Arizona’s Young Immigrants Approved by U.S. Won’t Get Licenses

Newsmax, August 15, 2012

Young immigrants authorized to work in the U.S. under a new federal program that kicked off today won’t be able to get driver’s licenses in Arizona.

Republican Governor Jan Brewer issued an executive order saying state law bars benefits or state-issued identification for those in the country illegally—including those who qualify for the deferred enforcement program announced by President Barack Obama in June. She ordered agencies to adopt emergency rules to block access for an estimated 80,000 immigrants in Arizona who may qualify for the new federal program.

The order from Brewer came as thousands of young illegal immigrants lined up around the country to apply for work permits under the new rules. {snip}


Under existing law, immigrants in Arizona are able to get state identification as long as they can show they are lawfully present in the country, according to a statement from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

In her executive order, Brewer said documents issued under the new program don’t prove lawful status and allowing those young people to get state-issued identification or benefits would “have significant and lasting impacts on the Arizona budget.”


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  • Anan7

    God bless Governor Brewer.  I just liked her Facebook page.  If only Gov. Cuomo and the 48 other governors would stand up against the Mexican invasion like she is.

    • Anonymous

      Too bad we can’t find any white men today in political office with even half the guts she has.

  • Brewer for President, Sheriff Joe for VP.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Damn the rule of law, full speed ahead!
    Good for Gov Brewer, but I fear her’s is but a finger in a failed dyke’s remains.
    Obongo and his ilk will stop an NOTHING to dilute the white race into irrelevance in our own lands.
    I say  nay, Rage, Rage against the dying of the white!

    • The__Bobster

      Good for Gov Brewer, but I fear hers is but a finger in a failed dyke’s remains.

      Errr, you DO know that we don’t spell that word that way in America…..unless you intended the double entendre. 😉

  • America First

    Don’t know what the law is in Arizona, but a corollary would be require all purchases of automobiles to be made by those with valid drivers’ licenses and  insurance in effect.  Any transfer or even loan to an unlicensed, uninsured driver would be a crime.  Failure to have a license  has not stopped most of the illegals from driving; perhaps making it difficult to get access to the car in the first place may help with that. 

    • What illegals immigrants do is that they buy cars and put them in the names of licensed drivers. Since the licensed driver in the responsible party, they are responsible for providing insurance for that vehicle.

  • How sad that this poor woman has to be out on her own. This is how the powers that be shut things down; they contain things to a minimal number of people– make them look like freaks. The problem with White people is that we don’t march. Blacks and mexicans march– it’s a socialist thing. We Whites just don’t have time to take off from our 2-3 jobs to spend a week  marching and protesting. If things get bad enough we’ll do more than protest. You can always assemble a million blacks at a moment’s notice, since they have no responsibilities or committments.
    Now on the plus side for Whites, we have VERY long fuses, but when we finally cut loose, we are capable of doing ghastly, horrid things, and that is what this country, what this world, desperately needs at the moment: an army of men who are willing to do ghastly, horrid things. Civilized men, in order to stay civilized, must become, for a period, monsters. We need less metrosexual lace-wearing fops, and more fanged savages-for a time. And then, after things are made right, we can go back to landing men on Mars, and flute-playing.

    • The__Bobster

      We ARE  marching now.

      Our marches are called Tea Parties. That’s why the libtards have a visceral hatred for Tea Partiers.

  • Enar_Larsson

    Good for Brewer. If Obama won’t do his part to support Arizona’s overwhelmingly popular and SCOTUS approved state laws, then Brewer shouldn’t do anything to support Obama’s overwhelmingly unpopular and undemocratically enacted policies. Actually, now that I type that, Brewer should also be refusing to cooperate with the new federal policy. What can Obama do to her?

  • I love Jan Brewer! After I read about her action, I emailed my governor, Bill Haslem and asked that he do the same thing. I got a response back that he will veto any bill giving illegals drivers licenses.

  • Damn, the ONLY politician in America that is defending the White Race is a White Woman.


    Once again, the national GOP leaders are nowhere to be found.  

  • Major

    Jan Brewer ought to order Arizona to secede from this “Union” of socialists and illegals.

    Institute a New Republic with Texas and seek recognition from France or Luxembourg!

    Issue passports and be elected the President of the New America.

    Never allow a Californian, Oregonian, Washingtonian, New Yorker or a New Mexican into the new Republic.

    Stand firm Brewer…Eric the Red Holder will  be coming after you. Issue an arrest warrant for him by Sheriff Joe and deport him to the closest Arizona prison for the murder of mexicans and our Border Guards.

    • redfeathers

      I’m a New Yorker…please let me in!!

      • Major

        Only if you don’t try to impose Bloomberg, socialism and allow us to drink 32 ounce slurpees if we want…let us smoke if we want….and let us use whatever salt we want. Otherwise….stay on Staten Island….that’s your best bet.

  • Major

    They need to make a law that states that insurance follows the driver and not the car. Then the driver must prove he has insurance covering the operation of any car in the state. If they don’t…off to jail…Period.

  • Frank

    Watch as Holder sues Brewer for enforcing the state law!