Quentin Tarantino is known for walking a risky line in dealing with race in his films, and completely flies past it when it comes to the use of violence.

His latest film, called Django Unchained, is no different and the setting of the slave-filled American south in the years prior to the Civil War has many crying foul at his use of racial slurs.

This is not the first time that Tarantino has been criticized for his use of the n-word, as Spike Lee took issue with its use in the 1997 film Jackie Brown where the controversial director allowed it to be used 38 times.

The latest film, which will open on Christmas Day, focuses on the partnership between a former slave who becomes a bounty hunter who enjoys killing white people in his pursuit for his captured wife.

A screening of the film on Tuesday led to reviews that warn of extreme violence and excessive cursing.

‘Quite naturally, given the historical setting, the N-word gets a heavy workout, by whites and blacks alike. But much more forceful is the cruelty dispensed by the Southern whites, both as punishment and whim,’ a review in The Hollywood Reporter says.

Among the scarring acts are instances when attack dogs are released on a man, and black fighters are forced to fight to the death in an ornate drawing room simply for the entertainment of a white plantation owner.

Trailers for the film make no attempts to veil the violence, as the main character Django, played by Jamie Foxx, is shown to have painful scars on his back to imply that he had a history of being beaten.

Adding to the inherent violence is the fact that Foxx pairs up with Christopher Waltz’s character of Dr. King Schultz, a German bounty hunter who comes to Texas looking to kill a set of brothers that Django is able to identify.

The pair go on a coordinated killing spree looking for the brothers in question, and using their guns and whips as a way of achieving vengeance.

At one point, Schultz asks Django if he enjoys his new role as a bounty hunter, and the former slave replies ‘Kill white folks and they pay you for it- What’s not to like?’

Foxx used the same line during his opening monologue while hosting Saturday Night Live last week- as part of the promotion of the film- and brushed off the ensuing criticism saying that he is a comedian and it is meant as a joke.

‘Of course there are hot button issues– the language and violence, and everything like that but the way (the film) landed, I mean when you watch this play in front of an audience, it’s amazing,’ Foxx said of the film during an appearance on The Today Show.

‘It takes you to those moments that are dark and tough to watch, but (there) are a lot of moments that come from out of nowhere that makes the whole audience bubble up.’

The actor has some personal connections to the racial prejudices shown in the film, and during one press event he said that he was frequently faced with the n-word while growing up in Texas.

‘Being called a n***** as a young kid by white people was something I had to deal with,’ Foxx said.

‘Having that done to me I was able to grasp what was going on in the script. When a project becomes magic and special it means that at certain points in the script it parallels your story.’

He is not the only prominent African American to have embraced the sensitive material, as the actor said that a number of his friends including Oprah Winfrey have seen the film and, because they came in braced for the typical Tarantino level of violence, they enjoyed it overall.

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  • The invariable upswing in black on white crime that will result from black audience members not being able to differentiate a fictional past from the present should rest squarely on the despicable Quentin Tarantino’s shoulders.

    • guest

      That seems to be the game of the “entertainment” industry these days – brainwashing. Brainwashing whites into feeling self-hatred and shame and brainwashing non-whites into feeling like perpetual victims.

      • GSJ

        This is exactly it. No other race does this. Not the Asians, nor the Africans. Only whites. It is sickening.

      • refocus

        Check out Tarantino here:


        Is this guy a nut job or what?

        During a press day in New York City, Tarantino revealed that Harvey Weinstein had once suggested splitting Django Unchained into two films…

        • As if any sane audience will ever sit through 2 guilt trips. Guarantee the audience for Django bastardization of a movie will be white liberals and black power advocates. I cannot see this movie having any appeal to the majority of movie goers. If it is a box office smash then america is truly doomed. I noticed that the anti whites like to test the waters with their brainwashing propaganda. First it’s roots now it’s django. If Django is successfull then the next movie will be even more openly anti white. How sick is white america? It has an incurable disease of self hatred. A few white nations will have to fall in order to wake up european mankind and it looks like the USA will be the first to go.

    • Ed_NY

      Yes, I expect black on White attacks to increase as a result of this movie. The poor blacks who have suffered from the legacy of slavery will surely lash out and and try to impose their brand of ghetto justice unsuspecting whites.

      • 5n4k33y35

        All the more reason to carry a gun. Time to have concealed carry permits everywhere.

        • Ed_NY

          I do have a permit and I do carry whenever possible. However and more importantly, I avoid blacks and high crime areas as much as possible. If circumstances allow and they seek me out, I am as prepared as I ever will be. I carry both lethal and nonlethal weapons.

          • The Daily Beast (left wing) had an article about that sort of thing yesterday. It said that the reason why CCW hasn’t increased violent crime is because the kind of people who get permits aren’t violent to begin with. Because the typical CCW permit holder is a 25-55 year old white man with no felony sheet and comfortable with dealing with cops, that makes sense.

            But there’s also a flip side to this coin.

            CCW didn’t turn out to be the big deterrent to violent crime that we hoped it would be, other than the violent crimes that aren’t attempted because the potential perp fears an armed victim. Just like I learned how to be a good coward when I started carrying a gun around, i.e. my radar toward and studious avoidance of “bad scenes” got really sensitive, to the extent that a typical CCW permit holder, the 25-55 YO WM, would ever willingly get into or close to troublesome situations before they got a permit, they stop when they start carrying a gun. That might be good for them, but unfortunately, it also means that they’re not in those bad scenes to stop, prevent or deter trouble. However, the reason we still all carry is that while we do everything we can to avoid trouble, we’re also aware that trouble can find us. Or, maybe trouble didn’t find us because “they” fear “we” might be packing, so trouble moved onto easier victims.

