitution, and similar pathologies that undermine civic quality of life so toxic to job-creating businesses.

But, all this being said, what if this “get-them-to-take-responsibility” effort, like similar past initiatives, fails? Given all the failed or legally iffy solutions–tough gun laws, more invasive policing, fixing broken families and creating make-work jobs–the only viable option remaining would be a drift toward racial segregation. Yes, the rhetoric of integration and equality is today’s official dogma, but nobody–black or white–will risk venturing into crime-ridden violent neighborhoods. Crime-infested areas will become no-go zones. In fact, there is a website that helps people avoid high-crime black neighborhoods. Put into historical perspective, crime may well achieve what the most ardent segregationists failed to accomplish–create an America of two separate nations only superficially living side by side.

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  • APaige

    Only if George Zimmerman is the watch captain and armed. Watch programs do and only work in majority white areas that have the misfortune of being near black areas.

    • CoweringCoward

      I don’t know, if rewards were generous and anonymous enough these creatures might get a chain snitch going that could snowball. Then again I doubt we have enough paper to print all the funds a coast to coast black crime for bux program would explode to require.

    • Brian

      Are we going to make Zimmerman an ‘honorary’ white, for actions in the line of duty? Esp. since he was claimed to be white anyway… Indian tribes sometimes adopted whites.

      • Sick of it

        Nope. Tribal adoption procedures were what we would call horrifying tortures today. And possibly slavery.

  • FormerlyEdNY

    “And scarcely a day passes without some horrific incidents of young blacks shooting innocent black bystanders–often children, even toddlers.”
    The author mentioned black on black crime as being horrific but not one mention of the very horrific black on White crime that happens everyday in this country. Hypocrisy!

    • Spartacus

      Adiele and Marley Galbraith, 4 and 6, killed along with their father in a home invasion. The murderer was a n****r …

      • 1proactive2

        Amazingly sad. Over the top tragic.

        • Spartacus

          Do something about it.

          • 1proactive2

            In time. I have something (legitimate) in the works in the way of book that will hopefully be published by this coming December/January.

            Therein I will address it, and I promise it won’t be PC nor will it be gentle. I’m a forensic psychologist with over 3 decades of working with criminals, and I will call things as they are in regard to black crime.

          • Spartacus

            Not quite what I was hoping for, but it’s a start .

          • Brian

            We need things like this to gain converts and critical mass.

          • FormerlyEdNY

            I wish you well in your efforts to get your book published. I know absolutely nothing about the publishing industry. Do you anticipate any problems in publishing and bringing your book to the market because of the subject matter? Will Amazon carry your book?

          • 1proactive2

            Thanks for the well-wish, and while all books have to go through some preliminary evaluations before considered for publication, and that, IF a publisher will consider it, I expect a publisher’s rep to do the job. Being an unknown writer, it will be tough.

            I have a lead on several of those people, the publishers reps. If done right when finally finished, the book will not have be wrapped in a brown paper bag nor will it anti-social. It involves criminal creation in all races, and how crime has to be supported or explained as something not in the control of the thug. I have one chapter specifically about blacks, and you can take it to the bank it will be labeled “racist” by the black toxic-tribal plantation overseers. That comes with the territory, eh?

          • Spartacus

            I have no idea what the book is about, and I know nothing about writing one, but please say something about Channon Christian. The world needs to know .

          • 1proactive2

            It’s about enabling crime by supposed “responsible” authority figures in a kid’s life.

            The chapter on blacks and crime focuses on that race’s near exclusive trait of cruelty to their victims, especially prior to killing them. Channon Christian will noted among others.

          • A Freespeechzone

            Until people fully understand that they cannot depend upon LE or the courts to protect them from black violence and take steps to do what is necessary to insure their safety and that of their families; this violence, as we see is being escalated & endorsed by the WH & Holder by their silence.

            Choose to be a victim, lay down and die—or fight and live. George Zimmerman realized that he had no choice–we don’t either.

            It’s THAT simple.

      • …And here’s your suspect, which 99.9% of white people in this country, including me, never heard about:

        • Spartacus

          “When, long ago, the gods created Earth

          In Jove’s fair image Man was shaped at birth.

          The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;

          Yet were they too remote from humankind.

          To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,

          Th’Olympian host conceiv’d a clever plan.

          A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,

          Filled it with vice, and called the thing a N****r.”

