Posted on May 31, 2011

Shocking: All Rapes in Oslo Committed by “Non-Western Men”

William L. Houston, Youth for Western Civilization, May 29, 2011

Youth for Western Civilization has always been critical of mass immigration, political correctness, multiculturalism and the exaggerated benefits of so-called “diversity,” especially as it relates to Islam.

Many of us who actively follow the news think that we have seen it all. There isn’t a shocking defect of multiculturalism out there that comes as a surprise to our jaded ears.

This surprised me: 100 percent of the rapes in Oslo, Norway over the past five years were committed by Muslim immigrants. Although 61,000 Catholic Poles have immigrated to Norway, there wasn’t a single Pole-on-Norwegian rape in Oslo, if this study is true.


How can you possibly justify importing this kind of Third World barbarism into peaceful, economically prosperous, Christian Scandinavian nations? If diversity is a strength, then how come it is the Islamic foreigners who are on welfare and who commit all the rapes instead of the natives?


It looks to me like a strong dose of “nativism” would sharply curtail rape, robbery, homicide, and aggravated assault in Scandinavia, not to mention the welfare use. From where I am standing, the benefits of “nativism” would seem to outweigh the costs.


28 responses to “Shocking: All Rapes in Oslo Committed by “Non-Western Men””

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just listen to the Norwegian, socialist, cop, trying to find a way to explain and accept rape, by people from “traumatized nations.”

    It is obvious, Norway and Western countries like it are full of women who expect to be able to move about freely and dress in the more provocative Western styles. Men from Islamic nations view it as a cancellation of human rights and an invitation to violent sex. These two views of freedom and rights will never be able to cohabitate. Norway and other Western nations must decide whether they enjoy seeing their women and towns raped and pillaged by these so-called “asylum seekers” or whether they want to survive as nations and ethnic, racial groups.

  2. HH says:

    Why put the “committed by Muslims” subheading there? The issue isn’t their religion, but their race – which is obviously NON-WHITE!! While I’m no fan of Islam one way or the other the issue here – namely rape – is all about the ethno-racial makeup of the perpetrators, not their religious affiliation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What in hell was the last comment of the female official in the video? Trying to find an excuse for the Muslim rapists?

  4. Julius says:

    Yes, this is shocking indeed. NOT.

  5. BannerRWB says:

    If the Norwegians maintain the “We must try to understand them” attitude put forward by the female officer, then Norway is doomed to become a brown, Muslim country. They should have the backbone to publicly state that Multiculturalism has been a huge mistake and then institute a policy that removes all non-Norwegians. No matter how much it costs, it is the only way Norway will remain Norwegian. As a small nation, Norway will not long withstand the onslaught of being flooded by immigrants, particularly those who have every desire to subjugate the native populace and take over the land and political discourse.

  6. RJS says:

    This is sickening. Imagine if the races were reversed…all rapes in a Muslim country just happened to be committed by white men. This would never be tolerated.

    There is talk of us perishing in 50 to 100 years. Maybe it will be sooner than that. Huh, maybe we deserve it.

  7. Wenche says:

    The video is maybe a little confusing because the translation is not the best. It’s not that 100% of all rapes in Oslo over the past five years were committed by foreigns. It’s that 100% of “assault rapes” [“overfallsvoldtekt”] — 86 altogether over the last five years — were all committed by foreigners. Assault rape means being assaulted and raped by a stranger while, say, walking home alone along the street at night, as opposed to maybe being raped by an acquaintance while drunk at a party or something.

    So, almost all (i.e. all of the ones where the attacker was eventually identified) of the attack rapes by strangers in Oslo over the last 5 years were committed by non-Norwegians.

    Last year in Oslo, there were in actuality 189 reported rapes. These statistics were released by the police only last week, however only one of Norway’s newspapers, Aftenposten, reported on it.

