Black Caucus to Join Push for Amnesty, Immigration

Neil Munro, Daily Caller, January 31, 2013

The Congressional Black Caucus is going to join the push for more low-wage immigration, reversing its stance in 2006 and 2007, when it avoided the controversy.

“Immigration reform will be one of our top three priorities this year,” Ayofemi Kirby, the caucus’ communications director, told The Daily Caller on Wednesday.

The caucus is also trying to protect the “Diversity Visa” program from the GOP’s efforts to zero it, she said. Elimination of the program “would lower the number of [black] immigrants from countries who already have low number of immigrants … [in the United States], especially sub-Sahara and Africa” and Caribbean countries.

“That’s a huge issue for us,” she added, noting that the new policy will be detailed next week.

The caucus will also “be looking at [immigration’s] impact on low-income communities,” she said.

Immigration is a very contentious issue in African-American communities, partly because many African-Americans view immigrant Latinos as competition for low-skill jobs, apartments and government grants.


That economic pressure is acknowledged by African-American advocacy groups that are reluctant to criticize President Barack Obama and other progressive Democrats.

“The country’s back to pretty much where it was when this president started [in 2009]. … White people in this country are doing a bit better [and] black people are doing far worse,” Ben Jealous, the president of the NAACP, told NBC on Jan. 27.


However, the widespread and often bitter opposition to immigration is partially muted by many African-Americans’ empathy for Latinos, whose circumstances are often similar to those of blacks.

But African-American politicians and advocates are under intense pressure to keep good relations with influential Hispanic and Asian lobbies, as well as progressive groups, both of which strongly support an immigration rewrite and a conditional-amnesty.

On Capital Hill, the CBC’s leadership are part of the so-called Tricaucus of African-American, Hispanic and Asian caucuses.

But African-American politicians are also under pressure to cooperate with Hispanic lobbies, because some of their districts are increasingly Latino, rather than African-American.


The attempted 2006 and 2007 rewrites were backed by Reps. John Conyers and Sheila Jackson-Lee.

Conyer’s district in Michigan includes a growing Muslim population, and Jackson-Lee’s Texas district includes many Hispanics.

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  • dave

    so essentially they just want MORE black immigration they are willing to bring in 50,000 Somalis and Nigerians per year and millions of illegals what about white Zimbabweans?

    • The__Bobster

      We are already bringing in 100,000 bluegums every year. Philly is full of the click-clinking bah’s turds.

  • sarah stein

    Blacks think it’s hard to find a job now? lol Interesting times indeed.

  • I see blacks are still chasing the mythical non-white coalition that’s supposed to take down the white man.
    What blacks don’t seem to understand is that Hispanics have their own agenda and it doesn’t include blacks.

    • Ulick

      True, but blacks don’t care. Their seething hatred of white America leads them to ally with people who have competing interests with blacks, just so long as it helps them topple whites. That’s the one driving goal of black politicians. All else is irrelevant. That’s why they do nothing to stem the illegal immigration that is taking jobs from blacks.

    • dukem1

      Boy you got that right!

      Not to suggest that the congressional black choir is, even as a group, capable of lucid thought, but one would think that they may have noticed that the one thing hoards of brown-skinned invaders from the South will not bring with them is the guilt-inducing “white privilege.”

    • Triarius

      Blacks are so stupid and shortsighted that they are willing to burn down the house to catch the mouse i.e. they are willing to destroy the US and possibly themselves to kill whitey. That’s how much black people hate us.

      • Jeff

        Yeah, obviously, blacks don’t think very many moves ahead, and don’t see the connection between amnesty and ethnic cleansing. I think they also think they have some immunity. They think they’ve got enough of their people into civil service positions that they can’t be displaced. Blacks tend to be both frightened and over-confident at the same time.

        They don’t understand they will be cleansed out of their affirmative action jobs, and cleansed out of their ghettos, by the incoming flood of Hispanics.

        Blacks are never smart about this stuff. They ethnic cleansed whites out of Rhodesia, and now they are starving. They kicked evil European masters out of Africa, and now they are learning how kind and gentle Europeans are compared to the Chinese.

        The whole thing would be hilarious if it were happening somewhere other than the country I live in.

        • TheTRUTH

          “They think they’ve got enough of their people into civil service positions that they can’t be displaced.”

          You’re right Jeff, but blacks are dead wrong. Check out the article below as an example of what happens when Hispanics begin to take over an area and blacks try and resist giving up their civil jobs and political seats:

          I know there was a lawsuit in LA too regarding Hispanics being upset that most of the government jobs in an area were held by blacks despite Hispanics being the majority now by far over blacks.

