Who’s Crazier? Christopher Dorner or the Country?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 13, 2013

Even a murderer gets sympathy and attention if he complains about “racism.”

The full script of the video is available here.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • Puggg

    Some ignorant race-denying libertarian types (won’t mention Lew Rockwell by name) are already comparing this to Waco.

    Big difference: Dorner murdered three people, two of them cops, by the time the relevant law enforcement agencies incinerated the cabin. Waco involved rumors of grenade possession and child molestation on the part of the leader of a religious cult, the case being taken up by an agency (ATF) that desperately needed a reason to exist because it was about ready to have its functionality folded back into the FBI. Koresh often left the cult’s HQ, for jogging or other purposes, and any relevant cop with jurisdiction could have arrested him at any time, game set match.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Dorner murdered 4 people.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Yeah, no real comparison can be made.

    • “Some ignorant race-denying libertarian types (won’t mention Lew Rockwell by name) are already comparing this to Waco.”

      I guess these asinine libertarian dummies can’t see how insulting (and retarded) it is to compare the innocent law-abiding people slaughtered by the Federal Government at Waco, TX to a blood thirsty homicidal psychopath.

      • Puggg

        Koresh might have not been so innocent, but by the same token, he made himself easy to arrest. Arrest him, and while it would have been a long hard row to deprogram the Branch Davidian adults and kids, it could have been done, and nobody would have burned or incinerated to death, arguably with weapons and gases that are legally classified as WMD. I highly doubt that any kids were molested, and it’s impossible to “get over” being molested as a child. But being incinerated to death is worse.

        • Der Typ

          Great way to miss the point. It’s like Waco because the government went in there to murder when it is their job to apprehend. Obviously the reason for the government committing murder was different and those it murdered had different levels of guilt, but can you imagine the field day we would have had if he had been put on the stand? This just reenforces the concept that if you make the government really angry they will come to murder you. I know that is reality and has always been, but our government likes to talk one way and act another and I feel we should hammer them for their double standards.

          People who post things on sites such as these such probably should be worried about this growing governmental trend and and not Lew and libertarians. He isn’t the person that going to be burning your house down with you and your family in it.

          • Puggg

            This just reenforces the concept that if you make the government really angry they will come to murder you.

            This is why I do my best to avoid such things as murdering cops.

          • Der Typ

            Yeah but what happens when we get to the level of Great Britain and posting on sites such as these will have the police at your door, ready to kill if necessary? You going to be a good boy and stop saying things that the state finds offensive? Be careful what you wish for.

            But sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt the 2 minutes hate against libertarians. Please proceed.

          • Puggg

            Except libertarians partially deserve it, for their predominant mentality of denying race and screaming Nazi Hitler every time someone wants to construct a governing ideology around race and ethnicity.

    • Joseph

      I don’t know what Rockwell said but many are making the “Waco” comparison because of another “accidental” fire which destroys evidence and kills adverse witnesses.

      • Puggg

        We know they set it on fire deliberately.

        But what “evidence” was destroyed and what “adverse witnesses?” It was just the anti-white nut Dorner. There is no complicated story nor vast conspiracy here. It’s just some half-competent black who should have never been hired by the LAPD going bonkers because he couldn’t handle the job he never should have been given to begin with but for affirmative action and B.R.A. and the Federal courts essentially giving him the job.

        Do you want us to think that Dorner had some sort of “smoking gun” about the LAPD? If he did, whatever “shocking” information he had to “expose” is entirely a function of the LAPD’s voluntary or involuntary use of affirmative action, racial pandering or B.R.A. to begin with, the same system that hired him to the LAPD to begin with.

        Do you want us to think that Dorner had information about LAPD “racism?” Yeah, against whites. And to the extent the LAPD is engaged in “racism” against blacks, he would only mean it in that they have the audacity to arrest blacks for violent crimes they commit.

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        Let’s not forget Ruby Ridge. Another wanton murder of Whites who wanted only to be left alone.

        • Ruby Ridge: Because of a rumor started by an informant that Randy Weaver sawed off a shotgun 0.25 inch too short and didn’t pay the $5 Federal transfer tax on sawed off shotguns when giving it to another person. Apparently, the penalty for that is the blood of your wife, children and dogs.

          Who was President when Ruby Ridge happened? Bush 41.

          • ograf

            if i am not mistaken, I think that was janet reno’s reign of stupidity also.

          • All the events of Ruby Ridge, the tragic ones, happened while Bush 41 was President, because they all happened in calendar year 1992. Janet Nero (and by deduction, Bill Clinton) were responsible for Waco, which happened in 1993.

  • Garrett Brown

    Those deputies were absolute idiots. Engage an airborne ranger trained veteran when he was already being smoked out? That park ranger knew what to do… Keep your distance and take out the vehicle he’s in. Glad he’s dead though. The only good anti white is one either dead or in prison.

  • Garrett Brown

    “without having that badge, without having that job, he couldn’t exist without it”

    … Yep.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Beck said the LAPD and the black community had made some positive strides in their relationship. He was opening the case in hopes their relationship would not be negatively affected.

  • SoCal LoCal

    I would not indict the country, Chris Dorner’s fan base largely overlaps OJ’s. Still the LAPD, like LA itself, must play the hand it is dealt, even if it offends common sense. The alternatives are even worse, Pretending there is no manifesto circulating could confirm conspiracy theorists in the public mind. Only putting forth the plain truth–Dorner was a common psychotic/psychopathic criminal type–will lead many in his manifesto’s target audience, including white liberals, to conclude a smear of St. Negro is being perpetrated by the powers that be.

    P.S. I was getting a haircut when the story of his final showdown broke. Even among a white blue-collar audience conspiracies had gained credence.

    • Thomas Katt

      I was surprised to hear a white short order cook in Seattle say that Dorner was “on a mission” and “had a cause”.

  • Andrea Ostrov Letania

    Jayson Blair redux.

  • Very good video. Actually, it’s a great video.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I’m worried that sound bite will come back to haunt him. I know he’s avoided saying the N-word in the past for that reason.

      • You can’t be serious. Why would Jared quoting someone else come back to haunt him when practically anything he already says or does is determined to be “racist” and hateful? The only people that would care about that quote are the people that have already made it their mission to destroy White culture and anyone who wishes to promote and maintain it.