            I once said that CCW really wouldn’t realize its full crime deterring potential (sorry for the cliche I otherwise hate) until far many more felony-free mature black adults would get permits and start carrying. But now I even doubt that because they would learn how to be good cowards, too.

          • Ed_NY

            I totally agree with you. Well said!

          • Example:


            The crime and the sin are entirely the fault of the “teens.” But if I’m armed, carrying, unarmed, or even if I’m flanked by a thousand armed cops, there is no way in hell that I’m ever getting into “banter” about “bassetball” with “teens” on a public transit system.

        • Liberalsuck

          I heard a story about a white man who shot and killed a black teenager because there music was too loud. Honestly, I don’t care that he killed them. No sympathy at all. These same thugs are killing us and no outcry from lots of blacks either.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        “The poor blacks who have suffered from the legacy of slavery . . .”

        What might that be? A higher standard of living for the descendants of the slaves in America than anywhere in Africa?

      • OlderWoman

        And just what is this about ‘ The poor blacks who have suffered from the legacy of slavery…’

        Pray tell explain that bit. Slavery ended over a hundred fifty years ago. There is no such thing as blacks suffering from it today.

        • François

          And we, as Whites living in the 21st century, most certainly had nothiing to do with slavery!

    • AngryWhiteMan

      When I was in high school in Flint we had a negress from the “Flint Area Council to End Racism” come in to speak.

      One of the young negro bucks in the class said “after I saw Amistad I wanted to hurt white people.”

      What did our enlightened Anti-Racist guest say in response to this?? Was it “its a good thing you didn’t because that would be racist”??

      Of course not! She replied, and this is a direct quote: “don’t do that because we don’t need another brother in jail”

      • OlderWoman

        “One of the young negro bucks in the class said “after I saw Amistad I wanted to hurt white people.”
        That’s where the get their history lessons…from movies, rumors and hearsay.

        • François

          And from books that are nothing more than (bad) novels, but that have become required reading in many schools, like the infamous Roots. It has been used in school like it were an actual history book, but Alex Hailey wrote a novel, nothing more. And don’t get me started, on The Diary of Anne Frank, which was discovered to have been written AFTER the end of World war II (using a type a ball pen which did not exist back in the days of the war)…

          • OlderWoman

            Alex Haley plaigiarized “Roots”. I’ve heard the rumor about The Diary of Anne Frank but don’t want to rush judgement about that. I like Diary.

          • FredMertz

            And the gas chambers of Auscwitz were byUilt AFTER the war,in 1947,when the camp was firmlly in the hands of the communist YKW’s,who were busy torturing and murdering Germans.I wonder if the YKW built these gas chambers with the intent to gas the Germans?

        • Well it is characteristic of people who never developed a written language. Everything is carried down through oral storytelling in which the most lowly barbarian warlord was Alexander the Great. It’s easy to see how they can get such a conflicted and bastardized world view based on pure conjecture.

      • 5n4k33y35

        Good story. Sounds very accurate. It makes me feel like Michael Richards on the stage at the comedy club that one night.

      • Dude

        I would’ve called her out.

      • Liberalsuck

        I would have been sarcastic and said, “After watching American History X I grew to have a hatred for young black males and wanted to smash a black guy’s face into the curb with my boots on.”

        • François

          I saw it, and actually loved it. That movie is quite interesting, because the Holywwod establishment wanted to make a movie about sacry, evil skinheads, etc, but the movie, because of the way its story is told and thanks to Ed Norton’s charistmatic performance, actually made a lot of (White) people root for the character, Derek, and his young brother.

    • Svigor

      There’s definitely something wrong with the wiring in Tarantino’s brain. I don’t know if it’s from being a pothead, or because as a lad he watched a black male, rather than his father, go into his mother’s bedroom every night, but he has some serious “black issues.” On one hand, he seems obsessed with the old jungle tropes surrounding black masculinity and constantly drags this into his films. On the other, he clearly has an animus toward them, as expressed in his script for True Romance, where he made the villain white-skinned (out of a desire to fly under the PC radar or for sublimation, or both), but obviously black in nature, and worked out his issues via on-screen castration.

      • Guest123

        Tarantino works out his personal issues with Black people via characters in his script who call Black people N$$$$$ frequently, often, usually. About as many times as that word apparently pops into Tarantino’s bent backward brain. He fits the definition of a narcissist, but he also demonstrates a level of racial fixation and mental disturbance on category Mel Gibson levels. I’m tired of his unnatural fixation on Black culture, his overtly desperate attempts at hipsterism, and his cult of personality fanboys.

    • Guest123

      You may find this hard to believe, but many Black people I know, including myself, are sick to death of and repulsed by Phony Tarantino’s attempted appropriation of Black culture, voice, and expression through the financial aid of his personal Daddy Warbucks (The Weinstein Company). I certainly do not look forward to an orgy of limb severing, blood spatterings, death wails and screams, rapings, and racial epithets directed at Blacks on Christmas Day. The sociopaths among us will likely enjoy torture pornography and murder and degradation (in the disguise of a so-called history lesson). This Black female will find alternative entertainment until 12 Years a Slave is released in 2013.

  • As long as the usual suspects don’t boo hoo if a movie is made where a white guy goes on a bloody quest for revenge on a gang of black criminals who raped and killed his daughter, then this movie can be an example of something for everyone. Death Wish doesn’t count. Charles Bronson embraced diversity when it came to fighting crime.

