Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Line Up for Right to Work in the U.S. Under Obama’s ‘Dream’ Act

Katy Dartford, Daily Mail (London), August 16, 2012

Nathaly Uribe has all the papers she needs to get a work permit – something the 17-year-old daughter of a construction worker only dreamed of while growing up as an illegal immigrant in the United States.

The high school senior has pinned her hopes on a federal program launched this week which defers deportation for young illegal immigrants, making it easier to get a good job or go to college.

Miss Uribe is just one of thousands lining up to take part in Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – the Dream Act –  offering work permits to more than 1 million young illegal immigrants, though they would not obtain legal residency or a path to citizenship.


{snip} On Wednesday, around 13,000 people stood in line in Chicago, clutching piles of paperwork, for a workshop led by immigrant rights advocates at Navy Pier.

Hundreds of potential applicants waited outside nonprofit offices in Los Angeles for help filing paperwork that would lead to a work permit, Social Security number and driver’s license.

‘This is my country. It’s where my roots are,’ said Miss Uribe, who moved from Chile when she was a toddler and lives in Glen Burnie, Maryland. ‘It feels great to know that the country that I call home is finally accepting me.’

Less than three months before an expected tight presidential election, the new immigration program is mired in controversy.

Republican critics accuse President Barack Obama of drafting the plan to boost his political standing with Latinos ahead of November’s vote and say the program favors illegal immigrants over unemployed American citizens during dismal economic times.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney does not support so-called Dream Act legislation for illegal immigrants who attend college – a key group that Obama aims to reach with this program.

The former Massachusetts governor has also criticized the deferred action program but has not said it he would reverse it, pledging instead an unspecified “civil but resolute” long-term fix to illegal immigration.


Initial concerns that federal authorities might take a tough approach on applications or that a Republican presidential victory could unravel applicants’ gains have largely been pushed aside by massive interest from thousands of young people eager to work.


The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles has handed out 12,000 information packets about the program and is encouraging all eligible immigrants to apply as long as they have stayed out of legal trouble, said Angelica Salas, the organization’s director.

Manuel Pastor, director of the University of Southern California’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, said ‘What this has done is to signal that the president, who was unable to get comprehensive immigration reform, does at least care about the situation of these immigrants,’ Pastor said.

‘This is something that has been overwhelmingly popular in the immigrant population and in the Latino population in general.’

Some Republican lawmakers have accused Obama of sidestepping Congress and creating a backdoor amnesty program.

‘It’s a betrayal of American young people,” said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican.

‘We’re supposed to be representing the interests of the American people – not people who come here illegally from other countries.’


The documents to prove identity could include passports, birth certificates, school transcripts, medical, financial and military records.

Multiple sworn affidavits, signed under penalty of perjury, can also be used, Homeland Security officials said.

Anyone found to have committed fraud will be referred to federal immigration agents, the department said.


The lines on Wednesday grew throughout the day; the crowd in Chicago was so large that workshop organizers told them to come back another day.

‘Navy Pier is today’s Ellis Island, and while they saw New York City, today they see Chicago,’ said Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez. ‘But the most important thing is they see America.’

Lines at Navy Pier in Chicago

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  • I realize it is not their fault that their parents broguht them here but why should American taxpayers and jobseekers be penalized and pay for the sins of their parents. How ironic that Obama had almost four years to do “something” about immigration and he throws together this muddled approach three months before election.

    Now some States will issue them driver’s licenses as they are doing in California. I suppose Gov. Moonbeam Brown has forgotten that the 911 illegal-alien hijackers boarded planes using driver licenses as ID.

    November can’t come quick enough.

    • Global Minority

      Do you think Mexico would afford our children these “rights”? I think in Mexico it would be a hell no. Then why should we afford them the “rigths” at the expense of OUR children and OUR jobs.

    • GM (Australia)

      Unfortunately this may mean November 2016, then he will have to go! (We hope)

  • Jay11

    Sensible immigration policy:

    1.  Anyone from a foreign country can apply for a work visa and get it as long as they are sponsored by an American company or entity.  If the job is lost within 30 days they need to reapply for their work visa – from their home nations.  Any foreigners with such a work visa who are found unemployed for more than this period will be deported and ineligible to apply again for six months.

    2.  Any foreigner currently in the U.S. illegally who applies for and gets this visa – they will not ever be eligible for citizenship and any children born to him or her here, if made with another illegal alien, will have the citizenship of the parents home countries.  Period.  And the family will have to prove they have a house or home of some sort to go back to when their finished with their job.  No social security taxes will apply to them, and they cannot receive any SS benefits either.  They will be taxed a special tax (nominal fee) to cover the cost of educating their kids and using public services.

    3.  Travel back and forth from their home countries, for such workers, should be made easy so they are not tempted to bring their whole dang families here!

    4.  Any foreigner convicted of a crime will be deported, along with their family members who fall under the work visa dictates, and they will forfeit all assets in the U.S.

