Migrant Migraine? ‘London Will Look Like Islamabad in 50 Years’

Russia Today, February 12, 2013

Recent studies in Britain suggest the country’s most rapidly growing demographic is Muslim. And the trend’s stirring trouble with native Brits, who say their government’s too scared to face the problems caused by the immigration boom. RT’s Polly Boiko went to investigate.

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  • Why don’t you british serfs just go ahead and give your island to the muslims already? I just do not want any of you coming to my country. I have no use for white people who are unwilling to fight for what is supposed to be theirs.

  • Ulick

    When people strike back the governments who refused to listen and take action will be to blame.

  • concernedcollegekid

    Diversity in Europe is so much harder for me to stomach than diversity in the U.S. I understand people saying whites don’t have a claim to the U.S. because we’re not indigenous to here, but if whites don’t have a full claim to Europe, then we have a full claim to nowhere. And since many of our genes are recessive, not having our own countries means we will, over the long term, disappear.

    Some people think whites disappearing wouldn’t be a bad thing. Those people should take a look at “Human Accomplishment” by Charles Murray.

    I was in Amsterdam a while back and got hit on a lot by African men (which there were many of there). I did not go to Amsterdam to get hit on by African men. I asked one of them where he was originally from, and he said “Amsterdam”. Also, a man of some indeterminate dark-skinned ethnicity followed me most of the way back to my hostel on a motorcycle one evening, saying I was beautiful and begging me to come home with him. I got so fed up that I started yelling (non-racial, although it was tempting) insults at him and some other white tourists heard what was going on, laughed, and cheered me on. The guy got embarrassed and left.

    I don’t hate non-white people. But I hate how society thinks I’m a Horrible Person and a White Supremacist for looking at beautiful Amsterdam and at the behavior and the sheer number of immigrants and thinking “these people don’t belong here”. How did it get to this point? How??

    • Mark

      Solutreans were the first people to inhabit the Americas; Asians came 1000’s of years later and committed genocide against the Europeans who were already here.

      • fuzzypook

        I don’t think it was genocide. I think they mingled with the Asians and were bred out. Notice Eastern and North Eastern tribes are lighter than Western and South Western Indians. But what do I know, it’s just a guess.

        • rightrightright

          There would be DNA traces. As I understand it, none has been found.

      • StillModerated

        There’s archaeological evidence the Celtic peoples had settlements on the banks of the Arkansas River in Texas way back in 500 AD. That’s pretty far inland.

      • concernedcollegekid

        All these people are getting annoyed that I said whites have more of a claim to Europe than to the U.S. and I want to say that I do think whites have more of a claim to the U.S. than any other group does just because we were the ones who made this land into an actual country and wrote a Constitution and stuff, and also because there simply aren’t that many American Indians around anymore (I would feel differently if they were a majority here and yeah I know they came from Asia). Also, I think a majority-non-white U.S. will be a disaster for most people living here now. We should never have let what happened with Mexican immigration happen, and we should never have subsidized black people (or anyone) to have children they couldn’t afford. I’m fine with some diversity in the U.S. as long as it assimilates into the European-created culture, supports its own children, and plays by our rules. I’m fine with earned diversity in the U.S. in other words, but not “multicultural” diversity for diversity’s sake.
        Europe should be for indigenous Europeans though. We should have at least one place for us to preserve the white genotype.

        • good luck with keeping France Europeans. Blacks africans immigrants openly calls for death of white people in France http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSubcoKZFfo

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Thanks for posting this. EVERYONE MUST VIEW THIS!

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I agree with you all the way around. I also think that the other posters bring out good points as well. But the fact is that Amerinds (and other “Indian nations” here could not have expected to remain isolated in their stone age state while the rest of the world advanced into modern civilization. It’s human destiny, (wherever that is leading) and pretending that some people have a special right to go on living (or pretending) as if they are still living in the stone age is not just ridiculous, it opens them to the sort of catastrophes that often afflict the reservations here. On the other hand, i DO think it is valuable for ALL racial and ethnic groups to remember their cultures and keep as many traditions alive as if possible. The chief problem for whites is that they had their indigenous beliefs and practices pounded out of them for centuries by Christianity, which provides a phony culture that is actually from the Middle East and Middle East focused. So whites began to loose their indigenous identities very early on. I think this is one reason at least, why so often, whites “go native” that is, take on foreign cultures as their own and are so easily seduced into them.