          H.P. Lovecraft – On the Creation of N*****s

        • JDInSanD

          Riakos Lizana? Sounds like a species of E-Coli.

          • CoweringCoward

            Don’t go bad mouthing a relatively well mannered microbe that has done far less harm to the world than these things.

          • NorthSea

            Looks like it, too.

        • Spartacus

          Filthy groid that isn’t fit to be soap…

        • CoweringCoward

          I know it’s been thought and I should not bring this up but… He sure does look like another of the POTUS’s long lost sons.

        • CharlesFinley

          Geezus phuckin’ kraist, D.B.,

          Some of us will snap soon…

      • gemjunior

        Not a word, not a whisper on the national or international news, unlike St. Skittles and St. Stephen Lawrence. I will add these 2 beautiful angels to my list of treasures dispatched by the angry yard apes. Urban Gorillas can not stand looking at themselves every day knowing they will never be able to compete so their hatred leads them to destroy. “Destroy their white babies so they don’t grow up to rule your black babies” – Dr. ‘Nother Edumacated Negro, Dept. of Pan-Afro-Pretending.
        Thank you for posting it.

        • Spartacus

          There are many things that you can do about it.

          • gemjunior

            Don’t worry, I’m out there performing conversions 24/7. I am happy to report a more receptive attitude these days, much more than in the past. I think an increasing number of white people are confronting the forbidden thoughts in their minds – and once they do that they are really getting ready to hear about certain websites like this one among others. When the student is ready, voila – the teacher appears.

    • Carney3

      It’s not hypocrisy. Just smart politics, allowing himself to remain in the conversation so he can shift things a bit in the correct direction. The Left has been smart about this for a long long time. Think they talked about making America a non-white nation in 1965? About pushing homosexuality, including on the Boy Scouts, the Marine Corps, and B&B and bakery owners?

  • MekongDelta69

    What to Do About Black Crime?

    Get rid of blacks

    • For starters, how about identifying the suspect’s race on every news story?
      Then, how about some republicans who are not afraid of PUBLICLY telling Al and Jesse to shut the heck (F?) up?

      • MBlanc46

        I’d be for that. Fortunately, these days just giving the suspect’s name is sufficient.

      • watling

        Jesse Jackson was over here in the UK recently. He featured on TV as part of a news item about raising the ambitions of “our” “teens”. For some unknown reason he appears to be almost as revered as His Royal Highness Saint Nelson of Mandela.

    • Jim Henry

      That’s easier said than done.

      • sbuffalonative

        We’re so evil and racist, I don’t understand why they want to be around us.

      • I’ve changed my strategy. A republican candidate for office who ignores black crime, Affirmative Action, and illegal immigration will have me voting for his/her democrat opponent, even if the democrat is actually worse on all three of these issues.
        It’s like factoring in mathematics. You want all similar variables on one side of the “=” sign.

        Kicking out every single black person and illegal alien in America will mean absolutely nothing as long as we still have the Clintons, the Kennedy’s, and yes, the Bushes. With them still in power, diversity will merely come right on back.

        • hanfeedback

          In order for something better to come along the current republican party must go away. I was long one of those people who voted republican because the democrats are far worse. I will no longer be doing that.

    • 48224

      Is a neighborhood watch program a good idea? Hey, I know, let’s ask George Zimmerman!!!!!

      Seriously, MOVE they win one way or the other. They only the neighborhood watches, is their property values drop. Move out.

      • ms_anthro

        We are running out of places to go. Cowardice is not the answer.

  • [Guest]

    >>>…the most effective and politically viable solution is neighborhood watch…

    It’s neither an effective nor a viable solution.

    Try again.

    • Brian

      Pay all blacks, or even all Americans, under tested 90 IQ $10k/yr if they get vasectomy or tubal ligation. It would pay for itself in a generation. Getting rid of the worst 20% of their would-be descendants would go a long way. I could live with Colin Powell, but not with LarQuavious. I know, politically impossible, Hitler, etc, but it would help if tried.

      • John R

        Oh, yes. Eugenics. That was a good idea, but sadly, got dismissed sometime in the mid-20th century. “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” (I remember the quote, sorry, forgot who said it.)

        • Brian

          Oliver Wendell Holmes, supreme court judge.

          • John R

            Thank you!

  • The solution requires energizing ordinary blacks to take more
    responsibility for personal safety–not, as is almost always the case,
    demanding that “somebody else” solve the problem.

