White Renegade of the Year–2014

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 19, 2014

Who did the most damage when he could have done the most good?

To be a white renegade, it’s not enough simply to act against the interests of whites. You have to know better–or at least show signs that you know better. You have to have the capacity to act in defense of your people but consciously choose to turn away from their interests.

Rand Paul was our first award winner because he consciously chose to act against his own stated beliefs in order to remain acceptable to the political establishment. This year, we nominate a CEO whose name is synonymous with the software industry and arguably the greatest leap in human potential in history. We describe, with much regret, the choices of a powerful man who uses his wealth and opportunity to undermine the country, culture, and people that made his accomplishments possible.

The White Renegade of the Year for 2014 is Bill Gates.

A question of intelligence

Bill Gates is a member of that first generation of the software industry, someone who figured things out for himself. He had an unimpeachably WASP upbringing, but dropped out of Harvard in 1975 and started “Micro-Soft” after reading about the Altair 8800 in Popular Mechanics and realizing normal people were going to start using microcomputers. He built his company from the ground up when he spotted an opening for software developers for emerging computer companies.

From the beginning, Mr. Gates’s strategy relied on skillful manipulation of copyright, maintaining Microsoft’s freedom to deal with as many hardware companies as possible while jealously guarding his market share by any means necessary. Like many great businessmen, Mr. Gates realized that the key to success is not just a good product, but market access and control over distribution. Mr. Gates is, in short, a successful monopolist, rather than a creative artist like Steve Jobs.

Mr. Gates also realized that the tech industry was in a fierce competition for high-IQ workers. He famously said his biggest adversary was Goldman Sachs, because they were competing with him for the brightest employees. Unfortunately for him, Griggs vs. Duke Power makes it difficult to use IQ tests for job interviews because of the “disparate impact” such tests have on blacks. Therefore, Microsoft’s job interviews featured word teasers and other questions specifically designed to get the effect of IQ tests without actually using them. There is an example at the end of this article.

Bill Gates is known to be obsessed with IQ. After traveling the country for five days with Mr. Gates, a reporter from Forbes said that he “must have talked about IQ a hundred times. Getting the brightest bulbs to work at Microsoft has always been his obsession.” Years later, the same reporter noted that “Gates has always loved IQ . . . . It never seems to occur to Gates that IQ has become a politically incorrect subject for many.”

Even though he has not run Microsoft for some time, Mr. Gates remains passionately interested in IQ. He stresses the importance of raw intelligence in his public statements, and he is clearly aware of one of the great challenges of a globalized economy–the low IQ of people in developing countries. In a speech in July 2013, Mr. Gates noted that “the average IQ in sub-Saharan Africa is about 82.”

Bill Gates’s, whose own intelligence is legendary, got that figure from a study in the January-February 2010 issue of Intelligence. The article was a reply to Richard Lynn’s IQ and Global Inequality, which estimated the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans at around 70. However, the authors largely agreed with IQ and Global Inequality’s other estimates of intelligence, and 82 is still very low. Mr. Gates can’t pretend to be ignorant of racial differences in intelligence or their implications.

In the same speech, though, Mr. Gates added that the low African IQ has “nothing to do with genetics or race or anything like that–that’s disease and that’s what disease does to you, and that’s why these things are such an extreme poverty trap.”

Obviously, intelligence depends to some extent on environment. The Rockefeller Foundation’s campaign against hookworm raised IQ in the South, and the Gates foundation has spent many millions of dollars to reduce iodine deficiency–a leading cause of mental retardation–in the developing world. But preventing brain damage in Kazakhstan isn’t going to supply the kind of brain power Mr. Gates needed at Microsoft, nor will it eliminate the racial IQ gap.

If genetics don’t account for differences in ability between ethnic groups, what does? Mr. Gates finds the answer in the environmental determinism of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel. He says of the book,

I had never read anything that explained so much about human history. None of the classes I took in high school or college answered what I thought was one of the biggest and most important questions about history: Why do some societies advance so much faster and further than others?

He may not actually believe this. One of the books Mr. Gates says is “on his shelf” is Broken Genius: The Rise and Fall of William Shockley, Creator of the Electronic Age. On his blog, Mr. Gates posts the publisher’s description–which details how Shockley’s “campaigning about race, intelligence and genetics . . . destroyed his reputation”–without comment.

William Shockley won the Nobel Prize for helping invent the transistor, but he thought the fight against dysgenics was more important. As Thomas Jackson noted in American Renaissance, as a result of his courage and persistence, Shockley may have been the “most reviled man in America” when he died in 1989. Mr. Gates may see Shockley’s experience as a warning: If he cares about his reputation he better keep his mouth shut.

Either way, neither iodine tablets nor Jared Diamond’s bromides will do anything to supply the high IQ employees that Microsoft needs to stay competitive. And Mr. Gates is no longer promoting a culture of high IQ, but spending billions of dollars on failed efforts that make things worse.

The Gates Foundation has poured billions into Africa on the assumption, as Mr. Gates explains, that transforming Africa into another Asia is a technical question, a matter of finding the right “formula.” Mr. Gates’ own billions are not enough–he tells Northern European countries that have no history of African colonialism that they also need to cough up their people’s money to “invest” in Africa.

Bill Gates does, however, deserve credit for promoting contraception in poor countries, including Africa. The Gates Foundation says it wants to pay for birth control for “an additional 120 million women and girls in the poorest countries by 2020.” Mr. Gates is also spending millions on a new implantable contraceptive that could work for as long as 18 years, and be turned off and on wirelessly from outside the body. His foundation has paid for research on new materials for condoms that are tougher but also provide greater sensation.


From 2000 to 2009, Bill Gates spent $2 billion trying to create smaller class sizes in American schools. The avowed justification was that Mr. Gates was “terrified for our workforce of tomorrow.” Much of the money went to efforts headed by, of all people, Bill Ayers’s brother Rick, as well as other hard-left activists. In 2009, after grades did not improve despite smaller class sizes, Mr. Gates admitted failure, but various leftists no doubt enjoyed Mr. Gates’ paying their salaries for close to a decade.

Bill Gates then moved on to championing Common Core. He crushed opposition by simply buying off expert opinion on both the Left and Right, and awarding $233 million in grants to groups that would promote this new education scheme. Among these was the National Council of La Raza, and an “educational foundation” headed by pro-amnesty Republican and possible presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

Mr. Gates says the goal is to solve the “huge problem that low-income kids get less good education than suburban kids get.” As described at American Renaissance, what Common Core actually means is more jargon-heavy leftist indoctrination and impossible demands to close “racial achievement gaps.” Fourth graders, for example, will now have to learn about “white privilege.”

The squeeze on whites

Bill Gates also promotes mass immigration that pushes European-Americans out of the tech industry. In 2013, he joined Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us, a tech industry group that pushed amnesty. FWD.us has already spent $13.8 million on lobbying, vastly more than the $80,000 the National Council of La Raza spent on it during the same period.

Bill Gates began 2014 by demanding more immigration, calling our current laws an “injustice.” He also put $25 million towards a scholarship fund for “undocumented” youth–with the CEO of the Washington Post, Don Graham, as another financier.

In February, Mr. Gates stepped aside as chairman of the board at Microsoft, but retained an advisory role. His replacement was Satya Nadella, an Indian whose ascension was immediately hailed as an ethnic triumph for non-whites that will spur “Indian technologists in the U.S. to pursue high-profile positions.”

During the summer, Bill Gates joined forces with Warren Buffett and Sheldon Adelson to push for amnesty. In a July 10 editorial co-signed with these two men, Mr. Gates bemoaned the primary defeat of Eric Cantor and said it should not stop progress towards amnesty. After all, the editorial argued, “for those who wish to stay and work in computer science or technology, fields badly in need of their services, let’s roll out the welcome mat.” [Emphasis added]

Only one week later, Microsoft announced it was laying off 18,000 workers–14 percent of the full-time workforce–in the largest layoff in the company’s history. Thousands of contract workers also found their hours slashed. As Senator Jeff Sessions pointed out, it makes no sense to import more STEM workers when 75 percent of Americans with STEM degrees aren’t working in the field, and when the very companies that are lobbying for amnesty are laying off workers.

