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White Identity, a Book Review

Will Offensicht, Scragged, May 26, 2011

White Identity


Perennial Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson used to say,

Given a choice between agreeable fantasy and disagreeable fact, Americans will go for the agreeable fantasy every time.

Our article about Japanese non-looters tiptoed toward criticizing the American fantasy that racial differences are unimportant and will disappear if enough people take enough sensitivity training.

Monster-Mashing Through the Tulips

In the book White Identity, author Jared Taylor does no tiptoeing; he stomps boldly with hobnailed boots.  The book is three hundred pages demonstrating that race is fundamental to human relationships, that the different races don’t want anything to do with each other, and that forcing races together leads only to violence and hatred.

In spite of all the liberal protestations that racial consciousness will go away if people are forced together, Mr. Taylor’s indisputable facts argue that race is of such profound import to human nature that no amount of social engineering or do-goodery can make it disappear.

Nothing could be a starker contrast with the most fervently-stated beliefs of 99% of white Americans, their political views being entirely irrelevant to their unanimous condemnation of racism or discrimination of all sorts.  As Mr. Taylor amply demonstrates, this “post racial” ideal is an impossibly Utopian fantasy.

In puncturing this agreeable fantasy with disagreeable reality, Mr. Taylor has set himself up for criticism of the most infuriated and condemnatory sort.  Googling “Jared Taylor” produces any number of attacks on his morality, character, intellect, and manner of life.

Oddly, though, there are essentially no substantive factual criticisms of his ideas, despite their being disliked on every side.  Why not?

Because his ideas are based on disagreeable facts which are available to anyone with an Internet connection.  Arguing against verifiable fact makes his critics look silly.  Since his critics can’t attack his facts, they in effect concede the argument by attacking him as a person.

Regardless of your personal views on the subject of race, it would benefit you to examine Mr. Taylor’s evidence on its factual merits, even if only to seek out a logically consistent means of debating it.

Forced Integration

Generations of research have shown that the vast majority of people prefer to associate with people of like race because of our tribal past.  As tribes wandered around, individuals who identified with their close kin and helped each other passed on their genes more effectively than those who lacked strong kinship identity.  We were thus bred for racial consciousness.

Racial awareness starts very early in life no matter what parents do.  Mr. Taylor cites dozens of studies all of which came to the same conclusion – humans are strongly selected to be racially aware.  The desire to deny natural selection and proclaim the end of racial prejudice by forcing people to integrate was another of those unrealistic ideas like the fantasy that Islam is a religion of peace that our ruling elites keep trying to shove off on the rest of us:

Many believed that integration for children was so important that the opposition of parents should be ignored. James S. Liebman of Columbia law school wrote that in order to protect children from the “tyranny” of their parents they should be required to attend “schools that are not entirely controlled by parents,” where they could be exposed to “a broader range of . . . value options than their parents could hope to provide.” Integrated education was the best way to reform “the malignant hearts and minds of racist white citizens.”

Jennifer Hochschild of Princeton agreed that the stakes were so great they justified limiting the will of the public. Because a majority of Americans did not understand the benefits of integration, democracy should be set aside and Americans “must permit elites to make their choices for them.” She believed parents should be banned from sending children to private schools. The assumptions of the 1950s were that white adults might not integrate willingly, but their children who went to school with blacks would grow up with enlightened views, and the racial problem would be solved.  [emphasis added]

White Identity p 24

At that time, the elites were quite open about their desire to set democracy aside and force lesser beings to do right regardless of their wishes.   Hillary Clinton had learned to be more subtle in It Takes A Village when she argued that the government had to help parents raise children to government standards, but the liberal desire to run roughshod over parental opposition was there for anyone to see.


Based on Keyes v. Denver in 1973, schools were integrated via forced busing even if the school district had never practiced discrimination.  The Court ruled that forced integration was to be implemented nationwide regardless of parental wishes or state laws.

Another Failure of Liberal Ideas

The result was resounding, universal failure.  In 1969, the average black Boston student attended a school that was 32% white; in 2003, Boston schools averaged 11% white, and 61% of black students attended schools that were at least 90% non-white.  That same year, 60% of black students in New York State attended schools that were at least 90% black.  Decades of legally-enforced integration led to greater segregation at great cost.