    Quenton Tarantino can both hit and miss. For every Pulp Fiction, there’s a Destiny Turns On the Radio.

    • Tucker

      D.B. Cooper is dead right about Bronson. About a year ago, I spotted one of those DVD bargain bins at a local department store that had old flicks for $5. I fished through the pile and found a 4-movie dvd that consisted of the Charles Bronson ‘Death Wish’ series. Which I decided to purchase.

      For starters, let me say that I’ve never been a big fan of Bronson. I have always considered him to be a fairly decent character actor, but never a top headliner. Secondly, in almost all of his movies – he is cast in the role of a ‘studly guy’ who miraculously melts the elastic that holds up the panties of every good-looking WHITE female actress who is in the movie with him. Give me a freaking break. Bronson is one of the ugliest, most non- appealing, least good-looking male actors to have ever been foisted upon the Hollywood movie scene. At best, in his younger years, when he was in better physical condition – he might have appealed to White males who were looking for a macho kind of guy who seemed capable of kicking a little hiney. But a ladies man? Not in a million years, but I suppose I should factor in the white females who have vision problems and can’t see well, close up.

      Anyway, in that 4-movie DVD of Bronson’s Death Wish movies – the anti-White themes were very, very noticeable. In one of them, in what I thought was one of the most ridiculously unrealistic scenarios that the Cultural Marxists who run Hollywood have ever dreamed up – the script writers had a skin head, White ‘Supremacist’ gang of street thugs teaming up with some black and mestizo gang bangers and together, they were ‘terrorizing’ and ‘harassing’ a poor, innocent, forever and ever persecuted Jewish family where Martin Balsam was the ‘designated holocaust survivor’ who had Stars of David and Menorah’s all over his and his wife’s apartment – and Charles Bronson was arriving, like Superman – to do battle with the evil ‘Nazis’.

      So, good call, D.B. Bronson served two purposes for Hollywood. First, he was always paired up with White females – so he helped push their miscegenation agenda. And, secondly, he never missed an opportunity to help them push their anti-White, White males are all-Nazis agenda.

      • OlderWoman

        About women who like guys like this…some of them like men who are dangerous, abusive and macho. It probably explains why so many are mudsharks.

      • i am

        “Anyway, in that 4-movie DVD of Bronson’s Death Wish movies – the
        anti-White themes were very, very noticeable. In one of them,…the
        script writers had a skin head, White ‘Supremacist’ gang of street thugs
        teaming up with some black and mestizo gang bangers and together, they
        were ‘terrorizing’ and ‘harassing’ a poor, innocent, forever and ever
        persecuted Jewish family where Martin Balsam was the ‘designated
        holocaust survivor’ who had Stars of David and Menorah’s all over his
        and his wife’s apartment – and Charles Bronson was arriving, like
        Superman – to do battle with the evil ‘Nazis’.”

        If a series goes on long enough they will always put some Nazis in. The original Star Trek TV series had NAZIS. Battle Star Galactica (Original TV Series) went back in time to fight the Nazis. Magnum PI fought a Nazi posing as a jew complete with fake tattoo. Of course Magnum discovered her and turned her in for war crimes. I think Happy Days and Lavern and Shirley even had an episode with evil Nazis.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Absolutely hilarious.

      • Kyle

        Miscegenation? I thought Charles Bronson was white or am I wrong???

      • Bronson was born Charles Dennis Buchinsky in Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, in the Allegheny Mountain Coal region north of Johnstown. During the McCarthy hearings, he changed his last name to Bronson, fearing that Buchinsky sounded “too Russian”.

        He was one of 15 children born to a Polish-Lithuanian immigrant father of Lipka Tatar ancestry, and a Lithuanian-American mother. His father hailed from the town of Druskininkai (or Druskienniki). His mother, Mary Valinsky, whose parents were from Lithuania was born in the coal mining town of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.

        Bronson was the first member of his family to graduate from high school. As a young child, Bronson did not initially know how to speak English and only learned it in his teens. Bronson’s father died when he was 10, and he went to work in the coal mines. Initially, Bronson worked in the office of a coal mine, later in the mine itself. He earned $1 per ton of coal mined. He worked there until he entered military service during World War II. His family was so poor that, at one time, he reportedly had to wear his sister’s dress to school because he had nothing else to wear.

        In 1943, Bronson enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces and served as an aerial gunner in the 760th Flexible Gunnery Training Squadron, and in 1945 as a B-29 Superfortress crewman with the 39th Bombardment Group based on Guam. He was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds received during his service.

        Uhh, I think Charles was a white dude who paid his dues.

        • Liberalsuck

          How can people rip on Bronson? He wasn’t PC. He dealt harshly with all criminals. Maybe he wasn’t good looking, but the ladies in the movies found the fact he was balsy and calm attractive. Not all women go after looks; some of them go more for how a man carries himself.

        • François

          His parents were from eastern Europe, but Charles Bronson had Mongols in his genealogical tree, which explains his exotic, not so white looks. He was mixed-blood.

    • Liberalsuck

      There will come a time when all this anti-white bigotry will come about.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Greg Johnson said that 1. he hopes Romney loses because he deserves to, and 2. Obama is good for White nationalism because he puts an undeniable black face on our problems.

    During the campaign, I noticed more over anti White hatred spewing from MSM than probably ever before in our history. O’Reilly is steamed about it, and last night he said he’ll take it on and call it out. (All he’ll do is draw attention to it, but he won’t really debate it.) But “get Whitey” is now institutionalized in our culture. That should frighten you and serve as a warning. In a “get Whitey” culture, you can never relax and must always assume that since you are a target, somebody has you in their sights.

