Big Jump in Unemployment for Blacks

Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard, November 2, 2012

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the biggest change in employment over the last month affected black workers. In September, the unemployment rate for blacks was 13.4 percent. In October, that number jumped to 14.3 percent, an almost a full percentage point change, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Unemployment for whites remained steady at 7 percent.


For Asians the rate ticked up, from 4.8 percent to 4.9 percent. Likewise for Hispanics, from 9.9 percent to 10 percent.


And, of course, overall, the unemployment rate went up from 7.8 percent in September to 7.9 percent in October.


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  • ONLY racism could be to blame.

    Diversity is our greatest strength, and if employers aren’t acting like it, we must crush their White privilege right now and install new Diversity Leadership.

  • Francis Galton

    Two points:

    1) when businesses are on the brink of insolvency, they’re going to trim whatever fat they can.  Blacks are disproportionately employed in make-work jobs, and those jobs end up on the chopping block when businesses are teetering on the edge.  This has to be a major contributing factor to the high black unemployment rate, as well as its increase.

    2) Since the official unemployment rate is calculated to include people who are actively looking for work, what is the black labor participation rate?  In other words (not sure if I used to proper technical term, there), what percentage of able-bodied blacks are NOT working AND not actively looking for work, either?  What is that percentage compared to the White rate?  I’m sure the answer would be quite illuminating. 

    • IstvanIN

       You mean Director of Inclusive Diversity and Out-Reach Coordinator for Communities of Color are make work positions?  Wow!  I always thought they were among the most important jobs!

      • MerlinV

        Commissar of Applied Diversity and Alternative Lifestyles, approved by the Commanding General of the Third Expeditionary Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

  • HamletsGhost

    As usual, they talk about black unemployment, but never talk about black unemployability.

  • libertarian1234

    Black unemployment jumps up to 14.3 % 

    And it has been reported by the media that immigrant job-seekers have gained far more in President Barack Obama’s weak economy than have native-born Americans.

    Well, isn’t this situation expected as many said it would be? 

     Immigrants are taking black jobs.

    Of course, it isn’t necessary to have a pundit or news service tell us that, because our own common sense tells us that flooding the country with legal and illegal immigrants who have few or no skills are going to be competing with blacks for low tier jobs, and the result will be fewer blacks in the work force.

    So the brilliant black messiah who is determined to water down the white population in order to reduce its political power is really doing far more to harm his own people than he is to the white population.

    This black joker creates a plethora of unintended consequences due to his rabid hate of this country, its traditions, founders and white history.

    • Michael C. Scott

      Being raised by whites with good food, good medical care and beautiful Hawaiian scenery, together with attending uninversities in the United States must have been a terrible burden for Obama.  You really ought to show him some pity. 

  • IKantunderstand

    Make work, made up jobs for Blacks are always the first to go. Also, local gov. jobs are fading away. Lots of  Blacks employed by gov. entities, the ” heck, we don’t have to produce no damn profit!” kind. Hell, we Whites are paying for Blacks, no matter what! NO MATTER WHAT kind of job they have or don’t have! No matter what kind of crappy job they do at whatever job infirmative action gives them, WHITES PAY! Higher taxes, higher prices, more time invested dealing with their dumb, nasty asses at the D.M.V., in customer service at name your (dept. store, utility co., etc.), moving away from their crime driven lives, driving twenty minutes out of our way to make sure we don’t have to drive through their dangerous, garbage filled and potholed, glass shard covered streets lest, GOD FORBID, we are forced to stop at a red light, and forfeit our lives, because unlike them, we are law abiding citizens and do not regard a red light as a SUGGESTION! If it weren’t for having to take care of  Blacks, not just in our country, but around the world,  we could have gone to Mars, found a cure for cancer, and lived our lives in peace and tranquility.  

  • ImTellinYa

    Sign yo pity on the runny kind, y’all.
    Yeah, Watta tah!

  • KenelmDigby

    Blacks should be the biggest opponents of mestizo immigration.
    But yet, they never seem to raise a squeak in protest.

    • Vonhauer

      Bringing the White man down is more important.

      • sarah stein

         As we’ve seen they’re willing to set themselves on fire for the cause. Even the KKK didn’t have such dedication.

    • sarah stein

      Al and Jesse will protest for them. lol

  • SLCain

    “Big Jump in Unemployment for Blacks”

    Why?  Did State DMVs start outsouring the manufacture of license plates?

  • sarah stein

    Obama’s boy Holder supplied guns to the cartels to kill Mexicans, and the legals and illegals will still vote Obama. Now that’s funny.

  • nathan wartooth

    This is a fallacy in that you assume there aren’t enough low IQ whites to do the jobs that blacks and mexicans do. 

    By bringing in a bunch of low IQ blacks and mexicans you hurt the low IQ whites who would be doing that job. Just like you hurt high IQ whites when you import asians and jews. 

  • MikeofAges

     Coined a term for this pathology: Interdisfunctionality. Most pronounced in the South, I am sure. Everywhere else in the world, people are deemed capable of taking of themselves, however poorly and marginally. Except in America, of course!

  • Wil

    If the white turnout increases on Election Day, it will be very difficult for the
    president to win. If it decreases, it will be very difficult for him to lose.
    Rasmussen Reports currently estimates that white turnout will be similar to the
    2008 totals. Black voters, however, are far more likely to have voted already
    than any other segment of the electorate. Rasmussen Reports Nov 4, 2012

  • IstvanIN

     Which liberals are turned off?  Not his boy-friend Chris Mathews, that’s for sure.

  • IstvanIN

     You are right.  We have enough unemployed white men of all skill levels to fill the jobs blacks might do poorly.  In fact, if we could deport all the blacks and browns, we could have full employment.  Remember, a smaller population means less jobs but also less need for jobs as well.

  • Michael C. Scott, it’s not only Bantus and mestizos destroying themselves with the hard drugs brought into this country, by the Mexican cartels.

    A lot of haoles, most notably in the entertainment industry and on college campuses also are doing the job on themselves. Why else do you think the clamor for legalization of drugs emanates most loudly from Hollywood and college students?

    Another thing: many people say that all narcotics should be legalized and then taxed. Well, suppose Uncle Sam and the 50 states did slap taxes on marijuana, LSD, hashish, ecstasy, etc.

    Wouldn’t the junkies scream and foam at the mouth about the high tax rates on their narcotics of choice?

  • SLCain

    How concerned are blacks with unemployment, actually?  Many get jobs with governments, which are – or at least, have been – recession proof.  And many black men seem to view prison as their ultimate and inevitable destination, and the occupation of “incarcerated felon” as their career.

    How much do they really care?

  • The__Bobster

    You DO realize that half of the White population is on the left side of the bell curve, don’t you?

  • (White Unemployment% – 1%)+((100-racial IQ)/2.5)) = racial unemployment %

    I inserted the extra set of parentheses just to make the order of operations clear.  Otherwise, you’ll have someone doing (white unemp – 1%)  + (100-racial IQ), then dividing all that by 2.5.

    Your formula shows a racial group with an average IQ of 115 having no unemployment.

    Methinks your formula is only valid for a small relevant range of group IQs.  But it is a clever regression analysis.

  • Economic literature generally puts the American Jewish (not necessarily Ashkenazi) u-rate at half the national average, which means it would be about 4% right now.  Under your regression model, it predicts 1.2%.