But Bill Gates has an even more explicit agenda: The Gates Millennium Scholars Program offers “good through graduation” scholarships to students of every ethnic group–except whites. Microsoft’s Indian CEO proudly announced just this month that “we will make progress every year towards building a more diverse workforce and creating opportunities at every level of the company for all of Microsoft’s employees.” The title of Julie Bort’s article on the announcement in Business Insider was “Microsoft CEO Vows To Hire More People Who Are Not White Or Male.” Mr. Nadella’s adviser in this effort is Jesse Jackson, who compares the lack of black computer programmers to segregation.

Bill and Melinda Gates’s definition of “philanthropy” is becoming more overtly political, including million dollar donations to gun control groups. Other Microsoft execs joined this effort, which may represent a movement that will make whites even more vulnerable to non-white violence.

The missed opportunity

Rich capitalists are nothing new. Yet the captains of industry of the past usually thought they had a duty to invest in the future of the country. Many of our great museums, universities, libraries, and cultural institutions were founded by those who built vast fortunes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

What will be Bill Gates’s legacy? He’s helping turn America into something like Windows Vista–a mediocrity that trades off a legacy earned during better times. If Silicon Valley promotes affirmative-action jobs instead of pioneering innovation, America will be driven out of the technology sector.

This is a betrayal not just of whites but of what Silicon Valley once represented. It used to stand for the idea of a Jeffersonian meritocracy–an aristocracy of talent composed of smart, hard-working, ambitious people who created things that were genuinely new and exciting. It was a place where accomplishment counted for more than political correctness, where intelligence trumped ideology. Today, Bill Gates pushes the ideology of egalitarianism rather than the importance of IQ.

Mr. Gates may hold the distinction of having wasted more money than any single person in history who doesn’t work for the United States government. He had the chance to do an enormous amount of good for his people and his country but he muffed it. He has given us no vision to aspire to, no dream to inspire us. He has become a glorified custodian for a nation that has lost its way.



This is reported to be an “easy” Microsoft interview question. We expect our readers can figure out the answer.

Imagine a bear walks the following paths:

  1. South one mile
  2. Left turn
  3. East one mile
  4. Left turn
  5. North one mile

The bear arrives at where he started. What color is the bear? Why?

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Gregory Hood
Mr. Hood has been active in conservative youth movements in the US.
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  • The bear is white, because the starting and ending point is the North Pole.

    Re William Shockley: There has been a curious effort in recent years on those midnight radio shows to claim that extraterrestrial aliens gave us the technology that allowed us to invent the transistor. The hosts of those shows like to claim that they and their guests are telling us what the government doesn’t want us to know, oblivious to the fact that their midnight radio shows are on hundreds of radio stations, every one of them has an FCC license. Meanwhile, how often is Jared Taylor seen or heard on FCC licensed media? I happen to think that there’s a revisionist history effort afoot to edit William Shockley out of the invention of the transistor, and that TPTB would be happy with people thinking that ET did it rather than a white “racist.”

    • JohnEngelman

      Ouch! I missed that. However, I wonder if Polar Bears live in or near the North Pole. They may live where the ice cap is not so thick. They specialize in eating seals.

        • Three Stars

          Quite interesting. Should of read that before posting.

      • Nancy

        I knew the answer, mostly because I recognized the question as a slightly different version of the one I know:

        “Imagine you’re standing in a four-sided room with windows on all sides. All the windows have a southern exposure. A bear walks by one of the windows…what color is the bear?”

        • withcaution

          Depends on the size of the room…

        • Celebrate Homogeneity

          All a polar bear is, is a Cartesian bear with different coordinates.

        • Alexandra1973

          All the windows have southern exposure because at the North Pole all directions *are* south. 🙂

      • Fletch

        The “correct” answer is relative to the starting point of the journey which is not specified in the question. Polar bear can just as easily be a wrong answer.

        • JohnEngelman

          Thank you. I don’t feel so badly any more.

          • Fletch

            I guess neither of us are Microsoft material. LOL

          • JohnEngelman

            I feel more like crying out loud, but I am afraid you are right.

            With questions like these you need to think about your answer. They are often trick questions. For example, with number 5, when you go north one mile you may think you take a 90 degree turn, but it is much less at the north pole.

          • The source of the confusion with that question is that people are used to the Mercator projection of maps of mid-latitude and lower geographical features, meaning that all lines of latitude and longitude make perfect right angles. So when most people get a question of south one mile, left turn (implication of 90 degrees), east one mile, left turn again, north one mile, they’ll always conclude that they’ll be one mile east of where they started, because they’re thinking of the Mercator map of their city.

            Even though many of us provided what is the right answer, that the starting point of this riddle is the North Pole, it still confuses some because they think after walking south a mile from it (the only direction one can go from the NP), they turn left a full 90 degrees, then they walk east by walking a mile in the 90 degree right angle line motion from that point. They can do that, but if they do that, they are by definition not walking east, because very near the poles, cardinal directions are seemingly messed up. If they did walk in that 90 degree straight line, geographically, they would be traveling more of a southeast than a pure east. To go directly east, they’d have to walk in a circular motion.

          • Scott Rosen

            That’s why the original directions state:
            A Man leaves camp one day and walks due south one (any small number will do, as long as it is the same one repeated in each direction) mile. He turns due east (or west) and walks that direction for another mile and stops. He shoots a bear. He then walks due north a mile, and arrives back at base camp. What color is the bear? I suspect the author of the above article made the mistake.

          • Realist

            “With questions like these you need to think about your answer. ”
            When would that not be the case?

          • Raymond Kidwell

            This is a pretty easy question and the only right answer would be white. If you go north no matter where you start at you will end up at the north pole eventually. I don’t see what is complicated about that. If someone goes a mile east and then turns north and is no longer a mile east, it must be the north pole. I would say low I.Q. is about the only way to get confused by these questions, although one question is not sufficient to measure it, given enough of these it should produce a pretty accurate gauge.

        • WilmotRobertson

          Also, the question says “IMAGINE a bear”. If it said simply “a bear walks the following path” I would have attempted to deduce its color from the question overall. But, since it starts with imagine, I answered that the bear could be any color I chose, which was chartreuse, because I was prompted to choose it and it doesn’t matter what the bear does beyond that first part of the question. However, I think the answer of a polar bear is correct since he went south then east then north and ended up where he started without heading west. This can only occur if the starting point was the north pole.

    • Fletch

      The bear is black because the starting and ending point is in Tennessee.

      • Albert

        You’re all wrong. The earth is flat. The suggested path would have you walking off of the edge.

    • Luca

      Correct, but for fans of Common Core the real question is: “If a bear farts in the woods and there’s no one around to hear it, does it still make a noise?”

    • MikeofAges

      Revisionist history? Not really. Even if technology was obtained from an extraterrestrial source, it still would have to have been developed. Who does that leave standing? You only can revise so far.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      It’s also obvious that this question could only make sense if we are talking about a place where your location would allow you to determine the color of a bear.

    • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

      Makes me wonder if Nikolai Tesla, were he alive today, would be an avowed White racial realist. I would like to hope so. I would like to hope that Tesla, beaming with pride in his Slavic European roots, would be donating money specifically to Eastern Europe, White Americans of modest means being able to head to college, and to the political ambitions of politicans focused on a White racialist agenda, such as Merlin Miller. I would like to hope that Nikolai Tesla would be our friend, George Wallace blended with Bill Gates, reminding folks that only Whites can build and maintain our civilization, that the Negro race belongs segregated from us due to their inferior intellect and behavioral qualities.

    • Guest


  • phorning

    The reason for wanting HB-1 Visa programmers, besides total allegiance to diversity, is so they can keep them working on short employment contracts. I don’t know how this impacts health insurance and retirement benefit costs, but large banks have been using this tactic to avoid hiring Americans for at least a decade.

    • JohnEngelman

      In general the move has been to contract workers, rather than permanent employees. Contract workers are paid by the hour, with no benefits, and no job security. A contract worker can be hired for a year’s contract. If sales decline, the contract worker can be abruptly fired, even though his performance was good.

      • phorning

        I work in property management and the company I work for has rented several apartments to HB-1 visa holders from India. When they are shown the apartment, the first question they ask is, “can I get out of my lease if my contract is not renewed?”

        • JohnEngelman

          It is probably still the case that most contract workers are American citizens. Nevertheless, they have the same concerns.

          When a contract comes to an end one usually needs to look several months for a new contract. One may need to move hundreds of miles at his own expense to get a new job. To interview for a job in another state you usually need to get there and back at your own expense.