    5.  Any foreigner even just suspected of being a gang member will fall under point #4 above.

    6.  Employers of foreign labor will pay a hefty tax to pay for the medical care and other intangibles of their foreign workers.  And this will punish them for seeking near-slave labor over wanting to employ and pay Americans at a living wage.

    7.  Any employer found to be using illegal, unregistered labor will be jailed for 20 years and lose his business which will be sold with the proceeds going to the border patrol and the fence project.

    • Bob

      Something much simpler: anyone who is white or Asian and has a rigorous STEM degree or substantial assets and proven executive status is welcome to come in.  Very few of these people cause problems or lack for work, but if they do, they are their family are on the next flight outta here.

      Anyone else is welcome to visit our websites and look at pictures of how beautiful America is, and can also buy exported American products.

      • The__Bobster

        Do you realized that there are 1,000,000 Americans with STEM degrees who are either unemployed or underemployed? Why should we welcome foreigners with these degrees, especially non-White ones?

        And yes, they do cause problems for the families of the people they put out of work.

        Some years ago when I appeared on the PBS Newshour, my “debating opponent” was Randy Katz, then chair of CS at UC Berkeley. In response to my statement that H-1B displaces older (age 35+) American workers, Katz said older people just can’t learn new things, and cited himself: “I’ve always wanted to learn Swedish, but I know it would be impossible for me at my age [about 50].” He didn’t seem to see any contradiction in the fact that he himself teaches new technologies all the time, and the possibility does suggest itself that his “can’t learn Swedish” remark was somehow related to the largesse his department receives from industry.

        Indeed, Qayoumi strongly pushed the H-1B issue several times, saying the foreign students later start businesses in Silicon Valley and thus add to the public good. He clearly had prepared that as one of his featured talking points, so much so that he didn’t notice that his claim was undermined by a statement by Nieto that the foreign students in her department tended to be very weak.

        I’ve written about the quality issue here many times. The foreign students at U.S. schools, on average, are no better than, and by many measures actually weaker than their U.S. citizen and permanent resident peers. (I’ve been preparing an article for publication on this for a while, hopefully out soon.)

  • MissBonnie123

    “‘Navy Pier is today’s Ellis Island, and while they saw New York City, today they see Chicago,’ said Illinois congressman Luis Gutierrez. ‘But the most important thing is they see America.’”

    I resent that comment. My grandparents came through Ellis Island but they did it legally and they were not a public charge. This congressman has always had an anti-White streak in his attitude.

    I guess Obama knows that he is increasing the unemployment rate by giving work permits to illegal aliens but he doesn’t care because he hates America and wants to destroy it.

    And I guess White Americans don’t really care because there is no mass protest against this sham.

    In case anyone hasn’t noticed, we’ve lost our country.

  • Anon12

     This is my country. It’s where my roots are,’ said Miss Uribe, who moved
    from Chile when she was a toddler and lives in Glen Burnie, Maryland.
    ‘It feels great to know that the country that I call home is finally
    accepting me.’

    NO, IT IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY and never will be!   I will NEVER accept any nonwhite in MY country as being a citizen.  The Founders would agree.   Only White Europeans are citizens of this country.  Not you or your ilk.  You and those like you are the very reason our country is failing and will never survive the onslaught. You cannot replace the founding RACE of America and still have America. GO HOME!

    • That caught my eye too (my country bit) .  The brazen audacity of these spawn never ceases to amaze me.

  • Anon12

    The “legal” nonwhite immigrants are no better. They do not belong here, economy or no economy. We all know our racial enemy from within are the ones who started this whole nonwhite immigration thing!  This is all about the SURVIVAL of the WHITE race and our OWN nation and nothing else!  Yet we sit and still  “think” this country was founded for any nonwhite “immigrants”. NO!

    • Global Minority

      I agree however it’s the NWO. And I don’t see that it will be any better under Romney either. I do beleive America is finshed. It can’t go on much longer.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    First and foremost birthright citizenship MUST be abolished.  Children born here should be citizens of the country of at least one of their parents. The automatic chain of help established when illegals drop a baby that is automatically a citizen of this country is asinine, and the largest loophole to allowing illegals to remain here and drain the pond dry.

    Meanwhile, as a child born overseas many years ago to an American military father, I’m having to jump through hoops and have an act of Congress to simply renew  my drivers license – oh, and at a $50 – $100 charge to me. I suddenly have to have a birth certificate to renew an American drivers license that has been active for over 40 years, which I have to request from the State Department and wait 60 -90 days (if all the minorities processing such are having good days.)  If I was just illegal, I could simply line up with the rest of them and wait for their official okie dokie paperwork.

  • I wonder if these kids are a threat at all to most unemployed Americans. The reason I say this is that most jobs out there require experience. This is something that these kids do not have. And also, many employers would be reluctant to hire these youth since they do not have legal status. It would be difficult for them to pass a background check that employers require.

