Undocumented Youth Work to Boost Latino Vote Turnout

Miriam Jordan, Wall Street Journal, October 31, 2012

Thousands of illegal-immigrant youths are at the forefront of national efforts to get immigrant and Latino citizens to the polls next week, the latest demonstration of the increasingly organized and vocal group’s power.

In swing states like Florida, Ohio and Colorado, the young people—often referred to as Dreamers after the failed Dream Act legislation that would have offered them a path to citizenship—are running phone banks, going door to door and approaching students on college campuses to encourage voting. They also are active in California, a Democratic stronghold, and Texas, where Republicans have the edge.

The group is targeting Latinos, the fastest-growing electorate in the U.S., whose turnout at the polls is traditionally lower than that of blacks and whites. Polls show an overwhelming advantage for President Barack Obama among Latino voters, but the Dreamers efforts also could boost Democratic support in state and congressional races, supporters and opponents agree.

“They are winning the hearts and minds of Coloradans through their efforts,” said Julien Ross, executive director of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, which has enlisted hundreds of Dreamers in nonpartisan voter-registration and canvassing drives in the state.


Campaigning by illegal immigrants isn’t against the law. Still, the Dreamers’ activism is frowned upon in some quarters. “For people who aren’t supposed to be in the country in the first place to be deployed for partisan advantage is the last straw,” said Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which supports a curb on all immigration. He added: “The strategic deployment” of illegal immigrants who benefit from the Obama administration program is a “corruption of the political process.”


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  • Puggg

    They said they would give these Dreamers work visas, and I guess now we know that their “work” consists of political rabble rousing and GOTV.

  • mobilebay

    “Undocumented youth?” Could these people by chance be ILLEGAL ALIENS?

    • “Undocumented youth” is the latest euphemism for illegal invading squatters. I would be my last dollar that the so-called “undocumented youth” are also voting. Moreover,
      they say the reconquista is a fragment of our imaginations. Yeah…right..

      • I agree after they get their ss cards and drivers licenses and their work permits they could then register to vote and what is to stop them from doing this?

    • They would be called ‘illegal’ if they broke into Israel. Where Jews are the majority, they wanna keep it that way. But where Jews are the minority, they do all they can to weaken the majority power. Since majority power has been white in America, Jews have been doing everything to boost non-white numbers, especially illegal invaders from Mexico.  Wall Street Journal supports Romney(but then Romney is just another amnesty-loving open borders freak) and is worried about the latest brouhaha ONLY because it might upset the Romney campaign. Otherwise, WSJ has no problem supporting stuff like ‘gay marriage’ and ‘undocumented immigration’. 

  • Maybe now, or maybe 2016, but soon, we will have massive White pressure put on White governors to nullify the votes of illegal aliens and interpose against federal laws voted on and passed by Congressmen who were elected on fraud.

    That’s the coming next Civil War. 

    Will you pay taxes put on you by an obvious illegal government?

    • I don’t pay taxes anyway & haven’t for years.

      If you study your tax codes enough & donate to the right charities you dont have to pay any.

      I mean really when it comes to paying taxes to this corrupt POS government we have or using a few tax loopholes & donating to a charity of your choice why would you pay taxes.

  • Fakeemail

    Can Mr. Obama or Romney please explain to the electorate why we still have legal (let alone illegal) immigration when there are so many people out of work?  

    The recent “positive” job reports doesn’t even cover the sheer population growth in this country.  Why are we bringing in so many people?  How can that lead to anything good?

    Why wasn’t this asked at the debates?

    • Obama nor Romney will never answer that question. It’s much easier to simply call you a “racist” for even suggesting such a question!

    • Germanacus

      Third World non-white immigrants are necessary to permanently adjust the government to the Left. This will guarantee Democratic control.