Mr. Taylor shows that billions of dollars spent to force integration by forced busing or by constructing magnet schools failed, not just because whites didn’t want it, but blacks didn’t want integration either:

Middle-class blacks have enough money to choose from many different majority-white neighborhoods but many would rather live among blacks. In the Atlanta area, blacks cluster in suburbs southwest of the city in DeKalb County. “It’s not a separatist thing,” says sociologist Robert Bullard of Clark Atlanta University. “It’s a choice to be whole.” Eddie Long, bishop of New Birth Missionary Church in southeast DeKalb County, said his congregation thinks of the black suburbs as the “promised land,” explaining that many members “wanted their children to grow up in a nurturing black community.”

A black journalist wrote about a backyard gathering in an affluent, black Atlanta suburb. The party suddenly went silent when a realtor’s car, bearing a white couple, cruised slowly down the street. “I hope they don’t find anything they like,” said one of the guests; “otherwise, there goes the neighborhood.” …

Jeff Johnson, a personality on Black Entertainment Television, is tired of integrationist pretense: “This whole notion of a post-racial society is ridiculous, we need to stop saying it, we need to stop even talking about it. Let’s be honest about the fact that many of us from all races are racist. . . . We’ve lied about progress.”  [emphasis added]

White Identity, p 42, 43

Mr. Taylor demonstrates that 40 years of strenuous efforts by liberals to eliminate racism have increased racial hatreds instead of racism withering away.  The dangers of forcing unwanted integration are illustrated most strongly in prisons where convicts have no choice with respect to dorm mates.  Fights between Mexican and black inmates don’t make national news because that would upset the pleasant, politically-correct fiction that integration cures racism, but ex-cons report that prison violence makes them more racially conscious than before:

I read one commentator’s opinion in which he expressed disappointment that ex-cons could come out of prison with unresolved racial problems “despite the racial integration of the prisons.” Despite? Buddy, do I have news for you! How about because of racial integration? [emphasis in the original]

White Identity, p 74

For 60 years, we have wished and legislated in vain. In so doing, by opening the United States to peoples from every corner of the world, we have created agonizing problems for future generations. As surely as the Communists were mistaken in their hopes of remaking human nature, so have been the proponents of diversity and multi-culturalism.

White Identity, p 292

Having demonstrated the utter failure of decades of our liberal elites enforcing integration on people who don’t want it, Mr. Taylor goes on to discuss black, Hispanic, Asian, and white racial consciousness.  This background makes it possible for him to predict where our ever-increasing racial tensions will take our society.

This is one of the saddest, most depressing books about American politics and society we’ve ever read.  Unfortunately, disagreeable truths don’t go away when politicians insist that everyone accept agreeable fantasies.  What’s worse, enforcing this particular agreeable fantasy on the slowly-boiling ethnic stew that America has become has raised pressure and brought about dangerous levels of conflict between groups.

You won’t like Mr. Taylor’s predictions any more than you’ll like his conclusions, but you’d be foolish to ignore them.  The book is not always stocked on Amazon but it can be found here, on Jared Taylor’s website.

20 responses to “White Identity, a Book Review”

  1. Miss Whitey says:

    The book White Identity is a very well written book and everyone who wants to know the facts about race needs to read it. It could make readers feel anger. However, there is no sense in staying in our comfort zone. If we read the book we then have the facts to fight back when we are in a situation to explain why integration and multiculturalism will never work.

    Also, I must say one aspect that kept coming up for me was the double standard that exists for Whites on one side and nonwhites on the other side. It is infuriating to me that nonwhites can celebrate their culture and their identity but Whites are not allowed to. The reasoning behind this is that the White Race has caused much suffering to nonwhites and, therefore, Whites can never again be proud of their culture.

    I’ve got news for all everyone. All races and ethnic groups have caused suffering for other races and ethnic groups. Nonwhites have brutalized, tortured, maimed, and in other ways showed hatred and racism towards others. Therefore, if the racial orthodoxy believe that Whites are not allowed to celebrate their culture or identity, than they should accept that nonwhites should not be allowed to either.

