Posted on June 24, 2011

Obama Issues DREAM Act by Executive Order

Dave Gibson, American Renaissance, June 24, 2011

On June 17, the Obama administration issued a memo announcing that federal immigration officials do not have to deport illegal aliens if they are enrolled in any type of education program, if their family members have volunteered for U.S. military service, or even if they are pregnant or nursing.

This new policy of “prosecutorial discretion” was quietly announced on Friday afternoon, and completely ignored by the mainstream press.

Author of Arizona’s SB1070 and Kansas’ secretary of state, Kris Kobach, told the Daily Caller: “They’re pushing the [immigration] agents to be even more lax, to go further in not enforcing the law. At a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and looking for work, this is more bad news coming from the Obama administration. . . [if the administration] really cared about putting Americans back to work, it would be vigorously enforcing the law.”

Late last year, the so-called DREAM Act which would give legal residency status to millions of illegal aliens who attend college or join the military was defeated in the Senate.

Every major poll has shown that the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to the DREAM Act as well as any other form of amnesty.

However, with Obama’s poll numbers plummeting, this use of his executive powers is seen as an obvious ploy to solidify the Latino vote in the 2012 presidential election.

Click here to view the entire memo. The categories are mentioned on pages 4 and 5.

43 responses to “Obama Issues DREAM Act by Executive Order”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “…officials do not have to deport illegal aliens if they are enrolled in any type of education program…”

    “Any type”? Time for the Crips and Bloods to open some schools.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    The sad reality is that the Federal government deports next to nobody. Even when they want to try, there are so many legal and bureaucratic hurdles in the way that any actual physical deportation is rare. See this comment from Margaret here on AR from about two years ago:

    All they’re saying here is that they’re not even going to “try” to deport DREAMers.

  3. OBSERVER says:

    Where did this “executive order” stuff come from? How can the President be a dictator?

    Well, a third world nation needs a third world President.

  4. E Pluribus Pluribus says:

    The distinction between American citizens and illegal aliens has troubled Barrack Obama for years. Indeed, who deserves his loyalty, foreign invaders or American citizens?

    Obama answered this question in his ’08 campaign for the presidency:

    “Nobody in the Senate, other than maybe Ted Kennedy, has been more consistent in saying we need to have a pathway to citizenship for those who are undocumented, already here . . .” (Obama in his interview with Univision [Spanish language TV network] anchor Jorge Ramos, CNN Transcript, May 30, 2008):

    That Obama is willing to use his executive powers to end-run Congress in order to obliterate that distinction should surprise no one.

  5. olewhitelady says:

    This ploy may get Obama most of the Hispanic votes, but what about the white ones? Many experts believe he will lose in three important states he got in 2008: NC, VA, and IN. Considering that OH is now in the hands of the GOP machine, I’d add it as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day we all find out that massive voter fraud took place in the ghettoes of large OH cities. The non-urban areas of the state are almost all majority Republican, so a large turnout of white voters could swing the next election.

    Obama must have all but given up on white voters.

  6. Get Real says:

    Every possible abuse of power and criminal act imagineable will be committed by this administration to secure reelection in 2012.

    If you think that Obama is bad now, wait and see how he conducts himself once he no longer has to answer to the voters during his second term! God forbid!

    Obama unbound will be worse than Hugo Chavez and Robert Mugabe combined.

  7. Miss Whitey says:

    This is very serious. The ICE memo gives numerous factors that allow prosecutorial discretion to ICE’s agents and attorneys. When one views the memo, one comes to the conclusion that most illegal aliens would have at least one factor listed in that memo to prevent them from being deported.

    This is definitely an executive order defacto amnesty.

    This would ensure that illegal aliens who broke immigration and other laws to stay here will continue to live in the United States and continue to benefit from their lawbreaking ways.

    So much for law and order. Yes, our Western civilization is breaking down in front of our very eyes.