    The same “ordinary blacks” that don’t snitch and nullify jury verdicts? Yeah, there’s a laugh.

    Let me suggest that the most effective and politically viable solution is neighborhood watch–armies of unarmed George Zimmermans.

    Filled with the same blacks that don’t snitch and nullify jury verdicts. This has already been tried in Chicago. Look up “Operation Cease Fire.” It has been a big flop.

    Does neighborhood watch reduce crime?…Much clearly depends on program administration–for example, volunteer
    diligence. But the bottom line is that when neighborhood watch programs
    are properly administered, crime drops.

    Much clearly depends on whether there are any white people (even “white Hispanics”) in the watch program. They don’t feel the need not to snitch.

    Note well, the sheriff’s office suggests that volunteers carry no weapons and avoid Zimmerman-like confrontations.

    In other words, let Shitavious and Trayvon mow you down.

    Ironically, local gang-bangers might earn money alerting the police about rivals who invade their turf.

    Oh, there’s a clever idea: Permit the official justice system to be a bludgeon that one group of thug gang bangers uses to take out members of rival gangs.

    Of greater significance, neighborhood watch projects might jump-start a more encompassing shift away from Washington-manufactured debilitating passivity.

    The only thing Washington debilitates is white people solving the problem once and for all.

    But, all this being said, what if this “get-them-to-take-responsibility” effort, like similar past initiatives, fails?

    If all else fails, then start naming Africanus Bellcurvius.

    the only viable option remaining would be a drift toward racial segregation

    Ugh! You mean to tell me those seggies had a point? Is the author of this piece validating one of QD’s axioms that most things happen for a sane, rational reason even if you don’t agree with that reason?

    Crime-infested areas will become no-go zones.

    That ship has already sailed.

    • Oil Can Harry

      QD, I can’t add anything to your evisceration. The author actually thinks that the same shiftless community that won’t work for pay will voluntarily patrol the streets out of civic duty, snitching on the players and hustlers they idolize to the police they hate.

      Weissberg’s a good writer who had an off day.

      • MBlanc46

        I can’t attest to your second paragraph. Your first paragraph is spot on.

    • Sick of it

      We need armed neighborhood watch groups.

  • Evette Coutier

    it’s easy to fix the violence crime in America. Make it legal to defend ourselves again. Pass a simple law that states that if anyone physically attacks you, it is legal to shoot them dead. Pass a federal law that says all states must issue concealed carry permits.

    • alex

      It’s already legal in most states.

    • CoweringCoward

      Why not just remove impediments to constitutional rights? Allow all who have not lost the right through legitimate common law proceedings to carry where, when and what they want. Every human has teeth and fists which can kill, so by limiting weapons you just guarantee the big or young or strong EAT the little, old or weak.

    • We already have such a federal law, the Second Amendment: “…the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

  • kjh64

    In order to stop Black violence, there would have to be stop and frisk on every corner in Black neighborhoods, a huge police presence on every corner and long sentences for Blacks who shoot or carry illegal weapons. What are the chances that is going to happen?

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Jeez…how much does it cost to deal with these brutal morons?

    Black churches once served to tamp down natural Bantu proclivities, but the 60’s ended that. Also violent White peckerwoods helped from time to time as well…

  • Speaking of neighborhood watch, this poster is being put up in parts of St. Louis. The only hitch is that the ghetto thugs responsible for the problems which this poster wants to deter probably don’t have the ability to read the poster. It’s a big pic, click to enlarge.

    • Xerxes22

      That neighborhood watch group will be sued by some alphabet organization. They will be accused of profiling, vigilantism, racism and encouraging the murder of innocent Black children. I assume the neighborhood is mostly White. Also, Holder and his gang will investigate to make sure that his people’s civil rights are not violated.

      • Spartacus

        It’s a mostly black neighborhood, you can tell by the sign’s spelling and (lack of) punctuation .

        • No, white people wrote it. The neighborhood itself is a mix between native whites, Bosnians (late 1990s refugees) and encroaching blacks. The Bosnians actually stopped the encroachment of the ghetto, at least for awhile.

          • Spartacus

            Ah, Bosnians… Well, don’t worry, I’m sure Obama’s HUD will diversify the place soon enough, and those Bosnians are gonna wish they stayed in Bosnia .

          • robinbishop34

            There was recently a news report of Bosnian transplants being targeted by black criminals.