    It is amazing how the racial orthodoxy never point to all the good that the White race has achieved. The White race has created the most free, most prosperous country in the world–so great that people actually sneak in here by the millions because they know it is much better than their country.

    The statements that many make are utterly disrespectful to our race and these people need to be shamed.

  2. Hirsch says:

    I received my inscribed copy and read it. It is irrefutable in a way that makes me wish Tim Wise and Jared Taylor could reconvene for a second round of debate. Provided the parameters are more strictly defined this time and Wise is not allowed to go onto tangents, he would find it impossible I think to form a cogent response to even a quarter of the facts amassed in this book.

    Remember from their previous debate that Wise said he wanted to “reorient people’s thinking,” into positive directions. Even if that were possible, you couldn’t correct the problem without doing as Taylor has done in this book by diagnosing it. The Left has no cogent views on race because you must first face reality before you form a strategy.

  3. Tyrone from South Africa says:

    @Miss Whitey

    “…infuriating to me that nonwhites can celebrate their culture and their identity but Whites are not allowed to”

    Absolutely right! Was just thinking about that right now. And they call US racist!! Hypocrites.

    I’m sick of hearing about “Black this” and ” Black that” organisations. No “White…” organisations. (Oh, yes, sorry, that would be RACIST.)

    In South Africa the communist supporting ANC (black party: 62% of vote) has rammed through so many Affirmative Action laws—in spite of Whites now only making up 9% of population. How can you have AA for the 89% majority????

    Let me tell you, since ‘Freedom’ here, from ‘eeeevilll apartheid’, the majority of whites have become MUCH more anti-black, especially the under 40s. (and no, they didn’t WIN freedom, we stupidly GAVE it to them) Still, as always,some deluded rainbow-nation lala-land liberal fools, but in much smaller numbers now that they are beginning to see just what ‘black ruled’ actually means. (endemic corruption, party above country, and just sheer incompetence and arrogance)

    Believe me, I’m looking to get out…hopefully to Australia, where whites are still the overwhelming majority. Sad that USA has been so messed up by the blacks and stupid pro-black liberals (whom I despise even more than the blacks as they are essentially traitors).

  4. BannerRWB says:

    A few thoughts I’ve wanted to express but never found the right article (If posted, my thanks to AMREN):

    – If Whites were so evil towards the Natives of this land, what do Blacks say of the Buffalo Soldiers? Were they just following orders and/or being forced to work for the White Man? If so, maybe the “Nuremburg Defense” is okay for Blacks but not for Nazis? Or were the Buffalo Soldiers free men who willingly volunteered to kill and dispossess the Natives?

    – If Whites are living on “stolen” land, and if you can’t legally sell stolen property, then just what kind of land are Chinese/African/Arab/Mexican, etc., immigrants living on when they “own” it?

    – The sequence of Black identity in America seems to be thus: Slaves – Negroes – Blacks – African-Americans, and finally, what it should have been all along, “Africans-living-in-America”. Or, if they don’t like living under what they feel is the tyranny of the White Man, shouldn’t they do the right thing and be called “Africans-who-used-to-live-in-America-but-who-have- returned-to-Africa-and-who-gave-their-land-back-to-the-Indians”?.

    – A few rules for the future White Ethnic nation after the break up of America:

    1) Any politician, as well as the descendants of any politician, who ever voted for non-white immigration, will be persona non grata.

    2) Religious preference will be Christian, Agnostic or non-believing

    3) Non-White immigration or the facilitation thereof will be a capital offense.

    – Who’s the hypocrite?

    1) The White person who is proud of America, and who lives here on land taken/won from the Native population?, or,

    2) The White person who is NOT proud of America, but who lives here on land taken/won from the Native population?

    3) The non-White person who is NOT proud of America, but who lives here on land taken/won from the Native population?

    4) The immigrant who complains about America.

    – Choose one or more answers.

  5. Jupiter7 says:

    Jared should start thinking about and outlining book number three in the series…and got it out there sooner. The third book must capture the full insanity of the evolving scene-from Hell itself-within the borders of America. It should be very graphic in detail. It should also contain responses to the standard race-replacement enthusiasts “counterarguments”.

    The standard-canonical “arguments” against the continued existence of the Native Born White Majority within the borders of America are the following:

    1)the “Native Americans” came here first and are the only real Americans.

