California College Student Claims He Was Suspended for His Politics, Sues School

Maxim Lott, Fox News, December 11, 2012

A student at Fresno State University is suing his professors for allegedly putting him on disciplinary probation because of his politics, and he has video that he says proves his case.

The trouble started in May 2011, when Neil O’Brien, a senior at Fresno State who is active in student government, went to talk with two professors in Fresno’s Chicano and Latin American Studies Department. O’Brien, who is widely known on campus for advocating against policies such as the DREAM Act, the proposed law that would give young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, was miffed that they allowed a poem he found offensive to be published in a university-sponsored newspaper. The poem starts with the passage “America, the land robbed by the white savage” and continues along those lines.

When O’Brien approached the professors separately in their offices, the same thing happened in each case: they said they didn’t want to talk with him. Openly recording the encounters on a video camera, O’Brien told them he just wanted to ask questions. They again told him to leave, and closed their doors.

What happened next is what got O’Brien in trouble: The professors called the police. According to police reports, the professors said that O’Brien had been “threatening” and “harassing” them. Police took O’Brien in for questioning, but decided not to file charges after watching video he took of the incident (which O’Brien has posted online here.)

O’Brien, who filed suit in California Superior Court last month, says that the video proves he didn’t do anything wrong and that he was just asking questions. He said he taped the encounter—and typically tapes his political interactions on campus—precisely to avoid these types of claims. California has a two-party consent law for recording communication—meaning both parties must agree. But because O’Brien wasn’t hiding the camera and the professors did not object, his recording of the incident was apparently legal.


O’Brien’s troubles continued when he was called into the Dean’s office and told he would face a disciplinary hearing in which he would not be allowed to have a lawyer present.

In the disciplinary hearing, O’Brien says he repeatedly asked his questioners to watch the video of the incident—but they refused, even though he brought a DVD with the footage to the hearing.

University Vice President Paul Oliaro ultimately gave O’Brien disciplinary probation for a semester—which forbade him from serving as the president of a student group he formed (a chapter of Young Americans For Liberty) and banned him from going “within 100 feet of the Chicano Latin American studies faculty or staff or their offices or classrooms in which they are teaching.”

O’Brien said he thought the punishment was ultimately because of his political advocacy.

“I can’t think of a reason besides that they just don’t like conservatives, and just don’t like to answer questions on anything.”

O’Brien points to University President John Welty’s outspoken support for the DREAM Act.

“It’s time to pass the DREAM Act,” Welty said in a message to students, in which he went on to urge students to call their members of Congress about the issue.

O’Brien’s lawyer, Brian Leighton, says he thinks O’Brien is being discriminated against.

“What these professors can’t stand is that Neil shows up to all these university meetings… and he says what he thinks,” Leighton said.


The professors who were sued by O’Brien either did not respond to questions or referred questions to the university public relations office.

Advocates for free speech on campus say that “harassment” is the catch-all that university administrators use to punish students they disagree with.


O’Brien’s attorney expects that the case could take “a while,” and potentially more than a year, to work its way through the courts.

O’Brien says he filed the suit because he felt he had to take a stand.

“This school is totally Orwellian,” he said. “I just want to share my opinion when I disagree, and I shouldn’t be treated like a criminal for it.”

[Editor’s Note: Mr. O’Brien has a website that chronicles many of his anti-illegal immigration activities. There is also a page dedicated to his activism videos. One that caught our eye was of him confronting a “Brown Beret” saying the United States belonged to Mexico. There is also a link to donate through PayPal to help fund his legal efforts.]

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  • theater of the absurd…

  • He does come across as obnoxious, but the poem’s title has a racial slur in it, a valid lawsuit.

  • MekongDelta69

    Of course the leftist professors called the police (whom they ordinarily despise). Leftists are wimps by nature. They always hide behind lawyers and authority.

    And of course the police took O’Brien in for ‘questioning’ instead of the eunuch professors. Imagine if he didn’t have that video? The cops would have sent him to North Korea.

  • I remember he had a website criticizing a former student body president who was an illegal immigrant. Mr. O’Brien is half Hispanic, his mother is Argentine. How can the whole US belong to Mexico when Mexicans never lived on the Eastern half of the country?

    • The__Bobster

      The few Mexicans that lived in the old Southwest looked nothing like our present invaders.

      • OlderWoman

        I lived in the Southwest…in New Mexico to be specific. The hispanics I saw there descended from settlers from Spain. They didn’t and don’t want to rent to Mexicans, don’t want to sell to them and DO NOT want to live near them because of their criminal ways.