          Whenever a contract ends the programmer’s career may come to an end.

      • pcmustgo

        Well Americans of all shades are being hired illegally as long-term, rotating temps… it’s work 6 months for us, we lay you off, talk to us again in another 6 months and the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

        • Luca

          A recent growing trend thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

      • WR_the_realist

        Democrats haven’t done a damn thing about this. Telling whites to vote Democrat because that party once cared about working and middle class people is like telling blacks to vote Republican because that party freed the slaves.

    • Mark Talmont

      Since the 90s. Interesting side note I learned from an HR person from a consultancy–the data center at Citibank was all-Indians and the center for Chase was Chinese. They do not work well together, it’s like matches and gasoline.

      • See The Future

        Does the GOP know about this?

  • JohnEngelman

    I give Microsoft credit for developing a PC software system that dominates the field.

    In general there is too much diversity and specialization in the computer field. This makes it difficult to keep a job. It usually takes a year or two to master a new speciality. If the specialty is replaced by something else, employers like to fire everyone who learned the old specialty and hire new people who already know the new speciality. Those who lose their jobs often find that their skills are neither marketable, nor transferable.

    • John Smith

      IIRC, they purchased DOS from someone else and tweaked and marketed it.

      • See The Future

        DOS was command line oriented.
        Windows was just a graphics user interface.
        Mouse clicks replaced a bit of text.

    • MikeofAges

      Vertical integration monopoly. Operating system-interface-application. Not only ought to be a law. There is one. But it never was enforced.

    • withcaution

      IBM caused that to happen with billions in losses to show for it. They were concerned Apple would dominate personal computers- an enterprise they ignored for 5 years- and foolishly didn’t lock down the rights to the hardware and software.

      Consumers bought off the shelf hardware, put together their own box, grabbed free copies of software (pirated) from the stash from the workplace and a standard was born. Once you learned to use DOS, why would you switch? Microsoft never made anything that was “best” but simply bought up innovation using the DOS money machine.

  • There are consequences for being AR’s white renegade of the year.

  • Bryan Dennis

    The bear would be white because he’s in the arctic. The bear begins and ends his journey at the North Pole.

  • JohnEngelman

    Microsoft announced it was laying off 18,000 workers–14 percent of the full-time workforce–in the largest layoff in the company’s history. Thousands of contract workers also found their hours slashed. As Senator Jeff Sessions pointed out, it makes no sense to import more STEM workers when 75 percent of Americans with STEM degrees aren’t working in the field, and when the very companies that are lobbying for amnesty are laying off workers.

    – Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 19, 2014

    Microsoft represents a direction American corporations are moving in. Most of them are becoming increasingly predatory toward their employees.

    The Democrats have not been able to exploit this because most whites do not trust the Democratic Party on racial issues.

    During the New Deal most whites did trust the Democrats on racial issues. The Immigration Act of 1924 restricted non white immigration. 90 percent of the U.S. population was white. Most blacks were denied equal rights. Franklin Roosevelt deftly avoided civil rights issues. He knew the solid south was his to lose.

    • See The Future

      Unemployment will reach levels of the great depression.

    • MikeofAges

      Most of time, your opinions are just your opinions. And it’s a matter of opinion what one thinks about the topic at hand. One this one, you are seriously delusional. The majority of whites in America do not trust the Democratic Party because it is the Democratic Party. The Democrats once may have represented national development and have carried the cause of the common man in manner worthy of the respect of those who were not themselves common. Not no more. Today the Democratic Party represents the counterculture and the worst impulses of the elites, and promotes anti-Americanism among new Americans, among other things. The Democratic Party, I guarantee you, does not want a rational system of universal health insurance or an acceptable program of immigration reform and amnesty adopted. If these two issues were taken off the table, minorities would leave the Democratic Party in droves, and then where would the Democrats be? Minorities already have started leaving in some numbers anyway. If I was a Democrat, I would be scared, very scared. Slippage long has been their greatest fear. And now it is beginning to manifest itself. The national coalition of Democrats is predicated on an 95 percent plurality within the black vote, 70 percent of the Hispanic and Asian votes and some immutable percentage of the white votes. Without all of these numbers, the Democrats will have a tough time winning a national election. Do you really think, with Jeb Bush and his Hispanic wife, Hispanics are going to vote 70 percent and more for screechy Hillary Clinton or loopy Elizabeth Warren? Please.

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      “The Democrats have not been able to exploit this because most whites do not trust the Democratic Party on racial issues.”

      There Democrats have not even TRIED to exploit it. If they were to offer to cancel the H1B and L1 visa frauds, they (like John Edwards did) would get contributions and votes from this Conservative.

      • JohnEngelman

        Democrats who favor more immigration are like Republicans who favor tax cuts, a more expensive military, and a balanced budget. They do not make connections. They do not understand that what they desire on one issue contradicts what they desire on other issues.

  • superlloyd

    I nominate John Boehner as white renegade of the year. He has done next to nothing to oppose Obama’s amnesty despite his pre announcement posturing. However, Gates shows that he is seriously confused in this excellent expose of his treachery to his heritage.

    • See The Future

      Perhaps the GOP will get the team award for 2015 and Boehner the MVP.

  • apparently you have to also be against obamacare, as that seems to be a focus of the so-called Dissident Right websites, although it would seem to have nothing to do with multiculturalism or white rights. Peculiar.

    But remember, white kids, if you want to be a white renegade, if you are against affirmative action, against multiculturalism, against mass immigration, against laws that discriminate against whites, for white pride etc, then you also have to be against Obamacare.

    That is what the Dissident Right is telling you. Peculiar.

  • dd121

    The reality of IQ and the implication that the “gap” will never be closed with blacks seems almost self-evident to us at AmRen. But to liberals they soldier on making impossible connections. I guess there’s nothing that can turn that light on and turn off their ideology.

  • ImTellinYa

    This scumbag Gates is just another in the long line of those who think that the human tool of science can be turned on ourselves in order to make something that only God can make. This thing has been called many things over the years, perhaps most famously the “New Soviet Man.” The idea that Man can be his own God is a clinically insane notion born of the unprecedented success of Whites, and it is the foundation of all the disastrous Leftist crimes.

    Our overwhelming materialist success has led us into a trap where we mistake our material success for moral superiority. We think that technology is now the key to human perfection and utopia. We are using a pickaxe on our souls.

    And because utopia and human perfection has proved to be impossible, Leftist imbeciles and power mongers find it necessary to become ever more oppressive and ever more divorced from reality. Everything in the Leftist agenda has failed miserably, and so Leftists must now constantly redefine failure as success and force the rest of us to bow down to their false God. As a result, everything is now based on a narrative of lies, fantasies and false assumptions that inevitably lead to what Sam Francis called Anarcho-Tyranny.

    We now worship a bizarro-world religion in which cowardice is courage; victimhood is morally-superior heroism; ignorance is transcendent wisdom; deviance is normal; lying is The Truth and the accumulated wisdom of centuries is consigned to the waste bin.

    And the very tool of science, since it has failed to remake human nature, must now be distorted to support the lies of nonWhite superiority; global warming and any number of perfectly insane suppositions.

    We are living in a new world of secular superstition and self-worship. As the Leftist elites grow in power, our society more and more resembles a Godless feudal system in which the masses are all lowered to a politically-correct, lowest-common-denominator while the Leftist elites roll in unaccountable wealth and power.

    We must now realize that although Whites are superior to every other race, including the rigid, hivemind North Asians, we are just another player in the game of wealth and power that has been played since the beginning of time. We need true humility to start winning again. And the first thing we need to win back is every square inch of our land. That will start happening soon, and it will be extremely unpleasant, but it will also be our finest hour.

    • Sick of it

      I disagree with the last point. We don’t need humility, we need iron resolve. We need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to survive, no matter how bad it makes us feel.

    • See The Future

      Unfortunately, most of us will have to lose everything before we are in the correct frame of mind to fight the final battle.
      The battle will not be won sitting on the couch living in a fool’s paradise.

    • ricpic

      …the accumulated wisdom of centuries is consigned to the waste bin.

      Because the accumulated wisdom of centuries is absolutely galling to the self-worshipper. How could it be otherwise? To those who have the answer all previous answers are an affront.

  • je suis paganisme

    Aha! yes, because the bear, starting from a point known as the North Pole, is actually making a triangle, not a “u” shape. Interesting.