    So here we are: four more of Obama, and growing anti White hatred, mixed with harsher measures to put us all under BRA Diversity. God, how hideous it will be!

    We are at a point of “intersection”: 1. the Gay Agenda has won the culture and institutions and will destroy the families not yet destroyed by feminism, drugs, porn, the pill, and abortion, 2. Islamofication is close behind, and now Christian churches are embracing InterFaith Chrislam, 3. Overt hatred and violence against Whites will become mainstreamed to the point of commonplace.

    EVERYTHING FALLS APART from now on. In the chaos, you will be victimized.

    This is Post 9/11 America. Obama was their second attack.

    It all churns toward a Day of Reckoning, and justice will be what you can work out in your own neighborhood. Gold won’t do you any good.

    • MekongDelta69

      I saw O’Reilly’s show last night too and what he said disgusted me. To make a long comment short, he basically said that he can excuse Foxx’s (and other blacks’) rants, because of a historical legacy of slavery, segregation, etc., etc.

      In the next segment, Monica Crowley said ‘somewhat’ of the same thing, although not nearly as disgusting as what O’Reilly said; while Alan Colmes said… well, you know what Alan Colmes said.

      I was going to write an email to O’Reilly asking him basically if that excuses blacks for all time – until eternity, to think / say / do whatever they want to white people, but I’ve written his show before and they’re either never read (Read Receipt rejection), or if they ever are, nobody’s ever gotten back to me – much less any of them being read on the air.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Same here. I’ve received neither an acknowledgement of receipt of my emails nor a response. I’m tired of both O’Reilly and Hannity. This historical guilt crap has me up the wall.

        I’m really considering “lawyering up” and pursuing my damages suit against Hungary for brutality perpetrated against my Italian ancestors by Attila. If not I might begin attacking Hungarians wherever I can find them. It’s my historic right.

      • The__Bobster

        I haven’t watched the Leprechaun since he ranted about an imaginary White prom.

      • ncpride

        He just read some of the emails he received after that segment, and they were all angry ones about Foxx, including one that told Bill not to make excuses for him. I’d wager most of the emails were of that nature which should tell Bill that YT is NOT amused.

      • mobilebay

        I’ve done the same – written to O’Reilly’s show – but he seldom reads anything that isn’t complimentary to him. I too was surprised that Monica Crowley didn’t jump at the chance to disagree with him. I wonder why so many of the regular guests on his show keep quite about his very annoying habit of either interrupting them or feeling that he has to explain what they’ve just said or dismissing their opinions. Barbara Walters told him tonight that didn’t give his previous guests a chance, but he dismissed it. He’s been known to say that it’s his program and can interrupt when he wants, which is constantly. Wish they’d all decline the invitation to appear and tell him why. I feel sorry for his wife – if he still has one. And his children must always have the law laid down in no uncertain terms. Back to the topic – he was definitely wrong about Jamie Foxx.

        • ncpride

          More often than not, I end up switching stations because his constant interruptions are so annoying. I’m surprised he can get any guests on his show knowing they probably won’t get a word in edgewise.

      • I NEVER watch O’Reilly–he has NO principles; he flip-flops more to the left. He has NO HONOR.

        • Svigor

          O’Reilly is clearly one of those sociopath-leaning types that lard the media, as a study pointed out some years back. Anyone remember the time he chewed out his staff like a psycho when he didn’t know the mike was still on?

          The left are usually more savvy about their sociopaths, and don’t put obvious ones like O’Reilly in front of the camera as often.

      • longing4abetterworld

        Write that email!

    • Luca

      Justice and the day of reckoning. hmmm…well the Founding Fathers were wise in crafting the 2nd Amendment and the MSM should be renamed the JMSM. The JMSM keeps the sheeple entertained and electronically drugged while they keep them fighting among themselves and indoctrinated in academia. Obama is just a well paid, indoctrinated useful puppet, They sit back and laugh at the foolish goyim as they count their money. They pit one tribe against the other. It’s been going on for centuries, as long as they can make a buck. they don’t care and then they’ll move on to the next country. And gold won’t hurt.

    • The__Bobster

      In the Philly area, there has been a definite uptick in NAPA-on-White-senior crime in the last month.

    • AngryWhiteMan

      Are you seriously criticizing the birth control pill dude? I mean really.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        How many White babies weren’t born because of the Pill? If you can’t criticize Evil, you are it…

  • Johnny Clay

    Just wait. Once this movie hits the big screen, there will be violence in the theaters. Either gangbangers will shoot each other, or white audience members will be targeted. I hope I’m wrong.

    • ronald54321

      Any white that would go to a movie like that should be shot.

    • gemjunior

      Oh God any white people who go to see this trash are insane. They are naive, innocent, and even to the point of stupidity and denial. There are sure to be all sorts of violent events that will just happen from impulsivity. Without thinking they will just pull out guns and shoot white people. Stay home from this rubbish.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Maybe Tarantino is hoping to create a modern “Roots” to instigate more black rage and white guilt.

        • Guest123

          Most Black people I know are absolutely sick of Tarantino and fed up with his racial epithets. We are not his audience. His cult of personality fanboys will pack theaters.

  • So CAL Snowman

    let me ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice
    a sign out in front of my house that said “Dead ****** Storage”?

    Did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said “Dead ****** Storage”?

    You know WHY you didn’t see that sign?

    ‘Cause it ain’t there, ’cause storing dead ******* ain’t my ******* business, that’s why!