          • robinbishop34

            Lemay, Melville?

          • That’s where they’re starting to move, the Bosnians, to escape the undertow, and to avoid the SLPS. Then the SLPS will have their accreditation taken away again, which means…

          • robinbishop34

            I could tell you some stories. I’m a WC girl but…

          • Sick of it

            Bosnian Serbs? Muslims? Croats?

          • Bosnian Muslims. Funny thing is that while a lot of them look like what you think they would look like, some look absolutely Teutonic, right down to the blond hair and the St. Louis suburban boy or girl next door look.

          • Sick of it

            It’s not the ethnic aspect but that they’re muslims. They’ve been in an ethno-religious war with white Christians in Bosnia for some time now.

      • ms_anthro

        Which is why these groups must have no identifiable leadership. If there’s no one to sue, nothing can be done about it.

        Think cells working independently toward a common goal, not a monolithic tree that can be cut at the roots.

  • sbuffalonative

    After the Zimmerman verdict, one of our black council members succeeded in passing a new resolution that requires members of neighborhood watches to go through training programs. He doesn’t want any George Zimmerman making things difficult for black criminals:

    The Council adopted a resolution, sponsored by Ellicott District Council Member Darius G. Pridgen, requesting that every Neighborhood Watch Organization and Block Club recognized by the City of Buffalo conduct training by December 31, 2013 and that the Board of Block Clubs in collaboration with the Commission on Citizens’ Rights & Community Relations and the Department of Citizen Services prepare the required training for the organizations.

    • Tarczan

      Zim had all the training he needed. He was able to put one in young Saint Skittles when required.

  • Spartacus

    That’s all fine and good mister WEISSBERG(read the name out loud twice) but you’re forgetting one thing – such neighborhood watches would be formed of blacks, hence they’d be doomed to fail from the start, just like any black country/city/town/neighborhood/adminstration/company/tribe/etc. has ever done .

    • Irishgirl

      Gosh, you don’t think they’d be corrupt, do you?

  • Johnnie Walker

    Jewish Idealism. We are talking about closed communities. The violence is accepted as a cultural reality. Snitching = DEATH. The black community has been enabled to live outside of social norms for 40 years, two generations. The damage is done, the undoing will take another 40 years but it will not be pursued, nor can it. The increasing levels of violence will alienate all but the most progressive of liberals while we all struggle to merely survive the Holocaust that has been brought upon us by misguided policy. A man needs to work, it promotes social interaction, provides a grounding influence, brings him outside his self and surroundings, into the world.

  • David Ashton

    “Statistically and sociologically, proportionately more crimes are committed by Negroes than by whites.” That was Daniel Bell writing in 1961. What happened in the USA during the intervening decades?

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Lynchings stopped and welfare started…

      • David Ashton

        According to a carefully documented study by Prof. Dwight D. Murphey (1995), lynching was common in the West before the War Between the States. It was never confined to the South, nor only to blacks. Between 1882 and 1968 an estimated 3,445 victims were black, but 1,297 white. Even white women were lynched. There were cases of blacks being lynched for murdering other blacks. Lynching declined well before the post-WW2 “Civil Rights” movement.

        • John R

          Right. The “Civil Rights Movement” (actually, the great Negro Uprising) did NOT end lynching. The ending of lynching allowed the movement to occur.

          • David Ashton

            Yet lynching, like segregation, was used as plausible propaganda by supporters of desegregation among blacks and others, with eventual legislative success. How many blacks and their sympathisers would need to have been killed to prevent or halt the movement for “civil rights”?

            Personally I am totally against murder and in favour of due process irrespective of race. What about you, Mr R?

    • BarnyL

      That’s why the politically correct Nazis won’t live amongst them.

  • pcmustgo

    Seems some blond was kidnapped by a black guy down in Dallas yesterday… some teens helped get her free. She’s safe now.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Black crime will always be a problem. It is what blacks are. Just let whites go to their own country. No blacks allowed. Problem solved

    • Evette Coutier

      Let blacks go to their own country.

      • 1proactive2

        Whites would have to have a very strong border fence with armed citizens to keep the blacks out. Sure, they hate us, but they want to live off us. Blacks follow Whites around the country like children. Wherever Whites move, the Nubians are quick to follow.

        • IstvanIN

          Blacks are like feral cats, feed them and they will come back for more. Before you know it you’re whole backyard is filled with’em.