        • Liberalsuck

          I had a sales kiosk job a few years ago in a high traffic, public area. It was a slow time and an American Indian guy was talking to me as things were slow. He–for some reason–brought up illegal immigration. He said–not me–“I hate those f—ing illegals. I want to shoot them all.” I kind of nervously chuckled and said, “Uh…ha…you said it. not me.”

    • i am

      Mexicans are mixed. Mexi is the Latin word for mixed. There couldn’t have been Mexicans in North America before the Europeans got here because they couldn’t have been mixed before the Europeans got here.

  • ncpride

    “I can’t think of a reason besides that they just don’t like conservatives, and just don’t like to answer questions on anything.”

    Then let me clue you in, young fella. They don’t hate you because of being a conservative, they hate you because you are WHITE…. It really is that simple and you should proceed with that in mind.

    • Luca

      They seem to like white liberals and hate black conservatives, so I think you might want to re-think that one. Top of the hate list for them is: White, Conservative, Christian, heterosexual-male and Mr. O’Brien fits that description to a tee.

      • ncpride

        As soon as those White liberals lose their usefulness, they will ‘kick them to the curb’ then walk right over them.

        • Luca

          As long as white liberals make money, teach in universities and hold office they will be useful.

          • tei_Tenga

            Rich white leftards do not make money for blacks and browns. They are useful as a club against normal Whites. Once this usefulness expires, there will be no need for left-wing Whites, as the browns and blacks will demand more browns and blacks.

            See Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama, or Black Panthers vs Leonard Bernstein.

          • Luca

            Rich liberals make money for blacks and browns while being in office and lavishing entitlements on them and then by running the sports world, Hollywood and through Affirmative-Action hiring. None of that is going away anytime soon. Liberals, blacks and browns need the working whites; remember that famous quote that goes something like this: “The fleas don’t want to kill the dog, they just want a free ride and a free meal.”

          • Sloppo

            South Africa seems a bit divided on that issue. They’ve got the genocidal campaign to brutally kill off the whites, but I understand that they’re also trying to attract some whites back because they need help maintaining infrastructure which was built using non-African technology.

          • Liberalsuc

            Let those white liberals live around nonwhites. Make them hand over their money to nonwhites. Make them deed their house over to an American Indian. Make them give up their nice cushy job to a black or mexican.

        • Liberalsuck

          And I won’t come to the rescue for the white liberals. To hell with them. They made their bed. Let them sleep in it.

      • Sloppo

        If you hated rabbits and wanted to do whatever you could to get rid of all of them, you would probably tolerate rabbits that would help you dispose of the other rabbits … until those other rabbits were gone.

        • Big Lebowski’s Favorite Drink

          That is also the reason Hitler tolerated Arabs in North Africa. They. Hated the Jews just as much as the Nazis, so they were useful. Same reason why he tolerated the nonwhite Japanese. Once their usefulness to the Nazis was depleted, they would have been expendable.

          Why do you think the lefties push hard for Muslims’ rights so much? Deep down they have to realize that Islam can be a bit of an obstacle (understatement of the century) to feminism and social rights for women. But if they can rub the diversity demon in the face of White Christian heterosexuals they will put up with pesky little things like public decapitations, suicide bombings, female sex organ mutilation and things of that sort.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, they hate him because he’s White, but these people have a special hatred reserved for conservative Whites males.

      • Dude

        Of course they hate the guts of those of us who stand up for ourselves, but in the end they want to do away with the lot of us.

    • Dee

      Agree with you!

    • Liberalsuck

      When are most whites going to get it that most nonwhites hate us? That they mean white people when they say ‘racist’? Even a good number of my conservative white friends just don’t get this. (I have given up on liberal whites.)

      • Tina Fiedler

        ‘When are most whites going to get it that most nonwhites hate us?’ PERFECTLY SAID.

  • Tim

    “Poems” are the new ammunition in the College war on Whites. In my case, everybody in class had to read one. The Black guy was assigned one about evil Whites and slavery. The Chicano girl was assigned one about evil Whites and immigration. i was assigned one about evil Whites raping Indians..I told my mother -in -law that I wasn`t gong to play that game. She told me to “Put my head down , shut up and take it…” I told her “THAT`S the lesson they`re trying to give me!!!”…

    • Son of Sambo

      So what did you do?