      • John R

        I see where you are coming from. But, Mr. Taylor is intelligent, and articulate. For that reason I think the “mainstream” (i.e. anti-White) media have decided to ignore him. If he were a loudmouth ignorant white supremacist, they would try and show him up, but no. They don’t want to get into a debate with Jared Taylor.

        • anonymous_amren

          I want to get into a debate with Jared Taylor. Not because he’s wrong overall (he’s not), just because the people who debate him are so embarrassingly bad at arguing their case, and their arguments against him are so absurdly irrational or even nonexistent that I can’t help feeling that his debating skills are being wasted. I can’t help thinking that I could debate him an order of magnitude better than they could, even though I generally agree with him.

        • robert in buffalo

          He has been on both sides of the fence and knows the issues well but that raw nasal drip montone drone of his coupled with the obvious southern dialect grates on the nerves after a while. He writes much better than he speaks.

      • NM156

        He said “nigga”, not the n-word. Don’t you know the difference? XD

      • Thor Bonham

        No, he has said it on several occasions when repeating verbatim from twitter..
        Who cares, they already call him everything under the sun ? He would be called racist if he says ANYTHING in whites defense ..

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Once again, Jared Taylor cuts through the fog and confusion and gets to the heart of the matter when no one else is able or willing to. Bravo! I just wish more people would listen to him.

  • White Man Awakening

    Mr Taylor Thank-You for telling us the way it is. one fact we will save 47,100 per year by not housing feeding and giving him tons of other perks.

    • That and he will not be The New Mumia.

      • Der Typ

        The first good reason I’ve heard for him being shot and not put on trial.

  • 1gravity

    Police Departments usually try to vet job applicants carefully. One wonders how he got through.

    • Because they only vet heterosexual white men applicants carefully. Everyone else is a preferred minority with A/A “rights.”

      • Jeff

        Exactly. Psych-evals only apply to white male candidates. If they held blacks to the same psych standards they apply to whites there would be almost no black cops. They are desperate for black police officers.

        One other factor is that in doing background checks, they interview people who have known the candidate for many years. Whites, when asked about their former neighbor, will respond honestly, such as, “Oh yeah, I remember Johnie. He was always taking things and making up stories about it when he got caught”. In contrast, blacks understand exactly what such interviews are about and live by a “no snitching” rule, and will answer like, “Yes, Dontavius was always a good kid, never in any trouble”, even if they know Dontavius raped someone. Johnie will flunk the background while Dontavius will pass.

        Layered onto all of this, the staff responsible for doing these background checks are likely to be black.

        I’m seeing less and less orderly options for unwinding the situation we’re in.

        • George White

          You know about the no snitch rule. Exactly right. That’s how they roll.

    • Greg Thomas

      The LAPD has put diversity ahead of common sense. It’s obvious how he got through….

    • joesolargenius

      They started recruiting gang bangers back in the 90s to improve their image in the community !

  • David Brims

    Christopher Dorner is the ”Risen Christ.”We must bow down and worship him.

  • The Ice Queen

    Thank you Jared Taylor for your thoughtful, intelligent commentary. It gives me hope that our voice will be heard.

  • fakeemail

    Blacks consider it “institutional racism” if the LAPD arrests them for crimes they are guilty of.

  • razorrare

    Good job LAPD…thats one less crazy psycho black that obama wont be pardoning in 2016-17.

    • Cherry Bomb

      One less crazy psycho black that won’t be paraded around in a courtroom like OJ with celebrity lawyers flown in from NY,black marchers protesting his innocence, newscasters viewing him favorably, a downtown jury “of color” that in NO way will convict him, more hostility toward the police with another oversight committee tying their hands and restricting what they can and cannot do as gangs ravage cities.

      Dorner burning up in that fire is the best thing that could have happened. Imagine how the families of those 4 who were killed would have felt watching this guy walk or get a light sentence, or blacks going on about how Dorner was a “victim of a racist system.” No matter what, the outcome would not have been good if he hadn’t been killed.

      • MikeofAges

        No way he would have “walked”. His complaints would have gotten play had he been tried, however. And, had he bee sentenced to death, as his case was appealed.

        • He would have only allowed himself to be taken alive with an all but iron clad promise for the death penalty not to be used, and it’s rarely used in California any longer anyway. Then he would have been set up for life to be the New Mumia, the new civil rights hero. Heck, he already is in death.

          • MikeofAges

            I don;t think he could have negotiated any such promise. But he is, undeniably, a folk here to some. So was Jesse James. So were many gangster of the 1920s and 1930s. People naturally admire those who challenge the deceits of established society.

          • In today’s California? The kind where Dianne Feinstein literally has no opposition to re-election? Of course he would have gotten those terms just by asking for them. Don’t think California has gotten that crazy? Ask Bon.

          • MikeofAges

            I lived there until recently. I don’t think so. I don’t think he could have gotten any such deal.up front. Not only that, but I don;t think he wanted to preserve his own life. Whatever he was, he wasn’t a loser who would have bargained for three hots and a cot and his precious neck.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            I’m wondering when the Tee Shirts will be out. He’ll be right up there with that mass murdering pimp Ernesto Guevara.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            I’m certain that there will be a movie and I’d wager that LLCool J gets the lead. I’d respect him if he turned it down.

          • Luis

            No, I think the role would go to Charles S. Dutton.

  • Aquinus

    Having lived around large numbers of blacks for many years I can tell you that Mr Dorner’s psychotic obsession with race is completely and totally a common phenomenon among black people. I first became aware of this at about the age of fourteen. I noticed that my white friends never talked about race or viewed the world and everything in it from a racial racial perspective. Blacks on the other hand perceived virtually everything in terms of how they were racially affected by it. The contrast between blacks and whites is really stunning. I’ve learned to steer clear of blacks in general. I find them radically different in their psychological makeup than whites and I find them dangerous, generally speaking.

    • JohnEngelman

      In order to know what most blacks are really like one usually needs to see them up close every day on terms of approximate equality in an an environment where they are in the clear majority.

      When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When they are in the majority most behave the way the want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

      Affluent whites usually come into contact with few blacks. These few are usually exceptional, or they occupy subordinate positions without resentment.

      • henrythin

        This is the crux of the matter. I live in a medium size city with a population about 50% black. In the part of town I live in that percentage is even higher. The longer I am exposed to a majority black population the more “racist” I become. Their disregard for the values I assumed most Americans strived for– self-reliance, hard work, providing for family, honesty, patriotism is blatant and coupled with a never ending complaint of the evils of “the white man,” and a crude, loud and constantly impolite public demeanor is depressing and wearying.