    • Veritas_lux_mea

      A Belgian girl made a documentary about this which I’m sure you can relate to.


      Just like the sex gangs in Britain, the rapists in Sweden etc., they are animals who have no remorse about harassing and raping white women, who their religion tells them are theirs to take and use as they please. I’m sorry all the white men around, if there were any, were too lily-livered and cowardly to stand up for you.

      • concernedcollegekid

        That was indeed relatable. I have a handful of “black guys who LITERALLY would not take no for an answer, to the point where I had to physically run away and duck into a building” stories. Incidentally, none of my “guys who would not take no for an answer” stories are about non-black men. Most races at least understand that they’ve been rejected, but black guys will get accusatory and say things like “but I feel a ‘connection’ with you and it’s wrong for you to refuse to get to know me” (that’s a real example) and when you tell them that you already said no and won’t change your mind they just won’t accept it. They don’t get embarrassed, just indignant. They think they have a right to you and if you say no to them your position is somehow fundamentally wrong. I want to acknowledge that not all black men are like this, but the more pure African (as opposed to part-white African-American) they look, the more they tend to act this way.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Good for you! Most race thinking in college seems to be training whites how to hate themselves and thereby twist any input regarding race away from the painfully obvious. Sometimes it is what it appears to be, you know? No big high falootin’ three dollar word strewn justification needed. Except to invalidate reality.

          But this article and the one preceding it reminded me of kind of an obverse version of that movie, “V”. I used to really like it, but the reality in Britain today is just the opposite. It’s not the “fascist racist” EWM’s (evil white men, like me) destroying their country…it’s the liblefty cultral Marxist EWM’s and all who ascribe to that genocidal insanity that are destroying them.

          God Bless the BNP and EDL. Wish they’d get someone a little more skilled (BNP) in how to deal with a hostile democratic totalitarian establishment. Someone like Mr. Taylor here…

          But now I kind of hate that movie. Too bad, Natalie is gorgeous and movie is well made. Change the nature of the totalitarian state toward it’s current form, and base it in an ethnically realistic future Britain, and then we have something.

          Eurabia. The dystopic future is now!

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          This was going on back in the 60s when I was in high school. If a white girl refused a black’s advances, he yelled, “You’re prejudiced!” That quickly got abbreviated to “You prej!,…” no kidding.

          From what I’ve been able to gather, reading up on the race riots that occurred during both WW1 and WW2, they ALL began when black men, who had moved North (or West) to fill jobs for war time production, harassed white women. Often, an actual rape is what started the riots. Detroit had one in 1942-3, and so began its long history of race riots there, but there was one in Philadelphia during WW1.

          If a white man retaliates alone, he usually gets beat up by a mob of blacks. If he retaliates successfully, it is a “hate crime.” Feminism has put white women out on their own and they often have grown mean, taking questionable self-defense classes and such from a “new” industry that tells women they can take care of matters themselves. (Note, a drunken or drugged assailant is easy to counter, but a sober one is far more dangerous). The point to this is my observation that the South seems to have had the right idea with their Jim Crow Laws. Keeping a tight lid on black activities kept blacks both out of trouble and able to be tolerated. The big problem is, as the old saying goes, “The horse is long gone from the barn.” It is very difficult to reverse this situation at this point and if it ever is, it will take a long time and perhaps some serious catastrophe to initiate it.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        It’s not that white men are cowards, it is that their Feminist dominated, left wing societies has made it impossible, as it has here in the U.S. It was Feminism and Socialism that killed Chivalry, and it is a return to Chivalry that would turn the tide. However, it requires more than men to open doors and let “ladies go first,” (something early Feminists took full advantage of); it requires women to fulfill their roles, as well. But our Western society is so twisted out of shape that it is unlikely, without a major cataclysm to force the return as a necessity for survival.