    But why is that people like Gates turn out one way, and people like Shockley turn out another way? Both are smart, but I think Shockley was the true Creative.

    People like Gates just might be money-mad manipulators and soft-shoe shufflers.

    • Sick of it

      “People like Gates just might be money-mad manipulators and soft-shoe shufflers.”

      Give the man a prize! He bought/stole the ideas of other people.

  • serious123

    Gates demonstrates once again that a person can be a genuis and still wreak havoc on the world, ruining more than he creats. No more brilliant or productive in the end than the worlds worst dictators, the only difference is they used force and brilliance and he used money.

  • Dwight

    For a man of such high intelligence he lacks common sense.

    • See The Future

      High intelligence can be used for good or bad.

      As the saying goes “when good men do nothing evil will triumph”.

    • Realist

      “For a man of such (high intelligence) he lacks common sense.”
      Citation please.

  • The only place on Earth where it is geographically possible to start at a point, go south one mile, turn left, then go east one mile, then turn left, then go north one mile, and wind up in the same place where you started is the North Pole.

    • Fletch

      You are not back at the starting point no matter where you start. You are one mile east of your starting point. The earth’s surface does not form a point at the north pole.

      • Remember, at and very near the poles, cardinal directions are weird and distorted. At the north pole, the only possible straight line direction to travel is south. At the equator, if you go east, and keep going east, then you’ll eventually circle back to where you started after traveling about 25,000 miles, all the while the circle you made has the north pole as its center if you view it from way over the north pole from space. The higher in latitude you go north of the equator, the smaller the circle gets in total number of miles, however, what remains the same is that you’re doing a circle around the north pole. So if you’re at the north pole, you’re at latitude 90 degrees north. If you travel south (the only direction possible there) ten feet, you’re at latitude 89.99999…. north. Once you’re there, you go east by walking around the north pole in a concentric circle that has a radius of ten feet, circumference about 62.8 feet. Which means going around the world at the equator by going east was a journey of 25,000 miles, but doing it at latitude ten feet short of 90 N is only a journey of 62.8 feet.

        North pole, south 10 feet, east 10 feet (remember, walk in a circle to walk east), then north 10 feet, and you’re back at the north pole.

        • Fletch

          Thanks. I see my error now.

        • hoepper

          I guess the confusion comes in because people tend to think a left turn is a 90 degree turn. However, the test wisely avoids that and simply gives the general term “east, north, etc.” . As far as this being an IQ test, I do have my doubts, since it assumes a basic knowledge,(e.g. polar bears only in the northern hemisphere) that requires some prior education in this matter, which is something unrelated to IQ.

        • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

          The Earth is not a perfect sphere. (even when “smooth surfaced measured” at its mean geological surface MSL) It has a slight pear shape.
          We still live in a slide rule wiggle room world where Negroes can win arguments and git college diplomas in sumpin’.

          • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

            We just let them think they have won arguments. Our Leftist overlords, of whom Bill Gates is one of the most evil, insist that we pretend Negroes are our equals. This excellent article pinpoints the key theoretical error fueling our Leftist dictators. Tabula Rasa theories on human behavior. There is no scientific proof backing Tabula Rasa theories. There is far more evidence out there for nature overpowering nurture in the end.

      • Cecil Broomsted

        In order for you to end up at your starting point after walking a mile south then a mile east, your starting point would be the point of magnetic north using a compass. That is, magnetic north is the point on the earth’s surface at which the planet’s magnetic field points vertically downwards. The only place this occurs is near, but not exactly, the North Pole. Close enough.

        • Fletch

          Thanks. I wouldn’t want to work for Bill Gates anyhow.

          • Diversity Fatigue

            Nor would they hire you. You’re the wrong color and an American citizen.

          • Albert

            Good luck to him in that venture. He’ll have to lower the bar to hire an appreciable amount of non-whites.

        • jason sneed

          No not triangular. More like a distorted wedge. You are failing to consider the curvature of the earth!

          • Fletch

            shaped like a triangle; having three sides and three corners.

          • Harley Sims

            The curvature of the earth would be negligible at such small distances.

          • Cecil Broomsted

            Actually you would have a spherical triangle (Euler triangle) which is formed by three circular arcs intersecting pairwise in three vertices on the surface of a sphere (see image below). However, as you suggest, due to the very slight curvature of the earth at such short distances, you would essentially have a planar triangle.

          • Anon Emus

            This is a spherical triangle where the legs are measured in degrees of arc of the sphere. It’s interesting to figure the area of something like this. You can’t use the regular area formula for a triangle.

        • anony

          There are two “poles”; there is the magnetic NP which migrates over time, and there is the geographic pole which is “fixed”.

          These facts do indeed make the question a silly one.

      • DaveMed

        It’s not a trick question. If one were, hypothetically, exactly at the North Pole and followed those instructions, one would end up at the North Pole.

        Regardless of whether you’d end up within a 1-foot radius of your starting point, the purpose of the question is for the examinee to recognize the principle to which the stem is referring.

      • dmxinc

        No job for you at Microsoft.

  • BulgAryan

    Was Steve Jobs White?

    • antiquesunlight

      I consider him to be white. His mother was indisputably white, but his father was from Syria so there is a possibility that he was slightly Arabic or something. However, if you look at pictures of his father, he looks white. He has white facial features and pale skin. He does not look like an Arab.

    • pcmustgo

      Half Arab/Half White is mighty similar to the Jews… I am half Jewish, I should know.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Rand Paul was robbed of a well earned repeat as white renegade of the year. In 2014 he came out for the Ferguson rioters and for affirmative action.

    • jayvbellis

      I would have voted for Rand Paul to repeat as the worst traitor again in 2014.

      I have been accused of focusing too much on the treason of libertarians Ron and Rand Paul.

      I think they are worse traitors than Bill Gates as most regular Americans recognize Bill Gates as being on the enemy side, liberal, Leftists , while they are confused and think Ron and Rand Paul are on our side.


      • See The Future

        Karma will take care of evil

    • Realist

      So many white renegades…so little recognition.

    • Luca

      Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. (RINO)

  • phillyguy

    This is why the white American will not win this war , when you have leftist billionaires and leftist billionaire tribesmen who own and control the media are pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of politicians to dictate their anti white propaganda. the only way we have a chance and it has to happen in the next 20 years, is we have to secede from the union.

    • See The Future

      Twenty years is too late. By then all systems will have degenerated to the point of no return. The past 200 years of growth and development will be followed by mayhem.

      • MikeofAges

        One world is no world. People will find out too late. But the people who are content to live in the moment and suffer whatever comes their way might see shorter life spans, smaller populations and a return to worldwide feudalism a fair price to pay for the the demise of the hated “machine”. Even some whites.

  • LeonNJ

    This is why people can get so fed up with aspects or even the entire free market capitalism that we have today. To have companies lay off tens of thousands of American STEM workers and knowingly bring in foreigners to do the same job for pennies on the dollar is robbery and downright criminal! It’s not even like shipping the jobs overseas where people will eventually forget about it, but they’re keeping everything as is in country and just using second and third worlders.

    You would even think the Democrats would jump all over things like this trying to get more votes, but even they’re silent! Everyone is in the damn game.

    • See The Future

      We are in the time of decline. If you think of our society as a bell curve, we have passed the peak.

  • [Guest]

    Interviewer: What color is the bear?

    Interviewee: Bear be black like I black.

    Interviewer: Welcome to Microsoft Corporation!

    • Harry

      “I wants a corner office and a white women secretary that had better be fine and have the proper attitude. Don’t even make me call Jesse!”

  • Harry

    I am just an average working man and I am about the same age as Bill Gates. Gates was born in 1955. I was born in 1956.

    Because I am not a self-made billionaire like Bill Gates, I consider myself to be a worthless schmuck and a loser in life!

    • See The Future

      It is better to be poor with honor and commitment to ones brethren than to be rich and a traitor to the people that facilitated his success. Gates will one day have his just reward.

    • Tarczan

      That is an issue we all have to deal with in this media age. We could be perfectly happy and comfortable, but when compared to the very, very rich or popular few, our efforts pale.

      That is why the Bible warned us not to covet other peoples’ possessions, because it is destructive to us. Also, count your blessings, family, health, etc. Now if only I could take my own advice!

      • Harry

        Jesus said to at into the beam in your own eye first, before criticizing anyone else.