        • henrythin

          Before any white person feels sympathy for Black Americans go and live with them in their own community for a year.

          • Thor Bonham

            I don’t think it would take an eighth of that time .. Less than that even..

          • JohnEngelman

            All it usually takes is one or two muggings to wake up from Martin Luther King’s dream.

          • JohnEngelman

            It is a liberal delusion that proximity dispels prejudice. If this was true Southern whites would be the least prejudiced against blacks in the United States.

          • Reverend Bacon

            Yes, and liberals would have more proximity. Ever meet a liberal who had this so-called proximity? If so, I bet none of them had an IQ above 100.

          • JohnEngelman

            The civil rights legislation was forced on whites with much experience with blacks by whites with very little experience.

            Nevertheless, it must be said that segregationists did a bad job of getting their message out. It was difficult to convince whites with little experience with blacks that blacks are dangerous when segregationist mobs were beating peaceful civil rights demonstrators.

          • tarczan

            Agreed it’s those who actually reside in close proximity to our melanin enhanced brethren who really learn to despise them. The farther away from them the more you love ’em.

          • Reverend Bacon

            This is the crux of the matter. 90% of the white liberals are so insulated as to be completely ignorant. I was of a different opinion until I lived in the ghetto of Philadelphia for a couple of years, two doors down from a crack house.

            Let’s just say that I survived, but any idea that all of blacks’ problems are caused by disadvantages in their environment did not survive.

    • Lygeia

      I’ve come to the conclusion that blacks and whites employ opposite forms of consciousness.

      During their waking hours, white people use their conscious mind / critical thinking capability; blacks function primarily from their subconscious.

      Blacks live in a perpetual dream-state of subconscious desires and they won’t wake up.

    • colored danger

      They are all of a divisive delusional mentally deranged sick race therefore an extremely volatile dangerous species plus are all faggots none excluded. OJ Simpson was proof that even when they get everything in thw white world including a white bitch whore slut wife, they still beat the hell out of them and murder them. They all need psychopathic help with a lobotomy (but that would be racist)

      • Lygeia

        They are not all deranged and sick. There have been black African popes and saints. But we cannot fix this terrible problem we are currently experiencing of the avalanche of black crime and violent unless we first try to understand it. Black people seem very different from us and we need to understand how and why.

        • Brutus

          I don’t know about black popes. There have been African bishops of Rome, but there is little of which I am aware to suggest that they were black. St. Augustine was from Africa too, but nobody I know of thinks that he was black.

          But I agree, many blacks are not “deranged and sick.” In particular, most of my encounters with blacks who have come to America from overseas (Mohammedans excluded of course) have been rather different from, and more satisfactory than, most of my encounters with blacks born in America.

          • Thor Bonham

            Oh yeah ? Give them a few months to get used to their surroundings and ghetto and they will be just like the rest .. You can take that to the bank ..

          • Brutus

            Well, the particular black immigrants I’ve met haven’t ended up in the
            ghetto, and seem like they may have a bit of justified disdain for
            American ghetto blacks. They work for a living, go to school, maybe
            raise families, and to one extent or another “act white.” There are
            blacks and there are blacks, in other words, and I recognize that those
            blacks that I am likely to meet (and
            especially legal immigrants who are not refugees) are also likely to be well above average.

            Now I’m against almost all immigration, and perhaps especially
            immigration from Africa: If most blacks in Africa were like the
            reasonably intelligent, well adjusted black immigrants I’ve met, Africa wouldn’t
            be what it is, and I don’t want any more of America to become Africa.
            But I do my best not to deny the reality and significance of
            individuals, even while asserting the reality and significance of races. I think that both are important.

        • IstvanIN

          They are not all deranged, at least for them, but they are psychologically, emotionally, and intellectually very different from us. Their innate culture, such that it is, is very different and incompatible with ours. I have no problem with a Jane Goodall or Richard Leakey studying blacks in their natural environment, but e do not need to “understand” them, we need to separate from them. Quickly.

          • Lygeia

            If we don’t try to understand them, our children won’t know why it is necessary stay away from them because there will be no information explaining why it was necessary.

            And then the cycle will repeat again: apartheid/separation followed by forced integration, followed by black-on-white violence, followed by white people waking up, followed by apartheid/separation and on and on again into infinity.

    • jay11

      This is reinforced DAILY in their public schools. Blacks are fed a NEVER ENDING diet of racial oppression lessons. I work in an urban area and have been in four different schools. Doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, liberal white teachers, and of course black activist teachers, are ALWAYS giving lessons about ‘oppresison,’ ‘social justice,’ ‘racism,’ and all that. Every book selected in the English classes has a racial angle, every lesson in history classes is about ‘Civil Rights’ and related topics —- ALL YEAR. Millions of little Djangos are being created in our public school system, and in a few years they will feel the urge to become unleashed on the rest of us. When stupid liberals cry about gun control and ‘why do you need ten bullets to kill a dear?’ they just don’t get it: we are arming ourselves for the day when social order breaks down and Django (and ‘Machete’) are coming for us.

  • LHathaway

    Shouldn’t this be a white guy, in full rage against racism, and some white commentator stating, “well I can sure understand being angry”. The fact that it is not is the real story here. Jared Taylor is right, the public workings of this country truly are crazy.

    • Der Typ

      Well said. Dorner was just doing what Hollywood (Django), the government, and the universities encourage. He just took it to its logical conclusion. The people who encourage and justify this behavior are the crazy ones.

  • ImTellinYa

    It’s obvious that the Left is to blame for the Dorner rampage in several ways. The shooter was an chronic misfit; a typical entitiled Black with an axe to grind. He was just the kind of loser that the Left has redefined into a transcendently superior being: (Alienated, sullen, afraid, resentful, low-IQ).

    These losers and misfits are told all their lives that the winners are to blame for their own misery. That they are losers is not even a little bit their fault.

    They are taught by the Left and its ally, the entertainment/media industry, that to lash out at their perceived oppressors is heroic and fine. What this third-world savage was doing was simply following the mainstream Leftist narrative that glamorizes losers and deviants while telling them that they are victims who ae not to blame for who they are or what happens to them. It’s all the fault of productive, Christian, successful Whites. The Left tells him so every day. And the left tells them that to violently lash out at their “oppressors” is a fine and heroic thing.

