GOP: Obama’s Immigration Plan Will Be Among the ‘Most Fraud-Ridden’ in History

Pete Kasperowicz, The Hill, August 14, 2012

The top Republicans on the House and Senate Judiciary committees warned this week that President Obama’s plan to delay the deportation of illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children will end up being one of the most fraud-ridden programs in the history of U.S. immigration programs.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) were reacting to an Aug. 3 announcement from the Department of Homeland Security, which outlined how DHS will accept applications for deferred deportation action.


But in a Monday letter to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Smith and Grassley said there do not appear to be any anti-fraud provisions in place.

“While potentially millions of illegal immigrants will be permitted to compete with American workers for jobs, there seems to be little if any mechanism in place for vetting fraudulent applications and documentation submitted by those who seek deferred action,” they wrote. “This administration will undoubtedly preside over one of the most fraud-ridden immigration programs in our history.

“Illegal immigrants will be eager to purchase or create fake documents showing that they arrived in the United States before the age of 16 and meet the continued physical presence requirements,” they added. “DHS will be sorely taxed by the burden of disproving the evidence presented in each application.”

Their letter cited immigration fraud in a program that granted amnesty to Special Agricultural Workers, the so-called SAW program. They said this program led to significant fraud, as about two-thirds of those amnesty applications were fraudulent.


It said the most basic check would be to demand school transcripts as proof applicants are in school, but that the administration has said it would not require this step. “This is the single most effective anti-fraud step the Department could take, but it appears that little effort will be taken to detect fraud on the other end,” the letter said.


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  • Anan7

    Obama? Fraud?  Haha who knew with Operation Fast & Furious?

    Immigration is this country’s #1 problem.  Seal the border and start repatriation.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Shamnesty is upon us, bring us you tired, your huddled masses, yearning to rape and murder little white girls and boys with impunity.

  • MissBonnie123

    You can bet that there are people illegally crossing the border as of this moment. They are going to take advantage of this fraudulent program.

    We no longer have a First World country based on law and order.

  • dd

    I don’t know why everybody seems so surprised.   The left hates us and wishes to destroy our civilization.  This is just one more brick taken from the base of the dam.  It will get worse.

  • Anon12

    Obama wants to see White America destroyed. So do the “conservatives”… We know for a FACT that all this nonwhite “immigration since 1965  was a DELIBERATE plan to genocide White Americans, the REAL Americans.  Illegal aliens was just another form fo flooding this land with more nonwhite “warriors” to kill us off as the “new” Black Panther leader states that he wants to do. Kill all the crackers, he says…Did the lamestream media even bother to play his own words?  Nope. Glen Beck gave it a half hour on his show yesterday, but we all know any “white” person in the media will never take them seriously (even Glen Beck)because they don’t want White America to wake up to the racial war being  waged against us since they freed the black slaves onto White America.  Glen loves black people and we all know he would allow us all to die before  being called a “racist”….

    If we do not stop this insanity ASAP we are really doomed. Romney is no better. The Republicans also want amnesty for any nonwhite. They are so afraid of nonwhites that they will sell us all down the river. A bunch of race traitor cowards.

    • The__Bobster

      Glenn loves a lot of people who don’t love him back.

  • This is nothing new. Wasn’t there fraud during the 1986 amnesty program when more people applied than the government thought was actually in the country? I smell more than  just application fraud but also fraud to get food stamps, and even financial aid that they are not eligible for.

    • The__Bobster

      Three times as many as the government estimated. Expect the same this time around.

      I think the government loves the number three. Every new program seems to cost at least triple what they estimated.

  • JackKrak

    Do I even have to ask if these “Americans” are going to be given the option of filling out Spanish-language forms?

    Tens of thousands of Latinos having their forms processed by hundreds of Latinos – what could go wrong???

  • Enar_Larsson

    “GOP: Obama’s Immigration Plan Will Be Among the ‘Most Fraud-Ridden’ in History”

    How can a policy specifically and explicitly designed to undermine both specific laws and the rule of law in general, be riddled with fraud? This is a weak, weak objection by the GOP that only serves to legitimize Obama’s fraudulent plan to circumvent established law. The GOP concedes that the plan itself is legitimate and just, but worries that its execution could be improved. That is a very bad sign.

  • To say I’m surprised would be a lie.  There won’t be a major crash or a revolution, I see that now.  It will be a slow death until we are clearly the minority in our father’s land and then we will be purged.  That’s it.  Farewell and Goodnight. 


    So what are the Republicans gonna do?  So far, their plan has been to do nothing and allow this.  

    After the way Romney has avoided this issue, I would hope anyone who considered voting for him around here will be staying home or voting for someone else.  

  • Complaining about a program that rewards lawbreakers being prone to fraud is like complaining that this water is too wet.

    The only Republican so far who has mounted a proper response is Steve King (R-IA), who is suing over Obama issuing work permits that Congress did not authorize under its power of uniform naturalization, and he said he will amend his lawsuit to include new grounds of Obama unilaterally charging a $465 fee, again, which Congress didn’t authorize, because only Congress and the House specifically can begin the process of legislation that raises revenue.

    Obama is just running out the clock until the election.  Either this helps him win or it doesn’t.  He doesn’t care what a judge says after November 6.

  • potato78

    Of course, politicians always sell the first class people interests to the third class people for their own interests through buying vote numbers in the democratic voting system.  Vote number is everything. 

  • SLCain

    The second most fraud-ridden immigration plan will be Romney’s, should he be elected.

  • So pretty much this is the nail in the coffin for California, with NM TX and AZ fighting illegals California is done for. Even with the birthrate drop of Mexicans in the USA the Mexican pop will more then likely triple in California. Adios California you were a nice place once.

  • So what will they do about it? I’ll tell you..not a damn thing!  All they do is “react” and never act!

     “DHS will be sorely taxed by the burden of disproving the evidence presented in each application.”

    Is this some kind of sick joke? DHS will not have to prove anything because questioning an illegal invader and their documents would be “racist!” All who step forward will be rubber stamped for approval. That’s how the DHS will handle this matter!