  8. Question Diversity says:

    5 oldwhitelady:

    I think I know what Obama’s blatant Hispandering is all about — It can’t be about all Hispanics in all states because most Hispanics live in either solidly red states that he won’t win in 2012 (e.g. TX, AZ) or in solidly blue states he will win (e.g. NY, CA, IL). Reading the lines and between the lines of some of the analysts I trust, and between the lines of some I don’t trust, I get the feeling that the consensus wisdom of Obama’s 2012 re-election team is that the only Hispanic-heavy states which could go either way this time around are Florida and Colorado, and that it just might come down to those two states, especially Florida, to decide the whole she’bang. There’s recent precedent for FL deciding the winner of a Presidential election!

    The other matter is that Obama is investing in the future of his own party. Maybe he won’t win AZ and TX next year, but give the demographics enough time, and all these “DREAMers” will turn them permanently blue.

  9. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    Olewhitelady-You make it sound like Ohio is in better hands . I live here. Trust me. It’s not any better. Kasich the governor is a crook. Strickland, the Democrat whom he beat in the election last year, was basically a Republican lite. He was a bible-thumper and a pro-gun Democrat (which is becoming more common in the big Ohio cities… It seems that White liberals are tired of being robbed and raped by non-whites. ). But at least people knew that some new ideas were being introduced here under a democrat. With Kasich & Taft (the Republican back from ’99 – ’07), they are NOT pro-business (R) by any stretch. They want to privatize the turnpike… Yes, the Ohio turnpike. So all of the $ that was supposedly going to fixing roads & infrastructure will now be in the hands of wealthy elitist lawyers & stock brokers! Wow, what a deal. I can’t stand either party. Both sold us out to the wolves for different reasons, but does it matter? Does it really matter when there’s a hole in the boat in the middle of the ocean and you could either drown, be eaten by sea life, or be “rescued” by Somalian pirates, who will only kill you later any way? My point is, voting in any Presidential and/or Gubernatorial election is like putting out a forest fire with a plastic water gun. It won’t make you feel any better about YOUR plight in this world. Only a liberal or a neocon, both of whom are so deluded by unrealism would think their little part is helping. It’s not. Not at all.

    Like the people who thought O’bama (yeah, he’s Irish now because he visited Ireland a couple of weeks ago) was going to end the War in Afghanistan & The Mess up in Mesopotamia. Yeah right. Meanwile our kids are getting dumber & fatter, China is getting more militarily fortified, same with Iran, Pakistan, and Russia. And those countries are adding billionaire ideologues by the hour. What’s an American to do?

  10. rockman says:

    It is a test of the American public to see how they react to this one. If no reaction then the big one blanket amnesty for everyone. The country will die not with a bang but with a shrug. The white race will go quietly into the night not even a foot note in history but a smudge on a page where we were erased.

  11. Bannister says:

    PREGNANT or NURSING??? Did everybody catch that?

    At first we were told that the Dream Act was only for illegals who were enrolled in college or the military. The idea was “Well, at least they’re being productive”.

    Now it applies to illegals who are pregnant or nursing? So if illegals want to stay, they just keep making more babies! At the taxpayers expense!

    Now we know what we suspected all along: The Dream Act is a demographic bomb planted right in our midst.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, they don’t deport the ones who are NOT in education, military, etc, either. So who will they deport?

    And given that 9 out of 10 hispanic females between the ages of 12 and 35 are either pregnant or nursing, that means no one will get sent back to their country of origin.

    (Where I live, it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to see a latina woman WITHOUT a baby stroller. The other day I was wonderstruck by the site of at least a dozen such women with strollers and toddlers in tow crossing a quiet intersection.)

  13. Jeddermann. says:

    “volunteered for U.S. military service,”

    Volunteered as having volunteered but not even been accepted?

    Merely for an illegal to volunteer to join the military is a crime unto itself, a violation of federal law.

    This too might be grounds for civil suit against the fed government? Someone attacked and injured by an illegal who has been given status by the “Dream” can make a case the gov has has helped to establish a climate leading to the attack by allowing the criminal to remain in the U.S.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Where is the “Republican” objection?

    Where is Limbaugh?

  15. GetBackJack says:

    The fact of the matter is that Obama is one among thousands who sell out their country for votes/money/power. Why does it matter all of a sudden to us whites? The ideological and demograhic changes have been the agenda for close to a century. We just didn’t see it coming… or did we?