    The affirmative-action parasite currently defiling the White House is another example of a criminal who feels that his illegal actions are heroic, when they are simply corrupt and evil. Obama is an accessory to murder because of Fast and Furious and he appears to have no guilt about this at all. He is the enemy of his own country, and appears to be quite happy about that. I’m sure his first thought about Dormer was to say that if Dormer was his son, he would look just like him. That sort of idiotic and literally insane statement by our Imbecile-in-Chief about Trayvon Martin (in ObamaCare we will have Trayvons as actual doctors. “I’m Dr. DeShawn Lexus and I’m fixin ta cure your White ass.) But even Obama isn’t so stupid as to openly congratulate a cop killer.

    And the behavior of the LAPD in their search for Dormer is a perfect example what what you get from several decades of Leftist hiring and training of police. Because of affirmative-action, lowering standards, hysterical response training and lax discipline the LAPD has become the perfect tool for Leftist tyranny. They have little or no interest in making judgement calls about people. The police have been told that in the interests of “equality” and the fraud of “disparate impact” that EVERY SINGLE person they deal with must be treated as the lowest-common-denominator of lively, vibrant, diverse, criminal scum. We are truly living in what the great Sam Francis called “annarcho-tyranny.”

    • George White

      Great post. Did you know that the LAPD opened fire on an elderly Hispanic woman, who was delivering newspapers in her truck. I believe her daughter was with her as well. the cops opened fire and shot them up and shot up the entire neighborhood thinking it was Dorner. Idiots. That the Chief would reopen this case when the guy was obviously just a loon….very sad.

      • ImTellinYa

        Thank you sir. I hate the vast majority of our politicians with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns. They are liars, cheats, thieves and traitors. But it’s probably a greater problem that the vast permanent government bureaucracy is composed almost entirely of affirmative-action parasites and other Leftist pathogens. The thing to keep in mind at this time in our history is that if you are a productive, law-abiding, Christian White person then the government hates and fears you and is your enemy. The GOP is just a bunch of whipping boys for the Left to use as a bogus opponent and a place for otherwise decent, but deluded, Whites to be corralled into one place to make an easy target for demonization. There is nothing left to save from our formerly great country except the land itself. What to do about it? I don’t know, but it won’t happen by voting and being what the Left considers “reasonable” or “civil.” I hate our lively, vibrant, diverse tyrants and their Leftist puppet masters and hatred is a perfectly appropriate emotion. That’s why the Left keeps telling us we’re not allowed to hate. Just one more reason to hate those sorry sanctimonious twits even more.

        • Luis

          Exactly right. Hate is just one of several emotions, like love, wonderment, shock, fear, joy and puzzlement. There’s NOTHING WRONG with feeling hatred toward something or someone.

          It’s the ACTING on those hatreds, that causes all the trouble.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      I hate to bring this up again but Obama and Holder are also guilty by omission of giving the NBPP the go ahead to call for genocide and infanticide against us.

  • LHathaway

    “Beck said the LAPD and the black community had made some positive strides in their relationship”

    Has Beck spoken to the white community, even since whites are a minority in LA?

    You can see this in Europe too. The black community has relations with police, mayors, city officials and have talks with them. The media reports on the progress or lack thereof. Black leaders may be questioned on their take.

    There is no ‘white community’ in Europe. . . This would seem to be the future for whites. Even after hundreds of years living there and after attempts at violent revolution, whites don’t have relations with city leaders or the police. The white masses are expected to shut up and do what they are told. Whites don’t have relations with police let alone a ‘community’. Whites do what the police say. Diversity means a seat at the back for whites, especially for whites who’ve already been there.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      DId anyone see Bratton’s interview? He declared that until his tenure as COP in LA, the dept. was quite racist and that he changed all that and that now, LAPD was a minority majority department with Blacks, Latinos, Gays, Lesbians and Transsexuals. What? No recovering Smack Addicts? How about some representation for Necrophiles!? How about Zoophiles in the K9 Unit?
      I don’t believe this guy!!!

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        This society is truly FUBAR!

      • Gerónimo Anónimo

        These people don’t get the obvious i.e. police have more trouble with Blacks than they do with any other group; the result being that they are going to be more inclined to prejudge Blacks based on personal experience. I really can’t believe that HE ( Bratton) believes what he said.

  • bigone4u

    The Dorner rampage has exposed a hidden (to some people) mindset driving not just a segment of the black population, but also a significant segment of white liberalism. That mindset is that “victims of racism” are justified in both feeling and expressing their rage. That mindset is dysfunctional and evil.
    What Dorner’s case demonstrates is that much of that racial victimization is in the minds of the victims, meaning that its not real. Dorner clearly imagined a number of “wrongs” that he complained about as a cop. What we have in America is a mass psychosis perpetuated by the media and the Sharptons, et. al. The psychosis is that a black man doesn’t ever stand a chance. Thus, Dorner (and liberals) tells us that blacks don’t stand a chance and the rage they experience is justified to the point that murder is an acceptable remedy.
    Among Dorner’s victims we have a black man, Asian woman, and apparently two white officers. Dorner was truly a mutliculturalist, indiscriminately ignoring the race of his victims. This is acceptable to the Dorner worshippers because they were police, all of whom are judged to be corrupt racists. In a comment I wrote a couple of days ago I called Chief Beck a moron for reopening Dorner’s complaint. I stand by that label. And also expand the group of morons to include Dorner’s worshippers.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Well said, Mr. Taylor. California is race-whipped.

  • neocons suck

    Taylor must hate himself for contributing to the current screwed up pc age as a liberal and Yale grad plus still shoing the remnants of it all bragging how the mongoloid yellows are supreme in intelligence to the caucasoid whites that is a complete lie. He also brags about being a Yale graduate which is bragging about being a liberal.

    Taylor also loves Jefferson and this is strike 3 and you are out !!!!!!

    You must be born again and reject your lurid terrible past life and apparently found the light and conservative savior and washed in the conservative blood.
    We need to know when you found the light so you can be trusted given your past life. Remember you cant turn back. What happened to Lots wife when she turned back and looked? Its the same thing. Jim Jones the evil Guyana preacher who killed 900 with kool aid poison said those who forget the past are destined to repeat it. This is a lie. You are NOT to look back once you are saved by the conservative blood. Deny your past dont brag on it. Neocons are all the same fence sitters who cant be trusted.