        • CoweringCoward

          I don’t think there would be any shortage of border guards either. If this ever went down, I wanna sign up for it RIGHT NOW.

          • Sick of it

            I’d volunteer to protect our borders right now if the government wouldn’t intervene.

      • watling

        They’ve tried that but discovered that black countries are dysfunctional so instead they live in white countries where they can moan about being oppressed by white racists.

  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    In other words blacks are indeed a real PROBLEM for society and the races are not just alike behaviorally. Thank you very much.

  • Jenkem Huffington

    We have a pretty good “neighborhood watch” here. All the neighbors are armed and most of us open carry. Of course it doesn’t hurt that there’s not more than 3 mud ducks in the county. I don’t think a Zulu war party would get too far up my street.

    • Sick of it

      They go into white areas FROM OTHER STATES with large, armed groups in order to break into homes and steal everything.

      • Jenkem Huffington

        They are primitive hunter-gatherers looking for low hanging fruit. I assure you there’s no easy pickin’s up in my neighborhood.

  • Global Minority

    What do about black crime? Really? Seperate. Bring Jom Crow laws back. Get a gun…..

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Large cash prizes — immediately conveyed to a recipient after he/she exhibits a desired behavior — can profoundly increase the frequency of a desired behavior.

    Weissberg’s idea is a good one. The devil is in the details, of course. The large cash incentives (prizes really) would have to be externally administrated by someone of high integrity and intelligence.

    This administrator would have to have power in the social and behavioral sphere of the same magnitude as a bankruptcy judge in the financial sphere. The judge is, after all, administering a morally and socially bankrupt community, trying to get it on its feet again in terms of its social norms.

    A behavioral administrator with so much control over their lives would likely not be acceptable to the residents of crime-ridden communities. But Weissberg’s idea ought to be explored and thoroughly tested in a few high-crime jurisdictions where residents are sufficiently fed-up with their circumstances to try the idea.

  • IstvanIN

    Blacks constitute 14% of the population but commit murder at 7 to 8 times the white rate. I wonder what the black versus Non-Hispanic rate is? 20 times?

    For those unaware the white rate includes Hispanics.

    • watling

      The feds wouldn’t dare separate out the whites-only stats. The truth would be just too incendiary to be made public.

      There’s a whole libtard industry tapping into the rich seam of white guilt; guilt that would disappear overnight if the truth about the colour of crime leaked out.

  • 1proactive2

    Stop it at the roots? Then stop financing it at both the state and federal level. Stop all welfare to include SSI payments to all but those who have earned it through paying into the system and have retired.

    Stop paying girls when they have children – in or out of wedlock. Without money to sustain their irresponsible birthing and subsequent criminal lifestyle, they will be starved out and at least some of the black girls will learn to keep their legs closed. Some of them, anyway.

    End all voting rights for anyone on government assistance. This would end “voting for a living.”

    Cut capital gains taxes to 7%. Cut income taxes to 11% of one’s yearly income. Russia charges that rate, and their economy has taken off without letup. Drill for oil where ever it is found on U.S. soil. The jobs will sprout faster than weeds in springtime. The quality of life will go up for those who want to work.

    Lastly, summary executions for blatant savagery witnessed on the streets, and these, for 5 years straight. If you catch 20 or even 50 black males “polar bear hunting” aka, “knockout king”, which is assaulting whites (and gays, asians, or hispanics), then the blacks will die. They have killed many people across the country with this “game”. Read; “White Girl Bleed a Lot” by Colin Flannery. Black assaults are now epidemic.

    China has done this for decades with impressive results. Sorry, but I’m not a metro-sexual male, and thus I would meet crime with a greater and conclusive response.

    It will be messy for a month or so, but even the most savage ghetto crawler would get the message. A rotting corpse tends to be an attention-getter, especially when it is draped in bling and the latest athletic shoes. End the practice completely after 5 years, but threaten to re-implement these responses again if the crime re-manifests.

    End of the black crime problem.

    • 1proactive2


  • MBlanc46

    “[T]urning thousands of currently terrified residents into bounty hunters”. Right. Pay blacks to shoot each other. That will really reduce the murder rate. The author did better on his second try: “[T]he only viable option remaining would be a drift toward racial segregation”.