      • Tim

        I cant recall exactly. Maybe talked #$%7 at the snack bar about her. Because right at that moment, some 30 year old Cuban American student started to blubber about Cuba and the Dad getting Elian back. We all had to “comfort” him. It was theatre of the absurd and a big feel good pity party. Think facebook…

    • Son of Sambo

      Wait…I know…you could’ve used “Raped in the Face” from “Hamlet 2” as your poem…

  • tarczan

    The guy in the glue was clearly trying to pick a fight.

  • Luca

    In short order, if you espouse anything other than the Party line regarding diversity or Liberalism you will be arrested as an “enemy of the State”. But first you will be classified as a racist, a Liberal-phobe, hooligan and anti-(fill in the blank). The other approach would be to have you committed for observation for having such noninclusive, offensive ideas and then you would get to spend your days in a re-education camp or Gulag described as a mental health facility. Haven’t we seen this movie before?

  • tony soprano

    I guess these leftist were a little dumfounded that the brain washing and white guilt was not taken with this student. Maybe they are afraid the right has learned to use students to begin any movements the way they have been using college students for years. I mean thye lied and called the police because they did not know what else to do.

  • The__Bobster

    Police took O’Brien in for questioning, but decided not to file charges after watching video he took of the incident (which O’Brien has posted online here.)

    The professors should’ve been arrested for filing false charges.

    • libertarian 1234

      That’s true, and I’m wondering why they weren’t. It’s as big a scam as a woman falsely accusing a man of rape and the charges are proven false. The accuser is arrested in those cases often.

      These professors blatantly lied, and there’s video evidence proving exactly that.

      • The police and politicians are AFRAID of loudmouth, threatening minorities and illegals and don’t want to ‘rock the boat’. Bad Press.

        You can bet that Bigoted Brown and even Obama/Holder would get involved in this…and police and politician ‘heads would roll’.

        Since few Whites will stand up to minority threats and tyranny, it’s easier for police to ignore the law.

        Time for Whites en mass to stop being self-loathing..

      • Joseph

        The adminstration would not view the recording for exactly this reasn. They can claim that they have no knowledge of it and acted in “good faith” in support of the faculty who “perceived a threat”.

  • The only hope Californians have for rescuing their state is a taxpayer revolt where they withhold as much of there tax payments to the state as possible.

    • StillModerated

      Now you’re talking! Direct action hitting these frauds where it hurts the most. I love it.

    • [Guest]

      Proposition 13 passed in 1978, Jean. Didn’t work.

  • Grey

    Just gotta love multiculturalism. Lets just hand our nation over to these pieces of garbage. No more silence folks. Stand up for your race and culture!

  • This highlights the totalitarian impulse of the leftists.

  • dave lewis

    These people are alleged educators but in fact speak broken or heavily accented english while employed at an American university. Outstanding, the country is done.

  • Dee

    Donated to this kid!

  • RHG

    “”White savages”? I can only wish we still has some “savage” in us, that’s been beaten down.

    • i am

      It been replaced with a quadruple dose of stupidity.

    • nobody

      Not all of us here at AmRen are middle-aged pushovers with a spare tire gut. I am young, strong, in good shape, and I am pretty upset. I have been opening the eyes of other young whites for about 3 years now. But let me tell you, it is hard to get through to them when they have been thoroughly brainwashed by the liberal media to hate themselves and worship anything that has to do with blacks or black culture. It really isn’t easy. But let me tell you guys something that you might not have known about us young whites that you seem to despise and put down with a lot of your comments here. We are the future of the white race. Not all of us are out here plugged into our televisions or stuck in front of our playstations, some of us know exactly what is going on in America today, a lot more of us than you might think.

      • xanadu

        Amen to that. I’ve been doing some of the same and a lot of these old timers would be surprised and encouraged to know that they aren’t the only ONES WHO CAN SEE.

      • [Guest]

        Good work. Understand, however, that a few years ago many of us middle-aged pushovers were young, in good shape, and upset. We also knew what was going on and thought we had numbers and a chance. But we still lost.

        • Tina Fiedler

          We still have to fight, though. Let’s help the younger ones. No giving up.

      • Llysis

        Well done! And I hope you successfully reach a great many more young people. You can be certain that the strength in your arm will be called upon before too long now.

      • Liberalsuck

        I thank you for that, my friend. I am not middle aged, but i am not a college-aged student either. I’m in between. I am saddened to see so many whites my age walking around hating themselves or full of guilt, so it is nice to come across ones like you. I find it helps when I am around young whites if I say, “I’m a racist. I’m not going to lie. I am prejudice. Do you really want to know my views on that?” I notice when I admit I’m ‘racist’ they generally respect me more instead of saying, “Well, I’m not racist but….” I also say, “I don’t care if people do call me a racist.”