    • Pro-me

      If you think the interest in white women and men by non-whites is bad in Amsterdam you should visit a country that is majority non-white. I spent several years in a third world country and the locals were infatuated with my European features. They would always compliment me on my blue eyes. This is no exaggeration, many of the Americans that I was with were propositioned to have children with the women in order that they could have offspring that were fair and blue-eyed. I don’t think many whites realize that they have something unique and coveted by much of the darker races of the planet. Like you said, many of these genes for these phenotypes are recessive and will disappear in the future.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        We are special, that is why “diversity” hates us so much. They have been invited into our lands, given access to every aspect of our society, allowed to live among us freely. Yet when they look in the mirror, they still see an ugly third-worlder staring back at them.

        • rightrightright

          Blonde blued eyed women got the highest price in muslim slave markets.

    • Personally, I don’t feel any imperative to “stomach diversity” here either, because the founding documents and spirit thereof carried no racially egalitarian demands or imperative.

    • IstvanIN

      whites don’t have a claim to the U.S. because we’re not indigenous to here,

      At what point do a people become indigenous? How many years or centuries must a people inhabit a piece of land to become indigenous? Is there a particular period of time? What if the non-indigenous people are the one’s who founded both the society and the nation they currently inhabit, when do they become indigenous? Please tell me because I feel that people of British/Northern European heritage are the indigenous people of the US and Canada.

      PS: Thanks folks for allowing my Hungarian forebears to come here and partake of your great culture and society. I appreciate it, as does my American family.

    • dave

      there are a lot Indians from Suriname there as well.

    • Asterion

      Almost every country is ruled by a “non-indigenous” population, if by that term you mean a nation which supplanted another. Algeria used to be Berber, not Arab; Taiwan, Malay instead of Han Chinese; Bantu pushed the Xhoisan out of most of southern Africa, etc. Even in North America you find. for instance, the Lakota taking the Black Hills from the Cheyenne, who in turn took that land from the Kiowa. So, have a care for Americans, and please don’t try to discredit our claim to our own land.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I feel the same way. It was always my dream to tour Europe and see my ancestral homelands. Then I found out Europe is full of diversity. It would pain me too much to see London, Paris and Berlin full of blacks and muslims. I’d rather look at old pictures and video footage of White Europe.

      • EggsBenediction

        I wanted to move to paris until quite recently, as I always just visited the city centre. It is still beautiful, diversity but it is still great – but driving from town to the airport I was literally struck dumb with horror: blocks and blocks and blocks of nothing but africans and muslims, looking angry, pissing in the street. Horrific – you would be encircled by them living in the nice downtown. And this is Paris, this is a white mans jewel of a city – it is gone already.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Me too, but doing it also makes me very sad. I just viewed my WW1 documentary films earlier this week. The really tragic thing is that it didn’t really have to happen, and no one thought it would, but they simply did not understand the power of the new and badly appreciated war technology that would change the expected small set of skirmishes into something no one could have imagined. However, a few historians have commented that although a few European nations had observers present during our Civil War, Europe learned nothing from it. Our CW is cited as the first modern war, due to the effects of both technology and how the war was waged (especially by the North).

    • liberalsuck

      Good for you, ma’am! I wish more whites had your strength. The thing is, I’ve ran into more white women (like you) who are more aggressive with ‘multicultural individuals’ than most white guys I’ve met. The only white men I’ve met who will vocally politically unPC are old men at the end of their lives and they plain just don’t give a rip what people think.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        That would be me.

      • Triarius

        In my late 20s and vocal. Most of my friends are aware and I call out liberals all the time, except at work.

  • splitsing

    What will it take to make whites unapologetic about their culture, their history and their future?

    • anonymous

      A total collapse of the system and when white people’s loved ones and family are being threatened by multiculturalism and these white men realize they have no choice but to fight.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Perhaps it will begin when they locate it again. I mean that they must throw off all the vestiges of Christianity, which was never a European cultural development, but a scourge on Europe perpetrated by Rome and then others (Protestants). Europeans need to get their own indigenous spirituality back. Only then, can they cleanly assert the right to exist and hold their culture and lands. I know, the responses always come, but there is no real argument against this idea, just those whites who cannot find a way to separate themselves from their personal and cultural brainwashing, a process that began two thousand years ago and was done with all the weapons of barbaric war. Today in Europe, Christian culture combines with Social Marxism to provide a double whammy of stultification. It is going to take a lot to overcome that, but one can’t help but try and hope.