    2) the economic health of “America” of requires the race-replacement of the Native Born White Americans Majority.

    3)protecting the environment,edangered species and ecosysytems requires the mass importation of millions of very high fertility post-1965 nonwhites.

    4)Native Born White Americans need the permission of White Liberals-Noel Ignatiev-free market “conservatives” and high fertility post-1965 nonwhites to engage in White racial identity politics….and of course, none of these race-replacement enhtusiasts will give it.

    All of my comments here and at the other websites that I comment on have been a unrelentingly attack on 1-4. All of us in the Native Born White American Patriot Movement should take part in this unrelenting attack on 1-4. This is how we expose the very nasty intentions of the race-replacement enthusiasts towards the Native Born White American Majority.

    The framework for rebutting the race-replacement enthusiasts “counterarguments” can be stated as follows:there are no economic,demographic,environmental-ecological and cultural reasons for race-replacing the Native Born White American Majority. With each passing year, resistance against race-replacement increases. It is 100 percent inevtable that Native Born White Americans will become highly racialized politically. White Liberal race-replacement enthusiasts and millions of post-1965 high fertility nomnwhites demanding that Native Born White Americans commit racial suicide within the borders of America. Native Born White Americans are under no obligation to do this because it would make millions of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites very happy. How exactly would Native Born White Amerians be better off as an ever dwindlng racial minority within the borders of America surounded by a rapidly increasing high fertility and-heavily armed-hostile nomnwhite population? To ask this this question is to answer it. How did Native Born White Americans ever manage to survive when America was 90 percent White? Again, the question answers itself…very well thank you. So what was the point of passing the 1965 Immigration Reform Act? Answer: to replace the Native Born White American Majority.

    The post-1965 immigration issue and every other issue must be completely framed in terms of Native Born White American racial interests. So, why should be Native Born White Americans be in favor of their race-replacement at the hands of millions of post-1965 hostile nonwhites? There is no reason why they should be in favor of this. Our continued existence as a racial majority within the borders of America is not a not up for debate…and resistance to race-replacement will surely grow. What do the race-replacement enthusiasts intend to do about this? They are the ones who knowingly poured the gasoline into the basement.

    This is how Jared Taylor and Native Born White American in general must “debate” the issue in public..amd this should be the framework of Jared’s next book….

  6. THE MAN says:

    Here is a salute of black power, by black nationalists with the black nationalist flag waving on the side. The salute is like that of other historical salutes. These peace loving people dressed in their military garb.

  7. Jupiter7 says:

    Here is another point I want to make. Since Jared is doing a book tour, he now has an opportunity to speak directly to his fellow Native Born White Americans. Jared has to lay the issue out in the most blood and guts and starkest terms. Jared Taylor must ask his fellow Native Born White Americans just what they are willing to give up for racial minority status within the borders of “America”. By asking his fellow Native Born White Americans this fundamental question, he will force his fellow Native Born White Americans to finally connect with reality.

    And among the things that Native Born White Americans are going to have to give up for racial minority status are:

    1) Any possibility of a high wage economy, for the whole Republican-Democratic labor policy is a viciously low-wage labor policy that transfers wealth from millions of ordinary Native Born White Americans to the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class. This requires the importation of millions of high fertility,post-1965 non white scab labor. The biggest fear of the White Greedy Cheating Class-and the the two political parties that they own-is a severe labor scarcity, for a severe labor scarcity would drive up the real wage for millions of Native Born White Americans, and as consequence, wealth and political power would be transferred back to millions of Ordinary Native Born White Americans. Now this would be authentic democracy.

    2) Along with racial minority status for Native Born White Americans will come the massive loss of amenities such as open space, spectacular unbroken vistas of staggering beauty. There will be a massive loss of access to the great National and State Parks..with 100 percent certainty this will happen…for America will surely..with 100 percent certainty…break up into an overpopulated place of separate race-based nation states at war with each other for the scarce resources of “America”. Native Born White Americans will be living on and greatly reduced living space. It will feel a lot more crowded in the new White Homelands. Land will be very expensive..and therefore, housing will be very expensive. And since Chinese-North Korean high-rise apartment-cellblock living is unacceptable to 99.9999 percent of ordinary Conservative Native Born White Americans, the National and State Parks will be paved over for affordable housing. Without a doubt..again with 100 percent certainty…this will occur in the other race-based nation states within the former America.