    • Their excuse is that the bulk of the illegals will do the work that Americans do not want to do. The illegals are a source of cheap labor for businesses and will work for less than minimum wage. As a result, illegal workers drive down wages for everyone.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        The Repukes like cheap labor and the Dummocrats want new voters.  Both groups are too stupid to see that the importation of these people will not be in their own best interests.  The Stupid Party will be bred out of existence, and the Libtards will see all their cherished worker protection laws subverted.

    • mobilebay

      You’re right, Fakeemail, but the reason has become evident.  Politicians and big business profit greatly from both legal and illegal immigration. We mean nothing to them anymore. As long as they can rake in the votes from the pro-illegal organizations and fill  the need for cheap labor, we’re being hung out to dry. I kept hoping it would be brought up in the debates too, but only one question on immigration was asked, if I remember correctly. This seems to be the best-kept secret in the country. Neither politicians, nor the media will dare to speak out on the true reason that millions of Americans are unemployed. I hope Romney wins for a number of reasons, but he won’t be a lot better on this problem, I’m afraid.

    • The__Bobster


      With Romney’s pitiful failure to mobilize the white vote leaving the election result questionable, the Drudge Report has altered course again and featured PAPER: Two-thirds of jobs go to immigrants during past four years…

    • Illegal aliens are cheap labor for businesses that do not want to pay higher wages to attract American workers.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    In a sane country, this would be treated as the treasonous and criminal act that it is. This is subverting our laws, encouraging illegal behavior and trying to bring about the marginalization of the founding stock.

     Polls show an overwhelming advantage for President Barack Obama among Latino voters  

    And the only ones oblivious to this fact are the GOP.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, but sadly we are no longer a sane country! All of Western civilization has been poisoned by the political and social cancer known as ‘liberalism.’ It’s a cancer so odious to decency, common sense, and moral virtue. Over time, it’s guaranteed to utterly destroy from within every Western nation that’s plagued by it. Sadly, Whites in particular, have been deeply inflicted by it, causing them to hate their own race, their own traditions, their own achievements and giving all that their ancestors worked for to a mass of ungrateful and undeserving Third-world ‘minorities.’  

    • This is the reason Obama came up with Deferred Action program for young illegals. Romney has said that if he is elected, he will end this program. Which would be a good thing.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     Never mind the illegals – imagine how the LEGALS are swinging the vote in their favour.

    Witness Canada, where butt-kissing of immigrants by all parties is a near requirement, top the point where none of them care about actual Canadians any more.

  • I’m not
    sure if they could be anymore obvious with their intentions. The are not
    bashful about it, yet nothing is done about it.

  • IKantunderstand

    Are they doing the job that Americans won’t do? You know,  Americans, those people who are descended from White Europeans who made this country in their own image, but who are now so apathetic, and whose lack of knowledge is dismal in the extreme, who no longer seem to care about protecting their country from the third world hordes who seek to make it in their image.     Real Americans working hard to get out the vote? Yeah, I guess it is another job Americans won’t do.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Jay11, I hear the same things all the time in L.A.

    • newscomments70

      From your experience, who do you believe are more dangerous, blacks or hispanics?

      By the way, I love your comments.

      • Diamond_Lil

        Why thanks newscomments70.  I think both are dangerous.  Both groups, black and the radicalized mestizos here in California,  languish in victimhood,  share extreme hatred and jealousy of whites and are violent and gang-driven.

        • newscomments70

          I used to live in the LA area as well. I was naive about the problems, at first, but I learned after several wake-up calls. I believe that whites lost this state because they gave themselves to drugs, hedonism, and radical liberalism. 

          • Diamond_Lil

            Couldn’t agree more.  Latinos brag about selling drugs to the white kids.  Sadly, there’s a slight meth problem in the young white high school community around here.  The sleeze factor is very widespread.  I’m trying to get my family out of here as soon as I can.  

  • Diamond_Lil

    Can’t believe the good white people in Colorado wish to aspire to become the same cesspool that is California.