  16. UPJ says:

    “Prosecutorial discretion” by it’s very nature is discriminatory, the Obama regime is blatantly discriminating against White citizens in favor of Mestizos.

  17. olewhitelady says:

    #9 Who in Their White Mind:

    I too live in OH, and, if I made it sound like we’re in better hands under Kasich, I certainly didn’t mean to! I was simply stating that the Republican political machine is now in charge and able to tilt the odds against the Democrats in 2012.

    Sometimes, I believe we have to vote for the lesser of two evils. We now have a President and many Congressmen who would sell out the nation for Hispanic votes or for cheap illegal labor. If we don’t get a handle on this problem, anything we do is like rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

  18. Dave says:

    I work in a Latino area; and it appears as if every female over 16 and under 40 is pregnant or nursing. As if there weren’t enough incentive for an illegal to become pregnant. Not that they had much to worry about anyway.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think Obama is genuinely dangerous and we ought not mince words that he wants to destroy the American model of federal constitutional republicanism, which he loathes, as does the Bushes, Clintons, Jacksons, Landrieus, Kennedys and plenty of other aristocratic patrician families with ethnic, sectarian biases that are foriegn to the American experience. I call them the “Aristocratic Concensus,” and I call the genuine, middle American whites of Scots-Irish, Welsh, English, French, Scandanavian, Cuban (the Spanish variety,not the boatlift people), Jews and Scandanavians as the “American Concensus.” I fear that we are seriously close to a tipping point. What are your thoughts on these political treastises? That is America of the future if we are not careful.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The corporate and investment lobby wants more consumers.

    Deporting 12 million illegals and halting immigration would throw their speculative borrowing calculations off, and cause their asset values to slide.

  21. Frank says:

    This is disgusting. Only Congress can issue such orders. Illegal is still illegal. Notice that Obama did not issue this order himself. Nevertheless he is responsible for it. The Republicans in the House should start impeachment proceedings.

  22. GERRY says:

    On November 4, 2008 when Obama got elected I wrote on my calender “THIS IS THE SADDEST DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY” I could not believe that a man with a past history of anti-American and anti-white views could possibly ever be President of the United States. I later found out that this was made possible because of voter fraud and intimidation, complete control of the news media, and the help of billionaire Georg Soros who has vowed to “TAKE DOWN AMERICA”. Luckily we still have Fox News and the internet as the last hope of getting the truth out to the American people and guess what? Spooky dude (Soros) has vowed to take out Fox News and silence the internet no matter what the cost. So now we have puppet master and his little dictator puppet Obama that feels he doesn’t have to listen to Congress or the American people and with all of his failed policies has driven America into the ground. Let’s hope the American people have woken up to the tactics Obama and company and puts the right person in office the next time around. We must bring back America to the values that made our country great and we are the last hope of freedom on this planet. If America falls we will see another beginning of the middle ages where human life means nothing, women are simply property to be abused and tortured, and power hungry dictators reign supreme. Obama needs to go!

  23. SKIP says:

    ” If we don’t get a handle on this problem, anything we do is like rearranging chairs on the Titanic”

    Like the Titanic (which we mostly White taxpayers are rowing) when the list increased to the right degree, the deck chairs will rearrange themselves, the music will stop and we Whites will have no chairs at all and the life boats are full of muslims, blacks (usually one and the same) and ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  24. Margo says:

    I often hear people complain about the time Obama spends on the golf course.

    In my mind I wish he spent ALL of his time there and ended his destruction of the America we all once knew?

  25. Allan says:

    So, Obama has over-ridden congress by presidential decree. Well, “Heil, Barack!”

  26. Anonymous says:

    Where is the “Republican” objection?

    Where is Limbaugh?

    –Anonymous at 14

    You don’t truly believe there is a “Republican objection” do you? Even if a Republic President would deport a few thousand illegals to show his base he is doing something, it’s still all a show for the ignorant. The Republicans serve the same masters as the Democrats. In the end, the result is the same. More immigrants (legal/illegal, hardly matters), more cheap labor, more consumers, more $$$ for them.