    I’m not really sure what to make of Tarantino anymore. One thing I do know is that he LOVES to be controversial and seems to be one of the few directors that can drop N-bombs without any white liberal or black getting upset. His movies are sort of an exercise in glorifying violence and depravity through motion art. I’m not sure if you can call his work “art” but there is a quality aesthetic about his films. To me, Tarantino has always been sort of a parody of hollywood. I know many of you will see him as a typical anti-white liberal hollywood hack, and I’m not sure that you would be wrong. Personally I think that Tarantino is a bit ahead of the pop culture curve and actually mocks hollywood and its vindictive liberal bias. In a sea of butt kissers, yes men and corporate hacks (Michael Bay), Tarantino is allowed to do his own thing because he really doesn’t upset the apple cart. Besides most people are too busy praising the Nazi killers or Django to see that Tarantino is actually mocking THEM. Tarantino sort of holds a mirror up the audience with this one, and correctly estimates that de-racinated Whites will lap this up like kittens with a warm saucer of milk. A sort of Joke’s on you, but you;re not intelligent enough to get it type scenario.

    • OK, that’s your opinion. My opinion is…

      There was/is something to be said about the Charles Manson family’s view of Hollywood.

    • OlderWoman

      I don’t agree with you. I think what he’s doing is trying to be controversial. Furthermore, I think he’s a C-movie hack. Only the brain-dead would enjoy them.

    • Jerrybear

      That’s an interesting theory. His movies are kind of cartoonish as far as reality goes. Basterds didn’t even try to be factual. Which could be mocking all the propaganda WWII films we’ve had to endure for decades.

    • Germanacus

      Any idea when Tarantino will be producing “The Knoxville Horror?”
      Ya think Foxx might be interested in playing the lead in that movie? How come Hollywood has no interest in portraying realistic and modern films of blacks sodomizing, raping, and butchering young white girls? Whats up with that?

      • 5n4k33y35

        No joke. The black crime is off the charts, and the prog Jew media complicity by adhering to a policy of ignoring black crime… It’s a serious problem they have.

        And meanwhile, with all these gentile white people awakening to the problem, hearing about it on Facebook, on websites… I’m happy to be right at the frontier of it.

    • Svigor

      I agree that it’s not cut-and-dried with Tarantino, and that he does seem to have feet on both sides of the line of sanity. As you point out, the consensus is that the Nazis came out looking much better than the Jews in Inglorious Basterds (I have not seen it myself, as I tired of Tarantino’s obsession with blacks long ago).

      His animus against southerners does seem pretty obvious though, what with his continually defaming them as rapists.

      • 5n4k33y35

        He’s just a progressive piece of —-. Forget about him.

  • And this horror is opening on Christmas Day.

    • StillModerated

      Pray that White people stay away in droves. And the knee grows will be out watching karate flicks.

    • longing4abetterworld

      That’s what Jews (the Weinstein brothers, producers) like to do. A little ‘dig’ at the white Christian establishment. Surely it will win awards in February since it beats the year-end release date deadline.

  • please join BOYCOTT DJANGO on facebook


  • libertarian 1234

    I’m waiting for a movie to come out showing the hundreds of thousands of black on white atrocities, including, beatings, murders, rapes, tortures, and the ongoing black mob attacks where white people have been beaten, maimed and killed, because of ignorant, racist blacks who think making a white a victim is somehow payback.

    In other words, payback for something they never sufferred by someone who did them no harm. Nothing shows their stupidity so much as their hateful mindsets.

    This entire slavery thing is really overblown in a gigantic way. It’s a lame excuse for black crime, lack of ability to learn or succeed, and anything else they want it to be to make excuses for black inability. I’m really sick of having these people around.

    • 5n4k33y35

      That’s what I’m saying. Make a movie with progressive blacks, progressive Jews, self-loathing progressive whites and Feminists are the bad guys.

      Load it up with all their hypocrisy and “politically correct” terms. It doesn’t even have to be a violent movie.

      It could be a comedy about bureaucracy and how chickensh*t progressives use the race card and gender card incessantly. And the primary characters are gentile white men being persecuted and oppressed by the tyranny of whiners.

      Let them be the ones who are obsessed with violence. I would make a movie focusing on them, and the banality of their degeneracy and hypocrisy.

      • Jackryanvb

        This movie will never be made. But, if you are looking for this type of racial escapism, I highly recommend the novel “The Brigade” by H Covington. All kinds of very realistic bad guys of the sort you list get it bad, in just dessert ways.

        • 5n4k33y35

          Such kinds of entertainment have to be made. The twist of my synopsis is that there is no extreme violence, only extreme annoyance. The point is to win the water cooler debate, not to win a saber rattling contest. Nobody beats us at saber rattling, so we ought to downplay that and win the water cooler debate.

        • François

          Never be made? I’m not 100% sure about that. You see, nowadays, a lot of interestiing things, such as videos and music, can be made by ordinay people in their homes, using computers and software. So movies like that could be done, without the approval of the Holywood establishment. Such movies might not make it to the big screen, but they could be made down loadable on the internet! We litteraly have whole new possibilities at our fiinngertips, compared to say, 25 years ago! And where there is a will, there is a way!

      • David Ashton

        “Hunt for the Unicorn Killer” was the nearest thing, but then I adore Naomi Watts.

  • StillModerated

    F-word the N-word.

    And F-word Jamie Foxx, too. In 2009 he played a detective hunting down the most clever criminal in the world. Pure science fiction. And unadulterated bull S-word.

  • NorthernWind

    Any guesses on how many killings of Whites will be linked with this horrible movie?

    This world is definitely sick. Political correctness is tyranny.