  • guest

    I’m convinced the only solution is to permanently remove Blacks from White Society. The only useful bit of information I got from this article was the Ghetto Tracker website. I needed that.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Sort of, kind of. I mean, seriously, if it were just stupidity sans brutal violence it would be one thing. Like my cats…no wait, they’re pretty violent. I was going to say that cats are stupid but that’s cute because they don’t try to kill me, but guess bird and squirrel holocaust makes cats pretty violent too. Still…

    When I say sort of, I mean this…

    To all basically law abiding blacks who are sick of living in what should be a lot more pleasant places based on the material standard of living (I lived in a barrio in Central America that was materially poor but a pretty safe place to live. Relative deprivation is a cop-out IMO):

    Abandon your idiotic, brutal, co-racialists. They make your lives unbearable too, probably more than most Whites. They serve as a constant DRAG DOWN. Invite the police into your communities and PRAY they blow away your evil, moronic, co-racialists. Support stand your ground laws, legally purchase firearms, and blow away your violent, idiotic, co-racialists when they try to victimize you.

    Within a decade the remaining black population would likely have a statistically significantly higher IQ and who knows? Like medieval plague survivors, they might have it a lot better…

    • haroldcrews

      That would work but it is unlikely to happen. Even those good, hard working law abiding Black people have children or cousins or nieces or nephews who are thugs and they aren’t going to continence any sort of harsh crackdown on their family members by the legal system.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        I hate to say it, especially to someone like MRI, who I genuinely like, but…

        The lynchings stopped and…look at the numbers regarding black on white crime…

        We have to organize. Neighborhood watch/gun/martial arts/social clubs…for Whites? Dunno. Just woke up, gotta go…

        • stewball

          A few years ago 3 israelis accidently entered an arab village and were lynched. One of the wives phoned her husband and an Arab answered and told hershe now lidtr to her husband as he died. Israeli arabs are allowed into any town in israel with no problem. They can do their shopping with no problem. The wonen

          • NeanderthalDNA

            How you guys deal is your business IMO. I used to be a weeper and gnasher of teeth regarding to poor persecuted Palestinian Arabs when I was a liblefty (kind of part of the script, even if one is Jewish) but since my enlightenment, in terms of the “Palestinian struggle against the oppressive Zionist regime” and all that histrionic jibber jabber…

            No more sympathy. I see them rioting and screaming and throwing rocks and I have little but contempt.

            Israel is a civilized and (truly) progressive nation, a bulwark of Western Civilization under assault by Africanized hordes of Muslim Arabs, may always be.

            Many here will take exception to my analysis (and stridently, lol) but I assert several things…

            1. The West began in the Middle East. I suspect that the modern Semite (mainly speaking in terms of Arab non-Jew Semite), especially Muslim, is not the same as the Ancient Semites who lived prior to HEAVY Muslim importation of 70 average IQ Bantus as slaves. I don’t know, but I suspect pre-Muslim Phoenecians, Assyrians, Hebrews, etc., as well as non-Semitic, non-Aryan populations (the Kassites and Sumerians, for example) of the area represented a “high Semite” (nothing to do with hashish, lol) that was…different from most of today’s Arab.

            2. Old High Semites, Aryans, and autochthonous folk of the M.E. formed the basis of the West back when the ME was the West, culturally. This kernel of culture and tradition bumped around the Middle East for millenia before bumping up to Greece, flowering, bumping back around the Middle East, eventually bumping to Rome and Europe…

            So, after hundreds of years of Africanizing Islamic influence, to me Zionism represents a modern form of Western “crusade”…a strike-back by the West, the Judeo-Christian-Enlightenment West, against the creeping tide of Africanized decay and rot known as Islam AND what I call libleftyism.

            What were we talking about originally? First hours of the first day off in over two weeks, lol…

          • stewball

            What the west calls the ‘occupied territories’ is land won fair and square in a war that we didn’t start. They also seem to forget that we are the only democratic country in the M.E. yet they all love

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Our country has it in our head we are the international beat cop, and in large degree we are. Has something to do with keeping the dollar as the default international currency. I personally hope we don’t get involved in Syria, disengage rationally from our world cop role.

            But you guys…giving that land back is tantamount to giving Texas back to Mexico…or the entire country to the “Indians”, whoever they are…

            Though you guys have a lot more “Indians” and the war isn’t over. Comanches – you read that article here about them? Good one.