  27. Clytemnestra says:

    I have read the posts lamenting this so-called DREAM Act via executive order by Obama. They think there is not a damned thing they can do about it. By conventional means, they are right. That leaves unconventional means. Am I advocating violence? Nope. I am advocating passive resistance. The government is relying on YOU to pay for your own dispossession. Only YOU can decide if you want to go with their program.

    The Russians successfully fended off two invasions during the previous two centuries; first by Napoleonic France and the second by Nazi Germany. They simply burned their villages and food stores to the ground rather than let the invaders occupy it.

    So, what am I saying? I am talking about economic sabotage. WE are the producers. If WE don’t produce, THEY can’t tax. It’s that simple.

    Step 1) Make draconian budget cuts and then make as little money as possible. Too many of you work way too much. The tax man makes sure you cannot enjoy the fruits of your labors and any luxuries you have acquired should be considered attractive nuisances; bling to catch the eye of envious Non-Whites.

    Step 2) Generate more tax deductions, i.e., have more children. Any White who does not have enough children to be eligible for the EITC credit is a government dupe. Make up your minds, Americans will be paying for children; someone’s children. It is up to you if these children will be the kind to love, cherish and protect your or aliens who will rape, rob and kill you in your old age. The next generation of children is the LAST thing we need to outsource to Mexicans.

    I am convinced that the American government going bankrupt is the only thing that is going to save Americans in the long run and no, I do NOT count the African, Mexican, and Asian Diasporas as American. Eliminate the magnets of jobs, housing, and welfare benefits and they will self-deport, fleeing the SS United States like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

    The only way to castrate the Disingenuous White Liberal Left enabling the destruction of America is to eliminate their financial clout obtained from your taxes. Do everything imaginable to be barely marginal financially on paper. Yes, our entire system will be toast, but we can rebuild them with the safeguards in place, next time, to keep the garbage out.

    We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by underfunding that safety net by increasing margins every time the DWLs allow another alien or minority to jump on. Any Whites who can ALSO jump on need to do so. We need to strain that safety net until it snaps and is broken beyond all repair.

    The Cloward-Piven Strategy can also work for White Nationalism.

  28. rory o'shaughnessy says:

    I demand an end to white charity. Without the Lutherans and the Catholics demanding Charity from the same white race they seek to destroy. It might be easier for the confessional box to remain empty.

  29. joe says:

    Obama is going to do what he wants, law or no law. The other two branches of government are letting him do it. They don’t like it but they are afraid to confront him.

    Anticipate more executive orders and law violations from Obama.

  30. ghw says:

    15 — GetBackJack wrote:

    “The fact of the matter is that Obama is one among thousands who sell out their country for votes/money/power.”


    How very true!

    The selling of America has become big business.

    Much of the world today (the Third World) is a bubbling caldron of chaos, corruption, poverty, crime, war and terror. People there are desperate to get out of it … (the very societies their people have made!). They want to live safe, comfortable, prosperous lives. That means here.

    Our “elites” have discovered that American citizenship, even American residency, are highly valued commodities that hundreds of millions of people crave. The elites have thus discovered that the selling of America is highly profitable business. Some of them have made a career of it, and are fattening off their treason while they sell the rest of their countrymen out.

    Generally, this is done under a lofty pretense of compassion, moral superiority, and support of Human Rights. That allows them to work their scam and feel good about it too, while attracting no opprobrium (except from political heritics such as us).

    How could Washington and Jefferson ever have imagined such a preposterous thing as the treasonous “representatives” who are profiteering from the selling off of American assets? They are doing this in many different ways — from the off-shoring of American capital and industry, to the encouragement of illegal aliens, and to their refusal to control the border or enforce the law.

    Someone above mentioned the Titanic. These profiteering elites are like shysters selling shares in the Titanic, while quietly planning to have a seat in the first lifeboat out. Either that, or they simply can’t believe that this Titanic (America) will ever go down because they assume that it’s impossible (just as the Titanic was “unsinkable”; or else that at the last moment the American people will somehow rally to save it (and them).

    Of course, they expect to be left in possession of their ill-gained profits in any case. At the very least, their short-term greed betrays a colossal lack of long-term foresight. Not to mention conscience or social responsability.