          Whites need to sue more often as well, but we don’t. Only if we fall on ice or sip a hot cup of coffee…

      • Blacks are so stupid and shortsighted that they are willing to burn down the house to catch the mouse

        That’s because they know whitey will always build them a new house.

    • ATBOTL

      The coalition isn’t mythical, it just won the election.

      • TheTRUTH

        It was a “party” thing. Hillary won the Hispanic vote over Obuma. So, there is no coalition. It’s a White-liberal’s wet dream and nothing more.

        • The Verdict of History

          That “coalition”, however imaginary, between blacks and browns, will deliver Texas into the hands of the Leftist SCUM (Socialist Communist Utopian Marxists) in 2016.

          You wait and see!

      • Luis

        It begs the question: Where are they going to find another Obama? In desperate times the American electorate will go to extremes. Consider:

        In 1840, the American electorate voted in a man who had never held elective office, or cast a presidential ballot.

        In 1932, the American electorate voted in a polio-crippled, wheelchair confined man.

        In 1980, the American electorate voted in a man who had heretofore been regarded as a B-movie actor, and an extremist demogogue.

        And of course, in 2008, the American electorate voted in a Bantu, about whom next to nothing was known, outside of his home state.

        I kid you not – the American electorate in 2016 could conceivably vote in someone like Al Franken, if he decides to run. All he’d have to do is go on some late-night talk show, and announce his candidacy.

        It worked for Arnold Schwartzenegger in his run for governor of California – he went on the “Tonight Show”.

        Uh oh, I might give Al Franken ideas…

        • 1. FDR’s wheelchair/polio was such a media-hidden secret that very very few pictures of him confined to his wheelchair as President survive to this day. Trivia: George Wallace in 1976 was the first person to make a run for President on a major political party label openly from a wheelchair.

          2. Reagan was a two-term elected and completed Governor of California by 1980, in fact by even 1976. Trivia: He has been so far the only American President to have been a union leader earlier in life. Yeah, I know, SAG isn’t exactly the Teamsters.

          3. Obama? Well, we all know why he got where he is, virtually every step of the way.

    • Pete

      It doe not include us Whites either

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Yesterday I wanted to send the study showing Hispanics vote against the GOP regardless of its stance on immigration to all the moderate “strategists” who make up the beltway elite of that party. Today I want to send the article which shows the systematic killing of blacks by Latin gangs in traditionally-black South-Central LA.

  • bigone4u

    Blacks and Hispanics compete for jobs, welfare, and TURF. The turf wars are going to do some serious damage. Advice to whites: Don’t get caught in the crossfire.

    • Vonhauer

      Supply both sides with ammo.

  • Luca

    Hispanics are one rung above blacks on the DNA ladder. No hispanic will look at an African as his intellectual, or social equal. To find out what happens when blacks and hispanics are left to their own devises one only need look to the nearest diversified high school like the ones in Southern California. Or you could look at that other bastion of diversity, the State Prison. Therein lies the future when hispanics rule the roost.

    • Stan

      More likely blacks would be absorbed genetically by a majority Hispanic population, which is what happened throughout Latin America. Already around 9% of children born to US-born Hispanic mothers have black fathers–roughly 3x the rate for white mothers. Hispanic men also father children by black women at a much higher rate than white men do.

      • josh

        And boy! are they some ugly kids!

      • kjh64

        I don’t know about that. I NEVER see latinos with Blacks, never, neither men nor women and I live in Texas where we have a lot of hispanics. Whites and hispanics marry a lot but hispanics will not go with Blacks.

        • Xerxes22

          Puertorican, Domenican and Cuban girls will mix with Blacks but not most Mexican girls. I never see a Hispanic male with a Black female.

          • Bill

            Mexicans like their women subservient. Black women can hardly be called subservient. They dominate their males and nag them to death, and are often more prone to violence than black men. There is a reason black men will mate with black women and then FLEE.

      • StillModerated

        Kind of kills that old joke about why black men won’t marry Mexicans: They’re afraid the kids would grow up too lazy to steal.

      • TheTRUTH

        Not sure where you got those numbers from. I’m in NY and rarely see what you claim. If Hispanics are with another race, it’s Whites by far, whether you’re talking male or female. Even those who have black blood (some Puerto Ricans, etc) don’t mix with blacks in terms of dating or marriage. They may live in the same hood, but that’s where it ends. Been here my whole life too with friends in the Bronx, Brooklyn, etc so I’ve seen how things are often. As for Mexicans, never saw one with a black here in NY ever. They only date/marry Whites if/when they go outside their “race”. So, blacks aren’t being absorbed into any other race with any meaningful numbers at all.