    Jared must hammer this point home-incessantly-in his book tour…Millions of Native Born White Americans are going to have to give up an enormous amount of pleasant, beautiful and wonderful amenities for racial minority status.

  8. John Engelman says:

    KPFA is a left wing radio station broadcast from Berkeley.

    A number of years ago I heard left wing author Gore Vidal admit, “Bussing is the liberal’s Vietnam. It’s not working.”

  9. Blaak Obongo says:

    “2) Religious preference will be Christian, Agnostic or non-believing.”

    So in your future White nation, only atheists and Christians will be permitted? I think I understand that you’re trying to eliminate Islam, but if so, please say so explicitly. Because this Pagan has no intention of giving up his own religion just to keep the Mohammedans out.

    We already have enough issues dividing White people; we don’t need any more.

  10. BannerRWB says:

    9-Blaak Obongo: “We already have enough issues dividing White people; we don’t need any more.” Agreed! And yes, you understand my point of view in general. Islam would not be allowed, nor would any other religion which professess a violent religio-political takeover of the secular government or the diminishment of any other religion. Even for Christians, I could see the need for a recodification of the base documents. Before I go further down the theological tangent though, the main point I would like to make is this: Debate on religion and many other matters will be needed -prior- to the United States falling apart if we are to have any hope of long term, cohesive survival. We comment about the issues we have and about a future White ethno-state, yet we will still need a guiding document (as well as an extensive legal framework) that will allow us to move forward as a nation. I see no such effort being made to achieve this end. As it is now, and if the nation falls in the near future, is it then that we begin the debate on the myriad of serious issues? I meant no offense to those who practice any religion of non-violence, but religious difference has been at the forefront of many human conflicts, to include intra-White conflict, so this is but one issue we need to discuss, debate, and devise some point of conclusion. The founders of America were close, and provided for us a relatively stable nation for over 200 years. We sense that nation coming to an end, but where do we go from here? Constitutional Convention anyone? Any lawyers reading this? Can we propose a non-violent separation along ethnocentric lines without fear of being jailed for the rest of our lives?

  11. Anonymous says:

    “racial differences are unimportant and will disappear if enough people take enough sensitivity training”.

    The problem is that only whites receive sensitivity training. The underlying assumption is that all persons of color are innocent and it’s inconceivable to even think of a person of color, anywhere, being insensitive to whites. Why to even consider the notion would be racist. Meanwhile race crimes and ethnic cleansing continue in one direction.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like to read Jared’s work. He is honest and gracious in interview; he is not a rhetorical bully such as Tim Wise.

    I guess though I think we here in the USA had best limit our generalizations to our continent. Not that we cannot use the word “white” to describe ourselves, as Time Wise insists we do not have apparently the historical right to a Pan-European concept. Well, we do, although the implication that we are talking about race in an American context is necessarily understood as background.

    I have been reading and thinking on my travels and intellectual experiences and have concluded the great unexamined “sin” of the American experience was not black slavery; by the time slavery was contested in the Civil War most knew sooner rather than later the agricultural demand for it would decline greatly. Britain’s moral example perhaps by itself could have ended slavery amongst the Southern landholding class by 1880, possibly. Of course we purged ourselves of all guilt by the sacrifices of that conflict. No, the great sin was the extermination by design and disease of the native Americans, and we all know it. And it is also the Great Irony.

    Because, terrible as it sounds,we on this continent have benefited from the “ease” with which the natives died out. We have been spared much suffering because of our sin.We have conquered our continent without the horrible drawn out confusions Europe has experienced with regard to farming, landholding, private property vs State mandates, Communism versus Fascism.

    Perhaps we simply don’t know in America just how horrible life can be. Read “Bloodlands”; it is the account of the gigantic suffering and loss of life in Eastern Europe due to the two competing totalitarianisms, Nazism and Communism. Those systems killed millions in the struggle to define the future of European agriculture. Were Germany to have won, Russia would be a vassal state ruled by German private property, and this would be the basis for the thousand year Reich. If Russian Communism won the European experience would be Collectivization, and Five Year Plans extending into forever.