    These irresponsible, selfish, short-sighted profiteers — pirates of a sort — counting their dollars, before the dollar crashes and their country collapses around them, are in for a shock. It will serve them right. And we should not pity them or help them.

    I speak here of the blind but useful idiots (politicians, media babblers, and businessman) who are serving as useful tools — not of the top idiologists and manipulators who are deliberately planning the demise of white America. The latter surely have their own agenda and plans, but those would not include saving their venal American tools who are expendable. After all, who would want someone who had been a traitor to his own kind? Who would want anyone so stupid, so venal, so gullible?

  31. patthemick says:

    Well I must admit the ground was laid by the Bush administrations executive orders for the patriot act civil rights violations but at least he had the cover of saying he was preventing attacks. This rule is nothing more or less than declaration of war on ourselves and our children.

  32. Blaak Obongo says:

    “Where did this “executive order” stuff come from? How can the President be a dictator?”

    Well, the far-left controlled governmedia certainly aren’t going to call him out on it–though you know if it had been a White conservative president issuing such unilateral fiats, every “news” outlet in the country would be screaming about “dictatorship.”

    My own opinion is that the Republicans aren’t going after Obongo on this issue because they want the unrestricted power to do the same thing once they return to the presidency. It’s an extremely dangerous precedent all around, and needs to be stopped. But who’s going to do the stopping?

    Is this how Rome fell?

  33. BLACK SWAN says:

    There is something horrid and evil going on. There is a “force” of evil. You can feel it, but you can’t seem to name it. There is something going on way, way to sinister and hidden and unfortunately NOBODY will investigate and call it out.

    AMREN. Please lead the way. Do the research and find the source of this. All this can NOT be random. I can see, smell, feel an evil behind it. Find it, please, and report it.

  34. Anon says:

    Obama has got to be stopped. He has shown consistently that he will resort to any method to advance his agenda and the American people be damned; Obama care, Iraq, Libya, his appointed czars, and on and on all shoved down the throats of the American people with utter contempt; and supported every step of the way by a MSM determined to support the black president no matter how inept he is. He must lose the next election or be impeached if he wins. The health of the Republic depend on it.

  35. john says:

    The irony of this is the incredible obstacles we place in the way of people trying to immigrate to the US legally. The weekend WSJ had a full piece on this problem last week, detailing how scientists, people with needed skills, highly educated people, and people who would make good citizens and be net assets to this country essentially are unwelcome.

    Of course illegals from Mexico, who will overwhelmingly become reliable Democrat voters as do most low IQ and dependent people, are allowed to enter almost as freely as if it were the policy of our government to welcome them. And while unstated, that’s the exact policy of our country.

  36. Hombre Blanco says:

    It’s just another pellet from the shotgun of doom. We are hit by them daily. Why should the “media” care? The media is OWNED by the “masters.” (Does it matter if the masters are white?)

    Our fiat money is declining daily. Food prices go up while the nutrients go down. Amish milk sellers get raided. Farmers get raided by the “seed police.” The list could go on… and on.

    We haven’t been a free country since having a RENTED money supply. In fact, ALL COUNTRIES with a “central bank” have SS numbers for their citizens/collateral/cattle!

    We are turning into Hitlers Germany! (In a neo-feudal way…) And this time free thinking men are the new Jews.

    It’s time to feed the tree.

  37. Mr.White says:

    We’re losing our country folks at the hands of third-world illegal invaders and Obama is intent on making sure it happens; irrespective of the fact that the vast majority of Americans want illegal invaders deported and immigration laws enforced.

    When is enough enough with this administration?

  38. Mr.White says:

    How does an illegal invader join the military without using fradulent documentation and why in the world would someone like that be allowed to stay in this country?

    Or is Obama now saying that illegal invaders are eligible for military service?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Money works based on two principles: Universality and Scaleability. It is disabled by another: Free Barter.

    The USD is on the way out because the Arab oil on which it is traded-currency based, is about to go Post-Peak and the Persian equivalent will be traded in Yuan thru China, exclusively.