    • Joseph

      You probably should not be around RFI emitting appliances.

  • neocon scum

    To prove how bad pc has corrupted and brainwashed white society you need to return to 1995 when the Simpson bastard was acquitted and for once there was instant 50-50 polarization of blacks and whites as 100% of blacks obviously loudly cheered agreeing with the black jury even though they knew he killed the 2 whites but it was retribution while 100% of whites all frowned knowing justice was not served.
    Today Simpson would have been hailed a hero by 50% of whites proving that in only a a short peried of years later how badly the pc has corrupted society meaning pc is obviously evil and from the pits of hell (cliche only for the atheists)
    Obama is not the proverbial antichrist? Are you kidding? Obama is the AC without question and the white race is becoming obselete entirely even refusing to break away and form a new nation to avoid all this.
    Evil begats evil.

  • Sloppo

    If you hire a white person, there always exists the unfortunate possibility that it will not work out. The same can be said for hiring a bantu. When and if you have to let your employee go … that process can be very different depending on the ethnicity of the employee. The white person usually just quietly leaves to go find another job. The bantu has the lucrative option of accusing you of racism. As this story demonstrates, that bantu can be a completely irrational homicidal maniac, but if he says the magic word, people will always listen to him and take him seriously. That means it will probably cost you, the employer, money and lots of it. This is an ugly picture, but it’s reality. On the other hand, maybe this could be an opportunity for people in the insurance industry. Perhaps insurance companies could start selling “termination insurance” to cover the litigation costs associated with non-white employee layoffs. An employer would purchase the insurance policy at hiring time. Each ethnic group would have its own set of termination risk coefficients. (Each individual ethnic group would have different coefficients depending on the race of the employer of course.) At layoff time, the insurance policy would kick in and give the employer the ability to continue business without being bankrupted by litigation.

    • MikeofAges

      Insurance companies cannot rate risks based on race. That makes life insurance a good deal for black men, by the way. And annuities a lousy deal.

      • Sloppo

        Well … I guess that makes life insurance a bad deal for me. I didn’t actually believe that kind of insurance would be allowed in our politically correct society, but I do believe it should be. I think it would be an interesting project to do a statistical analysis to estimate what the termination risk coefficients should be for different ethnic groups.

        • MikeofAges

          These numbers are known. If you are certain you will live a long time, life insurance can be a bad deal. If you are likely to die prematurely, but are rated the same as those who are likely to live longer, then it is a great deal. Not that you, personally, will see the benefit, of course.

  • Joseph

    When is Obama going to come out and make a statement on this one? After all, a black guy was clearly murdered. Oh wait, it wasn’t a “white Hispanic” this time? Never mind, just another day of playing basketball while ignoring security briefings.

    The best half of his genome is white-trash.

    • Dave4088

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the media began labeling Dorner a white afro-American.

  • Joseph

    Yes, but no white serial killers were never called a n!99&r as a first grader. There is no comparison.

    • Bernie

      Huh? White kids are robbed, raped and beaten by blacks every day. That is much worse than being called names (if that really happened at all).

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      I was called a Dago, Wop and Guinea in the second grade through eighth. I’ve never shot more than beer cans and paper targets.

      • Der Typ

        What is it about these people that makes them think a word justifies violence? That is called escalation. If I call you a bad word and you hit me, then you’re a worse person than me. If I pull out a gun and shoot you for punching me, then I’m the bad guy. Geez even simple concepts escape these people. Apparently in their mind a word justifies mass murder. Not to mention that it is this basic concept that makes civilization possible, but that is another story.

    • Der Typ

      Why is that word so special? I was called a lot of names as a first grader. I never shot anyone, and if I had I wouldn’t blame it on names that I was called as a first grader. Or was that sarcasm and I failed to notice it?

    • How about being called Honky or Yid and not killing anybody? Doe’s this mean anything to you?

    • Anders

      Part of the experience of growing up is being called names by your so-called ‘peers’, particularly in a school environment. I’m not going to bother listing all the insulting names I can remember being called throughout my school days, some of them are a bit explicit. I doubt anyone gets through life without being called a name by someone that takes some sort of objection to you. It’s usually rather easy to turn the tables on the abuser anyway.
      If being called a n^**@r in first grade is all that this murderous clown had to complain about in life I would say that he’d done rather well.

    • eavesmac

      Git back to the fields boy.

    • jay11

      I was bullied from KG to grade 10 – nonstop – by a cadre of very cruel boys. I was so low on the totem pole that girls would sometimes openly talk badly about me within earshot. I was called more names than I can ever remember, and many were very vile. I never snapped and went crazy.
      The “N” word is hardly on par with being called some of the names I was called. This is one big problem with the race hustler industry, which many white liberals are duped by: the idea that blacks are so unstable and unsettled by one stupid word and that that can be used as a justification for their committing heinous acts of violence.
      Where I am at, latinos use the “N” word liberally, and of course the local blacks utter it every third word that comes out of their mouth. (With the “F” curse being every second and “Yo” being the first.) When asked why latinos can call them the “N” word, the blacks literally FALL SILENT and have no answer. (I know because I’ve personally asked this question to various groups of blacks over the years.)
      When Latinos are asked why they feel they can say it, they get all cocky and say that they can say whatever they like. (They know it is their manifest destiny to take over this nation.)
      The “N” word is propagated by blacks and used every single day. To argue that if a white person utters it that that is justification for Django to come unleashed is ludicrous. No white person alive today was ever a slave owner. There hasn’t been any of those for over 150 years. Most whites back in the day when it was legal were never slave owners. Most whites in America right now are descended from immigrants who came over after the Civil War was over. (Like 60-70% of all whites today!)
      Arabs call black people “abdi” which means slave. They do this commonly in all parts of the world where arabs have settled. Do blacks go all crazy on them especially since black slavery was done at a far far higher rate by arabs than Americans?

    • Reverend Bacon

      Gosh, that makes it so much more justifiable. Thanks for straightening it out for the rest of us.

      Do you think maybe Ted Bundy once had the heartbreak of psoriasis? There’s your comparison.

    • Dan Reardon

      So you’re stating that the simple act of name calling can incite a Black into becoming a homicidal maniac?! That explains an awful lot about their behavior.

    • Michael Charlson

      Joseph, your an asshole, grow up!