    • Vonhauer

      Given the choice between Africa or Mexico, I’d choose the latter.

  • mobilebay

    Well, Ayofemi (don’t you love it) somebody needs to clue you in. When the majority Hispanic illegals get to be “instant citizens” where do you think your job is going? Wise up. The more illegals the fewer jobs for Americans, especially black Americans.

    • Svigor

      If black pols toe the line, they get chips from the party. If they buck the party line, they don’t get chips.

      They use the chips to advance themselves politically. As far as their constituents are concerned, the only way to do this is to secure more gov’t (white taxpayer) goodies.

      There are no goodies to be had on immigration either way, so they take their free chips to spend elsewhere.

      I think that about sums it up. Abstract stuff like “better for my community, even if my community doesn’t know it” doesn’t exist for black pols.

      • Blacks don’t really grok the “Hispanics are stealing my jobs” argument because blacks really don’t want jobs. Lose their jobs, Barack Claus is there with a welfare check.

        • The Verdict of History

          Many women, also, in this country fail to recognize the threat that the invasion constitutes to them and their progeny….

          Why? Because women in this country DON’T WANT JOBS, THEY WANT ABORTIONS.

          Sadly, many of our very own women are among this group.

          • I hate to tell you, but a lot of people are single issue obsessed, when they should really be paying far more attention to the whole forest and far less to individual trees. I’ll leave the interpretation up to you.

          • The Verdict of History

            I may be interpreting your comment incorrectly, but the point is that it is not only blacks and the young (often whites) who are less prone to care about the dignity of work, but many white women in this country.

            My point was that many white women are far more fanatically passionate about abortion rights (the right to slaughter their white children) than WHITE RIGHTS (the right to protect our European Civilization, culture and family on this continent).

            Therein lies a serious problem folks!

          • As an example:


            Gregory Hood, who often writes here at AR, essentially asks:

            Why hasn’t the single issue gun crowd outraged at the 50 billion previous outrages?

      • kjh64

        “They use the chips to advance themselves politically. As far as their constituents are concerned, the only way to do this is to secure more gov’t (white taxpayer) goodies.”
        However, with all these Latino invaders that breed like rabbits, the government will at some point run out of money. This is what Blacks and a lot of minorities don’t get. They think that YT has an endless supply of money from a magical piggy bank.

    • StillModerated

      I can’t wait for this fool to be defeated in a primary by an erstwhile lawn mower.

  • Svigor

    I was just explaining my take on this sort of thing elsewhere on the net (why black leaders are in favor of “gun control” that leaves their constituents less able to defend themselves against the crime rampant in their neighborhoods). If you want to understand this, just look at another of today’s headlines here at Amren:

    Ex-SEIU Local Exec Convicted of Stealing from Low-Income Members

    That’s the prototypical black pol for you; he’s out for number one. He isn’t charged with a great and solemn duty to the people; he’s the lotto/Darwinian winner, and now it’s time to cash in.

    There’s only one area where black leaders may be relied upon to act in the best interests of their black constituencies – turning on the gov’t (i.e., white taxpayer) cash spigot. If they can squeeze cash out of it for blacks, via handouts, gov’t contracts, grants, whatever, then they’re all for it. Otherwise, they’re for whatever will buy them a bargaining chip. I.e., they’re for doing what the party tells them, in return for favors.

    So they don’t care that America’s open borders policy of bringing in millions of low-skill immigrants from Mexico and points south impacts blacks first and hardest; why would they? There’s no money in opposing immigration for them. That’s why whites have to do all the work on immigration reform.

    So they don’t care that gun control hurts their law-abiding constituents and renders them helpless against the black thugs; why would they? There’s no money for them in advocating gun rights. Plus, blacks mostly live in the cities and gun rights are a rural thing. On the other hand, black leaders probably know down in their guts that guns are too big a responsibility for the vast majority of blacks, given their high crime rates, impulsiveness, aggressiveness, and low mean IQ; taking all the guns away from whites (who disproportionately use them to protect themselves from black criminals) is like a consolation prize. That’s why whites have to do all the work on gun rights.

    • George White

      Very accurate points. Blacks are blacks first and Americans second. Browns are browns first, and Americans second. Whites are Americans first and getting shat on by everyone.