    ‘Democracy’ works because it encourages mob pluralism and the need to buy coallitions of votes with promises that are not kept. Largely because they were never on the agenda to begin with. Promises, promises, with only two parties any broken promise is only four years away from being replaced, and at zero (forgotten, quickly) culpability for the policies that are enacted against your given word.

    Unfortunately, more parties only encourages more balkanization politics. And hence, less powerful majority contribution, even among whites.

    If we were to selectively undermine _State_ currency values by short term indulging bachanalian expenditures on ethnic priviliges in specific regions, when the other shoe fell, white states who were willing to cut from the herd and create a separate Republic could -begin- to do so on the basis of inter-state barter as a means to build a taxless capital base from which to start a new (held resources as consumer goods) currency that was Post-Peak scaled to a different normative level than what we are likely to see with a drastically revalued (lower spending = lower volume = lowered value, even beyond petrofiat status) USD.

  40. Anonymous says:

    32 — Blaak Obongo wrote at 6:46 PM on June 26:

    “Where did this “executive order” stuff come from? How can the President be a dictator?”

    Well, the far-left controlled governmedia certainly aren’t going to call him out on it—though you know if it had been a White conservative president issuing such unilateral fiats, every “news” outlet in the country would be screaming about “dictatorship.”

    “My own opinion is that the Republicans aren’t going after Obongo on this issue because they want the unrestricted power to do the same thing once they return to the presidency. It’s an extremely dangerous precedent all around, and needs to be stopped. But who’s going to do the stopping?

    Is this how Rome fell?”

    In a word, yes. But it was also due to a number of other things, such as Christian superstition causing people to turn inward and forget about commerce and work, much like the recent wave of end of the world prediction that took a group as far as selling off or simply leaving their homes to travel around and preach the end. Read Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. It will knock your socks off, and scare the daylights out of you. We’re in for a far worse Dark Age than the last one.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Our country is no longer a democratic republic with the rule of law. It’s a corporate fascist dictatorship where the rules are whatever those in power make up at the moment.

    All that is left to do… seize power.

    Seriously. If it came down to it, how many would support Obama’s dictatorship? Would a significant amount of the population be willing to fight for him?

    The liberals changed this country into a form suited for a strongman. Yet every person they come up with to lead is as limpwristed as they come.

    It’s time the white population of the US came up with a real, hardcore, iron fisted dictator who cares only about whites and correctly identifies non-whites as a problem to be dealt with ruthlessly. With a couple of thousand dedicate men at his back, he could just step in and take over the situation Obama has created…..especially if he’s a ranking member of our military. At this point, not only would most white people accept a military coupe, it would be welcomed.

  42. Anonymous says:

    @22 Gerry,


    So now we have puppet master and his little dictator puppet Obama… Let’s hope the American people have woken up to the tactics Obama and company and puts the right person in office the next time around.


    With respect, do you see the cognitive disconnect between your opening and this ending?

    We _do not_ have control over who the candidates are. Therefore we _do not_ have control over whom we nominally elect to office.

    There is thus NO WAY to put a ‘good man’ into office.

    This is how the Founders designed our nation, that a ruling elite could control a _Republic_, from inside the system.

    We might get better if all non-public funding of all candidates ended immediately and we could force the discussion away from idiot subjects like religion and abortion and around towards major issues like economics, state security and immigrations’ effects on same. Nominally with a required debate agenda and platform representation that included the right of recall if we felt the candidate’s in-office policies were varying too much from his campaign promises.

    Good Luck getting that into the closed-door system.

    The only ‘freedom’ in America right now is that of making money so that you can join the ultimate protected class: The Wealthy.

    And because this Darwinian exercise breeds only ruthlessness, not social conscience, there is no contract with the other 90% of us as to what keeps the system functional.

    Indeed, _the next step_ is to cut off the routes to empowerment because ‘there are enough rich men’ and they don’t want to top-heavy destabilize -their- sitting-pretty position. This will be true for either Liberals or Conservatives.

  43. Anonymous says:

    The 2012 election cannot come too soon. Seems so far in the distant. The only thing that really matters is getting Obama out of office.

    The guy is a scoundrel.