  • 48224

    Reminds me of the OJ simpson case and all the black folks that cheered when he was found not guilty. I’ll never forget that as long as I live. Black folks don’t care if another black person is evil or not…..as long as he/she is sticking it to “the man” in some way, they are a hero.

    When I was a kid, blacks were 10% of the population, now they are 13%. God help us all if this trend continues. This country will be in deep do-do and well on its way to becoming the next Haiti.

    • Anonymous #3

      You need to look out for Hispanics. They will outnumber whites soon enough.

      • Der Typ

        Too true. If they pass the amnesty I predict that blacks will become an interesting foot note in American history.

        • MikeofAges

          Already in the pipeline, with or without amnesty. Saw that years ago.

    • Gerónimo Anónimo

      Actually he did kill one Black, the fiancé of Ms. Quan.

  • Dennis Schedrivy

    Is there any way to download subtitles for this video? I would like to translate the subs and post the video on a Russian language news site, where many have already been calling this guy an “honorable man fighting the unjust system”.

  • Bud

    I watched NBC Nightly News after Dorner was killed and they mentioned the support for Dorner on Twitter, but they only showed one tweet and it said something like “I support Dorner, he’s fighting for our Second Amendment rights! Fight gun control!” They never miss an opportunity.

    • Puggg

      Except his manifesto suggests he was for “gun control.” Geezo, I’m starting to hate the alternate bubble reality that “mainstream conservatives” (and a lot of other people) construct for themselves the longer I live. When living in reality is so much easier and more sane. But it’s so hard for some people.

  • This is a good example of black people’s opinions:

  • bills world

    Taylor is going off the deep end and turning into a control freak. Try listening to Bill Burr talk about white racism comedy wise and lighten up a bit before you kill yourself. It aint worth it. You give them to much credit and that is a form a pc igorance since they are all dumber than hell lthough it is pre-concieved for this is occur for the heavy laden.

  • [Guest]

    Mr. Taylor: “…Only a crazy country could believe…”

    True. And the U.S. is crazy. I believe it’s crazy beyond hope.

  • After we condemn libertarians, the twitterhead fan-base and paid race-hustlers, let’s look at this from the angle of someone, let’s say a white head of family and property owner who decides to take revenge on the government for being thrown out of his house for failure to pay property taxes, or to retaliate for any number of other government outrages it’s all too easy to imagine today.

    Look at all the means at Dorner’s disposal for successful revenge: access to heavy firepower; knowledge of police codes and tactics, perhaps including some information on the locations of fellow officers; military training. Yet he still gets taken down before exacting anywhere near all the revenge listed in his manifesto. Who can seriously think any more that even our heavily armed citizenry still possesses that check on government power intended by the Second Amendment?

    • Which is why we civilized people don’t “take revenge on the government” (in that way) for injustices. Voting and civil rights lawsuits are how we “riot.”

      And what’s this bit about Dorner’s “revenge?” For what? Again, many people here have already made it clear he had no grounds for revenge, because there were no injustices against him. And as far as that manifesto, I wish people wouldn’t have bothered reading as much as one word of it, because to read such things only after Dorner turned violent only begs more violence in the future on the part of people who want their dorky manifestos read. I read civilized non-violent people for their logic, reason and strength of argument: Jared Taylor and Sam Francis.

      • MikeofAges

        If he was wrongly terminated, then he did suffer an injustice. His termination by the LAPD meant that he could not get another job in law enforcement and could not go on active duty in the military. Likely, he could not have gone into education or any kind of licensed counseling either The grounds for his dismissal was the alleged filing of a false report of use of excessive force by an officer who was training him, a woman.

        Granted, what he did was not the normal response of a person in that situation. But that does not make his grievances invalid in principle.

        • I’m sure there was a procedural mechanism to find that out. Especially dealing with the affirmative action happy LAPD which is still under an affirmative action Federal consent decree court order.

          • MikeofAges

            The department strangely has now reopened the case of his firing. He was fired for filing a false report after he accused his trainer, a female, of using excessive force on a mentally ill suspect being taken into custody. Possibly, he could have filed legal action or gotten his elected representatives involved, but apparently he had no remedies within the departments processes.

        • anonymous_amren

          But he wasn’t wrongly terminated. That is obvious if you watch Jared’s video.

          • MikeofAges

            That issue in my undetermined basket. What I think is that he stretched the facts to fit his case. By “stretched” I mean stretched, not fabricated. Not unheard of, you know.

      • Q D,
        Thank you for reminding me of my duty as a civilized man. I am a believing Christian, I abhor the taking of innocent life, and I agree with the principle “render unto Caesar”. That said, what I was trying to get at was a wider situation, one in which government oppression had become ubiquitous and intolerable. In such a situation, if all other options (voting, etc,) have been tried and have failed, someone or some group, somewhere would have to provide a spark of resistance, probably armed resistance. My worry is that this terrible option is being closed off to us. The Dorner case also speaks to the military/police/civilian divide. In a crisis, we are going to want some of these folks to cross over to our side.

        • Are there ever grounds for going there? Yes. Are we there yet? No. Heck, unlike Dorner, I actually have a justifiable reason to “go there,” because legal immigration has cost me both a career track and a specific really good job. And now I sit back and watch politician after politician drone about how we need more legal immigrants, “best and brightest” don’t you know.

          But I’ll never “go there.” I’ll try everything else first and probably be spinning my wheels all the while.

        • anonymous_amren

          “I am a believing Christian, I abhor the taking of innocent life”… you obviously haven’t read the first half of the bible. BTW, how do you feel about the sadistic torturing of innocent life for all eternity, simply for not agreeing with you?

          You’re right though, there aren’t anywhere near enough checks on government power as there should be, now that it is so hard for their victims to fight back. If it came to it though, we have the advantage of many more IQ points, self-discipline, and common sense.

          • @anonymous_amren,

            Your understanding of Christianity is faulty. It is the New Testament, especially the good news of the Gospels, that we believe in, though we continue to read and respect the Old Testament. Jesus’ mission was precisely to replace such Old Testament ways as the sacrifice of innocents and wars of conquest to carve out an earthly kingdom.

            The punishment that evil doers will receive in the next life is a matter upon which we may speculate, and this theme has inspired some of the West’s greatest artistic achievements. Whatever this punishment may be, it is most emphatically not levied upon the innocent.