      • MikeofAges

        It’s because the definition of success has changed. Hugh Hefner played a large role in this. He once said that what was interesting to him was not that he had lived out other men’s fantasies, but that he had lived out his own.

        In our age, the definition of success has become living out your own fantasy while giving the rest of the world a small window on your doings. And being prominent enough that other people want to look. In Hef’s case, the window he gave was displaying nude pictures of his girlfriends and the footloose women living in his mansion in his magazine. For other people, it may play out differently. But the idea always is the same.

        Compare that to success before Hefner. Back then, it was having a house in the high-priced corner of the neighborhood, owning an expensive car and being generally prominent. The common man in that world might console himself with the thought that he could live out a lesser facsimile of the same life. He could earn a steady income, own a house, drive a good car, and belong to the same club and church as one of the leading lights. Not no more.

    • thomasdosborneii

      Yeah, but you probably aren’t harming anybody, so you’re way ahead.

  • John Smith

    I truly don’t know what the riddle at the end represents, other than the capacity of American businesses to self-delude themselves that meaningless word games are anything more than psychobabble and the latest charade perpetrated on them by consultants.

    Gates is proof that money and power are fungible and that even if he takes a hit to his nominal wealth, it behooves him to do so if he can reduce the American standard of living and somewhat raise the standard in other countries until he has a worldwide pool of potential labor to draw upon and that these people are all dependent upon the wealthy elite as a client class. This is the new serfdom – people of marginal means who can barely get by and a few who are more intelligent who can act as overseers yet be controlled through fear of being shut out and returned to the bottom rungs of society.

  • jayvbellis

    Yes a very good choice. Though his treason wasn’t principally in this year 2014.

    I am honored that I was the one to convince Amren to resume Instauration Magazine White traitor renegade of the year award and make Rand Paul the winner/loser for 2013.

    Yeah, Bill Gates – terrible traitor, hope he ends up in some used computer store in Ferguson Mo.

    • B.A_2014

      I wonder what sort of neighbourhood Bill and Melinda live in?

      Do their attend inner city zoo’s. . . I mean schools?

      Drop a thousand Somalis on their porch. That would shut them up.

      • Harry

        They live either on Mercer Island or in Bellevue, on Lake Washington in a huge mansion that he had custom built.

        • See The Future

          The mobs with the pitchforks will come.

          • anony

            They won’t be in their home; they will have flown away in their private jet, having left their mansion from their heli-pad on their roof.

          • Stingers.

  • jason sneed

    The bear is … wait let me get a little closer… ARRGGASASDDFF!

    Gates endlessly pushes for the genocide visa – the H-1B, and now we import 270,000 Indians with fake degrees every year to displace our brilliant white engineers. For that Gates should have his citizenship rovoked and he should be thrown out of America. Let him live in smelly India if he loves them so much.

  • jason sneed

    Answer: He is in Chicago. His compass is broken. And the bears color is a blue flag with orange insignia.

  • jason sneed

    he was never brilliant. he stole ms-dos. he never coded much. its more about being arrogant and wheelin dealin without a shred of decency

    • brior

      With all that money you think he could have scored a few good looking wives, The one he has now is probably under contract.

      • Melinda French Gates. Until recently, she was on the Board of Directors of the Washington Post Company. It’s now MSFT buys good media.

      • See The Future

        Will she bear fruit?

      • Realist

        “The one he has now is probably under contract.”
        He has only had one.

        • brior

          Good contract.

        • anony

          Only one wife….or, oh never mind.

      • Who Me?

        C’mon! She’s better looking than Mark Zuckerberg’s old lady! (Another dweeby-looking millionaire married to a…less than attractive woman…) At least Gates had the sense to marry a white one.

      • It is a dynastic union.

    • See The Future

      His “genius” was in using others.

    • Realist

      Your points are correct, plus he was given in essence a monoply.

    • WR_the_realist

      Bill Gates is a brilliant monopolist, not technologist. MS DOS was first purchased from another programmer who had written it. It was originally called QDOS (quick and dirty operating system). It was very primitive, little more than a program loader. MS Windows was originally layered over DOS. It was an architectural monster and prone to crashes. Microsoft didn’t have a real operating system until Windows NT was created. (All current Microsoft PC operating systems are derived from Windows NT.)

      The real brilliance of Microsoft is in how it sold its operating systems. The PC business is brutally competitive. PCs are commodities, and whoever shaves 10 bucks off the cost of production wins. Bill Gates knew this. So he offered manufacturers a choice of two licenses:
      1. A conventional license. You payed $X per machine shipped with a Microsoft OS.
      2. The monopolist license. You payed $Y per machine shipped, whether it had a Microsoft OS on it or not.

      X was much greater than Y. So, since manufacturers expected to mostly ship Microsoft OS’s , they all chose license 2. But this meant that no competitor could ever get a foothold, since for any machine shipped the manufacturer had to pay Microsoft $Y, and any license for a different OS was in addition to that. This meant it was always cheaper to ship a Microsoft OS machine, no matter how cheap the competing OS was.

  • JackKrak

    We know the bear is white because this so called “riddle” has been making the rounds for several decades now and anyone who hasn’t heard it before needs to get out more.

    • Harry

      The bear walks on course 180 for one mile. Turns to 090. Walks (I assume) on course 090 for one mile. Turns to 360. Walks on course 360 for one mile. That puts the bear one mile east of it’s original starting point, not “at where he started”. What would the color of the bear have to with the above navigation?

      I guess I need to get out more.

      • freddy_hills

        The bear ends up at the original starting point because the earth is a sphere.

        • Harry

          Unless you are talking in some kind of metaphoric babble, what would that have to do with the navigation problem?

          • freddy_hills

            You said the bear ends up one mile east of it’s original starting point. That would be true on a flat map but not on a globe. On a flat map the path traveled would look like an incomplete square. But on a globe it looks like a piece of pie because the earth is a sphere. Watch this youtube video.


          • Harry

            I understand what you are saying. The earth’s curvature would play an almost benign role in a 3 mile route. If you can look one mile down the road and see a gas station or some other object that is not very high off the ground then you can picture the bear’s short route. I think the question had more to do with race and how the person taking the test would answer.

          • freddy_hills

            The earth’s curvature plays the same role it would had the person walked all the way down to the equator, turned and followed the equator halfway around the earth and then turned and walked back to the north pole.

    • Tarczan

      Figures they would pick a white bear.

  • Ed

    Well I said white because it started in the North but heck hell if I know.

  • Peter Connor

    Gates is the ultra wealthy scion of the Gates Law Firm, so all the legal skullduggery was done for him. He also attended a very exclusive private school in Seattle, which had a computer hookup when no one else did…..

  • Three Stars

    The bear is most likely brown. I reckon this brain teaser only works if the bear walks around the geographic north pole. Since bears native to the Arctic are coastal animals we could safely assume the bear had been brought by a second party to its location, making its original habitat irrelevant. The vast majority of bears are brown.

  • See The Future


  • See The Future

    A legacy of corruption and moral bankruptcy…………and financial bankruptcy.
    Another black achievement.

  • Non-competent Indian coders? Most likely. But don’t put it past MicroSmeg to plant obsolescence bombs in their older Windows/Office products to “compel” people to downgrade upgrade to the newer version.

  • See The Future

    His pandering will not save him.

  • gemjunior

    Well, that was depressing. Even though he had a “wasp” upbringing, he has a distinctly Jewish looking face, which is kind of to say that even though he’s light-skinned, he still has some very Semitic features.

  • Yves Vannes

    Rich guys, before they become rich, are only interested in people who share their ambitions, interests and drive. Once they become rich the phone starts ringing off the hook from organizations looking for handouts – so you get a secretary to screen them out. Then you become super rich. That`s when the game changes.

    The `gibs` calls start coming from people like you. You get to attend lavish gatherings with others who have succeeded like you. Most of these functions revolve around charities of one sort or another. This becomes your social milieu, these people become your friends. Instead of concentrating only on growing your company you begin playing Master of the Universe with your friends. Since you and your friend share your time at largely charitable gatherings your activities as Master of the Universe tend to focus on the bottom of society. After years and decades of this sort of activity you become oblivious to the damage you are now doing to younger versions of yourself. If Bill had to live under the constrains he advocates imposing on anyone with drive and ambition no one would have ever heard of Microsoft or of Bill Gates.