    • FredMertz

      I ma guessing whatever the number it will be ONE LESS than it should be…

  • OlderWoman

    I do NOT believe Foxx when he says he had to endure being called a racial slur. I think he says this for effect because he wants to present himself justified for being a ‘victim’ of whites. I think he’s actually jealous that he’s black because he makes way too much noise about it. He’s just being overly dramatic because he’s an ACTOR!

    • 5n4k33y35

      I agree. I thought the same thing about the half Korean football player who cried that the Koreans were so bad to him. I’m liking the idea of bringing all the racial slurs back again.

    • In the last Jamie Foxx story here on AR, Puggg noted that Foxx is a George Strait fan, and I found and posted a YT video as proof. In it, Foxx said that when he was 14 years old, he tried to get into a relatively big country bar in his town to see George Strait sing, and this was not long after Strait signed with MCA Records, so he was not yet able to fill up the Astrodome with ease. Of course, the bar wouldn’t let him in, NOT because he was black, but because he was 14 years old.

      That’s odd behavior from someone who is now saying that he had to endure racial slurs and abuse constantly as a young man. A country bar in exurban Dallas would be the last place I’d want to be in that situation.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        If it is true that Foxx is a fan of German-descended-Texan-for-real-Cowboy George Strait, then he has one identifiable good quality.

    • Token Finn

      Blacks did not have a problem calling each other the N-word back in the days. Liberals taught them to go nuts when hearing their own name. It’s strange how they would go everywhere repeating “I’m black, I’m black” and then getting so mad when whites would do the same with another etymologically valid and neutral word. Should they perhaps stop running away from who they are?

      • shmo123

        “Blacks did not have a problem calling each other the N-word back in the days.”
        Oh c’mon, you’ve got to be kidding me. What days? Try any day. Take your typical black thug off the street and n***** is half his vocabulary. S***, m*****f*****, and damn make up nearly all the rest.

    • Liberalsuck

      Who called him a ‘racial slur’? Another black person. Blacks aren’t offended at being called the N word; only when whites call them that. Blacks aren’t mad that blacks kill each other; but only when a white person does it.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    ‘Being called a n***** as a young kid by white people was something I had to deal with,’ Foxx said.

    Lies, lies and more lies. This is something white people wouldn’t have gotten away with since the 1960s, and Foxx doesn’t look that old.

    • Jefferson

      Jamie Foxx was a young kid in the 1970s and early 1980s, since he was born in 1967. There was no more in your face blatant anti-Black Jim Crow style racism in the 1970s and 1980s.

      So yeah Jamie Foxx is lying.

      • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

        I’m year older than Foxx and went to a then, recently segregated(ie mostly black) schools in Dallas and I can bet Foxx a paycheck or 2 that as a white kid, I endured more racist, hatred from blacks(teachers especially) than he ever would have during the same time period.
        I was verbally abused, called cracker, peckerwood, whiteboy and about every other derogatory term blacks had for whites back then. I fought my way home from school almost daily and treated like a hated alien in the classroom. At that age, I can honestly recall never even knowing there was a “black” person… I was taught “racism” by the true racists in this country, blacks.

        • saxonsun

          Same here–my friends and I were picked on by blacks. I always fought back and that’s what made them back away.

        • ncpride

          I know exactly what you mean. I was taught ‘racism’ in much the same way when my sister and I got stuck riding the bus to school with nearly all blacks. The racial taunts and slurs such as ‘white bitch’ and ‘cracker’ were a daily thing, not to mention the constant attacks we had to learn to defend ourselves from. Funny, stories like ours are never told and hi-lighted in the media and movies. I know there are thousands, if not millions, more of us with the same story to tell. But that wouldn’t fit their narrative of the poor black victim, would it?

      • NYB

        Who remembers Fred Williamson and the ‘N*gger Charlie’ franchise? The Legend of N*gger Charlie (1972), The Soul of N*gger Charlie (1973), etc.


        Tarantino has given Fred Williamson another reason to be bitter, as he is ripping off the spirit of the Williamson movies.

        In those days blacks didn’t yet know the power the ‘N’ word would someday command.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I was a young kid in the 1970s, and I was assaulted by an African when I said “trigger”. My friend Sean and I were talking about BB guns. I beat the holy howling hell out of that kid. Sean and Andy and Bruce had to pull me off several times, as I broke free, fangs out and hair on fire.

        The last time a black touched without using his fists me was in junior high school. The assistant principal grabbed me, so I hyperextended his left pinkie finger, which made a delightful snap, and then the next two fingers while I was being dragged. He quit at the end of that year.

        My mother says that while my ex-father had “artist’s hands” mine look like those of a serial killer. I got my growth late, and thanks to my ex-father, my viciousness early. I wish things had been different.

        The whole bit where I’m supposed to be afraid and run away got dropped and broken somewhere along the line.

      • François

        He is, like most Black public figures do.

    • i am

      “Lies, lies and more lies”

      In the words of the famous holocaust phoney Herman Rosenblat, “I didn’t lie. In my mind, I really believed it happened.”

      P.S. Being called a Nazi and a white mother ****** while being kicked and punched everyday was something I had to deal with.

      • David Ashton

        What we need also is a five-part TV series on the “Red Holocaust” with all the BEST footage, documentation and testimony available, starting with Marx’s “forcible overthrow” to North Korea’s Paradise today. No false memories, no exaggerations, no misquotations, no lies, selected with care from the least controvertible but now plentiful material. Throw in African Communist atrocities en route.