          • stewball

            I’m afraid Obama has lost America the respect you once had from the world. He has nobodies ‘back’ as he likes to insist, especially Israel’s which is a laugh and a half. He only has his own back, not even yours. The whole world thinks we ‘owe’ the Palestiniansfor ttrying to throw us into the sea as they used to say. Now it’s wipe us off the face of the Earth and in new Palestine no Jews will be allowed to live there. And the world stays silent. Imagen if we were to threaten the arabs the same way! Then the USA et al would go to war against us. This tiny little country that can be traversed in one day.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            We played our game in Egypt and it almost went “world caliphate”. We want to play in Syria? That’s what Israel needs to worry about.

            Actually the best option for Israel, us, the world, in the big pic, might be to let Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia fight it out for Syria for a while. Israel hunkers down, continues to dig in and prepare.

          • stewball

            Oh I agree 100%. Any time America goes into a middle Eastern country we get hit. Sadaam hit us with scuds desert storm. Who will it be if you hit Syria. Let them all kill each other. Meanwhile israeli woman are in Syria dealing out food, necessities, medicine, clothes, home stuff. And they know they’re in danger. In fact we have teams in most countries that don’t have diplomatic relations with us.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        Combined with “free” (publicly funded) tubal ligations and vasectomies for chronic welfare entitlees…hmmm…

  • Jefferson

    Half of the population of St. Louis is made up of Bantus. St. Louis is a Black cancer located in a mostly White state that is Missouri.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Agreed. Why should fed up Whites get involved in stopping black on black crime? It BENEFITS us to have the black population culled. As for this no snitching code, I’m sure if blacks were able to rat out a homie anonymously while collecting a $$$$ reward they would have no qualms about it.

  • BarnyL

    Be better to name it the Black Watch.

    • skara_brae

      Nemo Me Impune Lacessit. Motto of the Black Watch. “No one provokes me with impunity”. Perfect.

      • BarnyL

        Glad you like it skara_brae.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Genocide isn’t necessary. Blacks are dependent on Whites for survival, so if Whites totally disengaged from blacks their population would necessarily decline– especially in Africa. Blacks tremble at the thought that Whites should stop charity and cut off life support and leave them to manage on their own. Imagine– blacks could no longer expect whitey to assist or interfere in any way. Blacks could no longer depend on White people to rescue them from starvation, disease, or violent conflict with other blacks. Observe nature take its course once whites allow blacks to swim or sink on their own.

    • CoweringCoward

      Blacks have been like a “pit bull piggy bank”, America feeds it, keeps it in a nice place and it constantly bites us for our troubles.

      To just quit tending to and enabling this garbage is NOT GENOCIDE.

      • NeanderthalDNA

        “Free” (publicly funded) vasectomies and tubal ligations for welfare recipients. Raise the bastards you got, parasites.

  • DerekaGrandon

    I actually am concerned and care very much about black-on-White crime and non-Whites on White. I couldn’t give a monkey’s turd less about crimes they commit among themselves. In fact, the more the better.

    NYPD: Man Brain-Dead Following Random Rampage In Union Square
    Witness: Suspect Vowed To Attack ‘Next White Person Who Walks By’


  • negrolocaust

    “Several minutes after Potts
    sat down to supportive applause, Peter Widstrand — Ray Widstrand’s
    father — took the microphone to thank everyone present, adding, “I
    think poverty has more to do with this than anything. … It’s difficult
    to raise a child in this world.”

    sadly i pasted the quote above from the father of ray widstrand. ray was beaten close to death by a group of 50 blacks for sport is still in a coma and may never recover and this is the shameful cowardly disgraceful statement his dad made at a meeting after this happened to ray. peter widstrand you make me sick and you are what is wrong with this country and why blacks have no fear in beating random whites to death as just happened again today at union station new york.

    • Major

      The poor man suffers from Reginald Denny syndrome. Like most self hating guilty whites.

      Go ahead…beat me, rob me, rape my wife, my daughters, beat me senseless…yes…it’s Ok because you’ve “suffered” so much in the past 50 years. I deserve it….please forgive me for being so white and insensitive.