  • bluffcreek1967

    If you would have told people thirty years ago that in the near future illegal immigrants would be openly and actively campaigning to get their candidate elected, they would have said you were exaggerating; that nothing like this would ever happen in America. If you would have added that not only would the illegals be campaigning , absolutely no one will dare stop them –  including the government, they would have said you were crazy and reactionary! But this is exactly what we are witnessing before our eyes.

  • bluffcreek1967

    True. I have said before that Mexico and the Mexican people themselves are no friend to America and especially Whites. They belong in Mexico, not here or in any White nation. They don’t assimilate. Their Third-world culture does not comport well with a civilized, technologically advanced and distinctly White European culture. Their religion is a confusing hybrid of Catholicism and paganism which I call ‘Christo-pagan.’ They are essentially indians, and not a particularly intelligent race of people at that. They don’t value education as does the White man. Does anyone actually believe these people could have produced such documents as our Declaration of Independence or Constitution?  

    Why then would White Americans so foolishly invite the masses of Mexicans here? Why would we tolerate their breaking of our immigration laws? Why would we allow for one minute the brown invaders to remain in our land when they have openly declared before all that their intention is to displace us? More than that, what does this tell us about the sad condition of Whites in America who we will not only permit it, but absolutely refuse to rise up and stop it? We are asleep. We act as if we are already defeated. I fear we are doomed and very little can be done to stop it. I hope I am wrong.

    • The rulers of Mexico are the European looking upper class who have nothing in common with the Indians. Most of the Indians do not even speak Spanish but only speak their tribal languages. In a trial here in Tennessee of a Mexican Indian woman, since she could not speak Spanish, her boyfriend could speak some Spanish and she spoke to him in her tribal language, he answered in Spanish and her lawyer, translated it into English. How confusing?

      • IstvanIN

         The US is Mexico’s safety-release valve.  The elites want their underclass to come here so they don’t revolt there.

        • Yes…I have always said America is mexico’s
          welfare system. As long as we allow millions of their underclass to violate our sovereignty, nothing will change in mexico.

          Why would it when mexico’s invaders send billions in remittances
          each year back to mexico.

          Illegal invaders are a win/win for mexico and a lose/lose for America.

    • mobilebay

      Bluffcreek1967 – Mexicans don’t need an “invitation.” They just crash the party! We are defeated because we’ve allowed this country, and others like it, to invade. They’ve taken over by their sheer numbers and no one in power in this or the last several administrations cares. In fact, they welcome the invasion or they would have done something about it. It could easily be stopped. Eisenhower did and the world kept turning, just as it would if we had anyone of courage to stop it again.

      • bluffcreek1967

        True, they don’t need an “invitation” per se. But the USA still formally invites multitudes of Mexicans to come here through legal immigration channels. The rest, as you correctly noted, simply “crash the party”!

  • Mexican and South American Indians are among the most uneducated group of people there is . They are able to work at the lowest skilled jobs. They may have been in the Southwest portion of the country first. However, there is no evidence that they were in places such as Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. The only tribes that were there were the Cherokee, who were forced out of the Southwest into Oklahoma by the trail of tears. If there were Mexicans and South American Indians there, would they not have been forced to move also?

    • Dr. Möbias

      They may have been in the Southwest portion of the country first. 

      What does that matter?   We white Europeans have every right to remain dominant and in control of what we built in the U.S.  Mexicans belong in Mexico, not in the U.S.
      Native Americans:  Guilt over Native American displacement has been shoved down our throats by the anti-white machine to justify open borders in the USA. Every nation on earth was founded by conquest, genocide and dispossession of the aboriginal inhabitants but only whites are being forced to give up their land for past bad acts.

      Because of history does not justify white genocide and land is not racial property.Also, recent archeological evidence shows the first Americans were stone-age Europeans, according to recent archeological evidence, occupying America 10,000 years before the “Native Americans”.

  • IstvanIN

     The La Raza plan is to kill every white male in the southwest aged 16 and up.  And yet Juan McCain and his ilk want more and more of them here.  Oh, and all those southern Mexican Indians were not in our southwest first.