      Figures, doesn’t it?

      Has anyone noticed that a a lot of these “gun control activists” are merely projecting their own mental, criminal or psychological shortcomings on everyone else? They don’t want you to have guns because they figure that everyone else is as criminal, nuts or flaky as they are.

    • Luis

      Svigor, that explains why the Obama regime announced gun-control measures AFTER a white named Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 mostly white schoolchildren and teachers (one was a mestizo).

      The Obama regime would NEVER had taken up gun-control if Buwaharanga Quintavious Washington went to the Martin Luther King school in Camden NJ, and shot and killed 26 coal-black schoolchildren and teachers. It knows that the majority of whites – save for Jews and white liberals – would never go for it, were that the case. So it waited and waited and waited , for a “white moment”.

      Remember the hue and cry raised after Fast and Furious, when it failed to convince Americans of the need for gun-control, because Mexican dope dealers were killing one another.

      • Except Martin Luther King school in Cam-Duh, New Jersey would already have prison-style security and therefore a mass shooting inside would never happen. The only schools not allowed to have security are white ones.

        • Luis

          QD, I don’t know if there is a MLK school in Camden, or not. I’d say there is, given the demographics. My point was, the Obama regime would never propose gun control schemes, had this happened at a Bantu school.

          • And for good reason: It wouldn’t happen at a black school because black schools have the security to prevent it, because black schools know what they’re dealing with.

  • The__Bobster

    The Congressional Black Caucus is going to join the push for more
    low-wage immigration, reversing its stance in 2006 and 2007, when it
    avoided the controversy.

    Why would your common street spoonie want more competition?

    And why does America want more low-wage (low IQ) workers?

  • Brad Trun

    Congressional Black Caucus Follies

  • George White

    The blacks are moronic. They used to work in meat packing, construction, hotels, food service, landscaping, etc., areas now totally dominated by illegals. The black leadership will side with browns, all because they hate whitey, even if it means a loss of jobs for blacks. The stupidity is overwhelming.

    • Katherine McChesney

      A black man I spoke with a year ago, said blacks don’t need anyone to destroy them; they are good at destroying themselves. He later called me a racist because I told him I don’t consider obama to be my president.

      • Luis

        Katherine, SOMEONE ELSE doesn’t consider Obama to be their president – and they’re trying to financially capitalize on it. To wit:

        I received a catalogue in the mail about a week ago, that features all kinds of crazy stuff, like T-shirts with zany sayings, books about the occult, and odd toys.

        One of the things in this catalogue is 3 rolls of tissue paper with Obama’s picture on each individual sheet. Three rolls for $ 16.98.

        If I recall, they didn’t do that with Nixon.

  • josh

    “Blacks”,as we must call them,have the worst of both worlds:They are racist SOB’s,who hate Y-T but theyre also wek-willed spineless sissy Unvle Toms who do what they be TOLD!

  • MobyWhite

    They are reacting to innate desire to make America “less White”. They are winning. Whites agree, Less White Is Better, because less White equal less racism.

  • kjh64

    “However, the widespread and often bitter opposition to immigration is partially muted by many African-Americans’ empathy for Latinos, whose circumstances are often similar to those of blacks.”
    What a bunch of nonsense. The circumstances of the two groups are nothing alike. Also, since when do African-Americans have empathy for anyone else’s race? By supporting “immigration reform”, Black leaders are assuring that Blacks will be pushed aside by Latinos who will not care one whit about Blacks and who don’t like Blacks and unlike Whites, have no YT guilt or poltitical correctness when it comes to race.

    • Luis

      Question – what do you mean by “YT”? I’ve seen you use it several times, and I know you don’t mean You Tube.

  • libertarian 1234

    Blacks and Hispanics don’t like each other and they never have. They’ve been fighting each other for years now, and it only gets worse as time goes by.

    They’re rioting periodically in the schools, jails, prisons, and the fights and murders that occur in the neighborhoods are described by the media as “gang-related,” but they’re obviously trying to play down the situation, hoping it will go away, because Lee Baca, LA County Sheriff, admitted the fighting involves everybody not just gangs.

    The leadership of both groups love to pretend “people-of-color” are one big happy family that would prosper and thrive if it just weren’t for whitey, but the rank and file of each group have nothing in common and…for the most part…. hold each other in abject contempt, a contempt that is based in so many dissimilarities they’ll NEVER get along no matter what.