    The skirmishes between ranchers and farmers seem trivial indeed compared to the titanic conflict of 1939-1945, and they were. But this gives us an idea how land conflicts can disturb and even destroy national destinies.

    In our country, given our stupendous good luck at avoiding the hellish experiences of modern war on our land, it seems no insurmountable task to implement American Renaissance as Jared envisions it. With ingenuity we might even be able to do so without apocalypse.

  13. Anonymous too says:

    Anonymous at 3:06 refers to the ‘extermination’ of Native Americans, ‘by disease and by design.’ I question that latter, and also I wonder why Anonymous believes Native Americans have died off. The last census figures for Native Americans showed 2.5 million people.

    He may say that the population was once much larger, and we decreased their population. But there is no solid information about how many were here when the Europeans arrived. It’s all speculation.

    Many Natives also intermarried with whites as well as blacks. So their genes have not disappeared.

    But for an exterminated people, 2.5 million is pretty impressive.

  14. Anonymous too says:

    Anonymous at 3:06 refers to the ‘extermination’ of Native Americans, ‘by disease and by design.’ I question that latter, and also I wonder why Anonymous believes Native Americans have died off. The last census figures for Native Americans showed 2.5 million people.

    He may say that the population was once much larger, and we decreased their population. But there is no solid information about how many were here when the Europeans arrived. It’s all speculation.

    Many Natives also intermarried with whites as well as blacks. So their genes have not disappeared.

    But for an exterminated people, 2.5 million is pretty impressive.

  15. BannerRWB says:

    12-Anon: “No, the great sin was the extermination by design and disease of the native Americans, and we all know it. And it is also the Great Irony.”: I have an issue with this statement. No, not that most “Native Americans” were defeated and/or killed off by Whites (as well as with assistance by more than a few Blacks (see Buffalo Soldier for reference), but that 12-Anon expresses such guilt over the issue. If he or she is so guilty, and yet lives here on this land, then I call hypocrisy! If you feel so guilty, then give all of your so believed ill-gotten wealth back to an Indian tribe and GET OUT OF AMERICA! Please move back to whatever European nation you believe you are mostly from and be done with it. You will no longer carry such a burdensome guilt, and you will not remain here trying to make the rest us out to be some branch of inhuman homosapians.

    13-Anon: “Many Natives also intermarried with whites as well as blacks. So their genes have not disappeared.”: Maybe so, but if all Whites intermarried with Indians or Blacks, we could say the same for the White race. I don’t believe that would be seen as a positive preservation of our genepool though, and as such, I think your comment sounds rather disingenuous for posting on a website such as AMREN.

  16. Whiteplight says:

    13 — Anonymous too wrote at 10:45 PM on May 30:

    “Anonymous at 3:06 refers to the ‘extermination’ of Native Americans, ‘by disease and by design.’ I question that latter, and also I wonder why Anonymous believes Native Americans have died off. The last census figures for Native Americans showed 2.5 million people.

    He may say that the population was once much larger, and we decreased their population. But there is no solid information about how many were here when the Europeans arrived. It’s all speculation.

    Many Natives also intermarried with whites as well as blacks. So their genes have not disappeared.

    But for an exterminated people, 2.5 million is pretty impressive.”

    I always respond to the typical Amerind comments of “disease and genocide” by listing these several facts;

    1. The venereal diseases Gonorrhea and Syphilis came from Amerinds and caused much suffering in Europe and the world.

    2. Amerinds are mongoloid. Genghis Khan and other Mongols invaded and tormented much of Europe several times.

    3. The Bubonic Plague came from the same region of the world that the Amerinds came from in the far east and killed many more Europeans than Europeans ever killed of Amerinds. Other diseases like Smallpox, which killed many Amerinds, came from the same Asian regions.

    5. It was never official U.S. policy to cause genocide on any Amerinds, but Amerind history and speech is full of genocidal comments toward whites. The Ghost Dance outbreaks of 1890 were based on a modification of The Book of Revelations wherein all whites would “disappear.”