      • I disagree totally! I lived in Europe. Christianity is the religion that made Europe great. It is everywhere in their languages, their literature, their art, education, music, etc… You cannot have one without the other my dear friend! It was Europe trying to substitute her Christian faith that Europe’s failings began. Europe with a strong Christian faith and culture went to great heights.

  • David Ashton

    Sad to say Russia Today does current affairs at great length, more seriously and more objectively than UK terrestrial TV. Give the Kaiser Report a look occasionally – “leftist”, or just good on international financial corruption, drugs laundering, etc?

  • All it takes is political will for the UK to round up all Muslims and deport them, regardless of citizenship. This is a matter of national survival. Same for the French. What’s the UN going to do about it: condemn them? Big whoop. It’s the same thing the US should do with Mexicans.

    • Vanessa

      Well, if recent history is any indication, what would happen is the U.N. would step in. First with economic sanctions and freezing financial assets, just like Iran and N Korea. Then a blockade possibly, like in Gaza, or an embargo like Cuba. Finally if the whites dug in their heals America would send in it’s troops to enforece the U.N.’s resolutions, like in the case of Iraq or Afghanistan. If it got really bad it could end up like Syria, with the U.S. and other nations providing arms and air support to immigrant rebels and then you’d see a blood bath.

      • saxonsun

        Agreed–there’s no way we’ll be allowed to cleanse our lands.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        This is the problem with the notion of policing the world and it has been coming for a long time. But I think Tony Blair ought to be put on trial soon as a means of exposing the outright traitor he acted as when he intentionally opened up the flood gates just to annoy the conservatives.

    • Runciman

      That is not conceivable. The English no longer want to defend themselves. And there is no place to deport the immigrants to btw. Do you think Pakistan will accept them? What will happen in actuality, if things get too bad, is that those who can will increasingly leave for the US, to Canada, to Australia, to New Zealand, to France, even to Germany. They will abandon their country because they cannot even conceive mentally of how to defend it any longer and they don’t see anything worth defending and their solution to the unpleasantness will be to leave. The population is disarmed. And they are suicidal as a nation. Anyone who reads the Guardian can see that. They are suicidal. They hate themselves. I travel to the UK often. The decline from 20 years ago is shocking. It is a third world country outside of a few pockets in London and the South.

  • Barrack Osama

    Every country that embraced this multiethnic garbage is going to turn into a miniature Israel. I seriously doubt you will ever get the foreign masses out of these lands. There will be conflict for decades. The only hope is vast grassroots opposition and disgust amongst the populace creating conditions that these invaders cannot bear. There is hope in self-deportation.

    The government sure as hell isn’t ever going to manage it.

  • The__Bobster

    50 years? How about now?

  • cecilhenry

    So…..get the migrants OUT.

    This is the problem the government and media don’t want a solution to.

    Non-white immigrants come IN to white countries easily, but heaven forbid they should be made to leave en masse.

    That shows you what is really wanted here: the genocide by assimilation of white people in their own nations.

  • bigone4u

    I’m laughing though my tears. I actually heard the phrase “vibrant multicultural society.” I guess vibrant always must modify multicultural these days. Except in anything I write. The buildings looked like Britain, but with the vibrant people included, the video was vibrantly scary. The vibrant politicians and their vibrant rationalizations and excuses were vibrantly scary too. For some reason I preferred Britian when it was not vibrant.

  • guest

    The crooked leaders of Britain had to have known that bringing in all these muslim immigrants was a bad idea. They knew of the problems the muslims have caused in western countries and nothing has been done about the immigration problem. They just continued to allow more muslim immigrants into the UK. This wasn’t something they had just come to realize was a problem.

    • saxonsun

      They did know; that’s the point. They deliberately destroyed Britain.