  • Tarczan

    I am curious if there will be a formal presentation of this award, and I am serious. Perhaps at the annual AmRen conference, even if only a faux presentation. It might be a way to garner some attention for AmRen. No doubt MSNBC wouldn’t show up, but maybe somebody would, and there are enough good points in this article that most whites would agree with.

    Another option would be to present the award and then distribute copies of it to the media, thereby preventing the wackos from infiltrating.

    • jaye ellis


      Let’s all WORK on ways that promote American Renaissance

  • Realist

    To my knowledge Gates IQ is unknown. If he did take an IQ test, the results are not public. But if he really believes that IQ differences between races are not genetic, I surmise his IQ is less than triple digit.

    • Art

      He scored the highest in his state of washington on a math test and got a 1590 on the old SAT test. His IQ is exceptional. http://www.chron.com/entertainment/gallery/SAT-scores-of-famous-people-81475.php

      • Realist

        “His IQ is exceptional.”
        Yeah, what is it?

        • BlueSonicStreak

          I believe that score would translate to an IQ of roughly 160-165.

      • MikeofAges

        Not necessarily. There is an script that equates IQs with the median on various standardized test (IQs of Greatest Geniuses). Not everyone with high SATs has an IQ above the median for their aptitudes test level. That could be the case with Gates. The lowest IQ I personally have know of with perfect (1600) SATs was 130. One Hollywood actress scored 1600 on her SATs, but has a reported IQ of 137. The median IQ for 1600 SATs is 168. That means half above and half below if anyone needs to be reminded.

        My tested IQ is 136. My SAT scores and all of my GRE administrations norm to an IQ of at least 140, the highest an IQ of 157. Not that I believe that for a minute. What it all means is anyone’s guess. All Bill Gate’s SAT scores prove is that he has an IQ over 130. And all his IQ proves is that he is smart. No one is arguing that, but what it all means is uncertain. NFL QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Harvard) has a reported SAT composite of 158 (new test, though). No one expects him to start the world’s leading software monopoly. You’ll have to look for other reasons for Gate’s success. Let’s consider character, let’s.

  • LHathaway

    I thought, since the bear ends up at the exact same place he started, he must be pretty stupid, so therefore the ‘bear’ was white. Then I thought I was supposed to explain why whites are so dumb and stuck in one place. The rest of the Gates Foundation is about promoting white-privilege, it just got to me. Diversity had made me dumb, of I just started out that way.

    • Paleoconn

      The bear is a White liberal then.

  • Paleoconn

    The bear is White living in the blessedly undiverse North Pole. Cardinal directions and compasses are racist.

    Gates is a race traitor of the worst kind. One who not only squanders so much power but what’s more, uses it against his own people.

  • MBlanc46

    He’s got a terrible comb-over, too.

  • Brutus

    The bear is penguin colored. Imagine a circle, centered at the south pole, whose circumference is 1 mile, and the bear starts at any point 1 mile north of that circle.

  • DaveMed

    That “riddle” is pretty absurdly simple. It seems more like the kind of thing meant for fifth graders.

  • IstvanIN

    Gates is either a fool or veil. I vote for evil.

    • WR_the_realist

      Certainly he’s not a fool. So that leaves us with the other option.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Bill Gates gushing of environmental determinist Jared Diamond:

    “I had never read anything that explained so much about . . .what I thought was one of the biggest and most important questions about history: Why do some societies advance so much faster and further than others? ”

    Nicholas Wade demolishing Jared Diamond’s argument — from my notes on A TROUBLESOME INHERITANCE: Genes, Race and Human History, pp 117-118):

    Jared Diamond’s assertion that believing in race is like believing in a flat earth is based on this logic: 1) There are many “equally valid procedures” for defining human races , 2) All are incompatible, and therefore all are equally absurd. Diamond’s example: Italians, Greeks and Nigerians carry genes that confer resistance to malaria. Swedes and Xhosas have not such genes. Resistance to malaria is just as good a criterion as skin color. Since the two methods for identifying race (skin color and genetic resistance to malaria) lead to contradictory results, ALL racial classifications of the human species is impossible.

    Two fatal flaws in Diamond’s argument: 1) The implied premise that people are assigned to races by the single criterion of skin color. People belong to a race not by virtue of any single trait, but by a cluster of criteria that includes skin color and hair, and the shape of eyes, nose and skull. It’s not necessary for all of these traits to be present. East Asians without the EDAR allele, which causes thick black hair, are still East Asians.
    2) Making genes that confer resistance to malaria a criterion for classification of race makes no evolutionary sense. Malaria became a significant human disease only 6,000 years ago. Greeks and Italians resist it because of a mutation that also causes Thalassemia [a form of anemia] whereas Africans resist malaria because of a different mutation, one that causes a different kind of anemia, sickle-cell anemia. In any case, resistance to malaria is a trait acquired secondarily to race.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    Rand Paul chose consciously to act against his stated beliefs?

    What did Rand Paul do that goes against orthodox Libertarian ideology?

    • kikz2

      air humped the western wall?

  • Keepin’itREALISTic

    He’s just another naive white guy whose narrow sheltered path has precluded the daily life experience interacting with blacks necessary to ground one’s theories about them in reality.

    Worse, his naivety is compounded infinitely by his misplaced sense of self as being above conformity with the moral standards of the natural law flowing from the teachings of God’s Son Jesus Christ. He rejects those standards to the same degree, albeit in different ways, as do the vast majority of blacks.

    We can only hope his misapplied wealth does not magnify the detriment to all caused by their immoral conduct.

  • Harry

    There are plenty of former high school and college jocks, who had the best of everything during their youthful school years, were outstanding sport heroes like in the song “You’ve got to be a Football Hero”, dated the most beautiful girls, drove the best cars, either had the best part-time jobs, or were spoiled brats who did even have to work art-time.

    But, then after graduation from either high school, or college, presto! In the real world, they were absolute failures in life!

    • MikeofAges

      Many are successes too, sometimes because as managers they are able to bully and dominate people, sometimes to an extreme degree. I never succeeded in sales or marketing because when I went to the Monday morning meeting led by one of these types, it took me until Thursday afternoon to get over it. Why people put up with their crap is beyond me, except that they need to support their families. Or ex-wives.

      • Harry

        Excellent point made! Thank you very much.

  • Harry

    If you think Bill Gates is bad now. Think on the bright side, just imagine the horror if Bill Gates converted to Islam!

    • jayvbellis

      Converted to a pro gay version of Islam…..

      Pro Israel, pro gay, pro Islam….

      Gates would suffer the fate of Bobby Kennedy.

  • lloydsauvante

    Outstanding choice!

  • Millicent_Hickenlooper

    Why couldn’t the bear be black or brown, having started his trip at the top of a mountain — one with a base at least a mile wide, and a mile high?

    • dmxinc

      You wouldn’t get hired at Microsoft.

      • Millicent_Hickenlooper

        If it’s worded without using “East” and “West,” and just says the guy goes south for some distance, then turns to his left and kept walking for that same distance, then turns to his left again and walked the same distance, I think it makes sense. Assuming he starts at the top of the mountain and the mountain isn’t any higher than the distance he’s said to have walked after a change in direction. Wouldn’t he end up back at the top of the mountain?

  • How about a Pro-White Rebel of the Year at some point? Even better, a Pro-White Rebel of the Month would be a good way to show the positive attributes and characteristics that the pro-White crowd is looking for.

    I think many people already know what kind of traitors, hypocrites, vampires and vultures we have feeding off of us; it would be nice to give people examples of someone to look up to and something to inspire them rather than always pointing to someone to look down on and trying to build on negatives.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Bill Gates needs to be hung drawn and quartered for being a traitor.

  • What do I do? Write comments and make a living doing a job whose politics I’m not totally down with. Thank me when I actually get around to accomplishing something positive for our cause.

  • Who Me?

    Now, I feel dumb! I assumed it was a trick question, and just for laughs threw the question at my 10 year old grandson. He answered that the bear was white in less than a minute. Naturally I asked why. He said polar bears live at the north pole, polar bears are white, and the poles are the only place a bear can walk three miles in three directions and end up back where he started from–ie, triangle…
    Makes sense to me. So I read on further, and find out this is correct.
    Now as much as I want to believe that my grandson is outstandingly brilliant (of COURSE he is!) but he is still only 10 years old, so Bill Gates must want adult workers who reason at and are educated to the level of a normal White American 10 year old. Guess who that is.