    I would retort to any who think that the U.S. Government or almost any white, especially GA Custer, was far more humane towards Amerinds than they were towards whites. For a large collection of survivor stories that are historical records, read; “A Fate Worse than Death.” Also Custer’s own book, “My Life on the Plains” is an accepted and rare historical record of the post CW Indian Wars. The books give the lie to these chronic, modern day, complaints by Amerinds, who ought to realize that whites are their only hope for their survival now.

  17. George Fox says:

    BannerRWB said: “2) Religious preference will be Christian, Agnostic or non-believing.”

    Isn’t one of the key things about our Anglo-American civilization that we alone of all the peoples of the Earth have understood the value of liberty? How are we different from the worst of the trash out there if we begin deciding what is allowable belief and what is not?

    The fight is against special privileges for losers, privileges that the losers think they deserve for reasons of sad history and racial membership. This fight against special privileges is a libertarian fight. Or at the very least can be justified on libertarian grounds. Lets not undo it by attacking freedom of religious belief.

  18. diversity = adversity says:

    Do not forget the Solutreans! Many of the eastern US tribes had significant markers, European Mitocondrial DNA. The Ice Age Europeans were here first, and somehow, when the mongoloids crossed several thousand years later, they “integrated” with the Solutreans women. What happened to the men? Ignorance of history makes you doomed to repeat it.

    I would love to read the book, I will as soon as I can.

  19. BannerRWB says:

    16-George Fox:

    – “…that we alone of all the peoples of the Earth have understood the value of liberty?”: Yes, but that liberty was born of a nation which granted rights to Whites, and no other race. And those liberties fIourished for Whites in an overwhelmingly White nation. It is only now, that we have switched to a nation with multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-racial beliefs, that those liberties for Whites are falling, along with our birth rate. You are reading and posting here as well. Please tell me, what is your primary concern? If it is racial survival, how does that work if White Islamists gain a foothold in White America and we commence yet another religious war? As for freedom of religion, if the believers of Islam kill us based upon the writings of their Holy Book, will that be okay because Islam is only a religion? If not, where is the line to be drawn? Is your concern 1) enforcing freedom for all in a multicultural nation (and giving us modern day America) or of 2) setting the example for others from within a stable, secure, free, AND ethnically safe nation? I do not believe you can have both. And no, I do not support Slavery. Believe me, I wish all Africans had stayed in Africa. I can also argue reasons for Whites to have stayed in Europe – some other time.

    – “How are we different from the worst of the trash out there if we begin deciding what is allowable belief and what is not?”: Because our allowable beliefs do not include professing the wholesale killing of all non-believers (or other-believers, please see #9 above) – We include restraints upon religion so that they do not interfere with the secular running of the political system nor the free expression of peaceful religion. What we doing now though, is that we have decided to let the worst of the trash into our nation and they have decided to start killing us here instead of just talking about killing us if we ever gave them the chance. Well, we gave them the chance and they are here, with their beliefs, killing us.

    – “Lets not undo it by attacking freedom of religious belief.” : Again, I agree. But when we proclaim a religion such as Islam to be a religion of peace, in all contridiction to their professed words and deeds, then I question our sanity as a nation. Granted, neither would I support a Christian theocracy as that as well could possibly lead to Islam by another name (The Inquisition comes to mind), but it seems to me we must have some boundaries on various aspects of a nation in order to maintain that nation. America had defacto boundaries (at least in general) for some 200 years, such as race, religion, language, culture, history, etc., and it is only now in our multi-whatever mindset that we see the possibility of our nation coming apart.

    – “This fight against special privileges is a libertarian fight”: And it will be fought forever, even within any future White ethno-State which may come out of America. But to continue the fight in multi-racial America is to place effort into a losing cause. What good is it to reach libertarianism if Whites are exterminated? Again, I’m pretty sure this is AMREN, and not a multi-ethnic ConservativesUnited web site of some sort.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Whiteplight #15: I was sent the link for a You Tube video called, “Ice Age Columbus”. This nine part documentary shows Scientific proof that White Europeans were in the Americas about 17,000 years ago. They were the first inhabitants.

    Now, I know that this plays havoc on the Liberal Left’s agenda, since truth was never their bag, but this is Scientific fact which needs to be seen and distributed to all White people, especially our youth, who are susceptible to the lies.