  • Shrewsbury

    Put this swill together with essentially propagandistic pictures such as “Lincoln” in which all non-elite whites are depicted as murderous subhumans, and “Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter,” in which southern whites are depicted as actual vampires—yeah, right, it’s a joke, just like Goebbels’s films likening European Jews to a swarm of rats were a joke—, and one begins to get the decided impression that the left is working itself into a genocidal mentality.

    • 5n4k33y35

      Yes, you’re right but progressives are wussies who can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Most of them still jump when they hear a voice of real authority.

  • Rex Feral

    F**k Jamie Foxx and all the others. Look back to Jurrasic Park when it came out. The black community was in arms because they say that it wasn’t right that the first person killed was a black man. What did I miss here?

  • lost angeles

    Films are works to be taken for what they are by individuals but Foxx trying to couch his racial animus on SNL in ‘I’m a comedian’ BS is telling in that it gets a total pass. Also, getting called n*gger as a child? When and how many times? I am in LA schools every day and experience an unabashed racial animus and bigotry from children of color (socioeconomically disadvantaged and underserved of course) that I challenge Foxx to find from whites anywhere in the US today.

    • 5n4k33y35

      His racial animus is real. But he really is a comedian, and every comedian secretly wishes people would take him seriously and that never happens for successful comedians.

      The only comedian who can be taken seriously is a white guy who runs afoul of political correctness, it seems. I’d rather be known for being a chauvinist and a bigot than a comedian, any day of the week.

      Jamie Foxx is and remains a comedian, trying to be taken seriously. I’m not about to begin taking him seriously. He could rant like Louis Farrakhan, or worse, and I would still laugh at him.

      • Liberalsuck

        Michael Richards is a comedian, too. However, people didn’t think it was funny when he was screaming the N word at a comedy stand up routine and screaming at the blacks in the audience, “Oh, you’re tough now. A hundred years ago we would have put a fork up your ass!!!!” He’s not working anymore.

        • 5n4k33y35

          He has a new gig. But a lot of people still don’t think he’s funny anymore. After almost four years of Barack Obama, I began to realize that enough negativity from the diversity can make a white man feel like ranting in just that manner.

          Even a white man such as myself who is expected never to think or feel that way. I wish I could use slurs here. I’m very good with racial slurs.

  • Bill

    Most folks here seem to realize the gist and reason this trash movie made it out of production. Further conditioning the savages among us toward the ultimate goal – genocide against whites. The liberal fools and those belonging to that “certain tribe” can’t conceive that when that day comes, THEY TOO are white and will be targeted. Heck, that tribe should have already learned that. Who was in the forefront of the “civil rights” movement leading the
    blacktards? Those of the tribe. And who is now castigated, sworn against, scape goated, abused and called ethnic slurs even more than whites – in all the black churches even – but those of that tribe. And yet they fool themselves somehow to keep enabling this retarded, murderous, satanic people and steer them toward white genocide? And they call those of that tribe SMART? Brilliant? Geniuses? Give me a break. There is a large segment of that tribe in Tel Aviv itself who are pushing to give up territory, befriend those who wish them all dead, etc. and trashing the realists in their OWN tribal country. No, they are not smart, intelligent and peaceful. They have, throughout history, been dumb, rebellious, discontented and working against authority be it Kings or King of Kings. They have, throughout history been their own worst enemy ALMOST as badly as the black savages they use against Christians and Whites and especially Christian Whites.

    • François

      «Heck, that tribe should have already learned that.»

      No, Bill, that have not. Why, and how, should they? They are actually in control, in America.

  • David M.

    Like his last film, Inglorious Bastards, which was a revenge film against Nazis, this movie is a revenge film against “racist whites” who owned, or supported slavery.
    Tarantino is simply repeating himself.
    I also suspect Foxx is lying when he whines about being a victim of racial slurs while growing up. Seems like a rather convenient way to promote his latest movie.
    Many Hollywood liberals cannot seem to be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

    • François

      Is Tarantino Jewish? If not, why did he make that horribly hateful, racist movie called Inglorious Basterds (sic)…?

  • hossman

    What a fantastic culture . I wish jamie foxx would kill me, so i could experience american diversity firsthand.

  • Eurobeing

    What we really need is a Documenatryesque film showing the legacy of black on white crime and violence say since the 1990’s to today, In it would be statistics think “color of crime” and narration by none other than your hero and mine Jared Taylor.
    This should be an exhaustive project highlighting trends and crimes Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsome, Anne Presley, the Wichita Massacur and many others to numerous to mention.
    This damn thing needs to run about 3 hrs. and point out the actual statistics and show the graphic footage of the beatings and deaths that result from this situation. The point also needs to be made that the cover up that takes place between the media and the truth of the problems we really have here in America is unbelievable.

  • bigone4u

    When this rancid garbage makes it into theaters it will be interesting to see the racial and gender composition of the audience, relative to less inflamatory films. I would not want to attend for quite a few reasons, but an added fear would be that a “batman” type shooter might view this as an opportunity to make a statement. BTW, I suspect that Tarantino is seriously mentally ill and will have a breakdown one of these days.

    • Svigor

      I agree. He seems to be a few bricks shy of a load.

  • Djinn42

    I can clearly remember suffering thru the whole busing debacle in the 70’s and being called a honkey, cracker, etc. while being chased by a gang of huge afros armed with metal hair picks bent on drawing blood from my white flesh.
    Maybe I should make a film and when the chants of racism begin I can say I was just drawing on the experience of my youth.
    They are all hypocrites.

  • jackryanvb

    We have to follow the successful example of American Muslims who stood up to an insulting, obscure, anti Muslim video on Youtube.