  • jayvbellis

    DeBlasio is a terrible traitor, also, new on the scene, while a bill Gates has been a traitor for many years.

    Deblasio is a race mixer, married to a very pushy, Black bitch who hates a White police and steels $ hundreds of thousands from White tax payers for her own personal staff.

    Diblasio also uses the “name change” game to try to appear Italian, as Italians are respected as tough White guys like mayor Guliani in New York City.

    T bad the United States doesn’t have any traditions of Military coups or this NYC race traitor mayor might suffer the just fate of Allende in Chile.

    • Yes but DeBlasio is possibly his own undoing. He believes in his fantasy-land but the only he’s really doing is creating a white backlash against increasing violence in NYC.

      I read Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel” years ago and it led me to believe that blacks had a higher IQ than whites. Then some years later I read Murray’s “The Bell Curve” and reversed my opinion. Guns, Germs, and Steel, is a flawed work I believe. I think there may be some critical reviews about that. His other book “Collapse” is also not so hot. I got it but couldn’t finish it, or if I did I forgot what it said.

      • Carney3

        An even better reply to “Guns Germs and Steel” is “Understanding Human History” by Dr. Michael Hart.

  • jayvbellis

    That’s a good point.

    Even the worstWhite Libs are often doing good work helping to lower the worst non White birth rates.

  • It doesn’t matter what color the bear is, you racist! If it got confused, lost and wandered in a circle, it was living in a “food desert”, was malnourished and needs our help.

  • ViktorNN

    “White renegade” sounds wishy washy. Go all the way and say it like it is: Race Traitor.

  • Luca

    Bill Gates is smart enough to know that Jared Diamond is full of Bovine Scat. But he is also clever enough to know that if were to ‘come out’ as a Realist, even he would become a pariah and Microsoft would have to hire Al Sharpton and a legion of black, highly paid, diversity consultants to atone for the sin of ‘The Truth’..

  • Luca

    The difference being that, DeBlasio’s reign of terror is basically limited to New York City.

  • jaye ellis

    Here are some past Instauration Magazine White renegade traitors of the year. Many of these winners/losers have stuck around to cause us great pain and suffering.

    1985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

    1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

    1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glen Miller

    1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

    1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

    1990 “Conservative” TV talking head George Will

    1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

    1992 “Conservative” TV talking head II Fred Barnes

    1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

    1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

    1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

    1996 Fidel Castro (strange call, shows Wilmot Robertson getting a bit old – Castro isn’t a renegade to White British American majority – plus it’s way in the past 1960)

    1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

    1998 Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame)

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      1965 should be Lyndon Johnson or Sen Ted Kennedy for instituting the 1965 immigration act that is now filling this country with third worlders.

    • Carney3

      Newt Gingrich was never the House Majority Leader. He was first elected to the House in November 1978, seated Jan 1979. His first leadership position was being elected in March 1989 as House Minority Whip. He then became Speaker in Jan 1995 after the GOP finally won the majority in the Nov 1994 elections.

      • jaye ellis

        Yes, Newt was speaker of the House of Representatives , the most powerful position in the House of Representatives – generally goes to the most important Congressmen in the majority party. It was supposed to be a HUGE change when Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives, supposed to roll back the Great Society, close down the Federal Department of Education, end the immigration invasions unleashed since 1965.

        It certainly didn’t happen under Newt Gingrich.

        • Carney3

          They didn’t promise any of those things. They did make specific promises in the form of the Contract with America, promising to bring up for a fair vote several policy items and reforms, and kept that promise. Most were passed by the House, some died in the Senate thanks to the Dem filibuster, and some were vetoed by Clinton; a few made it into law.

  • jaye ellis

    I still think Ky Sen. Rand Paul should have won/lost the traitor of the year for the second year in a row.

    Rand Paul has been shamelessly pandering to the worst anti White forces – going so far as to take the side of Black criminal mobs in Ferguson MO and meeting with Tennessee Black civil rights leaders to agree with them that voting laws requiring drivers licenses/state IDs are racist because they suppress the vote of convicted Black felons.

    Plus this Rand Paul punk and his equally traitorous advisor Jack Hunter the former Southern Avenger just love, LOVE to be receiving glowing lib media coverage from the likes of Time Magazine where Rand Paul is featured as the cover boy “the most interesting man in politics”.

    I want to puke.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Bill Gates is a smart man and his intelligence shows how superior white people are at building computers and also successful companies. However, he too does not use his intelligence to save his own race. He wants cheap labor and is looking at getting it from abroad from people like the Indians and Chinese. After all he too is a greedy business man looking at keeping his company’s profits high by hiring low wage IT workers to work for him and not legal Americans that will want a higher wage to have a higher standard of living. He puts money before his race and that is where he is not using his intelligence. By lying to Congress and saying that America needs immigrants because American workers have no skills, when they actually have those skills, he is being a traitor to his own nation that gave him the opportunity to become successful and he in turn is not giving back to America by helping his own people become successful. So Shame on him and he deserves the White Renegade of the Year Award

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    Gates talked about African IQ levels and didn’t get the Watson treatment. Wonder why? Hmmmmm

  • MikeofAges

    This may be for the new (post-1994) SAT. The available calculator for the old SAT (pre 1995) show different, though not greatly different numbers. The important thing to keep in mind is that the comparison between IQ and aptitude scores shows a median. No certainty what it will be for any given individual, or what it all means for any given individual either.

  • fgbrunner3

    Earth to Bill: Intelligence is genetic.

  • MikeofAges

    Microsoft is a pure vertical integration monopoly. Operating system-user interface (or what we think is the operating system)-application. The key to the monopoly is create a situation where it is near impossible to create an operating system that will run Windows application. This is done by putting elements into the operating system that properly belong to the application.

    Gates learned software development making applications for Apple. To him, what he is doing in normal and he will never stop until he is forced to. His most egregious violation was his sabotage of Java. Sun envisioned Java as program which would run on any software platform, with Java applications portable between platforms. Microsoft sabotaged this effort by customizing Java so that applications no longer would be portable between Java in different platforms. Gates claimed that he did this to make Java work better within Windows. Yeah.

    The government’s antitrust suit against Microsoft was against Internet Explorer. By the time it was heard, Microsoft’s effort to monopolize the internet already had failed. The government’s lawyer in the case was David Boies. The same David Boise who was Al Gore’s lead lawyer in the 2000 Florida recount. Go figure, people.

  • withcaution

    Bill Gates is rather average in abilities and owes his success to IBM’s stupidity. If IBM hadn’t ignored PC’s in the beginning and panicked about Apples rapid growth, they wouldn’t have given away the intellectual rights to control the operation system software to Microsoft and the Hardware to Intel. Microsoft used that enormous cash machine and bought up every innovation in software just like Google has been doing in the last decade.

    I’m Libertarian in the micro-scale but computers, software, and any industry that enjoys unfair advantages due to size and combat ability need to be punitively taxed. What happened with Gates was he is playing god with his completely untaxed 60 billion in capitol gains while the rest of us foot the government that protects his wealth.

  • Michael Mason

    In 200 years, a member of whatever primitive version of humanity has replaced us will dig up a discarded Microsoft product and wonder what on earth it could be.

  • Alex Dihes

    The problem is incorrect. Where the walk starts the answer is without an alternative – the North Pole. However, there is no way to say definitely about what kind is the bear. There is not a single land animal which lives at the NP. Polar bears live along the shoreline. There is not a single fact that a polar one ever was spotted at the NP. There is no food for them. However, birds sometime get there. So the problem now has a much wider choice – what color is the bird? The answer is – we still don’t know, yet the bird is already knocks on all the Gates with its Bill.

  • Jim Davis

    Gates became the world’s richest man by selling a mediocre software product. It’s no wonder he now promotes inferiority in people.

  • jaye ellis

    Our readers at OD voted the new pro Muslims, Liberation Theology Catholic Pope White traitor of the year.

    This (is the Pope Catholic?) New Catholic Pope flew his expensive Lear Jet Pope Jet to the Italian Island in the Mediterean Sea that was overwhelmed with Muslim Black African boat people, illegal aliens. The Pope blessed the Black Muslim invaders and scolded local Italian Catholics for being racist and intolerant.

    The new Liberation Theology Catholic Pope was featured positively…..