    The worst thing that could happen to blacks regarding the immigration issue is amnesty. Hispanics have been taking their jobs for years now, and when 11 million more are allowed to work here legally the black unemployment rate could well go from its present 14% up to about 20%….or higher…. which would be a disaster for blacks.

    If any group but whites were the most numerous, dominant force in this country, blacks wouldn’t be treated as privileged citizens, but as competitors, and since every other group is more intelligent…on average….than blacks and consist of people who have a better work ethic, black dreams of a powerless white population just might turn out to be their living nightmare.

    • ATBOTL

      Remember that most Hispanics on the East Coast are mulattoes and they get along well with blacks and behave pretty much the same.

      Dominicans and other Mulattoe Hispanics are still immigrating in high numbers and are spreading out to new areas of the country.

      • libertarian 1234

        You could be right on that score. I’m not sure what the number is for mulatto Hispanics on the East Coast, but I know the numbers of the Amer-Indian population of Hispanics throughout the country is in the tens of millions and, while they’re mostly in the West and Southwest, they have very large pockets of populations throughout the country.

        There are reports of them fighting with blacks almost every place they live and go to school in close proximity to one another.

        And, also as a side note, blacks are fighting with everybody, especially Asians. In Philadelphia the Asians boycotted their school and had to file a law suit against the school, because nothing was being done about black attacks on them. One black administrator suggested that Asians should choose their words very carefully in talking to blacks so as not to raise their ire, causing them to attack. He meant that the Asians could be offending them, but they were unaware of doing so and that the solution was for them to speak as a peon would to his master.

        Tom Chittum, in his book, Civil War II, asserts that LA will be ground zero for CWII, and it makes sense especially since blacks and Hispanics dislike each other, and their differences are profound and are so dissimilar there could never be harmony between them, and any kind of efforts from their leaders isn’t going to keep a lid on their mutual animosity for very long.

        While not everybody agrees with Chittum, he’s been right so many times about the conditions he forecasts in his book he has to be regarded as having an uncanny insight into this multicultural implosion, and it woul;d be wise to give what he has to say serious consideration.

      • TheTRUTH

        Wrong. Born and bred in NY (still here) and they don’t get along as well as you think. They live in the same neighborhood for economic reasons, period. Lots of racial tensions between blacks & PR’s and DR’s. They go at it in high school periodically. The news just refuses to cover it, for obvious reasons. The leaders of both groups like to make it seem otherwise. Btw, when White & black school riots were at their peak here in NY back in the 80s, Puerto Ricans stayed out of it. They took no sides though leaned towards Whites BUT since they lived in the same neighborhoods/projects as the blacks, they stayed neutral. Those not on the east coast would be surprised to hear this I’m sure. I was in the midst of it all btw, so this is FACT. Actually, the White Puerto Ricans did side this us, including one of my close friends at the time. He hated blacks. He moved to a black neighborhood during high school and got chased by them the first week. Don’t be fooled by White liberal’s wet dreams.

      • Katherine McChesney

        I live in the South and I have a Dominican neighbor. He’s very, very dark skinned. He’s a very angry man. His clothing looks like it came from Freddie’s Fashion Mart. Formerly he lived in New York City. He’s now trying to pass as a Jew.

  • ilovemyrace

    Hispanic immigration is economic genocide for American Blacks. The Hispanics work harder for less money and cause less trouble. Every new Hispanic immigrant is one more African American out of a job.

  • IstvanIN

    If the Titanic was filled with all blacks everyone would have drowned because they would have all run for the nearest life boat and fought each other to get in. The life boats would topple over the side upside down. It would have been pandemonium. It will eventually be the same with a sinking America once they get all there pet Hispanics legalized.

    Another thing, both black and white politicians only have one concern: keeping their jobs. Does either group realize that the Hispanics will only vote in Hispanics once they get the chance?

  • The congressional black cacas strikes again. A bunch of useless race hustlers.

    Conservatives take note: The black cacas are aligning with the illegal aliens to fight whitey. Family values, anyone?

  • Jackryanvb

    Many individual Black Americans are decent people. But Black men just can’t do politics. If you are in a mostly Black area, try to elect responsible, mixed race women. mixed race men like Obama generally have as much hatred for Whites as all Black men, mixed race women don’t generally have this venom.

    • Blaak Obongo

      “Many individual Black Americans are decent people.”

      Yeah. Both of them.

      Don’t fall into the “But there are some good ones, too!” trap. It’s how they behave as a group that must shape our attitudes and responses to them.

  • odious liberal

    More proof that blacks aren’t very intelligent.