    They came out with an article entitled “Foreigners over-represented in rape statistics.” The article (sorry, it’s in Norwegian, but you can use Google translate to translate it) included some of the Oslo police statistics such as: 65% of rape suspects in Oslo in 2010 had a non-Norwegian background; some of them are second-generation immigrants; 70% of the victims are Norwegian; 20% of the rapists are African; 15% from the Middle East; and 14,5% from Asia (probably South Asia).

    Shortly afterwards, that article was REMOVED from Aftenposten’s website and REPLACED with another one (the new one is at the same URL as the original one). The new version is entitled: “New sexual culture shapes attacks.”

    All — ALL — of the statistics about who the rapists were removed from the second story. And, basically, the revised article blames Norwegian women for not being more cautious.

  8. Bryan boru says:

    “Non-Western men”. Orwell would be proud.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This surprised me: 100 percent of the rapes in Oslo, Norway over the past five years were committed by Muslim immigrants. Although 61,000 Catholic Poles have immigrated to Norway, there wasn’t a single Pole-on-Norwegian rape in Oslo, if this study is true.


    Why would that surprise anyone?? The same here in America and ALL European nations! Not just Muslims, BUT mainly BLACKS and hispanics here in the USA. Many of those muslims are African but that does not mean that the Arab men don’t do the same to White women, when their population numbers grow in our countries.

  10. Me, Myself and I says:

    These Norwegians have no Viking left in them. How pathetic!. They’ve devolved into apologists for there own imported rapists and that spokeswomen was the worst of all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is nothing, throughout Scandinavia, from Sweden to Denmark and Norway (I think Finland was spared until recently because they had a much lower immigration rate), rates of rape by ‘non-Westerners’ have been in the 80% range.

    Until the figures were promptly removed from the public’s access.

    And don’t kid yourself. If they have a semen sample or even a single hair, determining the racial origin of these men is a certainty.

    It _is_ Islam (which says that all women are fertile fields to be plowed unless protected by a male relative and/or the veil) and it IS specific to the incredible beauty of the women who surround these immigrants.

    Beauty which begets an instinctive lust to put inferior genes (most of the ME is in the mid-80s for IQ, not accounting for the cultural horror of Islam) into a superior women.

    This IS a stigma. And Norwegians has better react to it by killing the Schengen Accord and repatriating their most definitely unwanted and dangerous newcomers.

    Sorry but that’s just the way it is. You can’t teach someone with 50% of upper body and 60% of lower body strength from a determined aggressor. You can only isolate yourself from the barbarism and value your women as the precious resource and wonderful souls they are.

  12. Anonymous says:

    surprising that they admitted it was non natives, and then the police woman has to make excuses for them.

    Someone ought to inform those Norwegion females they need to wear a burqua and then there will be no problem.

  13. rjp says:

    “Non western appearance” is just a polite / politically correct way of saying black. We need to get away from “politically correct” now.

  14. Jeddermann. says:

    Those stats are hard to believe but believe it. Fjordman [a blogger] has talked about this quite often. The foreign invader is taking advantage of the situation in the worst way possible. Rape in these cases is an “act of war”. Muslim men in almost all cases too doing the villainy.

    And you bet too someone is going to question this and say it is NOT PC and don’t say that and you might create a problem and hush up and don’t criticize those poor immigrants, etc. Just plain old ordinary bad people acting and behaving very badly, evil even. But the Muslim is so pious and devout.

    If you are a Muslim and read this, please respond! I want to hear. So does everyone else.

  15. Albert Pike says:

    Not just Muslims. Christian-animist Africans too.

    But the Muslims are a terrible problem. Norway let in a lot of refugees–unsophisticated villagers who have no idea of how to behave in an urban society with beautiful independent women.

    Aren’t we letting in a lot of Somalis, by the way?

  16. Anonymous says:

    The video unwittingly reveals the extent of the problem.

    When talking about men in general, they call them “males”. When talking about the rapist, he is called a man. The body language of the “male” newsperson is particularly telling. Does he look serious? Outraged? Angry?

    No….he looks uneasy and looks away nervously.

    He’s not a man….he’s a “male”.

    Then there is the policeperson addressing this issue…a woman. What is she focusing on? The use of police force to put a stop to it? No…..making excuses for the rapists (oh…..they are from “traumatized” countries….those poor rapists).