    • Dave4088

      Dorner was only one man yet managed to kill four people and stymie law enforcement agencies for two weeks. Therefore, it’s quite probable that 10, 50, 100 or 1000 determined guerrillas working in concert could have a dramatic impact and thus serve as a check on tyranny.

      • anarchyst

        The book “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross is a history lesson, a book on possible ways to reclaim liberty and how to possibly restrain unlawful government activity. Although out-of print (and a little pricey) it is still available on amazon and ebay . . .

  • Luca

    The LAPD and Bootlicker Beck would better spend their time uncovering how Dorner got hired and lasted as long as he did. From what I have heard, he shot himself in the hand while in the Academy. How did he ever pass the psychological test screening? How much does the Dept. bend to keep bad black recruits? There’s the real investigation for you Beck..

    • George White

      Oh, did you see the story about how they saw his mother in some cantina drinking wine and munching chips while her son was on TV getting fried in the cabin? That sort of sums it up. Mom didn’t even care about this nutcase.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        She was contemplating how she was going to capitalize on a “Justice for Chris” trademark.

  • Mike Lane

    Funny how Dorner is insane and they hide it, while Breivik wasn’t and they labeled him anything they could think of.

  • Dave4088

    Every media outlet and political ideology has tried to put their own spin on the Dorner case, so it’s been difficult to get the unvarnished truth, but this video by Jared Taylor clears up a great many things. We know Dorner was a black man with an axe to grind with white society and that he supported Obama and other left wing politicians. And, of course, he murdered four innocent people.

    Using the lamestream media’s logic then, this means that black men should not be permitted to own guns and that Barack Obama, Communist Party USA/The Democrats and anyone on the left wing of the political spectrum are anti-white bigots, hatemongers, mentally deranged and generally suspect. After all, these are the conclusions that Piers Morgan, MSNBC, the Daily Kos and the like reach about any white man with right wing political views who commits violent acts.

  • Jefferson

    In liberal run America, calling a Black person a racial slur is seen as a trillion times worst than committing mass murder.

  • Dave4088

    How much more evidence is needed before the average “race doesn’t matter” white person comes to the realization that it is impossible to placate blacks and we cannot coexist with them.

  • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

    In related news: Chris Dorner quit smoking today.

  • Hugh

    Thank you, Mr. Taylor. It’s impossible to live among people who use racism as their escape-clause for violent, psychopathic behaviour. I have had enough. We put our condo up for sale after my life was threatened over the most insignificant issue imagineable – a bent windshield wiper dispute. My wife bore witness to this assault upon my safety. This was one of a series of imprecations which includes stealing my cable service, messing up the common hallway, pouring grease into the sink which caused backup in my kitchen drain, and lest we forget the warped floorboards which minor attention could easily cure ( the floorboard problem was brought to the attention of the white landlord).

    My wife is thinking twice about her status as a liberal. I ordered your book on White Identity along with two Madison Grant books.

    Having always been anti-capitalist in my political orientation, I need to adjust my own political orientation to accommodate uncomfortable conclusions drawn by your analyses.

    There is a silver lining to my miserable story. My 18 yr. old son seeing all of this won’t fall prey to the hogwash I believed in most of my adult life.

  • jefferson anti-hero

    Damn the Thomas Jefferson POS … He had the complete power in 1776 the reverse it all and end slavery and return them all back to Africa and instead what did he do but incredulously made everything worse a trillion times a trillions intentionally and blasphemously lying that the Creator made all races equal when in fact the opposite was written.
    Everything is relative and especially with the Founders who many are burning in hell for eternity for their incredible lies and inaction’s. There is no such thing equality or equality of races or even equality in the same race in the Constantine out together approved Book. Jefferson is a liar and no need to even discuss reprobate Madison and his reduction equality of WMR. Nothing compares in all human history to these two serpent liars.

  • IndridCold

    Many years ago my Dad told me that liberalism was a mental health disorder, a sickness. At that time I laughed at how ridiculous the statement seemed. A decade later I realized how wise he was.

  • Fed Up

    Blacks whining about racism and discrimination. . . that’s about as common as fleas on a dog. What gets me is that people are actually gullible enough to believe the rantings in Dorner’s manifesto. That Blacks are without a doubt the most crime-prone race on this planet — is something they prove on a daily basis. A politically incorrect TRUTH demonstrated by Blacks in Africa, in the United States, and assuredly, by those Blacks who migrated to the European nations. Only liberal “thinkers” are incapable of understanding or believing this ugly reality.

  • Taylor way too whiny

    Taylor sounds a little whiny and takes himself too seriously. Being whiny is perceived as weakness and of course that is one of the main argument against colored people who incessantly whine about everything immediately making them a weakling victim against the much stronger non-whiny whites.

  • anarchyst

    In no way do I condone any of Mr. Dorner’s actions. If he had an actual “beef” his actions were counterproductive. That being said . . .
    It appears that Mr. Dorner’s “manifesto” was written by 3 or more different persons. This was an attempt to “please everone’s (misperceived) grievances”. I pose the question–is it possible that this was another government-sponsored “false flag” operation gone wrong with innocents getting killed??
    Does one think that if ordinary citizens were targeted, the police “response” would be the same?? I think not. One can look at the “loose cannons” that shot up a pick up truck driven by two old women to see that there are “problems” in domestic “law enforcement”.
    The LAPD and many other “law enforcement” agencies around the US have a history of abusive treatment of ALL citizens. This can be traced back to the “us vs. them” attitude and “militarization” which is prevalent in most of today’s police departments. Using the “thin blue line” argument to justify and “cover up” questionable police practices is a major problem..
    Civilian oversight is absolutely necessary. Of course, this will be resisted by “law enforcement” as ordinary civilians cannot be trusted to see “the real picture” in the same way that civilians cannot be trusted to possess the same kind of “equipment” (firearms) that “law enforcement possesses.

    • Civilian oversight is absolutely necessary.

      For once, and only once in a blue moon, you’re losing me there. Civilian review boards in big cities are usually full of cracker jack box theology degree black preachers who are essentially de facto checks on the power of “white po-leeceseses” on behalf of whatever black gang or gang-bangers they’re sympathetic towards or whichever black gang de jure controls the “turf” their churches are in.