  • David Brims

    This anti immigrant piece, telling us how it actually is, wouldn’t be reported on British television. It would be ”isn’t mass immigration just wonderful ”especially from the BBC, the Black Brainwashing Commissariat .

    When the BBC presenters are all black or muslim, you know Antonio Gramci’s work is complete….

    • rightrightright

      They are already third worlders. But the Weather Man at the end of the news is generally White.

  • David Brims

    If you want to know how Britain has fallen in such a short spell, over the last 50 years, from the British Empire to a vassal state of islam, blacks and cultural marxism. Take a look at Deuteronomy 28.

    • StillModerated

      My favorite scripture — well, that and Romans Chapter 1.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Even if there was the will to expel muslims it’s not politically possible. Tony Blair sowed the seeds for civil war in England. It’s just a matter of when and who wins. That will be his legacy.

    • IstvanIN

      Getting rid of the non-British would be possible, it would be very ugly and very bloody and very destructive, but it would be possible. The Royal Navy would have to station several nuclear missile equipped submarines off the coast of the US with the real threat of using them if the US intervened, but it could be done.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        It won’t come to that. All White countries will revolt at the same time. The trigger will be economic. The US, EU and Chinese economies are so intertwined, when one goes it will take the other two with it. Once the welfare stops, diversity will riot like crazy. Then the civil wars begin all over the Western world.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I agree somewhat with this prediction as a cause. But it could occur so easily. The current circumstances all around are but a house of cards and not much would cause a second economic crash. That crash would produce a far worse scenario than the last for many reasons. Just another 9/11 could precipitate it.

      • 5n4k33y35

        You have the wrong idea. First of all, end the globalist drone assassination campaign which is focused exclusively on Islamic nations. End the occupation of Afghanistan.

        Secondly, incrementally reduce welfare to non-native UK subjects. Offer them a ticket and a lump sum to repatriate to their home countries.

        The plan requires both restraint on foreign military aggression concurrently with increasing resistance at home. This is what Anglos, Scots, Welsh and Irish have brought upon themselves by getting all their political opinions from Jews.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Lincoln wanted to return former slaves to Africa, but had to change his mind when he understood that the war had nearly bankrupted the nation and the cost of sending all those blacks back was impossible. Bullets are cheaper and what makes anyone think that all these immigrants would go quietly?

          • 5n4k33y35

            Why would government-dependent immigrants want to stay after the welfare funding is gone? Especially if that money has been reallocated as an incentive to repatriate them?

            This would compel the bulk of the immigrants to return to where they came from. The plan is to create a more competitive society so that immigrants are repelled rather than attracted. Nobody is entitled to immigrate to a nation and then live on welfare. That is nonsense.

            Why compare Europe to the America? Travel is far more affordable nowadays than it used to be.

            All that nations must do to reclaim their identity is to sever ties of international finance as much as possible. Get out of the “Eurozone”. (Europe is not a “zone”!) Then, each nation can regulate their laws and their economy to make immigration unappealing.

      • KenelmDigby

        Exactly right.
        The USA will be black and brown run by mid century. There is no doubt about that.
        One thing they will not tolerate is White Europeans being ‘unkind’ to their kin.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          It is now, in effect.

  • J.P.

    The sad and infuriating part of this story is that the white population is paying for their own demise. I watched a clip from London where this Arab maniac was calling for the overthrow of the country and he was an illegal alien with multiple wives and many children all being supported very nicely on the dole !!

    The same exact thing is going on with the Mexican invasion in the U.S.

    The Chinese are getting a good laugh over the big bad west paying for their own destruction.


    • China (actually it will be Russia) may just become the new center of Christendom and while it is at it, it’l become the center of the world and to become truly inspired.

  • Exoplanet Finder

    When they start it, we will finish it. Give it another decade, and the deportations will begin. Citizenship will be defined not by papers, but by who and what you are.

  • StillModerated

    Russia Today is the least dishonest news channel, and it’s on the air where I live, but not nationwide. However, that retread leftist halfwit Thom Hartmann should be ignored. Max Keiser makes no bones about attacking the banksters and perpetrators of financial skulduggery.