  • Wil

    The lesson to learn:  We must win the hearts and minds of every proud American citizen. If Obama and the Dreamers win this election…the end is coming.  This is our last opportunity. Our duty is to save our Country, not complain or criticize.   Romney must win this election.  We must become an army of freedom-fighters to restore America’s Founding principles.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I agree that we need to vote for anyone but Obama.  But I have no hopes that Romney will do anything substantial to save the US.

      • Wil


        Blacks and undocumented immigrants have a lot of hope and
        believe in Obama. They want to fundamentally transform America and they are
        doing their electoral job. To confuse, divide and create voter apathy in those
        that may oppose their view of America is an essential part of their strategy.


    • Only reason I’m voting Romney is because he’s white.  But he has promised through back channels to keep Obama’s illegal Dream Amnesty in tact.  The only reason the Indo malcontents are pounding the flesh for Obama is because with Obama they get amnesty plus a lot of viva gibsmedat welfare, with Romney, they get slightly less amnesty and somewhat less viva gibsmedat welfare.

  • mobilebay

    Hey, Bobby – It’s June. Glad to “see” you again. Colorado does have one patriot…Frosty Wooldridge. We need a million like him. He has spoken out for years on this problem and is right on every point. We cannot continue to sustain immigration as it is now. If we do, by mid-century, we are done for as the nation we once were. Sadly, I don’t think Romney will be a lot better than Obama on immigration, but perhaps if he hears from us enough, we can show him what kind of country we want. Let’s start demanding like the illegals do and hope that we’re as fortunate in getting what we want as they are!

  • IstvanIN

     Just like in Rhodesia and South Africa, the whites “kept” the good life away from the blacks, so they killed the whites, took their stuff, and the inevitable happened.  Our future as well.

  • “America’s Choice 2012” is what CNN calls the election.

    Our democracy choice between a hateful Muslim voodoo mongrel and a fast talking, slick haired, Amnesty loving, $200,000,000 illionaire, and Morman cultic.

    We are supposed love America because here we have “choices” between bad and bad.

    Wake up, Whitey, because no matter how miserable you are today, it’s the best day of the rest of your life, you know I’m right, because you KNOW WHAT’S COMING…

    • IstvanIN

       It is terribly unfair to compare Muslims to Mormons.  Mormons are not the loonies Muslims are.  They are a native white American religion.  They are productive.  They do not go around blowing people up.   They actually seem to be a pretty decent lot overall.  Islam is at complete odds with everything American and is totally and completely incompatible with us.  Would we be better off with a pro-American, pro-white, Protestant for President, absolutely, but that is not the choice we have here.  Just saying rude things about Mormons will not help anything.

      • I see more blacks in Morman TV commercials than in Muslim TV commercials.

  • “Undocumented”

    So, if someone breaks into your house, remember… he’s an ‘undocumented guest’ while you, the owner of the house, is merely a ‘documented occupant’ of the house. 

  • Dr. Möbias

    They are illegal colonists.  They come here to set up communities, schools and a culture in their own 3rd world image, displace us, and steal our land and wealth.  With the full complicity of those in Washington D.C.

  • SLCain

    A couple of weeks ago, I happened across an old debate being broadcast on C-SPAN.  It was one of the debates between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale, from October of 1984; the subject was foreign policy.  The first thing that struck me was how much better they were than the current crop of candidates – both of them, even Mondale.  They stood behind podiums, rather than wander around the stage, mike-in-hand, like game-show hosts.  They spoke directly, in clear, measured tones, using intelligent, but unvarnished english.  Their tone was serious and appropriate to the situation – they were not emotional and weepy, like guests on the Oprah Winfrey show, nor jocular and flip, like guests on Leno or Letterman.  They did not drop applause lines or mouth obviously focus-group tested talking-points.  They acted like grown-up men, engaged in a serious debate, making the case for their suitability for the highest-office in the land which they obviously held to be a solemn and important public trust.  And, for the most part, they actually answered the questions put to them by the panel, which consisted of some actual old-fashioned reporters.  The journalists in question were probably liberals, but they did not obviously take sides; they asked questions that could be expected to discomfit both sides.