      • anarchyst

        You are correct about the “large urban centers” having “politically correct” (read–“racist”) civilian review boards. Perhaps review boards could be composed of citizens on a state-wide or county-wide basis. This would tend to get rid of the “old boy” and “race hustler” components which are so prevalent now.
        Best regards

  • Mike Lane

    The real enemy is that certain minority which runs our government, it’s policies, and our media. All they’re trying to do is wipe us out, or at least enough to stabilize their authority.

  • a big duhhhhh

    Stupid title but consider the source. Giving some imposter Hamite racist deranged rookie cop who should have been rejected a platform to be equal to the rest of the country shows Jared Taylor’s socialist screwed up psychopathic liberal past who was also clearly was on the road to committing suicide himself since we know all liberal scumbags are nut jobs who commit not only all violent crime but all serial killings plus sexual perverts.
    Blame it all on the catastrophic mistake and ignorance of slavery and equally important those Founders who failed to correct the mistake when they had “last clear chance” that is a western legal doctrine in the litigation realm similar to “duress” that would have given them a legal out in 1776 with the horrid Declaration of Independence that was clearly done in a state of panic and fear but was never corrected showing an incredible lack of insight and inferior intellect to say the least and of course this led to the 2nd major catastrophe with the US Constitution that is so outrageous it defies all logic where the white Founders shot themselves in the foot and supreme status underpinning by equalizing not just the races this time but their very sole chosen status by equalizing WMR with other pagan religions.

    Clearly the Founders cursed not only America and the whole western world by the entire white Shem race with these 2 inexcusable actions and the 2nd document was not under duress of any kind so there was no excuse whatsoever other showing their incredible ignorance stupidity and arrogance plus lingering cocky socialist attitudes after defeating the
    worlds greatest empire and these Founders were allegedly followers of WMR yet oddly refusing to acknowledge the clear warnings in stone to be wise as serpents and I am not mocked plus vengeance is mine. Blissful ignorance or supreme arrogance? Take yer pick.
    They easily blew the NWO post flood requirement for a tri-racial separation out of the water to say the least. And these dummies wonder why their lives and race are in such a state of complete calamity choas and confusion? Gimme a break. Where much is given much is expected is also warned. Go fig.


  • eavesmac

    He’s got that OJ appeal….big smile etc…. Thank the media again who have now been an enemy to the United States for some years and tricking the people to pay for their own demise……

  • Joe Webb

    LAPD…does not have the White man-power to handle another Black insurrection. So, they throw some meat to the blacks and white liberals, in the vain attempt to stop What is Coming anyway.

  • Funruffian

    You wonder if the Powers that be will eventually realize that the demise will come their way regardless of how rich and mobile they are. All the wealthy liberal elites who form laws against the honest citizens may pack up and leave to Switzerland when the Black insurrection gets really bad. It already is, but the majority have no choice but to deal with it the best way they can. If and when that happens, I hope we can drag them down with us.

  • Mr. Taylor is guilty of jumping to conclusions in this matter by citing the negative report issued to Dorner as the sole motive for his alleged false accusations of police misconduct. Perhaps the abuse of the detained man did happen. Mr. Dorner may have temporarily refrained from reporting it so as to abide by the “code of silence.” Perhaps he even discussed the misconduct with fellow officers seeking opinion as to what he should do. News that he was even considering breaking the code of silence got back to his superiors and therefore the reason why he was given the negative report! At this point Mr. Dorner begins to see the writing on the wall. He is in very real danger of being railroaded out of a job due to the perception of him being a “RAT.” Thus in turn leaving him little choice other than going forward and officially reporting the misconduct he witnessed in effort to protect his job. See how easy jumping to conclusions can swing back the other way? The LAPD is infamous why? Corruption!

  • LHathaway

    ” tricking the people to pay for their own demise”

    Sounds like paying for cable TV. American citizens send them billions each year. Who knows how much?

  • U dont phuck with a Big Bear

    That rodent has been terminated and turned to ashe. Get over it. Move on. ..

    Thank you San Bernadino Sheriffs Dept … There is a G-d.

  • whining is for losers

    Taylor sounds more and more like a whiny weakling weenie boy.

    • Digitoxin

      Anti-white enemies of Amren are here, and they’ve brought their tired psych tricks with them. Nice try.

  • Unperson

    “Who’s Crazier? Christopher Dorner or the Country?”

    The country. Definitely the country.

    Because as brain-damaged as Dorner undoubtedly was, he was still only one man. But throughout America today we have millions upon millions of white liberals and leftists whose worldview is every bit as deranged as Dorner’s, e.g. the familar phrase “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” Unlike Dorner, that white-liberal craziness may not (yet) express itself through shooting sprees, but it’s much dangerous merely by being so much more vast and widespread than anything that could be done by any one lone gunman.

    We need to acknowledge that countries are capable of temporary insanity every bit as much as are individuals. Countries are, after all, just a whole lot of individuals standing on the same patch of land. The WWII-era actions of otherwise intelligent, high-functioning societies like Germany and Japan has sometimes been (simplistically) described as “the country just went crazy for a couple of decades.” But after their bouts of collective mania — and of course after having taken quite a beating militarily — both Germany and Japan, you might say, “snapped out of the spell” their leaders had them under, and returned to peace and prosperity. Nobody would call either today’s Germans or Japanese “a bunch of crazy people” (although the Japanese can be pretty wacky). They’re both generally sane, sober nations, and are among the world’s most successful economies. They both went nuts, but they both came back, bigger and better than ever.

    America has, in the past few decades, lost its mind, in myriad ways. She is sick in the head. And also sick in the soul. The patient known as America should be approached as such: like a beloved family member going through a rough time mentally. But one whom, with effort, might be restored to sanity. AmRen and similar sites are like America’s psychotherapists. We’re trying to talk the country down from the ledge. Let’s all hope the current national nuttiness on race is only temporary insanity… and not the terminal kind.

  • pcmustgo

    I just read parts of Dorner’s manifesto on the occidental observer. I was away when this happened, and didn’t really pick up on the full story until just now. I actually kind of like what Dorner has to say, particularly where he talks about Blacks victmizing whites in an attempt to “get revenge” for past racial greivances, while breeding a new form of white racist , as these white victims begin to hate blacks.

    I basically feel like Dorner didn’t just single out whites, but pretty much let everyone have it, including those aloof Asians!


  • When somebody uses the word ‘racism’, it goes in one ear and out the other. I do not believe it anymore. As a matter of fact, when somebody does use that word, I believe that it ought to be shot back.