    Hollywood would never dare market a movie inciting murder against Blacks, homosexuals, Muslims or Jews.

    The appalling fact that this horrible anti White, anti Southern White movie is opening on Christmas Day is an in-our-face act of War against Christmas, against White Americans.

    Please find out where this movie is opening in your area. Get the name of the manager of the Theater and express in firm, but polite manner that you hold him/her personally responsible for this horrible, violent insult of our community. Organize protests, letter writing campaigns and suggest that the community would just be better off without the movie theater, same as a community is better off without hard core porn stores, bad liquor stores that cater to bad elements.

  • nobody

    imagine if i made a movie where some young white guy kills a bunch of black people. not only that, but he does it in an extremely festive manner, then the actual actor gloats about it on national tv saying “i get to kill black people, how white is that?!?!” they would probably haul me in for a Hague convention in my honor.

  • Say it: Quentin Tarantino is decadent. His “art” is decadent. Stop being silent. Speak the truth.

    When Hollywood puts out schlock, man up and say it’s schlock. Stop worrying about who you’re going to offend. There’s always something else to offend them any way.

    Tarentino’s “art” is decadent schlock. We all need to say it if it’s true.

    • Dan

      I’m with you, Felix. This ridiculously overrated nonentity, who lacks the skill to make a satisfying tv commercial, is one of those people who have risen without trace and will, in time, be completely forgotten. To even begin to take him seriously makes me chuckle.

  • Annis Isbell

    The truth is we are evil White Devils and Racists. The only solution for blacks is to go back to Africa. For their own benefit, the sooner the better. Why in the world would they want to live one second longer in White people’s country?

  • A Southerner

    The two rules for making movies involving the South and/or Southerners:

    1. Any movie about the South must deal exclusively with the injustices, real or imagined, inflicted by whites upon blacks. Antebellum slavery must be depicted as an institution shot through with unmitigated cruelty. That the reality was otherwise hardly matters; after all, most Americans’ gross historical ignorance will ensure that the movie’s version of history will be taken as truth.

    2. Most movies, however, are not set in the South. On the rare occassions when Southerners appear in these movies at all, they are to be depicted as unwashed, ignorant, bigoted, backward creatures who inflict gratuitous violence upon innocent, noble black characters. In the movies, brilliant black physicists are a dime a dozen, while an intelligent white Southerner is the rarest of rare beings.

    My question to Southerners is this: Don’t you know that the people who control the media hate you? Why do you go to see their movies? Why do you buy their music? Why do you watch their television programs? This demonization of the South is so pervasive that even Southerners are becoming ashamed of their own accents.

    • StillModerated

      I was born in Europe and moved to Dixieland. I’m trying my best to speak in a drawl! Besides, Southerners love Benny Hill.

    • Kyle

      Nonsense! Hollywood only recently churned out the Walker Texas Ranger series which was a hugely successful TV venture starring a southerner & glorifying conservative southern culture in a southern Texas setting.There are so many examples of H’wood glorifying southern culture: Sweet Home Alabama (2002), Dallas (TV series 1986 & 2011 version), Saving Grace ( white southern lady cop kicking criminal black butt), The Closer ( the main heroine is a white southern lady cop with a distinct Texas drawl) etc.

      • François

        Walker Texas Ranger and Dallas, for example, are not set in the Southeast, and they are about Texans. Hollywood doesn’t hate Lone Star, it does however hate Dixie. And Lone Star and Dixie are two different cultures; even the accents aren’t exactly the same.

  • Skincognito

    I think an appropriate response for an independent filmmaker is to produce a remake of Birth of a Nation. I also propose a film adaptation of Hunter and The Turner Diaries. I’m not holding my breath however. I suspect soon such incendiary material will be criminalized like in Germany.

    • François

      Yes, a Turner Diaries movie would be a good idea. It could be made in a way that would give it a Red Dawn sort of feel. The original, eighties Red Dawn, I mean; I haven’t seen the remake, since I am sick of all those remakes that Hollywood has been doing since the beginning of this century.


    Look at it this way: Hollywood has set a precedent. All kinds of people could be going unchained in the future.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    ‘Being called a n***** as a young kid by white people was something I had to deal with,’ Foxx said.

    I rather f***ing doubt it.

  • 5Sardonicus

    What is wrong with Quentin Tarantino? Other Italian American
    directors, like Frances Ford Coppela and Martin Scorsese, have used their Italian
    heritage to create movie masterpieces—hailed by critics and the public alike. However,
    Tarantino appears to suffer from self-hatred and feelings of inadequacy. His
    ultra-violent movies celebrate underclass black thug culture. He really thinks
    he’s a Superfly making 1970s blaxsplotation films. He tries to act touch and cool,
    appearing in many of his own movies. In reality he is wimp, who drinks his
    coffee with two hands.

  • Dan

    Movies made by degenerates for degenerates.

  • Sometimes I think anti whites like foxx and self haters like tarantino are just mindless drones, organisms that have no conscious or soul they just go through the motions(Think of NPCs in video games) Their dialogue that is so filled with hate, USI, and vulgarity lend more credence to this theory as almost everyone is certain that they are not human.

  • Christopher Waltz is GOD

    THE FILM IS A MASTERPIECE!! Leo’s character is jared taylor all the way!

  • David Gearhart

    Hollywood glorifies the racist hate with the black on white violence in their movies and the rap music. The media shows blacks rioting assaulting whites and screaming threats to whites and soliciting violence to include murder of whites, police and white babies. They show the knock out game, mob violence of what appears to be a flash mob and even murder or whites by blacks without ever calling it racism, or a hate crime.