    One of them, Georgie Anne Geyer, posed a question about immigration and the then-still-in-Congress Simpson-Mazzoli Bill, prefacing it by saying that the loss of control of our southern border was the most serious foreign policy question facing the nation.   Mondale made some mention of the nation-of-immigrants tripe, however even he agreed that the basic control of our border should be a given.  Neither of them said anything to the effect that the concerns of foreigners, particularly illegal aliens, should have any bearing whatsoever on our immigration policy.

    By 1984, the American Republic was already sick, though perhaps not yet dying.  But in outward form at least, it still looked like the country that we once knew.

    How far this nation has fallen…….

    • Yes…and then two years later, Ronnie Reagan hammered one more nail in the coffin with his amnesty of 1986.

      • SLCain

         Yes, I am aware of what happened afterwords – Reagan signed Simpson-Mazzoli, and amnestied three million illegals, encouraging millions more to go north, and the supposed enforcement provisions were subverted or simply ignored.  My point was that, as recently as twenty-five years ago, this still LOOKED like America.  What once was this nation is, by now, almost entirely alien to me.

    • mobilebay

      SLCain – Enjoyed your post. You’re entirely correct. The politicians of yesteryear were far different from those today. I remarked in a post just yesterday about the crude language  this administration has subjected us to in their ads and in person for one thing. The day of the gentlemen and ladies seem to have come and gone. And, strangely, you mentioned Georgie Ann Geyer. In the last couple of days, I read a column where she says that Obama will make the best President for the coming four years. That surprised me. I may have been misreading her in the few columns of hers I’ve come across. Anyway, perhaps we’ll take a turn for more civility if the Obama bunch leaves the White House. I’m sure the language will improve.

      • SLCain

        Most certainly it will.  I don’t think Mitt Romney will engage in the kind of coarse, vulgar language that has become common in American politics.  He will act with courtesy and civility as he presides over the continued ruination of America – sort of like late third century Rome, but with Mr. Rogers as emperor, instead of Diocletian.

  • MSNBC Derangement Syndrome

    Nothing says “the end of White privilege is near” like “minorities a key to GOP future”.


  • tcara

    Greetings and salutations to all in the AmRen community. I’m new here. Kind of stumbled upon the site. But I’m a kindred spirit. I’m impressed by the unusual literacy of this site’s contributors. I guess it’s a step in the right direction. On the down side, I fear the literate debate here is all but too late. The die is nearly cast. America is nearly evenly split into Constitutionalists and Anticonstitutionalist liberal-socialists, with the latter seemingly in the ascendancy. Our so-called representatives are controlled by those who pay for their reelection, and that’s NOT their constituents. So we will never really have any more hope of reforming our system back to the one conceived and intended by our Founders.  Unfortunatley, all the cogent talk is mere talking to a mirror. There are two, and only two, ways to restore our once-great republic. The first: public funding of political campaigns. No private money allowed. (And, no, political money is NOT speech but rather unfairly amplifies the speech of those who provide it.) The second? I really won’t say. But that’s why we have the second amendment. There is no alternative and the consequences of NOT restoring proper government will be ours and our descendants’ to live with. 

  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

     is everybody aware that the teacher who was knocked down in a ko king game in pittsburg about a month ago and hit his head on the curb while the six blacks walked strolled that is away laughing the youth is being charged with SIMPLE ASSAULT a misdemenor 5000 fine and or less than a year in jail. ha ha. they are spitting in your face. police force and chief all blk. ha ha spitting  in your face.

  • You and I know this but it would not surprise me if any of them register to vote when they are not allowed to.