        • Tina Fiedler

          You’re NOT a racist.

      • gemjunior

        I’m really happy to hear that, and I salute you – because it must be WAY harder to be your age and see through the madness. The propaganda has gotten so thick it’s almost impossible these days. So many young people have been thoroughly indoctrinated. But thank God people still have eyes they can’t help believing….

      • Tina Fiedler

        Kid, you really, truly are my hero. I have worried about the younger ones for awhile. If they’re all like you, we won’t have a problem.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I suspect O’Brien’s actions will negatively affect his arbitrary grade in Chicano studies class. I applaud his efforts.

  • Rex Feral

    While I am white, I would have called the camjpus p[olic and dragged his sorry ass into a back room and showed him some respect. I agree with most of the posts here, but this kid was out ,of control, showing no respect for anything. First things first. Show these kids of any color what they need to do in respect of how they treat others. I’m sorry, but when I watched the video all I could think of is where are security?

    • Wayne

      Marxist scum deserve no respect! They hate us and are our enemies. Get it? That’s what has gotten us to where we are now–our constant bending over backwards for these vile pigs.

      • Liberalsuck

        I agree. I’m tired of being nice to these liberals/Marxists. They are mean, violent, underhand bastards and will never give us any respect. They hate us and want us out of the way. Read about the leftist revolutionaries in Spain that conservative General Franco had to fight. They were very close to taking over Spain. The communists got lots of funding from the Soviet Union and left-wing groups here in the US. The only military arms he could buy were from Germany and Italy. The leftists there killed thousands upon thousands of clergy and nuns. They blew up churches. They were viscous bastards. Franco took charge, fought those leftist bastards and executed some 50000 of them when he got to power. God bless him! If only we had white men like him today.

    • The whole thing was pathetic from beginning to end – both sides – just disgracful behavior.

  • Myopic Governence

    All white folks have to do to overturn the system is stay at home, don’t go to work.
    If all of us did that, or even a sizable fraction, we’d change the culture and dialogue overnight.

    By the way, kudos to this young man for filming this. We need many young Andrew Breitbarts to take up this style of fighting. We need a stupid liberal professor blooper reel on youtube. Let’s mock them, and ridicule them and take the fight to them. The MSM is weak, so let’s attack them using the internet and the media.

    Also, how about all those armchair quarterback’s on this site who do nothing, stop criticizing the actions of guys like this. When that Matthew lad debated that libtard about the Towson student union, I read many a comment denouncing his eloquence. If you have stylistic points to critique, save them for your own debates. We need to support each other here and stop criticizing all those who dare to stick their heads up.

    • Liberalsuck

      Or being that this is California, leave the state to the Hispanics and let them drown in their own ignorance and hate. Let the whites find refugee in whiter conservative states who wont tolerate browns and blacks coming into rural areas to hunt them down. The white anger is growing. Gun sales are going up. I see lots of whites at gun shows piling up ammo. There was a white man recently who shot and killed a black teenager because the music was too loud. The anger is growing as I said.

      • Tina Fiedler

        I hope it multiplies exponentially, and we all take a stand. White people need to stick together. I go out of my way now to be nice to my fellow white.

  • IstvanIN

    He is lucky the cops didn’t destroy his video so that the false charges could go through. The ‘professors” would have lied through their teeth at trial.

  • Nativist

    There are obviously no intelligence requirements to be a dean at this college if your name
    is Gonzalez. But you can tell she’s lady by the way she chews her gum.

  • I would have leafleting the campus with fact sheets describing the atrocities of brown and black savages. What’s good for the goose…

  • Until White people literally ‘take a stand’ like Mr. O’brien and challenge the obvious oppression of Whites by the racist educational system and other venues, they will be embolden to not just oppress, but violently eliminate Whites.

    This is NOT about mutual respect or coexistence, but payback, retribution and destruction of Whites.

    Step up or prepare to be eliminated; it’s that simple.

  • rockman

    When I was at Fresno state they were going to cut the La Raza budget so the hispanics attacked the incoming freshmen while registering with pipes. Grown adult men attacked high school white girls and put some of them in the hospital. The college police were 5 min away and did not show. No police for over half hour showed up. The previous day hispanics had been hanging around in a threatening mood but lacked the guts to attack the older students. I knew they were up to something looking them. They were not hiding the hate or intent. That was part of college lifre

    • Tina Fiedler

      What year did this happen?

  • pablo

    Lets have a little cheer here.