    • The__Bobster

      First of all, they DO have experience.

      Secondly, they do have experience because a lot of employers have no qualms about hiring them.

      Thirdly, they have connections with the Mexican mafia, that will strong-arm any Whites who show up seeking work.

      • These young illegals would have to compete with more experienced workers for the same jobs.  If you were an employer, who would you hire an inexperienced dreamer with a degree or an experienced white worker with both a degree and experience?

        • Dreamers come much cheaper ….

  • Bob

    It’s not just right to work, it’s also right to affirmative action.  They will presumably be able to apply for local government jobs, and will go to the front of the line, ahead of all the whites who pay the taxes to fund those jobs.

    Courts will find that this situation discriminates against other illegal immigrants in slightly different circumstances, so the reach of this policy will be broadened.

    Courts will also find that they are residents and entitled to… entitlements!  Taxpayers will get the joy of paying their welfare (excuse me, TANF), foodstamps (I mean SNAP), medicare, and the hundreds of other programs which are out there which few working whites are aware of.

    Obama is giving them work permits, affirmative action jobs, entitlements.  Their children will have a right to vote here.

    This is taxpayer-funded race replacement in action.

    The reason why Obama will receive almost no blue collar white votes is because blue collar whites aren’t stupid.  They know what happens when they apply for city jobs and are laughed at, or when they need help and an angry black woman has discretion about what kind of benefits they’ll get.

    The only place where whites go to the front of the line is at the IRS.

    • They would not be able to get local government or federal government jobs because these jobs require US citizenship or at the very least a green card, which deferred action would not give them. Deferred action is not a path to citizenship. It is only the right to live and work in the US for 2 years and if Romney is elected, he may not allow them to renew their work permits. If this is the case,they go back to where they started.

  • It’s just beyond ridiculous.  We KNOW where tens of thousands of these ILLEGALS are, right now.  We could just go round them up RIGHT NOW.  

  • I wasn’t aware that illegal aliens had the legal right to obtain identity in this Country of “Laws”.

    In the end, none of this matters.  Illegal Aliens have never been forced to go home anyway and I believe it’s just another part of their plan to overwhelm us.  Like the anchor baby “right” and family reunification and immact ’90 and globalization, etc. it’s all meant to destroy us.

    White People should just forget about it and start locking down their Communities instead.  Don’t rent/sell your property to any non-white and don’t give any of your business to non-white owned businesses.  Local Politics too, take them over whenever you can.  “We” don’t need to accept any sort of Federal Funding and all their tricks that always come with it.

    • The__Bobster

      Illegal Aliens have never been forced to go home anyway and I believe it’s just another part of their plan to overwhelm us.

      No, they were forced to go home in the 30’s and the 50’s. We haven’t had a President with guts since then.

      Chavez’s success at bringing better wages to stoop laborers in the early Seventies stemmed from the long-term decline in the pool of available migrant farm workers. According to agricultural economist Philip L. Martin of UC Davis, migrant farm workers in the U.S. numbered 2,000,000 in the Twenties. But the U.S. government started to crack down on Mexican illegal immigrants, most notably during 1954’s “Operation Wetback,” when a million were loaded onto railroad cars and shipped home. By Chavez’s heyday in the early Seventies, there were only 200,000 migrant farm workers left. Which made his triumphs feasible.

      • In the 193o’s, millions of Mexicans were sent home so that they would not compete with whatever resources there were for Americans.

      • I didn’t know that but it’s not surprising.  How sad it is to know that America used to be filled with Americans who believed in The Rule of Law but now, if you believe in it, you’re a “bigoted racist”.  That is weird.  What happened?  Ever since WWII, America has steadily gone against her Founding, her Beliefs, her Culture and Traditions and especially her Religion.  I could be wrong but that is how I feel.

    • Illegal aliens have been tolerated because they are a source of cheap labor, which business depends upon in order to be competitive and as a result, those business that play by the rules lose and end up going out of business because of those who cheat.

      • B_-n the illegals out.

      • I know.  No one cares about us but that isn’t news neither.  The only thing I really care about these days is us.

        We’re going to be okay.  They focused their worth on money and we didn’t.  We know how to live off the land and they don’t.

      • There is nothing whatsoever “cheap” regarding illegal invaders. They create havoc, bankrupting any area in which they congregate in large enough numbers. They are like an invasive species that destroys the host environment if gone unchecked.

  • The__Bobster

    No! No! No! They should never be allowed in the line period. They forfeited that right when they came here illegally.

    As a matter of fact, The line should disappear. We do NOT need any more immigrants, especially turd worlders.

  • The__Bobster

    Remember the government’s favorite number: three.

    Now multiply your number by it.

  • 13,000 legal illegals. At a cost of $10,000 plus per student per year.

    X 12

    $1,560,000,000 for the Chicago first day line alone.