  • StillModerated

    They were warned by Enoch Powell.


  • Jackryanvb

    Russia Today is the best TV source for news from our point of view.

    Go Russia!

    • I see more hope for Russia than this poor country called the USA.

  • A. Windaus

    Why does Children of Men come to mind?

  • Sun

    “Sociologist are baffled about the number of indigenous Brits have diminished over the years..”

    Because Sociologist are idiots.

    • concernedcollegekid

      A while back someone on twitter referred to Charles Murray as a “sociologist” and he was like “I’ve been called a lot of nasty things before, but ‘sociologist’? That’s a low blow. I don’t deserve that.” LOL

  • LHathaway

    “I don’t hate non-white people. But I hate how society thinks I’m a Horrible Person and a White Supremacist for looking at beautiful Amsterdam and at the behavior and the sheer number of immigrants and thinking “these people don’t belong here”. How did it get to this point? How??”

    You started out by hating men. This has now morphed into a hate for people of color. Things have a way of turning out Ok in the end, I guess.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Yes, it is beginning to look as if more white women are finding the reality test of exposure. I noticed the trend slowly beginning (an alternative rock song called, “Where have all the Cowboys Gone?”). Not long ago, I found an essay about the aging feminists – some of them at least. There was despair in the words that described them as regretful of a late life condition, no man in their lives, no children, just other old, unhappy women. I actually know (or used to know) one very vocal and locally important Feminist in the SF area. A couple years ago I had an email exchange with her. She lamented, wishing that she could find a man to share life with now. Well, as the old New Age saying goes, “Instant Karma, what goes around, comes around.” But there is hope for the younger women out there, who while deeply influenced by Feminism are not necessarily its slaves.

  • rightrightright


    Today’s “Telegraph” front page. The treacherous Cameron has offered an open door into Britain to Indians. India’s population is about 1 billion. About one third of this total are Muslim. Hindu – Muslim – doesn’t really matter although the latter are the more toxic. The sheer weight of alien numbers means our destruction.

    • KenelmDigby

      That dirty barsteward, Cameron, solemnly promised to the British people to ‘get immigration under control’.
      He is nothing but a filthy liar, just like all the rest.

  • KenelmDigby

    I would never refer to RT as a particularly unbiased and objective source, (that said they are scarcely less biased than the BBC), and they seem to revel in running anti-British stories every day.
    That said, this particular report from RT (although, no doubt, it was intended to mock and humiliate Britain), was one of the best, ost truthful and objective TV jounalistic reports I’ve ever seen in my life about the every day actual reality of White minority London.

  • Token Finn

    I can imagine Leslie Nielsen’s ghost playing a liberal reporter and talking in a monotonous voice about the wonders of multiculturalism and the draconian attempts to stop whites as blacks are jumping through broken windows holding lianes and unibrowed arabs are sneering in the background, as roma gypsies pick the pockets of the closest white person.

  • xavier

    Knowing what I know about urban American women- I would not lift a finger to help any one of them- regardless of their race/ethnicity. Female supremacists to the core.

  • In the news on television there was a story on how Minnesota is now 17% people of color and how 31% of the babies born in MInnesota are to unwed mothers. The news program didn’t seem to be terribly alarmed. One of the people interviewed from the study was a white woman who was, well, just relating the story with a good ol’smile. I suspect she was a DWL. Anyway, they went onto discuss how Minnesota had changed since the 1960’s when Minnesota was 98% white. So, the demographics change and the catastrophe of single mother hood is only going to spell certain death of a once great state. Woman making their decisions seems to have generated a lot of problems. I never, ever would have thought I would have said such things before, but it’s true. I cannot understand a lot of women I see. I work at a hospital and there was big tatooed black guy in one of our ER rooms who was having to be checked out medically because of his psyce meds. A few moments later some trashy looking blonde walks in, obviously they are a couple. What are these woman thinking? Does she not have any concerns about having a good life? It is a nightmare. You are correct, chivalry was killed by feminism. Feminism has done wonders for the West. I guess if you also take any kind of Christian morality out as well, it will go to hell. What must white males begin to do?