    This brave white male is a shining example for all to see. He is exposing the liberal intolerance for those they disagree with. And he is turning the legal tables on their own tactics. The college administration hearing / interrogation is a tactic I’ve heard used again and again against those who disagree with some liberal idea.
    This man deserves our support and positive reviews.

  • John Bonham

    MAD ??? If I said what I want to say, they would ban me from this site forever…
    I’ll leave it at that..

  • Joseph

    Academic freedom is a one-way street.

  • sam

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  • TonyWestfield

    “America, the land robbed by the white savage…”

    Recently I was greeted by blank stares from a gaggle of well-educated (i.e., mis-educated or, to put a generous spin on it, over-educated) Americans who had no obvious melanin enrichment. One of the gaggle had made an anti-American utterance in the spirit of the quotation, above, and my response was something like “What if Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were to crack their piggy banks and buy up a couple million acres of the world’s most productive farm land, then just let the land lie uncultivated for years, producing no food?…You would get tikked off and want to seize the land, right?…And your rationale would be: Well, the owners aren’t using the land anyway!”

    The so-called white savages encountered a continent that was going to waste under the management of Amer-indian tribes who were barely a few heartbeats ahead of the Stone Age. Show me the title and deed to the land owned by these tribes…Oh, I forgot, they didn’t have written language…nor did they have administrations or courts…or the concept of ownership…

    Second question: What if, by happenstance or by intention, the white man had stayed away from the New World? Right about now (500 years behind the Europeans) one of the Asian peoples — perhaps yellow, perhaps brown — would be discovering the New World populated by millions of indigenous savages who had STILL not discovered the wheel…and I’m sure the Asians would be typically warm and kind and generous towards the indigenous tribes, i.e., respectful of the “ownership” rights of the tribes, etc.

  • Anonymous

    O’Brien’s intentions were good and the professors did not treat him fairly, but he shouldn’t have behaved like that.

  • gemjunior

    I read that poem and laughed. The thing is they WISH it was that way – so their crazy notions would have some support. The fact is, this land is a paradise compared to the dungpits they left. My favorite line of the poem is “where women are denied abortion after the boss raped them” (yeah, that happens to “brown” people by evil white boss-men all the time) and “my cousin, beat with baseball bats for being brown” (uh, more likely it’s the other way round). And another funny one: “they call me spick till I have no name at all” — pathetic. How many white people are running around calling all these people spics? We even look at them wrong and become an overnight pariah in the news and address twittered for any nut with a gun.
    This is what constitutes college poetry? The only thing being learned here is “hate” (the favorite word of the left) and victimhood. And it’s sooooo tiresome and time for all white people to do what Neill is doing and expose this to the laughter and mocker and ridicule that it deserves.

  • WhiteFalcon1

    LOL…whomever the bald headed guy is would not have gotten all up on me like that, no matter the consequences! Bump chests with me I’m swinging….what a condescending dickhead!

  • Michael_C_Scott

    When I was a University of California undergrad, I was once “warned” about my political beliefs at Crown College, UCSC. The bursar who thought he was a policeman ended up fired and in a mental institution. I was threatened again, six months later, by a gal who said my punishment would not be “official”. I followed Linda Larkin, the woman who “warned” me home, and I explained to her that other punishments can be “unofficial”, like being beaten to death.

    I never provide warnings anymore because I know exactly what is going to happen to me, and at the age of 46, I’m no longer afraid of it. One can not rationally be scared of a certainty.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    When I was a University of California undergrad, I was once “warned” about my political beliefs at Crown College, UCSC. The bursar who thought he was a policeman ended up fired and in a mental institution. I was threatened again, six months later, by a gal who said my punishment would not be “official”. I followed Linda Larkin, the woman who “warned” me home, and I explained to her that other punishments can be “unofficial”, like being beaten to death.

    I never provide warnings anymore because I know exactly what is going to happen to me, and at the age of 46, I’m no longer afraid of it. One can not rationally be scared of a certainty.

  • ageofknowledge

    And us taxpayers are forced to pay these anti-white racist La Raza “professors” to teach their hatred to our kids.


    “’It’s time to pass the DREAM Act,’ Welty said in a message to students,
    in which he went on to urge students to call their members of Congress
    about the issue.”

    I thought it was illegal for a state employee to take a public stand on a political issue. Not only that, but higher ed exists to pursue truth, not advocate for causes.

    “Save the World on Your Own Time”
    by Stanley Fish

  • Tina Fiedler

    I agree with ncpride: they hate you because you are WHITE. And because you stood up to them. They are lying low-lifes. Glad you filmed the little chicanos.