  17. Kenelm Digby says:

    If for no other reason, Norwegians must curtail third-world immigration for the sake of their womenfolk.

  18. Tom says:

    Again, the power of the internet and the information age- It doesn’t matter which way you lean politically, there’s simply no arguing with actual facts. Western, native peoples are viewing immigrant muslims and islam with ever more jaundiced eyes. They are a blight on democratic free societies.

  19. WKSIII says:

    Is this “massive immigration” a direct result of the UN’s refugee and asylum-seeker program? If so, the United Nations is directly responsible for rape (and murder in other countries). UN=white genocide.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I was a bit dubious of this statistic and sure enough, there’s a small correction to be made: The rapes in question are rapes committed by a stranger. The cases where Norwegian men are involved are the ones where the perpetrator and the victim knew each other beforehand. I’m tempted to believe that many of those cases were consensual sex that the woman later regretted.

  21. Sardonicus says:

    We should forgive these marauding rapists and muggers because they come from “traumatized” societies, and hence are not responsible for their horrible crimes. Such is the logic of these poor deluded fools–Scandinavian liberals. Many of these same people are working overtime, as you read this, to bring in more unfortunate “refugees”

  22. Andrew Neather says:

    To poster 20,

    I doubt very, very much if any Norwegian woman would agree to ‘consensual intercourse’ with a third world origin immigrant. Apart from the fact that there are generally poor and are of an alien culture that repulses Nordics, third-world origin men in Norway tend to have very poor language and social skills, bad manners and personal hygiene issues and bad breath.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Yes, these rapes are by people from “traumatized nations.” But is that any excuse to let them traumatize OUR nations? Is this yet another Leftist redistribution scheme? “Comrade, we MUST have equal sharing of the trauma! Trauma belongs to ALL the people!”

    In fact, if you wanted to start screening for better immigrants, the first thing to do would be to strike ALL “traumatized nations” from the list of applicants that will be considered. That would keep out most of the Muslim world and pretty much all of Africa.

  24. Justin says:

    I hate to hear stories like this, but I swear Scandinavians are almost childlike in their naïveté when it comes to those types of people. When I went to Stockholm in 2001 the young Swedes I met were almost unanimous in praising their vibrant multi-cultural society, and saying Sweden was boring and needed an infusion of Somalians, Iraqis, and Pakistanis to inject some much-needed “vibrancy” into their country.

  25. Anonymous says:

    So before immigration from the 3rd world, there were 0 rapes? Really, this is the only region in the world and in history where zero men rape?

    I have no doubt that Muslims are represented disproportionately in the rape stat’s. But 100%? Come on! Take it with a grain of salt.

  26. Kenelm Digby says:

    Anonynmous 25,

    I do not doubt for a single moment that ethnic Norwegian men perpetrated zero rapes in Oslo in the last year.

    You see, before the Norwegian politicians ruined Norway by foisting mass third world immigration on their people, Norway was one of the finest societies on Earth due to a high level of civic trust, altruism, law-abideness and co-operation.All these factors are linked to the typical genetic heritages of Norwegians – qualities that are definitely NOT found amongst Pakistanis, for instance.

    But, alas, all good things come to an end, especially when you are ruled by lickspittle politicians trying to out-compete each other in their ‘wonderful humanitarianism and juvenile marxist bull-poopy.

  27. Andrew Neather says:

    Ethnic Scandinavians might be naive in dealing with the reality of the character and propensities of dark skinned peoples, but eastern Europeans are not.

    Scandinavia being realtively isolated really never had to suffer the trauma of dark peoples from the asiatic hinterland invading there territories, but folk memeories run deep in eastern Europe – and there is a general and genuine mistrust and scepticism.

  28. Two White Crows says:

    So why does this not ever make it onto the nightly news with that liberal mouth piece Diane Sawyer?

    Shouldn’t this stuff be reported by the mainstream media?

    Wow I’m shocked by the libs lack of concern for these women.