    On the Cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine!

    This treason seems to be taken straight out of the End of the White World novel Camp of the Saints by Jean Respail.

  • OHDeutscheKlezmerRebel

    Excellent article, Mr. Gregory Hood!! You have revealed the unabashed evil of Bill Gates. Several things especially stood out for me about Gates as I read your excellent article: 1) Gates is a Tabula Rasa theorist. He, like many these days, completely discounts the importance and power of genetics in shaping human behavior. He seems to literally think that Negroes are capable of building and maintaining the cultures creates by Whites and Orientals. He never even thinks to ask the question of genetics when discussing IQ. He probably thinks that a Negro baby born to a mother in a village deep in The Congo, fathered by one of countless random men the mothef has slept with, can be imported to a bastion of Anglo-Celtic culture such as Vermont, Nova Scotia, or Maine, as a baby, adopted and raised by blue eyed Anglo-Celtic parents in an all White community, and grow up to be the perfect Oreo Cookie. Black as coal on the surface, yet behaviorally identical with the most exemplary of White Americans. Gates envisions such a person as easily growing to have an IQ of 110 or higher, as well as the same emotional fabric as any of our more exemplary White Americans. Apparently, to Gates, the 82 IQ of Black Africans results purely from nurture. Genetics, to him, do not exist. A newborn baby is a clean slate to be written on. All that matters is that adults write on that slate properly. While Mr. Gates is a brilliant man when it comes to business methods and building electronics, he is a complete idiot when it comes to Psychology. He obviously is clueless in his ability to observe human behavior, and has also never taken a Psychology course. Psychologists have found zero scientific validation for Tabula Rasa theories, and the evidence agsinst Tabula Rasa theories abounds. Barack Obama is a poster child for all of this. He was raised by his White Grandparents in a White/Asian milieu. The only Negro in his high school class. According to Tabula Rasa theories, he should be as White as Garrison Keillor. So, what went wrong with Barack, Bill Gates?? What is your bad excuse for Obama’s hatred of Whites, and his desire to grant the Negro race a free pass to loot, rape, and murder Whites?? According to Tabula Rasa theories, he should be the quintessential Oreo Cookie, telling Blacks that Michael Brown was shot he attacked Officer Darren Wilson. How did this Mulatto, raised in what you would describe as quintessential White Privilege, manage to became the quintessential Black bigot, hater of Whites, and defender of Black sociopathy?? If you understood Psychology, Bill Gates, you would know the answer to this question. The answer in genetics. Nature, in the end, will always prevail over Nurture. Tabula Rasa theories are hogwash. Western societies have been bitten in the butt enough by our failed attempts to inculturate Negroes into White culture. It is never going to work. You can take the Negro out of Africa, but cannot take Africa out of the Negro. Period. Race is the bedrock upon which our personalities and temperaments are build. Would you try to build your billion dollar estate on shifting sands Mr. Gates?? Apparently you would.

    • Carney3

      Your comment and questions presume Gates’ ignorance. But the article hints strongly, and provides some evidence, that Gates may well be aware of the genetic reasons for racial differences in IQ, but does not allow his words or actions to reveal this knowledge, to avoid the disgrace and ostracism that would follow.

  • Anon Emus

    The bear could have just gone 1 mile south and 6.28 miles east and he’d still wind up back in the same spot. But he’d only need one left turn instead of two.

    • Guest

      Never mind, delete that, it won’t work.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    From what I understand Bill Gates has been sterilizing third worlders via vaccines and promoting birth control pretty strongly. He has a strong agenda of depopulation. I can’t understand the non-white scholarships. It would be interesting to ask him directly if possible, what is his reasoning behind racist policies that discriminate against white males.

    • Carney3

      “sterilizing third worlders via vaccines”

      That’s crackpottery. Vaccines have nothing to do with sterilization, and spreading ignorant hysteria that they do benefits nobody, including whites.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        I watched some news shows from alternative media. Bill Gates gave a speech stating that vaccines can be used to lower global population. Later he said he meant better health meant less child births. People in Afirca and elsewhere commonly believe they will be sterilized if they get vaccines. A medical lab analyzed several of them. Most batches have 1/3 of samples contaminated by chemicals that should not be there and do sterilize. The vaccines themselves do not sterilize people, but the additives they put in there are. They just claim it “accidentally” got in there and nothing is done about it. Some batches appear to be clean but many of them they seem to contaminate about 1/3 of them. The goal seems to be to sterilize about 1/3 of females in the third world as a population reduction method. There are also chemicals that lower male fertility in the food, as well as a lot of estrogen mimics that lower fertility and also increase the number of females born. There was a Canadian TV special called “the vanish male” the documented how in some towns about 90% of the children are female. This is happening in parts of East Europe as well. It is due to pollution. GE was caught coating baby bottles with an estrogen mimicking chemical. There is no logical reason to do so other than population control. Usually these things aren’t reported in mainstream news or seldom reported but occasionally might be mentioned. It’s all verifiable and documented.

        Bill Gates gives several speeches about the importance of population control and his main project has been the vaccine projects. He has dumped unbelievable sums of money into it. Some of his vaccines have actually made the children sick and killed them in third world areas. Each batch is different. Some of them are harmless, a lot of them have about 1/3 sterilizing chemicals and on rare occasion they seem to be contaminated and kill or wound children.

        • Carney3

          It’s not verifiable and documented if it’s not actually proven in reliable sources and with real studies. Online kooks do not count. People in Africa and other Third World locales believe all kinds of irrational nonsense, including witchcraft. Your wild claims are instantly dismissable as utter nonsense to anyone with sound judgement, a reliable temperament, and anything close to common sense and a firm grip on reality.

  • Junis

    This is an interesting article.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Impossible to average 60mph over the two miles. It would be a two minute trip averaging 60mph. The first mile, going 30mph, already took the full two minutes, exactly.

  • Houstongirl

    Renegade is too soft a word. Traitor is a better word. Americans–businesses, students, and families–bought his software initially and made him the millions he needed to build his business before he went global. Now that Gates has billions, he abandons citizen workers. A traitor.

  • Carney3

    Neither of the first two links you provided actually confirm the wild allegations. They just report on the existence of those false rumors and those who have been duped by them. The third link buys into the rumor.

    • Raymond Kidwell

      If you follow the stories there are legitimate labs that tested these and found the hormone in them. In the video article I saw there was an American lab that found them and a report issued in a mainstream journal. On the google search I just saw articles about a lab in Africa that found the contaminate. Even the pope came out speaking against it, so the Catholic church apparently finds the sources reputable as well. The Gates foundation even issued a reply, admitting to contaminates, stating that they got there by accident. Similiar incidents have happened with the same hormone laced in the vaccine in south america, mexico and the phillipines as well as Africa. Combined with Bill Gate’s statements about reducing the population through vaccines seems pretty legitimate.

      They have already reduced births in Europe and the U.S. Whites aren’t even replacing themselves. This has a lot to do with what is put in the food and other covert methods. If it wasn’t for immigration the U.S. and most of Europe would be shrinking in population.

  • Jon

    I have noticed that because all of Gates money goes to poor blacks and non white but for some reason he thinks giving money to Africa will uplift the poor blacks even thought it will just allow them to breed out of control. He could have done so much good and considering his IQ, he could have had more kids to carry on his legacy but that is the case with high IQ parents not having families but then wonder why things are falling apart. A lot of his money goes to giving blacks and non white scholarships here in the USA also but I have never heard of a hard working whites getting any. I used to think he was a + force for society but now with giving all his money to Africa and other 3rd world countries, I just see him as a – force and it is sad. Where are the rich whites who want to uplift the white people because we never hear about them.

  • WilmotRobertson

    Im sure there do exist the genetically anomalous non-white polar bear. What if it was a grolar bear?

  • White, it’s a polar bear walking on a glacier (and the glacier is moving.)

    Guess I won’t be working at Microsoft.

    • WilmotRobertson

      interesting. That possibility didn’t occur to me.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Oh the irony: The bear is, of course, white. In Microsoftistan, whiteness is good enough for an “IQ-ish” test answer…but not good enough to hire.

  • zen

    Wrong about Steve Jobs who was also merely a skilled opportunist and monopolist. He never invented anything but had a good eye for other companies good ideas, which he proceeded to take. A different style of mere opportunism than Gates’, but opportunist he was nonetheless.