  • John R

    The solution to the black crime problem? First, label it correctly: We have a BLACK CRIME PROBLEM! Not a problem of guns, bad schools, poor economy, etc. The article is very bold on admitting that, and when the media (if that day ever comes) more often label the problem, we will already be halfway to the solution. But, and I have said this on other posts, the article continues the PC talk of blacks targeting “other innocent blacks.” That is total B.S. Black criminals target Whites, and the only innocent blacks are the ones who get caught in the crossfire of disputes between violent black criminals. About half of the victims of black criminals are White. And the only reason that percentage is not higher is because most Whites make conscious decisions in their lives to avoid blacks as much as possible. Now the article is even so bold to admit that the incarceration rate of blacks has vastly increased from the 1960’s to today. Very bold admission. Now, all that is needed is to CONNECT THE DOTS: What about our society has changed from 1960 until today that has affected black criminality? I will leave my fellow readers here to fill in the blanks. Thanks.

    • Jack Burton

      No, we have a black problem, period, crime is just one of the symptoms. They’re a genetic plague, used as biological warfare against us.

  • [Guest]

    The following is from an article called “Non-Black America Experiences a Paradigm Shift” by John Ross:

    …Non-black citizens don’t identify at all with the violent criminals that share their ethnicity. The fact that blacks in America seem to sympathize with black thugs and don’t publicly condemn them for their crimes leads non-blacks to one conclusion: for blacks, being black trumps all other legal, moral, and ethical considerations.

    That, despite an element of wishful thinking, is well put, I think.

  • odious liberal

    Much easier to move to a all white neigbhorhood, Neigbhor patrols and volunteering take away valuable BET veiwing time.

  • libertarian1234

    It’s the white weenies who are our greatest enemies.

    No society we could ever have would succeed unless they are eliminated.

  • CharlesFinley

    Groidageddon is well under way.

    • CoweringCoward

      They do seem to be in full meltdown down they?

  • John R

    When we discuss crime, and other forms of social dysfunction, as these relate to race, I am reminded of a line, uttered by Jackie Gleason, in the old movie “Requiem For A Heavyweight” to a social worker, who was trying to help an ex-prize fighter: “…you don’t know the breed; you put clothes on an ape and think you can make him a dancing partner.” That pretty much sums up America’s race problem over the last fifty years.

  • Spartacus
  • NorthSea

    See John Derbyshire’s “The Talk”

  • MBlanc46

    Not practical, but a very thought-provoking suggestion.

    • Major

      Oh Gawd…how I wish it were so.

  • tegendeler

    Blacks. Killing blacks, who cares?
    Don’t worry, they are the new neanderthalers, lot’s of sound and fury, but that’s about IT.
    And where are those original Neandethalers now?

    • Jack Burton

      Black-on-black crime is actually a positive, it keeps their population in check.

      It’s also understandable, if you were raised by blacks and lived around blacks, you’d want to kill them too.

  • tegendeler


  • A Freespeechzone

    Put a wall around the black areas & let them ‘govern’ themselves—Darwinism.

    As long as they stay behind the wall–I honestly don’t care what happens.

  • Bud Smith

    What to Do About Black Crime? Simple, keep it away from the rest of us. A significant number of blacks have proven themselves to be dangerous predators. Although it may be an interesting study figuring out why many are dangerous predators, it’s reasonable to keep most blacks segregated away until a solution is found.

    Also, are mestizos and arabs included in the “white” group when calculating the 7 to 8 times the white rate figure?

  • Spartacus

    I replaced the dot in the link with “(DOT)” so I can skip moderation .

  • Jenkem Huffington
  • Alexandra1973

    I have an idea.
    Death penalty for rape and murder.
    Deportation to sub-Saharan Africa for other crimes.
    If this is implemented, what do you think our black population will be in a few years?

  • Hans Schneider

    Canada has a novel solution. It brings in more unemployable blacks

  • MBlanc46

    Not practical because they’re US citizens. They can’t be deported and no other country would take them. They’d never get past immigration. They’d be on the first plane back. As fantastic as it is to imagine an America without them, it’s just that: a fantasy. Our forebears brought them here and cursed us with them. We have no choice but to confront the problem they present and devise a workable solution.

  • MBlanc46

    The idea of using blacks as the punishment for other blacks, I can get behind. As I understand it, our prison system works that way to a great extent, as it is. I’m not ready to give up on Detroit yet, so I’d like to hold off on that aspect of it. And in general, I wonder about the whole idea of deterrence with blacks. For something to be a deterrent, the subject has got to make a connection between his behavior and the proposed deterrent. Blacks are very good at making those long-range connections. And you’ve got to have self-control to keep yourself from committing the crime, even if you do see the causal connection between the behavior and punishment. And blacks have self-control deficits